There is no sleep to be had as I now lead my students in Oaxaca through 8 days of the Day of the Dead fest in Oaxaca, Mexico. Follow me now on BurnDiary as I shoot for my own upcoming book Song of Oaxaca….Late night ghoulish processions (comparsas) to private homes goes on all night long here in the Oaxaca small towns.

This is one of the few times when it is possible to shoot side by side with those whom I mentor.

I have shot off and on in Oaxaca for 25 years or so and each time gives me a new look at a very traditional state of Mexico.

The accumulated work on BurnDiary will I think lead to a book of its own…Diego Orlando , Burn Picture Editor, and I are talking about making the upcoming Burn03 in print  to be comprised of all work from this audience that is featured on BurnDiary.

The clear beauty of this is that this audience can see a book being made in real time and most importantly can be a part of it. Each photographer on BurnDiary has a week to shoot. Just as I did here.I took this one week of BurnDiary simply because I wanted to work more on my book and am simultaneously working side by side with my students…The buzz is palpable….

So this is my week. Almost done.

Yet next week we will be seeing Michael Loyd Young whose upcoming book Beer, Bait,& Ammo will be published by BurnBooks. Let’s watch Mike do his thing for a week in Texas.

So get an idea. Present it to us. Take a week if you dare. We will ask the icons of photography to shoot, we want YOU to shoot.

Short essays in real time.

BurnDiary. THE place to publish.


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10 thoughts on “burn diary”

  1. In the zone… What a powerful image. David I knew that reflexive mood we were seeing the last couple of weeks on your on instagram feed was a way of working up for the frenzy and fiesta in Oxaca.

  2. I can’t wait to see all this iPhone work come together as one printed project, to SEE & FEEL it in print! The Oaxaca work is stunning and will absolutely shine on the pages of a BurnO3 print edition! Well done David…get some sleep when this is all over! Cheers.

  3. a civilian-mass audience


    “Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.”
    – Ancient Indian Proverb

    thank you!!!

  4. your photography is proof positive that when you follow your passion and do what you love, your passion will shine in your work. I am always telling my children to do what you love. This is a perfect example.

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