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The Box


This is a selection taken from the first part of “Gaza after war” project.
This project portrays the characters and daily life of people that nobody remembers after they leave breaking news.
A project where photos are like paintings that overcome the past, the present, and the future.



Last november 2012 I covered the war in Gaza. We suffered bombing, we met victims, families, we saw the suffering… but when the war was over, we left.. like everybody.. I decided to come back again with all my studio equipment to settle a studio in Gaza, in order to talk about the people that we met during war.

I center and focus on the characters that take part in different conflicts – and on  the most important aspect to me: what happens to the people when journalist leave the conflict area and we forgot about them.




Miguel Angel Sanchez (Madrid 1977), Spanish photographer based in Cairo since 2009.
For years he combined his development as an artist with his work in a commercial photography studio, until, in 2009, he decided to completely turn over to his creative side and opened his own photography studio in Cairo (Egypt). His studio in Cairo is the base where he works and prepares projects developed in Egypt for the last four years, but he is also a study itinerant photographer who takes his workspace to any corner of the world: Asia, Middle East or black Africa. The Gaddafi war in Libya, the Ulu Pamir besieged by the PKK in Turkish Kurdistan, the Gaza Strip after Israel bombing and Lebanon after Hariri are some of the ports reached by Studio Al Asbani.
Miguel Angel Sanchez also combines his work as a studio photographer with photojournalist and cameraman in conflict zones where he covered the war in Libya, the Egyptian revolution and the Gaza Operation Pillar of defense, among others.


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Miguel Angel Sanchez

7 thoughts on “Miguel Angel Sanchez – The Box”

  1. Good idea, Great photos. I’m really disappointed with most news I think it’s a distortion of whats really happening. This a step in the right direction.

  2. Great stuff. The contrast between the beautiful classically lit and composed portraits and the equally well lit and composed images of bloody death and disfigurement demonstrate the power of understatement in storytelling.

  3. Loved your work the first time I saw here in Burn and love it this second time around.
    Congratulations Miguel!
    It will be wonderful if you could talk about how you approach these people and your way of working during and after you take their photographs.

  4. I’ve never seen work like this of Gaza or any war zone, for that matter…the concept, the photos…elegance and injury…body and soul…


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