Thomas Bregulla – Five to Nine

Thomas Bregulla

Five to Nine

4:30 a.m. the alarm rings. no, actually it is three alarms ringing. another day to meet a colleague in another country.

email and phone or videoconferences take you only so far. nothing beats a face to face meeting.

traveling and i have a love hate relationship. it’s part if my job and if i didn’t travel for a while, i’d miss it, however if the sequence is longer than 4-5 weeks, it’s tiring. the trips are usually 1-2 days, depending of the location; at max. 3 days.

the business trips give you a feeling of wealth. flying, taxis, hotels. the jet-set.

and then there are the repetitions. queueing everywhere. boarding, de-boarding, security, ID check, hotel.

sightseeing? yes, definitely in the taxi, in the tram or in the bus.




Thomas is a program manager for an internationally acting company across Europe. His first contact with burn magazine was in 2009.

This work is an interstage of the whole essay. The work continues, the focus may change. Working internationally since 2004, Thomas started to take pictures while traveling.

Since 2010, the idea came up to bring the pictures together as an essay – the idea was born, the pictures now followed the idea. During this time the traveling also changed – from one-day trips to four-day journeys to the same location. The continuing of this work has to reflect the new challenges and circumstances.

The work seen here is the first milestone and shows pictures from Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Athens, Frankfurt, Cologne, Prague, Zagreb. The location in fact does not matter. It could be anywhere.

Anybody who travels for business frequently recognizes the places and situations. They are anywhere and anytime.

Safe travels everybody.

David Alan Harvey motivated me to start this as an essay. The edit was supported during a workshop with Marcus Schaden and Wolfgang Zurborn.


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