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Jessica Lutz

Get Your Cowgirl On

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I am not a songwriter or a singer, nor was I planning to spend several months in the desert of West Texas, and yet I did all of those things. This place is a vortex pulling some into its eye while abruptly casting out others. Beautiful yet unforgiving, surviving the raw land on the Rio Grande requires a certain breed of character. A band of musicians moonlighting as mechanics, stone masons, welders and farmers took me under their wing. Through the lens I saw flashes of wild in each soul, and what impressed me most, beyond a willingness to give a brother or sister a hand, was their irreverent spirit. Badass is the currency in which they trade. I did not curate this video for effect, rather, it documents our escapades and pays homage to the rabble rousers who inspired me to step up and get my cowgirl on.



After a decade living in New York City employed by National Geographic’s Global Media Division, and inspired by the community of photographers with whom she worked, Jessica Lutz is now herself a freelance photographer exploring her wild side and documenting the sub cultures she encounters.


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Jessica Lutz


35 Responses to “jessica lutz – get your cowgirl on”

  • It’s Friday…and there is chihuahua racing….it does not get better than that!

  • I’ll have some of whatever those locals are having.

  • Dope!
    Fresh !


  • Go Texaaaaaassssss!!!

    Go Jessicaaaaaa!!!!!

  • The only reason people go to chihuahua races is to see them crash.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I see a rooster…I love it!!!

  • Jessica …that’s gold!

    If you could listen me clapping here…You definitely got your cowgirl on!(and mine too ahaha)
    You’re a rock star! (like Kerry would say and I can’t wait to meet the trio..kind of my people I guess-like kerry once told me-..specially after watching this video)
    I loved all the concept of the video..colors,fun, photography, sequencing …all the “visually , asthetically..” speech

  • Waste of good bandwidth. This is really stupid.

  • Too much fun… skillful blend of chihuahuas, dogs, boots, rooster and whiskey…

  • Hotter than a billy goat in a pepper patch;) Love it Jessica (and your wicked contagious joie de vivre)! x!

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  • Jim’s on the right track here. Stupid might be too strong a word, but this is weak video 101 work. David may have posted this as an antidote to the EPF depression. It’s the summer blockbuster equivalent, in that it’s mindless entertainment, minus the entertainment part. Bravo to Jessica for having the gumption to risk her dignity, but I’m sorry, it’s boring.

  • and to the good Lady Jessica… may i call you Jessica?

    let me introduce myself…

    i just had to go fix ma shirt and collar before addressing a lady like your good self…
    got ahead of myself there on account of me getting excited and all…

    funny how a man can get all bashful…

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  • Pretty good fun! I’ve been drinking for about 4 1/2 hours now (don’t judge me, it’s Friday night :-), but just can’t get into the music track. Visually, it’s done very well and matches my romanticized expectations of west Texas. Really diggin’ the cinematography. I would like to see/hear a version without verse vocals (sorry Ms. Lutz, you’re a cutie!) but I do like the chorus.

  • a civilian-mass audience


    You are alive and kicking…is that YOU???
    Our SPACEBURNIAN…I am looking for you all these years…
    But hey, you are on a mission and I know about missions…

    Dammit …I am speechless…what can I say… Thank you JESSICA for

    SPACECOWBOY …ouzo is on me…or maybe on JEFF;) but you don’t want me
    to slap my thighs…oh, no, we better don’t go there:))))

    Don’t we all love BURN, the ring of fire!!!
    I love you ALL…yes, and you JIM…!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    And as SPACECOWBOY says:

    Yeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaawww

    Go JESSICA…let’s get our COWBURNIANS on…!!!

  • So this is a friend or a family member right? Has to be. And its just a piece of fun, some messing around playing pop singers yes? Of course it is. because in those terms it is just that, some fun; cute cougar hamming it up for the camera, shaky cam 101, loose edit…Fun, and why not? perfectly valid and enjoyable as that. Everyone should do one.

    But… if this were to be presented as anything other than that, say as an actual piece of work, to be evaluated according to those terms, then it would be a different matter entirely. But of course, its not.


    You are far more of a hopeful optimist than I am.


    you are absolutely correct….i figured everyone would see it that way, but obviously some got no sense of humor….


    nobody has ever accused you of being an optimist..but i love you anyway….you think…that is good enough for me….

    abrazos, david

  • a civilian-mass audience

    ” Everyone should do one.”
    I am not that brave to be out there…not yet…

    But I can see myself…dancing with a bottle of ouzo
    and my chickens…oh, well…
    When there is a vision …there is always a way!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    And I am an optimist…
    SPACECOWBOY is up there sending signals

    What not to love!!! Yeeee hewwww


    so so cool to meet you and family at Look3..does everybody here know who you are now? are you out?? i just don’t know , so i cannot say much, except that it was such a good time…i had major separation anxiety when we said goodbye

    big hugs, big love, david

  • I feel like I’m not ‘down enough’ to get this inside joke!
    A bit confused as to why it’s up on Burn.
    DAH- can you let me in on it???!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    We finally met…and I have to admit
    YOU are Something else…very hard to explain
    with my limited English vocabulary but
    Oime, oime…you are not from this planet…nope:)))

    As other BURNIANS told me…you DO have this aura…
    and yeap,when I was watching you taking pictures or
    Talking about photography…I witnessed the real thing:
    Passion,determination,inspiration…blended with the “what the fuck”
    all balanced together…
    You are the Unexpected kinda human …
    Blah, blah…
    You are a good man DAVIDO…easy with the jelly beans
    though…cause we want you to keep smiling and laughing

    THANK YOU for everything, yes…you know…
    I will see you in Greece…you have promised …and you better
    keep your promise cause I know where you live…
    and as you saw I am a strong, mighty,kicking asses
    out there human being…don’t get me started…
    Love back to You and to your familia…

    Ok, back to our regular program…

    P.S…what not to LOVE

  • a civilian-mass audience

    And regarding the separation anxiety…
    Leave this to the humans….hihiiihi
    You are not one…hihii

    Love, peace and photography

    May the rooster begins…koukourikooo
    Go JESSICA!!!!!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    And happy FATHER’S DAY to ALL of US!!!

    Yeeee heeeeeeewww

  • Thanks, I appreciate ALL the comments. This piece was a spontaneous diversion from the documentary/photo project I have been working on capturing life on the Rio Grande. One day I wrote the song, the next day recorded it (agree Justin, a singer I’m not!), and then shot the piece with my West Texas tribe. Several of you are correct… this was my first attempt at video and shot purely for fun. I’m honored that David got a chuckle and decided to share it with the Burn community. Perhaps at some point, vignettes from my Rio Grande project will show another facet.

    Again, appreciate the feedback. Glad it inspired a yeehaw in some of you, and wishing all of you well…


  • Come a tie yi yi yippee yay, pardners!

  • I’ve got my cowgirl on…..
    giddy UP!!!!!!

  • I’ve got my cowgirl on…

    same here…
    Jessica once and mucho mucho respect!

  • SOOOO COOOL ! love it ! I totally got my cowgirl on, and packing my bags for Austin, TX !

  • People forget what tough places school yards can be let alone the playground of cyber space……….

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