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    I really want to see these essays posted here to look at them slowly.
    Congrats to all!
    Truly great work!

  2. I am curious about why the different presentation of the finalists and the winners. Lumping all the photographer’s stories into one, long video with unrelated music in the background removes some of the joy I always had looking at the EPF. Dissecting, debating, burying one’s self in the story before the next one comes out, then making your own guesses before the winner was announced has always been fun and informative in year’s past.

    This seems to lessen the accomplishment of all the finalists. They should all have their unique moment to shine.

  3. Sidney Atkins

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!… to all the finalists, to the runners-up, and to the WINNER of this year’s EPF award.
    There is some great photography to be seen in that video clip from all the participants.
    BURN marches onwards and upwards…. kudos to all involved!


  4. BRIAN

    each individual essay will of course still come up separately as usual… this is the presentation show as in look3 as it happened just now on the big screen there… we simply wanted to share that too..


  5. Sidney Atkins

    Having just spent much of the last week putting together a music-and-slide show, I know how much work is involved in making the video clip here and want to acknowledge the work done… but frankly, I don’t care for the music in this one (it’s been used on BURN before, I believe) and found it distracting and irritating, and as Brian said above, not relevant to the content.

  6. Great stuff, each and every one.

    Congratulations to the winners, finalists, and everyone involved in the selection, judging, and production.

    Sympathy for the subjects or their victims, whichever appropriate.

    PS. one can turn off the sound (or replace it) and stop the video on each photo. The technology is available.

  7. Congrats to the EPF 2012 Winners, runners-ups, semifinalists, quarterfinalists, etc, etc…
    As Thomas said above, each year is even better… what I want to recall is that this year is much more a photojournalistic approach than last years (thinking about “Back to the future” and “Hide Tide” by Chalkiesberg).
    Hope every one is having a great time over there.
    Have a super long and nice Week End


  8. a civilian-mass audience


    Bravo, bravo, bravo to the winners!

    You are all winners! Bravo again. I am proud of you
    MR.HARVEY and BURN CREW…we love you!!!

    Ouzo time, yeap, ouzo !!!

  9. Well, that was a depressing 10 minutes. Through a lens darkly, I guess. Prozac all around.

    Although I liked the music, it just didn’t work across all the essays. Strange choice.

  10. Jim, gotta agree with you. Very strong work, very moving. However, yes, pretty much all focused on dark stuff, except the sister piece, which is loving, uplifting, and deeply personal. Very impressive work throughout.

    Congratulations to all who entered, all featured here, and to David and crew for creating this amazing entity that burn is.

  11. tonyhayesimages

    Congrats to all the finalists and especially to Matt for being the winner. That said, I wasn’t too keen on any of them. Personally, I’d prefer to see at least one entry that “looked” different – for me, the work of previous winners Alejandro Chaskielberg (2009), and Irina Wearing (2011), will live long in the memory (though I seem to remember not all on Burn were happy with those choices). Not so this time.

  12. keithgreenough

    Congratulations to all the finalists. What strength in depth.Brilliant work Matt. Hope you are able to make great use of your prize..

  13. Congratulations to all the finalists for jobs well done. Having said that, Jim, do you have any of that Prozac left? For some reason or other, I’m feeling very down right about now…

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  15. Well congratulations to everyone of the runner ups, finalists and winner! Yes true not a single uplifting positive essay throughout the video, but I still appreciated them all. Can’t wait to see each one of them on their own with captions and artist statement.
    BTW I thought the chill out remix background music absolutely atrocious and does not fit in at all with the general mood of the essays. Sorry awful.

  16. John R. Fulton Jr.

    My goodness what a bleak, hopeless, depressing, humorless, detached view of the world.

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  18. CONGRATULATIONS TO MATT, powerful and cinematic work. Also, big congrats to Giovanni. I love this story and both the celebratory power and the intimacy. The final image is one of my favorite from the entire EPF vid. Big congrats to all the Simona. I’ve seen some of this story before and it is powerful and mysterious and the woman in the room is a great, iconic image.!

    CONGRATULATIONS to all the finalists too for be selected and for contributing strong work. On a personal note: big big smile and hugs for Ian. So proud of you Ian and so happy that this story is now getting the accolades it deserved. As I told you long ago, forget the drama and bs of the photoworld and focus on the stories and story telling that is meaningful to you! Time is a healer. Big hugs! Congrats Danny. This story is one of my favorites and few photogs lasso a camera to light and shadow with such grace and power as you do. both the leaping horse in the midst and the young man-buddha enveloped by smoke are 2 of my faves…and its a story that McCarthy would love to rhyme cadences and words with…beautiful and power. Congrats too to Anatasia. So happy for you. It has been a fine year for you…now think of all those rolls that still need to be developed and scanned…..:))

    on a personal note, at first, i found Laia’s story the most brave adn powerful of the entire group, as I had thought it was autobiographical. ….and i thought, ‘much more powerful’ than the story published earlier called ‘a bad day’…but I hadn’t realized it was the the same author’s work….and as i looked again and again and tried to figure out if this is Laia or are these women subjects?…and than i became angry….because this story is NOT contextualized for the viewer…even when revealing an award winner, this work needs information, for both the viewer and for the subjects…if this is Laia herself, I applaud her bravery and fearlessness, emotionally and visually (it is the most challenging visually of all the stories), but if these are woman who allowed her access, or who communicated via skype (some appear that way) or the images come form others, it is important this be spelled out…if none of the women in the series is Laia, i find it nearly exploitive….but either way, i only wish this had been spelled out….as a photographer who LOATHES captions, in the case of this work, they are required, even in a listing of ‘winners’ such as this…i shall not forget the images, that is for sure….what to do with them and how to process them, awaits clarification….


    as for bleak, hopeless…i’m not sure…i find lots of joy in some of the moments of the stories, and loved the joy and freshness of the Iraq story very much……and yes, lots of sadness…

    but in a world sated by images…how to counter this?….that’s a different discussion…

    would have liked to see a lot more challenging/imaginative work (from the perspective of what constitutes photography), but it is nice to see a group of very strong traditional story telling….

    congrats to all the winners and finalists and to all who participated…


  19. Thanks God, I didn’t submit this year. All the finalist work is Superb!!! Just Cannot compete with them, not yet. There’s still next year, if I am not die.

  20. CONGRATULATIONS to Matt and all the finalists!!!
    Looking forward seeing their work in a little slower pace and a setting that gives the images a little more space to breathe (even though you can pause this visual expressway)!
    Thanks so much to David, the jury – and of course the whole BURN crew, excellent 10 minutes!

  21. Micaël Martel

    AH what a good year!!!

    Congratulations to everybody, I’m really glad to see ian willms in the special mentions. He’s a brilliant photographer, of course all of the winners are.

    I have to disagree a little bit with the depressing part that a lot of people mentionned. Of course there’s a lot of darkness and heavy subject, but I think there’s a lot of difference in the tones and voices which make for a beautiful variety in the narrative. Of course this year is not for the faint of heart I guess. I look forward to look at the essays individually.

  22. Congratulations to all the participants and winners!

    So, so nice to see this – a yearly highlight I am always looking forward to.
    Brilliant stuff and nice variety in the documentations.
    Definitively looking forward to see each essay individually.

    Good job, BURN team … :))
    1000 submissions?! Whew!

  23. Jamie Maxtone-Graham

    I am probably too late in commenting for this point to reach many – or any – but does anyone besides myself find this presentation right on the edge of morally questionable? I dont have too much of a problem with a particular individual’s (photographer’s) point of view but this ‘package’ as set against this musical backdrop presents itself in, for me, a highly problematic way and it is very surprising coming from a place like burn, a place seemingly full of aware and cognizant people.

    Smells like showbiz, among other things, and I find it at once troubling and reflective of a larger sense I have of the state of photojournalism in general. The presence of the music really elevates this sense for me and the lack of any apparent irony between image and score starts the offense ball rolling and the longer this thing plays the faster it spins.

    Congratulations to all photographers pictured here but I am disappointed in this particular exhibition.

  24. Congratulations to all the finalists and the winners!
    It’s always great to see the EPF selection…

    and a BIG thank you to all the Burn team, well done!

    my personal favorite… Giovanni Cocco – Monia

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  28. I’d like to know how Bieke Depoorter goes from “emerging” status here to Magnum nominee over night… Congrats Bieke. Something just seems off about it though.

  29. As you know these are not novice photographers here………. All is quite simple Jason if a photographer presents work in a market where their work is unknown they are emerging within that market. It is a meaningless term in the wwwdot age and just a marketing ploy that basically states “Hey look at this it is new”.
    The emerging caper is the most contentious issue for young relatively unknown photographers that enter ……….most feel hard done by when they read what you have stated Jason.
    I doubt if there really is an agenda to resolve this aspect it just runs from year to year. But there is always a newbie that lives in hope so the term is applicable.

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