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Nicholas Calhoun

Existing Is All


We never live in the same moments. Although, life may be repetitive with our daily rituals and the things we experience, they are never truly the same. But it’s this illusion that we create, thinking life is vapid, that pushes us to do the ‘unexpected’. Losing ourselves in the moments we tend to forget about the future and dip our toes in the past and experience life.

With boredom we ignite ourselves to experience agony and joy; we scar our selves and our lives, just so we can have a taste of reality. We grow older although not aware of where we are headed.

With only stories that were created to simply be told, we forget who we are. Knowing we exist is all we need to keep us moving along.

Existing is all we do, all we need.




I’m Nicholas Calhoun, I go by Conner though. I have lived in Raleigh NC all my life. There isn’t much to do here except pass time.

My inspirations come from where I live, and the people who surround me.

I use art to better understand who I am and the little things that people tend to not notice.

I’m still young and learning.

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  • Loved the flow of this and very much enjoyed wandering through the paces of your storytelling. Looking forward to seeing more of your work when I can. Personally felt like the cat duo toward the end wasn’t part of this narrative, at least on first viewing. Is it an important part of the message?

  • Like Erica said I really liked the flow of the piece. It’s really hard to put a piece together with photos depicting very little, but you have managed to do that pretty damn well. Really, really liked it.

  • Young and wise with both imagery and words. Enjoyed it. Thanks.

  • This is marvelous, really enjoyed the images. Just goes to proove one doesn’t have to go to the other side of the world to get something sincerely unique and full of authorship.

  • #2 and #10 really stand out for me.
    I’m curious about #10 the captions says the shack II…..where’s the shack I?

  • Superb, excellent, fresh…
    good for my soul ..i know it coz right after i watched it i wanna go out and shoot!
    Inspiration!bravo! congrats for being published in Burn!

  • Nicholas,
    The are 2 coincidences here. One: This morning, I was thinking about the same concept, and how a young person normally may not be concerned about time progression and change, as much as one who ages and gets more perspective on life. If you are as young as you imply, I applaud you for your maturity of thought.
    Two, I am also a fellow tarheel.
    I am enjoying your images, although still assimilating and associating with the text.

  • visual
    i especially like your diptychs…

  • I suppose this series struck me as coincident with your self-description, so to that end it can me noted as successful. But it just looks like so, so much young student work that I see. A sampler of visual styles with little substance, imposition of tattoo style over any real photo craft skill. It does not hang together as anything other than a bored young person with a camera. It’s not “poetry” to me. It’s just young fun.

  • Tanakak…

    Being a little harsh aren’t you? I think adults in general should try and have more fun taking photos, we all seem to forget the real reason is all about having a good time or a way of at least feeling better by self-expression. So I’m sorry I don’t see accusing Nicholas of being a bored young person with a camera a valid criticism, in fact I find it a rather obnoxious comment. BTW What is tattoo style photography when it’s at home?

  • The images themselves might look like most of what many young people do, but the diffence is that it is done with taste and the way they are put together show great talent in narration. Like erica and Jukka said the pace is perfect, everything flows.

  • It’s just young fun……..that unfortunately too often leads to rigid structuring.

  • we all seem to forget the real reason is all about having a good time or a way of at least feeling better by self-expression…….where the hell is that written down as a law??? We we we all the time. Speak only for yourself.

  • Congratulations! -very interesting juxtapositions, mixing of color and b&w images.
    I enjoyed hearing your voice in the words as well. Simple, honest and full of thought.
    Standouts for me were 2, 6, 9

  • Connor

    There are a number of things that I like very much about this essay.

    I like your use of multiple images. Two or more images presented together always invites us to make connections between them. More than that, each image influences the other in a way that neither of them would feel the same viewed on their own.
    The first pair here, the nude and the forest, there is no obvious connection, there is even a dis-connect due to colour, but, somehow there is something quite intrigueing happening between the two. It is my favourite of the series. This image is echoed later in #11 with another blurred tree photo, this time on top, and the nude on the bottom (now masturbating). I even like the fact that the nude is vertical and much smaller than the top image, though I’m not sure I like the very low contrast in the nude.

    As with the past couple of essay, I’m free here to make up my own story. Your theme “existing is all” seems very appropriate when I view this. It is very poetic, very personal, and certainly reaches me on a gut level.


  • Makes me want to go through my photographs and pull out those I’m partial to and just enjoy to look at them…

    (We.. who is we?..)

  • eva, yes, then make a book of them, just one, for yourself.

  • (We.. who is we?..)………..people that take all this all so seriously.

  • “people that take all this all so seriously.”
    Not really, just because my words are usually excessively fervent about most things photographic, does not mean I take this all too seriously. Most things I enjoy in life I usually engage with full blown passion.

  • Taking it all personally, where was the indication that I was referring to you Paul ? Fear of being in the serious group? memememwwwdot paranoia?

  • Imants…

    Laughing!! I love that image, I was just feeling a little over sensitive this afternoon.

  • I really like this series, it is interesting and tells many stories. I like photo #1 in particular, I keep being drawn to it!

  • i submitted this some time ago and didnt realize it got published till now; it realy is amazing to look at though :) i appreciate all the comments and crit. im in college now and its really nice to see something from my past come back to the present.

  • Nicholas, you have just demonstrated what it takes to be a great artist. To go beyond the boundaries that others have set and to not be afraid of what others will think. You are so very unique. Art is not about perfect lighting or making things look perfect but about the moment and presenting that which is something you seem to understand and do very well. If I wanted a perfect picture then I would go down to the local photo studio and have one made. If I want art and something to enjoy and stretch my mind I will reach out to your work. I have a lot to learn in the world of art and your article and photos have been a good inspiration. Your work is that of a mature artist who knows no boundaries. You are very talented and gifted and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. I will have to say that I never heard of Burn Magazine until I discovered your work being presente here. Please post where your next work will be presented. Is your work for sale?

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