Wall of Death by Jonnek Jonneksson

This photo is taken at a traditional motorcycle show that takes place since 1930 in USA, Great Britain and some countries in the Balkans. It’s called “Wall of Death”, as the man who rides the motorcycle and overriding the law of gravity climbing on a vertical wall, risks his life.

This specific show that I have photographed took place in northern Greece, at a traditional popular fun fair. The show with its material components is passed from father to son since 1950 and it runs through 3 generations so far. They are supposed to be the last “Wall of Death” showmen in Europe and one of the few that perform it in the world.

Website: Jonnek Jonneksson

13 thoughts on “jonnek jonneksson – wall of death”

  1. Great photo Jonnek

    I love your composition. The huge graphic shape of the figure in the lower right and the great light on his face makes this photograph.
    I would have burned down the bottom part of the wall, but hey, it’s your picture.

    This photo snapped me back 50 years watching “wall of death” riders from Royal American Shows when they came to my home town of Edmonton (Canada). I still remmember the noise and the smell as they careened around the bowl on ancient Harleys with springer front forks. They would let go of the handle bars, ride side saddle, stand up on the footpegs etc. all to please the crowd.

  2. The fingers of the rider are like claws and his face is somewhat dog-like. Makes this a very strange picture. I like it.

  3. Great photo! Spent some time exploring Greece on your website … wonderful work. Hope to see more in the future. I will be back often.

  4. Excellent, curious, interesting picture.. I’m spending a lot of time just looking and looking… and I realise I like the disharmony of the composition – my eye doesn’t rest – it seems appropriate given the subject.

  5. Thank you all, my friends, for your comments.

    For those who may interested this photo belongs to an essay which you can view if you follow the link below..:


    I really hope that giving this link I don’t violate any regulations. If I do, please inform me immediately.

    David, thank you about the Emilio Morenatti’s photo. It is very interesting as well his entire portfolio about Pakistan. Is one of the few times that I found the usage of color totally appropriate.


  6. I really like this image; but not just the image alone…the idea really stands out for me too. In addition I always respect Photographers who are able to access subjects or areas that remain closed off or unknown to most.

    This image has real ‘grit’ – it’s great to see Monochrome. Loved and not forgotton…


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