john gladdy – mr. walker



Mr. Walker by John Gladdy


The Photographer Brett Walker. A Portrait.


Website: John Gladdy

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  • i love the elements of this single. especially the face hidden by smoke and the features on the shadow’s face that’s sharp and larger than life. gives us perspective to the many facets and possibilities of who we are. the photographer.

    a thought swirled in with morning coffee. nice.

  • Very cool. The shadow looks almost sinister. Our shadow represents that part of ourselves that we keep hidden from our consciousness, the dark deep recesses of our collective soul. Great work.

  • like a knife wielding cartoon character from the 50s..

  • A great ‘photographer portrait’. Photographers never seem entirely visible or present…

  • John

    You are great portrait photoggrapher.

  • Very mysterious photo. Well done.

  • i love all kinds of shadows in photographs and this is one heck of an example of it! great vision – “mystery” is just oozing out of this portrait…who’s is this Mr. Walker…is he the “keep walking” man enjoying an well-earned break?

    love it John!!! Congratulations!

    cheers and keep walking :)

  • Its all about the light…

  • I love this. I know it is not, but it reminds me of my grandfather.

  • Who is mr walker???……..Good question. ……….probably raises more questions than it answers.

  • Nice one John, reminds me of Cubism. Good colour and would look good in B+W.

    Mr Walker takes a mean portrait too!

    Good light,


  • Spectacular photo, John. Everything works–the light, the mood, the swirls of smoke, his strange sharp-nosed shadow, the diagonal lines drawing your eye back to Mr. Walker, his body language, the surprising perspective, a hint of the city out the window, the golden tones, the minimalist color palette. God, I LOVE this!!!


  • Love the layers in this one—the shadow on the wall, the smoke, the shadowy man, the hat, the sunlight from behind. Really nice.

  • a very good portrait of a very good photographer. Congrats to both of you!

  • The light will always tell you what to do if you listen. Nice work John.

  • Like that John Gladdy. Like that!!

  • im kind of glad that no one seems to have spotted his camera yet. Kinda the point in a way.

  • Wonderful, John !!! A play of interesting light.

  • Wonderful!

  • John! :)))

    god-damned, i love this portrait…but not for the usual photographic bullshit…

    i love the absolute physicality and sensuality of this ‘green’ wall: where Walker’s shadow meets the shadow of light, and right before it bows, the welt of the wall: like some kind of hallucinagenic breathing:

    the bow of the wall, the curl of the light, the arch of the body, somehow moves my eye toward movement….

    and of course this mad constellation between the smoke and the bend of his shadow (like a character from Beckett) and the real him…and the distant light-London….this collision between the ‘him’ of the shadow on the wall and the ‘he’ of the real….as if from a Tom Waits’ song….

    and these magnificent long, as if fingers, as if wire, as if steel-tongues shredding flesh, long long horizontal pitch of the picture…..

    the bow of his back, Quasimoto, against the cool-hep cat refracted by toomuchjazzpunkcoolnastyshite sound and then the loss….

    just a great photograph-portait…

    fuck the rest…

    and then there’s this:

    no fucking idea why….but, this pic beckons this:


    and then

  • It’s nice to see a scanned print!

  • I’ve also had a look at your web site and agree with others that you have a great feel for getting the essence of somebody visually. Rock on

  • Mr.Gladdy..:) u should direct a movie…….

  • nice, very nice. I also still remember the other picture from you published here.

  • John

    “im kind of glad that no one seems to have spotted his camera yet. Kinda the point in a way.”

    even if a strange camera’s shadow could have been quite interesting…

  • The shadow makes him look like a hunchback. Lots to look at here.

  • I ;ike it …….but I have to feel sorry for his wife!

  • “Arranging the hit on Fabio was off tap‚ and Les knew it. And when you get Sydney′s deadliest killer to do the hit‚ there′s always a quid pro quo. So Les is off” Robert G Barrett

    Yea I reckon Les would love to do a couple of rounds tap dancing on this guy…………

  • Looking at the photo before reading comments and seeing the description….

    I love the shadow – almost a cartoon characature of the silhouette, made sinister by the smoke and sharp angled knife-shadow being “held” out threateningly at the waist….the shadow lines drawing my eye to the head/face and the spot of bright flare over the head….the lines echoed in the window panes….

    Like this one a lot, very nice portrait.

    good light, all.

  • Excuse me, I am a bit stuck finding my way around this Burn site. Where is reception? I have a question. Cheers.

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