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Hillary Atiyeh

In Hot Water


Water, the essential element within all living things… in perpetual motion.

Heat, from the core of the Earth… springs to the surface.

A journey of our body & our community in nature through an inherent interconnection with the sensual, transcendental, metaphysical and intrinsic.

These photographs were created primarily at Breitenbush Hot Springs, an intentional community deep within the forested mountains of Oregon.

This work in progress began in July 2008 and will continue to Incorporate a mélange of cameras, color film, b&w film and straight digital imagery in which several bodies of work are evolving.

This slideshow was created specifically for BURN.

Thank you,


editors note:  if nudity will offend either you or someone around you, please do not hit the play button for this essay. – david alan harvey


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Hillary Atiyeh

Music: Alice Di Micele


79 thoughts on “hillary atiyeh – in hot water…”

  1. oh my….
    brought tears to my eyes…
    really pretty
    heart felt…
    great edit to the music….
    beautiful imagery Hilary….
    our bodies
    our minds
    our souls
    it has it all for me….
    the way each image goes to the next,
    also transcends the feeling of water….
    BEAUTIFUL work,
    and congrats!!!!!

  2. Excellent Hillary, i´ve always felt as if water is our original home, the place from were we came from once, and this essay just reminds that one more time.

  3. By the way, i´ve been watching your website, and it seems this is the first story in which you really really commit yourself, and in which a singular style came out of your pictures.
    Hope you keep going in that direction!

  4. thanks hillary.. perfect on a scorching hot day in norway.

    very sensual – i particularly liked the more obscure photos and the colour interspersed between worked for me.. something about the faces missing really appealed to me.. very natural.. where there was flow of water and soft shapes i felt utterly relaxed.

    the´ male appendage made me laugh..

    thoroughly enjoyed that set..

    big-up burn and the snappers..

  5. Fuzzy and grainy. Perfect contemporary photography.

    One suggestion to the editors. As many folks undoubtedly check this site from work, these essays should be labeled as work friendly or not (i.e., contains nudity).

  6. There are quite a few images here I really like, as studies in light and form. As stand alone ‘art’ pieces there are more than a few here that work really well, but as an essay i struggle to find the meaning or coherence that i feel they should have. i understand that its still forming and that several different bodies[sic] may come out of it. not sure if its found its identity yet.
    Beutifully shot though.

  7. Hilary:

    Good stuff.

    The essay could use a little editing, but I believe you created it for Burn to go with the music.

    BTW, how much did you pay Alice for the use of her work?

  8. John, exactly. I understand that the artist has a personal connection to this place, though, so there is likely coherence to her that we can’t connect to from the outside. As an essay I think it needs more textual explanation.

  9. Hi Hillary,

    I love your essay, your photographs, the music, the color and black and white together… your work is really beautiful, soft, intimate, wonderful… Thank you !

    all the best, audrey

  10. there’s a lot to like about these images, the study of the human landscape is fantastic, through the prism of lit water is, oh F***, I said ‘prism‘…..

    ok, i’d like to say more now, buy i just can’t, i’m too distracted thinking (giggling) about what Bob’s Editorial Guidance is going to be, this has Bob written all over it!! ;-) I’ll Be Back :-)

    i wish we could get Bob to record his Editorial Guidance so we could instead hear it, i’m certain his delivery would have the same omnipotent tone as that person the introduces movie trailers :-))

  11. I love these, it doesn’t feel as much like an essay to me as a collection of single photographs. Lots of beauty though. You have a clear style. Wholesome. I like the multiple exposure a 1:45 remaining. It could use editing, but the mix of color and black and white definitely kept it going strong. I was impressed with the single shot posted on Burn a while back, and equally (if not more) impressed with many of these shots. There isn’t much better than being naked in water.

  12. Lovely photographs Hillary, I remember your single photograph (included here) shown previously. I sensed a different atmosphere when I saw male / female together. Possibly due to the different anatomy, muscle structure.

    I immediately thought of the Burn Gallery when I saw these photographs.

    Joe, yes, I’m with you: I can here Bob B now – “Incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit ….”

    Laughing, Bob,


  13. @Jim You might consider to work at work, that would solve the problem and save David from imposing each viewers moral standards on the essays.

  14. BOB…

    i agree….it seemed like Hillary got a bit too married to the music with words exactly matching the pictures…


    is the nudity in Hillary’s work seriously prohibido from the work place??? seems awfully innocent to me…as Matt says, “wholesome”…as in the way we are all born….honest question though…


    i think the word “essay” connotes something quite different than “picture story”….for me, “essay” can indeed be a collection of “singles” that are contextual in their style….it does not necessarily mean they have to “go somewhere”….

    cheers, david

  15. Some very nice single images and not bad at all, but to me it’s too many images and too much repetition. I also agree about the music.

  16. Sebastion, many people access the web at work. Just a reality.

    David, in the work place, viewing any kind of nudity is considered a form of sexual harassment. And can get you fired. Few would do it deliberately, but if someone walks by and looks over your shoulder, and unexpected nudity pops up, it’s a problem.

  17. “is the nudity in Hillary’s work seriously prohibido from the work place??? ”

    Yes, it is, and for the reasons Jim gives. Whenever I see something like this on my workscreen, I hit the red X button in the corner so fast it would make your head spin. Nude pix are grief I dont need.

  18. It’s a fucking good photo essay !, even without a music :). So many talented emerging photographers here on Burn… I know, I will never have the ability to create anything close to this… who cares :)).

  19. just for the record the Bob above isnt me the Bob below ;))))….but it is SUCH a relief to have a new Bob here, i can take a break and go back to earning major coin doing the trailer (as we speak) for the new Terminator flick ;))))))))))))

    Hillary: :)))… beautiful and ethereal….i prefer both the abstract elements in combination with the brilliantly funny ones…great to see the HilarYious with the HeavenlY…..lots of gorgeous pics, singles and all…too many to number and no time now….

    about the essay will scribble something more later, promise (but not in a loud and booming voice; ;))) )

    bob (b)

  20. I guess photo essays and picture stories are two separate things. I meant my above comment in a positive way, that most of Hillary’s photographs stand on their own and need no support from contextual photographs.
    I find the taboo of nudity in our (online? global?) society so strange. It’s so sad how the beauty of the human body is something some people feel ashamed of. workplace or not.

  21. Matt, it’s not a matter of feeling ashamed of the human body in the workplace. It’s a matter of people feeling exploited. Besides, it’s a no brainer. Just say no.


    well, i have avoided workplaces my whole life for many reasons, and now i have another…ridiculous..but, i will put a warning up so as not to get anyone in trouble….amazing to me , truly amazing…i guess i can understand how this all came about, but it seems like the workplace rules went a bit overboard…now, the other thing is gents, why has this never been mentioned before since these are not the first nudes on BURN???

    cheers, david

  23. David, you are under no obligation to post warnings about nudity. But, I just think it best to let folks know that what they are about to see contains nudity.

    On a number of photography related forums I frequent, the routine when posting a link to a gallery containing nudes is to simply state that the link is not work friendly.

    But the responsibility is ultimately the viewers.

  24. No one ever made a point of it before. I just figured Burn is your baby and it’s not my job to tell anyone what to do with their projects. So whenever the skin arrived, I just hit the red X. And, of course, I’m a civil servant; nothing aggravates the taxpayers who pay my salary more than the idea that I might be looking at naked women on their dime and on machines they paid for. Strange but true.

  25. JIM..AKAKY

    thanks for this … even though i personally think it is a bit over the top, i would not want anyone to get in trouble for any reason…pornography i understand of course…but, i just had no idea about nudity being in any way a form of potential sexual harassment…anyway, i just posted a warning….

    cheers, david

  26. Utterly sensual, almost otherworldly body of work, Hillary. The music is a wonderful addition. I found myself whispering oohs and aahs, especially as the more abstracted water bodies passed over the screen. The combination of color and b&w works increases the dynamic range of the whole. My only suggestion is to significantly tighten your edit. With so much repetitive imagery, the strongest photos are getting lost. I believe you could still keep the dancerly flow but make it sing an even more elemental song. I know how hard it is to choose from among such beautiful images but if you do, this essay would absolutely soar!


  27. HA!
    I guess so,
    too many thoughts for a post..
    our bodies..
    I understand laws in the work place,
    blah blah blah….
    but it seems absurd to me…..
    but I get it….
    If these women were obese women,
    would you have the same response?
    just curious….
    and AKAKY was serious in Panos’s essay,
    about almost breaking his wrist….
    I thought it was just a funny story..

  28. Hillary

    Lovely, beautiful, poetic stuff. I agree it could use an edit, but very cool stuff indeed.

    Photographs need to speak to us, tell us secrets, hint at other secrets, tell us things words cannot, remind of us our common consciousness.
    These photographs do all this. Yes, being naked in the water is amazing, just being naked is amazing. Being naked with others opens your heart. Naked at night, outdoors, in winter. Water…hot water..a womb, melting into it..yes. Sensuality, sexuality, the beauty of that often repressed piece of us, here to celebrate. Bravo, bravo. Well done.
    This is a celebration of bodies. (albeit beautiful young female bodies for the most part) I see few faces here, which is fine. Faces would change the message completely.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work.


    Wow. I get it too Wendy, but ain’t it a sorry ass world where we don’t need warnings for people covered in blood, faces with their noses chopped off, or child soldiers toting guns powerful enough to blow someones head off at 100 yards, but we need warnings for photos depicting people celebrating their bodies and loving each other.

  30. HILLARY,

    I really enjoyed your work. Loved the atmosphere, the feeling, the music. I found your vision poetic, and the whole essay is very refreshing,. These creatures seem to have escaped from a baroque painting of Rubens… just loved it!


  31. Johan Jaansen

    Hillary, I find it very interesting that you have decided to mix various mediums together to create this exceptional work and your work in progress. A lot of the essays I have viewed on Burn (as well as work by other established/emerging photographers) use only black&white or color and rarely incorporate digital and film to produce one body of work. I could be wrong as someone will no doubt soon point out, but that is what I have mostly seen in libraries and book shops.

    The photographers tend to stick to one medium for the entire length of the project, then perhaps switch mediums when commencing a new project. Sometimes they will pre-visualize a scene by viewing a digital photo, then use film for the final image. But, is it common to incorporate the two at the same time in the finished product? I have heard that consistency is important in producing a body of work, so does your idea debunk that traditional theory of photography. Perhaps some old style art photographers would be having a cardiac, knowing that someone is experimenting with this! For example, their beliefs in consistency within a project, went all the way to using the same agitation and processing times to perfect negative density for all of the black&white film in the same project. So, your work could be said to be a very large departure from this more traditional approach.

    So, this leads me to my question/s: why did you decide to do this? Without second guessing you, did you want to be free of traditional or established notions for producing a project. Did you want to keep the audience guessing or unbalanced. Because I am still trying to guess which photos were film and which were digitally recorded.

    Before the advent of digital, art photographers didn’t have the luxury of being able to incorporate information recorded on both emulsion and digital hardrive. Of course, they could mix both color and black&white, but not include film and digital. So, I find it interesting to see you do this. Maybe Hillary or some other Burn members know of projects by other photographers who incorporate both mediums, which are then included in the finished project. Is this a rare phenomenon or quite common these days? I hope all this makes sense.

    Because, you see I love the grain or noise on this project and I am having trouble distinguishing one from the other! They have both come up trumps.


  32. Johan,

    I’m not super-educated photographically, but there have been a few recent fiml/digital projects I’m aware of.

    Both Jonas Bendiksen in The Places We Live and Salgado on his latest work, Genesis, both started the prohjects shooting medium format and switched over to digital part way through, with the final images being a mix of the two. Bendiksen in color only and Salgado in black and white of course.

    I know I’ve seen a project or two in both color and b&w, none that I remember right now. I just saw a Winogrand book online that was both though and it worked really well together. I want to say it was ‘1964.’

  33. Sofia, I am in no way a prude, but if you are going to show a photo essay from a nudist retreat, you should label it as such. Just seems fair to the viewers to me.

  34. Wonderful! It made me think of this:

    When the moon is in the Seventh House
    And Jupiter aligns with Mars
    Then peace will guide the planets
    And love will steer the stars

    This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
    The age of Aquarius

  35. JOHAN…

    you are quite correct in thinking that USUALLY/TRADITIONALLY photographers do not mix media in one essay or project…but, why not?? Antoine d’Agata will use whatever film someone gives him or he happens to have in his pocket at the time..fits his life and work….i also mix b&w and color in my current family project and sometimes i will use one because i have run out of the other….isn’t that just life??? certainly it would not work in all projects, but seems right for this one….so far, i have stayed with medium format film, but i could shoot some digi , put the images on to film, and i doubt any of us would see the difference…

    last summer i really researched all the possibilities of shooting in digital, but then ending up with a silver negative with the possibility of making traditional darkroom prints ….the best of both worlds…there are many ways to do this so there just are no boundaries…

    yes, consistency and visual literacy of some kind is important in the final result of images…but this imo does not have to mean sticking with the same camera or recording medium…

    cheers, david

  36. Case in point I just came back from shooting on a film set for a week. ended up shooting two types of tri-x, HP5, pan F, two types of fuji color neg..and some ektachrome. On three different formats 6×7 6×45 and 35mm. Whatever it takes to get the shot tell the story is what i say. All seems to hang together quite well so far.


  37. @Johan…forgive me if I’m mistaken, but isn’t the medium being used photography? The only difference in my mind between film and digital, b&w and color is the process.

  38. I don’t esthetically like seeing B&W and color mixed in the same essay because I think it chops it up and makes it less coherent. But, there is really not any objective reason not to do so. Some will like it, some won’t.

  39. Hillary, I just love this work and you are doing the Northwest proud, please stay with it :))

    Jim, just to clarify, Breitenbush is not a nudist retreat. It is an intentional community but also a resort and conference center and is located in some of the most spectacularly beautiful country in the lower 48. Nearby Jefferson Park (not a “park” in the traditional sense) has without question the most beautiful alpine meadows I have ever seen at the base of a 10,500 foot dormant volcano (hence the nearby hot springs). It’s interesting that these springs have historical significance as places of healing and ritual dating back thousands of years. It was a gathering place for many different tribes … and still is. Okay, Oregon tourism bureau out …

  40. I know a reporter who was doing a series on intentional communities a while back and visited there. He was amazed when he got there because he was led to believe it was an eco village type coummunity, but that the emphasis appeared to be on a nudist lifestyle. Clothing was in short supply.

  41. HILARY – really enjoyed this work… just lovely. sadly i am on a bus (NYC to DC) and have the volume off – but will watch/listen to it again. there is one image in particular i may be interested in hanging on my wall…. lets talk. see you at LOOK???

    ALL – had a great time in NYC this weekend and a mini-BURN reunion. DAH good to see you Thursday night – will call you to follow up on our talk… had a lovely dinner with Erica (McDonald) and Kerry (Payne). Looking forward to seeing many of you at LOOK next month too!!

  42. So where’s the photographer? I wish more of the photographers would get more involved in the threads.

  43. Hillary,
    the images look very familiar and I recognised the picture which was featured on burn as a single image in February.
    It is really nice to see the progress. I enjoyed the mix of colour and bw and the beautiful composition, lines, forms and light of your images! It is always a pleasure!
    There is this one picture with the stars in the skye and a torch that was moved. A nice image, but I would leave it out to keep a stronger consistency or add some more of this kind. Some images are similar so you can edit a little bit more tight and still have a great body of work.

    Yes, I think it is a good idea to put a little warning to say that there are some nude images ahead. I know this is over the top and usually I am not fussy about this, but if the wrong person looks over your shoulder in the wrong moment, this can give you some real trouble.
    In my note in February I wrote about Hillary’s single image: “Today I was at work and I had some spare time so I clicked on burn and this image came up. And right at this moment another photographer walked in and asked me: Reimar – what kind of images are you looking at? My reply was: A nice picture of beautiful women!”
    Okay, no big deal and I didn’t get in any trouble, but I can see clearly a risk here. So, why not add a short note. Simply stay out of trouble.

    A wondeful piece of work and I am absolutely sure these images will look great when you print them.
    Thanks a lot!


    I think that we can drop the view at your own risk: let’s not be too politically correct.

    A friend of mine works in a nursing home. She is not allowed to kiss or cuddle the people in her care as it is seen as abuse.

    She says that some obviously don’t want contact but many do. She tells people “kisses are free, cuddles are free” and lets them decide.

    How about a label I saw recently on a packet of cheese “Allergy advice, contains milk”.

    The world has gone mad!


  45. Mike R

    My wife works with special needs kids in middle and high school settings. Hugs are not allowed, even though some of the kids desperately need them. Kisses would get you fired.

  46. Johan Jaansen

    Jared: thanks for those references to those authors who have integrated various mediums. It was interesting to hear that someone like Salgado has gone towards digital after using film for the majority of his career.

    David: it was great to hear about your own dilemmas with film and digital and realising that both can be used to your advantage. Please understand that nowhere did I condemn Hillary for moving away from this more traditional approach, quite the opposite. I wrote that her project came up trumps and thought it was a wonderful move to explore all mediums (I mean processes, refer to my reply to Jeff below). I did say that it may make some of the traditional photographers shocked, but I am not of that generation or mindset. But, through your post and your own example, I have learnt that even more traditional photographers are embracing new digital technology and mixing old with new. Consequently, with this project I envy her ability to utilise all of the photography processes artistically.

    Jeff: I’m sure most people understood, but yes, you’re right. The medium is photography and I was mistaken by saying mixing mediums. I should have been referring to the use of processing a film image or digital image within the one project, as you rightly pointed out. Thanks for that clarification.


  47. First, I want to say thank you for all the generous responses and constructive criticism…it means a lot to me to hear your opinions and advice.

    Before I began this project I thought deeply about what I wanted to create and explore, knowing that the process would lead me on a journey towards discovering new artistic territory and a reconnection with what inspired me about photography and art in the first place. I returned to a place that was my home and friends that supported me in exploring art and passion. Breitenbush is an amazing community, off the grid in the forests of Oregon, powered by the river, cabins heated geothermaly and the lives of its community members intertwined with nature. Clothing is optional only around the pools, sauna and the river, it is an intentional community, not a nudist colony.

    At the moment, my photography is about being playful and free, finding the surreal in the reality of the natural world and to tap into something that lurks beneath the surface, opening doors of my own perceptions. Starting with an idea and finding something that emerges from the process that is familiar and also a new discovery.

    For over a decade I have used primarily slide film and was careful and precise in what i captured in emulsion. For years I think I was rigid in what I photographed, the cost of film and development a real factor. I love photographing the natural world, both underwater and above. Concerned with environmental conservation and creating a direct representation of what I travel so many miles in the wilderness to capture and share, trying to evoke emotional responses in others to act care and about this planet, its ecosystems and endangered creatures.

    A couple of years ago I bought my first digital camera and used it in the same way. However after several portfolio reviews…the same response…”wonderful use of color, composition, light, etc…seen hundreds of images like this…where are YOU in these images?”. I thought very hard about what that really meant and maybe now i am just beginning to grasp that concept…Digital capture has given me the freedom to experiment and make mistakes and I love and learn from the serendipitous events.

    During this last year I wanted to push my own boundaries and leave my comfort zone…The start was photographing people which I shied away from entirely since my first experience photographing Native Americans, who were not so keen on me photographing them when I was young and even more naive. I took David’s workshop to explore these insecurities and found that stories can evolve from editing and form essays with literal or esoteric meaning.

    I have sought out new ways, but really old ways, of seeing and returned to my favorite artists in the halls of the MET, reading and looking at art and photos, searching within to understand what I was excited about when I saw these works of art year after year since childhood…for me it is the surrealist and expressionist paintings and some of the impressionists and several photographers that encourage and inspire a passion that I am just now beginning to understand.

    As for the mix of color, B&W, film and digital….I want to utilize all the tools available to me in the photographic medium and it is this experimentation that excites me at the moment. Maybe it is the indecision to commit to a certain film or digital capture but life encompasses everything and i want to explore life and photography to find in art and myself something different and which boundaries I can push to propel my artistic expression. A Hasselblad, a Minox and 15 rolls of B&W infrared film await me at home and I am excited to put them to use…as well as the digital camera and Nkonos V I have been using.

    This submitted essay, in hot water…, started as a portfolio of images which I had planed to tightly edit. David suggested putting it to music or audio but I needed permission from the artist. Alice Di Micele is a close personal friend of mine for maybe 15 years now, we have rafted down the Grand Canyon/ Colorado rive together and many of her songs are about water. I did not have to look very hard to find a song that resonated with what I felt about this body of work. Alice gave me permission and I chose each image carefully to flow with the lyrics. Even though I work with photographs and created this piece for a photo web site, the music, as another art form, could not be separated if used together. I feel the lyrics had to be equal if used in conjunction with the images, which is why there are more than I would have used if i were to show just a solid portfolio of photographs…

    Well, I hope this very long post explains a little bit more of my process and choices, I apologize for not responding sooner but I am at my brother’s college graduation this weekend and this was the first chance I have had to respond…again…THANK YOU!!!!!

    Peace and Love,


  48. HILLARY…

    thank you for explaining your work and your reasoning so clearly….i think you are now ready for a book, or at least very close, and i want to work with you towards this end….

    at first, i must admit i did feel you bent a bit too much towards illustrating the music….on the other hand, i totally see why you did it as a truly symbiotic exercise…and since i always feel that a slide show is its own medium, i think overall this works nicely….in a perfect world, i might have suggested trying to do the show with all horizontals as well…verticals in a slide show really jump out a bit awkward imo….as you point out, perhaps for your own portfolio of images for a book or for an exhibition, you would choose a slightly tweaked edit….

    i am counting on you for some prints for our BURN gallery….you are certainly going to be quite collectible….

    i look forward to seeing you in Charlottesville….

    cheers, david

  49. its so motivating to hear others like yourself Hillary, are enthusiastic about film and what it can add, as digital seems to be massing over everything.
    Its also relieving to know that others are free enough in the actual process to be able to play with the idea of what you want it to show right up till the end.
    once again I’ve been unexpectedly illuminated on whats possible.

  50. Hillary,

    Thanks for this work; beautiful, sensual, connecting…

    You say that you are ‘trying to evoke emotional responses in others to act care and about this planet, its ecosystems and endangered creatures.’ There is no doubt, in my opinion, that you succeed and draw us to this response at a very visceral, primitive level.

    A lovely piece of work. Congratulations.

  51. Hillary

    Excellent essay. Beautiful, classic. There is only one problem…. I need… I want more…. It should be a book or big exhibition. Very carefuly selected photos. One hundred photos.
    Beautiful photos.
    Hats off.

  52. “Clothing is optional only around the pools, sauna and the river, it is an intentional community, not a nudist colony.”

    Seriously, they need to work on their image, then. It’s highly rated on most nudist destination websites on the web.

    I think your images work very well as fine art. I really don’t think they work well as an essay, especially one this long, though. I’m ambivalent about the music, but that’s a personal thing, I guess.

    Put some of these in a book in the right sequence with some text – maybe poetry – and these would work very well.

  53. David ~

    I knew you would say that about the verticals…can’t help it, I wanted to mix it up a bit…for me it was a conscious decision as it went with the feeling of an ebb and flow of bodies of water….but yes..tweaking awaits this body of work…

    Thank you so much for, well, everything….Eric said it best on his last post…”you have acted as a catalyst for so many out there and you are still giving to so many that kick to get out and shoot, produce work…” I look forward to working with you whenever you get a moment….:~)

    Like I said earlier, the 20×24 B&W print awaits you in NYC as well anything others you ask for….


  54. JIM ~

    looking on nudist sites….can’t really find Breitenbush…not sure where you are getting your info…
    BB is a cooperative of about 65 peeps that own and operate a retreat and conference center…hundreds of people come each week to stay as their guests.

    again, this is a work in progress and the slideshow, my first attempt at showing these images to anyone.



  55. Hillary,
    I remember seeing a few of these images in Portland and I loved them.
    You have created some amazing images that center my spirit. Beautiful work.
    I would love to see them printed. Best to you!

  56. Hillary!
    Your slide show is beautiful. Thank you for using my song. I recorded that song back in 1988 and I have to admit that I rarely listen to that album anymore. I sound like a little girl, but I think the innoncence of the song and the vulnerability of the images work well together. I’m honored to be included in your work.

    I have always been a fan of your photos and look forward to seeing more from you.

    love always,

  57. Wow, Hillary, this is just a beautiful piece. Luminous, innocent, evocative, sensual…I want to go to that place and swim in those hot springs, just feel the healing wash all over me. The photos have a marvelous abstract quality that really gives you a sense of the freedom and sensuality of the hot springs and the community there.

    When you first mentioned this project to me, I had something much more mundane in mind, like some kind of public hot springs with guys in bathing caps something. This really is something special, and I hope you make a book out of it! Although, it almost feels like you’re letting us all in on a big secret, of some kind of magical place that only a select few should know about…

    Anyway, congrats!!


  58. Chris ~

    Thanx for your advice in the beginning, you helped more than you know…

    Special places are everywhere and I for one would be grateful to know of them!
    I think it’s those secret, magical places that need to be shared…
    When I am in there, I am reminded that there is so much love and beauty in this world, amidst all the chaos…I am reminded that everything is connected on this planet…the more people that have that experience or their own, the better off we all will be in my opinion…

    BB is a community but also a business and does have a max capacity…rustic, off the beaten path, only a select few will really find it…really love it…we all have a love for different things….but, like anything you discover that you are drawn to…you just go!

    When will I see you there….


  59. I like your pictures, very much.

    Are you intresting for the next festival, may 2010 ?

    Best Regards

    Bruno Rédarès

    President of Festival Européen de la photo de nu Arles/France

  60. I like your pictures very much.

    Are you intresting for the next Festival, May 2010 ?

    Best Regards

    Bruno rédarès

    President of Festival Européen de la Photo de Nu – Arles / France

  61. this set of pictures has the POWER to ease a toothache.

    just wrote this to hillary
    ¨there is something about nakedness which really feels special to us all i guess..
    i don´t mean sexiness nor titillation.. just nakedness..

    photography misses that so very often.. the work either becomes twisted into sexual or darkly thought provoking meanings..
    while what i felt when i looked at you work was.. well.. about 8 years old :ø)

    seeing the skin without adult concerns.. without sexual intentions and with the most amazing relaxation and feeling of connectedness with people.¨

  62. Bruno,

    Oui! Bien sur….

    s’il vous plaît envoyez-moi toutes les informations et votre adresse…
    Je vais aussi chercher sur Internet pour la présentation des lignes directrices.




    et toi aussi, audrey……

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