farmers and surfers


yes, we really do have all types of photographers and personalities in magnum…here larry towell and trent parke hang out after our long long day of portfolio reviews in new york…there were 7 of us looking at the work of 60 photographers for our first ever "First Impressions" review (see "portfolios" post previous)…

this is our big week….our annual meeting of magnum photographers from all over the world starting with our 60th anniversary champaign toast  at the Museum of Modern Art where we were founded….since the first of june , we have 90+ events going on all over town as part of the Magnum Festival…exhibitions, seminars, book signings, etc etc…

for those of you who are in new york now, please join us for a drink and "hang time" at the Half King Bar, 505 west 23rd street this evening between 7-9pm….no event… just late afternoon light and a cold beer with joseph koudelka, alex webb, lise sarfati,paolo pellegrin, susan meiselas, alec soth , jonas bendikson, maya goded, trent park, larry towell, martine franck,  etc etc etc …..pretty much the whole bunch of us…yes,me too….

do not be shy, just come on by….

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  • “just late afternoon light and a cold beer with joseph koudelka, alex webb, lise sarfati,paolo pellegrin, susan meiselas, alec soth , jonas bendikson, maya goded, trent park, larry towell, martine franck, etc etc”

    you really know how to make a guy envious!!!

  • Nick.. haha… you are right ;-)

    David.. nice picture.. no matter surfer or farmer.. everybody like to drink sometimes ;-)

    ps. tomorrow i have more nice meeting ;-) .. with my dear Ilker :-) .. jupiiiii!!!!… we haven’t seen 3,5 months!…
    David (with similar problem), I am sure you can imagine how happy i am :-)

  • I am in Rome and I want cry …

  • Dagnammit! On the wrong side of the pond! Have fun! Remember you have a London office sometime ;-)

    I do hope someone remembers to take a picture?

    Looked like a fine shindig @ your place after the living proof opening. Way to host a party! What WAS the password?


  • David, you’re killing me. I would give away MY favorite camera bag to be able to be there tonight to buy you a Corona (my favorite. It is the finest, it says so on the bottle!). Alas, I must work here in Boston. Have a great time.

  • Stop stop stop… :( every time you say something like “come to my party” or “drop by “insert name” to have a drink with me/us” you have to think about all the European guys that cant afford a flight to ny… :P i wish i could… :)

    Good luck with all the 60years celebrations :)

  • David.. it looks like i will meet you in October … you and Lance.. we both have been accepted as a students for the Eddie Adams Workshop XX!

    (I promised to let you know :-))

  • Oh, man, there’s an ocean between me and this helluva party. Ok, i cant’t have it all, and i’m sure someday i’ll enjoy your company again. Here in Madrid eveything’s ok: i’ve been twice at Davidson’s Central Park exibition at PhotoEspaña, and i think there’s still time for one more… Have fun. If you find a good red Rioja this side of the world, please send us a toast. Hasta luego.

  • david alan harvey


    super congratulations on eddie adams!!!! i do not know if i can handle both you and lance at the same time…i will rest up!!


    i am drinking a rioja now…vina hermosa…

  • say hello your friends from one shy guy from poland.
    I’m drinking wine now too. i have meeting with freiends. my wife sold painting. I’m in huge depress now, but i can’t say that life is not amaizing.



  • David… thank you :-)
    I thought Lance is so nice, calm, gentle person ;-)

  • Thats a heck of a party. They say NYC is the center of everything…they may be right. Have fun David

  • invitation

    road trip: farmers and surfers:for those of you who are in new york now, please join us for a drink and hang time at the Half King Bar, 505 west 23rd street this evening between event just late afternoon light and …

  • david alan harvey


    why are you depressed?? am i going to have to come all the way to Poland to cheer you up??? i am guessing that you are really just fine…you have a nice wife….you earn your living as a photographer and you have some very nice work…you should be happy… you are very lucky martin…


    lance is a very nice guy…and calm and gentle as you say…you guys will have a great time together….and then you come to see me!!! perfect…


    i am fairly new to new york….only 3 years….but, yes, i must say it does seem to be quite the center for what we all love….i certainly do love new york….it is an international city…a city for the world, not for the u.s….any you can be whatever you want to be here with no stigma of any kind…..if you want to have one green sock and one red sock, nobody cares….my socks never match….

  • david alan harvey


    the password was finally “bald eagle”….it was hidden under my post called “amazon river”…that was the “river wide” in my poem…

    i will be in london in about 2 weeks….see you there…

  • david alan harvey


    do not cry….how can you cry in rome?? nobody can be everywhere at the same time….many of us are often in rome….stay in touch and we will meet soonest….

  • david alan harvey


    i hope you are doing well….any chance you will come to new york?? i will be in arles for the photo fest…you coming?? or perpignan in sept???

    wishing you all best my friend…

  • david alan harvey

    hello all…

    i do not want to make anyone crazy!! i just want you to feel invited…and when i come to europe, you will be just as invited….

  • i just can dream of meeting you guys.. but it too too far away from me… :(

  • Good Morning David…

    How was in meeting? I’m sure it was great time.

    Sorry for complain.
    Is this part of philosophy of photography witch is purpose of your blog? Ha ha ha
    I know I’m lucky. Am I?

    Why I’m depress? Well…
    All of my life I was run (in my head). Now as a photographer I walk, sometimes I stand, sometimes I put little steps, I run maybe two short times (not very fast). I hate that! I don’t want have a nice photos, I want have great photos! I should have. I should working more, but with purpose.
    Of course I always see golden center. I just complain again. I’m not too ambitious.
    We talk about fame. Fame in photography is nothing for me, because I’m painter and the Art is something higher. But I need making good photography! I have to going somewhere for someone. I need job…
    And first of all I will go with my portfolio to ours biggest magazines next month, and I’m nerves because I know I’m not ready, I’m not good enough, and I’ll be not if I not start working for them.
    I was learning my self so I’m amateur for them. I have not any paper…
    And I like b&w photography…
    At last, my digital camera is broken. Nobody employ me without dig camera. I don’t have any idea how to get 2000$ for new one. This is real problem.

    I’m not in bad mood. I just feel pressure. I’m just depress ha ha ha

    If my complaining make you to move to Poland “to cheer you up” I will complain more.

    But I’m person who always find solutions. And complaining with smile on face.

    i’m waiting for new post…

    I need job…


  • Hehe.. perhaps its good I don’t live in New York, I got a different password!

    It sounds like you have quite the european following.

    Just let us know where and when in London!


  • david, will have to check on my vacation time to see if i can make it to either of the french festivals.

    btw, referring to your photo (and others i’ve seen) of larry towell – doesn’t that hat and beard make him kind of conspicuous in places like palestine?

  • David: Will you be in Arles???….

    Check out my friend Idalina’s Photo-Art Collective: S.M.O.K.E….

    Opening SMOKE collectif slide-show, video projection & exhibition – 4 july at 7 pm (organic wine and sushi) 64 rue du 4 septembre, Salle Jean et Pons de Dieu, ARLES

    Go and meet them (mostly young photographers, but Idalina’s the “nurse/mom” of the group ;))…and a remarkable photographer and friend of mine :)))…2 members belong to LS as well: Idalina and Jukka….

    you can tell her I sent you ;))))…

    for info, look here:

    let me know if you “need” an introduction ;)))…She is a wonderful person, and the collective is great…please check it out…


  • Hey David,

    Sorry I missed your party. I’m only a little over and hour away in Jersey but I had to spend last night editing some photos for a client so I couldn’t make it out to NYC. Sounds like a good time. Hopefully I can catch some other gatherings in the near future.

    Best to you,

  • Hey David, that’s not fair! you keep inviting us to fantastic events that us here in Europe cannot join!
    And I already missed your hiphop opening…

    but if you come to London just let me know, there is cold beer here too!


  • “don’t be shy, just come on by…”

    I suppose I could, but the intimidation factor would, I think, be roughly equivalent to that of a new recruit at Parris Island being invited to have a beer with the Commandant of the Corps. ;-)

  • hi david,

    i saw your magnum in motion essay on hip hop, it looks fantastic…as did the film of the portfolio review in new york. i hope the london office will do something similar – it seems that all of the cool 60th anniversary events are in new york!!!

    it would be great to meet you when you come to london, i hope a little gathering could be organized.

    take care


  • david alan harvey

    the magnum meetings revolve from one office to the other each year…so, this year just happens to be new york…next year paris and the next london….. just by coincidence happen to hit the 60th in new york

  • david alan harvey

    neil and bob….

    i will be in london at the end of the month…i may go to arles….not 100% sure yet….hip hop show in arles….

  • david:

    post the info for the hip hop show in Arles and I’ll send it along to Idalina and Jukka and get them to go….running, mrs. black just returned from moscow….

    safe trip

  • david alan harvey

    martin…you always put a smile on my face…

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