Eduardo climbs in Cantagalo community of Rio de Janeiro.

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  • eduardo sepulveda

    Hey! Xará!

  • Oh! We have a new place to congregate.

    Rio appears to have amazing light….

  • I have to say, this group frequently intimidates me.

    ….I guess it’s knowing the depth and breadth of the all the talents that regularly come here and read and post and share work…to say nothing of the well-above-average works that are selected and posted…I have typical artist self-doubt, I suppose….but also probably somewhat prudent and pragmatic knowing, since I am well aware that much of this is out of my league, so to speak.

    But in the spirit of Shakespeare (“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt”), and in the spirit of sharing work, which has always been part of the bedrock of this place, here is a link to the root of my relatively new-to-me tumblr feed.

    Not much there yet – I am editing, but I ask for any who have a bit of time to waste and perhaps advice to share to take a look and even better to perhaps follow me as I try to build and grow and refine…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    MAY 1st !!!
    Happy new month my BURNIANS and happy birthday to ALL…hihiii

    ANDREWB…”what’s my truth”?


  • a civilian-mass audience

    MICHELLE M.S happy birthday !!!

  • Andrew B…

    I miss seeing a little more human presence in your images. I suffer from the the same problem. It my case it’s comfy and less intimidating to add strangers/human presence in an image. Imagine the Eduardo image above minus Eduardo. There’s a slightly interesting broken fence and Eggleston would probably find something there but Eduardo and the light are the magic in the image.

  • PAUL

    Thank you for looking – and you are correct, the images up there are a little “cold” and lacking interaction. I believe you will see that change as I fill things out…

    but a very astute observation – I naturally gravitate towards the “structural” and not the personal interactive side….interestingly (or perhaps it’s a case of obvious wanting what you don’t have naturally) I much prefer the personal interaction photos.

    I will continue to post – and evolve :) Please stay tuned…

  • Love watching the process of the all your work !

  • CIVI

    Thank YOU for looking – please follow! My son liked that photo and actually asked for a large print to hang on the wall in his room – so I at least have one fan!

    And your truth? Only you know, but it perhaps has to do with chickens and Ouzo!!

  • Andrew B…
    Keep on posting images. I’ll be watching! Human interaction with a camera is much harder for me than just talking to anyone. But once I manage to jump the hurdle it gets easier. It’s a bit like having a cold shower when the first couple of seconds are the worst and then you kind of get used to the temperature.

  • Thanks Paul.

    What’s funny is that I am such an extrovert, I can pretty much talk to anyone. I think that’s another reason I know I’m missing something in so many of my photos…

  • LOOK3 is coming….who’s going?? We most certainly need to have at least an impromptu gathering of Burnians…

    A little composite I made year before last to set the mood – a few regulars here have cameo appearances.

    (p.s. Paul, these are closer to what I want to be able to do consistently with more human presence in my photos)


  • a civilian-mass audience

    yeahhhh…thank you for sharing ANDREW …

    maybe I can make one for 2012…aha,I have lots of regulars…hmmm…I better stick to the stuff I know(my chickens)

    ouzo time !!!!!!!!!!!


    will i see you again at Look3?? so much fun last year…

    cheers, david

  • a civilian-mass audience

    MR.HARVEY, thank you for reporting …!!!

    LOOK3…oime,oime,oime…best times ever…I will do my best and as you know,I don’t travel light :)))

    P.S…after hour parties,count on me and my chickens…hihiiihiiiiiii

  • I’ll be at Look3..

    Would love to meet any of you who will be attending.

    I’ll bring a six pack …. or at least a five pack.

    and I’ll bring some of my new work from Midwest Dirt. Would love to get some opinions on it.

    Speaking of .. one of the photos from the project is in this months Fraction Magazine.


    Will make sure to find you at LOOK3, and would love to see new work for Midwest Dirt – liked it very much. Good to see you on tumblr as well – thanks for the follow :)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Thank you for reporting NATHAN…

    LADIES…I need reports ASAP…

  • @ ALL:

    Below the FotoVisura 2013 winners and runners-up.
    Astonishing pieces of works from photographers all over the globe!!


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