High rise hang.

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  • Way to take advantage of some great light David! I love the contrast between the golden sun and the cool blues in the City skyline


    i am always looking for nuance both in light and subject…and in this case was also testing my new Fuji X100S…i was invited up to this apartment to see the view of the Dubai marina, but had to quickly take advantage of the setting sun which was coming thru a slit in a doorway/window combo…i had to shoot first, and be polite later!!

  • I like this recent batch of pics from Dubai. Lots of strong color contrasts; the blue and orange in this, the red and the green with the girl in the pool, etc. Returning to your old ways, a bit, maybe?

  • David, as I said on IG, I just love this image. That column of reflrected light beaming through his head and face…precious.

  • This image is loaded with soul…
    “I spent my entire youth writing slowly with revisions and endless rehashing speculation and deleting and got so I was writing one sentence a day and the sentence had no FEELING. Goddamn it, FEELING is what I like in art, not CRAFTINESS and the hiding of feelings.”
    Jack Kerouac, The Art of Fiction No. 41

  • David, I have a FujiX100 (not S..) and I like it a lot. Small, discrete, only 35mmm to find the “image”,…

    About your staying in Dubai, are you interested in meeting and photographing the immigrant people (Bangladesh, India,…) who work there in construction…?. It should be interesting to see your point of view about the contrasts about Arab and immigrant people…


  • Cesar , have you been in Dubai? if yes whats your opinion/experience? Never been there nor even close to “there”!!! sad but true..:(

  • Hi, I´ve in Doha once in a stop flight to Thaliland. In August… The main mall full of Arab people eating and shopping, outside immigrant people working in the buildings… Not enough time to get a deep knowledge of course, but after that I have read articles or seen TV programs about these countries, and you can see these huge differences…

  • Hi Sir,

    m from dubai , Holiday inn hotel where u stayed and usually u took ur double Espresso from my store. How r u Sir?


    hello to you!! a nice surprise to see you here…you make a great espresso and you were the very first person i met in Dubai….again, thank you for your hospitality and good spirit…i do hope we meet again…

    cheers, david

  • It’s my first time seeing this image…Simply wonderful!

    warm vanishing light trumps social etiquette every time…

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