28 thoughts on “well, we needed rain…”

  1. We are the dialogue.

    For me this is a good example of David’s mantra of “don’t show me what you see, show me what you feel”. I feel the rain mood in this photo, even though in it I see very little….

  2. I thought it was David’s photo all along – didn’t know why everyone was talking to Haik and then I saw the “posted by”….then I was like…well, ok, my comment still holds up :)

    But now it says DAH and not Haik….so Inever know what’s going on (welcome to the burn party!)

  3. a civilian-mass audience

    HAIK…we know,it’s MR.HARVEY’S photo…Twitter feed…yeap


    Credit when credit Is due…THANK YOU HAIK…YOU ARE DAA MAN!!!

  4. Panos – sounds good on the early start – not sure when I will pull into town, but it will be Wednesday, but sounds like you will beat me there this year! Will find you when I pull into town.

  5. a civilian-mass audience

    FROSTY…amazing journey in your website…AMAZING!!!
    Thank you…don’t forget my cat…

    CARLOOO!!!!! Zombieeee!!!

    ANDREWB…are you ready to rock???

    You have to get close to the fire…that’s the only way to feel the BURN…!!!

    BURN,BURN BURN…what not to BURN…

  6. Andrew big story in Look3 this year
    Audrey, Laura M will be there.. Wendy, Vissaria and MAYBE..
    Maybe ( NOT confirmed yet ) … I might convince CIVI to show up..
    NOT GUARANTEED YET.. but I’m working on it..
    This LOOK3 will be very SPECIAL..
    it’s a promise:)

  7. btw, big congrats to KEVIN DURANT that school-Ed the arrogant Oldsmobiles ( spurZZZZ )
    Sorry San Antonio but but but OCKLAHOMA is way way wayyyy better team!
    LeBron … wait for Durant/Fisher( GO LAKERS)..
    Although Im with the HEAT all the way , UNLESS they play against my favorite FISH ( Dereck Fisher ) that is!!!!

  8. Panos,

    Miami HEAT!?!?!
    naaahhh….im not even going to try….I’m not into sports.
    except soccer (world cup only ;-)))) and tennis….I like to play tennis… not really watch it unless is live.




    “5 Broken Cameras” provides a grim reminder — just in case you needed one — of the bitter intractability of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A chronicle of protest and endurance, punctuated by violence and tiny glimmers of hope, this documentary is unlikely to persuade anyone with a hardened view of the issue to think again. For anyone who retains an interest in the human contours of the situation, however, the movie is necessary, if difficult, viewing.

  10. Carlo.. same here.. who cares EURO 2012 starts next Friday .. Go Greece!!!!
    But here at home I’m with Durant/Westbrook duet..
    They are the basketball future

  11. Thank you, Civi – you must mean my “Return to India” series?

    Haik, even if it’s David’s and not yours, the sentiment holds true.



    And please email me your physical mailing address.

  12. Panos,

    Powerful video!
    I can’t say I like the music but the visuals are strong.
    Can you imagine this video with something like throbbing gristle?

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