coming soon ….

(based on a true story) is done….well, almost…being hand assembled….now….

book to be launched May 4 in Sydney at the HeadOn photo fest….solo exhibition :  Australian Centre for Photography….

we built this with zero compromises….zero…all out independence….yes, a miracle…thanks Bryan, Erin, Candy, Roberta, Renata, Eva, Diego, Mike, Valeria, Marcela, Kamila, Tonico, Claudia, Andrea, and EBS printing Verona…

a novella set in Rio, but not about Rio… a puzzle, a game??  interactive/analog…map/poster included …stay tuned…

of course the long term, or maybe even short term, goal here at Burn is to do specially crafted or hand crafted books for a variety of authors….the plethora of on demand book companies makes it terrific for everyone to have a book in their hand…i love these on demand books for many reasons…

yet, finally, i think we all honestly miss the special feeling a book used to bring…the specialness of a book in hand…when everyone has something or everyone has virtually the same thing, then it ceases to be special…so, that is why at Burn we will only be interested in books that could not possibly be on demand books….this hit me as i was often handing someone Burn 02 and saying, “here is your book, oh by the way this is not an on demand book, we printed this in Italy”…i do not want to have to say that…

i want it to be obvious that Burn books are physically technically aesthetically impossible to produce on demand….

so let’s see how it goes…we have done well with the only other two publications published by Burn….01 and 02…..if this works, then we will go forward with gusto into the book publishing biz….not an empire… , a specialty shop…..for artists and those who appreciate fine objects….

oh by the way, lest you think we are only building objects for those who can afford them, we will always have, just as in everything i do, a gratis element..for the the gratis spinoff of (based on a true story) we will print a newspaper tabloid version and distribute for free in Rio de Janeiro where the cariocas of every social class welcomed me and allowed me to do my work….without the genuine hospitality of my friends in Rio this book would not exist….and yes yes , there is a NatGeo version of my work coming up in the October issue of the Magazine…

as always , i thank this audience for their support….for some of you it will come back in an amazing way…



(sent while on the way to meet Antoine d’Agata in Williston , North Dakota in search of BIG OIL  …   watch our adventures on the Magnum site….Panos driving our camper….oh my oh my)


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  • I’m always a total sucker if there’s a map inside. Looks and sounds intriguing.

  • You sure know how to build up anticipation!
    Great news!
    Thank you:

    Bryan, Erin, Candy, Roberta, Renata, Eva, Diego, Valeria, Marcela, Kamila, Tonico, Andrea, and EBS printing Verona

    and of course YOU DAVID!

    Having lived it as it was happening when it was happening over at RIO is still fresh in my mind but I know from what you keep saying that it’s something totally different and something to decipher…something to unlock….looking forward to starting this journey!


    not really trying to build anticipation…we did the riobook bit and so many have just been interested in the progress…we are going as fast as we can…you must remember i shot my last picture right before Christmas , so in book land this is fast fast…in any case, we should have books available by mid May….thanks for paying attention…

    cheers, david

  • DAVID,

    can we pre-order? …please?

    Thanks to all people involved – you all created something great, …and I can’t wait to hold it in my hands to see.

  • David,

    I did not mean anticipation in a negative way….I should always make sure to use the first person when writing because I do not want to speak nor should I pretend I speak for others. This is strictly my feeling…

    I’m excited about this book like being excited about a new album from a musical artist…..know what I mean?


    pre-ordering does not work for us….a ship is late and people get antsy they’ve spent their money where the hell is my book….we do not want that…ever…so we will wait until we are set to deliver the next day….but do stay tuned…we printed few…they will go quickly i think….they are a bit expensive, but will grow in value instantly we also think…we could be way way wrong..for it is an unusual book..not everyone is going to get it…but i think the effort will be acknowledged even by those who may despise the intent..yet we are in love..we did all we could and all we wanted…very hard in life to ever say that…stars lined up right…in that positive spirit we will stay and yet walk quiet into the night….

    cheers, david

  • I feel Thomas’ “fears”…
    This Book will disappear , vanish instantly…
    I’d preorder too if I could but DAH is right on this one..
    “Consumers” hate to wait… once they order they (we) WANT IT ASAP..
    especially here in our Great Republic as AKAKY usually refers to…

  • Really, really, really fast! I have never heard of a photo book coming together so fast.

    If it were anyone else, I would think the quality might be compromised, but knowing its David… backed by a dedicated and talented team… it won’t be.

    So, no pre-order but David, you know one of these books must go to me, so don’t sell it to anyone else.

  • DAVID,

    So will it be.
    I learned to stop pushing and let go.
    Things will fall into place.

    I wish you a good book launching party!

    ( Europeans do not apply )
    Send me a request on
    and (not a big promise) I’ll put a copy aside for you..
    NO PREPAY/deposit needed..
    I have faith and trust in YOU!
    Do the same

  • “yet we are in love..”

    That sums it up.. just like parents with a newborn..

    (Bill.. no compromises, not on quality, nor anything else, I can assure you..)

  • Sounds all very exciting and I will of course keep a look out for when this book is ready.

  • is this when we insert a drum roll??????? :)
    what a journey..
    thanks for making it an inclusive one….
    I cant wait to see it…
    touch it..
    hold it…
    a story….

  • of course the long term, or maybe even short term, goal here at Burn is to do specially crafted or hand crafted books for a variety of authors….the plethora of on demand book companies makes it terrific for everyone to have a book in their hand…i love these on demand books for many reasons…

    yet, finally, i think we all honestly miss the special feeling a book used to bring…the specialness of a book in hand…when everyone has something or everyone has virtually the same thing, then it ceases to be special…so, that is why at Burn we will only be interested in books that could not possibly be on demand books….this hit me as i was often handing someone Burn 02 and saying, “here is your book, oh by the way this is not an on demand book, we printed this in Italy”…i do not want to have to say that…

    i want it to be obvious that Burn books are physically technically aesthetically impossible to produce on demand….

    so let’s see how it goes…we have done well with the only other two publications published by Burn….01 and 02…..if this works, then we will go forward with gusto into the book publishing biz….not an empire… , a specialty shop…..for artists and those who appreciate fine objects….

    oh by the way, lest you think we are only building objects for those who can afford them, we will always have, just as in everything i do, a gratis element..for the the gratis spinoff of (based on a true story) we will print a newspaper tabloid version and distribute for free in Rio de Janeiro where the cariocas of every social class welcomed me and allowed me to do my work….without the genuine hospitality of my friends in Rio this book would not exist….and yes yes , there is a NatGeo version of my work coming up in the October issue of the Magazine…

    as always , i thank this audience for their support….for some of you it will come back in an amazing way…


    (sent while on the way to meet Antoine d’Agata in Williston , North Dakota in search of BIG OIL … watch our adventures on the Magnum site….Panos driving our camper….oh my oh my)

  • Ready to Board… Going North to meet two amazing artists:
    ANTOINE D’Agata
    DAVID ALAN HARVEY…to explore the wild wild west.. Oil workers, gold diggers, strippers, empty roads.. Who knows?
    I’ll be on the steering wheel for as long the state troopers they gonna let me keep my drivers license…
    I’m thrilled..
    Chills up and down my spine.. Anyways, boarding..
    Meeting Antoine in Minneapolis and meeting with DAH in north Dakota in few hours..
    Anyone around Williston,??? Close to Canada borders?
    Let’s meet!!!
    Trust me , itll be fun watching two of the BEST photogs in this planet (DAH/Antoine)working side by side
    sleeping RV’s .. most extreme situations.. No hotels, no motels no big HOUSE ..
    Shooting, sleeping, eating, living on the side of the Road!
    Are you guys ready to join?????

  • With Cowboy Neal at the wheel … :))

    Panos, just remember when the sign on the highway comes up, Prepare to Stop: Roadblock and Search Ahead, don’t take that first exit off the freeway. The troopers will be waiting at the top of the ramp.

  • Good on you Panos!!!! I was SOOOOOOO excited for you when I heard about your road trip! It’ll be a super experience!!!!!!


    JUST MET WITH ANTOINE.. Boarding again on another plane to go meet DAH in ND

  • Tom I’ll soon find out;)
    Ross , love u too buddy :)

  • Btw, JUKKA if u reading this , D’Agata sending you a big hug!

  • Panos…

    Amazing!!!! Can’t wait to see all your daily images and wishing you the very best time of your life!!

  • Paul thank you and don’t stress..
    A guy from Paris and a the Greek
    Ephialtes coming to your rescue.. Give us an hour or so!

  • PANOS!!

    y’all, do what you have to do, have tons of fun, but put the man on a plane to Sydney when time is due! I COUNT ON YOU.. oime would Civi say.. ;)))

  • Another Picasso film…

  • Eva.. You got my word.. Anyway I’m surprised my phone works although still on the air..10ft, descending fast, meeting with DAH in next 20 minutes..
    Stay tuned…I’m overwhelmed being so close to those Art Giants …
    I’ll try to give u all as much as I can ..
    I want to share .. Can’t keep it all inside…
    Next thing DAH MEETS ANTOINE:
    ( hope I’ll get this photo on Instagram and post here ASAP :).. Ok still few minutes to land.. I see lakes

  • @ PANOS:
    Nice to read that you are part of that trip! Awaiting report from that remote part of US
    Hope that you did not missed the incredibly 2nd Leg of Champions (BAR-CHE) amazing football level (or soccer) as you call it there…
    North Dakota brings me back the movie “Fargo” brrrr, cold, lonely, desolate, but now you are with good company…


  • Eva.. You got my word.. Anyway I’m surprised my phone works although still on the air..10000ft, descending fast, meeting with DAH in next 20 minutes..
    Stay tuned…I’m overwhelmed being so close to those Art Giants …
    I’ll try to give u all as much as I can ..
    I want to share .. Can’t keep it all inside…
    Next thing DAH MEETS ANTOINE:
    ( hope I’ll get this photo on Instagram and post here ASAP :).. Ok still few minutes to land.. I see lakes

  • PATRICIO I MISSED THE GAME… Don’t tell me Barca didn’t make it.. I’m gonna get upset and take it all out on Antoine…:))

  • Oh it seems game starts in 35′..
    I will miss it.. This is the middle of nowhere.. No tv’s, no humans that care about soccer , nada, kaput!
    PATRICIO I await/rely on your coverage please pretty please???

  • Damn Barca lost? That’s out of control…

  • Panos, good luck on your journey. Did you bring your fly-on-the-wall cam? ;)

    I’ll be here on Saturday:

    Any chance you can hijack the bus and its cargo, and come to Rochester for say, twoish?


  • Panos… have fun! Shoot hard. Go ahead, get yourself covered in oil but if you can, keep it off your lenses. If you get a chance to swing across the border into Poplar, Montana, please give the place a fond tip of your hat for me. I spent a few months a long time ago and had one of the pivotal experiences of my life. It will be recounted in the next book I hope to get out.

  • @ PANOS: Love the liquor shot. No beer, no pictures, no Magnum assignement… jeje.
    Unfortunately you missed the match, Chelsea with 10 players, in full defense during the whole game, Guardiola getting crazy, Chelsea have two oportunities with no mercy at all, 2-2 final result. Chelsea in the final.
    That’s Champions League! But who cares in North Dakota???

    Fortunately you are in a great move over there!


  • Roberta Tavares

    Head on is definitely on in this side of the world!!! I arrived this morning (3 flights and no complaint focused on the final destination and big prize..the feeling when I finally made it …that is a feeling hard to top) meeting David again and all that complex of feeling involving mood, contaminating me again..what isnt a big challenge..once Im that vulnerable knowing the effects of David around, having the chance to endorse each first , second, third impression I ever had on Eva, to look at her and to express part of my gratitude , cause she is a significant part of the reason and means that make possible Im really here and handling all those expectations. The anxiety for what is coming specially considering tomorrow, the big day we were being waiting for 2 years. This book and exhibition are consuming all their time and energy, so much hard work..Im only adjusting myself and carrying pride around for being part and for those who sharing this moment with us. Thanks and congrats for each one dedicating so much to this..Eva, bryan, candy and David ..who again surprised me with his non stopping mode of interact with everything …checking the two venues and prints where Burn 01 and based on a true story will be exposed , visiting another artists shows and now he is here in front off the computer when everyone cant stand wake anymore …Thanks Sam Harris…that was a pleasure to meet him and a good surprise for this first day.. need to leave nw..but i will be back soon

  • Roberta

    How wonderful that you are there! I’m looking forward to your reports!

  • I can’t wait to own this book !

  • This is going to be special.

  • David’s signature makes that book sing……. ps I had no camera so no photos of opening available from me, The DAH circus is still gallivanting about somewhere out there,I went home.

  • Imants,

    We need photos!!!

  • EVA. why is David giving a Nazi salute in the first image?….is there something we should be told?
    has he bought the ‘boys from brazil’ with him as well as roberta?
    You really are the little globetrotter arent you? So glad you are there

    I so wish I could have been there, and in a way I guess I am thanks to these insights.

    David does have the knack of surrounding himself with good people….or maybe good people are just drawn to David…probably equally both things.

    IMANTS Are your books for sale at this thing? Put a red dot on them if they are.

  • Eva…

    Thanks for the images, great to somehow feel there. Only thing is it makes everything round here at home ever so boring :)!!
    It’s amazing how Imants is physically exactly how I imagined him. I usually always get these things wrong, can’t tell you the amount of time I’ve spoken at work with female clients over the phone for years listening to a lovely voices imagining these beautiful women and suddenly been abruptly shocked by the real thing! Same thing with ugly and unfriendly voices, utterly sure I’m speaking daily to some old hag and being pleasantly surprised.

  • Everyone; the opening went off great. It was so neat to meet so many face to face for the first time! I’ve taken a heap of pics and a movies (warning; I’m no Peter Jackson)but…. my card reader died so can’t download any til I get a new one later.

    As Imants says; the book looks great!

    I’m off to the Pavillion in an hour or two to see if they need a hand; I helped out hanging pics til early afternoon yesterday which was fun. Even got to hang 3 Nachtwey prints! :-)

    Today (5pm) it’s the Burn Exhibition opening; I have a heap of pics and movies of the hanging; but will wait til after the opening before posting (and after I grab a new card reader)

    I will try to keep you all posted! :-)

  • So… last night…

    Gratitude (with hangover…)

    DAH’s SHOW IS KILLER, he’d always said he was keeping the best stuff back… wooah! Amazing stuff, the real deal, brilliant, big prints… the master performed, delivered the goods… and yes I was a lucky boy, to be there, to meet everyone and bring to reality all these wonderful people, this burn family… incredible really…

    DAVID thank you! For the years of inspiration, for burn, for bringing us all together and for leading by example…
    and so much energy and time for everyone… dynamo dave!

    The book is incredible too… as david keeps saying a real team effort. FRESH – AMAZING BOOK – KILLER BOOK

    Eva… it was wonderful meeting you, finally, I only hope we get a little more (quite – ha ha) time to hang and chat before you disappear. Today I will bring your book, special delivery.

    And Roberta… the pleasure was all mine (how could it not be!).

    Candy, Bryan, Michelle and Kerry thank you also, great to meet you all…

    And IMANTS and ROSS, no longer abstract – great meeting you both too, looking forward to seeing your prints at the Pavilion tonight!

    All… sorry no iphone/instagram but I reckon I’ll take my camera out tonight… today is day one of two day seminar… dah’s speaking, steve dupont, pablo bartholomew lots to soak up…
    Tonight is BURN SHOW TIME…
    And Monday dah starts his workshop… dynamo dave, crazy to think he was just with PANOS (wish you were here) and D’agata doing that and now all this…

    Ok, I need food… Thank you burn… as I said last night to Eva and to Kerry and to… (well they just keep refilling the drinks…) I’m so grateful to all of you…

    Where is CIVI…. VIVA BURN!!!

  • Sam Harris, you lucky animal! That book is going to be worthy something extra one day soon, but I sure never better hear that you sold it!

    Thanks for the pics, Eva!

    As they say, looks like “a great time was had by all…”

    Except me and those other burnians who weren’t there.

  • Got back from the Burn 2 exhibition; it’s all ready to rock n roll at 5pm!!!! Looks really good!!! :-)

  • A few from last night. I took more movies than pics. Just got to sort how to upload them! I will start with FB! Have patience with me!

  • BURN SHOW PACKED FULL!! huge success…

    We did it! Those there and all thise not there also, because BURN IS YOU, Burn is US!

  • right here right now. . thping from eva’s iphone… in the crowded pub…david’s book is born , full moon over bondi and we are burning downunder… beers now more photos from eva, ross a d me. so proud of these guys and girls… WHAT NOT TO LOVE : )))

  • DAH: ‘Tell ’em I would write but i’ve had too many drinks’.

  • Yeah, looks like a terrific opening exhibitions in Australia! Great! Running to the newspaper kiosk to buy NG issue.
    Well Done
    PS: DAH: No sleep ’till Brooklyn… as Beastie Boys used to said… you’re with an incredibly huge momentum…

  • Congrats to you all, and I really miss being with you.
    Thank you for reporting and posting the pictures.
    It give a little bit of the feeling there. :)
    What not to love?

  • Thank you all for the reports – wish I could be there :) Congratulations David!!!

  • BIG smile!!
    Thanks for the updates..
    exactly thomas…
    what not to LOVE?

  • Some pics from tonight. sorry there aren’t any more; the battery died in my little borrowed point and shoot….

  • There are two kinds of umpire in baseball, beyond the obvious divide between the younger umpires, who look as though they know what a gym is for and, if hard pressed, could actually spell the word, and those older umps who look as though they supplement their off-season incomes by touring Japan as the comic relief on the Triple AAA all you can eat sumo circuit. This is an important division, make no mistake about it, but the true difference between umps is philosophical in nature, and lies between those umpires who adhere single-mindedly to the rule book and call a balk every time the pitcher’s knee vibrates slightly, and those umpires who understand that the modern understanding of the balk is, generally speaking, as nonsensical an idea as campaign finance reform, radical feminism, and the idea that you can somehow improve the taste of a French fry by putting mayonnaise on the thing, and so do not call the balk at all unless the pitcher is so blatant about committing this breach of baseball etiquette that he practically forces the umpire’s hand. Not every pitcher, however, gets such an understanding soul behind home plate and it’s probably better that way, now that I think about it.

    Now, the mindless obsession with blindly following rules no matter how inane they are is something we can all agree is not at all a good thing, unless it gets you a bigger refund on your income taxes, where such persnicketyness becomes a positive boon, but I think even the most die-hard anarchist would agree that there must be some small modicum of legislation if society is to function at all. It is with this basic agreement to the social contract that makes civilization as we know and understand it possible, and therefore I am sure that I can safely say that no matter how what system of government we live under, no one in a position of authority will permit my cousin Mickey to indulge his taste for blowing holes in Coca-Cola vending machines with a shotgun.

    I am not at all certain why Mickey feels such animosity towards the Coca-Cola Company; he is not now nor has he ever been an employee of that organization and they’ve never done anything to him, at least that I am aware of, that would trigger such a powerful loathing. And loathe them he does; his prejudice against Coca-Cola borders on the unexplainably paranoid these days and you have to wonder why anyone would invest the time and energy in hating a soft-drink company when such time could be more profitably spent hating Jews, blacks, homosexuals, and pointy-headed flag-burning pinko intellectuals, but Mickey has always marched to a different drummer than the rest of the family and has always managed to find his way home, despite my aunt and uncle’s best efforts to keep him away from the rest of us. Frankly, Mickey is something of a family embarrassment nowadays, to say the least, and given the nature of his crimes, every gendarme in a twenty-five mile radius knows where to go just as soon as the word goes around that yet another Coca-Cola vending machine has sprung a major buckshot induced leak. It’s not like there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people committing this particular crime every day of the week. Maybe if he’d start shooting Pepsi machines as well, the sudden change in modus operandi would throw the constabulary off for long enough for him to get some professional help. I don’t think he will do it, though; as a serial offender, Mickey is in a rut. I think he likes it that way.

    There’s nothing wrong with being in a rut per se; for some people ruts are a good thing both personally and professionally. No one, for example, wants his or her accountant to think outside the fiduciary rut, lest he pull a Gauguin one fine day and retire to Tahiti with the money you were going to invest in rechargeable electric eel breeding ranches in Costa Rica, or deal with a librarian who organizes the fiction collection in alphabetical order according to the author’s maternal great-grandmother’s maiden name. So some ruts are altogether to the good; others do no harm, and yet others are largely unexplainable while remaining benign, as with the just concluded annual meeting of the local anti-piracy league. Our happy little burg’s anti-piracy league is an ancient institution in this neck of the woods. Local merchants founded the league in 1705—they even have a royal charter signed by Queen Anne’s deputy assistant private sectetary and witnessed by Her Majesty’s transvestite cousin, the royal governor—to protect ships going up and down the river from the gangs of greedy economically deprived sociopaths who preyed on the river traffic. In the eighteenth century, and indeed well into the first decades of the nineteenth century, it was not at all uncommon to see on of the anti-piracy league’s patrol boats come back from an expedition down the river with two or three of those aquatic miscreants and the occasional life insurance salesman hanging like unwilling Christmas ornaments from the yardarm. In the years since then, however, the problem of river piracy has shrunk to well past the point of nonexistence, and yet the anti-piracy league goes on; I even got one of their annual membership drive letters in the mail yesterday morning. It still exists, even though there is no point to its existence, which is true of a great many things these days, I think. The anti-piracy league goes on meeting because they’ve gotten into the habit of meeting, and the members regard continuing the meetings as less of a psychic burden than admitting that they are now merely a group performing largely meaningless rituals or to transform themselves into a society dedicated to extirpating some more contemporary form of crime like horse theft or cattle rustling. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of them thar varmints strung up, nope, I reckon I wouldn’t mind that at all.

  • And more pictures, dammit!

  • “Sold out.” Wow. I trust that was just a limited number of books brought to the show and that there are plenty left over the rest of us.

    I’ll cry myself into sleep, if not!

  • Thomas.. you gotta cry..

    just kidding.. we sold all the books we managed to get ready and shipped over here in time for the launch, which indeed was a limited number.. they just went like cold beers on a hot summer night.. also Burn02 was very much appreciated and sold well.. people really liked the Burn show and the book, Diego did an amazing work with curating both of them!

    I know Sam has pics to post, but no iPhone (WHAT??), and others will hopefully too.. the gallery space was packed full for the whole time, thanks to HeadOn for the opportunity to show the real thing, quality photography from the emerging through the top notch photographers, including David and James Nachtwey.

    Great stuff.

    This is not a blog, an online thing, a virtual world.

    THIS IS FOR REAL. For all those believing in it and busting their ass to make their dreams come true.. you’ll pardon the use of the word, but that simply is it.

    Thank you all.. and most of all, thank you David.

  • …….and in a non blog world things happen…………my work mysteriously disappeared on the day but with a bit of where in the !@#$%^&*!!! is it … mysteriously wallah it appears………. miracles happen.

  • Roberta Tavares

    First and foremost, we are all sad (and feeling lost) cause eva is leaving today in one hour. She became fundamental piece in so many aspects beating all the odds embodying each caring, generous, efficient criterions that this “operation” requires. She is the boss and the captain of this crazy circus.Thanks Eva..when even “thanks” will be never enough to retribute your parcel here.

    About the last days..
    The continuous pleasure of knowing talented professionals , interesting characters, but nothing tops the great time meeting these wonderful faces i was always curious know that happens that there is this weird instant connection you can have with someone , completely precipitated but so honest as you can recognize your tribe around. You are definitely part of my tribe and I do love “postcards of home” even more when i checked the book on my hands. Ross.. the sweet , gentlest , kindest man ever lived ..the mood and atmosphere changing just having him around and thanks Ross for your help. Imants and Linda..what a great surprise , if I admired Imants before as such powerful creative mindful authentic Im completely his fan cause besides of all those aspects, he has someone really special in the top of any brilliant choice he has made in his life ..Linda is a treasure. Kerry Payne is definitely a sister, she is family, she is part of ” how you would like to be”..she is fire and tears

    The exhibition..
    The most emotional day since we began this journey..The relief see it happens, to call ourselves crazy and see it evolving in something magnificent when we pay attention in someone opening and digesting the book. The content and concept are due to David and Bryan who put so much efforts ,passion, creative input to assure that this book would be recognized as honest, as a new direction , as confirmation of Davids boldness and truth. I keep repeating how happy I am to be part of that and believe me…if happiness could be evoked in words , could be felt as status and transcendent moment the perfect picture and definition..Im happy as Ive never been before

  • SO great to hear all the reports! and the pics!
    I am celebrating and toasting with a cold beer to you all!
    A lot of work brings a lot of success.

  • Thank you ROSS!!!!! for live coverage :)
    Glad u made it!

    ROBERTA , thank you for your words!
    Big hug to EVA!!!!

  • eduardo sepulveda

    wow eva, there is no better word sometimes!!

    e asim como a luz no coração, esperança feita alegria…

    feels just like life!

    closest biggest moon hugging, thanking and celebrating!

  • Thanks for the report, Roberta! Someday, Eva – I’m amazed at you have done. I hope to learn more in the future.

  • John never had any of the books up for sale though I do consider them as done. Have to figure out selling and bulk printing that final hurdle. Thanks for the dot………

  • Gary Winogrand interview video…

  • Thank you Ross once again :)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Let me tell you this…:

    I came here cause of the pictures…and for the free spirit…
    I found a family…and some real souls…
    The journey
    The journey…yeah,MY BURNIANS…I am proud of YOU…and my vision for a Universal Family
    Became reality…
    SAMMY,IMANTS,ROSSY…AUSSIES…your time to shine…
    And because we are ONE…WE ARE ALL SHINING…

    Excuse my English…I am fighting in Grecolandia…election time…oime…

    I LOVE YOU ALLLLL…I am on the road…I will be back to hug you ALLLLLL…

    VIVA BURN…may the spirits be with ALL of US…rock on MY FREAKING BURNIANS
    What not to LOVE…


  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA,ROBERTA…?????? You have crossed the waters…????

    BURN LADIES…wow…BURN LADIES…don’t we all love them…?

    SAMMY…damn,SAMMY…spread the love…

    And where is KERRY and MATHEW…and my other AUSSIES…?

    Ok,enough…I am counting votes…civi sends you good energy with souvlakia, feta,garlic and ouzo…

    DANCE MY BURNIANS…I will sing later…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    And don’t you dare… Not to keep a copy for your civi…

    I can be very mean…grrr

  • a civilian-mass audience

    THOMAS…chaos again…May 14th you will be back…What not to LOVE!!!

    Be ready to dance:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience


    And keep reporting (RENATA!) when your fingers are not lazy…miracles are happening!…hiihiii…

    You know what I mean…therefore keep reporting …we are all together…

    ROSSY…I love your pics of our BURNING LADIES…VIVAAAAA…

    EVA…safe travels…ohhh, MICHELLE don’t forget my birthday cake…hmmm:))))

    Can I sing now…I want CANDY…

    I will be back…for sure

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Oups…I am saying…

    Keep taking pics as ROSSY and EVA…blah,blah…

    Full moon makes me hyper…oi…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    AKAKY…there is nothing wrong to be excited…per se…therefore 100 will be mine or else…

  • Civi…

    crossed the waters, crossed them back again.. will report once back home..

    (BASED ON A TRUE STORY) show AND book rock, BURN show rocks, and what rocks most in all this is the people.. thanks everybody downunder!

  • Civi..

    your copy of the book is on me! Don’t even TRY to start to argue!!

  • congratulations to all exhibited ,,,, and many thanks to all for the reports …..cheers ….

  • Some pics.. arrived back home with my head FULL.. and my heart also..

  • Roberta Tavares

    Eva… we definitely miss you..but that you know. Dont worry that we will certainly keep making you crazy , but I assure you that everyone is just fine…for what I can tell :). A special thanks to Ross who is being crucial in the visual report attentive, so present, so necessary among us. Thanks Ross..that means a lot ..Sam again, for giving insights to this wonderful family audience and all the support and consideration. See you tomorrow morning for your presentation at the workshop (what I predict it will be incredible as his photography..But that Ross will be in charge to give you a glimpse)

    Everything is still emotional with the progress of the exposition that (based on a true story) is progressively and powerfully conquering and also the effects of the workshop s beginning. Then, we have a complex of anxiety, expectations, tense faces, the collective feeling, the individual battle against insecurities, the perseverance coming from 20 passionate enthusiastic committed students and such sense of strenght on following what is visible named as passion(just for that,not less than that and brilliantly only for that, for being here, for showing up without glimpse of what waiting for them, accepting this challenge, exhibiting their work, for being welcoming and opened to hard honest opinion and advices..that stands any Bravo, bravo bravo! I could direct to someone ) Thats a hell of a journey I surrender in total respect and admiration… For the daring commitment to improve, to evolve , to get in the point of recognizing themselves as photographers and authorship, giving more than they (thought) could offer before, reinventing, experimenting, pushing boundaries, reaching edges, leaving comfort zones and dealing with all their worst fears as creative productive minds..thats fascinating, addicting as audience, as someone who can imagine the weights of tears, smiles, of non sleeping nights…but still that isnt neither my ride ..So, they will answer for that and results will come out in this so expected presentation on Friday , where truths will come out and changes will be felt..Im appreciating the view(honored cause it is inevitable the feeling that they are already prepared..just that necessary push coming from David …the mentor inside and outside the class, the “motherfucker” to a big daddy, the guide, the releaser, the philosopher and therapist . Worthy to report the relevant role of Stephen Dupont who carries the same insightful inspirational creative genius properties of what he displays in his work. I am sincerely enchanted for the potential that the student have …the tools are on the table and Im sure they will surprise us ) That is the enthusiasm entailing this week ..that is a week that will forever matter

    ps)I am humbling asking you burnians to dare with me and my english is being a chaotic intense period and the lack of time to review and to correct my mistakes along this massive comment ..that must neglects some standards and understanding …Sorry for that , but I opted for the risky than the silence..sorry you need to pay the price while trying to make it all converted in some heartful sense of comprehension :)

    Love love love from aussie land

  • Roberta, before I got to your ps at the end, I was thinking about how dramatically your English writing skills seem to have improved since I first started reading your posts. And regardless of your level of fluency, the fact that you are a very good writer comes through the little grammatical mistakes that are progressively fewer and far betweener. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • one night in bondi… based on a true story…

    sorry for time lapse in posting…

  • Roberta, I have been writing in the English language since my first scribble of a word. I have lived off the written word in tandem with my photography and every time I write – EVERY TIME – I do so in a string of grammatical blunders, misspilins, dropped words…

    I think you have done well. I enjoy all your reports, whether from Australia, Brazil… anywhere.

  • I asked around the office and everyone says that fewer and far betweener is right. I don’t know why it sounded strange to me. Ah well, such is life, I guess. Never mind me.

  • Naw, I was just playfully mangling the language. Your office buddies are messing with you.


    we could try to answer in Portuguese, to show you how good your English is. ;)
    Thank you for keeping us informed.

  • €¥#%%@&)?

    Them’s mighty big fightin’ words…

  • Thank you SAM and all for perfect coverage…smile y’all!!!

  • Also big thanks to EVA, ROSS, IMANTS , ROBERTA, KERRY , SAM and all that added photos from Sydney..

  • As the organisers didn’t really want the books they got the jars instead ….


    thank u France!!! bingo! loved the elections results… A Hard Rain ‘s gonna Fall as a folksinger once said:
    at the Status Quo…

  • Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel suffered a setback yesterday in a regional election in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein. Merkel and her government have borne the brunt of the criticism over Europe’s austerity drive.

    also THANK YOU to the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein GERMANY!!!

    sweet: folks in europe slowly, started realizing that “punishment” and “austerity measures” dont work..
    ONLY GROWTH PLANS have a chance..not cutting pensions and welfare of the poor…

  • it seems that CHANGE is in the air… well, call me a dreamer…who cares…who knows…only time can tell…

  • Roberta Tavares

    Thanks mv, Thomas and Frostfrog for the comprehension followed by encouragement . Im big fan of this duo. Some comfort inviting confidence on my thoughts over any language skills( for the record i`d definitely sound sexier and more charming in portuguese hehe) That means a lot, specially when Im on my way to describe the last two days and again to accept my failure as journalist, cause easily Im far from the impartial and impersonal zone . It feels that the emotional carries me to the core and annuls my chance to impress by a professional report . Do I care ? Selfish and self oriented to my own pleasure , my own views..maybe that is the way that must be or I wouldnt be so loyal to the honesty of this comment . Truths prevail and assumptions are quickly getting forms of reality. The main truth and it seems to be the guide rule sustaining the last events in Davids workshop: No surprise. Predictably is all about learning. For all of them, for me, for any observer. David was never the question when his ability as teacher, as mentor and inspirational force were always recognized as peculiarities of so admired and respected character. The real question is being …are the students getting, reaching , coming closer of the motivational goal that lead them to this workshop? Is the investment-the time, the money, the saving- being worthy ? Is it felt in each slideshow at the beginning of the class? I would like to be dramatic and to point out deficiencies and contras over pros…but the truth , as I mentioned before, comes again: Evolution ..and that is when you really feel the place of these committed students in this learning hard intense process. And till this present moment, the definition of those …to verbalize the moods, faces and perspectives..I would go for the trio: – frustration ( when pretension can overcome self confidence and from that on a painful route to accept that there are still a lot to correct, to improve, to impress ) what leads us to the next step :-reconciliation ( to stand the mirror, to face limitations and where lays the talent, to redefine what brought them here and from where to bring out the strenght required to the final zone , recognizing themselves as professionals, or merely damn great photographers ) -determination (the hardest is not easy..they can feel destroyed, rejected, devastated and lost (to produce and deliver in 5 days) but they leave the house, they go out there and next morning there will be always a next good thing and a new next step ahead ) It is exciting to watch the progress and how that effects on them, but not less important myself. David is changing them (as usual ) and these students are definitely changing me too

  • Roberta Tavares

    Important note: Thanks Immants for the exciting insightful strong efficient and full of lessons presentation. Immants is a real artist and languages seeker. Unbelievable your creations and to know the creator… :)

  • Roberta Tavares

    Second important note: Eva, we miss you

  • Roberta.. never as much as I miss you all over there.. good thing I’m busy or I’d crash.. it was so great to get to know all of you.. I’m richer than I was before, that is for sure!

  • Thanks Roberta I am sure that my books would love to sing to you but alas they are made of paper

  • What was I thinking ????

    Flying back up to Bondi tonight !

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA,I will argue forever:).I am a civilian and I will argue.
    I missed your weather reports,hiiihiii,
    hey,you are out there a real,true BURNIAN crossing waters,breaking barriers,BURNING SOULS!!!

    as SAMMY says: MASSIVE RESPECT !!!

    MATT,yeah,what were you thinking?:))))))))))

    oime,we are all crazy.BURNIANS on the road…ROBERTA,ROBERTA…yes,EVOLUTION!

    the time is now.

    thank you ALL…MASSIVE RESPECT!
    I will be back to dance.

    P.S Regarding the English writing skills.oime…if I can do it
    you can do it…therefore don’t stay silent my BURNIANS…
    BURN is the place to be…
    thank you ROBERTA for bringing this issue to light!

  • Roberta, I appreciate the good words. You are good at helping people to feel good (as, of course, is Civi).

    Imantz, you will be pleased to know that in another of life’s amazing coincidences, I and my in-law hosts happened to come upon a man with just such a camera on a street in Jaipur. He photographed us and I photographed him. It had been my intent to post the images I took of him right from Jaipur and then put a link here, but I had a painfully slow connection there, plus time constraints, and so I could not pull it off.

    It didn’t tie into the theme of the India series that I justt finished Saturday ( ), so I thought I would just hold off on it and drop it in sooner or later. Now, I will try for something closer to sooner.


    Niki Gudex (born 19 July 1978, Guildford, England[2]) is an Australian professional mountain biker from Sydney. She competes in both downhill and cross country disciplines.

    In addition to being a professional mountainbiker, Gudex is also a model and a graphic designer. In the Australian edition of FHM magazine she has been listed in the 100 Sexiest Women in the World in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

    Welcome :))))

  • In the meantime somewhere in Germany ….

    THE FIRST “MONOCHROM” b&w digi Leica
    (thank u thomas for info)

  • Well, this Australian picture stuff is all very well and good, but one of the clientele here has just informed me that dolphins can and will rape human beings if given half a chance. I will never be able to watch a rerun of Flipper again. On the other hand, this sort of thing does dramatically increase the number of possible villains and story lines available for Law & Order: SVU episodes.


    please feel free to CALL MY FRIEND PAUL (in this number: 305 491 9209 ).
    He has 2-3 rooms available for a week rent in a big house close to downtown, Paramount theater etc…

    We also got a house with few other Burnians here..Also big surprise:
    See you ALL in Charlottesville Virginia !!!! next month

  • It is all bit sad Panos but it will keep those my shit doesn’t stink photographers happy ………… ps Silver Efex Pro™ uses colour tweaks in it’s software setup so that becomes redundant in the proposed leica workflow.

  • Where’s he getting this ALL stuff from? I’m going nowhere and getting there fast…

  • Or, Imants, the nonfeculent could use black and white film to begin with, thereby sparing themselves all that expense to begin with.

  • Akaky film just doesn’t cut it with pseudo retro thinking

  • I don’t understand why not; you can’t get more retro than film, unless you use glass plates and who wants to be bothered cleaning glass plates when paper plates are more convenient?

  • How do you get the pseudo?

  • Not an expert but this Leica is NOT a scam… A hyperbole, exaggeration ? Maybe yes.. A scam ? No..
    I’ll read specs again about sensor .. I think we might all rushed to judgements pretty quick..again I’ve no idea buy can’t wait for a real preview from LUMINOUS LANDSCAPE website.. I most deft rust their tech opinions.. Time will tell :)

  • But not buy
    Trust not rust..
    Lol… Love this phone , NOT?

  • How do you get the pseudo?

    Fake Id’s help.

  • So Panos you ditched photography for Luminious Landscape …………gotta love it.

  • Reading a great interview by Kurt Vonnegut with Kurt Vonnegut in Paris Review as we speak:


    Did the study of anthropology later color your writings?


    It confirmed my atheism, which was the faith of my fathers anyway. Religions were exhibited and studied as the Rube Goldberg inventions I’d always thought they were. We weren’t allowed to find one culture superior to any other. We caught hell if we mentioned races much. It was highly idealistic.


    Almost a religion?


    Exactly. And the only one for me. So far.


    What was your dissertation?


    Cat’s Cradle.

  • Ha ha.. Since I’m not a tech guy .. I gotta trust somebody …;)

  • What’s wrong with trusting your eyes????

  • Nokia 808 v’s leica……………………

  • What is v’s what could’ve been

  • HORST FAAS, one of the all-time great war photojournalists, and a mentor to many other illustrious photojournalists, has died at age 79. See his bio and some photos on Lens Blog:

  • Well; back home in NZ now and life is returning to normal. What a great 6 days! It was fabulous to meet up with those I’d corresponded with (or read their words or seen their images) over the years. Lisa, Sam, Matty, Michelle, Candy, Roberta, Kerry, Bryan and many others. And of course to finally meet Imants in person rather than across a Skype screen.

    The Rio and Burn 02 exhibitions were brilliant; it was a world away from what I’m used to! It was quite surreal to see my print hanging beside 3 of Nachtweys! It was also a privilege to help with the hanging of the Burn 02 prints; I doubt whether I will have the good fortune to be able to handle and help hang a Nachtwey print again!

    Thanks David for your hospitality and for you and Diego making the Burn 02 exhibition happen. Also; thanks for the opportunity to sit in on your workshop (esp Stephen Dupont’s presentation). I reckon by next week it will have all begun to sink in and absorbed properly.

    And speaking of the workshop; our Sam did a brilliant presentation of his “Postcards from Home”.Aas I have said to him probably a million times by now; still one of my favourite Burn essays…

  • And Eva of course! So many people and I’ve only a limited number of brain cells……

  • Imants hell yeah I’ll go with Nokia:))

  • John Vink :))
    Thank you thank you and thank you!!! Google it is;)

  • Nokia to me will be a authorship changer……….leica is all same same why is it not different.Anyway good on leica there are enough dentists doctors lawyers etc out there who will keep the dream alive………………..personally I think they should stick to making lenses……………..Zeiss has come long way and still have their high end quality market.

  • David’s student show on tonight

  • John – yes, thank you – for damn near killing me! I had my mind on the new BW Leica and somehow, when I clicked on your link, I failed to make the shift to Niki Gudex. So I was expecting to see more info on the Leica and more black and white samples… I just about had a heart attack.

    If I should suddenly find myself rich, I will buy that Leica.

    I don’t think I will buy that Leica.

    I would if I could, though.

    Maybe the Nokia, too. I don’t know anything about it right now. I will look into it. My equipment is all shot, anyway, in need of repair or replacement.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Tech talk…yeah,it was about time!

    I love you…extremely busy to check you out…IMF…got my “lazy ass”,
    But hey,

    LOOK3 times and I am there!

    Love you BURNIANS…all the eyes on our AUSSIE friends…hihiiiiii…you got to trust those eyes;)

    I”ll be back…keep reporting

  • Civi: you mean I am talking tech talk?

  • Please, can we keep the doctor/dentist stereotype out of the discussion? The Monochrom’s biggest advantage is the increase in dynamic range and to a lesser extent the increase in useable ISO levels. I’m more than a little bit ticked that bottom ISO has been shifted from 160 to 320 (although it can be “pulled” down). I was expecting a simpler sensor would be capable of going the other way, say, down to 50 or 25…but that is not to be.

    What is really pleasing about the new body is how Leitz ignored the cries for Live View, electronic viewfinder, etc., and somehow made a camera even simpler than before. This is not a “dropping of the ball”, rather a “dropping of the glove” challenge. Adherence to their philosophy of simplicity is reassuring, and should be a comfort to those who appreciate the rangefinder approach, regardless of occupation.

  • Interesting review at mtomalty’s link. I think this bit sums up a lot of arguments:

    A lot of people simply are not going to get it. “It” being the need for an expensive digital M Leica that only shoots in B&W. That’s OK. This camera then is simply not for you. So lighten up, and recognize that there are people for whom the rangefinder ethos and the monochrome aesthetic is a passion and a calling. There’s nothing elitist going on, just a different mindset and sensibility than yours.

    Substitute whatever people are arguing about for the specific camera talk and it works as a rejoinder for just about anything.

    What I don’t understand though is this: If it only has 1/16,000,000 the number of colors, why doesn’t it cost 1/16,000,000 the price of the M9?

  • Jeff. Isnt there a decrease in DR due to the fact that there is only one channel now? Certainly much less room for error
    ..and also doesent higher ISO’s lower the DR also?

    and also also..if its so good out of the box why are they shipping it with Silver effex pro as standard?

    Also also also. If you had an M9 and any savvy on this wouldnt you just convert your files to lab space, strip out the luminace channel..convert back to greyscale, and work from that? that way you would be seeing pretty much what the M mono sees, but you could still shoot colour too?
    And short of lens fondlers and pixel peepers..who would ever know the difference?

  • Leica M Monochrom with Tri-Elmar @ 50mm @ ISO 320
    It didn’t take more than a day of real-world shooting to realize that the resolution of the MM is something special. I am confident in saying that the MM’s 18 Megapixel sensor performs more like a 26–32 MP Bayer sensor camera. This was borne out in the real world when I made my first large print on an Epson 9800. It was about a 26 X32 inch print and the native resolution was well under 140 PPI. But I ressed it up to 360 PPI in Lightroom 4, and the resulting print was remarkable. It was really difficult to differentiate between it and prints that I was making at the same time taken with the 36 Megapixel Nikon D800E. In other words, numbers don’t tell the whole story (humm…I think I’ve written this before), and thus the new Leica MM definitely punches above its weight category. The lack of an AA filter in combination with the additional resolution provided by having all of the pixels contribute to luminance resolution is what makes the difference.

    Interesting interesting …. This not your “ordinary” M9….

  • John:

    The colour filters on Silver Efex will be useless, won’t they? I guess the software will be used only for film choice effects, localized manipulations, and general contrast/brightness issues. And don’t forget the ever-important vignetting tool. Haha!

    I know you’re quite right in stating that proper exposures for highlights will require greater attention, and that higher ISO levels will reduce dynamic range relative to the lower ones. But DR will increase because there is only one channel. The bleeding that exists within the channel will remain, but the bleeding between the channels will no longer exist. Fewer channels mean less noise and sharper resolution. Your questions sort of answer themselves: there will be more difficulty in highlight recovery, and greater dynamic range all at once.

    I won’t be buying the camera as the cost is prohibitive and I prefer film at present, but the increase in DR is what excites me the most about the new model. It really is something the manufacturers should have been concerned about instead of competing in the race for higher ISO useability. I’d like to see a similar competition with regard to dynamic range. The Nikon D4 has great DR apparently, and it’s good to see Leitz at work on it as well. I also agree with you that it would be the best of all worlds if it could be done digitally in colour, but for Leica that is something for the future.

  • Shooting with a LEICA is like a long tender kiss, like firing an automatic pistol, like an hour on the analyist’s couch. 

    Henri Cartier Bresson

    ( I disagree ONCE again with Henri- nothing new here – : it feels more like a year on the analysts couch.. Not just an hour.. Either way comparing rangefinder with anything else is like comparing an Intense bike to a Barbie one , I’m sure the avid mountain bikers here know what I mean ;)
    Although its more than ok to have a Barbie on an Intense:)
    make sense?

  • Jeff the Dentist Doctor lawyer, wanna be’s etc is quite a large market for leica so their needs cannot be ignored

    and also also..if its so good out of the box why are they shipping it with Silver effex pro as standard? so you can use the colour sliders

  • I’d still ditch any of my newer cameras to buy back my M6…
    From a design point of view the M6, M7 and M9 and the best of classic Ducati bikes are sexy and I don’t usually find anything sexy apart from women…
    Kind of got something extra… Soul

  • Silver Efex works because, according to the new Leica’s specs, it outputs files in in a hardwired sRGB color space.

  • Jim Power…

    I thought sRGB color space was inferior to standard RGB. 8 bits???

  • Hmmm perhaps 16bit gfile ain’t necessary in monochrome

  • Maybe enabling a 16 bit colorspace would have pushed the price out of the average photographer’s price range.

  • Oh, they often call me Pseudo but my real name is Mister Earl…

  • Tri-X works because it’s in black and white.

  • Jim/Paul. Not quite what I meant. I have silver effex and know what it does, we all do right?…it makes digital files look like analogue films…and it does it very well..Now Leica are making a big thing of the luminance channel black and white sensor blah blah blah.but are still shipping a piece of manipulation software with the camera. Why? Because a single channel, greyscale image is just that..It has 1 look. It is NOT a wonderful return to all things black and white and pure. It is a neat look (see earlier post re lab space) but it is limited in the same way that only shooting by pushing and pulling pan F would be limited.

    Jeff. I suspect you are right and the color sliders will have no real effect(even re-converting to rgb is pointless as there is no color info to start with), but the custom film curves, grain overlays, vignettes, toning options etc etc will.

    PANOS. re-read that dude. look for words like ‘up-res’, ‘punches above its weight’…’.on a par with 26-28 mp cameras’…..Its hype written by a leica fetishist.
    And I say that as someone who has a big big full bag of them. Love them as much as my kidneys. All 35mm film work I shoot is on them….but I have yet to see one that turns water into wine. Also, remember David talking about the proof sheet for his book with the iphone and M9 and nikon images on it? How it was almost impossible to tell which was which?..thats most peoples reality.

  • “but I have yet to see one that turns water into wine.”

    And if you stop and consider things, it doesn’t matter one bit if a sensor shoots only BW or 14 Bit color or it’s the best lens or the highest resolution camera on the market… Hardly anything decent, awe inspiring, jaw dropping stuff is created ever. Rarely is the camera at fault… I can’t even count on one hand the amount of essays I’ve seen in general which were really incredible this year…

  • New tools are cool. Even if most of us can’t afford them. Its the fear mongering over at the Nikon sites that bothers me right now. Youve got the pixel peepers proclaiming the new high rez bodies are going to turn your high end lenses to dog crap. Or the next low end full frame body is going to cause a complete collapse on the resell value of your AFD screwdriven lenses. bla bla bla

  • thank you John

    (for whomever that did not understand the lyrics of the song John posted above, here is the lyrics, “enjoy”, click link)

  • btw , thank you Herve for the present u sent from Thailand…

  • Yeah. I dont think those guys like you much.

  • well…seems they tried to get a job there, didnt work out well… it happens…

  • but John since u brought it up, for someone to not like you (or vice verse ) has to know you first.
    Mystery is why someone “escapes” Albania, moves to greece , meet ALL GREEKS (of course;) and then decides that “they are ALL -this or that-“?
    Why move to someone elses house just to tell them you despise them?
    that will remain a mystery to me…
    and also – speaking about the “poem” above – why offending gay people , minorities etc?
    You hate the greeks? absolutely fine.:) no doubt ..
    but plz lets stay civil and let Gay community and or other communities/minorities aside..
    Lets stick with the “Lets hate greeks” slogan but plz plz lets leave the rest of the world alone…
    (calling greeks gay is not demeaning at all , its an honor , but homophobia is not a cool propaganda weapon im afraid…sorry…

  • when i say “you” i mean the “singer song writer” not u of course;)

  • What really saddens me though is that Europe terribly reminds all of us- bring back all those memories.. Nazis- Holocaust ….
    Once again big Euro CRISIS.. Unemployment at the highest..
    There’s no JEWS this time to blame…
    Now we have the IMMIGRANTS to blame..
    Neo nazis, fascism ON THE RISE in Europe..
    Remember how RACISM took over BRITAIN right after Thatcher???
    Remember the infamous PAKI- BUSHING that ENGLISH SKINHEADS “enforced” in London metro?
    Well ok ok ok ok ok let me relax..
    Fascism in Athens is not even close comparing to the BRITISH RIGHT WING SKINHEAD neonazis..
    It’ll be a joke to compare / relate British fascism with the Greek Nazi/golden dawn/retards but hey
    we getting there… Unfortunately…
    It seems that Athens will “be”/follow Britain steps in rejuvenating fascism ..
    Greeks so far immitated the BRITS hooligans..
    We turned Greek soccer fields into British soccer fields .. But copy the British neo nazism???
    That’s absurd.. Sorry Greece but if u keep following the wrong role models then you’ll most likely end up dead, laughed at and ISOLATED as the United Kingdom ended up being..
    Sad days for Europe!
    Nazis are up! And many are already celebrating !
    I’m out!

  • JOHN G:

    Like your words about why we shoot Leicas….

    Not sure about this b&w M. So far been pretty underwhelmed by the examples I’ve seen. Of course most reviewers can’t shoot (or process) worth shit. Nice thing would be having 10,000 iso. And yes one would need software of some sort to make the base look more unique (of course one could go just adjust curves and dodge and burn).

    Anyway, I’m perfectly happy with my new Leica. :) Her color is a healthy pink. No need for adjustment.



  • Her color is a healthy pink. No need for adjustment.
    loved this comment!!!!!!!! u made me smile

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oime,oime…fuck Greece…? hmm…that’s not an easy task,i am afraid:)))))
    cause we already fucking ourselves…
    ADMIN, my apologies…excuse my language…

    back to our regular program:

    MR.JOHN VINK…yep,YOU are responsible for the tech talk…IMO,always,IMO…:)

    CHARLES…What not to LEICA !!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    PANOS,check me out…:

    I AM IN :)

  • Panos, those are, to say the least, a vigorous set of lyrics, although this is more my speed:

    It’s always hard to beat the Gershwins.

  • So there’s Tiffanys and Leicas and the occasional Macys’ as well, but you’ll notice that no one ever names their kids after the Piggly Wiggly. You’d think that these companies would start paying out for the naming rights to kids the way they do for stadiums and buildings and such. I think that that’s a useful statistic, next to profits and losses; you can tell just how effective the advertising department is by the number of people who’ll take the money and name their kids after your company.

  • a civilian-mass audience


    What not to love…don’t forget them…how could you?:)

    Wherever you are moms…THANK YOU

    P.S tick talk…15th is almost here…

  • Sorry to get back to the tech talk, David’s book look’s great and I was incredibly impressed when I saw it in an early phase, though I wonder what happened to the cool Brazilian box, but regarding the ongoing Leica, or other large format camera vs. things like camera phones with app crap, I came across this video which I think illustrates the argument quite well.

    Although through most of the video it appears the point and shoots are going to win handily, in the end we are reassured that the good old fashioned muscle of great globs of glass will win out.

  • in the end we are reassured that the good old fashioned muscle of great globs of glass will win out……a short term view

  • What’s up kiddos!!!
    AKAKY I’m too tired to answer right now.. Had too much tequila celebrating mothers day like there’s no mañana :)

  • ……….and Heckle and Jeckle have a lot more fun

  • Leica video which really has nothing to do with photography…

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