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  1. what WORDS could ever be written to describe Jukka Onella? most of you know A Kind of Error one of the most provocative essays ever on Burn..Jukka and i were talking last night about exactly the book Burn would publish of his work…the photo here is from that conversation…and that is when i had the idea of a whole series of portraits made by me off the screen of some of the audience here..with quotes….a book for sure!!

  2. David yea, it indeed was great finally to speak with you, some day in real life new york if i’m finally allowed to get a visa…. By the way did you find the mail with the file that contains a larger edit of the work. I sent them through my yousendit account as it was larger than 50mb so it has probably gone to your junk mail, if you can’t find it i can send it again.

    Panos, of course i remember everything :) i was only slightly intoxicated.. and did you go spend the fat tuesday with Kim and Lola?


  3. what WORDS could ever be written to describe Jukka Onella?

    i would call Jukka : “The Mirror Man” or “Gonzo lost control”. Jukka is not putting himself in harm ways for a shocking photo. The opposite.. Jukka is putting the “photo”/camera on the test, on the “battlefield” in a search of himself.
    What i like most about Jukka is that he is NOT faking it..He is really alive! the real deal!

  4. a civilian-mass audience

    Is JUKKA for real?:))) PANOS are you sure?:)))

    the answer my friend…
    is blowing in the wind…
    the answer my friend
    is BURNING on my screen…
    may the ouzo be free…
    let’s all be naked…!

    TO JUKKA and beyond!!!…

  5. Jukka’s essay was like being kicked in the balls…I couldn’t believe it when I saw the first images. I love those kind of chronical, it’s like Alice falling down the rabbit hole but on crack.

  6. a civilian-mass audience

    CHARLES …oime, rock on amigo…FELIX and LEICA and LADY P. hello fro Grecoland!

    JUKKA…I love your hat…I am more of a black civi BUT hey, this hat brights up mu screen…:)

    What’s up BURNIANS…are you working hard…the clock is ticking…!

  7. Mass Audience..

    I always work hard but then again I don’t consider taking photographs as work, it is a thing that i have to do no matter what is teh cost, sounds stupid, as stupid as gil scott herons lyrics…. and i have to wear a red beanie, not everything can be black… i leave the blackness to Mr. Bob who i miss at the moment.

  8. Maybe there should be an outlet for zines on burn……… little snippets of stuff. Jukka your work would be pretty ideal for that format

    I am sure Bob will be stronger than ever…….

  9. a civilian-mass audience

    JUKKA…you can call me civi…;)

    and yes,black is black…and ouzo is ouzo…therefore VIVAAAAAA!!!

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