Young Blood

I am shooting w my phone at lunch. Now.For those of you out there who want to know who is getting those projects and assignments that many think are impossible to secure from top media companies. Well here they are: Kitra , 23, who just did the remarkable essay The Teenage Brain for NATGEO and Cory Richards, 22, who produced the high adventure film “Cold” , Sender Films .. These are the young stars . First go look at their work.. Then ask them how they did it .. Right here , right now here on Burn.

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  • What better place than here , what better time than now?

  • Here’s teh link to Kitra’s site:

    And here’s her biography:–contact/

    Now tie all this to the hunger and hard work talk and it will make sense.. at least to me it does make a lot of sense..

  • can i intern for either one of them? i’m only, well, i won’t say how old i am.

    WOW. how DO you spell overachievers?

    kitra, how many languages do you speak? hebrew, english, french, german. anything else?

    both remarkably accomplished.

  • I would like to ask if they attribute the internet for some of their inspiration and what role has it played in their development?

    Awesome work from both! thanks for the links Eva.
    Saw the trailer for “cold”. Looks intense. What made you film this?

  • I’ve always been a huge fan of Kitra’s -glad I have the chance to tell her that right now.
    Besides the quality, I’ve been amazed at how much work she has done in a few years.

    so… what do you find most helpful in facilitating the making of your work? In terms of getting to do the work and in preparing/researching for stories what is essential for you? Are there some certain steps you like to take throughout or does it just happen and you are following intuition as it unfolds (after tons of research I’m sure)?

    Cory! I’ll looking forward to watching Cold …looks harrowing.

    And for both of you, any big goals for your work and careers that you can see?
    Thanks and wishing you the best,

    a great Kitra interview too:

  • Thanks for the links, Eva and Milli – For someone so young to have such a diverse and powerful body of work… amazing beyond amazing.

  • Holy Crap,…and a whole string of expletives. What an amazing bunch of stuff on that link to Kitra’s stuff, is there a link to Cory’s?

    Anyway, I’m totally intimidated now, think I’ll sell my cameras and retire. Wow, and wow.

  • OK since you guys are offering, how DID you do it?

    Holy Crap

  • And talking about young blood, if you’re not 35 yet here’s another opportunity:

    The Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism

    Deadline: February 29th, 2012

  • Hi all you burning visionaries.
    Kitra here. I’m happy to answer any questions.

    Milli: I don’t think much about the technical aspects of what I do. It’s all secondary to the relationships I strive to foster with my subjects. They are the people of my life, more-so than I am probably for them.

    I don’t usually make resolutions, but the new year has brought new beginnings for me. So I hope its a year of experimentation, of being aesthetically playful and meshing new mediums and materials with my photographic works. I’m also pitching new stories to the Geographic; feeling the responsibility of the 40 million+ pairs of eyes who scan the magazine each moth and the ever-looming ghost of one of history’s great visionary madmen (and founding member of the National Geographic Society), Alexander Graham Bell.

    Carlo: As a teenager I really took advantage of the internet to discover what kinds of worlds were out there and how I could grasp a hold of one of those little electrical currents and come out on the other side of the planet. I remember being a 14 year old and spending hours and hours online researching programs and opportunities. I always knew I needed adventure. Then of course, as a visual library, the internet is unprecedented in history. Similarly I don’t think there’s a more powerful research tool.

    DQ: I speak English, Hebrew and Swedish with varying degrees of fluency. I have a basic French and attempted learning Russian while living in Moldova and Belarus a few years ago. That would be a dream.

    Gordon: I just do.

    p.s. I’m 24 now.

  • Kitra,

    Thanks for answering my question….it’s sort of a predictable one (my question) but one I wanted to ask especially since you are “young blood” as David calls you :-)
    I really like your answer…I have similar feelings…after all look at BURN! how else could this happen without the internet?
    As an image library…yes…unprecedented in history. Some may argue that there is nothing like holding a printed book and I agree (almost entirely, not 100% ;-) just different mediums for different people) but having access to practically unlimited works of any master photographer out there is a great thing.

    This leads me to ask another question. Could you share your thoughts on Web base vs print?
    Thanks again Kitra.

  • Kitra, thanks so much for your answers! Great to have you here and will look forward to seeing what comes next for you. You sound like a very investigative soul:)

    Another one if you are still answering: On a philosophical note, what would you say it is about photography that has brought you to use it as a medium for expression (barring what future experiments yield)?
    I’ve been involved in other arts (that I love) but I feel I couldn’t live without the photo. It has a complicated relationship with memory, time and I find the line it walks between ‘reality’ and the latent or veiled fascinating and surprising. I am always trying to define photography’s ‘special’ qualities more keenly. I was wondering what your thoughts might be on this subject. Or/and any recommended readings? :)
    Thanks again! Best wishes, M

  • I laughed when I reread my question …I don’t know why I ‘quote’ so much :))

  • The 2013 Infinity awards winners:

    Kitra won in the young photographer category.

    I have not seen all of these videos but the ones I saw were great!

  • Teenagers with brains…I’m sorry, but I am not interested in science fiction.

  • Akaky,

    Don’t be fooled by the infinity part! ;-)))

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