Here is just a quick sneak peak at what’s going on over at Rio Book. Honestly it is a rather amazing experience in all directions. This will never happen again. Anybody can see this is a one time event..Come on over and hang.

For those of you who have never been here before, what is happening over here is a $1.99 pay wall website where I am right now finishing up my work on a book, tentatively titled One Night In Rio. This follows a NatGeo assignment completed and also ready for publication.. Why the paywall? To test this model for others for one thing. Yes there is free content all over the web. Most of the content I produce is for free as well. However, some things are unique. We pay for uniqueness every day for everything. For a buck99 I think I am giving a one of a kind experience. Those who are there seem to think so as well. Is it as good as a one week shooting workshop? Probably not, but it is the very best explanation I could ever give for building rapport, working a situation and building out the essay concept. I could never really do this in class as I can here.

Anyway, check us out. We have almost two more weeks of live on the scene several updates per day.

Oh yes, the photo below is by Carla De Conti, a Harvard Univ photo student, who is shooting the behind the scenes pics as below. A lot going on. We hope to see you…

I take a late night shot of Candy trying to get the moon in the picture. Those are the kinds of things I try late night.

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  • The output of pictures, thoughts, questions and answers really is something else.. as is the give and take, forth and back.. I’ll have a serious withdrawal syndrome when this ends!

  • it is a live workshop. It actually goes beyond it. DAH posts while at location, Renata gives a background story, Carla documents the whole thing photographically, questions being asked get answered with spending even more insight.
    Have never seen anything before, and might never see it again. It is a priceless experience, and don’t want to miss it.

  • It’s ground-breaking and revolutionary as social media and virtual workshop. The workshop idea of total immersion is tailored to the peculiarities of the Web – instant transmissions versus time to think, respond and question. We move left, right, up, down, in and out, somersault backward and leapfrog forward. (Yes…just like it is in Dialogue.) Imants: I understand your point from last week, but for purely selfish reasons on my part, it would have been great to have had your experience as a teacher over there.

    Contributors and collaborators understand that immersion into creativity requires active participation. The workshop for us, and the project for David, completes a circle. Theodoris: I was also concerned that our attentions would have skewed David’s workflow, either by crushing it with bad Mojo, or hyper-activating it into grandstanding and showing off, but so far it seems to have not had any effect either way. I’m happy that today he said it has had a very positive effect on his well-being.

  • Hello ALL!
    I didn’t forget YOU..
    I’m about to go London tomorrow , then Chicago then .. Who cares!
    But but but
    I have lots to communicate/tell u soonest!!!
    I’m OVERWHELMED of what I witnessed in Greece the last couple weeks..
    I don’t know where to start .. It’s MIDNIGHT IN GREECE now..
    00:05 am to be exact,,
    Love u all and gimme couple days and then I promise I’ll annoy the heck out of you with my usual rants..
    I don’t know what/how I feel right now..
    I learned a lot last 2 weeks!
    Most important :
    Message to ALL:
    Do not give up..
    ok .. Enough.. Soonest,..
    Wait for me ok???

  • Will wait for the report Panos.
    Safe travels!

  • Panos..

    Giving up.. what’s that?
    Safe travels!

    Still waiting.. :)


    travel safe….anxious to catch up on everything…i have missed a lot…time to come to Rio? by this time probably not, but see if you can catch me on skype….

  • PANOS. You got somewhere to crash??

  • a civilian-mass audience

    can I sing now?

  • Regarding the OWS movement and related photography, I was in a doctor’s office yesterday browsing the magazines and came across some great photos by Chris Anderson.

    The first one is the best I’ve seen from OWS.

    And speaking of OWS, it’s painfully interesting how it’s suddenly absent from the collective consciousness, I say painfully because its disappearance from public discourse seems to coincide with the government crackdown during which they have pretty much said (by their actions at least) to hell with any such thing as “rights” and started arresting anyone associated with the movement for whatever flimsy reason or no reason at all. Funny how that works in a “constitutional democracy,” beacon of freedom, super duper extra freedom loving place like this.

  • a civilian-mass audience


    sending love …ALL MY LOVE from Greece…

    damnit…today I need an academian…


    Safe travels to ALL OF US…

  • Kind of funny and somehow apropos, I get a Tiffany’s add accompanying Anderson’s slideshow.

  • And continuing to speak of OWS photography, Erica McDonald’s Under the Blue Tarp is most excellent work as well. Edit it down to 10 or so like Anderson did and it would be incredibly powerful and enlightening.–under-the-blue-tarp/McDonald-3352

  • Few comments under Jason’s Karen essay, I take the liberty to repeat the link I posted there here, because it is a superb complement that will definitely help situate the conflict, at least on its human side, and put a few more faces, after Jason’s soldiers, on this little known tragedy playing out in the jungles of East Burma (West Burma has the Rohyingas, if you wondered!):

  • To have followed all the action, editing, selection, pondering and the viewing of so many images on “Hot From Rio,” and then to see just these three pulled out here… wow!

    Now a note from my own front: I have been planning for awhile to post my own experience participating in David’s Loft workshop, but keep getting delayed, at first because I had big deadlines to meet and then after that because I have been battling shingles and part of the fight has meant spending up to 16 hours a day sleeping or in-and-outdream-dozing and it has totally knocked my production down to almost non-existant.

    Finally, though, I am making goof progress against the shingles and expect to soon be on top of it. I have said this before, but I am very confident now that I could do it next week. Yet, with everybody wrapped up in this, I am wondering if it might not be better to wait until David has finished – just one more week.

    I already said this, but for me “Hot From Rio” has been a magical extension of that workshop.

  • “goof” was supposed to be “good,” but maybe “goof” is better.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    goof me once…shame on you
    goof me twice…shame on me…

    LOVE YOU FROSTY…hope MAGGIE,your wife is feeling better…!!!

    Good morning from beautiful Greece
    the land of the Broken,the Brave and the “BURNED”…

    I need updates from ALL of the BURNIANS …ASAP…thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA…PANOS…KIM… travels…etcetera,etcetera…:)))

  • Panos – I started at the bottom and just backed up to your post. Yes, safe travels and take good care of your family.

    Civi – thanks..

    MW – thanks for the link to Erica’s OWS coverage. I enjoyed it – and everything else on her site (except the private galleries), including what I had seen before and hadn’t. – Do you remember what magazine you saw Chris Anderson’s OWS coverage in?

  • Bill..

    You can find Chris Anderson here, 7th pic from top.. and I hope you have time, ’cause there are lots and lots and lots more links to lots and lots and lots more essays on that page!

  • more yes
    go on!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess there’s a reason you’re magnum.

    And if I wasn’t living on credit I’d fly down this afternoon and find you.

  • Bill, New York Magazine. Maybe you missed the link?

    BTW, how’s the writeup on the workshop coming?

  • Thank you, Eva and Mike. Good OWS. I can’t help but to wonder what my three fellow loft colleagues who covered OWS as it was happening then would have shot this part of it? I still think some of the best OWS material I have seen happened at that workshop.

    Speaking of which, Mike – to this moment, not good. Since I got home, I have either been so busy doing the kind of production work under hard time pressure or else battling the shingles that I got as a result, and doing what I could for my wife after the two emergency surgeries she had to go through that I haven’t even looked a single shot that I took in New York since I got home.

    But I intend to change this next week and get it done. Barring any new calamities, I feel very confident about next week. The question I face now is whether to publish it next week, while everyone is wrapped up in David’s Rio workshop, or wait another week until it is over and he comes home.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Breaking news from the FB area:

    “Gordon Lafleur
    Just got home from the studio, electrical fire, 911, 4 fire trucks, the whole nine yards. Luckily the fire was confined to an attic space, lots of smoke but no real damage.
    Freaked out here, pulling myself together.”
    we are here to help

    AKAKY…we need update regarding health issues
    we are here to help

    JOHNYG…we need update…don’t play BRIT…to US…
    we are here to help

    BURNIANS…please report to the nearest BURNING aisle…

    P.S …EVA …again,I am speechless…you are DA WOMAN!!!
    and SAMMY …rock on!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    FROSTY …I have no suggestions…you have survived a plane crash,you know what to do…

    can I sing now?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PANOS,KIM…are you there,yet?:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Follow me AMIGOS…let’s partyyyyyyyyy


  • Gordon.. that must be scary! Hope all are ok!

    Civi.. party full on over there on .. and that comes from someone who does NOT party, usually, but RIO SIMPLY ROCKS.. sorry for those not taking a peak!

  • Interview with Brenda Ann Kenneally:

    Ties in some way to what we’re talking about over in RIO, from personal point of view to hard work, to passion, to new media and youth..

  • Gordon – glad you just got freaked out – that your photos and most of all your family is all okay. Must be still be tough, though.

  • a civilian-mass audience


    Respect…peace and tolerance…

    I will be back with olives…

  • MW (on OWS)
    started arresting anyone associated with the movement

    I challenge you to give me one name of anyone arrested associated with the movement. You must have meant anyone who was still demonstrating, or close enough, after the authorities asked them to move. It’s not nice maybe, but still not exactly the knock on the door after (or before) midnight for being “associated” to a movement. I am not even sure if anyone scooped up by the cops has yet to be charged, not just detained cited an released, for being there.

  • Herve, are you joking? Those are some lame fucking rationalizations for repression. After the authorities “asked” them to move? By that rationale, torture is okay for anyone who refuses to confess when “asked” by the authorities.

    On a totally different subject, here’s a small batch of walking around photos from earlier this evening. Most of them are my usual schtick, but the last one is definitely Rio inspired. Wish that it were more lighting class inspired, but hopefully we’ll do better next time.

  • Here’s how it’s working in New York. The cops take metal barriers and wall off the walking spaces, making them very narrow that only two people take up the entire space, which causes a jam if anyone stops to say, protest, and then they arrest them. In the Wall Street area the walkways are very wide, even up to 60 feet or so, and they have been narrowed by the barriers making it impossible for the protesters to protest there. These tactics are not for security. The are for Orwellian style repression. Sure, you have the right to peaceably assemble, there’s just nowhere it’s legal to do it. They’ve even walled off the statue of the Bull at Bowling Green and have 3 to 8 cops guarding it 24 hours a day. It appears there are no lengths they won’t go to in order to protect the delicate feelings of the banksters and their precious statues.

  • MW…

    You’re Burning!
    Great images

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Good morning from beautiful Grecolandia

    I have the feeling that you are starting to get loose…
    and I do like to walk around with YOU…!

    coffee time…

  • All, thanks for your concern. All is going to be OK, no damage to gear or photos, just a lot of smoke smell to get rid of. I’m also facing a large bill for electrical re-wiring.
    The fire was in a junction box in an attic space. It burned one joist, but other than that there is no stuctural damage or significant water damage. I got off easy, the place could have burned down.
    Pretty scary stuff, and…I let my insurance lapse. Big lesson for me all around.

    Anyway, upwards and onwards, we’ve got no ceiling lights in the building yet, but heat and power to some outlets so have the main computer up and running. The electrician is coming back tommorow to start re-wiring the parts of the building that have 80 year old wiring.

  • A masterclass in whats its all about.

  • John…

    How’s your health coming along, finished with hospitals and surgery?

  • Paul.
    just starting.
    You know how it is.
    Long way to go yet.

  • cool link John… hadn’t seen this one…

  • Thanks, John…

    and I hope all goes well. The little bouts with health issues that my wife and I have faced over the past month has given me a bit more empathy.

    Gordon – glad to hear it.

    Civi – surviving an airplane crash is kind of a hallmark among serious Alaskan photographers, this place being so dependent on airplanes flying in challenging conditions – even David was in a plane that got its landing gear ripped off by a mountain ridge while coming in for landing at Anaktuvuk Pass (where I have made many safe landings, in weather from 75 or 80 above to 40 below. The difference was is that most have been passengers in the plane, whereas I was flying it.

  • That’s amazing!
    More slowmo here:

  • THIS IS NOT A JOKE…although it seems like it..its absolutely real…
    those are what we call: “the REPUBLICANS”

    “I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a Christian, but you don’t need to be in the pew every Sunday to know there’s something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school.
    As President, I’ll end Obama’s war on religion. And I’ll fight against liberal attacks on our religious heritage.
    Faith made America strong. It can make her strong again.
    I’m Rick Perry and I approve this message”

  • and yes..this Perry guy is trying hard to run for president..
    “Rick Perry Anti-Gay Ad -” u watched above is current…2012!!?????
    (and you thought Bush or Nixon was the worst evil president ever? lol…nah , Bush is like an innocent little lamb in front of this “strong” homophobic cowboy above)!

  • Jeez Panos, you’ve got some catching up to do. The Repugs have done at least 20 more stupid things since that boner.

    Not complaining though. Sure is getting dead around here. It’s not usually this bad when David goes to Rio. And it’s not like he took everybody with him.

    Anyway, since nobody’s looking, here’s the rest of the walking around photos from my last card. You can tell I wasn’t in an altogether happy mood. I cracked a bone in my foot towards the beginning of the card so mostly they are either limping or driving around photos. Haven’t been doing much walking for going on a month now. I’m thinking about getting one of those carts like they have at Walmart, but I looked into it and the fastest ones only go 10 miles an hour, and most of them don’t do half that. One of my earliest memories is of a visit to my great grandmother’s. Her second husband had somehow lost both legs and he had a wheelchair outfitted with a nasty little two stroke motor that would do about 40 miles per hour. If I’m ever really disabled I’m gonna fix me up something like that and tool around Burning Man. Ah, the things we think about when going stir crazy…

  • nice series MW..
    loved the broken statue in garden and many more….

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