Shooting here in Rio is almost over. Actually I think it is over. I only have about five days left here and those days are mostly going to be taken up with organization. Yes, there is back end organization which is just as important as the front end. Since ONE NIGHT IN RIO is coming fast, I must be constantly on it. Between now and March when the printing for the book will be done, I will have to be paying close attention to many things. The basic concept, the basic flow, sequencing, final choices, is happening now. On location.

There will be a time to reflect as well, but the raw immediacy of doing it NOW is i think a good thing. For sure making prints now and having them on the wall is a very good thing. There is no way I could think about this as a book or show from just looking at pictures on a computer screen. They are too disconnected that way even if all the “good ones” are on one folder. Not the same as the tactile experience. Even the young people around me who only really know the computer experience are looking at prints on the wall as if prints were some kind of new invention. Everybody likes hard copy.

Four weeks ago I just had RIO as a working title. I knew of course, and the purpose of this last trip, that the diary approach was what would happen. The more visually literate evolution has evolved from just daily shooting, looking at the wall, thinking things over and well just bursts of energy that turn into ideas, a print goes up , moved over here, the light comes in the window just right, somebody says something that triggers something else and bam you just know hell THAT’S IT!!  the whole book, this whole two years off and on of shooting in Rio will come down to one mythical night. Will it be a complete picture of Rio? No. It is getting narrower by the minute.  It was only about a week ago that I knew it was over. Done. Finished. The book was done. I had it. For better or worse just over.

Stuff I wish I had thought of on the first day, I am just now thinking about. Why couldn’t I have come up with some very obvious things right at the beginning? Why do I have to be at the end for some things to reveal themselves? Just doesn’t seem right, but yet that is the way it is. The way it always is. At least for me.

So a cotton candy day will turn into a mysterious night. No big deal. Not much to it. Pretty simple structure/plot. Just one book. Only one look. Not definitive. But you will know what I was thinking and it will have authorship and it did get done.


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  1. Book shot.. but BOOK TO DO! Yikes.. lots of work ahead.. looking forward..

    Thank you, and Rberta, Renata, Candy, Carla, Haik, and everybody else on your team too, it’s been great so far, hope we’ll get to see the next steps, would be most interesting, to me at least..

  2. Wow, it’s been a long sprint I believe. Congrats! And thanks to everyone on your team, the experience of seeing/reading how you work was (and is still) amazing. Thanks.

    – Frida

  3. It has been a learning experience…and it’s not over yet…maybe you have one more post under your sleeve.
    But now as you say since you have the book in the bag picture wise now the next step rolls in.
    I’m going to miss those daily updates! I hope you keep us updated here or anywhere else how the process is going.
    Thank you for setting that workshop experience over in RIO.

  4. “It looks like the point-and-shoot camera is quickly heading to the gadget graveyard. May it rest in peace next to your old VCR, Sony Walkman and Atari game console.

    The graphs show that digital S.L.R. cameras are still used regularly by the Flickr community. But in terms of overall share, the iPhone 4 is only slightly behind the current most popular camera, the Nikon D90, a $900 digital S.L.R.

    There have been reports that the next iPhone will include a Sony 8-megapixel camera, which could signal trouble for the digital S.L.R.’s too. For now, it’s the point-and-shoot cameras that are being battered by the smartphone.”

  5. Panos
    Like the craze in the 1960s for 35mm slr cameras, the craze for DSLRs will wane. Who wants to cary a big clunky camera when an iphone camera is so much more convenient, and the quality is so amazing.

  6. So what? all these cameras, clunky, small, have a market in the leisure industry, meaning the ability of creating wants and needs so people think they have to spend money again. The big chnage is not about 35mm and iphones or clunky DSLRs. The big change was about film being superceded by digital, just like the phonograph gave way to the record player. Irremediable changes.

    And of course, the HUGE difference is that most FlickR iphone users only use a computer screen to show their leisurely obtained art, while David prints, PRINTS!, the photographs, THE PHOTOGRAPHS!, he took with his iphones. That’s where it’s at, and always been.

    PS: no one should be allowed to wax glorious on the greatness of iphones, making everything else obsolete, until they show us they sold their Leicas, Nikon, Canon, mid-format, full format, all that clunky stuff from the past.

  7. By my way of thinking, an iPhone, or at least the camera in the iPhone, is a point and shoot. Is there some add on software you all are using that allows for manual controls?

  8. @ ALL:
    I’m sad and happy at the same time to return to this blog after one month reading RIO.
    I can say, taht that I nearly forgot Burn…
    I have to be plugged here with you, if not I start depression…
    The RIO experience was very interesting, learned some stuff that I have/must to do myself.
    Wish everyone a nice winter period! Actually it remains just one year to the final explosion 12.12.12…


  9. pAtrIcIO m.:

    I think a lot of people nearly forgot burn. Dialogue all but died – a couple of great essays popped up and, if comments are any indication, generated only marginal interest.

    Of course, what was happening in Rio was riveting and a flood of comments gushing from multiple sources as David put up a flurry of posts each day.

    And David, you have about got me convinced about this wall – although the expense and time required for a 100 percent solo, financial edge guy like myself seems to be a killing factor.

    As for the iPhone discussion, probably David’s use of it in Rio will give it the kind of boost among serious photographers that is has gotten among amateurs elsewhere.

    I look forward to seeing the book. I am very curious to see how this burst of frenetic activity will boil down into a single night in print.

  10. a civilian-mass audience

    no,no…no singing,no problem…I am gonna wait for the signal…;;)

    but you know me…I love to sing…oime:)))

    AKAKY…I am going for 50…sending good energy…and JOHNG…is coming your way too…


  11. a civilian-mass audience

    I am extremely busy with life…

    I miss you all…and as long as we have dreamers like MR.HARVEY…we can enjoy our journey…

    Remember…we are all together in this journey…yeap…

  12. “As for the iPhone discussion, probably David’s use of it in Rio will give it the kind of boost among serious photographers that is has gotten among amateurs elsewhere.”

    Along with that has come a long contentious debate between photojournalists (both new and established) about whether images manipulated with an APP are acceptable for photojournalism.

    The NPPA, WHNPA do not allow manipulated images in their contests. The rules on the POYi website say: “Digital manipulation…added masks, borders, backgrounds, text, or other artistic effects are not allowed.”

    I believe that rule was in place last year when Damon won. Part of why there was such a controversy.

    I have hears both sides of the argument and I see merit in both. Speaking solely about photojournalism, where there has been such an outcry recently about photo manipulation, I think it is a tough call.

    I have to admit though, it is fun to play with.

  13. That is the most sensational moment, also the most exciting..when you witness the verdict “It’s done. that is it. It’s ready”..specially considering a project of two years when there was always some allusion to something else, a gap for something more,perfectionism, something still incomplete and all the expectations moved by it. The idea of being haunted for the lack of something you cant even name it or go for reasonable explanations. But he came back, he made these two years his playground, trying , innovatings the way to look and evolve following that instinctive when none can stop him. For me ..Rio is’s david assuming the loyality to his own calls, to mirror himself, to go to the edge of his signature, do not fear reactions or the shade of Divided Soul or what most can consider a David Alan Harvey. Freedom. He accepts his nature into Rio’s nature and he doesnt resist..he goes from tears, smiles, changes, static , poor, rich, flaming, burning, relief,pain, play, joy, fantasies .The sequence culminating in one night, the evolving teasing means to the climax, the dependency of those as narrative , as imagery, as counciousness ..Day into night , night into day carried by this constant explosion, carnaval, dreamy land called Rio.That’s pure David Alan Harvey ,one Rio you never seen before,one Rio that could be in everywhere…but stil…Rio. Im so proud to have been part, to watch the evolution, to have the results tactile in front off me on that wall, to know he found what he was looking for and how to represented it displaying the integrity of his views. Im proud of Rio exactly as it comes by David Alan Harvey . And thanks so much for all of those who cooperate with high doses of commitment(you from Burn for sure), theones I came to know and work with, also thanks to Renata, candy, Haik,Beto,Mira, Eva (besides of all your support, your proof reading also saved us a lot)

  14. a civilian-mass audience

    I copied and I pasted: RIO BOOK

    a civilian-mass audience says:
    December 14, 2011 at 11:54 pm
    ROBERTA…OH,ROBERTA…What RIO would be without YOU…
    and I know,you are a civilian too,the Fixer,the Silent Reader,the Force behind the Walls…BUT you are the MAGIC Soul…who makes the Vision Visible…
    and this goes…for ALL the LADIES and the GENTS…you know your names
    Credit when Credit is due…

    Viva to ALL CIVILIANS…who Believe!!!

    P.S…where are the ACADEMIANS when I need them?::))))

    a civilian-mass audience says:
    December 14, 2011 at 11:59 pm
    and a big THANK you to MR.HARVEY who left the windows,the doors open…
    Spread the LOVE,spread the news…spread a smile

    THOMAS,how to make smiles again?…pfff…

    P.S a big thank you to EVA and KURT for all the help…today ouzo on me!!!

  15. a civilian-mass audience

    What’s up VIVEK…yoho…!!!

    Welcome back PETE…!!!

    ROBERTA…I got it all wrong…you sound like an ACADEMIAN …oh,yes,you are an ACADEMIAN…

    ok,back to our regular program…I am going to feed my leftovers (chickens)…:)))


    still remembering your lovely little Rio movie…one on the best things you’ve done i think…anyway only sorry our schedules did not match and we would have been here simultaneous as once discussed…i do hope your health is good….i want a full report…Beto sends warmest regards

    cheers, david

  17. What the fuck does Digital Photo Pro mean by “TOMORROW?”

    Seems to me that he is a professional today… and he was yesterday also in case they are confused.


  18. Gordon, people do not use DSLRs because of their “obvious” clunkiness. No more than a woman should choose a slim guy instead of a chubby one to get married to. One can use the obvious too to deride an iphone, since david mentionned people being angry at him using them. But best is to enjoy the realm of possibilities that the industry has constantly offered since the age of mass photography. A bit of reading of what people had to say against the new or the last camera or technology is edifying, almost the same arguments as today. Too clunky (yes, but the art, the art!), too easy (yes, but a revolution for the democracy of images), etc…..

  19. Gordon, I replied to you and it went awol. In short There are as many obvious things to say about the iphones as to a DSLR. Sometimes, people marry a slim partner, sometime a chubby one, ar when the slim becomes chubby, they might still stick to it. We put something of ourselves in cameras. What seems obvious to another is irrelevant to the other.

  20. @ ROBERTA:
    Thanks a lot for the wall/appartement report here on Burn. I think, everyone here have some kind of “jealousy” to you, simply because you are/were there, LIVE! The rest, we have to imagine what was going on…
    Have a question to you: As you are not a photographer, how the RIO experience influenced your work or daily life? Does interaction with your friends changed? Or this month in Rio was just so, so fun?


  21. Patricinho!!!

    That is my second opportunity of working with David in such intense, committed and emerged way. The focus changed considering that at the first moment that was about National Geographic, the schedules, planning, the watch following the need of their photos, what would please them more, their needs as publication. This time is a special moment to meet David and to work with him in his own needs, criterions,flexibility(and just that and all the implied here :feelings, messages,figures would be enough to elevate this experience to the status of the most special moment of my life) It is 18 hours per day together,no fixed schedules, strict planning and times being defined in a frenetic program..There is coffee and home activities…discussion, the riobook downloads, selections and comments, new ideas,progress.. Shooting(when he decides the right now) , events, meetings, dinner , shows, parties..There is always something making hard to leave..and most of the times, I stay, we stay. He doesnt ask for nothing, there is this level of understanding , efforts to make happen, proud team spirit, to believe in the development, the goal, the outcome. When you are so close , inspired, so into something or feel yourself making part, and suddenly facing kind of compulsion, kind of obsession, cause that moves you. So, Rio brought hard work , but great fun atmosphere..they usually come together along this month..the half parts of the bargain making Rio what it is right now. The effects on me reflects expectations on what comes next and of course..the will to witness as much as I can till the final book. You are right that it interferes also in my social life…We give David our best , and time is one of the items..So, no much time for personal life(friends included)as long as they are coming along sometimes..but am I complaining? Am I suffering? Would I choose another way? Certainly not! That is my choice. And finally David and David,s journeys helped me to realize what I want to do and where I belong to..So, this realization versus reconciliation is definitely something big to me and evokes changes which come with new perceptions and priorities

  22. a civilian-mass audience

    ok…I take it back…ROBERTA …you are not a civilian…nope…!!!

    therefore…all the drinks on you:))))))))))))))))))))))))

    VIVA BURNIANS…!!! AKAKIEEEEEE…we miss you…feel better and be back…!!!

  23. PETE

    i am not sure why the use of the iPhone is being also necessarily a discussion about manipulation…but i think i missed a piece of this chat….i use the iPhone just like i would any camera…just straight up…i have for the Instagrams used a warming filter (like the bandaid on my flash) but that is it..for me it is an easy discussion and the same discussion as always about obtrusive or less so…for sure if you want the super files you use a super full frame sensor etc etc…if you want to move in closer and be more a part of the scene and perhaps do something interesting because of this access, then so be it…i just do not see a discussion beyond normal tech choices….

  24. @ ROBERTA: Thanks for you reply

    He doesnt ask for nothing, there is this level of understanding , efforts to make happen, proud team spirit, to believe in the development, the goal, the outcome. When you are so close , inspired, so into something or feel yourself making part, and suddenly facing kind of compulsion, kind of obsession, cause that moves you.

    Can I resume the paragraph above with this word: AWESOME ALCHEMY!


  25. a civilian-mass audience


    AKAKY…with ALL my love…that’s the best I can do…for now..!!!

    best wishes…and best wishes to JOHNYG who keeps reporting…and to ALL of you MY BURNIANS!!!

  26. a civilian-mass audience

    good morning BURNIANS…

    We have RIO…CAIRO…HOT and COTTON…

    I will be traveling …up,up and high…I am following the sun…

    this I have to say:


    your civi

  27. Eva working in 100 plus conditions is pretty much the norm in the tropics/sub tropic regions of the world inside or out …….. plus the humidity

  28. John!

    Best snap I can imagine, so so weird to see the thing framed and up the wall, and up at YOUR wall.. you’re a sweetheart, thank you :)

  29. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAIK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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