I am just getting rolling in RIO.  I have just been here a bit over a week and starting to get into a rhythm. I mean you gotta get a beat going. You can’t just be “working”. Disaster. You have to be living it. That is for work that means something to you. RIO means lots of things. RIO is hedonism, it is war, it is sex, it is fun, it is pain, it is ballet, it is good surf, it is family life, it is about being lost. And more more. Enough grist for the creative mill for sure. Anyway, I am immersed. For three more weeks.

Join me:    yes, you gotta get in for a buck99    For one thing there is some stuff i just could not show gratis on the net anyway. Listen, I don’t pay for info on the net either. This is not information. This is something that many of you can use. And amigos, it is as close to free as we could make it. For sure right now the hottest living it right now blog going. Cheapest demo workshop on the planet. Plus if you meet me in person, you know damned well I will buy the beer!!

Oh yes, almost forgot, this buck99 gets you a 10% discount on the book.

Please know that this is not any kind of crowd funding for myself.  I was on my way here anyway. Already had many weeks of funding earlier from NatGeo (story coming  2012). I am now simply using the tried and true old Magnum model of just GO. Don’t ask for an assignment. Make one. Do it.  And I just wanted to experiment with a pay wall. Perhaps as a model for others in the future. Quien sabe?

The pictures above shot in the last few days. I post several times a day. Answer as many questions as possible. My reporting to this audience IS THE ART of this part of my next book ONE NIGHT IN RIO  scheduled for spring of 2012. That is like right now. Every aspect of this is right now.  Check it out.

The surprise might be that the “making of” could become its own little book. Comments from the audience et al.

Anyway, pop on in, I have no clue what will happen next….All I know is that something either crazy, or poignant, or hot WILL happen.


cheers, David

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  • a civilian-mass audience

    ” pop on in”…are you serious?

    we are already in…we are BURNING…

    RIO BOOK…is fucking insane !!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    excuse my language…;)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    BUT I can’t help it…

    cause right now…MR.HARVEY, the BURN CREW, the RIO CREW…and ALL of YOU…

    we are experiencing…REVOLUTION !!!

    oime…blame,ROBERTA and RENATA and the ouzo…!!!

  • Some regular contributors here are conspicuous by their absence in Rio.

    Does it have anything to do about interfering in the creative approach of others?

  • Tu sabes! ;-)
    well…yes…quien sabe? all I know is that it is a great thing what you have done with RIO.
    Thank you.

  • Help needed for a dedicated man and a friend of photographers:

  • Jeff my workflow is pretty alien to what David is doing in Rio.

  • Jeff, lately I’ve found that I’m quite contained keeping my thoughts for myself in general… so, I’m following David’s posts silently and without messing with his mojo…

  • Hey Imants, what’s up with the disrespecting people when it isn’t necessary? Hmm, when is it necessary? The internet is so full of that already, isn’t it? Do you understand how your comments appear? Well, that’s my perception at least – really negative rude shit, often aggressive, a bit childish it seems to me. Completely uneccessary. I’m being honest and sincere and to your face here. It’s your choice of course but I don’t think you’re doing anyone any favors, especially Burn. Wanted to say that. Thanks for listening. See ya.

  • No disrespect all I stated is that I work differently what so disrespectful about that?

  • Nothing at all, that wasn’t to what I was referring.

  • So what are you referring to?

  • Well, you may not spend a lot of time thinking about this sort of thing, but I do and I thought you just might want to know this too. Texas is currently the only state that permits voters to cast an absentee ballot from outer space. I don’t know why this should be so; recent polls suggest that the effect of the interplanetary vote on state and local politics in Texas is minimal to the point of nonexistence, but I believe that encouraging citizens to take part in the political life of their state is always a good thing. Not everyone in Texas believes this, however, and they warn of dire problems to come, simply because some people are like that. If it’s a cloudy day it’s going to rain, if it’s sunny you’ll get skin cancer. So you can never win.

    These same people point out that at the current level of space propulsion technology voting is still not much of a problem for the concerned extraterrestrial citizen of Texas. Chemical propulsion systems are simply too slow to propel Texans far enough away from the Earth, which, as you may know, is bigger than Texas, but not by much, for their votes not to count. But what of the future? The inevitable advance of space propulsion technology will one day create engines capable of reaching speeds approaching the speed of light, which as we all know from high school physics, provided you stayed awake in class that day, will cause the time to slow down aboard the spacecraft the same way it slows down when your father tells you that you have to be more responsible with the family car.

    We see here the crux of the problem: interplanetary Texan voters and the election cycle will be out of whack, thereby threatening democracy in Texas. Look, if you will, at Alpha Centauri, which is not, as you may think, an Italian sports car you will never be able to afford on your current salary, but rather the star closest to the Earth, unless you are a Barbra Streisand fan. Space faring Texans exploring this star could, in theory, vote in the Texas gubernatorial race, but in which one? Alpha Centauri is four light years away from the Earth, and Texans who cast their ballots there on Election Day would not have their ballots arrive in Austin until the next race four years later. This sort of disenfranchisement is clearly unfair and I have heard that a federal judge in Houston is considering an injunction against further space travel until such time as Texas can figure out a way to make the vote of every Texan count. There are also rumors that the ACLU is considering launching a test case challenging the laws of relativity, claiming that these so-called laws were designed by the Texas political establishment to deny extraterrestrial Texans their right to vote. As more details become available I will pass them along.

  • Akaky
    Whateve it is you do for a living is a waste. You should be writing a syndicated humour column.


  • Akaky…

    Gordon is absolutely right.

  • PANOS!!

    Know you’re busy in Greece.. but look here:

    THANK YOU!! And thanks to KIM, and Kyunghee Lee, wonderful photograph and print! Going to the wall it is!

  • yes yes YES and MORE YES!! Bring me down there with you!!!!

  • EVA
    what is your email?

  • Wendy..

    sent you a mail.. :)

  • Gordon, what I do for a living may be a waste, but it pays my bills, unlike photography or the phunny stuff, which pays even less than squat.

  • Akaky…

    There was a blog I once discovered about artist’s daily routines and most of the artist featured were writers or painters. If I remembered rightly the average hour most writers began scribbling or typing was around 6:00am, some 8:00am or 9:00am and many between 4:00am and 5:00 am. So everything is possible, I suppose it just depends on one’s desire or necessity to create. There’s always enough time in a day when we believe in ourselves.
    Bloody hell Akaky you’re such a talented writer!!

  • Paul, thanks for the kind words, but one of the reasons I took up photography is that I hate writing. Someone, I forget who, once summed it all up in one pithy sentence: I do not enjoy writing, I enjoy having written. Truer words were never written.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PAUL…thank you for giving credit when credit is due (in proper English).

    “I don’t like to write, but I love to have written”
    Michael Kanin

    “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.”
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    THANK YOU,THANK YOU ALL…Happy 1st of December!!!

    DIEGO ORLANDO are you ready???

  • a civilian-mass audience

    IMANTS…I need a visual from your new surroundings…


  • Updated the story about Boeung Kak lake eviction with pictures from the latest developments…
    If you want to go backwards from the latest picture:

  • And if you want to go forward from the first picture:


    Thanks for posting the links to that impressive series of photos. Aside from being an eloquent and poignant documentation of the lake eviction struggle, there are a number of beautifully composed individual shots among them.

    I was a bit confused by the presence of South Korean and British flags in one of the demonstration pictures. A brief search for “Shukaku, Inc.” revealed that there seems to be some confusion over who actually runs this company… apparently some residents thought it was a South Korean firm, and demonstrated at the SK embassy. There are suggestions in the local media that relatives of high up Cambodian officials run the company in collusion with Chinese backers..??? The name “Shukaku” is originally a Japanese word meaning “harvest.” Do you have any reliable info on who owns and who controls this company? And is there an independent enough judiciary in Cambodia so that there might be hopes of stopping this project legally?

  • -The two flags were two of many other countries used by the demonstrators that day…

    -Shukaku Inc. is backed with Chinese money and its Cambodian counterpart is Lao Meng Khin, a ruling party Senator, head of the Pheapimex Group.

    This was published in ‘People’s Daily Online’ April 08 2007

    “Officials from the Yunnan Southeast-Asia Economy and Technology Investment Industrial and the Cambodia’s Shukaku Company signed the agreements in presence of Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Sok An and Governor of China’s Yunnan Province Qin Guangrong, who is leading a delegation to visit Cambodia from April 5 to 9.

    Under the agreements, the two sides will cooperate to develop the Boeng Kak Lake area in Phnom Penh into a multi-purpose living and recreation center called the New City of East, and establish an eco-garden in Sihanoukville for tourism and other commercial uses.”

    -This project will not be stopped legally, with an independent court or not. But Prime Minister Hun Sen ordered to put 12,44 Ha aside for the remaining Boeung Kak residents for an on-site development. It seems that parts of those 12,44 Ha have been attributed already to either Shukaku or Pheapimex (not clear yet). So the struggle of Boeung Kak now is about having ALL the remaining families integrated in the on-site development. That is still not 100% certain… The boundaries of the 12,44 Ha have not even been marked.

  • Civie sheep bums naked sheep bums………..

  • a civilian-mass audience

    JOHNY VINK…THANK YOU,thank you…I am following you!!!

    IMANTS…I am following you !!!

    Thank you for reporting… I am extremely busy but I stole this from RIO:

    “In any case , I feel I am breaking ground. Could of course be an illusion manufactured by me. I could be delusional. Even I would not be surprised. Basically I am delusional in general. On the other hand , there is a good chance I am on to something”

    yoho,yoho,the pirate’s life for me…VIVA RIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  • John, thanks for the link: a very informative essay that includes many, many excellent photographs: true keepers.


  • B.A.D.

    Yes, I have been struggling with Book Aquisition Dis-order. And burn has been a bad influence in that regard. This past year has seen quite a number of new books arrive in my mailbox. The internet, and Paypal are dangerous things.
    Some of the books have been hmm, interesting, but, today the post office brought “Vivien Maier, Street Photographer” Amazing work, amazing story.Thebook is published by PowerHouse in New York and is beautifully printed. I reccomend it.

  • GORDON :))
    Yes, I have that same disorder .. :)) not only the internet and paypal, but in Cologne is a very dangerous photobook store. Because I already bought so many books throughout the year, for November I gave me a 0 books target. .. and bought “only” three .. I guess….

  • For the photography book addicts in the Brussels area: Librairie Husson… Rare and self published books and much more…

  • Superb coverage, John. Just a question, was there something shown or done related to about the Boeung Kak Lake evictions by the organizers during PhotoPhnomPenh festival this week?

  • a civilian-mass audience


    no internet…lost in Grecolandia…or maybe I just found me…

    be back…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Safe travels EVA…


  • Hervé: no… But one of their pictures was a nice backdrop for me… :-)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Good morning from beautiful Greece…

    Amazing,amazing beauty all around me…THANK YOU BURNIANS,THANK YOU MR.HARVEY…
    Thank you Universe…

    No words to express my feelings
    THODORIS…just covered me…

    P.S…I am running(like BOBBY)…BUT when I come home here in BURNLAND …my soul smiles again…

  • Nice polaroids Thodoris!
    I see you went to the red beach but forgot to go to the red door down there:

    wonder if it’s still there?!?!

  • Thanks Carlo… I didn’t see that door at the red beach but I saw many like it at the black beach… no pictures to show though…


    you work with graphic design,macabre music, and photoshop primarily…the PHOTOGRAPH is not a part of what you do…i mean the photograph as a photograph…you do mixed take pictures and add graphics and that is YOUR art… i say it…it is not what i do , yet i am interested in all kinds of ways that people work…yes, we work differently and what you do is alien to the way i work as well…

    however, if YOU had something like this going, i would friggin pay attention!!

    what is this bit that what i do is different than what you do , so you do not even take a look to even find out what i do? …you do not even know what i do Imants…not even a clue….pronouncement without knowledge…just curious, just curious…

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