I have a very playful side. Some get this side confused with my so called “serious side”.  Often the two blend.  Surely my intent. So, right smack in the middle of Burn 02 production and also when I am focusing on two major projects, RIO and FAMILY DRIVE, I come up with this idea now called COMIC BOOK,  which spun spontaneously yesterday out of nowhere while I was playing with the Instagram bit.  The beauty of COMIC BOOK is that I can do it while doing other things.

These are to be three picture fiction sequences based on real life.  Or, are they even really fiction? You can decide. Just like the way I always saw the comics in the paper as a kid, and smiling as an “adult” as well. Anyway, fun and I keep trying to think of legit creative ways to use Twitter and Facebook, which is where these sequences will appear first. The “reality show”  is now being built by introducing the characters.  Two characters have been introduced so far on the FB/Twitter platform, and I will have up to ten interacting characters. These “stories” will evolve over time and are intended totally as a retro spoof on the so called “picture story”. But who knows where this goes?

Well, for one thing I hope it will spawn some ideas for you. I really want you to start thinking in terms of packages of pictures, sound, music, or whatever media you like and wrap it all into little units we can plug right here into Burn. Just as I have here. Yes, this is mine , but I am waiting for yours. The sky is the limit. No restrictions, just come up with a totally fun or totally serious concept. We will play you right here if provocative enough.You must produce the entire idea and package it for use. We can help of course, but the point is independent production by you. Yes, we already do this to some extent, but we want to max out this idea. So my “play” is just to get things rolling.

There is one thing I really need for you to do right now. We are late for this idea for Burn 02, but I think we can still make the deadline. Anyway, let’s try. Go NOW and take a self portrait using a window, any window,  to frame you. No more instructions. Just you in a window as a self portrait. We need 100 of you to do this for it to work as a spread in BURN 02 which we are scrambling to have in print and a debut at Visa Pour L’Image in Perpignan, France by the end of the month.

Just drop this picture into Submissions right here and mark it Self Portrait. If we can collectively make this happen cool, if not BURN 02 will rock it no matter what. If you do this, it must literally be done in the next few days. Should be fun and the designer of 02 has an interesting concept for these pictures. A surprise for you of course.

Hey, its summertime. Time to do things just for fun. Of course if you do anything you enjoy, it might just be taken seriously. I think the point is, and I try to get my students to open their minds way way way up, is that everything you do should be some sort of self portrait. Not literally, but figuratively. A point of reference to who you are, not who you are supposed to be. Photography can be used in so many ways. I never cease to be amazed by the possibilities. Wishing you feel the same. Show me.


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  1. I think you might get more than a hundred!!
    BURNING it up…
    oh yeah….
    what not to love?!?!?

  2. Diptychs, triptychs, poliptychs have been with us since the pre-Renaissance. Look at the multi-panel Sienese paintings from the 13th to 15th centuries. They are in effect little comic books. But alas, they always have the same plot: happy baby Jesus, uh oh, that guy with the pointy tail and fork is back…Are they going to string up the Christ? Oh! They got him again…

  3. Herve, you’ve been around since the beginning. You’ve had a photograph published. You and Bob B have shown each other much love over the years. You’re well known in here… you deserve. Make the portrait! ;^}

  4. In my case today the self portrait assignment has been brilliant. I’ve been out all afternoon taking self portraits round the city even managed to arrive late at the hospital. This is something I’ve never ever done before and I can thoroughly recommend this little assignment to anyone who is a little unsure about their photography, because it really loosens you up. It’s easy once you break away from any reticence, truly rewarding creatively, full of fun and the funny thing is I was totally against it until I pulled out my camera for the first time this afternoon.
    I’ll submit my image tomorrow :)

  5. I took the “Go NOW and take a self portrait using a window” as a “NOW” when I read it this morning.
    Out of the blue, found a window, one click and voila.
    Maybe I was too literal….

  6. HERVE:

    hey, what are you talking about?…i can’t imagine a RoadTrip/BURN dialog without a joust/kiss fest with you, right? :))))…come on…you are the king (with Young Tom) of singles and bon mots…i ‘demand’ you send in something…

    for the fun of it, i sent 3…nothing serious…2 worked via submission, the 3rd, i can’t figure out what i’m doing wrong, as I had to scan an old 8×10 matte print and for somereason i keep getting error message ‘can’t accept this file’ etc…so, i sent it directly to BURN…anyway….nothing serious, just for fun…

    ok, must get back to work…

    Herve, get your ass in gear! ;)))



  7. with the last for now threesome in place, i juggled things around at the end so that you could read this “block” of Comic Book in any direction. Front to end, end to front, up and down , and diagonal across..all three picture sequences and interestingly with the same basic story…the math of poetry…funny how things spark up and evolve…their life may be short, but who cares about time…it is the intensity of the moment that should be treasured…when you really discover….what could possibly beat THAT feeling??

    cheers, david

  8. Vissaria Skoulida

    I found a window-mirror.
    I submitted too…
    Uncle P. has not teached me yet pixels.
    I hope, I did it right.


  9. My crap-phone does not do the submit thing, so I’ve sent the file to Thomas..

    THOMAS, can you please do for me? Many thanks.. sure found a window that reflects perfectly who/how I am..

  10. “They have us make copies of everybody, trying to turn us into another Velazquez or another Goya or maybe Poussin and we remain nobody. Art begins with the individual. When the individuality appears, that’s the beginning of art.”
    Pablo Picasso

  11. “Write as if you were dying. At the same time, assume you write for an audience consisting solely of terminal patients. That is, after all, the case. What would you begin writing if you knew you would die soon? What would you say to a dying person that would not enrage by it’s triviality?”
    Annie Dillard, “The writing life”

  12. GORDON…

    well, it just looks like i am having too much fun…frankly, i have never worked so hard in my life…trying to get the dark room going, finish up with 02, Burn biz, get back for my final blast at Rio, write the NatGeo text for OBX essay, and continue with my family drive project…plus a few workshops here and there…of course all voluntary and all what i want to do, but still amigo a lot of work…and nothing i do is ONLY a laughing matter…but the laughter sure does make for a more pleasant day…please visit…


  13. just got home, late, tired…
    hopefully tomorrow will not be too late… self portrait, windows… hmmm : )


    “who cares about time…it is the intensity of the moment that should be treasured…when you really discover….what could possibly beat THAT feeling??”

    one of your best yet…


  14. Submitted one as well…
    By the way, what is Burn’s policy for injuries sustained on “assignments”?)
    Almost shot myself to death for this self portrait ;^)
    Hope it’s eligible at least… took the “window” part a bit metaphorically…

  15. CIVILIAN..

    of course you should be/must be in this self portrait mix!! i know who you are , and everyone should by now…do it…please pretty please with cream and sugar :)

    hugs, david


    we have no insurance for assignment injuries….please do not take us to court, because we have no money….besides if you accidentally shoot yourself, can we really be held morally responsible? Thodoris, please be careful ..for your own safety and the safety of others around you….we need you around here….

    cheers, david

  17. by the way, the self portraits i have seen so far are just terrific….very nice..will be a super spread in 02…thanks again in advance…….and i have just seen our super slide show to launch Burn 02 at Perpignan…well the show is just a tribute to Burn and we will also launch 02..seems the timing is right….hope some of you can make it..this is one of those big deal presentations..maybe our biggest and first time in Europe…all good for Burn which i hope you see is good for you..or at least everyone here has a chance to be published here..not everyone can make it , but we give everyone an equal and fair chance…just go shoot..


  18. David, if getting a fine picture also means getting a few bruises, it’s always fine by me… what hurts more than landing on my back a few times though is the realization that I let the years slip through my fingers, and now I have no chance getting into the cirque du soleil… ;)

  19. Micaël Martel

    Nothing good enough to submit this time unfortunately, not good enough to be next to you guys anyway, maybe next time :)

  20. wasn’t that happy with what I uploaded yesterday, I browsed through my iPhone pictures. Maybe something useable from there. Is a mirror a window, too? .. a kind of…hm?

  21. a civilian-mass audience

    MICAEL MARTEL…come on now…LOOK at me…I am just a civilian
    as I said before…
    if I can do it…YOU CAN DO IT…push the button

    well,I have to admit…I have been blackmailed by BOB BLACK…
    EVA with MIKER “pushed me”
    BUT here I am .A civilian next to the photophilosophers…

    come on…Enjoy the journey…!!!

    P.S MR.HARVEY, sugar and cream …hmmm…I am on a diet (I follow JOHNYG…):)


  22. Micaël Martel

    thanks CIVILIAN :), I’ll try a couple of new ones, I’ll achieve something worth submitting eventually!

  23. silly, but I have never used a timer on digital (5D) – where is it? is that how you are doing it? don’t think my cable release even works w digital, haven’t explored this yet – how to??

    still time if I do it manana? can not today

  24. The timer is controlled by the same wheel that controls the advance mode.

    It cycles from: single, continuous, self-timer(10 sec) and self-timer 2 sec

    And, unfortunately, a regular cable release will not work on the 5D

  25. emcd — silly indeed! :-)
    Timer accessed through drive button on top of 5d — choice of 2 or 10 second delay. Cable releases made for that cam too — buy brand-x, canon too much $$$

  26. Yikes! I live on the second floor… This could be dangerous.

    I’m pleased to be heading to Perpignan this year, so look forward to seeing the presentation! Who else will be there? Obviously you will DAVID. Hope to catch up especially after Look3 was a no show.

  27. Laughing!! Not for one minute did I think in using the self timer for my self portrait. There’s me squirming about looking a complete ass, camera in hand :)!! Stupid me…

  28. Just submitted self portrait from 6 weeks ago, but it’s in a mirror. (Window to the eye?) All the ones in store windows have me under giant brains or cuddled up to women or… In this case, I was trying to learn how to hold the camera at waist level to get a full body shot-28mm ai 5:4.

  29. A couple of weeks ago I found an old friend on Facebook from my school in Brazil.

    Tommy was the pure concept of sunshine back when we went to school together. Huge blue eyes and a broad smile that seemed to never leave his face. Tommy’s father was our math teacher and the one who went with us to the first Hard Rock festival in Rio – we were a small group of HUGE hard rock fans, and we were minors. So it was due to Tommy’s father that we were the only ones of the thousands of Rock in Rio fans, who had to watch the show from behind (!) the stage, as our math teacher expected the Maracanã stadium to collapse under the rhythmic jumps of the audience.

    Tommy was also the magic guitar player of our first very own band … And only his huge smile never quite fit the hard rock concept.

    Tommy just died of liver failure.

    Like many of us. he did not cope well with returning to live in Germany.

    I found our literally one click before I saw this post on BURN.

    I thought, I could not do a self portrait now.
    I did one nonetheless.
    I am not sure if it can be used …
    But here we go.
    For Tommy.
    For blue eyes in a soul that will now hopefully find it’s light again.

  30. a civilian-mass audience

    LASSAL,you are a strong one
    thanks for sharing…
    Today,we drink coffee and we eat olive bread…
    for TOMMY (who is going upstairs)!

    maybe Perpignan…hmmm…JAMES is in!


    MTOMALTY…you should have asked for permission…BUT in a way I am relieved…
    YES,I am out there…your civilian is next to YOU…keep shooting me

    Spread the love and the ouzo…Viva !!!

  31. LASSAL….
    exactly the right time TO take a portrait…..
    BIG hugs

  32. Here’s an interesting article about abstraction in photography and how it relates to the popularity of apps like hipstamatic and instagram. Keep in mind, Paul, that abstraction and factually correct are not mutually exclusive terms.

  33. MW…

    Thanks, I’ll read that article a little later when the kids and I are a little calmer :).
    BTW have you done any more work on Captain Blood and that NY cemetery?

  34. Captain Blood? You must be thinking of someone else. The cemetery? No, that’s not really a project, just somewhere I like to go for the quiet and natural beauty and sometime practice the craft for the sake of practice. It has plenty of dappled light and regularly spaced text going off into infinity, so one can play with things such as high contrast lighting situations and depth of field. I rarely discuss my unpublished work publicly, but if you’re interested you are always welcome to email or skype.

  35. Gordon…

    Well I’d love to know who civi is and I’ve got my theories like everybody :). But if I ever find out I promise not to tell you…

  36. Don’t know and don’t want to know either.. self portrait, or portrait for that matter, doesn’t mean you show/see it all..

  37. “I always thought of photography as a naughty thing to do – that was one of my favorite things about it, and when I first did it, I felt very perverse.
    Diane Arbus

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  39. a civilian-mass audience

    taxis strike is over…maybe grecolandia starts moving again…

    I want to be in Perpignan…hmmm…

  40. a civilian-mass audience

    GORDON…you already know me…
    check next to you
    MARTHA is a civilian…
    same goes EVA…I am everywhere BUT let’s focus back on YOU

    BURN is the place to BE…VIVA FOTOGRAPHIA!!!


    hey Mike, i was wondering if you were going to notice…your print on the wall is the one little piece of serenity in that chaotic mess that is supposed to be my dining room…have we ever used my dining room as a dining room?

    i am now in Iowa shooting in Moville…where my parents are from and my original home…Moville hosts the county fair…that’s why i am here…Family Drive stuff….decided two hours before my flight on a whim that i just had to be here…demolition derby on sunday and my 86 yr old uncle still goes to his main street bank everyday…

    Mamiya VII film work for the big book and iPhone too for Comic Book…back OBX on tuesday, and hope that Denise and you will stop by for a cold beer…always a pleasure my friend…

    when i was a kid and growing up, i always thought Moville was such a truly not cool name of a town…now i see MOVILLE as just one helluva classic subject….a book within the book….the main street looks just like it did when i was a kid…these farm towns don’t change much…

    cheers, david

  42. AUDREY…

    oh great!! i will be doing a fast trip over to France and only there for wednesday night and thursday night…i cannot stay for the big parties etc, but i can’t take another big party anyway…my nephew is getting married in Boston on that saturday and i of course MUST be there…anyway hope to see you wedesday august 31 (a free evening for me) or after the Burn showing the next night sept 1….back to Barcelona early next morn for flight back to U.S…

    hugs, david

  43. I will be there from august 31 to september 5, so it is perfect for me! It will be always a pleasure to see you same fast :)
    Take care of yourself, audrey

  44. DAH –

    Said it before and I’ll say it again – if you work your way down to DM, you have a place to stay…some great bars a block away.

  45. ok let me cut through the chase here….we are talking about a big HUGE BURN EXHIBITION! DAVID already started this long time ago..nothing new here..im not an innovator i know, i know…but follow me please for a second and you might like my idea…
    Well as any photog im always looking places, galleries, cities, countries etc..to exhibit and showcase work..even sell (i know y’all laughing on the sales part)..
    Anyway CHECK THIS OUT…. i found a venue…A great gallery , in a great community that will host a BURN EXHIBITION…
    ok before we go into details, i need to say this..First i made sure i got a space for me, the original plan was for me to do a SOLO exhibition and be the cool guy etc…Of course i agreed and all was fine until couple nights ago i woke up with this bright idea , practically stolen from DAH..lol
    Why Solo?
    How about a BURN exhibition?
    GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! i thought..but immediately i saw the problem..
    WHo am i to choose who should be included and who not?
    Is it an inner circle jerk elite in Burn? How do i get in Burn? How do i belong? I havent published an essay yet..am i good enough? and other thoughts of this kind ..
    so i scratched and scratched and scratched my head and then BOOM I GOT IT…

    the NAME OF THE EXHIBITION WILL BE :” BURN-ed GARDEN” (First i thought salad instead of garden), or “Burn ,The Last Minute Compilation”…
    you see i want to promote BURN and us the photogs so check this out yo..

  46. EACH ONE OF US/YOU/ALL OF US/ANY OF US/YOU that wants to be included and participate in the EXHIBITION That will take place / premiere at 8th of october 2011 in SA Texas and will probably move on to europe or Sydney etc..
    SO all i need is ONE PHOTOGRAPH OF YOUR CHOICE/PRINTED AS BEST AS IT EXPRESSES YOU/AT ANY SIZE YOU PREFER..(NOT FRAMED)…In the address i will provide if you email me at panos.skoulidas@gmail.com or innerspacecowpanos@gmail.com
    Not digital files nor negatives… YOUR PRINT EXACTLY AS YOU LIKE IT!
    AGREEMENT IS THAT 50% OF THE SALE OF THE PHOTOGRAPH, (IF SOLD OF COURSE) goes to THE PHOTOGRAPHER and 50% donated immediately to Burn Magazine)-(gallery gets 30% of the deal)
    FEEL FREE TO PRICE YOUR PHOTO TOO IF YOU LIKE but i promise i will try to sell it in a higher price.
    Well why am i doing this? Well why not?
    I can still do a solo exhibition later and still impress the community but hey hey wait!
    Whats best? Just one photographer only? or a bunch of geniuses here from Burn on a gallery wall????
    I already have the OK FROM THE GALLERY..
    HONESTLY ANY BURNIAN I KNOW HAS AT LEAST ONE GREAT/ICONIC photo at their disposal, on e photo signature, one photo that feels “you”..! well that is the photo i want from you to SHOWCASE , bring it to the collectors and even sell it if possible…One thing for sure i know we will have tons of people in the premiere opening night in the gallery and it will be a great party!

    AGAIN, RULES? NO RULES..ONLY TIME MATTERS..i know u guys have the photos ready..maybe not printed yet but ready.. Now SIZE? any size u like..THE BIGGER THE BETTER..but plz at least bigger than 11×14(min), NOT FRAMED (put a sticker on the back with name and sign it to be nice with your customers)again, gallery takes 30%, and from the rest 50% to you and 50% to Burn for Support/Donations to keep the magazine alive..again its a win win situation..
    Its a Burn collection, no theme, no “best” or this or that..no labels..just a burn party somewhere in the heart of america , in the heart of the Lone Star Land..im sure Austin and SA will totally support us!
    Name of the gallery is 1-9-0-6 run by multifaceted talented owner Andy Benavides and again
    BURN EXHIBITION PREMIERE is at 8th of October till November the 4th!
    Email me to send u address in the texas gallery to send the prints that i will personally handle etc etc blah blah..im expecting a DAH photo too , hopefully not the most expensive one from his collection!

  47. because its all a matter of time…not enough time… please send them/prints as fast as possible although u are still good and “in” even if i get your print 7 days prior the 8th of october…Again , no theme, b&w is ok, color ok, all photo manipulations ok, everything , anything ok, as long as its GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you all!
    Again for more info email me here:

  48. AND i know im talking to super high quality photographers here..thats why i feel so confident that we can satisfy the audience in the upcoming exhibition..
    All im trying to do is to be your agent..to represent you..i got you the space..the gallery..the event..the dates..what else u need ?
    oh u need to sell? well ok, i’ll work on that too…$$ in your paypal as soon as u sell! who wants play?
    Exhibition starts at 8th of october..deadline to send your photo is i guess 1st of october!
    big hug

  49. Brian, im serious,..i have it all set up/..i just came back from meeting the gallery owner..he insisted for me to go SOLO, i insisted to BURN the place and he agreed! So i talked briefly with DAH, i asked his permission of course and here i am begging you ALL to send me your best photo in print (no frame) and i will do the “rest”!!!
    we already contacted newspapers etc to promote it etc!

  50. and man i wish i could get photos from “unknowns” too and not only the very welcomed of course usual suspects..but anyway, we even have a dj ready and a taco track !

  51. Panos.. email sent.. if you manage to sell the print for what I’m concerned, goes to Burn..

    Thanks for organizing :)

  52. a civilian-mass audience

    PANOS…you are a true BURNIAN…

    what can we help…? spread the fire…?

  53. Panos,

    That’s awesome! What a self-less act!
    Justin thank you but the readers here are sharp! It is actually a very selfish act..i will look good in the community here …! very good! but proud because im presenting the BEST OF THE BEST so im not selling crap..im selling gold!

  54. “i hope it turns out to be international and have photos from Wasilla all the way to the other side of the world New Zeland and even Tasmania…;)”

    …..and even Canada ! Count me in for a print or two and, like Eva, if it sells proceeds after
    your expenses go to BURN.

    Have you thought about an optimum print size ?


  55. i got a great email about what am i going to do with the “unsold”/ remaining photos? Do i return them?
    ok..simple mathematics..

    yes ..if 500 photos are sent all we be hang through out the month!Although i dont think i can expect that..that would be funny!now the “dream plan” is this exhibition to move around, maybe europe and sydney for sure..so the ideal would be for the photog to donate the print NOT THE COPYRIGHT or the file..

    or or or, i guess if someone wants it back then post return fees should be included because im not doing it for profit so if 400 photos need to be shipped back to Australia for exaple, then im done;)

    but u see if they send me 1000 photos and i sell 300 then to ship the rest 700 back to australia im bankrupt

    so yes the DREAM IS the exhibition to keep moving

    the COPYRIGHT is always yours..we ONLY TRYING TO SELL ONE PRINT

  56. EVA, i dont like being around money..the gallery will be doing this..in the end of the month they will tell me whats sold etc..keep their money and whoever gets paid i will send THROUGH PAYPAL 50%…or they can donate later to BURN..when its money involved i get very worried etc…im not earning $$ but i will gain respect from galleries and curators around here..and yes im selfish but hey u know how much i love burn..just as much as you do!

    Mark, of course i count you in…;)

  57. a civilian-mass audience

    YES,THE BEST of the BEST…

    see you in Grecolandia…I will be serving… ouzo and olives
    BUT I can’t guarrantee …big profits…IMF is watching:)

  58. SO PLEASE DONATE THE PRINT…(not the copyright)..this just one print because i cant afford to mess with the post office and ship 500 prints to 500 destinations..i’ll end up in a psychiatric clinic..if u feel paranoid watermark it or sigh it in a lower corner and definitely a sticker in the back with your info to know who you are!

  59. No Artist statements, no pompous stuff!…down to business…party..Gallery..music..BURN PHOTOS…sales..business..go home!…ship photos to next location/destination wherever /whenever!!!!!!!!

  60. ok ALL… NEW UPDATE!
    IM ALREADY GETTING MORE EMAILS THAN anticipated i will post the ADDRESS of the “warehouse” to ship photos!
    you can ship here:
    panos skoulidas
    1115 S.Alamo st, #2308
    San Antonio TX 78210

  61. Deadline again October 1st! Send big size, bigger or at least 11×14 for sure-….Only Prints/NO FRAMES..any theme..put your name behind photo and i will with THE GALLERY of course , coz im not an expert, take care all the handling/etc..blah blah!..print is not to be returned,and if ,sold 30% goes to gallery the rest divided, 50% to Burn & 50% to YOU by Pay Pal!Again, prints are not to be returned and u ok for the photo to move on in future “Burn collective exhibitions” through out the globe!.
    The copyright always belongs to photog and Mark asked about prices ..
    hmmm what do u guys think? Anywhere between $150-$500 would be fair depending the size!

  62. Panos,

    That’s awesome dude, very selfless of you to take this on! Wish I could make it to Texas to see the exhibition…

    Hmm not sure if an occasional commenter like me qualifies for your invitation? If so I will donate a 13×19 inch print, and I don’t want any money if it sells. Proceeds to go 100% to Burn.

  63. Ross, Carsten, thank u but, listen, do NOT make my life miserable!…laughing!’
    hey, again, lets forget about the $$..if any $$$, i wont deal with it neither BURN..
    david alan harvey HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS , money- wise, or any transaction wise..its all on the Gallery!
    The GALLERY SELLS..(i’ll do my best too)…but THE GALLERY DEALS WITH ANY MONEY, (IF ANY SALES-keep their part and the rest half to you , half to burn..) end of story!
    if u wanna donate back to burn, u all know where the donation button is, right?
    lets try to keep things simple because , money is a strange animal, and i dont want myself or burn to be involved in any scam or any crap like that..
    Its very simple!
    i trust the GALLERY!
    they ‘ll do their best…they are paying everything , from drinks, food, hosting, electricity etc…so they are obliged to “sell”..of course its tough times..
    bad economy..who needs art?
    well, i dont know but intend to find out!
    wanna help?
    half money yours if you sell..
    cant get any simpler than that
    its just a test
    its just a show
    im not saying i invented “facebook” damn it…just another exhibition with the BEST OF THE BEST OF THE WHOEVER WAS AROUND, TIMING IS EVERYTHING kinda thing!
    whatdya think?

  64. Carlo, thank you for the email..
    yes im looking and believe more in the “unknown soldiers” than the “usual suspects”…
    Anyway, best thing about the “usual suspects” , at least some of them are “too good to support this and send a print” but we could care less!
    There’s “hungry for art” people out there.. i dont call them “audience” coz most of them are also artists in what they do! All respect, they can buy your stuff? trust me, they might me doing something right, right? No dissing art lovers, as long as they can support or buy! too harsh?

  65. lassal….

    so sorry to hear of your loss…just last friday a friend of mine took her life…shared that under the Paul S’s essay…so, i’m sending you love and light…having lost 4 people this year since October, i know your loss, just ring that inside your widdening heart…


    abstraction…just wait..just wait…;)…my hope is to blow the eyes out of folk..to combine abstraction with non-abstraction which equals abstraction…showed a young photogrpaher the work last night…will be send in as soon as mr.s black returns….madness, folk will think i’ve lost it….i’d love to jump into that discussion between you and paul (much to say) but can’t/won’t…let me say i think you’re both partly ‘right’…it is NOT about whether or not a photograph is abstract/subjective (it ALWAYS ALWAYS IS, period), rather it is about the intent and the transparency and honesty of both the photographer (or journalist) and the readers responsibility to reflect (which does not happen enough)…more to add…but no joy in doing so….

    off off and away…

  66. Panos:

    i will send u a print…here’s the deal, i leave for a much much needed vacation in 2 weeks and will be away from burn for the rest of the summer, so when i return, i’ll send u a print…and if it doesn’t sell, you can have it as a gift….i’ll probably send u something from either Loomings or Russian work (since it’s all new)…i won’t print it until i get back in early Sept, but i will send it…no problem….

    must run now…time to disappear and finish russia….


  67. Panos,

    Very cool of you to organize this!
    I’ll definitely send a print.

    How about a book exhibition as well? At least a dozen of the regulars have put out books—from Blurb to handmade ones. It would only take table to set them up and it should be easier to sell them than the prints, too…


  68. PANOS:

    i forgot to mention, any sale proceeds, please DONATE that to BURN…or to your taco fun…or the money that you spend putting it together…having curated myself, i know that alot of time and cost goes into the effort…so, i don;’t want anything in return…just to be a part with you brother is enough…ok, must fly, really :))



  69. How about a book exhibition as well?
    Thodoris,great idea!..if burn.02 will be ready at that time i’d love to see what people think…or afford!

    i forgot to mention, any sale proceeds, please DONATE that to BURN…o
    Bobus awesome, lets hope for the sales..economy getting worst by the second..! yeah who knows! im curious too..part that im doing this!is curiosity..can that fly? and if, how high?

  70. ok Imants, Lassal , ALL…lets hope for sales!…by the end of the exhibit, by the end of october, beginning November we will know if “we” made any $$$$ and/or how much!..if u all want we can donate it all to burn although i believe its more FAIR for the photogs that sold to get their $ and its up to them if they donate or not!Again, whatever u guys want!..i could care less!50% for burn is more than i hope….plus always think that 30% that the Gallery will “suck” out of the budget…Burn comes first, but but, Burn is the Photographers, therefore the Photographers comes First.Sorry Burn;)
    Smiling! y’all know what i mean, but again, i’ll do what you/we decide!


    i’m scanning scanning more russia, but i realized (from an email) there might be a misunderstanding…i’m not leaving ‘burn’…i’m leaving for the summer for vacation…to write and finish my russian book and spend some silence with wife, son, mom, brother,sis-in-law and nephew…just need to get away from the world…and i may visit obx….but not leaving burn…just need silence for next 4-5 weeks…

    ok, hope that’s clear! ;))

  72. OK, submitted, just hope it’s not too late…

    Panos : )) very cool – good on ya!

    All, have a great weekend!

    – here, after several weeks of much needed heavy rain, sun is shinning, clear clear crisp blue skies, classic western australia winter… saturday morning… aaahhhhh : ))

  73. a civilian-mass audience

    You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”
    Kahlil Gibran

    PANOS…it will fly. This whole thing…it will fly because…
    Venice,Russia,Wasilla,Tanzania,Athens,Cairo,China,Paris,London,Iowa,New York,Rome,OBX…
    MY BURNIANS will give of your inside…YOUR Soul,your Vision,Your Heart…!!!

    ok…” tell it as it is”…may the spirits be with You…ALL of you…

  74. Civi down my way we use a Greek guy ……..he is always pointing north saying that’s where the money is ………. ahhhhhhmmmmmmmmn

  75. a civilian-mass audience

    Don’t we All love …our AUSSIES…:)!!!

    compass,no compass,north,west…no worries
    as long as I have you, BURNIANS…hiii and some ouzo
    I am ok…

    Viva to the Revolution…and this time the photoOlympics will start from San Antonio…
    Viva Texas !!!( where are you JIMMY?)


    i just got off skype with IMANTS…must run, pictures. really, but will declare this:


    man crush…and I have like the most beautiful, thoughtful wife in the world…

    imants is not only the sea (pond?) of the earth but has a soul and laugh to kill…

    Imants is a my brother…with more hair ;)))


    ok, gotta run


  77. a civilian-mass audience

    damnit…we need some sisters…ASAP…!

    BOBBY,you have hair…it’s just hiding :)
    ok,run now…Russia is waiting…

    running too…niahhh…
    Spread the news
    Spread the love
    Spread …something

  78. CIVI.. from other isle.. can’t offer lamb leg, but lots of other animals.. camping at Maria’s farm, deep deep south.. taking pics.. one last frame.. can I take your picture? Big, shy smile straight into the lens.. kissed goodbye..

  79. Here’s an interesting link about the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind and how it profoundly affected a young girl from Hellhole Texas.

    I have my own Nevermind story, though not remotely so life changing or even worth relating. For a brief time it provided an artistic framework for some complicated feelings surrounding loss and separation. I liked their subsequent records but was never all that into them and was never interested in Kurt Cobain as an individual after his death. Well, not until recently and that’s due mostly to looking at Charles’s photography and reading his occasional comments on the subject. Patti Smith, some too.

    Anyway, after the last exchange here, I got Van Sant’s movie and have watched it a couple times. It’s a very strange piece of art and I’d recommend it for anyone who has patience with difficult movies. I know it’s loosely based on Cobain’s Last Days. I don’t know what those days were actually like and I suspect the film doesn’t tell us much, if anything, about them in terms of actual biography. It seems an almost entirely artistic representation. I don’t think the fact that it’s loosely based on a real person matters much to the power of the story, though perhaps when you consider the larger body of work, especially Elephant, it does. And for those who may be interested, I think it may be the opposite of a spoiler to mention that there is no blood or gore in the film whatsoever.

  80. Frank says…… As someone who creates some wonderful images that are not all that easy to interpret, how would you like it if someone said your wok should be more accessible? I say this is accessible all one has to do is place the mouse over the link and click the little varmint http://www.imantskrumins.com/

  81. Thing is, Thodoris, I’m much more interested in Gus Vansant as a visual storyteller than I am in Cobain as an historical figure. And I think there are a lot of good lessons for us photo essayists in that work.

  82. Imants…

    I really love that image of the lizard and the sun shinning down on what looks like some swamp.
    Brilliant :)!

  83. 20 years!!
    Bloody hell, time flies past sometimes just too quickly.
    Funny my life completely changed round the time Cobain died, for once it was good move and of course as it was a good move I had nothing much to do with it either!

  84. BOB…

    you finally figured this out about Imants? i have been saying this all along…and guess what? Jim Powers on skype a totally a very nice down to earth man as well…and Jim is supposed to be shooting a picture or two for us as well….i think we had all better go skype..or in person, where honestly i have met so many here…and well, not a bad apple in the bunch….you my friend are of course in person exactly as you are online…but not everyone is ….thanks for the self portrait(s)….and love for Marina and Dima

    cheers, david

  85. Michael, if studying its visual storytelling was the only reason you watched Last Days, then forget my previous recommendation. Watch/study instead Koyaanisqatsi. In my book great cinematography doesn’t necessarily a great movie make. Van Sant made my favorite directors list back with Drugstore Cowboy and there are many of his films I love, but Last Days and Gerry have won a permanent position on my worst movies ever list… well, matter of taste I suppose…


    don’t the very best also always, necessarily, do the very worst? isn’t the distance between very good and very bad oftentimes really close? surely some of the very best photography is closer to the very worst than it is to mediocrity….all things in a circle , not in a line…

  87. Thodoris, no the visuals are not the only reason and I will happily take your advice on the movie recommendation, thanks.

    I haven’t come to any conclusions about Last Days other than finding it very interesting as visual storytelling and narrative structure. Were Elephant not one of my favorite films, one I have seen and contemplated many times, I’m pretty sure I would hate Last Days. But as it is, I try to be slow in judging.

  88. I’m definetely going back to shooting a hell of a lot more BW film and print it myself after seeing the only place locally who I’ve proved can print a decently calibrated digital print is now charging 15 Euro for a 10×15 cm print. I do have a good Epson printer with a good RIP but just the cost of keeping up with ink and buying 10 sheets of A4 baryta paper at 35 Euros makes me shudder. My mother in law and sister in law are off to the mainland to visit their family and naturally they wanted to take back some prints of the kids. But of course at these prices I really do print very, very little these days and have a hard disc loaded to the brim with images, just sitting there. My wife found it so ridiculous we didn’t have anything new to send back considering I’m always taking photos, and she’s quite right!!

  89. David, yea, I think that’s how it is when you go for it. The possibility of being spectacular includes the possibility of spectacular failure. Wouldn’t be any fun otherwise, would it…

  90. DAVID: :))

    yea, i always knew that…we’ve had a great writing/email friendship for i think 5 years or something, exhibited together etc…but as u know, meeting on the web is great but it must be done in real life…how much we’d all be different if we just met face-to-face, hug-to-hug, glassofwhatever-to-glassofwhatever :)))…but man he’s the S-W-E-E-T-est cat on the planet and that voice/accent…love him even more than we had a couple of hours to talk live….and your circle thing, that IS it exactly…you will get some of my best/worst stuff soonest…a long promised delivered, just waiting my bride to return…if my mom is cool, i hope to see u guys in obx from Foley…but you know: mom gets priority! :))

    damm, now i really must go, some major thing to also finish, cleaning, shopping….life of a married photographer ;)

  91. David, yes… all’s a circle… had a movie idea on the concept about ten years ago—back then I was thinking of trying my hand in short films, but never got around to… now thinking of making it into a book project… it requires some locations, some props and a couple dozen actors/models/friends, which means it might never get done, but if I pull it off I think you’d like it…

  92. David…

    Looking at Pinkhassov work on the Magnum site and also looking through “Sightwalk” which you advised me to buy and BTW I love, I can’t decide if people or the quality of light is more important in his work. It seems to me he quite often sacrifices the people in his images and portrays them as shadows as a means of capturing the magic patterns the light plays in his image and so I get the impression it’s more about the look of light than portrayal of people.

  93. 4 days until my copy of Infidels by Tim Hetherington arrives – looking forward to it. Very tempted to add Papageorge’s American Sports to the incoming list…

  94. Fellow Burnians..awesome ..yes there is plenty of time,..pretty much the whole August and September…Show opens at 8th of october..as long as i have the good prints couple weeks prior we will be set!of course the sooner the better, but no stress..its all about fun..not stress! So far the participation is encouraging..wayy beyond encouraging actually!

  95. john:

    panos skoulidas
    August 5, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    IM ALREADY GETTING MORE EMAILS THAN anticipated i will post the ADDRESS of the “warehouse” to ship photos!
    you can ship here:
    panos skoulidas
    1115 S.Alamo st, #2308
    San Antonio TX 78210

  96. Tottenham has gone totally mad. Riots still continuing and spreading. Despite reporting with live footage from Libya, Egypt, and Syria, our media (Sky and BBC) have gone oddly quiet and are seemingly incapable of obtaining any footage from the last two hours in our own capital, where they are based. It’s actually strange how it is being reported. Rioting has been going 6-7 hours now and doesn’t look like it will stop. Unless something major happens while our media isn’t possibly able to report on it directly.

  97. We no longer have North London, we just have debris. It’s crazy here. I’m in Liverpool, but got friends in those ends, hoping they’re safe. Wondering what the fallout from this will be, though. The “initial kickoff” was a protest over a man shot dead by cops. There’s real tension in some of our communities. Photographing in Toxteth, I saw two cop vans full of cops in riot gear and a squad car equally equipped stop two pensioners (70s-80s) in a car on a basic traffic stop for not wearing a seatbelt. Fairly common in that area, 30 years after it was supposedly “dealt with”. With this, the cops didn’t come out to speak to the protesters before the riot started. And there’s a growing tendency during demonstrations and riots for cops to leave unattended vehicles then charge the demonstrators/rioters in the direction of it. Guess which image becomes the iconic news image for the event?

    I’m not justifying anything, I’m a neutral onlooker here. But there is a real tension and a real fear and suspicion of police and the police don’t do anything to try to break that down. Then we all wonder why this happens when tensions get raised by a recession, and government cuts, and an incident like the shooting.

    My country has gone mad. I’m not sure when it happened, though.

  98. Met police officer to Sky News “we were aware that were tensions, and we were sensitive to that, and understand that…” So sensitive that no one addressed the protestors? Hmm.

    I can’t help thinking this whole thing could have been prevented before it even got started.

    And our media is completely failing to keep up with the story. Just going back to old footage, old interviews, while London burns.

  99. the Met Commander said the initial protest leading to the police station was peaceful and the riot only happened later. But the police wouldn’t speak to the crowd of peaceful protesters.

  100. police and bbc news saying “it’s not a riot it’s more of a small disturbance” – countless fires, 5 cop vehicles torched, 7 cops in hospital, mass looting, a bus set ablaze, the aldi, carpet right, job centre, post office, and numerous other shops and people’s vans and cars set alight, people too scared in their homes to go to sleep, and this isn’t a riot?

  101. Sky News reporter said (after the media stopped showing live footage of the riots) “we drove around that area and saw lots of looting, and not a police officer in sight” – why no footage then? If it’s possible to drive around the area, it’s possible to get footage…

  102. a civilian-mass audience

    London is BURNing…oime…I know the feeling…and it’s not a good one…
    Be safe out there…
    we are sending a good energy…

    THOMAS…hmmm…did you come to Athens too…before the “war”…hmm…

    Well, be safe…stay strong…I hate domino’s

  103. a civilian-mass audience

    FRAMERS…yes, be careful…
    there will be good editing…
    BUT only YOU can see the “truth”
    the rest of the world…will see…a small “disturbance”…:(((

  104. Word is going round that an eyewitness said to BBC News that the riot was kicked off when a 16 yr old girl in the peaceful protest stepped forward to the police to ask questions and they attacked her with batons which caused uproar.

    Haven’t seen this confirmed on BBC yet, they’re doing a really shitty job of reporting on all channels. It’s messed up. Don’t know if this has been reported or even how reliable the source is.

    The peaceful protest was advertised though. There would have been news reporters and photographers there. There should be reliable reports about what started this. Apparently, there is none. That’s really bizarre. This wasn’t an unplanned march, and there are photographers there who make their living from covering every minor protest in London, so there should be witnesses and maybe some evidence. But no, nothing.

    BBC keeps cutting their news feed to go to pre-recorded stuff about the olympics and technology and stuff. It’s like they don’t want to report about this.

  105. When we’ve just concluded that the Met have been making a lot of money taking bribes from News of the World to break the law to help NotW shift papers, is it any wonder people aren’t trusting the police here? The British media is still trusting of the police after they’ve spent the last month talking about them systematically breaking the law. As a matter of basic consistency, they should be adopting a more critical stance.

  106. And our politicians are all off on holiday right now. Wonder how many come back early to deal with this properly? The country deserves an open and mature debate with real change to break down the fear and suspicion on both sides – police are too quick to judge ghetto kids as criminals, while the ghetto kids are too quick to think all police have it in for them, it’s a lose-lose situation and middle class Britain has been ignoring it for too long. This is why this is happened. It’s why it happened in the 1980s and why it is happening now. Nothing substantive has changed.

  107. When there are 10 yr olds involved in the riot, I don’t think it’s possible to treat it as a “one off” and just deal with it by arresting people. It takes real change in the fabric of communities, and a greater sense of trust built slowly over time between the community and the police. Right now, there’s just fear so it’s no surprise that turns to stand offs, violence, fires, and looting.

    I don’t know how many times my country will have to go through this before we realise. We all have a responsibility to make this country worth living in for everyone, and that includes the politicians and Met Commanders who are too quick to turn around and say “there isn’t a problem” when there clearly is and has been for decades. Riots don’t come from nowhere.

  108. Angry crowds have attacked riot police in north London following a protest at the fatal shooting of a man by armed officers earlier in the week.

    British police battled to restore order on Sunday as rioters went on the rampage in Tottenham, torching police cars, vans, a bus and buildings amid widespread looting.

    Disorder spread after up to 200 people gathered near Tottenham police station on Saturday evening, following a protest over the fatal shooting of a man during an apparent exchange of gunfire with police officers.

    Rioters torched two patrol cars, a bus and a shop outside the police station on the High Road in Tottenham, smashing up shop windows. One establishment was also on fire.

    Local journalists at the scene spoke of widespread looting in the crowded area and spoke of alarming Twitter messages appealing people to join in the violence.

    The Metropolitan force said bottles were thrown at officers on a foot patrol and one of the vehicles was pushed into the middle of the main road before it was set on fire.

    Riot police sent to the scene came under attack from a crowd throwing bottles and missiles, said the force.

    The trouble spread to surrounding residential streets, where vans were also torched.

    Central London has seen student and trade union protests turn ugly in recent months but this outbreak of rioting is the worst seen in years in the suburbs.

    Tottenham’s ‘anger’

    “It’s very much an ongoing situation,” a police spokesman said. No officers are reported to have been injured.

    The earlier protest was held over the shooting of a 29-year-old man who was killed after an exchange of gunfire with police on Thursday.

    The man had been in a taxi when it was stopped by armed officers as part of a pre-planned operation. One policeman escaped unhurt after a bullet struck his radio.

    “It’s really bad,” local resident, David Akinsanya, 46, told the BBC.

    “I’m feeling unsafe … I saw a guy getting attacked. There seems to be a lot of anger in Tottenham tonight … as I left they were starting to attack the police station.”

    Tottenham is an ethnically-diverse urban area best known for its English Premier League football club Tottenham Hotspur

  109. “it’s very difficult afterwards to figure out what single event caused it to go from a peaceful protest to a riot” BBC news reporter. Yes, but it will be very easy to figure out all the single events of looting with all the CCTV we have. Just not what started the riot. Right outside the police station. Where the FITs are all equipped and trained with state of the art cameras and camcorders, and there is CCTV all over the building. Just not there.

  110. a civilian-mass audience

    Framers Intent
    August 7, 2011 at 12:55 am
    “…I don’t know how many times my country will have to go through this before we realise. We all have a responsibility to make this country worth living in for everyone, and that includes the politicians and Met Commanders who are too quick to turn around and say “there isn’t a problem” when there clearly is and has been for decades. Riots don’t come from nowhere.”

    VIVA !!!

  111. Been traveling… been offline… been not sleeping… tired… too tired to think of anything clever of myself in a mirror… well… an idea just hit me… maybe good… maybe not… after I get some sleep I’ll look at that idea again… you probably already have 100, though…

    I suppose that is not reason not to try…


    c’mon boys…now i try to set at least some sort of good example here…would i use not enough sleep as an excuse for not doing something? please get those self portraits in ….then sleep!!


    these Iowa kids do not appear to be “on” anything…but then again i only know the “symptoms” for some things…i do not know how a meth addict behaves….tell me

  113. David, it’s not likely you’d see them unless maybe there’s an all night quickie mart and you go there right before dawn. Or ride around the poor side of town and the trailer park at 4 a.m. If all the lights are on and everyone’s out, that’s a clue. But you can more easily just ask someone or read the local paper. Odds are better than fair to middlin. That book I linked to, Methland, goes into a lot of detail about small town Iowa, though if I remember correctly most of it was set in the western part of the state.

    I spent a lot of time in a variety of small towns in Iowa when I was a kid, and always in a trailer park. My grandfather worked for a company that put up those high tension lines, so he moved from one small town to another every six months or so. Anyway, I’ve got a great love for those places in my distant memory. I’m glad for you that you get to re-experience it.

  114. Met officer on BBC News says they’re monitoring Twitter and have noted a large discussion planning more riots for tonight and they’re warning people not to do this because the police are monitoring things.

    Having spent last night glued to twitter, along with a good deal of today, I haven’t seen any such big discussion planning more riots. Maybe the Met are watching a different Twitter, because otherwise that’s a plain and total lie. On national television to a news reporter.

    So, why did the riot happen? Hmm…

  115. DAVID..

    You and the whole Burncrew is doing the selfportrait thing too, aren’t you??

    And if it doesn’t make 02 I’m pretty confident you’ll find another way to use them.. all can be said but not that you lack ideas..

  116. Thodoris, watched About a Son as you suggested. Thanks again. Great stills and portraits (Charles, dude…). Can’t compare it to Last Days though. Different type of art form entirely. Cobain’s words are probably more interesting to people outside the U.S., or at least further away from that kind of life. I’ve heard it many times before and lived a good bit of it. And it’s like he says near the end: His is an all too common American story. Well, at least until you get to the fame and fortune and having sex with Courtney Love against the wall in an alley. But spectacular as all that sounds, the fame and fucking stuff has so little to do with what matters about him.

    If anyone’s interested, here’s a couple walking around photos contrasting yesterday morning’s light with today’s. Nothing special, or even very good, just variations on the usual schtick. Nice to be back in Brooklyn though. Haven’t been doing this kind of thing for awhile.

  117. a civilian-mass audience

    HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY…of course here ,we are family…BUT let’s celebrate anyways!!!
    walk around like MW
    smell the friends
    hug your flowers
    walk through doors
    wake up FROSTY


  118. Mad looting and chaos in Enfield, Loddon tonight following on from Tottenham last night. Cars being set alight again.BBC not reporting anything, Sky only reporting hours after it was all over twitter.London not Loddon obv.

  119. Sky News now say people trying to loot Westfield Shopping Centre in White City and throwing missiles at vehicles. All right outside BBC offices. Wonder if they’ll start reporting about tonight now.

  120. Add Brixton London to the mix. Police attacked by youths throwing missiles there, too.

    Was all North London before. Now, it has gone south, too.

    Still little word from BBC or Sky. Despite reliable reports on Brixton and Enfield from Guardian and Daily Telegraph reporters. Our politicians all away on holiday announced they wouldn’t be returning to London to deal with this, they’re seemingly not necessary.

  121. London has gone totally mad. Looting in the following ends… Walthamstow, Brixton, Enfield, Islington, Hackney, Waltham Forest, Ponders Green, Wood Lane, White City, kids waltzing down the street with massive plasma screen tvs, has spread from North London to East and South too.

    Also…two rival gangs had members stabbed who went to Kings Cross. Other gang members went to visit them, and the two gangs got into it at the hospital. Hospital now under armed guard.

    Add to that possibly also Leyton and Peckham. Definitely a minor kefuffle in Oxford Circus, too. This is everywhere in London, not just one area, every area. The gangs have gone mad and declared anarchy. Not the same thing at all to last night.

  122. I did submit it – after a long busy day – but I am still exhausted and I forgot to mark it, “self-portrait.”

    It ought to be obvious though.

  123. David…

    I posted a question last Saturday somehow forgetting you were extremely busy over in Iowa and badly expressed so it was a good thing you missed it! :) So since then it’s been left behind in the daily comments…
    Since recieving Pinkhassov’s “Sightwalk” which you recommended and I’ve subsequently fallen in love with, I began to notice that Pinkhassov images were more about a general feeling of a place and the look of the light than people. Many of his images just show partial images of people or others with people in deep shadows, so I sort of get the impression the quality, look and the way the light plays in his scenes is crucial to his “voice”. So I later saw this comment on the Magnum site which sort of clarifies my thoughts on his work…
    “Gueorgui Pinkhassov is not a reporter, rather, he photographs colors and lights, translating his impressions in a poetic way, as if emerging from a daydream.”
    So for example would Pinkhassov be the last person you would send to Haiti to do a photo essay, or perhaps quite the contrary his way of seeing would be a welcome change, the sort of thing you love trying out? Rare air? Just trying to understand where his way of working/seeing fits in within the assignments Magnum photographers get hired to do…

  124. Michael, I compared the two films on the premise that they’re supposedly dealing with the same subject… the one in a more straightforward manner, the other in a more introspective poetic contemplation (or whatever that was supposed to be)… I posted my recommendation in case anyone was interested in watching a film about Cobain, and for me About a Son is a far better choice than Last Days on that respect…

    As for Cobain’s story been too common, well that was one of the reasons he (and his work) became so popular—lots of people could easily relate…


  125. Amidst riots in UK an irate mob went on a rampage in Tottenham in North London. The mob set vehicles and buildings on fire. They were protesting against the killing of a 29-year-old man by the police

  126. People have been left homeless after a night of riots on the streets of Tottenham. Buildings were set alight and shops looted after a peaceful demonstration turned violent. Looting spread to other areas on Sunday.

  127. There’s now a big standoff between youths and cops in Hackney, London, right near Bow where I used to live and plan to return to. Reports suggesting it started there after a stop and search incident. Kids making barricades and throwing missiles and petrol bombs.

    Reports also of issues in Lewisham.

    Finally, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and Home Secretary, Theresa May, have decided to come back from holiday to represent. Not that it will do much.

    Police have admitted using undertrained riot officers in Tottenham.

    Riots started in North London, but have since spread to the South, East, and West. Even the city centre, with Oxford Circus coming under minor attack last night.

  128. Burnt out bus in Peckham too now. Buses not running through there or Lewisham.

    Peckham can be rough, wouldn’t want to see police try to run those streets.

  129. I just wish someone could get Wolf Blitzer to shut the **&^&* up!

    If you could tie his lips to a generator we could cut our energy problems in half.

  130. Watching news first time in two weeks.. makes me want to throw the TV out of the window.. calling home to hear how things go.. daughter involved in a car crash, thankfully nothing major.. son fever, been to doc, got antibiotics, good boy.. dog injured, is taken care of.. one neighbour has died, thrown herself under the train.. makes me want to throw the phone after the TV.. trying to understand my neighbour, what and why.. not easy..

  131. Riots have now hit Birmingham too – shops in the bullring getting trashed after shop owners told to close early.

    Harrow-on-the-hill and Barking tube stations have been added to the list of train/tube stations that have been closed. Sth Bermondsey also. Barking is far East and has a lot of BNP and EDL presence. No reports of actual violence in any of these spots for far though.

  132. word is police in Manchester and Liverpool also being put on alert as there are expectations that the trouble may spread to other big cities. unconfirmed as yet though.

  133. Am I dumb? Yes I know; probably a rhetorical question…. But for the life of me I can never understand the rioting, burning and the looting of fellow (usually fellow poor folks) homes and shops just to supposedly prove a point… Shaking my head (again…) in disbelief…. :-(

  134. “African continent has often been treated by photographers who have used poverty, war, etc to seemingly further there own purposes…to “get ahead” by somehow seeming “serious” because of the inherent drama”

    It seems to me that Eastern Europe has now taken over as the “de rigueur” location to visit when trying to become “known”…

  135. Breaking news: a small mushroom cloud was reported somewhere in Australia today. The source of the explosion has not yet been identified, but experts suspect some kind of relationship to the publication by Burn Magazine of another essay on former soviet republics.

  136. more to the point a m isguided w anker just can’t get his hand off it and has decided the best course of action is to flog his percy into submission. mw you are a cute one…………. heidi ho

  137. Ross it’s pretty quiet across the ditch………… that crackling noise is coming from those European and American credit cards

  138. Liverpool has now been attacked also.

    All day there has been a facebook page encouraging a Liverpool riot and twitter talk of heading to Toxteth for 11pm. From around 9.30pm I was reading reports on twitter of gangs of kids in wavertree, the edge of toxteth. They moved up Smithdown Road and into Toxteth, burning cars and trashing bus stops. Rioting at the Womens Hospital and the Brain Injury Centre. Reports that police may have been shot at while stationed at the junction of Lodge Lane and Smithdown Road, and that there may have been stabbings also. Current reports are that it’s heading towards the city centre and looting has begun. Police have apparently formed a line, riot police, and it is a standoff between them and the crowd of kids.

    I was working on a project in Toxteth documenting the place 30 years after the infamous 1981 riots. I have to go there tomorrow, I have a responsibility to do so. Will take camera, don’t know yet if I’ll photograph anything.

    I’m gutted.

  139. Will do. Heard journalists and photographers getting targeted in London, so camera in my bag until I talk to my people in the area and get a handle on what went down. Get a feel for them about the danger. Reports of gunshots have now been confirmed, and cars burned and water pipes burst on Hardman St, so sounds like it is heading towards town. Hoping that might cause the police to actually step up and start dealing with this.


    seriously take it real slow….IF you can work, we are ready to publish your work here..BUT BUT BUT not at any risk please..we are not a news magazine…we have done only about four or five news coverages and we do not need it…i am only giving you an outlet if you are there anyway and can do the work with relative safety…

    cheers, david

  141. a civilian-mass audience

    I am on a mission…

    FRAMERS…I am late…BUT I see that you are already reporting…
    and let me tell you this…be safe…cause I want to have a drink with you…
    not with your photos…
    VIVA my Liverpoolians!!!

    EVA…I am speechless…be strong(you are strong)
    e-mail me…whatever you need…it’s August!
    and we LOVE YOU !!!

    I am on a mission…be back the soonest


  142. Funny; I was watching the 6.30 news tonight and for the first time in my life, turned it off because it was just so depressing…. Bunches of masked thugs burning poor people’s houses and businesses for no reason; it’s just plain madness. Bullies and thugs are always brave at other’s expense…. Sorry just had to vent!

  143. a civilian-mass audience

    and OUR FROSTFROGY…just from no nowhere…

    “I opened up my iPad, looked at the titles of the books that I have downloaded and realized that there was only one that I could grasp in this state of extreme sleep deprivation and exasperation:

    Winnie the Pooh.

    So I began to read Winnie the Pooh – for the first time since third grade.
    It is a pretty damn good book. Next time you find yourself suffering through a reading famine, I suggest that you cast aside all notions of Krasznahorkai and go for Pooh.
    It will make you even smarter than you already are.’


    MR.HARVEY,BURN CREW…thank you for BURN…cause I would never had the chance to meet ALL of YOU

    be back …

  144. ROSS…

    i hear you… my mum’s just sent me an e-mail, all upset… Croydon, my home town has been burning and looted. At Reeves Corner is a furniture shop, an old family business for 5 generations. Burnt to the ground, nothing left.

    And that’s just one little snapshot…

    CIVI… does your mission have anything to do with looking for a Woozle? ; )

  145. Frostfrog; Thank you for prompting me to do what I’ve been meaning to get around to for ages; reading Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn again. Those two books were my childhood favourites; they just made me want to escape. Seems appropriate tonight…

  146. The English Had a similar concern about criminality and the lower classes in the late 1700’s when the glut of cheap sugar from the West Indies was solved by creating an over supply of gin which being about 2 p a bottle caused scenes of such debauchery that a national emergency was called and a solution was soon found, transportation to ….oh bugger!

  147. sara
    be safe out there…
    sending you strength and courage from the west coast in the usa……

  148. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14464531

    The young people rioting are ‘the ignored underclass”

    A thousand-strong police force will be out in London on Tuesday night as officers prepare for a fourth night of disturbances.

    More than 500 people have now been arrested.

    Kids Company founder Camilla Batmanghelidjh has told Radio 5 live that the people rioting are the “ignored underclass” and that this is them “taking revenge”.

    Speaking to Richard Bacon, she said a “greedy, material society” was to blame for the looting.


  149. looks like they are set to hit my part of town tonight. last night they torched part of the high street just down the road. All the shops are shut already.,,,,unfortunately that includes the beer shops.

  150. ALL
    Not much going on around here today – heavy police presence in the city centre, Apple store have removed all display items as a precaution and city centre is on lockdown – early closure of shops. The Liverpool kids didn’t even loot last night; they just rampaged through a residential area, Toxteth, and torched cars, vans, and chucked bricks at people’s windows. Locals are sticking together and staying strong. There is strong word that more is planned for tonight.

    Manchester, Salford, Wolverhampton, and West Bromwich (last two are near Birmingham, Salford is near Manchester) have kicked off to varying degrees today. Liverpool has just been quiet, guess they’re sleeping it off.

    Thanks, but I’m not even thinking about that right now. Worked hard to earn trust in that community before this happened, so just owe it to them to do what I can to tell their story now and not just leave them to suffer it alone.

  151. “I have wine and champagne, but if there is going to be a show I need beer.”…………I guess that sorta sums it up

  152. Truth serum

    Cannabis was used as a truth serum by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), a US government intelligence agency formed during World War II. In the early 1940s, it was the most effective truth drug developed at the OSS labs at St. Elizabeths Hospital; it caused a subject “to be loquacious and free in his impartation of information.”
    In May 1943, Major George Hunter White, head of OSS counter-intelligence operations in the US, arranged a meeting with Augusto Del Gracio, an enforcer for gangster Lucky Luciano. Del Gracio was given cigarettes spiked with THC concentrate from cannabis, and subsequently talked openly about Luciano’s heroin operation. On a second occasion the dosage was increased such that Del Gracio passed out for two hours.


  153. Ross – Interesting – because the first three books that I downloaded into my iPad when I got it were: Huckelberry Finn, Tom Sawyer and Winnie the Pooh – in part because they were free, but also because I remembered how taken I was by them all in my growing-up days.

    Thanks, Civi.

    My niece-in-law from Bangalore just moved to London to be with her husband/fiance (complicated Indian love story) looking for a better life. And now this. I can’t help but wonder when it will happen here. I’m going back to Bangalore in November and am hoping to stop in London so my niece can join me on the plane, because she plans to go, too.

    MK – those turtles – I had to avert my eyes.

  154. Kicking off again in Smithdown Road, Toxteth (liverpool), they waited til nightfall. I can’t get anywhere near. Back down early am to see what happens, riot squad are out and it’s petrol bombs now. I’m not shooting any night stuff – don’t have the gear to do it without getting within a couple of metres, and too many reports of photogs being targeted, combined with very real gun shots and machetes in Liverpool to risk it like that. Not gonna be stupid about it.

    Took Liverpool idiots until their second night to try and start looting, though. Manchester has been mad all day. Rationale from Manc kid on the news earlier, “I’m not law abiding cos the cops nick me cos I’m not law abiding.” Just about sums it all up, really.

    More later. Am safe a few miles form this, and no one’s gonna come to my part of town guaranteed. Toxteth residents had a community meeting and a um ‘community’ meeting earlier, so wondering what reception these kids will get if they try to push up to Lodge Lane or Granby.

    In London, some areas have vigilante groups protecting their ends. Sikh community in one area, and a large group of men in Enfield. Also heard rumours that one of the vigilante groups were yelling “get the paki” repeatedly in London, not sure which area. Also heard rumour the EDL (English Defence League – racist thugs) were planning to head to Toxteth tonight.

  155. Framers; Just heard this eyewitness account from last night. A bunch of the looters started marching down a street and all the Turkish kebab shop owners shut up shop and met them with knives and steel bars. The looters took off. Bullies and thugs are never as tough when faced by people who are prepared to take them on….

  156. Update: might have a car for tomorrow night if it continues. my gear isn’t ideal for this though. doing clear up tomorrow morning so will assess damage then. our news isn’t reporting liverpool at all, and twitter isn’t being massively helpful tonight – not sure how much has gone down. sounds like the two main roads leading towards town – smithdown and princes ave, though also hearing reports of some side streets. sounds more contained than last night but stronger clashes, with 4 fire engines being taken out too, and a reporter having their car bricked before they peeled out.

    I feel you, but you don’t know the situation on the ground here. This is kids from places like Norris Green and Speke riding into Toxteth and thinking the residential stuff is fair game. They’re not bothering their own hoods, and they’re not looting either, aside from one early failed attempt on Asda (food/superstore).They’re burning up any cars on the road, and launching missiles at the police and passersby, no discrimination between cops and locals (which is why I’m not on the streets). And it isn’t deprived kids either, these are kids with decent places to live, decent amenities, healthcover, etc, etc. They have no political point to prove, they just want to act hard. And, quite frankly, they’re lucky that some of the proper gangsters in Toxteth haven’t pulled guns on them already. There’s always an underlying political/social situation to something like this, but these kids are just straight spoiling for a fight.

  157. They’ve also adopted bits of american hip hop culture as if it is their own, strangely. Keep talking about “the feds” (we have none – we’re not a federal state), and a lot of talk of gun culture as if it is common place in Liverpool. Outside of Norris Green/Croxteth, it really isn’t, though.

  158. Panos it seems as if you support this indiscriminate violence and destruction of others property and livelihood………..then I guess you aren’t one of those pensioners there wanting to go out and buy some milk and other goods. They must pay for what you perceive as sins against humanity but the thugs etc are ok.

  159. Those small businesses are what keeps the community ticking over, employ locals, feed money back into the community, work their buts off for family ,friend and even foe.

  160. From my blog on the rioting –

    I’ve been in quite a few riots over the years on the news beat and they are utterly terrifying. There’s a collective mob intelligence that takes effect and can cause normally well behaved people to act irrationally as they are enveloped by the group dynamic. I guess the serotonin levels go through the roof causing something like the phenomenon that causes crickets to morph into locusts. Humans are as susceptible as any other creature and some in the know manipulate their peers accordingly.

    Our technology just amplifies this.

    The authorities were equally alarmed at the invention of the printing press and it’s potential for propaganda.

    Twitter is also a powerful tool for good, of course. Just think of the arab uprising for example. And to a lesser extent, the call now for communities to counter the rioters by collectively cleaning up the mess.

    I’m growing increasingly furious at the government for taking away the youth centres that many of these wayward youngsters availed of. They are rudderless now with no clue where to go for guidance as they struggle on their journey to adulthood.

    We are much too protective of young children in this country. We do not let them take any risks. We don’t allow them to walk to school. There is an irrational fear of the stranger. They’re mollycoddled. They are not making decisions for themselves early enough. And then when they become teenagers their loud and boisterous behaviour has adults cowering in fear. THEY’RE JUST KIDS! They’re all too aware of their being marginalised. And many of the parents of these wayward youth are themselves not well developed adults.

    There are of course so many other issues at work here too. I know that. But for adolescents, it’s very easy to be lead astray. These are extremely vulnerable people and we adults need to be more involved in guiding them. These are potentially extremely intelligent people with copious amounts of energy and dynamism that could be such a massive force for good in our society and it boggles my mind that they should be so isolated. They are this country’s most precious resource and this government just doesn’t get it.

    I really think it’s time to very seriously debate lowering the voting age. Let’s get these youngsters involved in the political process. Let’s give them a voice while they’re young, fearless and confident instead of letting them become terrified of their future prospects and utterly dejected with nothing to lose, as appears to be the case with the looters and rioters.

  161. From the Independent:

    “If this is a war, the enemy, on the face of it, are the “lawless”, the defenders are the law-abiding. An absence of morality can easily be found in the rioters and looters. How, we ask, could they attack their own community with such disregard? But the young people would reply “easily”, because they feel they don’t actually belong to the community. Community, they would say, has nothing to offer them. Instead, for years they have experienced themselves cut adrift from civil society’s legitimate structures. Society relies on collaborative behaviour; individuals are held accountable because belonging brings personal benefit. Fear or shame of being alienated keeps most of us pro-social.

    Working at street level in London, over a number of years, many of us have been concerned about large groups of young adults creating their own parallel antisocial communities with different rules. The individual is responsible for their own survival because the established community is perceived to provide nothing. Acquisition of goods through violence is justified in neighbourhoods where the notion of dog eat dog pervades and the top dog survives the best. The drug economy facilitates a parallel subculture with the drug dealer producing more fiscally efficient solutions than the social care agencies who are too under-resourced to compete.

    The insidious flourishing of anti-establishment attitudes is paradoxically helped by the establishment. It grows when a child is dragged by their mother to social services screaming for help and security guards remove both; or in the shiny academies which, quietly, rid themselves of the most disturbed kids. Walk into the mental hospitals and there is nothing for the patients to do except peel the wallpaper. Go to the youth centre and you will find the staff have locked themselves up in the office because disturbed young men are dominating the space with their violent dogs. Walk on the estate stairwells with your baby in a buggy manoeuvring past the condoms, the needles, into the lift where the best outcome is that you will survive the urine stench and the worst is that you will be raped. The border police arrive at the neighbour’s door to grab an “over-stayer” and his kids are screaming. British children with no legal papers have mothers surviving through prostitution and still there’s not enough food on the table.

    It’s not one occasional attack on dignity, it’s a repeated humiliation, being continuously dispossessed in a society rich with possession. Young, intelligent citizens of the ghetto seek an explanation for why they are at the receiving end of bleak Britain, condemned to a darkness where their humanity is not even valued enough to be helped. Savagery is a possibility within us all. Some of us have been lucky enough not to have to call upon it for survival; others, exhausted from failure, can justify resorting to it.

    …It costs money to care. But it also costs money to clear up riots, savagery and antisocial behaviour. I leave it to you to do the financial and moral sums.”

    Camila Batmanghelidjh is founder of the charities The Place To Be and Kids Company

  162. A good friend of mine who is always up on photographic rumours says he’s heard Panasonic are preparing a GF7 camera, said to be coming out in a couple of months and it will be the real upgrade of the lovely GF1.

  163. MW…

    Yes I thought it was an odd number, perhaps it’s a way of making sure it’s totally separated from the GF2. I did look around the web this morning before posting the comment and the rumour is “out”.

  164. Hmmmm, no gear talk for awhile. I hate that rumor about the G7. Have pretty much committed to getting a G3 when it ships. It’s not as pricey as the GF series but specs look fine for it. My needs are simple.

    Am arguing with myself about getting a prime 50 instead for my full frame behemoth, which I would put to very good use, but think the small camera would be good for so many other situations.

  165. MW…

    In early Jan 2010 I was 72 hours a proud GF1 owner, but I dropped my precious Canon 50 1,4mm lens off a fifth floor building so I went back to the shop and gave the GF1 back. Bought myself after trying out all the 50mm lenses a Sigma 50 1,4mm lens. It’s big and heavy, people mistake it for a small zoom, but really has a beautiful blur, something which the Zeiss 50mm doesn’t have. But I still somehow regret dropping the other lens only because I was looking forward to not being so obvious with the GF1.

  166. Yea, I’d decided on the Sigma. Still, can make do with current setup on the behemoth but don’t have a good small camera.

  167. MW…

    Have you tried the X100? A friend has it, showed me some Raw files at 3200 iso, truly amazing, very little noise. I haven’t seen the camera yet he keeps it hidden from me :), he says it focusses really fast, but I don’t believe him one bit! He’s never owned a pro camera and was very happy with speed at which his Canon G12 focussed!!!


    yes, thanks for pointing that out about Chris ..he was disappointed they did not use all his best pictures…i tried to console him telling him that is the way one always feels after a magazine assignment…he still ended up looking pretty good..nice lead shot..my former students are rocking..anton with his new book Yakuza and new magazine assignment and now chris b with this Traveler piece, lance rosenfield with his new agency Prime and lots of work… this biz is weak now of course, but some are breaking through…of course i am 100% biased, but the upcoming BURN02 is going to be the coolest best place to be published..better than all the rest…THE place to get your work…you will see…hell honestly i wish i had my work in 02!!

    cheers, david

  169. PAUL ..MW

    i had not heard about the G7…i am generally out of the loop on tech stuff…i still love the GF1 over the new Fuji X100 even though the Fuji files are supposed to be better…the Fuji is just slower slower slower..the GF1 beats em all in terms of fast autofocus which is one of the reasons i use a little camera in the first place..an upgrade of the GF1 would be just fine with me…now that is my big camera!! my street camera is the iPhone and looking for an upgrade there as well..and then i jump all the way to film in the Mamiya VII…my D700 is gathering dust, as is the M9..never before in my life have i used multiple cameras…i usually like to have just one main camera….gets too confusing otherwise..go out with the wrong battery charger or whatever…too many cables!

  170. David
    well, since im sure he made numerous strong images from his adventures, i guess Chris will just have to do a book then! ;)

    it must be very inspiring when your students are out there giving it their best shot and making things happen. so of course, congratulations to you too!

    btw, even tho some of us here on bUrn have never attended any of your workshops, still feels like we are your students too. thank you!

    gotta run, have a great day!

  171. David and MW…

    I just want ONE camera that isn’t too small and isn’t too large. Full frame sensor in GF1 body with a lovely 50mm lens, fast autofocus and a real manual focus as well, with a real viewfinder preferably rangefinder focussing with a decent price with which my wife won’t freak out on me. :)

  172. Hmmm, I guess I shouldn’t have bought a second 50D.

    AKAKY IRL: You’re not about to start second guessing yourself again, are you?

    AKAKY: You bet your ass I am.

    AKAKY IRL: Why do you bother buying anything? You spend the next month moaning and groaning about it.

    AKAKY: Such is life, dude.

    AKAKY IRL: Tell me about it.


    can you four send another self portrait?? for a variety of layout reasons, we cannot use what you have sent…YOU HAVE 24 HOURS TO REPLACE THE SHOT YOU SENT…..please…

  174. As an owner of multiple GF-1’s, I can tell you that the X100 as a low light camera
    absolutely destroys the GF.Playing with a loaner earliercthis week it was apparent that
    the x100 at 1600iso was far ‘cleaner’ a capture than the GF at 400
    Personally,with digital,I prefer to capture clean and add my flavor of grittiness in post.

    That said, the x100 was a major disappointment as far as focus accuracy was concerned.
    Something as basic as a simple environmental portrait in good light from 4 feet or so away
    from the subject resulted in constant focus misses where the background was sharp and subject not.
    This happened using the center focus point where the indicator rectangle was 3/4 overvthe subjects
    face and a bit on the background.The focus point is either too large or the indicator inaccurate.
    If they can sort that bit out then it would be a pretty impressive little tool

  175. Mtomalty, I think that the focus problem with the X100 at least when using the Optical Viewfinder, is that the frame-line moves depending on focus (close or distance) but the focus point doesn’t; so e.g. you can be focussing over your subject’s shoulder. Not a problem when using the OVF I’m-told.

    The quality of digital cameras is now so good that I think it comes down to personal preference as to which you decide to use.

  176. Looking at the samples on this page at dpreview, the Fuji blows all the other micro 4/3rds cameras away at low light. Not even close. Wish I hadn’t seen that since it makes me reconsider a more expensive camera with a fixed lens, two “features” I would prefer to do without.

  177. I own both the GF1 and the X100 and I agree with David – the GF1 wins hands down as far as focus speed and overall ease of operation. On the other hand, the Fuji files win hands down in terms of image quality (both at low and high iso), no contest.

    I love both cams – horses for courses I guess….

  178. DAVID

    You say the x100 is too slow but you use an iPhone for street photography? Please. The x100 is certainly faster than an iPhone.


    Did you install the new firmware? You may need to update and then turn on “Corrected AF Frame” in the Set-Up menu. Makes all the difference in the world with focus.

    I have been posting my thoughts and samples on the x100 as I review a loaner that Fuji sent me. I will be updating it more this week as I am taking it on a trip.


    That camera is amazing at 3200!


    Mark, yes, i agree..the Fuji has better files overall AND yes better low light…but you agree with me on the focus….so great..with the Fuji you have low light capability, you have theoretically better files, but you cannot get a picture in focus!! this is a problem! this is why we need photographers working to test this stuff,not scientists!!!

    so we wait for the GF7 or whatever, or the improved Fuji..both of them need to catch up with the other

  180. PETE…

    yes, the Fuji is probably faster than the iPhone…but the iPhone is the iPhone..my expectations are lower and i GAIN a lot with just the incredible access i get with it…somehow, even though everybody knows what a camera phone is, you are still not taking out a CAMERA…loose loose…and yet composing on the big screen can be a bit like the screen of an slr med format camera…you can be loose and deliberate…anyway not making a huge case for the iPhone, but for me for sure it is becoming a serious tool…not for everything…but my daily diary is done very well with the iPhone…yes, i totally want and expect a better iPhone..and i bet i get it within 6 months…

    by the way, i WANT to love the Fuji..almost bought one sight unseen…i just have the focus problem with it..fix that , and i am sold…

  181. I’ve never adapted to taking photos with a digital screen. I don’t know why but I need a viewfinder somehow I need to be absorbed into the camera and only see what the lens sees. I was amazed and envious in Paris watching David focus happily away with just the GF1 screen and didn’t see him once use the Voightlander viewfinder perched on top of the GF1. :)

  182. “my expectations are lower”

    Not really something I look for in a camera.

    and, “but you cannot get a picture in focus” (with the x100)

    Well not true and besides, I see countless out-of-focus images published right here on BURN. It is all the rage these days. Hell just darken it down, call it “art” and don’t worry about it.

    BUT, as I said, it did have some focus issues that are fixed with the firmware upgrade and just learning how to use the camera with it’s quirks is part of the job. Just as you would for the iPhone. I would probably not use it as my only camera to do work, but as a carry around camera so I always have something with me? Absolutely.

    That said, I have used it on Capitol Hill while shooting on assignment and it is great.

  183. Paul,

    Thank you, didn’t see that comment of yours until now! I actually ordered Capitolio a while back and received the book several weeks ago… I think I left a comment somewhere on Burn a few weeks back saying that I received it. The book just blows me away!

    Pete Marovich,

    I agree, the X100 CAN deliver outstanding results. But side-by-side with the GF1 there just is no comparison as far as focusing speed AND accuracy. Not even close. But then I don’t think you’re arguing that :)

  184. CARSTEN

    Not arguing that. But after updating the firmware, I have not really had any problems with the accuracy and it doesn’t focus THAT slow.

    Never used a GF1 but I have seen the files.

    From what I can tell using the thing at ISO 800 is problematic at best and above that is crap. If I cannot use the camera in a dimly lit room without flash then it is of no use to me.

    Another point is that I know that Harvey is old like me and we need reading glasses. So how long does it take from the moment you realize you want to make a photo, put on the glasses and then raise the camera and try to see the image on screen on the back of the camera? Too much going on there. I prefer to just raise the camera and shoot. And I bet I can do it quicker and less obviously than someone fumbling with glasses and holding the camera out in front of them as they try to compose.

    Yes I know there is an optional viewfinder for the camera, but that is just one more thing to fiddle with.

    All that said, is it perfect? No. But do you get used to the quirks? Pretty much. There are certainly things I would like to see changed/added, but isn’t that the way with every photographer that thinks they know better?

  185. Carsten…

    Thanks for pointing out Koudelka’s Gypsies I hadn’t noticed it and I will also be adding it to my shopping list :))!
    Same here with Capitolio it also blows me away and I’m sure you’ll appreciate this video :)…

  186. Pete:

    Yeah the X100 is not perfect but definitely nice enough for me not to sell it. You just have to get used to its limitations, same as with any other camera. I’ve started to really love mine (had it since May). But I still prefer how the GF1 can focus fast even in very low light, which I find a lot harder with the X100. On the other hand, as you point out, anything over ISO 800 looks pretty crappy on the GF1. I hardly ever shoot over ISO 400 with it.

  187. http://leicarumors.com/2011/04/25/leica-i9-concept-turn-your-iphone-into-a-leica-v2-0.aspx/

    EL SEGUNDO, CA, April 25th, 2011 – Black Design Associates, LLC announces the Leica i9 Concept Camera for Apple iPhone4.

    A better camera phone designed for photographers. The Leica i9 concept offers the unmatched brilliance of Leica’s professional CMOS image sensor and lens, made specifically for the unparalleled processing, display and sharing capabilities of Apple’s iPhone4.

    The i9 was designed with a “Compliment without Compromise” philosophy. If the best camera is the one that you have on you, then the better camera is the Leica i9 concept. The i9 is the only professional camera that’s also an iPhone4 case. The goal was to create a camera system that inspires photographers to shoot and share their photos and videos at anytime and anywhere.

    The i9 offers an independent professional camera system with an ultra-compact body that doubles as a rugged protective case for your iPhone4. The i9 is a true ready-to-shoot camera with Leica’s superior range finder and a 0.3 second start-up. Photos or videos are stored on the i9’s internal flash memory (expandable with SD) and then uploaded onto your iPhone4 once the Leica app has launched.

    The i9 is the ultimate point-and-shoot camera combining the high performance of a Leica (CMOS image sensor with effective 12.1 MP, professional lens with 8x optical zoom and 35 equivalent focal lengths and ready-to-shoot operation) with iPhone4 (retina display, multi-touch interface, extended storage capacity and mobile/wireless connectivity). Beyond camera features, the i9 and iPhone4 can share their independent batteries for extended operation.

    Read more on LeicaRumors.com: http://leicarumors.com/2011/04/25/leica-i9-concept-turn-your-iphone-into-a-leica-v2-0.aspx/#ixzz1UeIjX4h5

  188. best thing i love about “tech rumors” is that it always calms downn the impulse buyer in me … ! coz theres always something new comes up that particular day u waited for, so long, saving to get that 20 giga trixel camera..u go home ready to facebook it and your best friend calls in to inform you that a new bigger better 40 giga trixel is coming out next week, HALF the price u just bought yours today!
    same deal with cars! day you bought it , car lost 1/3 of value…life’s not fair!

  189. Carsten, David… I’m unclear on if you’ve installed the firmware update about which Pete writes and if so, if it helped with the focusing?

  190. John…

    Thanks, totally unaware of this photographer, so I’ve bookmarked it for later on this evening.
    How did last night go, has it all calmed down a little?

  191. mw:

    yeah I installed the firmware update the day it was released. It fixed a bunch of issues and definitely helped. But it didn’t make a big difference as far as autofocus speed/accuracy is concerned. The fact remains, autofocus is definitely not a strong suit of the X100, especially compared to many of the current micro 4/3 cams (or even older ones, like the GF1). One of the reasons is that the X100 uses Phase Detect autofocus, whereas most other cams use Contrast Detection autofocus.

    But as I said, while it’s a limitation, it’s not a deal breaker, at least not for me. I love my x100.

  192. Cause in general, I’m much more concerned with picture quality than focus speed. But accuracy is another thing. Is the manual focus that difficult to use?

  193. MW…
    Manual focus seems to basically be a wipe-out, it’s an electronic focus ring and my friend commented it required far too much movement for his taste.

  194. 1)can the iphone shoot fast or continuously?
    2)is lag time close to zero?
    3)does it shoot raw?
    4)manual settings?

    if you answered no to all above questions and still using it , then u totally understand that gear has nothing to do with anything but specific shooting requirements (see sports- or bio photography or x-rays)..
    if you answered no to all above questions and still using it then you are “perfect free”, ready to enjoy life and love in simple forms…
    and still no matter how much i love the simplicity that new technology brings i cant forget that after my iphone dies the battery will go straight in the ocean to kill some whales and dolphins and maybe introduce some new types of cancer in newers generations..
    Message to ALL:
    Love your shit to death, worship them and all that but when u done and move on please dont forget to discard them properly and recycle them the right way..Especially the batteries..
    panos skoulidas 1968 AC, Ornithologist

  195. Is it just me, or does the fact that Jon wants to spend time playing poker with his friends when he has a girl friend like Lauren strike anybody else as more than a little strange?

  196. a civilian-mass audience

    MR.HARVEY…I submitted another one…

    I hope this will work…cause I worked my ass BUT I had the best time!
    this I have to say :

    YOU,PHOTOGRAPHERS do work hard…you have my Respect…wow!

    P.S…won’t be able to send another one…I am on a mission(running)

  197. a civilian-mass audience

    and EVA…FRAMERS and all our English people…I am sending the best energy!

    WE LOVE YOU…be strong
    for the rest of you around the Universe
    this I have to say:

    keep rocking MF’S…:)))

  198. a civilian-mass audience

    and regarding the “turtle pic” from MICHAELK…

    I believe should be a warning…IMO
    FROSTY is right on this one

    P.S…and I will second AKAKY (I always second AKAKYIRL):)))


  199. watching Celebrity Rehab with Dr.Drew…
    i will never understand why do people do drugs and have such a hell of a life instead of choosing to NOT do drugs and still have a hell of a life????????????
    why pay extra?

  200. will never understand why do people do drugs and have such a hell of a life instead of choosing to NOT do drugs and still have a hell of a life????????????
    why pay extra?

    Sometimes people is really stoopit, Panos.

  201. Update – all is okay today so far. As per the last few days, if anything happens it wont be for an hour or two. I may go out for a drive around, but I definitely wont be photographing. I spoke with some of the rioters today, and they were talking about Merseyside Police encouraging the public to anonymously upload photographs of rioters to their website, to aid with prosecutions. This is true, I’d seen the first announcement made by Merseyside Police earlier today. This is an area I have to walk around after all the photojournalists, journalists, and television crews go home. I don’t just have to worry about staying safe tonight, but beyond that. It isn’t worth the risk of having people believe I might have grassed them up. I’m too well known within this community.

    It has rained all day. The rioters were still very eager to continue their clashes with the police. And, here, it is very much about clashing with the police – their words – not about looting, although some of the younger ones feel that looting should be done (they were talking up the ‘success’ of the Manchester rioters). I also walked past many youths who were also talking eagerly about tonight, and what had been said in the media since last night. As I got the bus home, I walked around the back, where the main police station is. The police were, no surprise, all getting ready for another night of disturbances.

    More later – I may well blog about my experiences today. If so, will link to it.

    To be fair to the youths I spoke to, at length, they were contradictory in some of their comments, and also completely wrong in some of their beliefs (eg even seriously suggesting the government might have sent satellites into space to cause today’s rain), but also very articulate about some of their grievances with their interactions with the police in their everyday lives. Disclaimer – I’m not claiming these are universal traits nor that it applies to all rioters across the country, or even all of those involved in Liverpool.

  202. vilksatkalsmird

    Pixel peeping come to burn all files must be clean and shot in dim light how sad and dismal life must be. Better you all go back to DPR atleast they are knowledgeable about cameras not all this airy fairy talk as on burn.


    you are correct..tech talk is not a good idea on Burn..here we are interested in pictures (care to show yours?) way more than cameras..thanks for the advice…


    thanks for the London update….sounds like you are making good decisions….at some point, it would really really be interesting to get inside the heads of these young people..you can probably do it…

  205. Liverpool update, but yeah and thanks – have also been checking in on what other photographs have been made and what has been reported. Genuinely don’t think I’d add much beyond getting lucky if I was out shooting tonight. But I generally have the trust of the community at the moment – old and young – and don’t want to risk throwing that away knowing how hard it can be to earn in the first place.

  206. Oh, and minor update re convo with Panos about this earlier – so far those arrested age between 11 and 52, although over half are young. One man charged today with violent assault, looting, and other offences was a 32 year old primary school teacher.

  207. vilksatkalsmird=drims/lakta/skliv=in my dreams/i love milk chocolate/ so much that i have to use my sleeve!
    cou;d be :

    EVIL/LA/task/dream(drim), but the E is missing!

    yes i love SUDOKU

  208. SARAH..

    i take the slow approach as you know…you are moving the right way under the circumstances..we do not need to see a burning car anyway..thinking long term…what caused this? why do the young feel so so alienated? or, was it more of a group mentality, temporary, summer time, roast authority if given the chance, hooligans at play?? i suspect some depth of repression here…whatever you can find out would be educational for all of us..await your analysis…

  209. drim/la/task(e)vil backwards! (missing “e” again ;)

    ha! remember the 70ies? playing Pink Floyd or Beatles (mainly the Revolution no9) backwards on your turntable?

  210. Civi.. thanks.. doing ok..

    Paul.. not home yet, think tomorrow.. the book is ‘Der Hof’, no idea if it can be found in other languages though, but you don’t really need text..

  211. vilksatkalsmird:

    funny, there are thousands and thousands of comments throughout various comment sections on burn, and I’d say 98% of them have nothing to do with tech talk. There’s all sorts of topics being discussed, from Hendrix to youtube videos to god-knows-what, in many many many many cases not directly related to photography. You don’t seem bothered by those other non-photography-related comments. But as soon as there’s even a handful of comments about cameras, you get an allergic reaction?

    I don’t get it. Just skip the 10 comments out of 10,000 where somebody has the audacity to discuss cameras, and you will be fine.

  212. drim/la/task(e)vil backwards! (missing “e” again ;)

    i would be scared too of losing “exclusivity” and “purpose” for my blog…too if Monster Burn would take over/incorporate “real” tech talk..lol..put folks outta business.. but hey folks…Burn is not here as a threat..is not gonna steal yo bread and butter..we will be talking bout tech shit only if and when we want to..no official column…happy??? !
    ho ha he! bet u are;)
    big hug
    love ya!

    funny, there are thousands and thousands of comments throughout various comment sections on burn, and I’d say 98% of them have nothing to do with tech talk.
    im afraid that once AGAIN you’re correct!

  213. Better you all go back to DPR atleast they are knowledgeable about cameras not all this airy fairy talk as on burn.
    ok, ok,…we will…geez..dont get upset..we will!

  214. CARSTEN..

    thanks..it is also a bit odd that someone who does not use cameras would be critical of comments made by those of us who do use cameras…admittedly , i am not a design engineer..i only talk about cameras with respect to what they actually do in the real world for the express purpose of actually taking pictures…super tech language? don’t speak it…reality street talk? that’s us…pretty sure this is some kind of ruse…or, the tech rep for Nikon or Canon!!


    yes, very sensitive

    ok , leaving for awhile…to shoot..without much camera knowledge, but hoping for the best anyway….by time i get back here, i am sure Panos and you will have gone into verbal battle…ahhhh, blog fun…thanks for coming…

  216. PANOS..

    just so you know, Vilksatkalsmird is not actually a registered commentator…nobody by that name ever approved to comment here..which means, he/she is actually somebody else already registered or somehow bypassed the troll filtering system…work with that one for awhile…we can always trace back to whose computer any comment came from, but way more fun to guess..ok bye

  217. Panos… hahaha… you crack me up man… you’re the verbal battle warrior around here :)

    DAH.. yes odd indeed… I think the tech talk here really is very limited and when it does happen, it’s not super techy, it’s about if/how something works in the real world for people that actually take pictures… it’s about means to an end

    well, I’m settling in for the anticipated verbal battle… now where’s my popcorn…laughing

  218. Yea, why would I go ask strangers about an important purchase when I can get good info from people I know and trust like Carsten, Pete, Paul, David, Gordeon, et. al.

    And you too, Panos. I’m also considering a camera phone. Which takes better pictures? The white IPhone or the black?

  219. i remember the good ol’ “son of Fly” golden days! or the “Valley of the Flies” or the “Silver Beetle on the Door” or the “Fly on the Bathroom Floor” or something like that…definitely “flies related” though;)
    love you all

  220. sudoku master panos:

    if you disassemble vilksatkalsmird into vilks atkal smird, it means something like “wolf stinks again” in Latvian, according to translation engines :)

  221. “very sensitive here just like my baby VQ engine”

    So I just did a google on ‘VG engine’ and realized I used to own one in 2001.
    That thing had some seriously strong horses behind it.
    Learn something new everyday.

  222. So we defend that technology day……

    only an Amish folk could worry like that…geez…yes, electricity, tv, fire, stove (i’m not even going to enter the “microwave” territory;)

  223. UPDATE:
    I didn’t go out tonight. There were no riots tonight.

    I will be honest here, I feel doubly relieved. If I speak seriously, I try to speak fully and honestly – here, I was both relieved that nothing happened, but also relieved that I “hadn’t missed anything happening”. As you know, I am no conflict photographer, I have no experience with that. But I felt a mix of feelings tonight. Had something happened, I would have been looking for ways to be there, as I have done the last two nights. I didn’t want things to happen. But I also recognised that feeling, perhaps war photographers feel this, of relief that nothing had happened based on not being there to document it. I don’t say it to brag, act cocky, justify or anything else. I just recognise the feeling as a genuine one. Where the riots happened is my childhood home. I have been living 4 miles away. And I have been, on one level, wishing it was happening more closely to me, or that I was closer to it, just to be there. In that sense, I am no better than some of the kids caught up in this. I just have better sense and moral principles/intuition guiding me.

    I hope we have no more riots. Time will tell.

    More in the morning. I apologise if anyone disagrees or takes offence with what I wrote above. But read it not as me arguing in favour of anything, but just trying to explain where I’m at in all this, as a photographer and the decisions I made/thoughts I had. Speaking to some of the rioters today, that is what I asked of them, so I owe it to you to give myself up to the same extent as I sought from others.

    Thanks, your words are appreciated. I don’t know how this will go. I’ll keep you updated. If I have work I think you need see regarding this area, or questions I have to ask of you, I’ll buzz you.

    Interestingly, I got speaking to the rioters today after meeting a reporter from a national newspaper. Having photographed this community, I worked hard to build up trust. I was asked was I press/police and I said no, just an independent photographer. So, when I heard press were descending, I felt I had to meet them and make some introductions and make it clear that I am not press, I just know some of them. And that I could be trusted to make sure their right were not violated (eg making sure the reporter identified themselves as such, etc). Talking about my previous work (the guy had recognised me from the area) I showed some work prints I’d made. It included a picture of a young boy who was shying away from the camera. The rioter picked that image out, he said he liked my work generally, but he picked that out and started speaking about how the boy should be smiling – he was opening up to me, telling me how kids should experience the world, that the boy in my picture shouldn’t have any reason to look sad or shy or wary. He was speaking with genuine feeling.

    When we talk about the people who did this, they are animals, and they are humans. They have feelings, and yet they have none. It all depends. It is all tangible. The issues run deep and are complex, and I probably haven’t articulated this as well as I should. But, without wanting to sound like a ‘wet blanket liberal leftie’ don’t write them all off completely. Just try to understand as much as you can, and accept that there are going to be some things you can never understand. That’s what I have taken away from all of this so far.

  224. ok….it seems some ‘levity’ is needed here…..London/England is aflame….a troll comes on and starts tonguing gear talk….some negativity under a few essays, all of which contain sadness….and Sarah and John (i hope) are safe, remain safe, but the world seems awry and afoul and mad….so…not to diminish any of that, but I want to share a blog by a young photographer from Japan..who endure all the sadness last year and simply floats…i’ll write her directly this weekend and see if I can get her interest in BURN…DAVID/ANTON, do i have your permission to try to get her to submit something if I can make contact?…

    one of my former students and now good friend from Taiwan, a wonderful young photographer herself that i’ve been mentoring for the last 3 years, sent this blog to me (i’m trying to get her to submit something too to Burn)….

    so people…even though all feels like meltdown…here is something, i hope and trust, to make even Jim Powers smile with a wide grin…



  225. BOB…

    of course, always bring in new talent…you have been doing that many times and totally appreciated…we always welcome new talent…that is the name of our game…i did not feel quite the sadness you felt…the tech ruse is just that..funny, not sad…the goings on in London are indeed tragic, yet we are getting some terrific on the ground analysis from Sara…so yes, the world is awry..damn it has been awry since i can remember …and of course it ALWAYS seems like the worst of times..the bottom..hell, let’s take the positive and roll with it because what else can we do? and in that light i look forward to the work of your Japanese friend…

    cheers, david

  226. I have my many years of undie modelling to thank for that David…. ;-) However (on my pic anyway) you musn’t have had your glasses on….

  227. DAVID :))

    yes, will write her this weekend…i don’t know her, my student (from taiwan) sent it to me tonight…(but i’m working on getting the Taiwan, actually a couple, to submit their work…they’re nervous because they are so young, but they ahve great humor and great visual intelligence and playfulness)….so, i will see if i can make a connection with Natsumi and then introduce her to BURN…

    as for sadness…i didn’t mean i felt ‘sadness’, but that i just wanted to add some simple JOY here, because i know everyone seems stressed (understandably) with London/England madness and all the tough words under Emile and i guess i just wanted to remind people that amid all the madness, people still have something to remember…and that is the extraordinary power and joy of the imagination…and since i’m always in older brother mode, i always try to make folk feel better…and u know me, even in darkness, i’m always a pretty positive cat ;))…..and i guess it’s also part to the troll (i love Panos’s chocolate milk interpretation), to show that people who talk about gear also have humour and love pictures…;)))..

    ok, check ur email…

    renjoy all…and i’ll report back if i make contact :))


  228. BOB
    You’re right and, for the part I played in comments on the essays here, I apologise for going as harshly as I did. While I stand by the question have about the essay I commented on, the tone was amped up as developments in my city and in London unfolded, and I was quick to snap and to shout. I am also young. I hope on a better day, and certainly on an older day* I will be more calm in my questioning. You know I did it for myself as much as for anyone else, to grow from the discussion and rebuttals, but I don’t do it to argue for the sake of it. I need to remember that people who don’t know me may not realise when I’m overly harsh in the way I frame my criticisms. Thank you.

    *I chucked that one in for yucks as Nu Joisey boys say, can you actually imaging an older day?!? I trust you know what I mean, though. As I mature. ;-)

  229. “very sensitive here just like my baby VQ engine”

    So I just did a google on ‘VG engine’ and realized I used to own one in 2001.
    That thing had some seriously strong horses behind it.
    Learn something new everyday.
    Speaking of horses….. In reminded of those beautiful fighting Stallions DAH photographed somewhere in Spain. Now those are seriously strong horses.

  230. SARAH :)

    no worries , really no worries…it’s all good…PERSONAL POINTS OF VIEW mean the most to me…be that in pictures or belief…but above all passion…life wouldn’t be worth much if folk didn’t have that…….if you go through the entire history of BURN…and ROAD TRIPS…and LIGHTSTALKERS (even though they never found my stupid page with links/publications/comments), you’ll see i’ve been a been vocal too ;)))…s no worries……and yes, what other kind of day is one but older by the end…and then the following morn, it’s youngr again ;))..

    stay safe, please, sister!

    cheers :)

  231. BOB
    How did I know that you would, of course, understand? We should ‘riot’ over a good bottle of win and some ancient philosophy some time, I swear, we’d understand each others’ boundaries in discoursing (yes, that is a word…) and set off a few intellectual fireworks, too. ;-) Thanks for the well wishes, so so glad this is/seems to be over. This year has tested me, in many ways. And I can’t help the passion, you don’t get to where I’ve got without it. I see so many people who just plain give up, but it isn’t my heart to do that. I have to accept crossing some lines every now and then for it, but let’s draw some new ones, eh? ;-) Big luv xxx

  232. a civilian-mass audience

    no,no…MR/MRS VILKSATKALSMIRD is one of my friends
    Mass Audience-non photographer
    it’s all good…we are everywhere inside/outside…

    BUT BUT BUT…with all due respect…

    here in BURN…WE DO LOVE TECH TALK…cause when we blend reporting,cameras,lightings,ouzo,chickens,
    births,deaths and sex…we are talking about LIFE

    and BURN is LIFE…real deal…
    back to our regular program

  233. a civilian-mass audience

    BOBBY you are a big soul…

    FRAMERS keep reporting…be safe

    EVA…busy but I will sent u email

    to ALL MY BURNIANS…YOU ROCK ON and I am miss many of you…keep shooting and remember

    BURN IS “LIFE”…and “life” is YOU

  234. SARAH :)))…

    i await that day eagerly :))…i adore fireworks, especially over wine…or whiskey….over philosophy or pictures or food or life…what else is there…now that some young men have died amid the riots, and too for all those lost (business, spirits, livlihoods)…i just hope somehow we all get some sense…of divisions…we are all our brothers and sisters keepers…wealthy/poor, entitled/disenfranchised…when england (or detroit or la or toronto or east africa or bogata or syria) we all get burned…my hope, for above all my son, my students, their generation, that we get a reckoning eventually on all the mayhem..anyway….yes, big hugs until over a wine (ask marina/gina/david et al, i’m a big hugger)…

    CIVI: u are the soul here, no doubts….levitating in your red greek ouzu filled shoes :))).

  235. Final Update on riots – because I should have said this earlier but digressed horribly. 3 men were murdered last night in Birmingham. In response to the looters in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, and other areas, communities banded together to patrol the streets and keep looters and trouble-makers away. In Birmingham, a large group of these local men were congregated and a car sped into them. 3 Sikh men were hit and died of the injuries. The father of one man gave a statement today on live television, and a crowd of youths tried to shout him down. He stood up and said he was grieving the loss of his son, and to go away. He silenced the youths shouting him down as the community applauded him.

    RIP to these three men.

    Whatever the real issues underlying any of what has happened in these days, and there are some genuine issues, nothing excuses the fact that the action has totally isolated the perpetrators from the wider community and also undermined whatever legitimate issues which fuelled this. There is no excuse for looting, for physical attacks on neighbours, or for murder.

  236. a civilian-mass audience

    I am speechless:(
    “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.”
    Dale Carnegie

    “Anger may be foolish and obsurd, and one may be irritated when in the wrong; but a man never feels outraged unless in some respect he is at bottom right.”
    Victor Hugo

    P.S..where are you PAUL…???…sending good energy and strength to all of you with family and friends
    in England…LOVE YOU

  237. vilksatkalsmird…

    Yes in many ways you’re right but how many times on Burn have you seem any tech talk?:)

    Here’s a little quote…

    “Bill Jay:
    Beginning photographers are obsessed with equipment but there comes a stage when they deny that cameras have any relevance. Yet the best photographers do seem to spend a lot of time talking about cameras again.
    David Hurn:</p
    Of course. It is important to have the right equipment for the purpose at hand and which is compatible with your own personality. It is possible to insert a screw with a hammer but the job is a lot more efficient with a screwdriver, preferably a power-driver!”
    On being a photographer: Bill Jay and David Hurn (Magnum photographer)
    If I may I add a little point in my defence and that is I’ve known about this rumour for at least a four weeks and I’ve been keeping quiet about it as I also don’t like tech talk much, so I could of text skyped or sent David a private message on the rumour as we all known how much he adores his GF1. But isn’t it better to share the “news” even if it’s only an unconfirmed rumour with all the Burn crowd? OK no more tech talk from me :)))

  238. “Photography isn’t really about photography. It’s about longings, dreams, nightmares, wants and memories. I try to catch that, what I’m looking for is the primitive way. I want it to be a very back to basics and not art photography, almost amateur as true as I can do it, organic, animal like – this is a dream I have, to be as a dog and just go for it”
    Anders Petersen

  239. “The novel I am constantly writing is always the same one, and it might be described as a variously sliced-up or torn-apart book of myself.”
    Robert Walser

  240. “And as you sit on the hillside, or lie prone under the trees of the forest, or sprawl wet-legged on the shingly beach of a mountain stream, the great door, that does not look like a door, opens.”
    Stephen Graham

  241. vilksatkalsmird

    still going on about my comment well I have no intentios of spending a day with pretentious pricks who cut holes in their pockets to get the “real” feel of pocket billiards

  242. “Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me. All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste. But there is this gap. For the first couple years you make stuff, it’s just not that good. It’s trying to be good, it has potential, but it’s not. But your taste, the thing that got you into the game, is still killer. And your taste is why your work disappoints you.

    A lot of people never get past this phase, they quit. Most people I know who do interesting, creative work went through years of this. We know our work doesn’t have this special thing that we want it to have. We all go through this. And if you are just starting out or you are still in this phase, you gotta know its normal and the most important thing you can do is do a lot of work. Put yourself on a deadline so that every week you will finish one story. It is only by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap, and your work will be as good as your ambitions. And I took longer to figure out how to do this than anyone I’ve ever met. It’s gonna take awhile. It’s normal to take awhile. You’ve just gotta fight your way through.”

    Ira Glass

  243. “Perhaps I write for no one. Perhaps for the same person children are writing for when they scrawl their names in the snow.”
    Margaret Atwood

  244. Dear vilksatkalsmird…

    (a) The latest comments/quotes aren’t aimed at you or about you, but I don’t see much about tech talk now.

    (b) I did not insult you or anything of the sort. But since you don’t know us from a hole in the wall why do you insult us? Yet, somehow you feel you must take personal offense.

    (c) Return to (a). Lather, rinse, repeat until done.

  245. PAUL

    it is ridiculous to apologize for the very little tech talk that goes on here..it usually comes from those of us who actually work everyday with our cameras, Charles, Gordon, Pete,you, me, etc simply telling what works for us..no pretense from any of us for being camera engineers….i cannot explain a pixel any more than i could explain circles of confusion, but i do know how to take that machine to the field and what happens under certain circumstances for real..this could be helpful to some who might get lost with all the scientific and marketing jargon…for sure nobody hates tech talk more than do i….

    however, i would not worry too much about our new tech troll…as i said earlier he/she is just pulling a ruse….he/she is one of us….not a registered new user/new commentator , but somebody already here and registered under a different name…weird, odd, but true…we can always trace back here to the computer used to send a comment…i have not done the computer track back, because it is more fun to guess who this really is…whomever it is , it is somebody you most likely know here…again a commentator registered under another name…blog fun

  246. David…

    Laughing and no I don’t worry about our new tech troll, it would be sort of like fretting about which fine wine goes best with a Happy Meal!

  247. Great Ira Glass quote Paul! thank you.
    I love his “This American Life” radio show. I try to catch it every Saturday on NPR.

    Bob Black nice link…my wife showed this to me a few weeks back. It’s very interesting. I love it.
    I already saw one imitator on instagram.
    And THanks for bringing JOY!

  248. a civilian-mass audience

    oh,here you are PAUL…I was looking for you…
    actually,I was waiting for the vino…
    You all have to try my wine…DON CIVILION…oh,yeah,one day BURNIANS,one day…:)!!!

    I have some good news to report… for some of our BURNIANS…
    I misplaced the links…hmmm…
    oh,boy…I will be back

    Go MY BURNIANS…you are all Special…yeap

  249. a civilian-mass audience

    I am so tedious…and I need to readproof…

    back to our regular talk…BURNIANS,BURNIANS,BURNIANS…geez:))))))

  250. I think it’s not too difficult to guess who “vilksatkalsmird” is, but no need to feed the trolls. Let’s see how long this person will keep up the charade.

    Paul – keep those quotes coming :)

  251. Carsten,

    Right you are – I should have resisted in my comment. However, I actually do think that the link would be of interest to those here discussing small cameras.

  252. If one were to cut holes in their pockets, where would they put their Lens Cap?
    I suppose placing the lens cap in your tube sock would hold it, but someone might
    think you have a platex product stored in there. “Whats that bump in your sock?”
    Or maybee one should buy a Lens Cap Leash which was an 80’s thing?
    Does anyone use a Lens Cap Leash anymore?
    Oh well… just the thought of ruining a nice pair or trousers with no place to put your Lens Cap
    sounds awefull.
    running away now…

  253. Vis-a-vis the instapic, I’m sorry, I don’t have a clue, but I have a hard time imagining Erica smoking cigarettes, unless those cigarettes were filled with organic tobacco.

  254. if you disassemble vilksatkalsmird into vilks atkal smird, it means something like “wolf stinks again” in Latvian,


    i think that the SUDOKU heavy championship belongs to you this year! You are amazing!

  255. I have no intentios of spending a day with pretentious pricks who cut holes in their pockets to get the “real” feel of pocket billiards

    ?? translation?? anyone??? whats a “pocket billiards”? Why cutting a hole in one’s pocket turns automatically one into an idiot?

  256. i mean (tech talk again) what if one tries to create a pinhole camera through a hole in a pocket, does that make one a prick?
    im slightly confused today by the latest testimonies from the new witnesses…

  257. Billiards is generally known as the game played with two white balls and one red ball. No pockets on the table. One of the white balls has a dot on it to distinguish it from the other. One player has one white ball and the other for the second player. Points are scored by hitting your cue ball into either the other players cue or the red ball and then you cue ball going 3 rails before hitting the ball that has not been struck yet. A very difficult game of geometry.

    Pocket Billiards is generally known as being played with 15 balls and a cue ball on a table with pockets. Includes games such as 8-ball, 9-ball, and straight pool.

    Snooker is played on a table that is bigger than a standard pocket billiards table and the pockets are different in that the corners of the pockets are rounded instead of pointed and flaired out like on a pocket billiard table. Much harder to make the shot since if it does not fall in the center of the pocket it will usually bounce out. Snooker is played with 15 red balls and six balls of different colors. The red balls are all worth one point and the colored balls all have different point values. There are a specific set of rules to play the game.

  258. ok…ok..i got it..thanks John…shoulda/coulda/woulda have asked earlier but you know..pride…they say that most men hate asking for directions…i need to change, be a better person!:)))
    big hug!

  259. Panos, pocket billiards was the reason why Roman Catholic schoolboys of my generation were not allowed to put our hands in our trouser pockets inside the school building. This was an offense the nuns and the brothers would and could hit us ignorant little savages for, but now that I think about it, a hittable offense was damn near anything they wanted to hit you for, so the best thing was to keep quiet and keep a rosary in your pocket. That way you could tell them you were practicing ways to say the Rosary surreptitiously just in case the Communists took over America. Then the nuns would pat you on the head for being so devout and the brothers would hit you for suggesting that the Commies could ever take over America. In those days almost all of the Christian Brothers were veterans of either World War II or Korea or both and they weren’t having any defeatist talk in their school, not while they were there to praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

  260. Pocket Billiards is generally known as being played with 15 balls and a cue ball on a table with pockets. Includes games such as 8-ball, 9-ball, and straight pool.

    ohhhhh…i play that..i use to call it “Pool”..but i guess u mean that in europe is called billiards or pockect billiards..right?

  261. That way you could tell them you were practicing ways to say the Rosary surreptitiously just in case the Communists took over America
    geez akaky i had no idea that holes on one pockets had such a deep meaning..thank you also!
    BURN is the new Wiki!
    just ask a Burn Expert!;)

  262. When I was growing up, we used the term “pocket pool” – of course, with “pool” being the homophone of “pull” :-)

  263. PANOS

    No you are generally correct. Pretty much everyone calls 8-ball or 9-ball “pool”, but those are really the formal definitions.

    There is a great scene in the movie The Hustler. Fast Eddie is a hustler, plays 9-ball or 8-ball and mainly straight pool in the movie. He is invited to play billiards at a gambler’s home. When they arrive and the gambler takes the cover off the table, Eddie and his backer are surprised to see no pockets on the table.

    Eddie says he thought they we going to play pool. The gambler says “I play billiards.’

  264. hey, i’m beginning to like this vilksatkalsmird…(must be my own love of chocolate milk! ;) )….

    i’ve combining being called pretentious with being outted for one’s love of pocket pool is a a good day…and i confess, i’ve been a pocket-pool player my ENTIRE life…still hasn’t abated ;))…god help me…with with our without a rosary….(Akaky is right by the way on the etmyology) …and i’ve always loved Billards too…snooker…but can’t snooker much with a pocket, now can u, then it wouldn’t really be snookers…but who doesn’t like to get snookered…with holes in pockets or otherwise?…….

    just do not invite me to a swing a tug of circle trouser-pool…even if induced with chocolate milk….

    now, trouser tidly-winks!…any takers?…

    i mean isn’t this really GEAR talk now…so see, i guess vilksatkalsmird really digs his and OUR gear too….

  265. Eva…

    What a lovely surprise!! I’ll send you a long Email tomorrow morning, set-up details on how much I owe you for the book and postage and packing. A good chance also to catch up on news and everything photographic.
    Once again THANKS :))))))

  266. Paul…

    Don’t even start with ‘how much’.. you owe me nothing.. I’m in a grumpy mood, you don’t want to add to it, now want you??

    Looking forward to the email though :)

  267. Oh MAN!

    Paul, forget my comment.. sheesh.. can’t even distinguish FRAMERS INTENT from PAUL.. might need glasses.. wait, I HAVE ’em..

    SFJason, you’re welcome :)

  268. Greetings fellow tech-talking-pocket-billiard-playing-airy-fairies! And how is everyone? Anything interesting happening?

    Me? Well, I’ve just come from photographing a brick wall and checking the corners for softness or vignetting or… ants or moths or something. Didn’t find anything of interest (maybe a hot pixel or two–but hey who can’t find that! Am I right!) but boy it sure can take a lot out of you. I think I need a nap.


  269. Michael K needs a Holga App for his iphone. Take some happy snaps of brick walls to finally see something interesting. Set the ringer to vibrate, put iphone in pants pocket and call himself. Kind of tingles huh? Be carefull not to do anything
    further you’d be embarassed to tell in the confessional.

  270. damn, now that i know i should not be talking tech talk, suddenly i have a passion for tech talk….let me just say that as i fall in love with the iPhone camera i am simultaneous investigating platinum print making…anybody here have any platinum experience? anybody here have any iPhone experience?

  271. Sorry, I only have experience with these iphone apps.
    Adobe Photoshop Express, CameraBag, Color Splash, Film Lab, Format126, Gorillacam, Hipstamatic, Instagram, l0-mob, Mill Colour, MonPhix, Photo fx, Photogene, Pic Grunger, PictureShow, RetroCamera, Slow Shutter Cam, Spica-Super Monochrome, TiltShift Generator, Tripod, Vint B&W.

  272. David I had a go years ago at platinum print making, can be a somewhat toxic process, done properly the prints look great. I mixed my chemicals without enough care and all my images faded.
    ps about that vilks guy he cannot be Latvian as the phrase used is google language not grammatically Latvian in word order. Sacrilege!

  273. Just did the businessman’s run to Tassie to fix up some stuff, what a shit life living in airports and getting in and out. They can have it.

  274. Michael:

    how about an app: “you too can be as handsome/photogenic as Michael kircher!”…hell, i’d buy a iphone with that (i don’t have any cell phone at the oment)….though, i think i told u this a few years ago on Road Trips…….

    ok, must get away, i’m losing my mind ;))

  275. Oh wow… right… I guess that would have been easier! haha…

    Nope, just held my finger on the “shutter” and lifted it during spin. Had a few misfires, of course! ;^}

  276. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!ok…anyways…moving on! (whata weird world-multiple thoughts , multiple personalities, learning somethin new evry dAy!;)

  277. Akaky, Bob,

    If you ever DO hear a real wolf howling… outdoors, at nightfall… believe me, you will know it, and never forget it (right, Tom H.?)… not at all like a coyote… deeper, and more insane and nightmarish than anything you’ve heard outside of a horror movie… or, as my backwoods buddy Jim says, if you come across a bear in the woods, how do you know if it’s a black bear or a grizzly? Because the hair on the back of your neck stands up if it’s a grizzly!

  278. DAH wrote…..”…anybody here have any platinum experience? ”

    Had a platinum Am Ex card back in the good old days. That count ?

  279. David…

    I did a bit platinum printing as well as most of the old processes at college. But in NO way am I an expert at all, only did a three month course trying out most of the processes. You do realize you can only print by contact with platinum so we are talking about big negatives here, unless you use Pictorico High Gloss film for inkjet printers

    I read this book and it’s quite good but perhaps a little out of date:

    I’ve heard this pretty good:

    And this is the Bible for all Alternative Photographic Processes:

    Platinum Palladium kits to try out:

    BTW I’ve just to remembered your friend Sally Mann is an expert Platinum printer…

    And at last she’s got a website :)

  280. Civi,
    Here is my takeaway from the article you linked,

    “Suddenly, Dave leaps up and lights his poi balls,”

    Unfortunately,there is no mention if Dave lights his balls in his pocket or not.

  281. a civilian-mass audience

    wow…EVA is on …
    thanks for bringing SAMMY in…

    my ITALIAN VIVA…I will be waiting

    PAUL is on too…reporting

    BURNIANS…I woke up…happy…sending good energy to all of you

  282. PAUL

    oh yes, of course platinum only from the 8×10 negatives as contacts…i don’t think Sally is making platinum anymore….seems a rather painful process but the look of the prints is always extraordinary…one of the things i have been interested in the last few years is traditional printing tech but from digi capture…a platinum print but with iPhone capture for example..getting the digi capture onto a piece of film and then making either silver or platinum print..yes, you can get a contact print neg off your printer and do it that way..works for sure…anyway, exploring…why? well, because the capture tech for the large negatives allows for only a certain kind of photograph…8×10 on a tripod style work..but imagine the look of a platinum print but subject captured loose , freestyle…the best i have been able to do so far is just use the Mamiya VII..fairly loose in style and terrific large prints…..my large prints (40×60) in the current American Family show look terrific from this…still the Mamiya gives me a large camera look generally..cannot use it quite like 35…and maybe i do not want to..but always like having options…particularly like doing what i am not supposed to be doing…like all of my last tranny color (Div Soul) was shot in very low light with very low iso…50 usually….funny , digi cameras do not even go down to 50…nobody can even now imagine shooting at 50…but there was nothing i could not do at 50…and the look of the blacks on Velvia in low light was amazing..so done with that look…but exploring others..thanks again for the info…

  283. David…

    You then need to enlarge your 6×7 neg by making a inter-positive/inter-negative contact print; ortho litho film.
    Some prefer to use Panchromatic films for the interpositive and an orthochromatic film for the final enlarged negative. I think we used Ilford Ortho Plus.

    Anyway this PDF may help, go to page 42 and it seems to explain pretty what’s comercially available for making inter-negative/positive.

    BTW my 1ds II has 50 iso and it’s usually set at that except when we’re drinking wine in a Paris cafe :)

  284. PAUL

    misunderstanding..i am not trying to make large internegs from my 6×7 film…i am trying to make large internegs from digital capture..i want to make an 8×10 contact platinum print from my iPhone or any digi capture…

  285. too hot im America? Drought? Answer here from our “FUTURE” brilliant PRESIDENT????!!!!!

    “Now, therefore, I, Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, under the authority vested in me by the Constitution and Statutes of the State of Texas, do hereby proclaim the three-day period from Friday, April 22, 2011, to Sunday, April 24, 2011, as Days of Prayer for Rain in the State of Texas.”

    But Perry’s tendency to use prayer as public policy demonstrates, in the midst of a truly painful, wide-ranging and potentially catastrophic crisis in the nation’s second most-populous state, how he would govern if he became president.

    “I think it’s time for us to just hand it over to God, and say, ‘God: You’re going to have to fix this,’” he said in a speech in May, explaining how some of the nation’s most serious problems could be solved.

  286. That was a warm-up of sorts for his prayer-fest, 30,000 evangelicals in Houston’s Reliant Stadium on Saturday. From this gathering came a very specific prayer for economic recovery. On the following Monday, the first day God could do anything about it, Wall Street suffered its worst one-day collapse since the 2008 crisis. The Dow sunk by 635 points.

    Prayer can be meditative, healing, and humbling. It can also be magical thinking. Given how Perry has said he would govern by outsourcing to the supernatural, it’s worth asking if God is ignoring him.

    Why god? why??? ignoring little Rick?


  287. David, there are three ways to go about that… you can print on clear film on your inkjet prunter, you can take your digital file to a place where they still use an imagesetter (most up to date offset printers use CTP by now), or you can go to a place where they have one of those digital enlargers I once mentioned here which print like any analog enlarger on any photosensitive material and this way you can actually prepare an interpositive from your digital file…

  288. But Texas is special. By many measures, it is the nation’s most polluted state. Dirty air and water do not seem to bother Perry. He is, however, extremely perturbed by the Environmental Protection Agency’s enforcement of laws designed to clean the world around him. In a recent interview, he wished for the president to pray away the E.P.A.

    To Jews, Muslims, non-believers and even many Christians, the Biblical bully that is Rick Perry must sound downright menacing, particularly when he gets into religious absolutism. “As a nation, we must call upon Jesus to guide us through unprecedented struggles,” he said last week.

  289. Sam Harris NEWS , ladies and gents!


    Did you know that it was Sam who took the iconic pic of Beth Orton’s Central Reservation, album cover. Not to mention, Portishead, Jamiroqui, Johnny London from Sex Pistols, Badly Drawn Boy, Elliot Smith oh and I nearly forgot ( NOT) Blur !!

    Impressive I know, but it’s not all what Sam Harris has up his sleeve, now he’s working on his documentary and in October he’ll be jetsetting off to Delhi for the Photo Festival, where he’ll be showing his recent work – Postcards from Home and where he’ll also be doing running a seminar workshop.

    Sam now calls the delightful town of Balingup his home, where he lives with his wife and daughters.

    Have a listen to Sam and Ron in the studio this morning ..

  290. THODORIS..

    yes it sounds like the clear film on the inkjet is the way to go…i keep thinking there must be a better way, but i guess not…i have seen some truly interesting prints from art students using this method…you can make any size negative from anything, and then make a contact print…silver or platinum….very large contact platinum from the clear film inkjet could be very cool..what you think?

    now i see your new link…we must have posted simultaneous…yes, Dan Burkholder is the photographer whose clear film prints i saw…so he is the man..and this new link looks interesting for sure…yes i was driving me crazy that digi capture was being equated with only casual photography…i kept thinking that surely who cares about the capture, but the PRINT IS IT….this fits in with my thinking…of course large and medium format film still rules in this overall category of fine print making…but i am sure the digi capture will catch up soon OR be taken at its own face value for other reasons….very similar to the feelings i had with the Polaroid SX70…i did a lot of work with those as well….i am getting pictures with the iPhone that i would not get otherwise…even the inkjet prints i am now making with the iPhone are damned interesting…no not Hipstamatic…just straight…

  291. jumping in regarding platinum prints….
    simplest way that i’ve made BIG negs when i was printing cyano types is i made a print, then just made a copy of print on transparency ‘paper’, that you can get at kinkos…
    then i had my 8.5″x11″ neg!!
    but i’m sure the ‘quality’ of film from the inkjet is much better…
    depends on what you want to say….

  292. All these alternative processes comments has reminded me I haven’t had a look at Sally Mann’s “Deep South” in a long, long time.

  293. wow.. all this talk about transparency film makes me want to make a box out of plexi, and use transparencies and have it light from within…. a photo plexi cube… i’ve never been able to figure out how to light up the box though….
    platinum prints from inkjet transparency… YES!!!! would be beautiful… i imagine… soft and lovely…. **

  294. DAVID..

    “no not Hipstamatic…just straight…”

    What? You sure you can do that???.. yeah, just kiddin’.. and thank you!


    a candle, put a candle in the cube :)

  295. a civilian-mass audience

    where shall I put a candle…?hmmm…

    I LOVE TECH TALK…keep it up my BURNIANS…!!!

  296. Panos, in the US corporations are people and have been since the Marshall Court decided Dartmouth v. Woodward in 1819. They even get 14th Amendment rights, courtesy of Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad (1886).

  297. David, fooling around with all the different capturing and presenting techniques is one of the main things I like about photography… keeping the kid inside alive… here is an actual polaroid image-transfer I did three weeks ago using some very expired polacolor film and a 6×9 rangefinder camera on a tripod:


    I can totally sympathize with the idea of producing a similar picture without having to lag around 5kg of equipment and having to spend at the very least a couple of minutes setting the shot up… let alone what you’ve already mentioned, that only a very narrow spectrum of subject matter can be captured this way…

    And yes, a large platinum print produced with a hybrid method utilizing the best aspects of both digital and analog worlds would be very cool… on the craft part though it should be mentioned that the bigger the print (especially when it needs to be pulled in and out of chemicals) the harder it gets to handle it without damaging it in the process… on that respect (sadly) inject prints rule…

  298. As for wolves, the biggest thing we have hereabouts are red foxes and Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes. The latter appear to be everywhere nowadays, whilst the latter prefers to live in mountain caves and stay away from everyone, which is why I do not climb the local mountains. If the rattlers will stay where they are, I will stay here down on the flat near the river and everyone will be that much happier. Or at least I think so.

  299. Excuse me, but that should read “…the latter appear to be everywhere nowadays…” Rushing to hit submit is always a bad thing.

  300. Excuse me, but that should read “…the former appear to be everywhere nowadays…” Rushing to hit submit is always a bad thing, especially when I am too damn dumb to proofread my own corrections. And yes, I am feeling stoopit now.

  301. panos,

    thanks for that nytimes opinion piece on rick perry… amazing. I watched the GOP debate last night, it made me sick. what a bunch of clowns.

  302. Growing up in “OC” we didn’t have wolves, but I would wake up in the middle of the night to Coyote howels. Gave me nightmares. We also caught rattlesnakes and BBQ’d them. Tastes like chicken. Mmmm.

  303. “Perhaps I write for no one. Perhaps for the same person children are writing for when they scrawl their names in the snow.”
    Margaret Atwood

    “I don’t believe in aging. I believe in forever altering one’s aspect to the sun.”
    Virginia Woolf

    “The poet only asks to get his head into the heavens. It is the logician who seeks to get the heavens into his head. And it is his head that splits.”
    G.K. Chesterton

    “If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it.”
    Anais Nin

    “The beginning is always today.”
    Mary Shelley

  304. BURN 02 is a done deal!! text and pictures and layout and graphic locked locked…

    02 is not a repeat of what you have seen here online..yes, some is, but much is original to the printed magazine…

    so so much work done by Diego Orlando….THE person to honor on this baby…

    goes to printer in a couple of weeks (AFTER Italian vacation of course) fine fine printer…first class…

    should be ready, or at least some copies , for Perpignan and our Burn evening slide show…Sept 1

  305. BURN 02… don’t exactly remember what I wrote when 01 was a done deal.. but something along the lines that you not only have ideas, but also follow through with them.. that one reason why Burn is Burn.. same goes for 02.. sooo looking forward to hold one of Diego’s babies and leaf through it :)

    Great.. thanks to all involved :)

  306. http://www.salon.com/news/england/index.html?story=/news/feature/2011/08/12/britains_prime_minister_only_makes_things_worse

    “The authoritarian response of the British government to the disturbances is a worrying sign of things to come. The only “context” permitted in the public discourse is the old, regressive idea that families, particularly single mothers, are to blame for “lawlessness.” This misplaced moralism is a deliberate attempt to avoid addressing the real causes of the unrest — inequality, poverty, unemployment and a lack of alternative narratives. The immediate future for Britain looks grim: increasing state repression, increased fear and suspicion of the urban poor, increased social divisions along class and racial lines, more blame and punishment and zero understanding. In other words, the very things that created the unrest in the first place.”

  307. Analysis, or rather refusal to analyze, came thick and fast: This was the work of a mindless criminal underclass, of those who merely wanted expensive new sneakers but didn’t want to pay for them, and so on.

  308. a civilian-mass audience

    BURN once, beer on you
    BURN twice ,ouzo on me

    WOOWWWWWWWWWW…stage freeze…woooowww…
    THANK YOU MR.HARVEY,thank you MR.HARVEY’S Family,thank you DIEGO,thank you PANOS for bringing DIEGO in,
    thank you BURN CREW
    thank you BURNIANS (upstairs-downstairs)
    thank you Civilians
    thank you Spirits
    thank you Universe

    three-four months ago…we were ready to unplug…BUT BUT BUT…instead
    we are BURNing the sky…etcetera,etcetera…

    “Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragement, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak”
    Thomas Carlyle

    ok,may the academians come in…

    BURN 02…I will hug you soon

    may the party begin…

  309. a civilian-mass audience

    oime…I forgot…

    Thank you Silent Readers
    Thank you Donors
    Thank you ALL for the support…
    cause together We Can Do Miracles


  310. Some walking around pics from this morning. Included a couple from a few weeks ago as well since there was a bit of a sports theme. I have a lot of respect for those who take good photos of bicycle races. I’ve goofed around with it on many occasions since there are so many of them around here, but never gotten a worthwhile photo out of it. And somehow I always prefer the blurry ones. I shoot it straight as well, but those just leave me cold. Anyway, seeing the bike pics reminded me of the roller derby. I didn’t have anything to do one saturday night and noticed it was in town, so i thought why not go over and take a few photos. Of course I knew I was unlikely to get anything very good on the first try, but it was fun and I learned a few things. And if I ever wanna photograph the roller girls for real, I’ll at least have some idea how to approach it.

  311. What a special treat to wake up in the morning and to my suprise the BBC is Broadcasting the World Pipe Band Championships streaming LIVE right now.
    How much fun to spot my friends 1/2 way around the world on my screen. HaHa

  312. (just a reminder)

    ok, ALL, i have a big ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE!

    panos skoulidas

    August 5, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    time to showcase not only to the world our work but also to prove ourselves that we can deliver when needed , fast fast fast…

    panos skoulidas

    August 5, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    ok let me cut through the chase here….we are talking about a big HUGE BURN EXHIBITION! DAVID already started this long time ago..nothing new here..im not an innovator i know, i know…but follow me please for a second and you might like my idea…

    Well as any photog im always looking places, galleries, cities, countries etc..to exhibit and showcase work..even sell (i know y’all laughing on the sales part)..

    Anyway CHECK THIS OUT…. i found a venue…A great gallery , in a great community that will host a BURN EXHIBITION…

    ok before we go into details, i need to say this..First i made sure i got a space for me, the original plan was for me to do a SOLO exhibition and be the cool guy etc…Of course i agreed and all was fine until couple nights ago i woke up with this bright idea , practically stolen from DAH..lol

    Why Solo?

    How about a BURN exhibition?

    GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! i thought..but immediately i saw the problem..

    WHo am i to choose who should be included and who not?

    Is it an inner circle jerk elite in Burn? How do i get in Burn? How do i belong? I havent published an essay yet..am i good enough? and other thoughts of this kind ..

    so i scratched and scratched and scratched my head and then BOOM I GOT IT…

    the NAME OF THE EXHIBITION WILL BE :” BURN-ed GARDEN” (First i thought salad instead of garden), or “Burn ,The Last Minute Compilation”…

    you see i want to promote BURN and us the photogs so check this out yo..


    panos skoulidas

    August 5, 2011 at 3:33 pm

    EACH ONE OF US/YOU/ALL OF US/ANY OF US/YOU that wants to be included and participate in the EXHIBITION That will take place / premiere at 8th of october 2011 in SA Texas and will probably move on to europe or Sydney etc..

    SO all i need is ONE PHOTOGRAPH OF YOUR CHOICE/PRINTED AS BEST AS IT EXPRESSES YOU/AT ANY SIZE YOU PREFER..(NOT FRAMED)…In the address i will provide if you email me at panos.skoulidas@gmail.com or innerspacecowpanos@gmail.com

    Not digital files nor negatives… YOUR PRINT EXACTLY AS YOU LIKE IT!

    AGREEMENT IS THAT 50% OF THE SALE OF THE PHOTOGRAPH, (IF SOLD OF COURSE) goes to THE PHOTOGRAPHER and 50% donated immediately to Burn Magazine)-(gallery gets 30% of the deal)

    FEEL FREE TO PRICE YOUR PHOTO TOO IF YOU LIKE but i promise i will try to sell it in a higher price.

    Well why am i doing this? Well why not?

    I can still do a solo exhibition later and still impress the community but hey hey wait!

    Whats best? Just one photographer only? or a bunch of geniuses here from Burn on a gallery wall????

    I already have the OK FROM THE GALLERY..



    HONESTLY ANY BURNIAN I KNOW HAS AT LEAST ONE GREAT/ICONIC photo at their disposal, on e photo signature, one photo that feels “you”..! well that is the photo i want from you to SHOWCASE , bring it to the collectors and even sell it if possible…One thing for sure i know we will have tons of people in the premiere opening night in the gallery and it will be a great party!

    AGAIN, RULES? NO RULES..ONLY TIME MATTERS..i know u guys have the photos ready..maybe not printed yet but ready.. Now SIZE? any size u like..THE BIGGER THE BETTER..but plz at least bigger than 11×14(min), NOT FRAMED (put a sticker on the back with name and sign it to be nice with your customers)again, gallery takes 30%, and from the rest 50% to you and 50% to Burn for Support/Donations to keep the magazine alive..again its a win win situation..

    Its a Burn collection, no theme, no “best” or this or that..no labels..just a burn party somewhere in the heart of america , in the heart of the Lone Star Land..im sure Austin and SA will totally support us!

    Name of the gallery is 1-9-0-6 run by multifaceted talented owner Andy Benavides and again

    BURN EXHIBITION PREMIERE is at 8th of October till November the 4th!


    Email me to send u address in the texas gallery to send the prints that i will personally handle etc etc blah blah..im expecting a DAH photo too , hopefully not the most expensive one from his collection!

  313. So far the participation is great , its just i dont want ANYONE to feel that is left “outside” etc…No elite…just one good print..i know YOU have it! regular poster or no..unknown or no…the world wants/needs to see your photo…They are thirsty..YOU got the water…cmon, be nice and quench their thirst…;)

  314. Since I left the house this morning, I have gotten nothing but green lights everywhere I go. Nothing but green, green, and more green. This does not happen to me…ever. Something bad is going to happen today and God wants me to be on time for it.

  315. I’m fine, Panos, I’m just wondering how long I’m going to stay fine, what with all this good traffic karma I’ve been getting today. Good traffic karma is always a bad sign.

  316. a civilian-mass audience

    no worries AKAKY…it’s because AKAKYIRL is sick today…:)))))))))))))))))
    we shared a bottle of ouzo last night…oime

    BURN 02 / sold out…ANTON’S book /sold out…YES!
    Grecoland /sold out…NO!

    PANOS…I have sent my “footprint”…:)

    Come on BURNIANS…if I can do this…then All of YOU can do it…

  317. Akaky…

    If you’re in need of any sawdust just give me a shout on Burn, got some here, always handy for soaking things up… even blood :))

  318. Panos… waiting for stores in Italy to open up.. since you want 11×14 paper at least.. printing as soon as it arrives..

  319. Akaky.. don’t worry, next time you have a really important meeting you’ll get all the reds you missed today!

  320. Akaky…

    You know it maybe the other way round. Your magic fairy (not the medium format tranny) knows your destiny, she’s trying to save your life and is mucking around with the traffic lights so you don’t arrive late. Because perhaps your destiny is to think if you arrive early something bad will happen. So you stop at the traffic light and you stall your car all intentionally when it’s green, convinced you’ll save yourself when you’re really heading straight for your destiny!
    So be very careful!!

  321. MW…

    I really like the first image and it’s a pity you couldn’t get closer to the girl with the tattoo on her back I’m sure it would of been really cool. Still I think these street images would benefit from some human presence, that’s when your images really work for me.

  322. Okay, so far, so good. Did the 5 mile walk without collisions with planes, trains, and automobiles or sudden loss of consciousness or lapses of good taste, which I always think is a good thing. However, the day is not over. Paul, I will take you up on the sawdust if it becomes necessary, and Civi, I hate to break this to you, but if you were drinking ouzo with IRL last night then the person you were drinking with is an imposter; IRL is more of a bitter teetotaler than I am. Hope you had fun anyway.

  323. Paul, I don’t know, there’s just something about the magic medium format fairy being a tranny that puts me off that format entirely. I know that in our pulitically correct age we should be broadminded about such things, but I fear that I am a little too old and set in my ways to be entirely comfortable with such a situation. I think I will stick with the 35mm b&w magic fairy for the time being.

  324. Akaky…

    I used to muck around all the time with a tranny called Velvia, everyone told me she was 50 I was never convinced always thought she was 40.

  325. Paul, thanks. I was already very close to the roller girl in that pic. That’s a wide angle lens. I take that shot all the time, it’s one of my standards. It’s not about what I’m looking at. It’s about what the subject is looking at.

  326. off to Korea for a few days, so off comments here for the travel time at least…i think i mentioned 02 locked down and set to actually print on the 22nd..should have a few copies for our show at Perpignan…and i do hope to see some of you there…i think we might start offering 02 even before it hits the street so to speak…we are printing only 1000 copies as we did with 01…my only problem with 02 is that it is so damned good that i wish i could be in it!! no joke…

    ok last minute pack..back soonest

    cheers, david


    ready to send Loomings…watched it this morning as slideshow ….sent u an email….if possible, i can upload NOW, so david can watch it on his trip…check ur email….

    if not, whenever you send upload info, i’ll ftp it…

    hugs and have a safe trip and have fun in korea…..

    hope i made u proud ;))

    hugs and running

  328. “I seek out hidden places and hidden people. With death close by, life is so much clearer. The old people, along with the aides, became my heroes.”
    Anders Petersen

  329. a civilian-mass audience

    I have stepped away from my desk…for a couple of hours,days…
    safe travels MR.HARVEY…have fun…

    for the rest ..those behind the curtains…enjoy the journey…

    I will be back calling…names…

    P.S…damnit,I missed the 600 comment…pff…what can you do:))))))))))

    Spread the tripods…I will be back…BURN my BURNIANS

  330. CIVI
    It is not often I get to say this but, now, I honestly can so I will. I sit here, right now, glass of Ouzo in hand. And I raise it to you, and also to all of my fellow Burnians. Good cheers, and peace.

    (I may be quiet a few days, got a few things to work out, unrealated)

  331. “Life isn’t about saying the right thing; life is about failing. It’s about letting the tape play.”
    Jonathan Goldstein

    “The earth is blue. How wonderful. It is amazing.”
    Yuri Gagarin to Ground Control, 1961

    “Language is a cracked kettle on which we beat out tunes for bears to dance to, while all the time we long to move the stars to pity.”

    “You wasted $150,000 on an education you coulda got for a buck fifty in late charges at the public library.”
    Good Will Hunting

    “So everything is necessary. Every least thing. This is the hard lesson. Nothing can be dispensed with. Nothing despised. Because the seams are hid from us, you see. The joinery. The way in which the world is made. We have no way to know what could be taken away. What omitted. We have no way to tell what might stand and what might fall.”
    Cormac McCarthy

    “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”
    C.S. Lewis

  332. PANOS:
    Thanks for your enthusiasm, now you become a gallerist-art burnian manager! I will send you a picture, hard choice so I’ll pick a random one from my favorites. Don’t understand if a have to send the picture to you or directly to that gallery. Please put the mail address here.

    DIEGO: Grazie mille per il tuo impegno per stampare Burn02.

    VISA POUR L’IMAGE: Who is heading to Perpignan?!?!? Sept 1st will be a great night. I’ll call the stadium to rent the field, ’cause any bar/pub will be so, so small to welcome this huge community. ;-)


  333. ANTON: I’ll be there with your ODO YAKUZA and a black pen for a signature, will you be there?
    DAH: I’ll be there with your CUBA (en espanol) with the same pen for a signature, espero que tengas tiempo para un autografo entre cervezas, Burn fans y groupies… GRACIAS!!


  334. I will not be at Perpignan this year as the trip would be a bit hard on my car and I don’t think Metro-North has a stop there, unless it’s one of those local stops between Croton and Yonkers.

  335. (over 30 suicides among soldiers for july alone)

    In fiscal year 2009, there were 160 suicides in the Army. Of those, 79 percent were among those who had been deployed only once, or had not deployed at all. Additionally, 60 percent of suicides were among first-term Soldiers.

    “The most dangerous year to be a Soldier is your first year,” Chiarelli said. “We see more suicides in that first year than in any other year.”


  336. Patricio..;)
    address the print to my name and send it here:
    panos skoulidas
    1115 S.Alamo st, #2308
    San antonio TX 78210

    do not forget to put a sticker or somehow write your info/name at the back…;)

  337. (American History Lesson 145)


    Real Estate and the American Revolution
    A biography of Ethan Allen puts the spotlight on land greed.
    By François Furstenberg
    Posted Monday, Aug. 15, 2011, at 6:45 AM ET

    Ethan Allen was at various times: reckless speculator, captain of the co! ntinent’s largest paramilitary force, outlaw with a £100 bounty on hi s head, American Revolutionary commander, prisoner of war, best-selling author, radical Deist philosopher, and founding father of Vermont. Despite this remarkable life, and despite a time when biographies of America’s Founding Fathers fall from the presses like rotten apples from a tree, in the last half-century only one full-length biography had been written about Ethan Allen. How could this be?

    As Ethan Allen: His Life and Times, a new and frustrating biography by Willard Sterne Randall, shows, Allen is hard to write about. He poses a challenge not so much because he is different from more famous Founders like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Benjamin Franklin but because he resembles them perhaps a bit too much—in ways most Americans prefer no! t to think about.

    Like Washington, Allen was self-taught. Like Jefferson, he descended from a family of land speculators. Like Franklin, he was of Puritan stock but turned away from the Calvinism of his forebears. Born in the Berkshire Mountains in 1738, Allen grew up amid religious ferment that little affected him. Pugnacious by intellect and temperament, he cussed and fought until his neighbors could stand it no longer; he got “read out” of not one but two New England towns. His early years were also marked by heedless ambition, which landed him in lawsuits with brothers-in-law, fistfights with business associates, and countless failed enterprises. In 1767, on the heels of another professional and personal humiliation, Allen’s restless scheming took a new turn: Looking north, he began eying Vermont land.

    The early history of Vermont real estate will resonate with 21st-century Americans. It was a tale of greed, legal chaos, and corrupt business pra! ctices. In 1749, New Hampshire Gov. Benning Wentworth began granting t itles to land between Lake Champlain and the Connecticut River—land that almost certainly belonged to New York. New York officials repudiated these grants, but Wentworth continued, pocketing prodigious fees on nearly 3 million acres of grants and keeping a cool 70,000 acres for himself. In the early 1760s, when the expulsion of French forces from North America made the area attractive to British settlement, New York took a renewed interest. State officials contested the New Hampshire claims all the way to King George III, who, by an edict of 1764, declared the New Hampshire titles void. Vermont was officially part of New York.

    It was after this decision—which predictably caused the value of New Hampshire-granted land titles to fall precipitously—that Allen began to speculate, acquiring vast quantities of land from former investors who realized their titles were almost certainly null. (How much would you pay for the Brooklyn Bridge? What if it cost five ! cents and there was some chance, however remote, you might one day get the title legalized?) Eventually, Ethan and his family acquired 200,000 acres of land.

    New York, meanwhile, was busy issuing titles to the lands, which clashed with the New Hampshire deeds. When the conflicting claims landed in court, New York officials, many of them great landholders, ruled for the New York owners, empowering sheriffs to evict the New Hampshire grantees. In response, Allen formed the Green Mountain Boys, a militia defending New Hampshire grants from seizure and terrorizing settlers who held or even recognized New York land titles, burning their cabins, destroying their crops, and sometimes physically assaulting them.

    Randall works hard to make this a story about salt-of-the-earth, democratic New England settlers fighting off New York’s aristocratic land barons—so hard, in fact, that you have to admire the effort. Alas, the evidence won’t conform. The Green Mountain Boys ! were driven less by ideology than by a desire to keep their land and, at least in Allen’s case, to legalize deeds bought on the cheap to sell for a hefty profit. Both sides were gambling wildly, and as the imperial conflict heated up, the stakes rose.

    Back in London, groups of well-connected investors were eying quantities of land so vast as to make the Vermont speculation seem like child’s play. The greatest of these ventures was the proposed colony of Vandalia, covering 20 million acres in what now comprises West Virginia and Kentucky. Parties to the enterprise at various times included Benjamin Franklin and two of George Washington’s brothers. Unfortunately, Virginia claimed the land in question, as did Connecticut and Pennsylvania—each state having sold the land to settlers and investors—although by 1774 it was all, according to the British government, under the jurisdiction of Québec. Vermont, in short, was a very big story writ small.

    Indeed, who wasn’t a land speculator in this freewheeling age? George Washington, a f! ormer surveyor, had amassed thousands of acres in the Ohio valley and spent 10 years lobbying the governor of Virginia to legalize his titles. Gen. Thomas Gage, who would lead British forces against Washington, held 18,000 acres, and had married into one of the greatest landowning families on the continent. When fighting broke out in 1775, these contested speculations loomed in the background.

    Just how these contests over land play into the Revolution is one of the most debated questions in American history. In 1909, historian Carl Becker argued that the American Revolution was not so much about home rule as “who should rule at home.” The struggle for independence, in other words, centered less on exalted principles than on the quest for political and economic power by provincial elites. Popular among muckraking classes during the age of Robber Barons, this interpretation was hard to reconcile with a patriotic account of the nation’s founding and eventually fell out ! of favor.

    So Randall is stuck between a rock and a hard place, interpretatively speaking. He wants to connect the Vermont insurrection to “a greater cause,” to make it the first battle of the American Revolution. And perhaps it was. But if so, does it turn Allen and his Green Mountain Boys into patriots, as Randall would have it? Or does it turn the leaders of the Revolution into bandits, seizing an entire continent for personal gain and dressing the crime up with pretty words?

    If Allen had one thing in greater quantities than courage and verve, it was good timing. In the spring of 1775, just as officials were planning to arrest Allen and his Green Mountain Boys, a far greater insurrection broke out in Boston. Had the imperial crisis not come to a head just then, Allen would surely have been captured and executed.

    When fighting broke out in Massachusetts, Allen seized the moment, leading a pre-dawn attack on Fort Ticonderoga, a key outpost on the all-important corridor between New York and Montreal. With only 83 men he too! k the fort without firing a single shot. It was the Revolution’s first great victory, providing the Patriot army with a huge store of munitions, including the cannon that would force the British to evacuate Boston.

    In one swift move Allen turned himself from outlaw into hero, gaining a prized commission with the Continental army—and with it immunity from prosecution by New York. But his recklessness soon backfired. A few months later, without orders, Allen led an even bolder attack on Montreal with 30 New England soldiers and 80 Canadian habitants hired at 15 pence a day. The attack was quixotic if not downright insane, and when it was clear it would fail he hunkered down outside the city walls to await his inevitable capture.

    Though Allen did not die on a scaffold, drawn and quartered as traitors normally were—Washington’s army held thousands of British soldiers captive to ensure he remained in one piece—he suffered atrociously for 952 long day! s, held in appalling conditions like so many other prisoners. He later wrote a gripping account of his captivity that became, after Tom Paine’s Common Sense, the second-greatest best-seller of the Revolutionary Era.

    On his release in 1778, Allen returned to Vermont, which had by then declared its independence from New York, though it remained unrecognized by the other states, which were unwilling to alienate New York during the war. Allen led the confiscation of Vermont Loyalist lands and property, the proceeds being used to pay for the war effort and Allen pocketing a commission from each sale. Some of the victims of these seizures were not Loyalists but New Yorkers whom Allen had by then been terrorizing for nearly a decade.

    Despite it all, Randall wants to cast Allen as “a leader and moral figure to be trusted.” But that r! ings hollow. With New York still blocking Vermont’s independence, Allen began secret negotiations with the British, offering to return the colony to the Empire in exchange for confirmation of the New Hampshire-granted land titles. “I shall do Every thing in my Power to render this state a British province,” Allen wrote the British commander in Canada in 1782. Although the Anglo-American peace treaty ended these negotiations, Allen continued his guerrilla warfare against the New York-titled settlers. By then his long-suffering wife had died and Allen had remarried a beautiful younger woman, heiress to 20,000 acres of Vermont lands. Allen spent these latter years penning Deist attacks on Christianity that may have influenced Tom Paine’s Age of Reason.

    In 1786, with! Vermont still in legal limbo and dissention growing among the states, the backcountry again rose up in rebellion. Indebted farmers shut down courts enforcing foreclosure orders, harassing sheriffs and judges. Those who had once protested British taxes turned their ire on seaboard governments. When former Revolutionary officer Daniel Shays led a Massachusetts rebellion of insurgent farmers, he turned to Ethan Allen. Hero of backcountry rebels, Allen was just the person to lead the thousands of discontented settlers up and down the Appalachian frontier. Fearing for “the superstructure we have been seven years raising at the expence [sic] of so much blood and treasure,” Washington exclaimed to James Madison on hearing news of the rebellion: “We are fast verging to anarchy and confusion!”

    But Allen refused. By rejecting the Shaysites, he proved himself and his state trustworthy to men like Washington and Madison, respectful enough toward the rights of property, and he secured New York’s recognition of Vermont. When the U.S. Consti! tution was ratified a year later, Vermont became the nation’s 14th state, at last giving Allen and the other New Hampshire grantees legal title to their lands. The gamble had paid off—as it had for Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and the many others who pledged their lives, honor, and sacred fortunes.
    François Furstenberg is the author of In the Name of the Father: Washington’s Legacy, Slavery, and the Making of a Nation.