Dasha wants to see California. Los Angeles specifically. She knows L.A. from the movies. New York  police car chases a la television shows she wants to see as well. In the meantime, she and a few hundred other Ukrainians are biding their time on the Carolina coast filling in all sorts of jobs. Dasha and her friend Katya work at a miniature golf course. Galaxy Golf. A golf course where you might immediately look around to see if Martin Parr is indeed doing a book on it. Has crossed my mind too. Classic kitsch.

I have spent the last three days photographing the Ukrainian community that paradoxically lives here side by side  in the land of rednecks and tourists and fishermen and construction workers and surfers. Most return to the Ukraine after a three month summer stint, but some have married and raised families with the local crowd. However, Dasha and Katya see themselves raising their families in Kiev.

The Carolina shore and L.A. and New York are simply passing fancies. A growing up adventure and a first time, maybe last time, flirtation with America. My best pictures of these women and men mixing in the local environment must be saved for my upcoming essay on this coast for NatGeo and book following, yet I can never resist simple portraiture just because, well, I just like to do it.

Summer jobs. The best of times, and maybe the worst of times. How about you…Ever now fantasize your best summer job?

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  1. I guess there is still time but I always wanted to be an ice cream man for the summer. I can’t imagine anything finer than riding around playing the ice cream song selling kids ice cream. Did I mention the ice cream? There’s also that Lion conflict stuff I’m after but that’s more of a winter thing.

  2. That grassy field shot is amazing! I love the mystery.

    Summer job….well in my teens the best job was not to have one. I worked hard at it.
    I can’t relate with the fact that these people are ultimately wanting to go back (to Kiev) so they are here to raise money and go back home….I can understand it but can’t really relate to it.
    Teens and adults all have different agendas. Mine was to have fun and party. I had a roof over my head and 3 square meals a day. Lucky me I did not take it for granted and I am not an ungrateful person. Mama raised me good you can say…
    Looking forward to seeing more images.

  3. Panos, I’m sure that being cashier was much better than being the janitor there :-)

  4. “yet I can never resist simple portraiture just because, well, I just like to do it.”

    I think maybe you can’t resist pretty women! Nice pics and you didn’t have to walk through plate glass to get them…. ;)

  5. tres sexy….
    where is tarzan i wonder?
    LOVE this shot in the tall grass….
    would love to see it on the side of a building in a city…..
    has a nature/city feel to me……..

  6. I remember one summer when I was 20, working as a gardener for this charming lady and her young daughter. That garden was damn hard work under the blistering Mediterranean sun, but I didn’t care one bit, as the beautiful daughter used to invite me back to the house once her mum went out for the afternoon…

  7. David – If these are outtakes… wow! They are brilliant! Both of them. We have a Ukranian community here in Wasilla, too – and a Russian, Belarusian and other communities of the former Soviet block who came largely after the ice curtain melted, except for some of the Russian Old Believers, who were already here – but they are families and they are here to stay. From time to time, I get a few shots, mostly of young people, who live near to me and hope one day to find the time and gain the trust to go deeper.

    Professional bush pilot and truck driver – except that I would not want to just fly where people told me to fly, or drive where I was told to drive. I would want to fly where I wanted to fly (which, to a limited degree as money and the job I was doing warranted, is what I did before I crashed my plane) and drive where I want to drive.

    But really – I have my fantasy job right now; I just don’t have the resources to go about it as I would like and so it is but a ghost job of what I want it to be – yet I have been far more fortunate than most (but not than you!),

  8. ahahha, I think all the jobs I ever got in my entire life were summer jobs, that’s how busy I have been with life’s responsibilities…. I got the idea when in school they used to tell us machines would do our jobs in the future (while we’de be, at least Panos, famous 15 minutes?), I thought cool… So much for saying we learn nuthin’ in school! :-)

  9. David,

    This is very interesting to hear that Ukrainians are coming to the Carolina coast for summer jobs. There must be a specific reason? So you are working on two NatGeo stories at once, Brazil and now this one?

  10. David,

    Your most recent Twitter comment is an interesting one. It does seem that there are many photography couples out there these days. I think if you are both photographers things can be a bit easier as the other person understands the peculiarities of being a photographer. Otherwise, totally immersing yourself in your photography while your girlfriend or spouse is left to a 9-5 job and that routine can create issues. On the other hand your fellow photographer companion must be cheering for you just as you cheer for them because petty jealousies won’t get you anywhere either.

  11. Panos,
    Hahaha, why is it that I can see you working as a cashier in a porn movie theater? :))

    That’s gotta be the best reason to keep working under the blazing sun! Guess you have cool memories still today, right?

  12. Summer job? Summer’s 6-months away; I’m still getting used to Winter! ;-) Seriously; if I’m still shooting in summer, what I’m shooting now; then I already have my dream job. Too many summers worked inside in a supermarket I’m afraid…..

  13. Ok – I blew it. I fantasized about my best job, not my best summer job when I was young.

    That one is easy. It was working on my aunt and uncles ranch in southern Idaho. It was kind of tough, getting up every morning before the sun and then to go out and do anywhere from 12 to 16 hours of hard, manual labor, but it was fun, too, and I learned a way of thinking around problems that might otherwise have passed me by.

    When the summer was over, I bought a big cowboy hat and a Mamiya Sekor 35 mm. camera with an 80-200 mm lens and then became yearbook photographer my senior year at El Camino High in Sacramento.

    But then that is not a fantasy, either. It is a memory.

    I guess my fantasy then would have been to have used my new camera to take pictures for Playboy – but I was still a minor and my mom would have said, “No!”

  14. I had summer jobs, and after school jobs, from the time I was 12 years old. For many summers, I worked at a very large drive-in theatre, which of course meant I could eat free popcorn and see every movie that played for free.

    Now days, having worked all those summers, my goal is to work as little as I can and to relax. I’m planning to take a trip to Nova Scotia to play music for a week, as well as spend as much time as I can with Martha at her Lasqueti place. We were there last weekend for the Arts Festival, going back this weekend for a wedding.

  15. Ukranians, Croatians, name ’em, they’re doing the summer jobs which American kids are too lazy/disinterested in. You see it in OBX, you see it in Maine, and throughout the States. Been going on for awhile.

    In the meantime, the portraits are lovely. It’s what Burn needs (IMHO) — more work by The King :-)

    Those done on your little GF-1?

  16. did the customers avert your eyes when buying tickets?
    not only that ,
    but ALSO…honestly..they always had the EXACT $$ amount ready . no change needed, no wait…

  17. Yes, David, were these done on your Lumix? There is a curious sexuality to these photos. The one in the grass particularly so. Does your contract with NatGeo mean that if you have shown these photos here on Burn they can never appear in NatGeo?

  18. a civilian-mass audience

    I love the photos…
    you pull me closer …then you push me away…
    hide and seek…!:)

    summer jobs…oime…this I have to say:

    “May you – Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like no-one is watching, screw like it’s being filmed, and drink like a true Irishman”


  19. DAVIN..

    yes, these are with the Lumix GF1…and yes, i have two assignments, Rio and Outer Banks..having two simultaneous slows both down because obviously while you are working on one , you cannot be paying attention to the other..the fact that one of them is where i live, does not make it any easier..more convenient yes, but not easier..actually harder…but i am pleased with both projects of course…officially researched and proposed both projects of course…the pictures i published here are unlikely to appear in NatGeo because they do not show literally enough the outer banks…these two portraits could have “been taken anywhere” , a popular editor’s refrain when eliminating pictures like these from the pages of the magazine….a picture for a magazine story on outer banks would more likely be something that would show these women interacting with locals or at least be way more environmental than these two…those are normal magazine and newspaper mantras…i do have some very interesting situations with these women interacting with the Carolina culture…those i would not publish here prior to the NG piece…

    for the outer banks work it is difficult to discern when i am on or off official assignment because i am always always shooting here whether i am commissioned or not…and Rio as well…i am finished Rio assignment work and when i return for one last blast in a few weeks to round out the book, i will be doing my own financing of that photography…all of us must do our work whether we are paid to do it or not…i have never known any photographer that you would have heard of who does not believe the same…

    cheers, david

  20. David,

    Thanks for the words! But these sorts of photos presented here should surely be up for inclusion in a book.

    How does having a NatGeo assignment where you live make it harder exactly?! Please explain, although if you mean it easier to photograph the exotic–a foreign country–then I very much understand.

  21. DAVIN..

    well, yes ..every time i take any picture for anyone, on or off assignment, i am going for a book..a book is always always my intent..so yes, for a book long term, these two would have value for me….while i do love also the “short form” narrative that is built in to any magazine project simply because of space, the full on essay carries a special weight..

    working from home is hard because you are home…with “home things” to do…friends stop by…you go to the hardware store…the cat gets sick….etc etc….before you know it, the day is gone…putting in my normal 14-20 hour day that i would anyplace else is almost impossible from home…fortunately this particular story is kinda about me being at home….but still , good work takes a supreme effort…even if the “effort” is your daily life…having said all of this, i would not trade this at home essay or the Rio piece for anything…it is nice nice work to be savored for sure….

    cheers, david

  22. Uhuh, agree with all that you say. I like the idea that you have cats. I like cats too. At the end of the day though, being paid a day rate to photograph from home for weeks or months is not that bad of a deal, right?


    i mentioned above ,yes, the GF1…and yes the Ukrainians have been coming here in droves for at least five years….the young women above work from 9am til 11pm…..yes, 14 hours straight up…they live together in large groups, none have any kind of transportation, and all that i have talked to plan to spend the money they earn here over several weeks with one week in New York and one week in L.A.at the end before heading back to the Ukraine…they see this summer job as a break even deal..Dasha for example is heading back to Kiev for university law school…

    cheers, david

  24. David, I am very much enamored by what you describe. As an American it is hard for me to think how some people idolize NYC and LA when I idolize Eastern Europe. . .

  25. ROSS..

    yes, i think so…feels good…and the seasons match…winter here, summer there…both book projects with Rio coming first…and fairly soon…Rio is hot, dangerous, crazy,spectacular, passionate, too sexy etc etc…Outer Banks is quiet, down home, nature, good old boys and family….one kind of story and then another..both of them fit my personality because i fit into both worlds…as i think you well know, i go way way beyond just chatting it up with folks on the street…again, not what i try to do, just what i do….and i know you are working the same way…

    cheers, david

  26. a civilian-mass audience

    ROSSY…no worries…RIO and every RIO is in our minds…

    what the heck am I smoking?:)))))))))))))))))))

  27. Tanguy…

    Yes very cool times, but definitely the daughter was way hotter than any midday sun I’ve ever been under:))

    But summer is not for “working”…
    I have many a summer been the totally, complete, unabridged, celebrity endorsed, work dodging, late sleeping, hard drinking bum, photographer and guitarist…
    I do insist with utter urgency every Burn reader who hasn’t spent one whole summer practising this challenging style of creativity must try it out…
    And saying you did this as a teenager does not count…

  28. It’s the game of life. Do I win or do I lose? One day they’re gonna shut the game down. I gotta have as much fun and go around the board as many times as I can before it’s my turn to leave.
    Tupac Shakur

  29. Rock is so much fun. That’s what it’s all about – filling up the chest cavities and empty kneecaps and elbows.
    Jimi Hendrix

  30. a civilian-mass audience

    PAUL…what the heck are you smoking?…:)))))))))))))))
    (to be perceived as a compliment)

  31. @Paul

    I did….but then you said this:

    “And saying you did this as a teenager does not count…”

    in the beginning you don’t want to work
    in the middle you have to work
    in the end you can’t stop working…..

  32. a civilian-mass audience

    yeahhhh…somewhere in France…one BURNIAN LADY AUDREY…

    LOVE YOU AUDREY…and thank you…silent power…
    I just received your package

    oime…THANK YOU MR.HARVEY…BURN is THE place to BE…

    back to …road trips,bikes and crayons…VIVA!!!

  33. ALL,
    do not forget to watch in 25 minutes the last trip of space shuttle ATLANTIS , live…
    (btw, 9000 NASA employees will be laid off/unemployed right after the ATLANTIS’s last launch…Budget cuts affect everyone, even the very best…)

  34. Carlo…

    It can all be done at any age!
    The secret is if nothing else works, a total pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will see you through.

  35. EMCD
    Been looking at your brilliant “compendium of modern photographic discourse” and saw this lovely Bruce Davidson video…

  36. @Paul

    But at that point it might be too late.
    The way I see it is work becomes another habit year after year of the same ol’ grind that once you want to retire you can’t relax and unwind because now you feel the NEED to do something.
    At this point I don’t know what’s worse.

  37. Carlo…

    Are you happy with your life?
    By this I mean the things which you can change, not those things which are out of your control…
    Because if you’re not…
    just remember you only get one chance at this game…

  38. Oh Garçon,
    I’ll have what Paul is having (smoking)!
    The guy can go from telling you to try some ‘celebrity-endorsed-all-out-bum’ attitude to a ‘zen master’ ready for some soul-searching and giving wisdom’ in a few minutes -nice!

  39. Paul,
    I knew exactly what you meant with the daughter under the sun.

    My best summer job was sailing throughout the Mediterranean sea… Sun, wine, women, freddom. I remember Sardinia, Sicily and Croatia very fondly!

  40. Paul,

    Yes, I am.
    But I wish I had enough money to stop working and concentrate on what I really want to do.
    Basically trade the 9 to 5 of “work” to a 9 to 5 of “work” I WANT to do.
    You see what I’m saying?
    I work in part of the field I want to be working on…what i really want to be doing…so it’s been amazing. I have learned a great deal here….I can’t really complain.

  41. DAH, I think Civi must be referring to your tweet about missing pictures.

    Any luck yet?

  42. Carlo…
    Just take little steps in the right direction, where you want to go in life… A bit like going down a flight of stairs; one don’t usually jump from the top step to the lowest step, you take each step one at a time…
    But anyway I can tell you my truth and I want to convince you of my truth and by doing this, I’m not listening to your truth which only you can listen to and find. Just remember your truth probably isn’t a comfortable ride…so much mire comfortable just being…the ostrich syndrome.
    Take care :)


    ahh yes, of course…i did find the pictures…it only took an hour, but time expands to forever when you cannot find pictures….thanks for asking….

  44. David…
    I suposse you do realize a CD or DVD have a very short life span…
    The very best are guranteed to last five years…
    Read on the plane to Paris this decade will probably be the least documented photography, video and audio wise…something like only one in ten will manage to keep safe their files, obviously this has much more to do with amateurs…

  45. Paul,

    I like your advice to Carlo! I know you didn’t ask for the job, but I’m making you my life coach. Seriously.

    Speaking of keeping files safe, I’ve been digging Crashplan lately. The have backups to the cloud, but you can also use their free program to backup (encrypted) to another computer, external drive, or a friends computer. (The free program becomes adware after the trial period, but the ads are kept to the left margin and are unobtrusive.)

  46. I want to go home.
    I want to print three negatives, two will complete my since-years-ongoing-project. The other starts my new project.
    Instead I’m on the road, carrying a huge painting and picking up a piece of an engine tomorrow. And no printing when home, but going back out taking pics for the since-years-ongoing-project.. wait, I was finished with that, wasn’t I? Yes. Or.. not..

    Civi, still raining, and quite heavily..

    David, not complaining, but..remember, you have a female audience also.. ;)

  47. Paul,

    That is basically what I have been doing…little by little…sure baby steps.
    I think I came across as being too pessimistic. Maybe that’s the problem. I’m really not.
    About the truth, yes I see what you are saying. It’s a human thing ;-)

  48. Those Ukrainians are most likely on the J1 Visa Work and Travel Program.
    Some foreigners come to the US with Jobs lined up, others get a job with the help of a Sponsor.
    In the past, there used to be some shady arrangements, however the US Govt. has cleaned most of that up.
    Would have made for some interesting photo essays. (wink)

  49. I should add since you mentioned the not so comfortable ride…it hasn’t been. But at the same time it’s hasn’t been too bumpy either….soooo it’s not really about making it easy. Or worse being complacent.

  50. @ DELLICSON:
    About your love for eastern Europe and the girl love for NYC: We (phorographers) love almost everything what we don’t have…we live in a permanent insatisfaction.
    Particurally, when I was living in Buenos Aires (mostrly the same as rock and roll Rio, night life, traffic jam, poverty, endless energy struggling in a daily life, chaos, etc…) I decide to move to France (pretty much the opposite (bon vivant). And now, in terms of photography want to go back there.

    @ PANOS: Thanks for the link, awesome that some camera can broadcast LIVE from outter space. Some NASA-WiFi spot nearby… I’m pretty sure ;-)

    Have a nice burning week end.

  51. a civilian-mass audience

    JUSTIN…hiiii…”what cd?”…:)))))))))))
    lost?…oime…someone needs vacation…ASAP:)
    and yes…PAUL as a life coach

    PANOS…you need vacation too…:)))

    EVA…rock on my LADY,rock on…be safe out there…we need you!

  52. PAUL

    i do not ever put any pictures on a cd or dvd…everything goes on multiple hard drives ..and best work back to compact flash cards…solid state tech…work prints on key pictures…

  53. Patricio,

    Don’t you think it’s more human nature to ‘live in a permanent insatisfaction’, not just photogs?
    The grass is always greener… you know…

    Then again, some people manage to get the best of their situation and find true meaning and new creative energy where they are/live… Just look at Paul and his new-found energy and photo-ideas (thanks Paris!), while -in a way- DAH does the same thing with OBX (working at home with all the difficulties of being ‘at home’)!
    Yeah, I know, easier said than done, but hey, maybe you should try it, see how it goes ;)) I’m trying to do the same here. Baby steps & enjoy the week-end!
    Best, T.

  54. EVA..

    are you asking me to photograph the Ukrainian men? is that what you mean? well , i have of course..but probably not in the same way you would appreciate…besides only you could do that anyway…most of the workers here are the women..besides it has been proven over and over and over, that many women prefer pictures of women over pictures of men..i did not invent that…just look at women’s magazines for example..pictures of women, not men…even these Ukrainian women women when i photographed them with tanned handsome young male lifeguards, they were of course interested and the usual flirtations of sorts were what i was trying to capture…….but their eyes LIT UP when i introduced them to Michelle my son’s girlfriend and Lauren my assistant…girls seem to really like girls…or, at least there is a real comfort zone they may not have with a man..on the other hand, what do i know about what women think? nada, honestly nada…i just take pictures.

    cheers, david

  55. marcin luczkowski

    Summer job?

    For me it is obvious associate with sun, sand and sweat.
    Since I was 16 I was worked as a stone-mason in sandstone. Great times.
    For me the best summer is when sand is blinding glare of sun, no matter it is in work or beach or country path.

    And girls… yes summer and the girls :)


    hey, that was the biz meeting after the night i had out with the Burn crowd til 4am…jet lag on top of it…pain killers for broken nose on top of that!! no wonder i slept through the bars and graphs meeting…of course i will get back at Soth for this…he is not safe anywhere…

  57. CIVI…

    No worries, I do water-in and water-out stops.. and need myself possibly a litte longer too :)


    Agreed, perhaps it would take a woman photographer.. but not too too sure about that, you really think?.. and yes, I’ve read that somewhere not too long ago, that both boys and girls prefer pics of girls.. don’t know if it’s my age, or just who I am, well, I do not (prefer pics of girls), but then I don’t like shoes, purses or shopping either..

  58. of course i will get back at Soth for this…he is not safe anywhere…
    (he he, i know where he lives;)

  59. David; Just think what that Soth pic would have led to if you were both late teens/early 20-somethings…. A continual duel of reprisal pranks until it ended in (another) Accident and Emergency visit! And then the blinding revelation; “Oops; maybe this has gone a bit far!” ;-)

  60. panos skoulidas
    July 8, 2011 at 4:26 pm
    rush to purchase the last few copies..
    I AM NOT KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (dont tell me later i didnt warn ya, ok?)
    one love

  61. I do not want to create any unnecessary panic but please place your ORDER to buy ANTON’s book especially here in the (USA and Canada and Mexico)…before it is too late…i know for a FACT that it wont last…i dont know about the european distribution center but here in the US we are very very close to sold out… remember its limited edition, numbered, 500 BOOKS ONLY…few left…go for it!
    Support the Artist
    Support ANTON
    support BURN
    gracias amigos and amigas!


    i think if you look at my collected works, books, etc. you will see just as many or more pictures of men as women…Living Proof was almost all men…..Divided Soul and Cuba 75% men….go look, go count please….the only all women book You Made Me Leave is at this writing unpublished….RIO will have lots of women..Outer Banks 50/50…..ok, i am going out shooting now..i will look for a man to please you both…no promises

  63. MICHAEL K,
    Nice to see your still around here. I think the last time I posted
    was on the Road Trips blog. Soo long ago!

  64. DAH…

    Curious.. we’ll see.. Gracie, thanks for the help..bedtime here, fe/male counting tomorrow, but I do remember lots of ‘girl pics’ in Living Proof..

  65. .. perhaps it’s a question of weight instead of number of actual male vs. female pics..

  66. EVA…

    well if “weight” or power of photograph is going to count, at least on a sensuality level, then my pictures of women are going to be stronger….it was this revelation by Amanda Renshaw editor at Phaidon who told me i MUST do a portraits of woman book…so i am…so far nobody has told me i MUST do a portraits of men book…


    well, well..welcome back..hang around awhile this time…all good in your life?

  67. DAVID…

    Having seen the slideshow in Amsterdam, I certainly agree with Mrs. Renshaw, it’s definitely MUST!

    Didn’t you want to go out shooting though?.. yeah, and I was going to get some sleep, right.. must as well, too much driving still to do.. off..

  68. Regarding having a couple of projects running at one time. In my case where the shooting is being done on one farm, and with one family; I think it’s a necessity. The last thing I want to become is a pain in the arse to them; they need to have their own space; especially so when the shooting is over a relatively long period of time.

    If I was shooting a story that consisted of different people (even in the same general location) it wouldn’t be so much of a requirement. For example; school holidays begin in a week or so and the kids will be at home.

    John & Ruth love having their at kids home, and as much as I will want to document that, I have to ensure I don’t infringe on that “family time” That’s when the other project (running concurrently) is needed; it’s a chance to work on something else in the “down-time” that gives them some breathing space.

  69. David,
    This time I will grab a beer and hang around.
    Life is still good over on the West Coast with 5 kids and all.
    Wife recently came back from a Rio trip and I naturally thought of DAH,
    so here I am on burn with a caipirinha.

  70. Paul,

    Me gustan tus fotografias de futbol en el calle!

    Sorry, my Spanish really rusty…

  71. no comments here now, or rather, just too damn tired…but only this:

    david, if u don’t f**^ng, put that book together about ‘you left me’, i will never give u loomings ;))))….and if you make a book of ‘men’, i’ll kick your beautiful ass…cause u know as well as i, that ;your gift lay in that ‘women’ book, and not because you’re a man, but because that lay at the heart (along with solitary children) of your ‘voice’….:))

    as for summer jobs:….

    my 2 favorite: working as a lifeguard in daytona beach and helping the Hawaiian Tropic girls sell for Ron Rice that damn cancer-licking suntan lotion ….14 years old….and other: a summer spent reading during the day, and drinking/chasing love/kiss/sex at night…so long ago…..

    what have we become as we idle toward jobs and age ;))


  72. a civilian-mass audience

    BIG AL’S photo…don’t worry MR.HARVEY…

    you look vulnerable…and girls like vulnerable…
    what do I know…I am just a civilian…oime

    MYGRACIE,SFJASON…welcome back

    ANTONNNNN..wait for me…EVA,VIVA…got me your book
    wait,wait…oime…with all the protests and the lipstics…I got distracted
    YAKUZA wait for me!

    P.S…I wonder what AKAKY,JIM amd IMANTS have to say…about

  73. a civilian-mass audience

    “… time expands when you don’t fill it with endless amounts of busy…i had no idea. i had believed that time expands when you fill it with as much as you can and then tick it off on your to-do list or your bucket list…done done done. but i was wrong. so wrong.
    …i’ve been in transition this summer, having left my day job to take a leap and pursue a life more aligned with my values and dreams, i’ve somewhat slowly given myself permission to take this month “off” and allow my life to become empty…to not fill the white space in order avoid feeling discomfort or boredom and to see what shows up…
    …and i’ve discovered the ability to see again. really see – it’s as though my eyes had been cloudy and now there is a brightness and sharpness to my vision…”


    find your VISION my BURNIANS…you have only 7 lifes…!!!

  74. CIVI:

    well, i don’t want to piss off Pete, but here is a quote for u ;)))

    The Journey

    One day you finally knew
    what you had to do, and began,
    though the voices around you
    kept shouting
    their bad advice–
    though the whole house
    began to tremble
    and you felt the old tug
    at your ankles.
    “Mend my life!”
    each voice cried.
    But you didn’t stop.
    You knew what you had to do,
    though the wind pried
    with its stiff fingers
    at the very foundations,
    though their melancholy
    was terrible.
    It was already late
    enough, and a wild night,
    and the road full of fallen
    branches and stones.
    But little by little,
    as you left their voices behind,
    the stars began to burn
    through the sheets of clouds,
    and there was a new voice
    which you slowly
    recognized as your own,
    that kept you company
    as you strode deeper and deeper
    into the world,
    determined to do
    the only thing you could do–
    determined to save
    the only life you could save.

    -Mary Oliver

  75. a civilian-mass audience

    IMANTS…come over my friend…
    and let me show you
    what “summer job” means…

    you will be swimming back to AUSSIELAND …in record time…:))))))))))))

    oime…don’t bite the “myth of the lazy Greeks”…I have facts and figures

    I am holding an olive branch,faded tulips and a glass of ouzo

  76. a civilian-mass audience


    “..and the road full of fallen
    branches and stones.”

    said it all…
    спасибо, мой дорогой друг

  77. civi…
    ‘i am holding an olive branch, faded tulips and a glass of ouzo…’
    VIVA to you…..

  78. a civilian-mass audience

    oime…don’t we all love


    and yes,MR.HARVEY…bring some men …evolution,or maybe not…:))))))))))

    I will be out…keep BURNING

  79. Your assumption was that I referred to summer jobs for the idle………….. there is always more to do in summer in any country. Think harvest etc

  80. BIG AL’s DAH pic..

    oups, as Civi would say.. sorry, Mr. Harvey, should not have given you those painkillers, I knew they’d knock out an elephant.. told you so.. feeling a tad guilty now..

    (Civi, Anton will wait for you.. no worries!)

  81. Summer job? Got myself the best ever so far.. shooting new project started on July 3rd, planning on shooting through late Septemer, early October.. and then again next Summer..not event related.. ehm.. no one said it had to be a paid for job, right? and beats cleaning toilets to raise the money for my first camera (without lens) big time!

  82. Bob,

    “what have we become as we idle toward jobs and age ;))”
    Probably a whola lotta people here who know what you mean (especially when we look back on memories like yours ;)
    But isn’t it also a great way to kick yourself in the ass? I mean, trying to find other ways to feel a bit like when we were young (and free)? Or is it all just too late?

    Today, I’m shooting kids (4y olds) playing in a lush park, I hope I’ll get a feeling of when I was that age…! If not, I’ll just jump up&down, walk on my hands, roll in the grass and just play in the sun ;)))

  83. a civilian-mass audience

    EVA…thank you…

    keep shooting…I count on you

    I count on ALL OF YOU !!!

  84. Civi.. don’t tell anyone, but when arriving back home first thing I did was going to the darkroom and checking, if the picture in the negative was still there.. and still there as I remembered.. it is.. now unpacking.. phew..

  85. …………. and the effect on the economy if all think this way
    Lol…effect on the economy!.. Effect yea sure.. It will affect the 1% terribly when/if they let their “slaves” work less , or even let them free..

    ALL, OBEY… get a second job , support the “economy”, support your masters, support your 1% elite that guides you like a dog with a bone.
    OBEY, OBEY..
    ( ignore what Michelle or Bob or CIVI said… stay busy , be productive, be another BRICK in the wall)


  86. Tanguy
    To get that childhood feeling back you should have been at our
    4th of July Block Party. Jumpy Waterslide on a very hot summer day!

    Early on,it was the kids in the neighborhood that were constantly
    Jumping, sliding, and splashing while the 40 year olds were socializing
    and consuming adult beverages.
    Later, the adults were on it fully clothed – crazy tricks, making big splashes.
    Bouncing at the top on hands and knees, dismount with a twist sliding down backwards
    Head first backside, SPLASH. Barrel rolls, etc. Feeling young again, until the next day
    with limited mobility in my right shoulder etc. It was awesome dude!

  87. ALL

    summertime indeed… will not be here to comment much this week because i am in the mountains of Colorado with my family…our annual gathering of the tribe…next week off to Italy where i do hope to spend some time with many of you who are close by…summer ends up just getting too too busy…trying to figure out how to make it less so, but i cannot imagine how…in any case, wishing all of you well..back soonest…

    cheers, david

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