part of our little Burn magazine team met tonight over Pizza Hut delivery…thin and crispy Supreme is the suburban delivery of Coke, only Pepsi..hmmm, now where was i…oh yes, revelations…not necessarily things which can really come true, but well you all know how it is..i start this way, and then try to make it happen…so, revelation now, attempt/work on it to begin immediately…no time to mess around…

FIRST, we think we will try the obvious…keep EPF as is…no change…our Oscars…grumbling is part of it…the nature of it…

however, we will start with a grant of equal size a readers choice for the recipient…all of you literally vote for say one out of 15 finalists for example and for say another 15k ..nothing to do with EPF……at another time of the fall…the Peoples Choice Award for Burn may not carry the weight of the EPF , but it will satisfy the desire of readers to play in the game….and real financing for some lucky recipient who won the hearts and minds of the people…power!

SECOND, a Burn branded camera bag has been born (anyone surprised?)…we will announce at Look 3

THIRD, RIO, yes my RIO will be a super over sized tabloid to all of to everyone…maybe postage only ..we will see…but an unbound tabloid on high quality paper that you can take apart and hang a spread/picture on the wall…i will look for a sponsor so i can give it away to you folks……will also be a real book too for sale, but the free tabloid will be a collector item itself no matter how many we print….

this will happen AFTER Rio makes its debut in NatGeo of course …one thing at a time por favor…we are talking early 2012 i think….the tabloid will be the “directors cut” …all stuff that could not be published in NatGeo and the totally behind the scenes rip it up….what you think?

there is a fourth thing, but i will save that for tomorrow…well hell, i cannot give it ALL away right away…

969 thoughts on “revelations…”

  1. amazing plans! hope they all come to fruition :)

    love the idea of the tabloid, can’t wait to see it. also hope to see the “you made me leave” book very soon, somehow very excited about that concept. any idea when it might become a reality?

    oh and bags… hmmm as i look around my room I count 9 bags… do I need another one? hmm if it says Burn, I guess so haha…

  2. wow…
    BuRNING down the house!!!!!!!!!!
    it just keeps growing…..
    like your weeds……
    thanks all….

  3. David…

    This is serendipity! My wife at lunch yeterday at lunchtime was once arguing/complaining/pulling my leg on why I own so many bags…it’s the usual story people do not understand the quests for a perfect camera bag, they’ve all got some stupid fault. My domke can’t take an A4 folder with mu injury scans, i hate the lowe pro they scream photographer, and I could go on and on.
    So my wife said,
    ”you’ve got too many something has to go.”
    ”Too many! Haven’t you seen David The Zen Bag Master video he’s got a garage devoted to his bags!”
    “Well ask him to sell you one of his, there must be be one he’s tried which could suit you perfectly and then we chuck all the others out OK”

  4. and i hate the freaky greeks…bringing democracy..democracy?????? wtf is that!
    we need a king and a queen…
    as Sex Pistols used to preach: Long live the Queen, she aint no human being…
    just joking folks..
    and yes, im proud to be an American!!!!!!

  5. a civilian-mass audience

    DEMO-CRAZY …oime!

    and I am proud to be a BURNIAN…cause once a BURNIAN…always a BURNIAN !!!

    I am on the streets and I need to travel light…
    how big is the bag? does the BURN poster and my ouzo fit?

    P.S …I,love the darker side of BURN…I can see now…

  6. Amazing, what a development. I even don’t know what I should be more happy about. (I’m still happy you stay with burn)
    Really looking forward. Man, I wished I could be at Look3, hope to see you again in summer in Italy.
    DAH, you know how to set expectations … and what is the fourth thing?

    For the bags – I am sure we need a distribution point in Europe to make them affordable here, too …
    (I’d buy one anyway at least, for sure)

  7. a civilian-mass audience

    two more questions…before I go…
    What is MR.HARVEY photographing…?
    and is he holding an M10?:)?

    well,since I don’t know what is outside…I LOVE the inside…

    your glowing warmth…priceless

  8. DAH…

    Rio, super sized tabloid – too cool!

    People’s choice award – wonderful – all inclusive. it’s fantastic how much burn is giving to the photo community, now lets see how much debate will come as to voting methods… all good i suppose.

    thanks for staying on-board, we needz ya!

  9. Big hug, David; I don’t know if it is the weeding as Wendy suggests or the high-cadence cycling, but there is energy in and energy out with you lately!

    This tabloid idea is great, and a first volume freebie sits well. As is the (intelligent) people’s choice award. I love the camera bag too, and would be a proud owner for sure. For the record I’m sick and tired of the black bag and think one in a dark brown shade is far more invisible and discreet. Just saying.

    All these ideas could easily bring in revenues for Burn in the future – even the People’s Choice – and anything that helps Burn survive in the financial realm comforts me. Bring it on!

  10. flashback two years ago… you were threatened homelessness … and no power… no showers…

    now youre giving away freebies??? WOOHOO me want a bag too… oh wait.. that’s not free..

    DAH, are you getting fancy on us now?

  11. Breaking the norm..
    Dare to be different.. While the whole publishing OLD dying world still relying solely in ADVERISEMENT to stay afloat there comes BURN that does not “do it” for the profit,
    Here comes BURN, “breaking the law”/ as Judas Priest used to sing..
    Showing that there are more ways / IMAGINATION … more new ways than plain following or Leading..
    BURN is not a FANCY leader nor a FANCY follower..
    BURN is a whole another LANE as that Brooklyn artist named Jay-Z used to say..
    Burn is a whole another lane standing there alone all by itself.. Without any competition, “from another world” as i saw written on a car sticker once..
    Burn is definitely the next big thing.. The place to “steal” from.. The place to be copied..
    The place that does NOT need FANCY google analytics or FANCY cheap google commercials/banners and insecurities of this kind!
    Although I was the one that 3 years ago up in Williamsburg , in the Kibbutz , up on the 6th floor I was hallucinating from starvation at that point ..smiling.. “suggesting” to David:”can we please sell out, juuuuust a little bit?”ha ha..
    I couldn’t see it surviving.. I was scared and almost convinced that Burn is doomed to fail.. Leap of faith? Lack of imagination? Fear of hunger? Conservatism? Anyway u wanna call it , DAVID proved all my fears wrong…
    Sometimes when there is not an exit door or a window in our jail cells all we have to do is simply WALK through the wall.. It is possible.. DAH/Burn proved it..
    Good morning America and good night (to Europe and the Rest of the known and unknown world) once again:)
    Peace, love and Imagination.. No fear!:)

  12. PANOS… laughing…i had totally forgotten your then famous line “can’t we sell out just a little bit?”….just funny…well, actually we do have to sell some stuff..not to pay me , but to pay everybody who helps me…we did do well with Burn01 in that we sold it and so we will see what happens with 02 which is going to be seriously hot….and our contributions, bless everybody, help keep us afloat…so far our contributions are 100% without any control..those who help ask for zero editorial control…keep up your always always good spirit and dedication my friend…and nobody believes it when i tell them that you DELIVER better than anyone…ok my neighbors waiting for me to get on my bike and ride to breakfast..see you soonest at Look…

    cheers, abrazos, david

  13. Hahahaha, you go from leaving to this in the space of about a month? So it’s all or nothing, then? I like that!

    I’m gonna cop me one of them Burn bags. I uh need a new bag now I have a new camera. Yup, that. It’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it like a tongue on an iced up ski shaft.

    Looking forward to all the glorious newness, can’t wait for it all to drop.

    Viva le BURN! Viva Barça! Viva big dreams!

  14. Ricardo Vasconcelos

    This is what i call GREAT NEWS…
    actually they are EXCELLENT NEWS!!



  15. Wow! This was already shaping up to be good weekend, and then I wake up to see this fantastic news!

    A People’s Choice award is certainly an interesting idea; for me, part of Burn’s secret sauce is readership participation. It is not only an excellent publication – but a school, a salon, a community…

    David, thank you in advance for RIO tabloid – can’t wait to see it! I have a copy of Jodi Cobb’s “Reflections of Seoul” that I received gratis. I don’t recall the particulars of how I signed up to receive a copy, but appears to have been sponsored by the marketing department of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and published in conjunction with NatGeo. Just a thought: a potential sponsor of your tabloid (depending on content) could be an entity responsible for promoting Rio/Brazil tourism.

    A BURN camera bag! There has been talk in the past, now it coming to fruition just as I need a new one :-)

    Have a great weekend, Burnians!

  16. i’ll take one! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))) (a bag and a t-shirt)…or i’ll take Bryan’s hat too (killer tuque)

    and i know who gets my $15,000 vote for PEOPLE’S CHOICE:

    CIVILIAN-MASS AUDIENCE! :)))))))))))))))))))))

    just think David, how much ouzu he’d buy for everyone with that kind of change! :))))))))))))))

    and god damn, i will buy a new laptop for Marina’s trip for her fellowhship, so does this mean i have to get an ipad too?…can i play RIO on a laptop…i WANT THAT (please include Bryan’s film)….i especially want the longer edit of your pics amigo (any surprise?) and really the behind the scenes…

    maybe we should should fight more under pictures, it always seems to generate heat to bring on more good news ;)))))……

    now, i need some of that porch, wind, thin and crispy obx time….hoping soon :)))

    big hugs to the 3 of u….

    and damn, i promise not to argue with anyone who disagrees with me under the People’s choice Award ;)))))))

    big hugs and love from marinka too


  17. David, count me in for a bag as well…

    Very interested to see what the tabloid will look like… I missed the chance to get a copy of the “Last Days of W.”, won’t make the same mistake twice…

    As for the People’s Choice Award… how come you decided to go for another full 15k award instead of say 3 awards of 5k—if that was ever a consideration—you know, more love spreading around…


    well the obvious beauty here is that everyone, thee and me, can come or go whenever we have the freedom to stay or go, as do Anton, the rest of our crew, and i as first choice would be to have somebody who is an “emerging editor” take over the day to day running of Burn…and i would just show up once in awhile..that is still the most likely scenario …you have not been around for the whole evolution here, but this sequence of thoughts and events has been with us all along…our biz plan was always something that started here with a comment or part of one of my posts..if you go back and look you will see how the EPF came about, how the name Burn came about, the whole idea of mentoring books etc and Burn 01 in print and paying photogs for some finished is all a matter of record…loose and freestyle and yet geared to actually make something happen..and hell its just been fun…take the fun out of it, and we would all go do something else…


    we have not decided exactly how it would go…but yes , if we had 15k , we could have three 5k mini grants…good idea…it would all have to happen simultaneous because running two awards grants will be a killer job…just the EPF alone is a solid three months of work for least…the so called Peoples Choice award might have to be run a different are always wanting to volunteer for work..maybe you are the man?

    cheers, david

  19. MTOMALTY..

    well, you get a free RIO tabloid whether you purchase the bag or not anyway, so not quite understanding you….the bag bit is not designed as a significant income producer for us …it is way more of a total big smile based on my fetish for bags for years…one camera, one lens, and 100 bags!….the manufacturers make money , we do not really…the bags, shirts etc are just things people keep asking for ..the last thing i want is for somebody to be calling me in the middle of the night saying their bag strap is too short….but i will approve the design, construction, colors etc, of this bag based on my real use of it on assignment…the only other bag designed and built by a photog is of course the Domke bag…that is why it has been popular with real photographers on real assignments for 35 years or so…no matter what i approve , i will always always refer to Jim Domke as el maestro of bagworld…

  20. a civilian-mass audience


    YOU have no right to use civilian as human shield…:))))))))))))
    and you keep forgeting DIMAS…
    BOBBY,MARINA and DIMAS…come on,my Academian…I know,you have seen better days BUT you got to focus…
    oime…I LOVE YOU BOBBY…
    I already have won my award…and it’s YOU,ALL of YOU !!!

    PANOS…you have to focus too…”
    “all we have to do is simply WALK through the wall”…hmmm…our BURNING tent has no walls,no flies either;)…:)))

    BURNIANS…because of YOU…ALL of YOU
    BURN is the place to be
    BURN is unique…bags,no bags,awards,no funds
    the point is …MR.HARVEY and the BURNING CREW = an Inspiration BURNING ball
    don’t forget to watch…Manchester United v Barcelona tonight…

    I am out on the streets with my people…Revelations=Revolutions

    P.S…speaking of loose…hmmm…running…

  21. I regard the marvellous part of Burn and the grants is anyone, who genuinely wants to create something meaningful and is prepared to do the HARD work, which of course ALL essays, of any expressive consequence need, have the chance thanks to Burn. Gone are the times before Burn, where perhaps someone living in Papua New Guinea who had that “rare air”, “the eye”, “the killer instinct” and all the hunger and talent necessary to make something exceptional, would most likely slip under the radar, unless she or he travelled to some photo editor. That excuse has ended, we have David and Anton plus the Burn Crew ready waiting for that someone special. Someone living on any of the seven continents and all the millions of islands with crappy land-line internet, busy working with only 1 hour a day to shoot his/her project, but goes out and creates that essay against all odds. Age has no excuse, David and Anton couldn’t care less if you are 10 years old, a 16 year old on a skateboard or some middle age mother/father desirous with expressing your roar.
    We all now have a chance if we really believe in our abilities because THEY our BURN family BELIEVE in us.

  22. brilliant stuff – lovin the developments.. just great.

    i’ve mostly been using a regular “charity-shop” bought shoulder bag and a mixture of brand inserts, for the past year or two – had it at lookbetween..
    lately have been thinking, (as it’s wearing out), of unpicking it, improving the pattern a little, and stitching a new one..
    probably won’t actually do that though.

    i’m a poor seemster(?) and charity-shop shoulder bags are been plentiful..
    besides – would love a BURN one
    well done all.. exciting stuff the people award..
    in my teen football team, “players player of the year” was THE gong to get

  23. I’m having bag problems at the moment. However, for my street shooting days I’ve happened upon a cheap tiny computer game bag which happens to be a good match for my FujiFilm X100, extra batteries & cards, a small London A-Z (map book), notebook, pen and lens cloth.

    But to add an adapted Olympus Pen Digital for filmmaking, audio recorder and other bits, I’m scuppered. Still searching. Perhaps a Burn bag will sort me out.

    Looking forward to seeing it.

  24. David, I’m in…
    “excellent organizational skills” is something I would probably never put on my resume, but there is always room for improvement… stepping outside my comfort zone and what not…
    We should talk offline about what it is you have in mind…

  25. Bobus!:))))))))
    i agree, i already know where my vote goes to, too: the one and only (
    and i know who gets my $15,000 vote for PEOPLE’S CHOICE:

    CIVILIAN-MASS AUDIENCE! :)))))))))))))))))))))

  26. 1 more hour left:
    GO MESSI……………………………..:))))))))))))))))
    400 million people watching!
    Patricio is right..(try this with baseball;)


    btw..Al Jazeera gives the game free to your laptop in 7 different languages…
    Also the whole Arab world is watching…the whole planet is watching…
    Soccer/FUTBOL unites…(now try this with American football….laughing!)

  28. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
    Eleanor Roosevelt
    “The world is divided into two classes, those who believe the incredible, and those who do the improbable.”
    Oscar Wilde
    “We are what we believe we are.”
    C. S. Lewis
    This one’s for Panos…
    “I believe in a long, prolonged, derangement of the senses in order to obtain the unknown.”
    Jim Morrison
    And so is this one :)…
    “Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?”
    Frida Kahlo

  29. Barça!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Viva Barça! Viva Bob Paisley! Aint no one from The Other City gonna steal my team’s crown in Europe for British teams, no way. Come on España!!! Help a little Liverpool girl out here! ;-P ;-P ;-P


    Good to see your still here (believe it or not). But dammit, if you had stayed off of Burn for a few more days, I may have got someone to take that bet….. (grin)

  31. FUck yes the sweet taste of success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :-D :-D :-D

    Bob Paisley’s legacy is looking pretty safe. Big love to my Barça boys for smashing in to The Other Team. Barça are owning all of Europe right now. That’s how you play football.

  32. 3-1 at Wembley.

    Lmaoo at the ITV commentator “well, Liverpool came from 3 down, to win on penalties…”

    Yes. But Man Utd are not Liverpool. You forget this. No 12th man at a soulless club.

    Barça and Liverpool play the beautiful art that is football. Everyone else just kicks a ball around a pitch.

  33. Milan. Real Madrid. Liverpool. Barça. The biggest teams in Europe Football History. Man WHO?!?

    And I don’t even like Real Madrid. But hey, at least Man Utd haven’t slyly slipped into the pantheon of greatness through the back door of facing poor opposition. We’re rarefied, baby, it’s a hard slog to the top. Paisley did it with Liverpool. Now, Barça have done it for Spain.

    MESSI deserves his place in the history books, for sure!! Love this team! Love Barça!!

    PANOS – party over here? ;-P

  34. FRAMERS , party over here.. Too!!!!!!
    MESSI is the new Pele, the new Maradona , he is better than both of them together!!?!
    I hope/pray my liver will let me keep on going ..
    Go SPAIN!
    estamos aqui! ( sorry for misspelling :))))

  35. Woah, woah, woah, now hold on a minute there…Pelé is sacrosanct…

    Okay, for one night, I’ll agree!!! ;-P

    So so so glad this was a massive victory for Barça so the Man Utd team can’t whinge about how the game was unfair and they were unlucky. They were straight up outplayed for 90 solid minutes and there was no answer to the mad skills that Barça have.


  36. FI:))))
    Yes yes and yes!
    Barca is NOT from this planet !!!!
    I’m glad ROONEY scored, sympathy! He is retiring soon etc..
    But the rest of Manchester players????
    They just watched the game.. They didnt play.. Just watched BARCA having the superiority/field/ball for almost 70% of the time..
    I “envy” Manchester’s players.. They had the opportunity to watch MESSI destroying them..
    Manchester had the best SEATS in the house..
    Lucky them… Lol!!!!!!;)

  37. Rooney’s only 26, I don’t think he’s retiring any time too soon.

    But lmaooo, yes, Man Utd had the BEST seats int he house by far. Love that moment when Rooney scored and Fergie was ecstatic like his team actually had half a chance against the gods of Europe!!!

    But, watch your backs Barça, as much as I love you all, Liverpool are coming. With King Kenny leading the charge!!!

    Tonight though, tonight is BARÇA’S night and Barça’s victory!!! And it is SWEET!

    Big love to ALL my Spanish compadres!! VICTORIOUS AGAIN!

  38. a civilian-mass audience

    FRAMERS,PANOS…don’t get me wrong…I love Barca BUT I love Mancha too…(nothing new here):)

    “That’s what learning is, after all; not whether we lose the game, but how we lose and how we’ve changed because of it and what we take away from it that we never had before, to apply to other games. Losing, in a curious way, is winning.”
    Richard Bach

  39. a civilian-mass audience

    “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”
    Michael Jordan
    “Teamwork is no accident.It is the by-product of good leadership.”
    John Adair

    SEE BURN…for reference…this time,I won’t point any fingers:)))

  40. a civilian-mass audience

    revelations…football…BURNIANS are going couckou…
    ok,now where is the wine? and the pizza? crispy supreme organic?

    got to feed the beast:)))

    I LOVE YOU ALLL…keep,keep BURNING …i will stay awake,fourth thing is coming…
    hmmm…never, ever make a promise to a civilian (especially a greek one):)))

  41. Ok CIVI ,
    let us poor BARCA lovers enjoy..
    Ok ? Plz? And don’t worry u are the most valuable here.. The 15K as BOBUS said will/ should be yours soon..
    But but can we (BARCA fans) have one day to enjoy?
    Plz.. I know we are “discriminating”, fans are never fair.. Always biased but…
    But .. Can u plz let us celebrate tonight????
    And we will be back into our “regular program” mañana!
    I promise!
    CIVI YOU ARE THE GLUE/ the best!
    There’s no doubt !
    Show some “mercy ” on us!
    Love u! Panos aka FEDEX!

  42. I haven’t had a real camera bag in, oh, at least a decade. I’ll try one of yours and see if it changes my mind about camera bags.

    I look forward to the RIO tabloid – the spread in NG and the book.

  43. a civilian-mass audience

    PANOS,FRAMERS…what part of …”don’t get me wrong”…don’t you understand?:)))
    I LOVE FOOTBALL…I used to play back then when my knees were strong and furious:)
    YES,my BURNIANS…BURN the tent,Partyyyy like true BURNIANS
    I follow…I am out on the streets,hungry and cranky
    I celebrate…Passion is my middle name…(yeah,right,oime)

    P.S…BTW,have you ever known a civilian…to win an award?:)
    Well, since I am the MASS AUDIENCE … I will be the jury…and the award will go to…
    “hell, i cannot give it ALL away right away…”

  44. a civilian-mass audience

    FROSTFROG…where are you My FROSTY mate…

    I am kinda busy on the streets…BUT I will visit you pretty soon…
    take care amigo

    and YES,MR.HARVEY…said…that we have fun in BURN…oh,yeah,when the fub stops
    i will be the first out the window…

    come on MY BURNIANS…whatever happens to RIO ,spreads in BURN…

    VIVA BARCA !!!


    i am lost….both specifically and generally…just cannot be a sports team fan…specifically soccer/football….i love sports, love the art of it, love to watch the game, love to play whatever i can play…even spent two weeks in Marseille doing a story on Zidane and others on French team for Figaro special issue, but to be a fan of a specific team? not…i see it in others and i know what the bars are like in the towns where you are and the stadiums and the streets but it all seems way way too vicarious for my taste…but then again, i did not grow up with it like you two obviously did..was not in my culture, not in my blood…but you do now have me mildly interested, but mildly interested ain’t it ..i know…and Rio of course is just mad mad mad about football and World Cup on the way…love watching beach soccer…yet i would never go to the stadium….weird , huh?

    cheers, david

  46. I have never gotten the appeal of football. Some kind of misplaced tribal thing.
    How many players on any team actually come from that town…..or even that country???
    But then I have always been outa the loop on team things anyways.

    I still use the Domke bag David gave me. It now has a nikon insert in it. Useable but bulky. Great for carrying tools to work, but not so great to work out of….but then what is?? Currently loving sniper straps and a bunch of film in a coat pocket.


    i never use a “real camera bag”…real camera bags are absolutely the worst camera bags in reality…usually way way too heavy and overbuilt…totally impractical in real life….i make other kinds of bags into camera bags etc….and am just as likely to be working out of a rock climbers super light back pack…i want simplicity, light weight, rain resistant, and a do not steal me unobtrusive look…NOT so cool…we will have a Burn bag, that i really do use and folks have been asking me for years to endorse a bag, so i will…


    so sorry that little Domke bag is not good to work out of…i used one similar for a long time and found it fine, wore it crossways, bandolero style, and seemed good albeit in the long run a bit heavy..but that is the problem…we all want something different and NOTHING works in every situation…what might be good for wandering around in Hyde Park, is ridiculous at the black tie ball or when riding a bike or a horse…what in hell is a sniper strap? sounds a bit clandestine… you not wearing camouflage are you? :)

  49. DAH and JOHN G
    Ahhhh, Zidane, j’aime le Zizou! He truly was the best player since Pelé hands down. Such grace, intelligence, heart. I am very very kindly jealous of you. :-)

    Supporting a football team is completely vicarious, there’s a childish “I’ll get my brother to beat your brother” tone to it all. Well, to supporting a team, anyway. But it’s also cathartic, like a Greek tragedy condensed into an hour and a half.


    absolutely brilliant find on your part..great work!! the definition of burn bags is just hilarious ..perfect…funny…tell me whatever color you want….


    ok cool…i figured something serious..was just playing with you…by the way, you have any plan to get back to Rio? i want to get back down soonest to finish up for my book, to do the David Unplugged some of that, but going for the gusto…hoping that matched up with what i did on very very loose assignment will put me into a really significant book…OR a huge huge flop…that’s what is always at risk when you do what you think is something special…anyway, i am going come hell or high water…thought if you were going back we could share some expenses, like an apartment and/or a fixer ..i would have zero agenda , so no way to have conflict…i am shooting sort of David does Rio some with Lance and Bickford when they were there and it is going to end up as part of what i am doing seriously…anyway, think about it….woulda , shoulda been a private email i guess, but i sometimes think students or interested photogs like to know behind the scenes thinking….i sure would have as a young photog..

    cheers, david….

  51. David ;)… It’s ok! U don’t have too…;)
    It’s just me and FI that hijacked the train for 90 minutes.. And it’s over now..
    (thanks to MESSI …;)..
    Let’s resume our conversation !


    believe it or not, i will probably submit something…haven’t done a contest in a while, so….something from december/january and russian….but, for all of you, please consider this and get your work in :)))

    PANOS :)))))))….Civi deserves it all :))))))…i would secondly, vote for Anton (but he just published his book :))) )…3rd for you……anyway, it’s all good to me :))

    PETE :))))))))…well, i have been on an intense non-stop teaching binge the last 2 weeks to make $$ for family issues this summer (trips to russia/ukraine and other necessities) and have been averaging about 31/2 hrs of sleep the last 7 days (until last night) so that surely explains my overreaction Mssrs. John G and Michael W…but, since i also love bets :)))))…i can do whatever you want to ensure the bet is taken ;)))….no worries….i can’t leave burn/david/anton/civi/panos/michelle/anna/diego et al….who would listen to me screem in the dark ;)))….

    DAVID:…now, let’s be honest: i’m guessing it was Rockin’ Michelle that came up with the new award? :)))))…whatever, it was a stroke of genius…not because it’s about money, but it just get’s folks involved…..i promise to pick (after Civi) the most obscure, conceptual trippy one, just to be so ;)))….


  53. BOB…

    we were all buzzing, but i am sure you are quite correct in assuming it was Michelle who had that idea…or Bry, but i think Michelle…we had toyed with the idea once before and rejected it….anyway, we all feel now is the time….at least for a one time run….BUT we do nave to find people to do it..that is why we rejected it before…a big big job for two people at least…anyway, we are on it…

    cheers, david

  54. DAVID ;))))))))….

    well, one thing i know, WHOEVER had the idea, one must give the credit to the one who keeps the family strung together, am i gotta hunch that’d be michelle anyway ;)))))))))…..

    skype next week?…before u go to look3?…

    ok, off to bed..marinka’s sick…must attend to business…and plus, need, way-overdue-sleep

    skype chat: family, loomings, russia and your mom’s workshop :)))

    save some thin crust for me….


  55. SECOND, a Burn branded camera bag has been born (anyone surprised?)…we will announce at Look 3 ………that would have to be disposable considering the designer’s track record on the ideal bag “a new idea a week”

  56. panos – i sold the lookbetween bag on ebay, in with a camera :o)
    could not get along with it as a shoulder bag..
    better waist bags are out there..
    kaboom bag – yer fired.

    bags are great..
    although not using a bag also works really well.
    a hoard of them needs a collective name..
    a “hive” of bags.

    john / dah
    i really loved my domke bag for the 1 year of heavy work it survived in 1998..
    it was like a jolly guy who turns up at a party and works the room really well.. gets the party started before completely disintegrating after the third round of mojitos..
    zip broke, stitching loosened.. holes in pockets..
    100 quid down if JIM D is reading :o)

    i have two “proper” camera bags and i don’t use either when i am photographing.

    a 28 year old billingham i’ve had 20 years, which just fits my laptop in the front pocket.. it has recently retired due to health issues and was strictly for during-travel as so heavy.. fitted all kit and change of clothes though.
    the other is a cheap imported counterfeit lowepro s&f.. old style one.. when it breaks or gets stolen, i replace it.
    always the same one.

    for photographing – apart from my charity-shop finds – record bags / courier bags with different branded inserts.. they were freebees from music festivals or labels..
    sonar festival bags have been excellent..

    my “hive” of bags underwent a cull when i emigrated, so i am down to a dozen..
    give or take..
    beate uses more of them than me as i’m going through a no-bag stage of life.

  57. and for ‘revelations’ after the recent bout of words – i’ve realized that the words and characters on burn have fed my photography much less than the essays on show and the thoughts they inspire.

    what has stretched my understanding has been seeing work which previously i found difficult to connect with, and learning how to appreciate it.

  58. a civilian-mass audience

    DAVIDB…a no-bag stage of life…
    I hear you…
    I am getting there too…
    BUT I will definitely buy few BURNING bags…cause they look good on me:)))

    ok,on a serious note…the funds should be available for helping our struggling photographers…
    who are all over the Universe…with ongoing projects…like our KATHARINA
    hmmm…I haven’t done my homework…
    I know you are all in a survival mode BUT…together WE can do miracles…

    MICHELLE,BRYAN…ouzo on me,blissful thinking on YOU…

    BOBBY…give a BURNIAN hug to MARINA…and I am sending chicken (organic chicken soup will do it)


  59. a civilian-mass audience

    Goodmorning DB…
    Goodmorning and goodnight My BURNIANS…

    I am going out again…I follow the sun…


  60. IMANTS…

    yes, laughing…well i do have a lot of bags…90% of them sort of get “tested” around NY or around home, but never actually get out there when i am shooting seriously day after day…there are actually only about 5 bags that get really do i know? i write on the back panel of any bag where it has been..the place, the date…ends up being quite an interesting diary all around…yea yea, i am pretty weird…


    looking for you skype…you know i love the Billingham bag as well…just always worried that it looks too nice, too expensive ..well it certainly looks “nice” for the first five years you use it anyway…but it is near perfect….and because it is made in the UK it is definitely the best for being rainproof….


    do not worry, i give Michelle credit for just about everything….

  61. a civilian-mass audience

    yes…and credit to ANTON…we need update with the book…

    and credit to HAIK…he has saved my laptom…the one I am keep BURNING

    and credit to ANNA MARIE…

    and to MAMA SOCRATES and to the anonymous donors…

    and where are you HERVE and KATIEEEEEEEEEE FONSECA,MyGRACIE is here…

  62. This weeks essays are inspiring, pressed some urgency switch in me. Pull my socks up, too much watching, thinking, talking photography, must wake up. Deadline to wake up will be tomorrow, organizing myself, I’m useless if I am not.
    It’s good to see three women finalists for now, hope there will be more, not enough women in our world of photography…

  63. David…
    When you mention..
    “Trying to imagine how far I can go.Working the edges of my own personality.Autobio matches city mood, culture,love,lust.”
    Does that mean you are aware your personality is not capable of certain types of work, so you just don’t even try it out? Is that something all young photographers should be aware of instead of wasting time trying to force a style of photography one isn’t suitable for?

  64. a civilian-mass audience

    and credit to PAUL PARKER…who BURNS with such a grace…
    thanks mate for the update in your website…I am honored!

    back to our regular program…

  65. a civilian-mass audience

    and credit to PAUL PARKER…who BURNS with such a grace…
    thanks mate for the update in your website…I am honored!

    back to our regular program…

  66. PAUL

    that means i might let it all go go holds barred…my actual life in RIO, not a magazine or even docu version of actual personality does match with the ambiance of Rio…i am not saying that it is always appropriate to make a diary out of everything one does…work can be very personal even if it appears to be objective or Div Soul…very much me, but still with a documentary detachment of sorts…

    RIO will be the whole bit, or at least could be…the “behind the scenes” of Div Soul…i.e. Frank did The Americans..a docu/diary…yet, still detached in a way..then he did Moving Out and Lines of My Hand…diaries more…Americans still the best, but the others add add to the whole..helps to explain the Americans….

    again, like i wrote to John G., i will be taking a chance…great degree of possibility for a total flop…i could name several photographers who totally flopped trying to do something like this..the success story of course is Nan Goldin with Ballad of Sexual Dependency…love that book in its autobiographical freshness…

    when i say “success” i assume you know i am not talking about popularity or money or fame or any of that..those are the enemies of my kind of “success”…

    like all Magnum photographers, and many others as well, we only care about our work in the context of history…not a headline…simply an intent

    cheers, david

  67. Civi…

    What update? I haven’t been round my blog/website for a couple of days, just looked and haven’t seen anything new :)) I’m laughing because you’ve got me lost!!

  68. A video taken by fellow classmate Sagi at the close-out party and slideshow for the Toronto Magnum workshops:

    Starring in this Q&A panel discussion are Larry Towell, Bruce Gilden, Eli Reed, Bruno Barbey and Chien-Chi Chang. Unfortunately David had to leave the workshop early…but the thoughts presented I think serve as a compilation of what DAH has been teaching us as of late.


  69. a civilian-mass audience

    what are you BURNING PAUL…diesel…hiii?:)))(to be perceived as a joke)

    EVA…WINEPHOTO…you better submit…I am gonna look for you!

    LOOK3…LOW LIGHT/HIGH MIND…don’t miss your change to get a high mind…

    back to the streets…

  70. Aaah bags, bags, bags…..

    Well, DAH, I hope you put a lot of thought into it and what constitutes the “perfect” bag (never!):):)

    For me the Billingham is about it…I always thought they were way too overpriced and old man looking, but since they’re now made in all black more hip and I now shoot Leica the price is relative…. and they really are built for life. I also now use a backpack on larger jobs which I swore I never would – started on CYPHER when I was shooting two medium format cameras and a Quantum strobe…saves the back…

    Will be looking forward to the RIO work… oh man going down there sounds real fine about now as our non-existent spring starts to turn into our non-existent summer… saving up my Felix away time to maybe hit Peru later this year or next – drink some medicine at the source and hopefully shoot the real deal…. we’ll see… Vietnam keeps calling me back as well….

    Looking forward to more EPF finalists… great stuff so far… love the readers choice idea as well… just so long as the readers stay civilised :):)


  71. Great video Jeff, nice share. :-)

    Whew, I got a little bit excited yesterday. Sorry, football does that to me. Still feels great tho, to know Barça are kings of Europe.

    Went looking for an Auden quote which I like a lot – that the worst thing for a poet to feel is having completed writing a great poem and to realise that they should not have written it, that it wasn’t in their hand or authentic to them.

    Didn’t find it. But I did find this instead – A craftsman knows in advance what the finished result will be, while the artist knows only what it will be when he has finished it. But it is unbecoming in an artist to talk about inspiration; that is the reader’s business.

    Watching a docu on Nigeria, the Generator Republic, and the lack of electricity there. I must get out to my ‘roots’ and find them for myself.


    i have not put a lot of thought into it…i just know what works for me more or less…the bag we will endorse was NOT designed by me…just a bag i like with just a few tweaks…and it works…does not look like anything special..will look disappointing as a matter of fact..but it does work for my style of shooting IF i am using a shoulder bag…i often use a small backpack…

    regarding readers staying “civilized” for the people’s choice award it does not really matter…they will have a vote


    how could inspiration be “the readers business”? who said that? inspiration to create a work to my mind does not involve the reader/viewer at all…seems to me the reader’s inspiration is another whole thing that the artist would most likely never know about nor be influenced by….on the other hand this could be referencing “inspiration” in a way different from what i am thinking…..but yes yes, i do agree the artist does not know what exactly will happen until it has already happened…


    yes of course…but one must always have to remember to be brave…it is easy to try to be safe and warm and cozy…

  73. Should have put a little smiley face after my comment. We’ve talked before about bags and how we prefer it not “look” like a camera bag. In reality, just looking forward to something new. I’m long overdue for a decent shoulder bag. Mine’s seen better days! ;^}

  74. I know I sound like a little kid…that is, in some case an advantage, especially with creativity, although it can be a pain in the butt. So sorry before I ask…

    David, what is the fourth surprise :))?


    ok amigo , do not buy one of the new Burn bags…just help me get some of the stuff out of the DC garage and into the back of my truck and this will earn you your choice of one of the many bags in that space…you know, the space from the bag movie..which will no doubt haunt me forever…

  76. DAH: tongue firmly planted in cheek ie “civilized” readers. As it is firmly immersed in the terrible twos with Felix so civilized seems merely a state of mind and not true reality. Also feeling if I can make it through this can make it through just about anything. :) Wonderful thing about toddlers is the pure unadulterated emotion (for better or worse) – they really don’t take anything personally (at least not for any longer than five minutes). But man I feel like I could sleep for the next ten years…..

  77. DAH
    Yeah, I think he meant something a bit different – more ref. to the literary inspirations behind a book/poem. That it doesn’t start out as some calculated thing, but is a more ambiguous personal inclination or urge. Not nec. a strongly articulated framework. But the difference between art and craft hits home for me – I never know what I’m doing before I’m doing it. If I did know the outcome before starting something, I’d probably have less interest in doing it.

    Side-note – I’ve been getting a “ server is down” message a lot lately. I’m guessing it’s just to do with recent site tweaks and nothing major, but putting it out there just in case.

  78. FRAMERS…

    oh yes yes, the concept between craft and art is clear and that summed it up..yes, i was looking at “inspiration” too narrowly..thinking only of the original inspiration to create something..there is of course the inspiration derived from a work, and that is naturally only the “readers business”

    our traffic is up from 50-75% because of the EPF, so causing crashes all day long..we are trying to fix …

  79. AKAKY: So what was all the screaming about? Did something happen?

    AKAKY IRL: Soccer game.

    AKAKY: Oh. So nothing happened?

    AKAKY IRL: Probably not.

    AKAKY: And all those people were screaming about nothing?

    AKAKY IRL: Europeans are inscrutable, dude, in much the same way that the Chinese were inscrutable before the ascent of Chairman Mao.

    AKAKY: I see.

  80. Europeans are inscrutable,
    Akaky..”europeans” are not 400 million (people) as u know..thats the estimate of how many watched the game yesterday…it was also broad casted live in Mecca and the whole Arab world..also Asia, Africa, South America and Australia…
    Soccer is not european sport anymore…its global , sorry:))))))

  81. I feel like I could “sleep for the next ten years.” In fact, I have felt that way for the last ten years, at least. Glad I didn’t, though. I would have missed too much. Same with the next. And then I would indisputably be an old man when I woke up, so I will pass on the decade of sleep – nice though it would be.

    DAH – I had misinterpreted and was thinking that you had at least something to do with the design of the bag. Shoulder bags are out of the equation for me. Back when I used one, a curious phenomena developed. I reached the point where I could carry a bag on my right shoulder all day long, the next day, too, and the day after that and if no sleep separated those days, then I could carry it on that shoulder through the nights as well.

    But I could not carry it on my left shoulder for ten minutes.

    In the early 00’s, I began to get put down by back pains and by the mid 00’s, those pains became severe and were ruining my life. I went to a chiropractor, she x-rayed me and discovered my spine was taking some bad twists and my neck was out of line with my head.

    And it was all that damn camera bag.

    She got me lined back up again and then three years ago I took my bad fall and lost my right shoulder when I used it to protect my camera from smacking the floor. Now I could never carry a shoulder bag with it. I use a backpack that it is too small to carry all that I need, but with a camera or two hanging loose on me it works.

    Anyway, I was going to first demonstrate my support for Burn by entering epf, but then that seemed kind of silly of me so I didn’t, either year. I knew I wouldn’t win, but if by chance I did, it would be kind of embarrassing. Now, I thought I could buy a bag. But I can’t carry a shoulder bag. I will come up with another way. I did buy the book – but of course, any photographer would want that book.

    Civi – I look forward to that day. I wish it had been this weekend. The weather has been gorgeous and sweet in a way that it seldom is hereabouts. It would have been good to show the Civilian around and to find a good cat for him.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. It always makes me feel good to find a comment from you there. That is one of the many things that The Civilian does so well – you make people feel good.

  82. funniest thing is when we have here in america the Superbowl..the winner declares themselves “World Champions”..American Football? world champions? a sport that nobody else watches, plays or cares but americans?
    With your amazing thinking im a Football world champion too when i play against myself in my apartment, all alone..and i usually (not always) i win, yes, therefore im A “WORLD” CHAMPION IN MY “WORLD”..
    U GOTTA realize mr.Akaky that America is not THE WHOLE WORLD! yes we are pretend we the leaders of the pack untrained puppy thinks the same btw…:(

  83. DAH
    Ah, cool, no worries.

    Hilarious! I did always wonder about the World Series with baseball, always being duked out between NYC and Boston. Mind you, I’ve been wanting to move to NYC since visiting in 2009 and 2010, so I wont knock their global self-narrative at all… ;-)

    But the thing about football (or any sport) is this: it allows me to satisfy all my inclinations towards group mentality, stoking a quasi-patriotic fervour, and being unreasonably tribal without ever giving me the power to start a war with those feelings. I consider that a good thing. ;-)

  84. FI, anything we do here in america is a World championship…even a little rodeo in a small texan village is considered a “world champion”…
    sorry but only soccer and the Ancient Greek Olympics have that power/magnitude…
    smiling…go tell the Brazilians or Argentinians that Soccer/FOOTBALL….is a Euro sport..!!!!!;))))))))


    please do not do anything gratuitous to support Burn ..i would never never advocate support without getting something back that was/is indeed useful for you in return…

  86. DAH, that happens in photography too, a lot…everyone is able to self declare themselves :”THE BEST”…And that is one of the reasons that folks get hurt around EPF..or other competitions? im the GREATEST… why not me? why not getting this/that award????????????????
    Ahhhhhhh i know why..because there is a conspiracy against me..its a CHOIR, or a CLIQUE…they are friends etc…considering my friendship to you then as Bobus said earlier..i should be winning the EPF every consecutive year..
    Try this thinking to the Tour De France..Lance A, got it 7 times (i lost counting)…why? well all the judges are his friends, thats why…
    bullshiiiiiiiiiiit? he is simply the best, thats why, the rest is sour grapes…
    To be continued….

  87. reason for example i didnt submit this year is because my work is not ready/good enough….and if its unfinished , not good enough then i assure its not good enough for others either..
    big hug..we should train ourselves to be the ultimate judges first…Photography is not the LOTTO (thank god!)

  88. Panos…
    Smiling…I was rather surprised you enjoy football, considering in Latin and Latin influenced countries the quasi-religious faith people have in their teams and players. I personally hate the game, totally overated in my humble view. When one team has 75% of ball possesion it may be fun for the winning team but it won’t make a very exciting game for those who stand neutral towards both teams. A bit like Contador in the Giro a very promising 21 days has turned into something quite boring – and it isn’t Contador’s fault, he’s just too good. But I digress, football reminds me of Rome and the Colliseum with the Christians and lions fighting for their life, all created by the Roman goverment a way keeping the people from worrying or even thinking how bad things were going. A distraction subsidized by the authority to keep all quiet. Five million without work in Spain, people aren’t on the streets shouting or demonstrating. But I promise you if Barca or anything other football club was banned from playing, everyone would be out on the street in protest.
    A big hug Amigo!

  89. Paul, i agree with all u, no, not trying to preach or convert people to like this or any sport (u know very well that i only like bicycles btw:)))
    All i was trying to explain to Akaky that there is way more “world” out there than Europe or America…i was trying to help him understand that soccer is global, and so far the ONLY sport ever achieved that..
    now is that “good”? is it “bad”? not my job to judge…it is what it not promoting just talking numbers, thats all..biggest hug:)

  90. Panos, I started thinking in terms of the choir metaphor a few weeks back when a lot of people ganged up on Pete for some innocuous comment, and then a similar thing happened to those who didn’t like the Russian folklore-ish essay. Just struck me as really ugly in both cases. Nothing to do with the EPF. I really don’t get why you all persist with the jealousy trope. I think it strikes most of us as plain bizarre.

    Personally, I have no serious negative criticism of burn or the epf, but sometimes I’m a little critical of things that go on in comments. Probably best to keep those things to myself, and certainly for the duration of the EPF finalists. So howsa bout a truce? We can take it up in comments later when not so many are looking. Or preferably not. If you have something to say, feel free to skype. Same invitation to anyone. These things that seem so grave in public are normally easily worked out through direct communication. As you all know.

  91. Panos…

    Well if it makes people happy it’s good, it’s just that it seems like it’s Europe’s opium for the poor. A bit like the lottery – the poor man’s tax :)!
    Yes it’s global I know you’re not promoting it. I’m just like you very suspicious of anything with a government close to it… :)

    I competed many years road cycling so I am biased towards that sport, though I’m convinced you should try running only 40 minutes 3 times a week, you’ll see a definite improvement in general physique wise. 800 calories in 40 mins running, you need a good 2 hours at extremely strenuous activity on a bike to get the same workout. Apart from the fact you can run wherever you are whenever you want, not the same with the bike. You could be with the Magnum guys on the bus, stop at some gas station and while they rest a bit, pull out the shoes and run for 30 mins.

  92. MW,
    i never ever meant to address my above comment personally to you or anyone..Who the hell am i to know what exactly is what u or anyone thinks deep in their heads, so i would never put “words in your mouth”…
    However , i do believe that most of the bitterness resembles my untrained puppy…
    You see in basket ball for example (think Lakers ok?), when KOBE BRYANT scores 100 points in every game then its EASY for anyone to admit he is the BEST right???/ not absolute, just easier..Think of how many had their ego hurt and still think, he is not that good…
    Another example from cycling ok? Lance Armstrong, 7 wins in France but still, still, the hurt egos will accuse him for this and that and steroids and “fixed” games and corrupted referees etc…Sad but any “competition” has the same effect on people..the “winner” and the sour grapes..
    But i totally agree with u and u have a serious point!!!!!!!! In Art its ok not to like something/anything u like..and u have the right and SHOULD speak about it…Not everyone likes or should like Dali or Picasso or DAH or Frida Kahlo…its fine, ok, more than fine…
    You dont have to like Frida because i do!!!
    i personally love Steve McCurry as a human being (met him personally, sweetest man, but i simply dislike his work and i have no issue to address it…i dont mind if the rest 99% of the world loves his work…
    and again: i do love , admire, respect Steve in person…yes, nothing wrong to dislike someones work..of course we cant just call folks we never met “psychotic” just because we didnt like their essay!!!!!!!
    smiling, right Jim????????????

  93. MW…

    I don’t think any of those accused the other day of negative comments are jealous or anything like it. They are all perfectly capable photographers – 4 of those who commented have been published here on Burn and that includes you. Framers and I were the other two who commented against the work and Framers doesn’t seem that way inclined, quite the contrary a very positive person. That leaves me, well if anyone still has any doubts about me well! :))))….

  94. and yes we should skype soon…but between Kim, my untrained puppy and stressing about work and bills, writing on Burn and trying to motivate myself keep shooting more photos etc..time is extremely limited lately..and my skype session with Patricia, Sam Harris , Paul, you and more of my friends here is so long long long overdue…only Ross knows how to trap me..ha ha, Ross has me trained as a doggy:)))
    btw , i just saw Reimar’s note in Skype…rushing to respond to Reimar!:))
    big hug
    MW, Look3? coming?

  95. MW

    we keep going over the same territory ad nauseum…you are a fine writer and a very intelligent thinker…you have got yourself locked on to some comment to Pete (who usually deserves to get bashed on general principle!! ) and fail to read what has been written over and over and over, that we totally want your critique…not late, but now…rip it up dude!!

    i swear to the sun God the rain God and the photography God that i do not care what you blast or why you blast it…i might disagree with your reasoning but isn’t that fair too? does not mean stop writing! nobody from Burn ever said sit down and shut up..mighta just said i am pretty sure that what you thought was a red shirt is really a green shirt…so what? the damn thing is probably blue..most of us are color blind…it might just be counterpoint for heavens sake…just if you want discourse , get out there and discourse!!

    abrazos, david

    p.s. you do know i was teasing about Pete, right? :)

  96. without debate, discourse, “fights”, different opinions there would be no democracy…like the kid above wrote: “we totally want your critique…not late, but now…rip it up dude!! …nobody from Burn ever said sit down and shut up..”
    and MW as u know, there has been numerous times in the past that folks told me to SHUT UP..and i didnt…was i always right? lol…of course not…but freedom of speech is crucial and essential for the growth and well being of BURN!

  97. AKAKY: You seem to have set off a ministorm, dude.

    AKAKY IRL: I did? How is that possible?

    AKAKY: Your comment about soccer being a European game. Some of taken umbrage at that. Apparently soccer is now an international game, played by veritable scads of non-Europeans.

    AKAKY IRL: I see. Is basketball an American game?

    AKAKY; It’s the most American of games, created in Massachusetts in 1891 by a Canadian.

    AKAKY IRL: Do Europeans play basketball?

    AKAKY: Yes. Basketball’s big in some places in Europe.

    AKAKY IRL: Are the people in those places in Europe where basketball is big Americans?

    AKAKY: No.

    AKAKY IRL: Are they Canadians?

    AKAKY: No.

    AKAKY IRL: Are Americans Canadians?

    AKAKY: No.

    AKAKY IRL: Are Canadians Americans?

    AKAKY: Only in the larger sense that anyone born in the Americas is an American.

    AKAKY IRL: I see your point. So you would agree then that soccer is a Euroean game no matter who plays it?

    AKAKY: I guess.

    AKAKY IRL: Thank you.

    AKAKY: Panos also says that America is not the center of the whole world.

    AKAKY IRL: Don’t believe everything you read on the Net, guy. Your friend is clearly delusional.

    AKAKY: And I know that this is a touchy subject, but someone brought up the possibility of a World Series between the Yankees and the Red Sox. I suspect that this person is a European.

    AKAKY IRL: I see, that would explain a lot, I guess. Just explain to your friend that Boston and New York are in the same league and therefore would never appear in the World Series against each other. You should point out that the Red Sox and their minions are the source of evil in the modern world and the sooner the Red Sox Nation is extirpated from the planet the better off all the rest of us will be. You will point that out, won’t you?

    AKAKY: Yes, I will. You can count on me.

    AKAKY IRL: Thank you.

  98. Well I’ve got a lot of respect for MW, even though he does some odd stuff sometimes, like make up quotes and likes to stir the debates on dialogue and comments – it wouldn’t be the same without him…

    Remember MW’s holy crusade in Detroit and what David advised him to do… and MW did exactly that and produced and essay for Burn…:)

    “you have no work that matches what we show here, and no thought provoking critique either…you are in “workshop mode” as you say, yet nobody needs this critique more than thee…so you are dishing out that which you need to have dished to you… i think what you might want to do is: (a) get out there and shoot…put your money where your mouth is as my grandfather would say or (b) make your critique so good that you do not need to shoot…become a really fine critic which is indeed a totally respected art in and of itself…”

    MW don’t change keep on being you :)

  99. AKAKY IRL: Do Europeans play basketball?

    AKAKY: Yes. Basketball’s big in some places in Europe.

    AKAKY IRL: Are the people in those places in Europe where basketball is big Americans?
    U know I love u both (IRL and the plain Akaku)..
    But most Europeans they do hire at least 2 if not more NBA veterans (big Americans).. even the poorest Greek teams have at least a couple in their arsenal:))))
    And that caused the recent recession…!!!
    Smiling, of course!!!

  100. DAH

    I think that a “burn bag” Burn bag would be righteous… do it just like the one in the wikipedia picture… also fitting with the general desire for disposable bags… ;)

    The Burn bag could be like the one-time pad of camera bags.

  101. DAH – Every day that I have access to my computer, I get something valuable from Burn. And everytime you give me a word or piece of advice, that value just increases. So, of course I must find a way to add what small support I can to your effort. But you are right – the entry and the camera bag would have been gratuitous – the book was not. Nor would the tabloid be, but then you are just giving it away. So I will find another way.

  102. burning*michelle

    hello FROSTFROG…

    we’ve corresponded about workshops, yes?

    it is very kind of you to be thinking of supporting burn…and we are always grateful for it. in case you (or others) weren’t aware we have a “support burn” page for donations and subscriptions set up here:

    thank you! *m

  103. We have, Michelle, and as soon as a workshop arises in a time that I can go and deals in some way with making books, I will be there. If I grasp correctly, the only pending workshop is the one day lighting exercise about to take place. Another that would be of interest to me, should it arise, would be one on creating digital publications, for old-fashioned internet and iPad as well.

    You are also right – a straight-forward donation with nothing in return except for the great work that Burn does everyday and the help that it provides both emerging and aging but still fired up photographers is, indeed, a good way to go. For some reason, I have been slow to grasp this alternative, but your suggestion is about to be taken to heart.

  104. PS – Any workshop from April to late October is almost automatically out for me. When a photographer works in a place where for half the year the light is dim and dark and the weather cold, it is hell to leave during the time of light and (often relative) warmth.

  105. “please do not do anything gratuitous to support Burn ..i would never never advocate support without getting something back that was/is indeed useful for you in return…”

    I get WAY more than my money’s worth from my monthly subscription

  106. a civilian-mass audience

    FROSTFROG…hmmm…I should consider you …an accident prone …photophilosopher:)))
    BUT you are a big soul!
    and whatever goes around…comes around…
    “Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”
    Kahlil Gibran
    keep BURNING FROSTY…I follow

    and when AKAKY is happy…AKAKYIRL is happy too:)))

    6th Day…I will be out …protesting
    BUT I will be back to get my password…cause when there’s fire,there’s smoke…

    P.S…yes,I do love you ALL…BUT I love civilians more…hiii…it rhymes,lol:))))))))))))

  107. a civilian-mass audience

    and Happy Memorial day…for you…

    the center of the Universe is… where the FIRE is and therefore the smoke…

    HIGH MINDS…what can I do…don’t drink and drive

    and I will come back to sign later !

  108. How did I miss this?
    “Fear of hunger? Conservatism? Anyway u wanna call it , DAVID proved all my fears wrong…
    Sometimes when there is not an exit door or a window in our jail cells all we have to do is simply WALK through the wall.. It is possible.. DAH/Burn proved it..”

    the whole post, Panos, it was …. lucid! Laughing, mate, you really said it all.

    DAH, Oscars, People’s Choice, Rio Tabloid AND a camera bag! What’s not to love.

  109. harvey

    skype problem – no camera..
    will try to rectify this week..
    i have a new home-haircut, after all.

    little time – hmm.. will find time soon..
    docks are busy.. new drilling rigs..


  110. Great news! A Bag?!?! and Free Tabloid?!?! WOW! rare dose of generosity in these rough times.

  111. Paul.. yes, beautiful.. and now must go and educate myself what on earth a tabloid is (besides being free!)..

  112. Vissaria Skoulida

    Dear Mr.Harvey,

    I will buy the bag.Uncle P. bought for me the t-shirt.
    Now,I will have a bag to match it.
    Thank you and Happy Memorial day to all my family and friends.


  113. Eva – if it doesn’t have a naked girl on page 3, it doesn’t count. ;-P

    Personally, I’d settle for a broadsheet. Naked girls aren’t at the top of my visual interests.

  114. Tabloid-sized paper is 11 inches by 17. I believe it’s similar to A3 in Euro-ese.

    Framers, interesting point about the integrity of a piece and how entering it in a contest may or may not affect it. I’ve noticed when similar criticisms of other essays have appeared. Personally, I don’t see any point in going there. Sincerity, you know, is everything. If you can fake that you’ve got it made. Don’t get annoyed, I’m not saying anyone is faking sincerity. Just that, at least when it comes to art, I don’t care all that much as long as I fail to see through it.

  115. I’m not overly concerned about sincerity, either, just think sometimes the potential power of a work can be affected by the wider decisions around how to publish it and all of that. Same way that sequencing of images, or how they’re spaced in a book or on a wall can have an effect on the overall reading. David’s Divided Soul book works much better in conveying it’s beauty when it’s presented in book form than if he’d taken to mailing out one image each year to people – we’d lose some of the compound beauty of all those images being presented together in one whole.

  116. I’ve been photographing photographs of my father today. He ran a picture framing business down by the docks, which made for a fun playground for my tiny self way back. But I never realised just how good he was at picture framing until I tried taking some of those frames apart…

  117. Framer
    “Naked girls aren’t at the top of my visual interests.” Just what I’m hoping for (it’s a guy thing).

    Yes, that Frank photogrpaph is very beautiful, and actually quite un-Frank-like. From lines of my hand? I don’t have the book but remmember the photo, have not seen it in years. thanks.

  118. Gordon…

    “Very un-Frank like”, you’ve nailed it. Isn’t that his wife? The women in the last image in ”The Americans”, sitting in the car huddled with the little kid…utterly sick and tired of the whole project, the look in her eyes is unforgetable…Anyway the last bit is my opinion :)

  119. “Eva – if it doesn’t have a naked girl on page 3, it doesn’t count. ;-P”

    Perhaps,DAH is saving that for the upcoming book :)

  120. Civi – I am hoping no more accidents for awhile. Thanks!

    The cats are waiting to see you in Alaska.

    I say, we should go to Greece.

    Don’t see a realistic way to pull it off, though.

    Not right away, anyway.

  121. Frostfrog

    “I say, we should go to Greece.

    Don’t see a realistic way to pull it off, though.

    Not right away, anyway.”

    Jeez I think you and I work too hard and worry too much. I mean I really do love my life, but I’m getting weary of chasing a buck to keep the wolf from the door and being responsible and all. It’s not that I don’t love my life, I do. I was having a chat about this with my doctor the other day, same age as me. We both agreed that we both loved what we do, we would just like to do less of it.

  122. a civilian-mass audience


    I say ,you should not come to Greece right now…I know,your greek house is here waiting
    BUT I don’t want to see your place under the current wave of misery…
    hmmm,did I say that…:(
    I would love all of you to come and stay, enjoy, experience…
    the best of what greece has to offer…

    I am optimistic though…the home of Socrates and Leonida…will recover!
    when the time and timing is right…
    for now,I am out on the streets…7th day,protesting…I want my country back…
    I am not afraid and I am awake…!
    I will fight for the young,the poor… the elderly,my chickens,the innocent everyday civilian…

    MY FROSTFROGY,MY BURNIANS…we will all be together in your civilian’s house…the day is coming.
    for now…enjoy your journey and take care …my cats!!!

    I love you ALLLLLLLLL…I have to clean some “weeds” and I will be back with ouzo…
    YOU keep shooting
    the magnetic wall in your house needs to be covered!

    Thank you…for your support,thank you BURN…

  123. a civilian-mass audience


    all our love to you…enjoy my friend…!!!
    so much to say…
    What not to love

    running…on the streets again…be back to celebrate

    it’s a beautiful day…send me a smile,a hug,something…

  124. Civi.. rainy smile, hug and kiss from over here.. listen, look at what has happened over the weekend in Italy.. YOU CAN DO TOO!!

  125. A3-ish size sounds nice.. and if it comes with loose prints (the tabloid that is) I don’t even have to rip it apart to hang the pics on the wall.. and oh well, I’m sure in my house there’d be someone or two or three appreciating page 3.. ;)

  126. Brian Frank…

    Thought you might be interested to know, when I looked through your website on my PC, I couldn’t read properly your Artist Statement on any of your projects, the sentences don’t fit in the box and don’t follow on the next line.

  127. Paul… since you’re here, do you have Petersen’s ‘Ich Dich lieben, Du mich auch?’

    Panos.. could not find Iturbide’s book about Frida Kahlo.. there was one with a lot of text and pictures, taken by her father.. but written in German.. do you read German?

  128. Paul,

    Thanks for the info. I don’t know why, that text is just a jpg. Can you send me a screen grab to brian |at| so I can see what you’re seeing?

    Thanks again

  129. a civilian-mass audience

    EVA,VIVA…we need some real Souls to inspire and lead greece…
    lot’s of work…so many mistakes BUT we have to work together…
    selling Acropolis and Myconos …oime…
    I believe that we are one…
    BUT we have to take care our civilians…happy civilians make a happy Universe!!!

    P.S …if someone can tell me where is the page3…just to enrich my brain cells…:)
    I am just saying:)

  130. a civilian-mass audience


    i just wanted to say this…THANK YOU,thank you,thank you

    ok,back to YOU

  131. Eva…

    I’ve only got “Cafe Lehmitz”, still getting to grips with it :)). Although I’ve got a feeling I will really like “French Kiss”.
    Are you back at home? Can I send the print this week?

  132. Thanks Paul. Looks like that is a screen resolution issue. I can see what I can do to allow for a wider variances in resolutions. What resolution is your monitor set to? what size monitor?

    Thanks again.

  133. Paul.. not home yet.. should have gone home tomorrow, just got a phonecall, delayed on the 3rd.. but you can send, will take some days.. and I’ll stick in the book (was the last copy they had, could not let it there, couldn’t I??) with your prints..

  134. Eva…

    I’ll send off your print on Friday morning, I was going to chuck in a book also, I think you’ll appreciate it more than I have. Surprise!! Someone from Magnum!!

    Can’t wait to see your prints!!

    BTW did you finally get “One cycle of my journey” by Abigail Cohen?
    I’ve been shooting with a Diana F I bought about a year ago, quite a cathartic experience not knowing or caring if I’ll get anything worth it. Read somewhere Keith Carter on his workshops makes all the students spend the first day using a Holga, to “let go”…

  135. Paul… you’ve seen this, YES??:

    ‘Solutions by NOOR on show at the gardens of the Misericordia Cultural Center in Palma until this Friday’

    Curious about what book you talk about.. you do know that I’ve got a lot (really a lot!) of them, aye? ;)

    HCB.. you sure it’s him talking? Doesn’t sound like him, unless it’s recorded a long time ago..

  136. Don’t know the Diana, but used the Holga the summer my father died.. to let fine indeed..

  137. Eva…

    I used to own a Holga that was so perfect I thought of sending it back!!
    Lovely photo but I find the vignette jusr kills it!!

    Thanks! I was invited to the opening day with Pep Bonet, last Monday at midday. It’s exactly the time I head off to pick up the kids for their lunch, so I’ll probably go on Friday or Monday.

  138. a civilian-mass audience

    JAMES,JAMES…where have you been…?!!!!!!

    EVA…I love your “RIO” version…!



  139. a civilian-mass audience

    you are a true BURNIAN…

    P.S…you are so positive,you remind myself…hmmm…we must get on people’s nerves sometimes:)))
    KEEP BURNING MR.PARKER…you are a photophilosopher afterall

  140. a civilian-mass audience

    JAMES…I hear you
    you need to work in a shadow …when …”living with the dead”…!

    keep BURNING!


    LOOK3 crew (that I know of, at least)…myself, Panos, Patricia, Wendy, DAH (of course), Michelle, …I would assume Michael C and Bryan?…not sure of any others – please sing out if you’re going….(you too, Civi).

    I’m still trying to puszzle this one out…:
    “Burn Magazine party. Look3. Password required. Find the flame. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Burn.”

    Good light, all….8 more days!!

  142. CIVI:

    Of course! Any time!

    Add to the LOOK3 crew the members of PRIME, less Charlie Mahony….

    A facebook “event” that shows people attending and not would be very useful, I think….of course, it’s not like C’ville is so large we won’t run into each other…my OCD side is calling for a list of folks, though….

    Very excited about High mind/low light or low mind/high light or whatever it is and will be….

  143. a civilian-mass audience

    I am singing…thanks,ANDREWB…yeap,OCD…!!!

    Tis dikaiosinis ilie noite – English Lyrics
    Sun of Justice
    and you myrtle, branch of glory,
    do not, I beg you
    do not forget my country!

    It has tall mountains shaped like eagles
    the vines in ranks on the volcanoes’ flanks
    and the houses more white
    in the neighbourhood of the azure.

    My bitter hands with the thunder
    I am turning them back behind the times,
    I am calling my old friends forth
    with threats and with blood!

    running on the streets…after midnight


  144. Great! Look forward to seeing you all! Yeah, I spoke to Lance a while back he and his crew will be there… Was hoping to see Anton again… You not able to make it Anton!?

  145. CIVI : ))))

    thanks so much, you are the best!

    so much to say???

    i had a great day (for a cloudy tuesday)
    i’m used to my birthday being late spring…
    seems so weird now it’s autumn/winter

    i’m sending you a big hug and a smile O :))
    give your chooks some extra grain from me

    Viva Civi! – Viva Burn!

  146. james – nope..
    will have to wait for beers and the discussion of what exactly made the marcus garvey center such a weekend treat..

  147. “A revolutionary poem will not tell you who or when to kill, what and when to burn, or even how to theorize. It reminds you… where and when and how you are living and might live, it is a wick of desire.”
    Adrienne Rich

  148. Paul… see, my Holga does that vignetting, depending on where the light comes from it’s either black edges or flare-like ones.. if you click through the images and pay attention to the shadows you’ll see it.. not perfect for sure, no light leaks like many others have, but that circular thing.. once you know the cam you know how it will turn out..

    Civi.. ‘RIO’ version.. uhm.. ;) .. stay strong over there and keep on protesting!

    Panos.. figured you’d not read German.. no idea if the book is out in English as well..

  149. a civilian-mass audience

    SAMMY…so much to say…yeap,I got it:)))
    have a green on me…

    oime…you are so many
    hiii…I can do it
    I am MASSSS

    8th day…back on the streets

    HIGH MIND/BRIGHT LIGHT…love ya …etcetera,etcetera…

  150. Eva…

    My Holga lens had practically no vignetting at all, I loved it. I’ve still got the lens, kept it once the body broke. Last night I developed a roll of Tri-X I shot with the new Diana, it works quite well, but there is an awfully large vignette which for my taste ruins the photos. However I do seem to have made a good photo, first time in a couple of months I’ve found something that I like, it’s of course one of my sons – and he’s moving!! :)))))))

  151. Doing street photography, other photogs often say it must be easier for me as I’m female so less threatening. Normally, I disagree.

    Photographing in Toxteth, the community is wary so I’ve been starting out by talking to people and asking if I can photograph them, become known in the community for doing this, so I can start working candidly later without it being perceived as a threat. I asked a guy for a photograph and he agreed. I said I could send him a copy but he said no. We parted ways. Then, he ran up after me and asked if the photograph would be better if he took his top off, stripped on the street and stood there. Of course, I obliged.

    This time, this time it might just be because I’m female.

    (I’m not complaining…)

  152. James – you bet – looking forward to talking with you.

    DAH – is this bag going to be made from hemp? strongest fiber out there, and kind of a propos :)

  153. JAMES

    it will be great to see you ..the entire Burn team will be there….with Anton smiling the most because his new book, Yakuza, will be hot off the press…a real achievement….try to find out the password to get into the Burn party because it would be a shame if somehow you could not get in…


    hemp is strong, but hemp is heavy..same with pure cotton, leather, etc….super tough camera bags, heavy padding, zippers,heavy buckles, last longer convenient, but make your back, shoulders, neck, last less…better to go for easy on the vertebrae than a longer lasting bag imo…minimalist for me…

    but again, this Burn branded bag was not designed from the ground up by me..done by a company that had a design i liked better than all the rest,use regularly, and just added a few tweaks at my suggestion…now with all this hype i hope they can actually get it built by Look 3 time…i have my doubts…

    cheers, david

  154. Paul… :)))) …can’t see anything wrong when a toy camera behaves like a toy camera, million time better than having a phone faking to be what it is not.. just my opinion of course!

  155. EVA

    since my iPhone is a way better camera than it is telephone, i cannot resist taking a few pictures with it…i mean, it is there! one of my students in the Mississippi class shot his whole project with the iPhone in b&w mode and Mike made spectacular 12×12 inch prints from it…it was hard not to love these prints…your whole world of photography in your hand..and news coverage these days for sure belongs to iPhone…did you see the iPhone video pieces put together by CNN on the Missouri tornadoes? i have never seen anything like that in my news photography is iPhone…and to whomever is there…no need for a pro photog unless by coincidence one is around….art photography? well maybe not..yet..after all though, if we are just talking pictures and not equipment, does it matter? on top of that you can easily get a film negative from your iPhone and get right in the darkroom and make silver prints if you want..not selling you the idea…just something to envision..

    cheers, david

  156. David.. yes.. but! I do love the fact that depending on how the light hits the film (talking about Holga here, or at least mine), depending from which angle the light comes in, one picture will be different to the other, have a different vignetting or flare.. doesn’t happen with an app for example, where it is the same for you and me and all.. no problem at all with phone pics, don’t care much about equipment in itself, am no tech gal, just cannot become friends with the overall equal look the apps give..

    Have not seen the CNN video pieces, will search when back home.. and any chance to see some of that student work?.. wait, that’s JUKE book.. you will post a link to that once finished, I believe..

  157. EVA :))

    it doesn’t matter WHAT is used to make a photograph….photographs are made from: eyes, cameras, xerox machines, lenses, paper/enlarger, phones, ipods, ipads, cut-up-film, cut-up-paper, glass, tin cans, milkcartons, boxes, cars, truck bays/backdoors, faxes, im messages, computer code, words and on and on and on……..:)))

    actually, it doesn’t really matter does it (to decide what is the best use of machine/equipment is never up to the creator of said invention but to the users, or even what ‘is’ a photograph (or negative or file or contact sheet or sequence)…all that matters is what the photographer/author wishes the equipment to do and for what reason….and really, even that doesn’t matter….it’s more basic, which is this:

    ‘what we see is not made up of what we are seeing but rather from what we are’-Pessoa

    ‘cool, a picture. I wanna try.’-Dima Black, age 6


  158. “This time, this time it might just be because I’m female.”……….. On another note as I come from the no1 betting/gambling nation per capita. This years recipient of EPF has got the be a female, the odds short favourites at 5 to 4 on and I reckon that the Quinella is a shoe in, hmmmnn the Trifecta may be a long shot. Reasons too much male domination as there was in moderism from Manet to Andy and Rothko it is a male art world ….. come the 60’s we begin to see the emergemce of female artists. Catchup time on a short straight.
    Side bet …………..the cat is put among the pigeons rarely does the cat win

  159. EVA :))))….individuality in being indeed….which creates the seeing ;)))…or maybe, the individuality in seeing creates the being ;)))))

    IMANTS: u are a gambler, placing a wager after only 6 entrees ;)))))….i knew i liked your for some reason: guts/insanity ;)))))…just like my dad :))….i’d wager a woman too…for many reasons: 1) it’s about time!…2) the ladies so far have been amazing…3)it’s about time!….but there are still more to come….shit, if i were at lOOK3 I’d by them all that Petron tequilla my friend DAHarvey is found of :))))))…..all bests off, until the end :))


  160. BOB
    I may just have to delay my “I’m never going to drink again…” pledge after finding out DAH is partial to Petron. ;-P

    I’d be inclined to vote female, too. But I’m not too bothered as whoever wins will be a worthy recipient, so it’s all good.

    Actually quite pleased I photographed topless dude. Still think it’ll be a good month minimum before I can work that area without issues though.

    Grr, waiting on a package of 10 b&w C41 rolls and eager to shoot with the Oly OM2 right now. This is not fair!! After those 10 rolls, I’m getting a processing kit and ruining some proper b&w film trying to process my own stuff. :-D

  161. Eva/Paul; You’ve got to remember that every Holga shoots differently too. I’ve got 4 120N’s and each is so distinctive. :-)

  162. MW..

    i am gonna do you a favor, so you do not lose your arse, and let you know right up front that Danny Wilcox Frazier, a brilliant photographer to be sure, did not enter the EPF…

    we can only jury those who enter…

    bet again…

  163. Ah well, I guess now I’ll have to bet the farm on Vissaria. Not that I have a farm anymore. Not since Edward Limonov failed to win the Nobel prize for literature (or was it peace?) a few years ago. Seemed like such a sure bet at the time.

  164. FRAMERS

    alcohol is not really my thing, but i do like to sip on a small copita of chilled Patron Gold…with a sangrita chaser…and yes well maybe a little herbal spice in the air depending on which way the wind is blowing because the county sheriff lives right down the street!….for me, every year is the year of living….anyway, think i am going for both right now..sunset coming…Imants in a good mood….all is well with the world!!

    hugs, david

  165. Joking aside though, I find the response to the “back to the future” essay mind-numbingly depressing. Hopefully, I’m missing something, but it appears there’s a very real possibility the photographer may have outright appropriated someone else’s idea without any attribution whatsoever. If that’s the case, it’s such a blatant appropriation that I don’t think attribution would be enough to atone, but at least it would provide some ethical wriggle room. As is, I don’t see any way that it’s using the work as a reference point or building off of it. It’s the exact same fucking thing. Were it literature or academics, that kind of thing would clearly be plagiarism.

    Of course it all depends on which came before the other, and I don’t know the answer to that so don’t feel right posting over there, but why isn’t anyone else asking these questions? Has the publishing world changed that much that that kind of thing is okay? Much less innovative. Seriously, what am I missing?

  166. MW

    you should post under her is a fair question (with a few obvious rejoinders imo)…but, i will wait for the answers of others who will i think answer, and may or may not jump in with my own answer to your question…

  167. MW :)

    fair, legitimate question, though maybe i think your wording is a bit too strong…question of ethics?….and certainly, it isn’t about plagiarism. I’ll try to write a quick response (too tired to write a long comment). First of all, plagiarism is about actually stealing (or ‘using’) anothers words/work without properly attributing the work and THEN claiming the words/work as your own: the same (or near-exact) words/work. This argument falls away in the case of intellectual property (ideas/art/work,etc.) under a number of conditions.

    First of all, ALL photography (all work of ideas) is born from something antecedent: some idea, some body of work, some concept, etc. Photography (like all ideas) is built upon a predecessor and so nothing is actually taken unless the intent of the taker is to deceive (meaning, their intent is to deny the predecessor). More importantly, what does the artist attempt to claim? If the artist denies their idea has either having antecedents or influences and (more importantly) they pass off work as solely/originally their own, then they have a problem. Art IS ALL ABOUT appropriation (but i know you know that already).

    In Irina’s case, she NEVER claimed that the ‘old’ photos were her own. But in fact, were necessary ingredients and necessary documents to which she has a dialog. Now, if she found the original photographer, that would BE A GREAT addition: meaning, it takes on another level of dialog. However, it is NOT necessary because the combining (combination) IS THE ORIGINAL idea here, or rather, this is the work (the diptych/triptych, etc) and not the original/older photograph. More importantly, she never claimed that the work, even as a whole, was without a relationship to older work. She speaks about family albums, older work, etc. Her idea is both an attribution to the older work and an appropriation: which is the definition of ideas (see Hegel).

    The case of Prince vs. Abel is much more intriguing and problematic. I’m sure you are familiar with Prince, but here is an interesting update:

    the problem with the Prince thing (for many) is that he took an extant image (Abel’s images from his work for Marlboro) and never (originally) said they were from Abel. He never claimed them to be his either (he was working the idea of appropriation, and squarely fits in a long history of tradition: from greeks to duchamp to warhol, etc). What pissed people off is i think the value ($$) of the Prince work and that he didn’t acknowledge who the original photographer was. Should he have? For me yes, of course: a dialog. Should he have re-imagined/reconfigured the work as ‘art’ without changing (though he cropped/reprinted, etc), yes. it’s part of the game.

    If your concern is with Irina’s project coming from the project Jim mentioned, well that is a know brainer…chicken and the egg, right….they are ‘same’ in concept, but wildly wildly different in execution (thing in painting braque and picasso, or rather, or in photography, pick any 1,000,000 photographers who work the same concept as done prior)…one of the reasons (for me) that Parr is so important is that he understood that ‘documentary’ photography must reimagine itself and understand itself in a wider philosophical/aesthetic tradition…(the fight i’ve tried to keep up here for 3 years)…

    anyway,….that’s my very quick 2 cents…

    the key is this: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT…does Irina claim the old folders as her own (of course not)…the rest….well..

    make sense?…

    ok, gotta fly…glad u asked…i’m sure there are many who’d disagree….

    more later,if time


  168. and one last very very quick thing to think about vis-a-vis Prince vs. Abel…i knew the Prince image long long long before I knew who Sam Abel was…i loved the ‘Prince’ work as a highschool student and even when starting to make art in university…especially LOVED the concept, just as i liked what rauschenburg, johns and rosenquist were doing…when i became a photographer and began looking at as much work as i could, i learned who Sam was…(love his work, alot, but do not always love what he has to say about other work, and even Prince)…i also looked at Sam’s project later and in truth they are so so so different…Prince totally recontextualized the image and the meaning…alas, i wish sam would have received as much recognition and material gain as prince has…but, hey, that’s the stupid world…first to the punch ;))…fortunately, i don’t really care about who is first (there are not firsts, truly)…but i do think the ‘ethics’ should compel someone to not only discuss and admit inspiration but in the case of appropriate, be honest…at least duchamp said it was davinci and also admitted he’d taken the urinal :)))…..

    gotta fly


  169. To be clear, I was only referring to Jim’s link. Nothing having to do with the old photos ever occurred to me. Reading back, I see I may have once again erred on the side of dramatic language, but I’m not feeling myself as a judge or prosecutor. I genuinely would like for someone to explain why that reading is wrong, or that it just doesn’t matter. Sometimes I feel kinda like rip van winkel. In the publishing world, I went to sleep for seven or eight gears and everything was radically different when I awoke. It’s a struggle to understand.

  170. MW :))

    first, don’t worry, i don’t consider you a judge/prosecutor…i think it is, in fact, a good and serious question.

    Ok, so with regard to Jim’s link:

    1) Who says that Irina was familiar with that work prior to having her idea. Again, chicken and the egg question. While Irina mentioned that she knew of the work, i’m not sure she said she learned about the work prior to her starting out.

    2) They work, while ‘conceptually’ similar (partnering 2 pictures together of an old/original picture with an updated version), the execution is very very different. They LOOK totally different. One looks more like the joy of this, almost amateurish, where the ‘idea’ of the work is to show the age of the people. Irina’s project is NOT entirely about age but about PHOTOGRAPHIC VENTRIOLOQUISM. She mimics EXACTLY the old picture (only the faces/age/bodies change). She tries to get ALL THE DETAILS exactly the same. Jim’s link does not do this: different clothes, different clothes, etc.

    3) Thus while both have a ‘similar’ concept, they are infact working on different goals/concepts. Jim’s is about change/transformation. Irina’s is about change/transformation within the skin of sameness: again, this thing about ventriloquism….it’s easy to see they are so so different, even though they have the same foundational notion.

    4) in art, this is not only about appropriation and dialog but also schools. LOTS of artist have same idea and mine it for very different reasons….again, take any school of art (painting/scultpure/conceptualism, etc)…and think of that dialoge…

    and one last think: are you familiar with Marina Abrowitz restaging at the Guggie some of the GREAT conceptual pieces….have a look:

    same concept i would argue, even if Irina saw the other work first…

    it’s magisterial….check it out on Youtube…but i prefer the originals mostly…


  171. Who says that Irina was familiar with that work prior to having her idea?

    Not me, but that’s what I’m curious about. I happily admit it’s possible that I’m missing something obvious, that the two projects really aren’t as similar as they seem. And also to the possibility that the way I was trained in these matters is old-fashioned and wrong. But be that as it may, the way I was trained was very firmly grounded in American court decisions and familiarity with a similar work is typically an important question. I know there are a lot of grey areas, but normally, if one’s work is based on another’s idea, one should attribute. No?

  172. MW…

    i agree with all that Bob said, and there is even one more very obvious thing…Isn’t Irina’s work is ABOUT plagiarism?…plagiarism is her entire focal point…she is taking a photograph made by someone else and copying it to the nth such a degree it becomes an original work and therefore no longer a copy since it becomes another unique whole….Jim’s link is interesting of course, but when the dust settles it will sooner rather than later ironically look like a poor imitation…Irina’s is one of the least referenced works i have ever seen on Burn…i have never seen anything like it before…honestly, have you?

  173. BTW Bob, did you ever read the story I suggested awhile back when discussing a similar subject? Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote by Borges? That’ll mess mess with your head. I recommend it.

  174. Anyway, I’ll let it go. The young me/now me just strikes me as too similar to let lie without a question. I’m happy that reasonable people can disagree.

  175. MW..

    the first thing i wrote to you was that your question was indeed a fair question…i still think you should post it over under her essay and let Irina answer..she might have another whole take on it….remember, the same thing came up with the dogs in cars essay? there were examples of two or three others prior…and also , same as this, everyone wished to hell they had thought of it…

    another thing to think about Michael, is go look at Irina’s website…i have never met, nor do i know Irina at she ain’t no copycat…her mind is her own …clearly….wit with incredible style …who pulls that off?

  176. MW :)))…yes, of course…had read it long ago and re-read it after you mentioned it…remember my favorite borges’ quote, which is also apt here ‘the original is unfaithful to the translation’ :)))))))…funny you bring up Borges, as i was going to mention him (and the quote) in this discsussion…but thought i’d get pummeled by others for being too obscure again ;))))….love Menard…love all…re-read Aleph last night, while working on my Loomings text….anyway…the thing is is that ‘ideas’ are tricky when the attempt is made to ‘own’ them…the question (in philosophy and court) is the application/benefit of said ideas…in art (for me at least) quotation is necessarily as is abduction ;)))…transformation: alchemy :))))…and i agree, Irina’s essay is powerful powerful (not the least of which for it’s love, humor and energy) intellectually….i wanted to write a lot this morning and then thought: well, people will really think i’m a pretentious ass, but it is so brilliant…attribution should ONLY come when 1) it is about denying others ideas…and 2) the work attempts to deny what came before…in Irina’s case, if Jim’s link was the genesis, i’ll tell you she has transcended it, by a mile…as i said, at the heart of her work is quotation and ventiloquism….or, as david has written, deals with the idea itself of theft….:)))…i mean, Borges ENTIRE oevre is just that…remember his Quixote? :)))))))))))))))))

    David :)))…indeed, indeed….one of my fave essays here at burn, for sure…and that’s it…for me ventriloquism as plagiarism sounds so ugly ;))))…a good artist steals and speaks anew in their own voice the words that came before ;)))) …maybe putting this dialog under Irina’s picture is a good idea…i don’t mind, and i suspect Irina wouldn’t either…:)))…u have my permission to move it over if you feel fit :))))

    running now, for real :))


  177. Well, I think I did ask the question over there. Over here, I’m coming off as too accusatory and just feel that would be doubly wrong under the main essay.

  178. MW :))…do not do NOT come off as ‘accusatory’…not at all…and listen, who is the overly-sensitive BURN one ;))…so if i don’t think your question sounds/reads accusatory, i don’t think Irina or anyone else will..besides, it is a good discussion and good ideas come forth…and i think the tone here is excellent and should be under Irina’s text…but that’s david/irina’s call…i think it is important and we kept a nice conversation going one that explored (and those who might not agree with what david or i have written would be welcome)….debate/dialog is always important…especially here where your question probes (for me) the ESSENCE of why this work is so powerful…besides it’s genuine joy…so, don’t worry…really, had i had more sleep going into the Daria essay, i don’t think any of the discussion would have gotten off to a bad start, …so, as a well rested person, let me assure you, that your question reads fine… questioning of ‘ethics’ and ‘plagiarism’ is just me, i hate both those words, that’s why i used ‘ventriloquism’…anyway…you are in no way sounding aggressive or accusatory or even ‘satirical’ ;)) (except the bit about Danny, which i got :)))) )….ok….damn, and i thought for sure i would finish the loomings text…BURN is such a distraction ;))))

  179. MW,

    Fair question, but more often than not isn’t it the case that one idea can co-exist without the other ever knowing, in any medium, science, art, or literature? It just seems that the world works like that, and sometimes people just do the work without feeling the need to google who else is maybe doing the same/similar.



  180. mw are you using appropriation in post moderist terms? If so please elaborate. Despite that this idea has been floating around for a long time………… most families used to do a similiar activity when looking at the family photo albums

  181. copied from last essay.

    so heres the thing. I dont like the work!
    Thats not a critique, how can it be? I just do not inhabit a space/time that cares about viewing this kind of work. The fact that most of the planet seems to react positively to it is of no consequence at all.

    The pictures are fine, the technical execution is fine, the concept is good and they are humorous.
    I just do not find in it something I am interested in looking at.
    So, once again, I thought about that.
    The nearest I can get is that:
    They occupy a single dimension…..there is only surface
    They are far less about the pictures than what the pictures say about peoples need for nostalgia.
    They are all also the same picture. ……homogenised.

    and….I just do not have any desire to look at them again.

  182. MW… I fail to see your referencing problem… can’t remember any of the essayists giving any reference, you don’t either under your carnival piece.. why should Irina be the exception?

  183. It’s been a while since I checked into BURN, and what chance to do so where I can witness the development of BURN into something better, again.

    You and your most capable team are doing so much for photography with this project, I hope you some kind of recognition from the community is forthcoming somewhere along the line.

    Keep up the good work, you are inspiring photographers across so many generations.

    Big love.

  184. It’s confession time!
    I didn’t have the guts to say ‘No’ and I tried my very best to appreciate it and only saw the first impression – the wow factor in the essay. I shouldn’t of read the comments before writing, stupid me. In fact I shouldn’t of written anything, kept my trap shut, I always try my very best to ‘get’ essays I struggle with – the onky way to learn. After the suicide essay I was walking on tip toes not wanting to offend. It’s been nagging me since, I thought I was the odd one out, so I just decided to keep my mouth shut. In real life I wouldn’t of kept quiet, but the web is so delicate and words are easily misunderstood. Now this is the third finalist essay I don’t get or like. I hate being negative, but I just don’t enjoy ‘Back to the future.’
    Ole John Gladdy!

  185. MW

    you are not coming off as accusatory at all…the responses from here all say “fair question”…go back and read your original asked us to respond…you asked “what am i not seeing?”…so some of us simply gave what we thought was another way of looking at it…


    “single dimension, one surface”…describes portraiture….isn’t that mostly what you do? hmmmm, sounds to me like the humor part and the nostalgia part of this essay would be enough for you right now..seems to me like you could use a good laugh more than anything…your diatribe on the Goldberg book win, the poem….angry/bitter….worrisome….hope i am wrong….have tried to contact you by skype to no avail….


    no need to tiptoe…for heavens sake, you do not like this essay…does not move you…cool…nobody is going to think the worse of you for simply not liking something and saying so….counterpoints are only counterpoints…..i am sure the jurors are thinking exactly the same things about one essay or another….it is consensus that will choose the recipient in either a juried show or in a readers choice..not everyone ever likes the same things…so next time be the first to post an opinion…your tiptoe, worried about what others would think, connotes someone who is more worried about that than about a straight up call…be first,or just do not read all the other opinions until you have written your own…stand up, straight up


    it has been a long long time since we have read you here…welcome back…stick around if you can or pop in and out as per whatever is happening with your life…cheers


    anything better than the Richmond airport Waffle House? looking forward amigo, looking forward

  186. a civilian-mass audience

    “I’ll try to write a quick response (too tired to write a long comment)”

    this is a quick one…”I LOVE YOU ALL”

    EVA,VIVA…yes,I am out there…9th day…MASS…


  187. a civilian-mass audience

    oups,MR.HARVEY…indirect…cross contamination!:)))

    Goodmorning ,goodafternoon and goodnight MY BURNINAS

  188. David…

    Yes thank you I will make a point of standing up. Personally I’m pretty surprised at myself by the fact there are 3 essays I don’t like. Very rarely do I find photography at this level which doesn’t move me. So I’m wondering…always very suspicious of negativity and closed/stubborn minds, they go no where and no space for growth.

  189. Mind you we used to do similiar before/after stuff for 21st, 30th etc birthdays get photos and imitate etc just for fun. Take photos and send them later(it was the film days)….polaroids were good for imitating as well. Then someone figured it was real art/photography and took the fun out

  190. a civilian-mass audience

    oh…before I go…hmm…blueberry?…BLUEberry?
    hmmm…why?why blueberry…oime

  191. PAUL

    we are working the outer edges for this emerging photographer grant..the outer edges will always hit some as extreme or distasteful or just “what in hell is this?”…you’ve studied art history..isn’t that the drill? safe choices? well, that just isn’t what we want to do here…right , wrong? i do not know..but it is the philosophical course we are taking….

    we pretty much think like that at Magnum too…freaks a lot of folks out….yet, i do hope something will appeal to you…and again, like i tell the extremely detracted, if this restaurant does not serve the kind of food you like, please try another..freedom of choice…that is a bedrock right for us here and for my life philosophy in general..and none of it has to do with friendships etc…at Magnum we will wrangle hard and then go to the pub for a beer arms around each other…all good..

    cheers, david

  192. Sorry, I didn’t mean to suggest that I was unhappy with the tone or content of any of the responses I got. It was me accusing me of coming off accusatory, or worrying about it anyway. Cause at this point, I don’t know if one project was based off the other or if so, which was the original idea. My questions and proto-conclusions are all based on a series of “ifs.”

    Bottom line is that the two projects look the same to me and the young me/now me one seems to be fairly well known in the photo world. And if Irina looked at the one and then did something just like it, then I think the original should be credited, at the very least. That scenario would effectively be the same as a band doing a cover tune. Just cause someone does it better than the original doesn’t mean they own it.

    But if that’s not the case, if the crediting should go in the other direction or if it’s just one of those simultaneously independent ideas, or if many others have done the same thing and no one can really claim it as an original idea, then I’d say all is well. Though not a lot of points for originality, it’s a very well made, enjoyable piece.

    As to Eva’s point, I don’t get it. With the if/thens in mind, what other essayist so clearly sang a cover tune? Speaking for myself, regarding the carvial pics, I can’t imagine who I would credit. I did no research on how others handled carnival pics until I had found my style; then the research was only to confirm that no one else had done it quite that way. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if it turns out I was unaware of similar work, but I certainly didn’t base mine off of it.

    Regarding the other thread about liking/not liking certain works, I just think it’s important to be able to acknowledge that just because we don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s not good. I don’t usually like opera, for example, but there’s overwhelming evidence that it’s a higher art and the problem, if there is one, is me.

  193. “So I’m wondering…always very suspicious of negativity and closed/stubborn minds, they go no where and no space for growth.”

    What I wanted to say while riding on the bus…

    “So I’m wondering why my narrow mindedness? Always suspicious of negativeness even more so when it’s mine and the clogged/obstructed mind has proved always a hindrance in artistic growth.”

    Smiling…if you don’t mind I want to stay round here! I’ve been having the time of my life photography wise since I bumped into RoadTrips, though I was silent, learning and trying to absorb all you fed us. In many respects I’ve learnt more with your wise words on photography and life – yes life, than in all the years I studied photography at college. They never educated us on the value of family images or guided us to listen to one’s voice, whispering at the fringes of our lives.
    So please another round of “dangerous choices”!!
    And Thanks for all your effort and inspiration.

  194. MW…

    I used to have the same problems with opera as you have. That was until I was forced to go to all the opera rehearsals and watch my girlfriend, now wife sing in the choir. As far as I’m concerned an opera must be heard live, I had up until then only listened to CDs and I just didn’t get it. The first opera I saw live was Madame Butterfly and it blew my mind away, if you’ve never been to a concert don’t hesitate I’m sure you’ll find it very rewarding, especially as you live in New York!:)

  195. “I just think it’s important to be able to acknowledge that just because we don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s not good.”

    Good point there MW and I totally agree! But OK let’s complicate things a little shall we :))….
    How do we distinguish what really is bad, if your quote above is absolutely right, we could always say it’s just a problem of taste.
    BTW this question is not referring in anyway to any of the finalists.

  196. My last comment sounds awfully like something out of “Zen and the art of motorcycling maintenance” :))

    “Absence of Quality is the essence of squareness.”

  197. An Objective Criteria For Establishing The Bad In Art.

    A work is objectively really bad if….

    It is good but I didn’t make it.
    It says anything good about Man Utd, Real Madrid, Arsenal, or Chelsea.
    It says anything bad about Liverpool FC.
    It uses gear that I want but do not have.
    It is visual art and you can look at it.
    The artist statement took longer to make than the work itself.
    I wish I’d thought of it first.
    It is so well known as a work that if I stole the idea it would be seen as stealing the idea.
    It deals with a topic that I was planning to deal with.
    It is that time of the month.
    Liverpool FC have lost that week.
    It is raining outside when I wanted sun.
    It is sunny outside when I wanted rain.
    It is shoot on digital and “converted to black and white later”.
    And it has better b&w conversions than my work.
    I’ve run out of coffee and it is morning.
    I still haven’t convinced my partner that he is wrong and I am right. As a universal and necessary fact.
    My iPod has died and I’ve been out all day.
    My washing machine has broke and I want to go out.
    I forgot about the dinner that was cooking and now it is burned.
    The cute guy I gave my number to last week still hasn’t called.
    Typing “This is bad” requires one less keystroke than typing “This is good.”

    I think we can all agree that if any of these factors apply, the work of art being discussed is truly, objectively and irrevocably bad.


  198. How to distinguish what’s really bad? Or good for that matter. There are well-developed tools of criticism for that, which are necessary for impersonalizing it and reaching broad consensus, but there’s no denying the fact that sometimes you just know it when you see it.

  199. a civilian-mass audience

    lunch protesting break…I am getting too young for that…)

    PAUL…your wife is singing? Opera?choir? BRAVO…
    tell her…I am singing too…

    to the singers!!! and to the blueberry pancakes…YES!!!

  200. Sorry, it is a good and interesting question. I’m undermining it, but I’m interested to see it develop.

    CIVI – “I am getting too young for that” – excellent!

    And….Blueberries FTW!!

  201. I have just noticed that my Objective Criteria is most heinously wrong.

    This is good.

    This is bad

    Two keystrokes difference, not one! Gah. I’m an idiot. I ought to have included a full stop at the end of This is bad

    All else is, quite obviously, completely accurate though.

  202. a civilian-mass audience

    that’s my girl…!

    ok,FTW…Fire The World !

    Be back…in a BURN blink:)

  203. MW

    yes, sometimes you just feel it when something is “bad”..and conversely , you just sometimes feel it when something is “good”…i did not analyze Irina’s essay much, i just instinctively felt the vibe…

    like love man , like love

    cheers, david

  204. Thanks for the link Paul, I’d never seen the whole sereis before.

    There was also a series someone did of a dad and his daughter, taken at the beach over many years. The series started with a young muscular man and a little girl, and as the series progresses the man grows old and shrivels, while the girl grows into a woman. It is very powerful.

    “time lapse” series are always fascinating.

  205. MW…

    “the two projects look the same to me”

    If you are serious with that, then I understand why you don’t get my point..

  206. a civilian-mass audience

    from KATIA…she wrote in the FB area…:

    “Katia Roberts
    thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes! here’s what i want for my birthday–for everyone who reads this to extend a kindness to a stranger today. pay for someones coffee or pay someone a compliment. it makes me happy to know that the world will be a little kinder place today. :))”

    OUR BURNIAN LADIES…don’t we all love them…!!!
    KATHARINA needs a kick…

    with a little help…we can do miracles…

  207. When I have my clients in the viewing room to choose their portraits, I often tell them “the best picture is not necessarily the most flattering one, or the one with the biggest smiles, the best picture is the one that speaks to you”

    Getting past academic analysis, pre-conceptions, expectations, biases,..a good picture, for me, is one that speaks to me. Our gut reaction is important. Obviously the same picture can speak to some, and not at all to others. Wether or not a particular picture speaks to us depends as much on what we bring to it as what it brings to us. Sometimes, it’s easy listening, sometimes we need to listen harder.

  208. a civilian-mass audience

    “Confidence, like art, never comes from having all the answers; it comes from being open to all the questions.”

    I am confident…that my gut reaction is not working…I suffer from chronic inbalance:))))


  209. a civilian-mass audience

    I met some greek silent BURNIANS…oime…
    we do really BURN Unviversally…

    ok,nough…back to the streets…night is coming and oh,boy…I do glow …

  210. about reference points. works looks like other works.
    as some of you know, I am working on the essay “nine to five”, which handles short travels in my context of business. now I have heard, that the musician Moby launched together with his music album “Destroyed” a photo album with pictures of his travels. I have not looked at Moby’s pictures yet, but I guess those pictures will have much covering similar subjects that I cover. somehow, I need to deal with that. my decision is so far, I continue with my project and will finish it. after my work is finished, I want to take a look and see, how he photographed it.

  211. Civi…

    and the silent Burniñas and Burniños good luck don’t give up. T
    Things are getting pretty bad here over in Spain…many people are beginning to run out of unemployment benefit…bad very bad news. No bright politician able to burn the gloomy feeling of despair.

  212. Hmmm, that’s interesting. So much failure to communicate comes from people not sharing the same definitions of basic terms. So David, if you have a moment and don’t mind, I’m curious what you mean when you say “photographic terms?”

    I don’t mean to be argumentative, btw. Just intrigued.

  213. Thomas, BURN on! I wouldn’t worry about… think of the sheer number of “road trip” essays/books that have been published. That didn’t stop a bus-load of Magnum photographers from embarking on another one :-) There’s always another angle to be shown…

  214. Mw…

    Now that is a cool blog!
    I clicked on your initials to check out what you’re up to…BANG, WOW, surprise MW is musing and I must check out that Nick Cave stuff and finish reading your posts tomorrow.

  215. Thomas…

    Do you like the Blues? Just remember the very most basic songs are played with a chord progression made up of just three chords…

    I IV I I IV IV I I V IV I V…

    and as far as I can remember that music has filled many a life with hope…

  216. “So much failure to communicate comes from people not sharing the same definitions of basic terms”
    its funny how many times we quote F. Nietzsche over here… or how many times have we ever said something like “whatever does not kill you, only makes you stronger”??? We do love and respect Nietzsche without even being aware …(this is not intended to go to MW, but to ALL of us..)
    just philosophizing, thats all… good light y’all:)

  217. DAVID. You have published three of my portraits. Which of them was one dimensional??

    The poem was Ginsberg…a HOWL of utter beauty and pain.

    The other thing I put my hands up to glady….and would gladly shout it from the rooftops.

    So your concern is noted….and perceptive.

    Angry/bitter? yeah, why not? see also righteous/indignant. see also dazed/confused. see also…well, you get the drift :)
    skype soon amigo.

    PAUL/ALL. Derek bailey….I dare you.
    an utter genius and visionary…but how much can you take…honestly?????

    Oh and in the real world, I laugh a hell of a lot more than I cry.

  218. What I love about Irina’s piece is that she could have gotten the repros close and called it a day, but noooo…. the devil is in the details so to speak. And that’s what makes it so unique and obviously very hard work despite the fun aspect of it.

  219. a civilian-mass audience

    Thanks MK…here we are…MASS

    I am in a Moody’s to sing…

    that’s my message to the Universe…We are simply the BEST

  220. michael. that is a low shot. Did it ALL THE WAY THROUGH. He should have been drowned at birth. Whats your point?? Eurovision wanabee horseshit…..oops! …is that PURE JOY?? Think I will keep hanging with the dreamers at the end of the bar. :)


  221. Brian F/civi/michael. Maybe you miss the point. bailey is NOT a joke. He was OUT THERE. A bone- fide visionary. Not some lame online shit to be laughed at. ….just incredibly difficult to actually ‘get’.
    And he was meant as a ‘fuck you’ kind of riposte. Clearly he proved the point admirably.
    And yes..what the fuck would we ”””’english””””””know about humour.??

    oh wait….. missed the finger

  222. Yea the old I stuffed up……………..oh I was just messing around being sarcastic it was a joke line response

  223. Yikes. OK… I was right. No humor day.

    John. I get that Bailey is/was brilliant. Nobody can do all that without having an amazing sense of the instrument. My Tie a Yellow Ribbon was a total joke for you. The complete opposite of Bailey. Seriously. No… jokingly… in a seriously joking fashion.

    Peace, man.

  224. Gladdy,
    Meh, there was a groove to Bailey, and for once Youtube got it right – missing the timbre on that recording kinda missed a big part of the point. But I listened and liked it. Would like to hear him on a studio recording with better sound than my tinny laptop speakers though. Mind you, I like Beefheart, Moondag, Glass, Eno, and Cage, so…

    Ow. Just ow. I am scared. Or scarred. Or both.

  225. Brian,

    I was gonna say “It sounds like, among other things, his amp keeps cutting out”. Then, I heard the singing come in. Yeah, point taken. Reminds me of the young kids when I was in my final year of school, they were always in the music rooms “practicing Nickelback songs”. I gritted my teeth and accepted that this was “part of the process”. I wouldn’t listen to this, but I’ve heard as bad, and worse.

    Mind you, this just caused my flash player plug-in to die, so maybe… ;-)

  226. Kirhcer,

    My bad, those comments were meant for the link CIVI posted.

    Given I’ve just got in from an evening hanging with Ed Clark and viewing his multimedia piece, combining images from If The Lights Go Out mixed with some of the music used as torture at Gitmo, this tune just makes me think of that.

    And, on the real here, Ed’s multimedia pieces are something special. Check them out when you get a chance (sorry, I don’t think there’s an online link to them, but they are due to tour…). So powerful. And Ed’s work is both really thoughtful and engaging.

  227. Haha, this all makes me sound grumpy. Had a good day as it happens. Checking the scant amount of images I made now. But things are going well – made good contacts for future work, laying the foundations for what’s gonna come. Hard long work, but worth it.

  228. Michael K,
    Ed’s piece is freaking awesome, but in an uncomfortable confronting way. I really do urge all to check it, and he does have plans to tour it, so check his website and stay tuned for that. Best multimedia piece I’ve seen in a long time. Maybe even the best I’ve ever seen.

    I don’t wanna talk too much about it, just in case that hampers his plans any. Can’t see it happening, but you never know how things play out.

  229. Seriously, you’re getting pissy because I posted a response to Civi and Michael’s bad music videos? I didn’t even see Baily’s link above, but even if I did, it’s all subjective, isn’t it? If I think his stuff is laughable, is that really grounds to get ticked?

  230. John:

    i LOVE bailey….u surprised?…i hope not :))…what matters always the most to me in life and in work is when people poor their mad fucking lives out on the floor or in what they too, whether or not others get that shit…aint that what i been writing about here for 3 years…ditto my own work, but that aint important…

    so, this one is for you…he’s one of my american heros….alas…he is gone….

    for u mate…not the title, but because he cursed the world with love richer than anyone i know…for the coward in all of us…

    cheers john

  231. a civilian-mass audience

    no…NO joke from my part…

    my link shows that you can be brave and believe in you
    “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
    Dr. Seuss

    by the way,that’s the way I sing…when you see me,you will know.

    thank you for all your links…amazing,BE BRAVE..”stand straight”,BE YOU!!!

  232. a civilian-mass audience

    and when I listen to myself singing…I do laugh,I laugh hysterically…!!!

    COME ON BURNIANS…share a laugh…we won’t be around forever

    ouzo on me!…run at the end of the bar,I will stay in front…:)))

  233. a civilian-mass audience

    and don’t forget to celebrate…

    World Environment Day celebrates its 11th Anniversary on Sunday 5th of June 2011.

    5th of June…What not to love!!!

  234. John Gladdy…

    Yeah!! Good stuff, not easy, as you said way ahead of most and didn’t seem to give a fuck.

    Now if you ain’t into Hendrix just skip half the song and click on at min 3.00 and listen to this…

    This next one is the same song it’s just my favourite; my grandfather brought me the LP at the age of 8, it blew me away then and still does and I’m sure it changed my way of seeing, listening and feeling from then on…same again, click on at 3:00…

  235. Bob Black…

    Never heard of Vic Chestnut, now that kicks you deep down in the guts…Brilliant.
    Thank you


    skype for sure my friend, but London on my horizon..will come London on my way Paris…train to magnum meet/fete, wanna come? some others here will join..Eva i think too….

    i did not for a nanosecond think your portraits were one your portraits that’s why i ran them…..that is a serious “lost in translation”…YOU said that about Irina in terms of the her pictures were on one plane, one surface as a critique of why you did not like them…..i said wording described portraiture in general (Avedon, Penn, all portraits)…i just did not understand your def of the “one dimension, flat surface”…one physical dimension does not mean one dimensional from an artistic perspective otherwise we would chuck out Mona Lisa and a whole lot of portrait painting and photography…anyway, please go back and read your comment and see if you can see why i may have been confused and dazed…and that is what i do not want you to be….

    yes, i accept that you do not like the Goldberg book…however , consider this…the Deutsche Börse book award is normally only given to a avante garde art photographer…surely one of the most prestigious book awards out there and this is the first time given to a documentary photographer…

    i did not understand honestly the depth of your anger over it…Goldberg has had this same style since his widely revered Raised By Wolves, by any standards a breakthrough work…

    personally i love Goldberg’s conceptual work, but realize also not a taste for all…nor is ANYONE…to be loved by all, or to even seek love by all, is most likely to be mediocre…Goldberg is not mediocre…

    sure John give his work a thumbs down, but just don’t friggin cut your thumbs off!! you are a film shooter and you need at least your right thumb to wind the damned film!!

    abrazos, david

  237. David…

    When is the Paris Magnum Reunion?
    Maybe but only very very perhaps a chance of coming along. If not I may appear in Italy for your gallery show in July :)

  238. DAVID. Paris is when?? will stick it in the diary.Would love to come
    I believe my attack was about the prize and the type of work it usually attracts and not goldbergs work, the earlier of which I love…hard not to.

    What I meant about the flatness of irinas work was that they have but a single reading angle. They are set. [Apart from the fact they they are a fiction about a fiction, which is two layers] The possibility of interpretation of the original is completely overshadowed by its modern twin. and they are homogenised as a set. All the same. No shade anywhere…..Thats kinda what I meant about flat
    ah the interweb and misunderstandings, ‘what not to love’ someone should say.


  239. PAUL..

    june 23-26 is our Paris meeting , with the 23rd being our invitation only party….you are invited of course…i usually take 2-4 Burn readers with me to the Magnum party…mostly they behave….we always start with the party, and then have three days of selecting new members (or not) and general biz..i wish we had the party after all of it…going into a biz meet with a hangover is not so easy…oh yes the Italy show will be terrific also i think…maybe more fun than Paris in a different way…anyway, you are welcomed in either or both…it would be a pleasure to meet you…

    cheers, david

  240. My wife had a good laugh at “Back to the Future”, so she really enjoyed the whole set, she also commented, “Que triste, y que pena que todos nos hacemos mayores,” – “How sad and what a pity we all grow old.”

  241. a civilian-mass audience

    EVA once wrote…”don’t believe everything you read”…
    Yeap…I agree…”to be loved by all, or to even seek love by all, is most likely to be mediocre…Goldberg is not mediocre…”:))))))))

    most likely…yeap,someone is very careful with the use of his words(no fingers here):)

    Well,I will try for LOOK3…HIGH MIND/FREE DRINK
    I will fight my way…for Paris and Italy…yes,I will…

    P.S…oime,our BRITS…can’t live without them?:)))

  242. JOHN GLADDY..

    ahhhh,yes..ok got it…damn, what would be a two minute smiling chat and a puff of smoke in the air and a friendly pat on the back becomes some kind of twisted wordsmithing exchange on the net..we all forget that…at least i do….but as you say, long run, what not to love?

    i mean if we cannot get a reality tv show out of this and make millions with this crowd of commentators then we are missing the boat…i mean really, just look at this outrageous bunch..pretty hilarious , yes?

    well , i knew life was different when i saw two years ago Panos signing autographs for being a commentator on Burn…i am not joking…all of you are known “characters” out there…out where? out THERE…..


    i am actually feeling pretty lucky to have gotten older….for sure the odds were against it…and to have done it loving my craft all along is a blessing…sure some advantages of youth which are obvious, but enjoying fruits of labor is no small thing and might just be the best treasure of all…sure feels like it…i always tell my young students that i would wish for them, as time goes on, to feel as i do about a life in photography….if you think you are lucky, then you are lucky…

    cheers, david

  243. a civilian-mass audience

    My above comment has nothing to do …with MR.GOLDBERG
    it has to do with my personal insecurity…hiii

    just in case…:)…

  244. a civilian-mass audience

    ok,I will be out to sign some autographs…10th day

    i will be back for dinner…

    mediocre and hilarious…hmmm…What not to love!

  245. Paul; “How sad and what a pity we all grow old.”

    In Feb I was asked to help shoot a Camp Quality farm day. Camp Quality is a charity that enables kids suffering from cancer to have a week away on a camp. Each child has a “buddy” to help them when things get a bit tiring.

    That day changed my view on life and aging completely… When you’re asked by the leaders to specifically take as many pics of one young girl (who was only about 8 or 9) because she was in palliative care; well it just sobers you up…

    Another young girl; about the same age as my partner’s granddaughter; with only one leg; but still climbing as high as possible up the sides of the ATV trailer like any other child. Just enjoying herself…

    Now; whenever I find myself turning into the dreaded miserable man, I just remind myself of that day and give myself a stiff uppercut! :-) “How great and what a privilege it is to grow old” :-)

  246. David and Ross…

    My wife was commenting on the images really with a big tender smile and I think she meant it in a motherly way, her two boys are growing up rapidly, although they are only 5 and 7 she complains they just beginning to be a bit big to carry in arms. But she lives her life in a very positive way, without hardly ever complaining and she is a very strong woman. Apart from the fact she shares her life with a guy who is passionate about life and burns the candle at both ends without ever giving up and always with a smile for everybody.
    But like you David, I faced death at at very young age and that does change your perspective forever, in a very good way.

  247. And so here’s the quintessential Burn, par excellence Jack Kerouac quote, because it’s Friday and we are alive, awake and all dying to live…

    “the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes ‘Awww!”

  248. Ross…

    Didn’t you read my comment on the suicide essay on Monday :))!! Sort of explains my view on life!!

  249. JOHN G :))))…yes, it’s a remarkable song…from a remarkable album …made by an extraordinarily remarkable human being….so sad the day he went and gone…..alas…glad u liked it/him :))

    IMANTS: :)))…can u stuff one of those garden invites for me too

    JEFF: well, while david/john/paul/eva/anton/MAGNUM et al. are partying in Paris, i’ll organize something here in july :)))….i’ll have more time….away from all the crowd….and we can finish that conversation from the magnum night…

    running away with marina for a couple of days…

    enjoy all


  250. JOHN G:

    good take on Irina…BUT ;))))..I’d throw one wrench into that interpretation…what i loved about it is the endless dreams and transformation and stories contained in the BACKGROUND of the old image and new image…meaning, not the people, but the environment….the homes, the streets, the kitchen…for those images that give us a real environment…it’s like a maze of thoughts and changes…what happened to that street, and the small changes…anyway, i hear what u are saying…

    now go get the Harvey spinal tap in Paris :)))

  251. imants :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    PERFECT! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))….

    talk soon, running out the door :))))


  252. i am actually feeling pretty lucky to have gotten older…

    Yea, I share that sentiment, and not just for all the close brushes with the only realistic alternative, but also because of all the satisfaction I would have missed from so many of the new insights and experiences a new year can bring. And some ages, it’s just best to get through. My son, for example, is just now entering puberty and it’s a little tough watching him go from being happy and outgoing all the time to becoming somewhat withdrawn an morose and less than comfortable in his own skin, at least some of the time. I very much enjoy reading about how much David B and Charles enjoy their time of life with young children. Those were great years for me and I’m happy for others who are lucky and/or insightful enough to understand. But barring sickness or other tragedies, all of these changes can and should be good.

    Regarding the Irina thing, a fairly convincing argument has been made in the other thread that the idea has been done enough that it’s effectively in the public domain. That, and that her skills are very impressive.

    And hey, apropos of nothing, whatever happened to the idea of having separate topic rooms?

  253. MW…

    you mean the forum concept? with different conversations going on in different places? well most rejected that idea frankly when we discussed it here..we can set up a “forum” easy enough but most polled here seem to like it the way we have it…a mad scramble to be sure, but at least we are all HERE…you know with Road Trips i had four different blogs (how did i do that?) all with different kinds of topics…when/if we get a new website design (sorry expensive) we will have two new things going…a real display of our outrageously deep archive (after just two years) do not see it now, so it seem somehow “gone”….this will make Burn look very very rich indeed..and the other will be various places to go like tech rooms etc..sorta like a forum but a bit more sophisticated…anyway, i am up for all of it…the minute we improve of course we will lament the “good old days” but moving forward is what all of us DO…now we do have two places to chat..under the essay and here on Dialogue….let’s have a meeting at the loft in new york with those that we can assemble and see who wants what and how we can do it..make sense? that’s how we started and it seems ripe to do it again…plus just great great fun …..

  254. BOB..JOHN…MW

    for me it is really really hard to over analyze Irina….i mean she just made me smile from the first second, tugged at my heartstrings two seconds later, and made me laugh out loud for the next ten minutes….of course i noticed brilliant and i mean brilliant execution which immediately elevated it from anything even close to it…..but mostly it made me forget about PHOTOGRAPHY per se and just enjoy the ride for the sake of the ride……isn’t that sometimes enough? i must say i am weary of always needing to be “informed” about something…how about just being enlightened/entertained and seeing a new perspective on an old tradition, the family snapshot..

    i have never met Irina and had never even heard of Irina before i saw this series…after looking at her website i think these waters run deep…surely if she keeps going we will see more of her…but sometimes i think this and it never happens, but i will bet…..i know there are other ideas like this out there, but that could be said about just about everything we see …when something is done with a special touch it becomes its own thing in my head…i see originality here…Jeff said after time the “novelty” wore off for him…sure, that can happen….let’s see…in the meantime , i am still smiling…perhaps a bit naive , but i like being naive…


    hmmm, Mike Brown wants the EPF money to go back to Libya….Mike Brown is an old/young friend, who lives in my building, and just downstairs from where Tim Hetherington lived…Mike has, i believe, been a finalist for every single EPF …well the boy can produce on demand and is now in demand to do just that for many magazines…i see him as a feature photographer, specializing in China for example, and now he wants to go back to Libya…i can understand that he might want to get behind the war lines and do something more in depth…i only fear the adrenalin rush produced by war might have gotten to him..i saw a text message he sent when he was in the middle of combat, and hours before Tim and Chris were killed….he was ecstatic…..buzzed….ramped up…that is one of the things war does…nobody ever wants to talk about it, but combat does make one feel more alive that at any other time…Leonard Freed told me once than when he was in combat in the Sinai and men were dying all around him all he could feel at the moment was that HE was ALIVE…no sympathy at that moment…only very very ALIVE….only later did he suffer psychological problems for years….i just hope Mike makes wise decisions…i am sure he will

    cheers, david

  255. Thanks. I didn’t mean to complain, much less to make any kind of demand, or even request. Just popped up on the top of my head at the end of that post. Wishful thinking. Often, these essays bring up interesting big picture photography, art, or journalism questions that I’d like to pursue, but don’t feel quite right tying them to an individual whose work is on display. And of course with all the internet and computer technology these days, all someone has to do is snap their fingers and major web site changes take place. Just like magic, right? Well, maybe if you are a large corporation with a department full of programmers. Well, actually, it’s not easy even then. So no worries. Thanks.

  256. DAVID :))…

    couldn’t agree more…and it was a major find for me too (knew her work, but not this series)…pure joy, as i said….what really pays off too for me is that it does have second/look character (the deeper qualities)…but joy and a smile are always enough, especially as i get older :)))

    running for real toward water and quiet :))))

  257. VALERY

    oh no, so sorry…i am usually pretty good about at least emailing pictures…of course i still have it…BUT the set of hard drives with that picture is not right in front of me, otherwise i would jump right now and do it..can you remind me again please about mid month? this was your proud moment and what i have of you is only a snapshot but i will get it to you soonest…again, apologies

    cheers, david

  258. DAH
    War is a very dangerous thing. The bombs and bullets only ever one part of that danger.

    Whatever Michael decides to do, I wish him well. I trust that he’ll make the decision that he needs to make for himself. But sometimes it is only after walking through a door that you realise you can’t walk back out again so easily. And there is a difference between choosing to walk through those doors and being pushed through them.

  259. “let’s have a meeting at the loft in new york with those that we can assemble and see who wants what and how we can do it..make sense? that’s how we started and it seems ripe to do it again…plus just great great fun …..”

    yes please :)

  260. harvey

    re- your fears with michael..

    would an EPF award enable his possibly self-destructive crusade for personal development?

    yes – perhaps.. and why not?

    jukka has just as much ‘richness’ in terms of entertainment..

    my editors ‘knew’ me.. and they still commissioned..
    we’ve all got it in relative degrees..
    dying to see extremes.
    all that.

    michael being up for epf needs to be no greater a weight for you than i’m sure an editor from any print mag would bear on commissioning him..
    while i’m glad it’s not my load to bear, i think michael is on a curve – a great curve regardless of subject matter – which will in one form or another satisfy himself.. not the news.. not ending wars.. yet a convincing and authentic achievement for himself..

    EPF or no EPF – he seems the kind of person who will devour his lifes happenings and need more..
    EPF may help lighten his load in one form.. and enable his inevitable journey in another.

    it’s maybe gonna perhaps probably happen anyway – helping with his bags is okay..
    much better in fact than standing on the sideline, mindful of
    “at least i did not enable him”..
    much better to guide him..

    whomever his inspiration or whatever his perception, i don’t read him doing it to “win” in the photo industry.. the win being much more exploratory for him personally..

    thus far, i hope he wins.. and avoids a third physical wounding.

    i’d have hated an editor to express concern over my commissioning due to any recklessness or ill conceived notion of personal entertainment.. which limits i was testing..

    none of us turn out that bad in the end, and so as to not seem flippant – i’ve many friends long since dead due to life choices and ambition..


  261. ahhh..
    i just tucked in my sleeping son..
    rare moments of slumber pride as he smiled,
    and thoughts drifting into mind of times when such luxuries were mine..

  262. DAVID B

    Are you still here? If so, I sure wish you’d been in Detroit last weekend. One of these years we’ve got to get you here to the Techno Mecca for the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (now called Movement)! Maybe seeing the photos in my ongoing project, “Their Music, Their World”, will tempt you enough to start saving up for 2012. Check it out on my website:

    Grandma Techno

  263. hi patricia..
    yesyes – babysitting after a tiring day.
    it’s years since i intended to attend.. would be a lot of fun to meet you and have a little fun.

    red wine and a toast to you
    and mumble mumble mumble.

  264. Paul, You’ve stopped taking pictures and taken up drinking. I’ve stopped drinking and am taking more pictures.

    Nice stuff on your link. Maybe stepping back for a while will bring you new energy or a change of focus.


  265. Why not drink while taking pictures. Practice manual focusing while holding a bottle of your favorite ale. Happiness all around from there on out.

  266. Ha, I’ve never quit anything in my life. Not successfully anyway…

    Merle, of course, says it better…

    Reasons to quit
    there ain’t no rhyme or reason when your high
    And the reasons for quitin’
    don’t outnumber all the reasons why

    So we keep smokin and we keep drinkin
    Havin fun and never thinkin’
    Laughin’ at the price tags the we pay
    And we keep roarin down the fast lane
    Like two young men feelin no pain
    And the reasons for quitin’ are gettin bigger each day

  267. @ DAH and Parisian burnians:

    Where can I fill the application form to be at the Magnum meeting in Paris? I can bring some wine, cheese, a project in panoramic format and above all the will to listen and to learn from masters. :-) Would love to participate…

    Thanks, Patricio
    PS: @ PANOS: Barcelona!!! 3 – 1. I’m totally agree than Manchester has a great music level, but from now on you can support Many City…

  268. on a slighter sad mode, the doggie was doin some weird tricks (sliding on the floor etc) and i asked for some help by a pro!..has anyone heard of “puppy trails” before???/

  269. And for those of you who have nothing better to do with your time, there’s this: outtakes from my vacation, wherein I pulled several muscles in my legs and in my groin [OUCH, DAMMIT!!!], injured my knees and feet, and was almost run over by a BMW in Greenwich Village. I suppose i should put some sound to it, but at the moment I’m wondering why the janitor left the lights on in this dump. Life presents yet another Rosicrucian mystery.

  270. Akaky…

    I thoroughly enjoyed your stroll through the Village! Wish I was there.. actually will be passing by early tomorrow on the way to the NY mtns! Anyway…

    Back to the pics… I was hoping to see what may have caused the groin pull. Didn’t see it… unless that’s actually you flipping over the four girls? ;^}

  271. Looks like a fun vacation, Akaky. Sure want to go there myself – but not in summer.

    About a month ago, there were a few stories posted that my only comment on was that I could not comment intelligently because I was in the field, the screen on my laptop had gone pyschedelic and I forgot my sunglasses and was on the edge snowblindness. Under those conditions, I could not keep my regular blog posts going, either.

    Now I am trying to catch up with that missed time on the blog, so if anyone is curious to see what was making me snowblind, here is one part of a series I hope to complete within a week:

    This will be the link to the full series as it grows, including past fragments:

  272. Akaky… some nice stuff, thanks.. so completely different from my own backyard.. Michael, it must have been the fifth girl causing thr OUCH thing ;)

  273. Brian “Why not drink while taking pictures. Practice manual focusing while holding a bottle of your favorite ale. Happiness all around from there on out.”

    Hey, I’ve taken a lot of pictures with a glass of wine in one hand and a camera in the other. Thank goodness for auto-focus

  274. a civilian-mass audience

    BURNIANS…tick-talk…I want you all here…
    for the party…limited connections

    BUT,BUT…I will come back to check you out:) …
    11th day on the streets…
    hmmm…I lost 2 chickens…can’t do it all…
    i wasn’t there for them…negligence? overconfidence?
    i will try harder
    hope you are all good…keep the spirits up…

  275. John Gladdy…

    I’ve been sitting, looking at your images most of the morning, much to the annoyance of my wife – not that she doesn’t like them, she just wants some help at home. I’ve been inadequately trying to write something to express my awe at the depth and honesty you manage to pull out of your subjects. Apart from the fact I wanted to write something which would inspire you to pick up your cameras… So OK I’ll try my best but I’m better talking than writing – perhaps someday we could Skype and have a laugh, it sounds like you need a big smile…

    You seem to be one of those beings who operates at a higher sensitivity. Everyone has one portrait that is profound maybe decisive in their legacy but you deliver again and again. And now you tell us you’re hanging up your cameras, that’s not fair…
    You see, you’ve found your voice even though you may doubt it, that’s very rare and I’m sure it’s been a lot of hard work, so don’t screw it up, or cut your thumbs off as DAH said.
    Just keep on, life is a long distance race not a sprint…
    We need the bad moments so we can really appreciate the good and the excellent.
    OK that is the best I can deliver under pressure :)


    i must have missed something..John hanging up his cameras? crazy..makes no sense..John i had half a skype chat with you , then you disappeared….left a couple of graphs and i have no idea if you read them or not….anyway, all three of us are going to hang in Paris i think…should be great fun…and there is no way anybody in this tent is going to be hanging up any cameras…actually that mood often precedes a brilliant body of work..have seen that happen several times..Alex Majoli being one of them..he even sold his cameras right before being nominated into Magnum…i know how to build a fire…see you soonest Paris…

    cheers, david

  277. John Gladdy –

    I fear I am incapable of keeping up with all the details of the ongoing conversation the way many do, so it scared the hell out of me just now when I read this by Paul, “And now you tell us you’re hanging up your cameras…”

    That really jarred me. I am in awe of your work. Yours is a magnificent and senstive talent… the thought of you hanging up your cameras…

    Well, I just scrolled backwards and found the words “for now” – so I see that is not quite as bad as all that. Hopefully, “for now” will prove to be short.

    I congratulate you on giving up smoking. I hope that becomes permanent, but don’t anybody link the fact that you seem to have hung up your camera and given up cigarettes at the same time to think that in your case the first is dependent on the second.

    It ain’t!

    Do not worry. I am just doing some adjustment. Life has not managed to checkmate me yet. It kicks, I kick right back…sorry if anyone gets in the way of that. Truly. Need to put the cameras down until I have a need to pick them up again. Simple as that. Will happen for sure. Its all good and I am sorry for being crochety lately.

    PAUL/BIll I read your blogs often. They have a humanness to them that soothes. Never forget that people are in awe of you also.
    We must dance the dances we know.


  279. whenever i’ve ‘had it’ with photography, it’s always been because of hardship.. or, in other words, the failures of the publishing industry.. which led me to quit the publishing industry for a while.. to keep enjoying my photography in fact.

    john – i just read you’d mothballed the darkroom, no?
    in any case – hope to see you this summer.. london perhaps..

    Revelation for today – tor capa likes rare-groove and soul..

    hardly challanging listening – even so.. his bobbing heads a joy..

  280. “crochety” is such a brilliant word..

    you probably need to visit the sun-bathed fjords john.. cheezy as fuck for photographs, although there is this cool little flat with a spare bed..

  281. From everything I understand about photography, one does it because one has no choice. Maybe the difference between, to use a consecrated if uncorrect expression, the boys and the men (girls and women don’t sound the same!). But John wrote he’s dropped it for now. Roughly it translates as dropping to take pictures for now, rather than photography, a personal daemon which can feed itself without having to take pictures for quite a long time.

    Someone better take pictures of the MAGNUM ball, with videos of David’s latest shake moves on the dance floor, or I will recycle the old ones. You don’t want that, do you? :-)

  282. DAH – Thank you and be assured that I have not been worrying about it at all. There is no hurry and I know that you are a man who, when he says will do something for someone, does it. I don’t know how you do it, but you do.

    John – thank you for that.

  283. missed u!

    No, you did not, Mr Panos “if you don’t see a post from me at least every 6 hours on Facebook, call the police, please!” Skoulidas

    PS: yes, I meant “check with the police, please!”…. :-)))

  284. a civilian-mass audience

    HERVE…yeah,we were calling you…missed u as PANOS said!
    AKAKY…Double checked:)

    I am still missing…KATIEEEEEE,LASSAL,REIMAR,AMELIE…I need updates from JEFF,SAMMY,KATIA,ANNA,

    FROSTFROG…I am so proud of you and your everyday battle up there…in the forgotten land!

    JOHNYG…your greek house is open,no key needed,take your familia and come over…
    feel free to interact with my chickens…
    and who knows,when you meet me…you might feel an urge…

    EVA,VIVA…Thank you,thank you for the offer…BUT cross your toes,I think JG will help me out:)))

    Spread the news…MR.HARVEY’S birthday is tomorrow…
    BURNIANS…Birthday party …oime…
    oups,I do talk much…BUT ,hey…I am excited


  285. John…

    Thanks it’s very kind of you, it’s truly very nice to hear you visit my blog.

    It must be about seven years or so I gave up seriously playing and practising the guitar; photography finally one over. What’s quite amusing is that since I’ve given up I’ve seemed to have sort of developed a very personal way of playing and that is only because I don’t give a damn if I’m technically up to spec or what people think of my playing. So funnily enough it’s very liberating when I do manage to play a little though not always because I do sometimes feel the same bad feeling within, which finally burnt me out. So you’re definitely right when you mention we must dance the dance we know…so often we dance someone else’s beat.
    A bit like that zen quote…

    “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.”

  286. CIVI, Audrey is ill but her cat is on a diet. I’m not sure how those facts are connected but that’s what she told me in FB.

  287. Frosty, I liked the pix of the whale hunt. You don’t see many blowholes in this neck of the wood unless it’s an election year.

  288. MichaelK, No, that is not me doing the somersault; my somersaulting days came to an end back in the late 60’s. As for the lack of pictures of the groin pull, at the time it did not seem like a good idea; photographing oneself leaping out of the way of a idiot in a black German sedan is one of those things that tends to occupy most of the working space in one’s brain as you are doing it. I do, however, wish to apologize to this idiot’s mother. What I said about her was extremely unkind and the events that led to the groin pull were in no way her responsibility, although I do not retract what I said about her progeny. I realize that a mother will always defend her offspring come what may, but if you are reading this, ma’am, your son is still dumber than a box of rocks and that his driving would improve incredibly if only he would pull his head out of his ass and watch the road every now and again for pedestrians WHO HAVE THE LIGHT, DAMMIT! And so it goes, as a great man once said.

  289. Akaky “You don’t see many blowholes in this neck of the wood unless it’s an election year”

    Loved that one! It’s election year here and the bullshit has already started flowing…. :-)

  290. You don’t see many blowholes in this neck of the wood unless it’s an election year

    Well, here in the states you can always see them on Fox News, 24 hours a day, and most of the time on CNN and MSNBC and ABC and CBS and Blah Blah Blah.

    It’s always and election year. Always. The campaign never ends. Never.

  291. MW, if you turn off the tv you don’t have to listen to them. And if you get the Music Choice channels, so much the better. On those channels Vivaldi, Selena, and the Ronettes are never interrupted by a campaign ad. I love those channels and no, Music Choice is not paying me for this unsolicited testimonial, although they ought to.

  292. CIVI:

    Update from Kentucky: it is hot, humid, and sunny. Spent the last 6 and 1/2 hours cleaning up my old Volvo to sell. I can give you a really good Burnian discount on it, but I think shipping will be cost-prohibitive :-)


    Any PJ’s out there attending the Mountain Workshops in Kentucky this October? This year’s workshops are being held in my hometown:

  293. Don’t worry Akaky, I turned off the real-time tv a long time ago. Still read about it too much, true, but for the most part it’s NetFlix these days. I’ve little doubt you all have seen this already, but just in case, while pursuing other interests I came across this PBS special that included a long segment on Sally Mann. If you haven’t seen it…

    Actually I spend a lot more time on other tangents. For some reason last night I started looking at my old black and white photography. I thought that was kind of rich, as much as I babble on about color shit. And I come across a folder buried deep in other folders that was named 2009BW. Don’t know why, but I find it fascinating. The BW is precursor stuff to the Coney Island Beach project and there’s a few color photos in there that are eerily similar to what I’m doing these days. Hard to remember what I was thinking back then. Probably best to stop looking backwards. The new stuff requires more attention than I’m giving it.

  294. John Gladdy – I got your off-forum message and am searching for words and so far can’t yet find them, except to say that I am overwhelmed and when such an unbelievable encouragement to dance comes to me from you, then I think I must take that dance in New York City. I will try to come up with better words and send them to you off forum.

  295. Akaky – stay tuned as this unfolds. You will see some blowholes up close and personal. I don’t think I will get back to it before Monday.

  296. a civilian-mass audience

    AKAKY,JUSTIN,ROSSY…thanks for reporting

    thank you all for keep BURNING…you are ALL amazing…

  297. a civilian-mass audience


    I prepared a long letter,one month project:)…BUT I fell into a blowhole and pouf…it’s gone
    therefore for your birthday….I have this to say:


    ok,let me get to the point…WE LOVE YOU!!!
    Thanks DAH…

  298. Yup.. It’s all Netflix these days.. I can’t can’t cant believe that folks still pay for cable when they have Internet and Netflix ..
    Btw, Netflix stock sales for almost $250 per share.. The fasted growing, new company/phenomenon in the west side of this blue sphere…;)

  299. john g – gatwick to bergen with norwegien – they have cheap offers.. as little as 100 return..
    then fly bergen to florø with DAT.. little twin prop fear-machine of a plane in high winds.
    or get the ferry, which is a great trip around the coastal inlets (80 quid return)
    or we could drive down to bergen and pick you up if we can get hold of a car.

    this is how NRK tv introduced our island town to the rest of norway for MGP

    snow is gone
    rich warm sunshine now.. long evenings.

    today – we bar bq

  300. When I started to read Civi’s comment above I thought: HA! s/he got it wrong.. but then got to the end of the comment.. and nothing wrong there :)

    Buon compleanno, David.. gemini.. that’s explains a lot ;)

  301. marcin luczkowski


    Happy Birthday my friend!:))))
    Don’t worry, be happy, and live almost forever!

  302. a civilian-mass audience

    FROSTY…damn you:)))

    EVA…always on the point!

    PANOS…is PANOS:)…HERVE is back:)


    MARCIN is back!

    I will be out…12th day…Big day…this is a BIG DAY…!!!

    please,please…can u keep a piece of the Birthday cake …cause I will be back later

  303. DAVID,

    happy birthday! I hope you can spend the day with the people you love the most,
    I wish you all the best, health, a long and prosper life and enjoy it to the max!

  304. Roberta Tavares

    David, your birthday gift from Rio de Janeiro. Open it!!!!


    Birthday is a successful number in calendar known by raising some dramas.
    Particularly, the most intriguing one keep being the choice of the special gift to a special someone
    It confronts financial, creativity, timing, efforts, intimacy, opportunism criterions as a wrestle focused on who and who for. In the end, managing to be close of one convergent, it’s automatic to get into a representation wrapped down into the right thing to say ,to do, and eventually, to give. Insecurities apart, that will turn out in pure exposition of meaningfulness. A mirror from the both sides

    -What would be a good gift for David ?…..

    That’s how everything began:

    Dear Marcela, Kamila, Alejandra, Vivi, Rita, Patrícia :

    Like you predictably know, saving me of either further explanations or persuasive speech: All of you mean a lot to David. Personally, the consideration and opening he extended for you.Professionally, cause we had, each one of us, in a specific way, some intervention in a body of work that certainly can be his most expressive one: Rio.
    David ‘s birthday – June 05 th.
    Renata and I thought about a special shooting composed with the women who had some influence , participation, some inspiration in his work here. Considering that the female presence is so expressive and notable in his work and personal life, the love he carries for the genre,that sounded a promising birthday project mission . We’ll try to celebrate David and David’s major characteristics:, the love for honest simple moments leading to a specific way to judge composition . An improvised essay for what I imagined as one birthday party from us to him from beginning to end.
    We’d like you all making part . Well cross the fingers cause it’s that important the presence of all of you

    Promptly. Unanimous. No hesitation. Yes, yes, yes. One Broken leg, 2 hours in a bus, sneaking in the middle a film production, responsibilities hunting one Wednesday afternoon. “ -It’s all worthy for David “. Done.

    Patricia, Atelie da Imagem director and the most encouraging woman on Rio’s photographic scenario, was sending the days and availability of studio in her most hectic career week. Done

    The photographer Giordano Bruno who would know David, as style and personality and didn’t fear the challenge .”You don’t need to explain Roberta, if it`s for David, it’s a honor and I’m in” .Done

    Simon and his considerate help with the photos’ edition. Done

    I had everything : subject, contents, context .Slideshow and the bound. Done

    It’s exactly that…wrapped on improvised show , crazy, exposed, bold and proud even of imperfections cause that’s what makes it real, organic, burning

    David, today we’ll all together delivering this gift , a collective gift, representing many other who would like and deserved to be here. Barriers apart, we all meet in this space today, satisfied and happy cause that speaks loud the reflections of the June 05 th and the effects of David Alan Harvey on mirror moving days, hearts and minds



    well, damn…you made me cry on my birthday..nice tears…what can i say…well, i can’t say anything..that was the most amazing birthday card i have ever received…..a treasure…you are all beautiful women in every respect and in the deepest sensibility…all i can think of right now to say is that i hope that you will be honored by our collaboration…all of you are such a large part of this work..YOU ARE THE WORK….feeling it….loving it…and thank you is not enough, but it’s all i got right now…and yes yes yes i will be back soonest to RIO…nobody could not return after that!! still tears..i am going for a walk…smiling

    big hugs, kisses, love always, david


  306. John Vink, liver ok? lungs ok? ok? couple books he left behind? Voyager with his photos still looking for aliens to exhibit in different planets?
    HE (maestro) is going for centuries!

  307. “Teeth OK? Hair OK? Heart OK? Knees OK? Eyes OK?”

    Okay….I guess I should just skip getting a new car and just get myself a new coffin instead.

  308. Hello Roberta and Friends, that video sure worked! And the image of David crying ‘nice’ tears is also pretty good too…David, Happy Birthday and thank you for being, well, yourself…Doug

  309. Feliz aniversario, meu amigo! Tudo de bom para você, e um mundo cheio de magia para o seu futuro.

    Guess I totally expect you to understand Portuguese by now … :)
    All the best for you, DAH, keep burning that fire!!!

  310. Wow, what a great birthday present from Rio! Personally, I’m happy to join in and wish you a happy one. Statistics, you know, suggest that birthdays are one of the healthiest activities in which one can partake. It’s a scientific fact that those who have the most live the longest.

  311. DAH – Happy birthday. Wish many more to come!

    PANOS – I had pegged Netflix as a stock to buy when it was around $12. Had no money to put towards it. Damn.

  312. a civilian-mass audience

    oups…sorry,I opened the birthday gift …

    ROBERTA and the RIO BURNING CREW…can I have the same gift for my birthday too?
    I want to have nice tears like OUR BIRTHDAY BOY…!!!

    MR.VINK…what hair?:))))))))))

    ok…keep sending good energy…I will be back for the cake…
    ouzo on me…lot’s of ouzo (shhh…greek goverment might hear this):)


  313. Brian.. I hear you! Who would think?
    Anyway stay tuned coz the “iCloud” coming soon, as soon as Steve Jobs comes out of his latest health let’s see what the “new deal”, Steve made with record/movie industry this time?

  314. DAVID :))))))))))))



    WITH MUCH LOVE FROM ME, MARINA AND DIMA! :))))))))))))))))))))))

  315. ps. WHAT ROBERTA SAID…AND WHAT BOBBY D SANG….:)))))))))))))…..

    AND amigo, who’d want a better birthday gift then 5, 6 beauties serenading y?……

    lucky young man! :))))))))

  316. DAH

    happy birthday…

    Happy happy oh my friend
    Blow out candles once again
    Leave the presents all inside
    Take my hand and let’s take a ride

    Backwards down the number line
    You were eight and I was nine
    Do you know what happened then
    Do you know why we’re still friends

    Laughing all these many years
    We’ve pushed through hardships tasted tears
    We made a promise one to keep
    I can still recite it in my sleep

    Every time a birthday comes
    Call your friend and sing a song
    Or whisper it in to his ears
    Or write it down just don’t miss a year

    You decide what it contains
    How long it goes
    But this remains
    The only rule is it begins
    Happy happy oh my friend

    You decide what it contains
    How long it goes
    But this remains
    The only rule is it begins

    And all my friends come
    Backwards down the number line

    All my friends come
    Backwards down the number line

    All my friends come
    Backwards down the number line

    All my friends

    You decide what it contains
    How long it goes
    But this remains
    The only rule is it begins
    Happy happy oh my friend

    You decide what it contains
    How long it goes
    But this remains
    The only rule is it begins

    And all my friends come
    Backwards down the number line

  317. DAH, Mr. Inspirator,
    Un très joyeux anniversaire!! (from another gemini -mine is in 7 days)
    I’ll also be 25… Ha!

  318. Bob Black – David is 35?!? No way!!!

    I don’t believe you. Not at all, amigo.

    I swear, I always thought he was 23. The bartender’s been asking him for his ID all night…

  319. Nothing like June the 5th to confirm that…. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, The rest will follow. Once again, Happy Birthday, David!

  320. ALL

    i was a little overwhelmed by all the Birthday wishes…and honestly a bit shocked that another whole year had gone by..damn the accelerator on this life bus is stuck to the floor!! runaway, runaway…Sandra Bullock where are you?

    many thanks and big hugs to this outrageous, eclectic, warm, thoughtful, and wholly energizing crowd of commentators here on our little blog…there must be other examples out there like this on internet land, but we must honestly have something going here that is unique…family here, and family if we meet in person…

    for all of our ups and downs and slips and slides every one of us knows that you can go get a cup of coffee and come back to our living room here and be welcomed by friends….there have been so many acts of real friendship here to spin out of Burn that would indeed warm even a cold heart…if this community is responsible for even one act of genuine kindness, then all of this is a success

    ok, i am going to make more coffee before i get sentimental and silly….


    p.s. Marc Davidson..Backwards Down the Number Line… know i was a Phishhead?

  321. a civilian-mass audience


    and where is the cake?…I came back for the cake…
    Did u eat the whole thing…and you left nothing for poor civi?

    I am in “protest” mode…watch out…I want my cake
    I will be back

  322. a civilian-mass audience

    BUT before I go…yes,yes,I have to admit…


    BURNIANS…keep protesting,keep BURNING…

    where is my cake…ANTON,did YAKUZA eat my cake?:)

  323. a civilian-mass audience

    Where?…Who2…? What?…I love the cake…BUT I love your portofolio more…

    Thank you MTOMALTY…I can go now…no worries,I will be ok

  324. DAH’s reflection of another year gone by made me want to revisit some of the early essays from Burn. Interesting images found that I had not remembered, and some interesting conversations I do.

  325. I celebrated Saint DAH’s Day by burning a roll of Fuji Neopan in the back yard. Isn’t the burning of film the traditional way to celebrate birthdays? ;-P

  326. Brian…

    I frequently revisit early Burn essays. Archives are full of gold nuggets waiting to rediscovered, in fact I even found an early essay approved by no other than Jim Powers!

  327. “I even found an early essay approved by no other than Jim Powers!”

    Wow. I didn’t realize Burn had an archive dating back to 1952

  328. FRAMERS

    yup, that’s what i’ve always done


    me neither…


    if we can ever ever afford a hot new website, then the first thing that will be noticed by all will be the Burn archive…it will jump into you have to search…but if we do what i think we can do, then we will have just as many folks skimming the archive as there are looking at the latest story…we are also working on some live broadcast techniques that could be truly interesting on certain occasions…


    you retain your crown of honor of having the most humorous lines on Burn…

    cheers, david

  329. Burn Magazine is on this list….’s 2011 Photo Blog Awards – Photo Gallery – LIFE
    Today, when seemingly everyone carries a digital camera or smart phone, and the 24/7 news cycle’s appetite for pictures from around the globe grows by the hour, professional photography has never been more relevant or more important. With that in mind, is proud to honor — in our first annu

  330. i did not even realize we were up for this award, nor did i with the Lucie either…so nobody got paid off and i have no clue who the jury was…but whomever you are..thanks…chances are i did buy the judges a drink at some point…i got myself pretty well covered on that front…in all seriousness, this award is of course totally shared by all of you…they called us “rambunctious and utterly rigorous…”..i think that pretty much describes thee and me pretty well…

    by the way, how did i find out? on Twitter of course

    Burn Magazine is on this list….’s 2011 Photo Blog Awards – Photo Gallery – LIFE
    Today, when seemingly everyone carries a digital camera or smart phone, and the 24/7 news cycle’s appetite for pictures from around the globe grows by the hour, professional photography has never been more relevant or more important. With that in mind,

    abrazos, david

  331. PANOS…

    we are A winner, not the only one….there are 19 others equally selected…however, we can back pat just a wee bit without breaking our hubris rule, and that is that we are in really good company…playing with the big boys..funny..and just think of all the big boys NOT on the list…ok, back the to was just a moment …sorry , it has passed….


    CONGRATULATIONS ON THE AWARD! :))))))))))))))))))))))…..


    and congrats too to all the other blogs/magazines….read many of them as well, and they are great….y’all are in great company….or should i give into hubris and say they are in great company! :)))))))

    ok, corks popped, glasses gulped, so:

    NOW: GO BACK TO WORK! :))))))))))

    big hugs all around
    Rambunctious (rigorous?) Robert! ;)))))

  333. Hubris? Is that like some kind of mixer for Patroni tequila? I like my tequila raw, but I’m not complaining, bring on the hubris, I say! (Just make sure tequila is involved…)

    Celebrate the award – all awards should be celebrated, and hubris need not be called upon for that. A moment of Dionysian celebrations before the cold head of Apollo takes over the next day and all move on to building the next photographic monument. ;-P

    Or, celebrate intensely and briefly, as suitable counterpoint to the long hours of working towards that achievement. Aint nothing shameful about that. Savour the moment fully, and then move on.

  334. a civilian-mass audience

    to the people…THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU!!!
    “… the largest, most amazing collection of professional photography on the Web.”

    from BURNLAND…we are sending you LOVE and RESPECT!

  335. a civilian-mass audience

    “rambunctious and utterly rigorous…”…???
    these words sound greek to me…hmmm

    now,I have to google …ESL translation…BOBBY,BOBBY are we good?
    BUT,BUT I trust you BOBBY…yes,yes


  336. a civilian-mass audience


    it’s the ouzo…let’s celebrate…!!!

    cause when we Party here in BURN…we Do BURN the roof down:)

    I am so proud…I wanna hug you ALLLLL…and I will

    TIME and TIMING…the Universe is working.Together WE CAN DO Miracles!

  337. a civilian-mass audience


    DoAsHarvey…Dare to BE YOU/Ambitious for life/back to Humble

    What not to LOVE…

    P.S…I am waiting for reports from wanted BURNIANS

  338. a civilian-mass audience

    PANOS…oime…are you in trouble…
    what have you done again,my greek boy…geez:)))))))

  339. I totally misread that as…


    Still works, though. ;-)

    CIVI – *bows humbly* I try. Or, rather, I don’t. I just live. Or try to. Yeah, that. ;-P

    How is Greece holding up, my noble warrior? If I could be there, I would, not that my humble pictures would mean much. Stay strong and break every plate in the country…

  340. a civilian-mass audience

    I am on the streets protesting…with my fellow civilians…we are not doing good
    BUT,BUT…we will not give up…cause we have a VISION…

    and when there is a Vision…there is a BURNING mission…

    all my love to YOU…you are not sleeping MY BURNIAN LADY?…hmmm

    ok,I will be back…

    Humbly yours

  341. a civilian-mass audience

    oh…and I am missing many,many BURNIANS…

    please report ASAP…I am MASS…and I will LOOK3 for YOU…all of YOU
    you have been warned

    now…I am going BUT I will be back

  342. I’m going to sleep shortly, I promise you. Just catching up on a few things. Trying to organise a few things. But my bed does beckon…

    Glad you’re safe, wish I could do something to help.

    Night, hon.

  343. Just like any of you, I accept again the award, this year from LIFE. This also was totally unexpected, so early in my career, with a CV that does not even go the length of one line. Thank you LIFE, and thank you to all the other burnians with whom I share it.

    With a word for Bob Black, who could not be a recipient, having either ran, or burnt out and resigned too many times these past 12 months, just like an old rock’n’roll bard going on yet another farewell tour Bob, Bob! Without you, well, yes we are still something, but none of this could ever be possible.

    Que d’ émotions, que d’ émotions…..


  344. civi

    I watched Pano’s link about the Greek debt crisis and thought of you. I can only hope that all the greedy thieves who are responsible for this global mess are eventually held to account, and that some sanity will return to the world.

    Here in western Canada, we are largely insulated from the worst of the world’s economic woes. After watching the film, my own economic worries are petty.

    Making music and dancing. Went to a wonderful concert last Saturday featuring Scottish fiddler Alastair Frazer with Natalie Haas, a brilliant young folk cellist. Then got to play tunes with Natalie and a bunch of folks at the after party. Still loving my life civi.

  345. Excellent move David,Waiting for the Burn Camera Bag & tabloid.
    Just one thing, The postage charge for the Indian collectors are too high and though I like to collect Burn in Print I cannot collect it for high postage value.
    Can you please think for any Indian edition or some postage relaxation for the Indian collectors so that we can get the wonderful copy in next times……..


  346. “Describing itself as “an evolving journal for emerging photographers,” burn manages the neat (and rare) trick of feeling at once rambunctious and utterly rigorous. Curated by noted Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey, burn publishes amazingly diverse essays — street kids in Odessa, Ukraine; Morocco’s vanishing Jews; portraits by William Eckersley and Alexander Shields shot along US 80, America’s first coast-to-coast highway — in a vivid big-slideshow format. The community that has evolved around the blog, meanwhile, is both loyal and vocal; it’s not uncommon for posts to generate hundreds of comments. While burn’s focus rests with the photographs — those seeking nothing but a satisfying visual experience won’t be disappointed — the insights that Harvey and the contributors provide about the various photo stories reward those looking for a glimpse behind the camera of an up-and-comer.”

    Just for the record, that’s the whole text on my excuse for pointing this out is right up there.. vocal.. that’s what I am.. we are :)

  347. David…

    I sent you a skype message yesterday. Thought I’d warn you, just in case you’re still struggling with the new Skype :).

  348. Herve; now that was funny! Congratulations on your award – and to receive it on David’s birthday! Nice present from Life, David.

  349. HERVE! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    by the way, i’m following in Steven Tyler’s footsteps ;))))))))))))))…’cause fortunately, i don’t have pete townsend’s belly :)))))))

    big congrats ami! :)))))))

  350. Eva: Thanks for pasting the comments. They were well written, although I would add that life around here is like the photographer’s equivalent of attending a Star Trek Convention, with us all getting our geek on! (And our “Greek”, too, with Civilian at the helm!)

    Bob: I hope your weekend tryst with Marina was fun. I look forward to getting together in July – Marc, as well? I’m not sure if your plan is to meet the day of the Magnum Invitational, but if so, how about getting Paul to strap on a web cam, backpack a laptop, and Skyping with us? We could do a Joan-Rivers-at-the-Oscar-red-carpet dis and dish!

    David: Happy Birthday, and congratulations on the Life Award. The way you have captained and navigated BURN has done much to make me reconsider my assumptions and generalizations on photography. Anyone who so consistently causes me so much whiplash deserves to have his life celebrated. Hubris – CHECK!

  351. How To Choose the IMF’s Next Leader!!!???

    Sooner than expected, the International Monetary Fund will have a new managing director. For more than a decade, I have criticized the fund’s governance, symbolized by the way its leader is chosen. By gentlemen’s agreement among the majority shareholders—the G-8—the managing director is to be a European, with Americans in the No. 2 post and at the head of the World Bank.

    The Europeans typically picked their nominee behind the scenes, as did the Americans, after only cursory consultation with developing countries. The outcome, however, was often not good for the IMF, the World Bank, or the world.

    Most notorious was the appointment of Paul Wolfowitz, one of the main architects of the Iraq War, to lead the World Bank. His judgments there were no better than those that got the United States involved in that disastrous adventure. Having placed fighting corruption at the top of the Bank’s agenda, he left in the middle of his term, accused of favoritism.

    Finally, as a new order seemed to emerge in the aftermath of the U.S.-made Great Recession, the G-20 agreed (or so it was thought) that the next IMF head would be chosen in an open and transparent manner. The presumption was that the outcome of such a process almost surely would be a managing director from an emerging-market country. After all, the IMF’s main responsibility is to fight crises, most of which have been in developing countries—more than 100 since the disastrous policies of financial deregulation and liberalization began some 30 years ago. There were many heroes of these battles in the emerging markets.

    Crises need to be carefully managed. In 1997, the mismanagement of the East Asia crisis by the IMF and the U.S. Treasury transformed downturns into recessions, and recessions into depressions. The world cannot afford to repeat that performance.

    Today, the imminent crisis is in Europe, where the European Central Bank seems to be putting its own balance sheet and those of European banks—loaded with debt from Ireland, Greece, and Portugal—above the well-being of these countries’ citizens. This debt almost surely needs to be restructured, but, having allowed the banks to leverage themselves beyond any level of prudence and load up on toxic derivatives, the ECB is now warning against any sort of restructuring or write-down.

    But it is a bit late for the ECB to describe debt restructuring as “unthinkable.” The ECB should have done some thinking before it let this state of affairs arise. Indeed, more than thinking, it should have done some regulating to prevent Europe’s banks from becoming so vulnerable.

    Now the ECB needs to think about how to help everyone, not just the bankers who bought the bonds. The new thinking should put people first, and banks’ shareholders and bondholders second. Even if the shareholders and bondholders lose everything, with the right restructuring, we can still save the banks and protect taxpayers and workers.

    Where the IMF’s next managing director will come down on this issue—and on whether fiscal salvation is to be achieved through austerity, with costs borne by ordinary citizens, even as bankers get only a mild slap on the wrist—is critically important, but hard to predict. Despite the failure of the IMF’s strategy in East Asia, Latin America, and elsewhere, it still has adherents, even within the emerging markets.

    The leadership contest has turned out differently from what many had expected. Some of the most qualified candidates (in both developed and developing countries) have not received the support of their own governments that the political process seems to require. Other qualified people from emerging markets have been reluctant to put their hats into the ring. IMF managing director is a brutal job, with a travel schedule that requires physical stamina to match wisdom and experience.

    Much as I would like to see someone from the emerging markets and the developing world head the IMF, the first priority is to choose a leader with the requisite skills, commitments, and understandings in an open and transparent process, someone who will continue along the reform path on which the fund has embarked.

    Realpolitik might mean that there will be senior people from both China and the U.S. in the top management team, but the presumption that the No. 2 position should be filled by an American also has to go.

    Whatever the outcome, the IMF, the World Bank, and the international community need to reaffirm their commitment to an open and transparent process—and ask how that process can be improved. For example, rather than nominations from governments, which often are reluctant to support excellent candidates from opposition parties, an international nominating committee could put forward names. Similarly, changes in voting procedures (public voting by countries, rather than through constituencies, or a requirement that candidates win the support of a majority of developing and emerging countries) could persuade more emerging-market officials to put their names forward.

    What we are seeing now—open campaigning, as opposed to selection behind closed doors—seems to be a move in the right direction. But one hopes that campaign promises won’t tie the new leader’s hands, as so often happens in electoral politics. Simplistic ideologies got the world into the mess in which it now finds itself, and simplistic prescriptions (even of the “tough-love austerity” form) will only compound the problems.

    One of the leading candidates to be the IMF’s next managing director has turned out to be a Frenchwoman, Christine Lagarde, who, as France’s finance minister, helped lead her country through the Great Recession. She has been an outspoken advocate of financial-sector reforms, and has won the respect of all of those with whom she has worked.

    Politics is not always kind to good candidates. The world should be thankful that there is at least one. Where she was born should not be an impediment to her prospects.

  352. Most notorious was the appointment of Paul Wolfowitz, one of the main architects of the Iraq War, to lead the World Bank. His judgments there were no better than those that got the United States involved in that disastrous adventure. Having placed fighting corruption at the top of the Bank’s agenda, he left in the middle of his term, accused of favoritism.

  353. Panos… I am wondering since the arrest of Strauss Kahn, why he was arested in NYC and why the day before meeting with Angela Maerkel.. things always happen with a reason, but I think the game at play is a huge one, too big that I can understand.. but I’m not so naive either to believe it happened by pure chance..

  354. I hear from family in France that not a single person there believes that the Strauss Kahn thing was not some kind of set up and I would never discount the possibility that U.S. intelligence would try to take down a prominent, very powerful Socialist, but I’m still guessing the simplest explanation will prove to be the correct one — that the dude’s a rapist. Big powerful guy like that probably didn’t even consider that some lowly American hotel worker qualified as a human being with any kind of civil rights. Cause if there’s one thing you can safely be more cynical about than possible U.S. intelligence operations, it’s powerful guys claiming they didn’t do whatever sex thing it is that they did.

  355. MW, EVA,

    This whole Strauss Kahn French conspiracy theory makes me wonder what the fuck is going on in France regarding women and race. Eva, I know you just posted an article about women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, but you might want to take a look in your own backyard. I find it a bit shocking that you then give credence to the conspiracy theory right after, asking why the arrest before the Merkel meeting vs why the need for this man to feel the need to rape a maid before the Merkel meeting?. I have a feeling that he got arrested in NY because the victim felt empowered enough to go to the police and have something done about it, which may not be the case in France, where an African widowed maid may not be taken as seriously as a white powerful man (even one with as sleazy a reputation as him – “oh it’s just sex, ha ha ha…”. He got caught at a “game” he’d been playing a long time. I think it’s as simple as that. Very sad – for the victim esp but also for him and France.

  356. Charles…

    Considered that my backyard is composed of Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain (Italy being one of the ‘I’ of the PIIGS), I do watch very very closely what happens.. and that is why I say that the timing of the arrest feels very very odd.

    This is regardless of the fact that Strauss Kahn is guilty or not.. that is not up to me to judge, and that was not my point.

    I’m all for equal rights, equal regardless of skincolour, gender, belief or sexual orientation, or whatever else makes us individuals.

  357. Maybe American Intelligence knew of his ugly habits from previous doings…
    Maybe they decided not to turn a blind eye this time…
    There are other women who have now come out into the light accusing him of the same crimes…
    Maybe it was at a very convenient political moment…
    NOT all powerful guys are rapists…
    In Europe believe it not there is such a thing as democracy especially in France and England…

  358. Hi EVA,

    I guess that we seem to have multiple sexual scandals going on at once here so the timing thing doesn’t really strike me as odd – when/if somebody indulges in this behavior they are often caught at the least inopportune moment – as if there might truly be an opportune moment in the life of somebody such as Kahn.

    What I find amazing is that men like Kahn (and now Weiner – who alas is one of the “good guys”) will throw away everything for a bit of sexual power. Jeez, go wank off to some porn like all the other proles why not? Or limit yourself to high price, very discreet prostitutes (with your own $ of course).

    Anyway, you are right he is innocent until proven guilty. Will be an interesting case to follow, esp as the alleged victim will be taking the witness stand. Sorry, I just don’t understand where this conspiracy is coming from – I guess maybe I should….



  359. I feel very sorry for the victim apart from all the abuse she’s gone through with this brute, now she is going to go through hell in court with Kahn’s lawyers…

  360. Just moved my mom across the North American continent. Family china and silver passed down thru the generations was not the first priority, family photo albums were the first priority with digital backups made before leaving Virginia for the west coast (she insisted). Wish I could be at LOOK but I’m unpacking personal history, it’s okay, some things more important. Best to everybody …

  361. “Or limit yourself to high price, very discreet prostitutes (with your own $ of course)”

    Client #9 has already tried this approach, Charles, which is why he isn’t the Governor of New York anymore.

  362. As for conspiracies, this is the United States of America, boys and girls; we’re not bright enough to do a really good conspiracy. To the rest of the world the CIA is an all purpose villain, a monster of American imperialism, the bogeyman behind everything that goes wrong in the world. In the US, the CIA are a bunch of CYA bureaucrats who’ve missed damn every important development everywhere in the world for the past 50 years. I suppose how you view these guys depends on where you are.

  363. Akaky’s got a point. Those clowns are always torturing and murdering the wrong people, training the wrong secret police and overthrowing the wrong governments. Just a bunch of lovable dumbfucks, never mind all those horrible crimes against humanity.

  364. All those arms sales to poor nations and favorable oil, natural resources and strategic minerals contracts happen despite the laughable failures of the CIA. It’s not the brute force. We’re just so gosh darn lovable, that’s what it is.

  365. The dictatorship in Greece , the occupation of Cyprus and the rest of those painful details was ordered by Henry Kissinger and his CIA buddies..
    Akaky I’ll disagree ! CIA deserves more “credit” than we usually give them..same with Mossad inmho , oh russian mafia too;)

  366. Totally off topic…. But just a note to all those heading off to (or are already at) LOOK3; I hope you all have a safe trip there and back, and enjoy the hell out of yourselves! :-)

  367. ROSS…

    too bad you are exactly on the other side of the world from us…you would be most welcomed to join us amigo…

    we are going to start our first live video broadcast here on Burn from the Look3 fest..we will TRY to show the 10 minute powerful EPF slide show which Anton has produced , which leads up to the announcing of the winner being presented in the Paramount Theater this saturday morning..Burn leads off the day at Look with our award presentation…so you can be with us!

    we are looking seriously into more live broadcasts in general but we want to make sure that if folks tune in for say a 10 minute live broadcast , we will have something very interesting for them to view…

    cheers, david

  368. YOUNG TOM..

    yes helping your mother is the first priority..Look3 can wait…i kept thinking you were going to show up by surprise at my place as you did last year, but alas no Young Tom…we will miss you indeed and i am sure you well know you are a welcome guest in my home anytime….

    abrazos, david

  369. PANOS…

    don’t even get me started on Paul Wolfowitz and company…if you want to see me at Look, then i have to start driving and writing about him, CIA manipulations etc, will cause me to be late for a pleasant event and get me all upset about international intrigue…you , MW, Akaky and others seem to have a good handle on it…even if one is not even close to being a “conspiracy theorist” in general, it would be pretty naive to not notice some fairly obvious governmental “moves” that always have and always will favor an establishment class…ok, what do i know? nada .. i am not up on all the details of the Kahn case…what i have read makes various aspects of this case sound rather improbable in several directions…i need to do some homework…in the meantime, looking for some socks

    see you soonest…

    cheers, david

  370. David…

    Sent you a skype message the other day, now I’ve changed username, something screwed up on Skype.

  371. PAUL

    yes, i did see that you will be joining us in Paris…i hope that i will be joining us in ticket, no hotel….classic dah..last minute vision of the freight train coming…

  372. For some strange reason most of Paris hotels are all booked. I’ve been told it isn’t normal!! Laughing!!

  373. Wait a minute??


    Ok.. got Saturday, 11th down.. now, which time, which channel?

    Somebody please post dummy proof instructions.. and if I get a speedticket flying down on the highway from the other side of the Alps and Apennines I’ll send it to the BURN addy!

  374. I hear from family in France that not a single person there believes that the Strauss Kahn thing was not some kind of set up and I would never discount the possibility that U.S. intelligence would try to take down a prominent, very powerful Socialist,
    MW, true.. Very true… and not only France but everywhere in Europe..and they do love and respect women.. But they also heard about Mata Hari , or the story of Alamo.. and/or the role of women in history of “intelligence” gathering (I call it Snitching)..
    Not to protect a possible rapist , but food for thought..
    Was Bill Clinton “almost” a rapist,??
    Anyone remember Kobe Bryant( best basket ball player of ALL TIMES).. RAPE STORY?
    remember? Started as a RAPE, then it was under her consent.. Then blah blah..all bullshit .. Another opportunist cheer leader tried to make some quick $$$.
    Bottom-line KOBE lost the one and most important thing in our HYPOCRITICAL Sociery: HIS REPUTATION!!!!!
    Conspiracy theory??? Nahhhh
    CIA the armpit (evangelical Christians included) , the hemmoroid of American government ..:(((
    Smells too bad to stand still…

  375. Panos, check out any article on the Agency by Reuel Marc Gerecht, or John Diamond’s The CIA and culture of failure, Tim Weiner’s Legacy of Ashes, or Robert Jervis’ Why Intelligence Fails. The problem with the CIA from its inception was that the covert action guys wanted to go blow stuff up and overthrow governments and be Jason Bourne and James Bond [has anyone except me noticed that those two supersecret agents share the same initials?], as opposed to just sitting down and trying to run agents and figuring out what is really going on in the world. Actual espionage is quiet and time-consuming, which doesn’t help the Agency at budget time, when they’ve got to convince the powers that be to expand next year’s intel budget. And then there’s the political pressure from the White House; does the CIA tell the politicians what’s really happening or do they tell the politicians what they want to hear, bearing in mind that politicians don’t, as a rule, like hearing news that doesn’t fit in with their current preconceptions or helps them get re-elected and generally have no moral qualms whatsoever about taking their anger at bad news out on the messenger? As for Mossad, I strongly suspect that those guys are good because they don’t have any choice; Israel works on the assumption that if Israel loses a war, Israeli history is over. An existential threat, to paraphrase Samuel Johnson, concentrates the mind wonderfully.

  376. Patricia
    Thanks for the peek at Look3. I hope you can continue to give us updates. I so wanted to be there this year, but was not able to swing it. I am determined to go next year and will plan early. Burn on.

  377. a civilian-mass audience

    Love you ALLL…I am ok…

    safe travels…LOOK3…I will be watching you…

    I am on a mission …got to stay strong…I need your good energy

    I will be back…

  378. David…

    Thanks.. I did say dummy proof, right? 11 am est.. someone can confirm that’s 5 pm normal.. errr… Rome time?? ;)) That’d be good, should make it home by then, just gotta get up early..


    Wanted to post a link to a song I was listening to the last two days while printing, by Noa, ‘Beautiful That Way’, made me think of you, but can’t find a youtube thing that works, so here you get the lyrics:

    Music: Nicola Piovani
    Lyrics: Noa + Gil Dor

    Smile, without a reason why
    Love, as if you were a child
    Smile, no matter what they tell you
    Don?t listen to a word they say
    ‘Cause life is beautiful that way

    Tears, a tidal-wave of tears
    Light that slowly disappears
    Wait, before you close the curtain
    There’s still another game to play
    And life is beautiful that way

    Here, in his eyes forever more
    I will always be as close as you remember from before.

    Now, that you’re out there on your own
    Remember, what is real and what we dream is love alone.

    Keep the laughter in your eyes
    Soon, your long awaited prize
    Well forget about our sorrow
    And think about a brighter day
    ‘Cause life is beautiful that way

  379. As for Mossad, I strongly suspect that those guys are good because they don’t have any choice; Israel works on the assumption that if Israel loses a war, Israeli history is over
    very true, very true!