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I always tell my workshop students on the first day that my one week workshops actually  go on forever…That is, if a student stays in touch with me and continues to produce compelling work , I do stay on as a lifetime mentor…The picture above is proof…Chris Bickford (left) with Burn readers Roberta Tavares and her twin sister neurologist Dr. Renata Tavares (background) in Lapa area of Rio de Janeiro with Lance Rosenfield (right) …Chris and Lance have both survived my New York loft class several years ago and remain close friends…Chris’ essay on New Orleans Mardi Gras will show up here on Burn on Monday. Lance, on Burn with Thirst for Grit,  has just formed a photographers coop PRIME and several photographers in his coop have been published here  like Charlie Mahoney with his essay Troubled Paradise. So my alums  are rockin.

I am trying to set a good example for them as well. This week I am in Rio shooting on my own, and will pick up with my NatGeo assignment next week after Carnaval. After all I did DO in a big way  Carnaval last year for NatGeo Magazine and for NG television. Thank you NatGeo. So now I am here just taking pictures for myself and possible book/iPad book and hanging with my buddies/students/friends….Hey, the ultimate spring break!! Normally it would not work to have other photographers around while I am doing my thing , but in this case it just flat out rocks..We are laughing ,talking pictures, and shooting like hell as you might well imagine. The competitive spirit works in this case because there is plenty of material to go around. Well, after all, it is a party for heavens sake with the whole world invited…

And of course the obvious. Anyone who really knows me personally will know some of  MY best work will come from this week…No doubt about it. I thrive having family and friends around. Always have.

In the Mississippi  Blues workshop class I am doing upcoming in April, I will be out shooting with my students as well…i also do this in Oaxaca, Mexico class…Always fun and on subjects where everyone is spread out and not tripping over each other.

Well you may imagine I have way better pics than the one above. Just used this to make a point. Saving the hot sexy totally  outrageous ones for later. Make sense? Stay tuned.


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  • well, god-damned Harvey, are you sure this isn’t from the set of the Green Lantern????…since Bickford looks a bit like Ryan Reynolds ;)))…at least here…minus the 6-pack… (of abs that is, not the beer)…and Lancer is so clearly the side kick “take a load of lancer…”…;)))

    lance, aren’t you supposed to be in China? ;))))))))))))))))

    i guess, we’ll have to wait for the reunion in carolina this summer….


    (lance, you sure you want harvey to shoot you with a ball mask :))))))))))

  • Well, I thought I was done with my popcorn already… I better make some more…

    (civi, psssttt…. this is better than american idol)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    GRACIE…where are you…missing nightshift time…

    Well,I don’t usually walk in these aisles BUT I see YOU and BOBBY…and ROBERTA and RENATA…and LANCE and
    CHRIS…and the lighting…and the composition(as you say)
    oime…why…why…I didn’t apply for the position…why…:)))))))))))))
    back to my aisle…

  • aah… bickford was such a treat to meet last summer, harvey..
    please give him a kick from me..

  • Jeez, rub it in why not (Rio, Carneval, good friends, shooting, etc, etc)! :) :) Sounds like a blast!

    Off to Hawaii (big island) on the 13th with M and Felix so I guess I really got nothing to complain about…:) But still….:)


  • I can attest… this is true. DAH has been about as generous and thoughtful and kick-me-in-the-ass helpful as one could ask since I first met him 5 years ago.

    Thanks amigo!


  • azul…..
    love the leg….

  • The best teachers never ”leave”. :)

  • David,
    speaking about your workshops . . .
    I’m / was interested in the workshop in Clarksdale in April.
    Sent 2 EM inquiries to your contact person Michelle but received no answer;
    a third one I sent to you directly, but I’m aware how busy you are.
    No doubt applications to your workshops far outnumber the available places,
    but to be ignored is a no-no in my book of doing business.
    An automated reply, „sorry the workshop is full“ hardly requires more than 3 mouse clicks nowadays.-

    All the Best in Rio.

  • Hey David

    I’am in Lisboa and it’s carnaval too over here! Thanks for sharing your pics! I might submit a shot if it’s worth it!
    All the best

  • GG

    hey Gerhard, so sorry….not sure how Michelle missed you..she was without the net for awhile in Bali , and i think that accounts for it…trying to reach me by email just does not work and i say so regularly on Burn ect., particularly when i am shooting..i receive far too many emails for that to be a practical way to reach me….

    however, for sure neither Michelle nor i would “ignore” you …ignoring you would be not responding to your message here having read it…but yes yes my friend no response is of course a “no no” in anybody’s business….query or otherwise….however, I hope surely you can see a relatively small unintentional slip through the cracks …..i did just search and see an email from you on Feb 9 to my account and i totally missed it……we are not a big workshop industry with dozens of people sitting at desks waiting for phone calls and emails as are some and i personally am guilty as charged for missing about 85% of the emails that come to me…..

    however, we do take very good care of our students when and if they are accepted for the class and if the Mississippi class is not full (there might be a space i am not sure myself), then of course you would be considered…as i am sure you know, my whole approach is to totally personalize the experience…

    in any case, our sincere apologies Gerhard for this error in missing your query emails…

    cheers, david

  • David,

    This looks like a blast! The very best to you as you begin your work in Brazil. Looking forward to seeing a few more of those images here on Burn.

    Looking forward to catching up in Colorado again this spring!

    Best -Jeremy

  • Talking about Lance..:

    You all over there enjoy the time, real meeting with real friends is the best thing ever :)

  • I went to see the brazilian restaurant here in town (Pattaya, Thailand), as they advertised a great celebration for Carnival Day, the 9th, and they told me that indeed they celebrated with…. Special meals thru-out the day, at twice the usual price! :-((((

  • Herve…dont!
    they will double charge you for a poor Labrador…or a chihuahua or something :(

  • Can’t even afford their normal meals. Quite expensive, it’s called ZICO’s.

  • ZICO…ha ha..the famous soccer player…geez…whatever happened to PELE?

  • I look forward to the day (well, week, actually) when I can study under DAH in a workshop. Looks like hella fun. :-)

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