The paraguayans

8×10 moonlight photograph by Alejandro Chaskielburg, 2009 EPF recipient, from his essay The High Tide

DEADLINE EXTENDED to May 1st, 2010

We now announce on Burn our third annual Emerging Photographer Fund grant …for 2010 we are offering a $15,000. stipend for an emerging photographer to finish an ongoing personal project…the deadline for entries will be April 15, 2010….funding for the EPF comes from generous anonymous donations from our audience here on Burn to the non-profit  Magnum Cultural Foundation…these are very specific donations to the MCF and are apart from the general subscriptions and donations to Burn….

this year we must set up things a bit different from the last two years…we have no choice but to have a $25. entry fee per submission….last year almost killed Anton Kusters and yours truly with the almost 1200 submissions….we cannot do that again…this year the $25. will be well spent…we will be using a program called Slideroom to facilitate you entering and us having the grant juried in a first class manner…..with Slideroom you open a free account and you will literally have a “room” where you can work on your edit for the next two months…i.e. put in one picture today, four next week, change your edit, play with the pictures, do whatever you want, then hit the  submit button on or before deadline..if you decide not to enter after all the editing etc., then simply do not hit submit and you are not charged…the system is way easier to use for all  than anything before and makes it possible for us to have a wide prestigious jury (to be named soon) who can view your work at their leisure online and yet be communicating with each other all along…

so the financial breakdown is:  $8. will go for this  Slideroom program which is of great benefit to all of us (this is their fee to us per entrant)…$5. will go to a Haitian relief agency…and $12. will go to cover our admin costs for the EPF at Burn,and the costs associated with creating a sophisticated slide show and presentation of finalists and winner at this  summer’s one time special Burn/Look3 event for emerging photographers in June…we realize this fee may keep some from entering….we considered this and came up with the lowest price we possibly could and still be able to continue this grant program at all …we do not feel this fee will discourage any serious entrants…

all details for the correct entering of project essay submissions will be seen under EPF 2010 in the right hand column of Burn…

i look forward to seeing all the new work….

-david alan harvey

The EPF grant 2010 submission link:

Deadline for submission: May 1st, 2010

The winner will be announced in June, 2010

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  1. Probably worth putting in a submission just for the edit purpose, that one step removed from self……… get your idea and post 5 images, try to post a image a day, removing images as needed.

  2. i dont see eligibility requirements for the work submitted. am i missing them somewhere? i just see “ongoing personal project” and deadline of april 15, 2010. is that it? how far can the work go back, etc…?

    thanks so much!


  3. 1200 entries! I’ll bet that would double this year without the entry fee. That kind of narrows it down to entrants who truly have confidence in their work. I look forward to seeing the emergent photographer who you choose. Seeing as how I have so many decades behind me, I will watch from the sidelines. It will be fun – better than the Super Bowl.

  4. I look forward to submitting, and wish everyone best of luck. Classy move by Burn to put $5 of the entry fee towards Haiti. Did we ever get an update from Alejandro about how he’s pursued his project after winning?

  5. BRIAN…

    i have been tracking Alejandro whose exhibition schedule is impressive, but i will try to do an interview with him soonest so he tell all of us exactly what he has been doing…


    yes, the entries would double without the entry fee since we went up 5k from last year…which is exactly why we had to have an entry fee….we are not measuring the success of the EPF by the number of entries….we have raised $15,000. to give to a worthy photographer and i am sure we will find one….


    i have always kept the eligibility requirements pretty loose….it is more likely that someone doing a contemporary project would win out over a photographer with a 20 year old set of pictures who has not managed to finish….but, most eligibility requirements are set up to match the net gains for a periodical or some other agenda……i do not care….in addition the EPF stipend is for either documentary OR conceptual photographers who will benefit from funding(see the two previous of each)….let your imagination go wild…

  7. a civilian-mass audience

    Can I submit too???
    …my love ???
    mass X 25 = 1,000.0000.000……:)))

    (to be perceived as a joke )

    P.S ” let your imagination go wild ”
    Do As Harvey

  8. I still can’t believe that this grant became a reality. So awesome. Looking forward to entering …

    So which agency for Haiti relief gets the $$ ?

  9. @David

    Yeah I did a print sale on my site and was going to send all the proceeds to Yele Haiti (Wyclef’s NGO), which seemed to be the most on-point place around … but then there was some high-profile criticism about them – which I don’t believe – but just to be safe I switched to Doctors Without Borders … I think they are a great choice …

  10. Thank you, David, for the personal note. In this case, I did not expect that.

    Plus, I have changed my mind. If I can find the time, I will create an excuse as to why a professional photographer for more than three decades can qualify as “emerging” and then I will enter. I will expect my rationale to be rejected right away, but it will be a good exercise and I will have contributed an additional $25 to your cause, including Haitian relief. That will be a good thing.

    …if I can find the time. In the northern sky, the sun climbs higher every day now and lingers longer, and my plate, if not my wallet, is full.

  11. GREAT idea….both the slideshow and MORE IMPORTANTLY:

    the haiti fund….that’s the part that makes me the happiest :)))))….

    and it’s about time that burn Admin gets some really deserved funding from all of us :))))….(you’ll also get a private donation from me to Burn after March tax deadline, as i just couldnt last year)….

    i vote MSF (doctors without borders) and Red Cross, Intl (i donated to both of this after the quake)….but whatever ngo you choose, they’ll a winner….

    both are great outfits and need our support….

    congrats David and Anton…

    and good luck to all:



  12. Bob – You are absolutely right. I think when I submit my essay, surely to be disqualified, I will send at least double the entrance fee. In my opinion, Burn is the best thing to happen in the world of Photojournalism (plus the indefinable Imants, of course) and if I am going to enjoy it, I need to support it.

    I just renewed my subscription to Aperture today and, as much as I love that magazine, I get even more out of Burn, which sends me no subscription notices, so it is not right to just go along for the ride.

  13. The disaster of the week always has a certain appeal, it seems. Easier for folks to get excited about than intransigent problems in the world. It would be amusing if it weren’t so serious.

  14. i think that Jim’s opposition to haiti is just for the sake of opposition! what is the point in bringing up arguments like that – will there be any end to such arguments if everybody here starts saying “why not …, don’t they need to eat”, why not …. don’t they deserve a place to live”, why not …, don’t they need clothes to wear?” and so on and so on – and in this meaningless argument, the very essence of this relief will be lost – there are thousands of causes in our world which are as just causes as is haiti – so our concern should be that it is given for a just cause – and i think nobody can deny that haiti is a quite just cause – if it is spent for haiti then, what is the problem? let it be the “disaster of the week” as you so mockingly point out! and honestly, if you were so worried about the aids orphans in Africa, why didn’t you suggest a relief fund for them from burn before DAH made this post?

    well, just my thought…

  15. I agree with Jim here. Haiti’s awash in donations. You can’t send a text to help Aids orphans or any other of the innumerable humanitarian disasters that keep on keeping on.

    But I confess, I haven’t read all the entries in this thread. Wouldn’t a donation to MSF go to their general fund? That would certainly be a worthy use of cash.

  16. Jim,
    you are thoroughly confusing, which leads me to the conclusion that you often post for effect and to create reaction.

    If I remember rightly you sounded the same argument in the AIDS Orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa essay here on Burn. Have you had a change of heart in that you now think it is a worthy cause or is it you just like to throw in curve balls to be the centre of attention?

    Your perpetual argument seems to be why jump on this new band wagon? The answer is simple, there are still and will be more Aids orphans in Africa, they still need aid. Haiti is a new disaster that needs aid and will need aid for a longtime. What is wrong with trying to help many disaster situations?

    You seem to only want to highlight the plight of people within the US.



  17. Jim:

    while on the surface your criticism looks reasoned, it is infact both hypocritical and cynical:

    to begin with, I am certain that as long as the EPF exists via Burn, David will make sure part of the cost to administer the application will go to a non-profit, humanitarian fund. Haiti is not the ‘diaster-of-the-moment.’ for example, if the funds are donated to MÉDECINS SANS FRONTIÈRES (doctors without borders), the funding will be used over the course of it’s existence for all the work that MSF does for disaster and humanitarian relief through out the world. Secondly, your criticism of Burn’s attempts to foster aid toward Haiti is not only cynical but contradictory. To begin with, whenever any person donates time/money/resources to a specific cause it is easy to criticize: why that cause not the other. When Katrina victims needed help, or Rwanda victims or Iraq civilians (do you know the site dedicated to the 100,000 Iraqi civilians who have been killed since 2003?) or the children dying of malnutrition in Africa or India or S.E Asia, or the children trafficed in e.europe and cambodia and romania or the death squads in c.america or the impoverishment throughout the world: it does not end. However, each person, each attempt at compassion and love, each effort to aid another human being should be supported and buttressed because given the limited vision and limited capacity for human attention toward other’s suffering, we must continue to encourage help, in whichever way that help manifests itself.

    I assume that you have also donated to Burn (correct me if i am wrong). One could use the same logic and argument that you have made and say to you: Jim, shame on you. How could you donate to an online photography magazine when there is so many more important organizations and enterprise that need our financial support, including groups and people and individuals that most likely need your support, financial, temporal, spiritual, in your small town. and yet, you have chosen to support David and his magazine for reasons that seem reasonable to you: to help promote david’s efforts to give back to a younger generation, his efforts to encourage and support and educate, his efforts to showcase work from around the world that tells stories. We live, for sure, in a hopelessly myopic and selfish world and yet EACH OF US continues, most of the time, to fail to have over the course of our life real compassion and real love and real brotherhood for others and yet, for good or ill, at times of crisis, it can errupt into an effort of generosity and faith and commitment to those who have suffered.

    Will haiti be washed from our collective consciences: sadly, most likely. have the aids orphas fallen away from our national awareness (yes). Have we as a world trumped ourselves up over the silliness of gadgets like Ipads and online applications and M9’s that could feed a family for a year: yes, yes, yes. Sometimes it makes me so upset, it’s difficult to navitage one’s own bearings.

    we end up in a towel of babel misery as soon as we begin to judge who and when and what to do to stem suffering….all that one can do, all that one can hope to do, is that compassion and the honest, need to give, to aid, to help, to be aware, of those around you will alight….sometimes, unfortunately, that comes from the ‘now tragic’…sometimes that comes from a deeper and more immersive compassion and caregiving….i cannot judge another for their ability or inability to give, ot be aware, but neither can i abide those who suggest that when a person wishes to help, wishes to seek care (each person is touched and moved in very different reasons), it is for empty or misplaced or unfortunate reasons….

    However, being aware that there are indeed some at the moment (including media operations, journalists, photographers, lay people) who are both exploiting Haiti for their own career and their own sense-of-goodness (donate now, i can foget the other suffering), does not excuse your cynical criticism of people who wish, in whatever way they can, to help an island and a group of people who need not our priviledged irony and cynicism born of comfort but our help. so too the people of africa, so too the children of this world, so too our neighbors.

    I find your remark here not at all worthy of your kind of ‘honest’ ‘straight from the hip’ reflections that often countenance your position here.

    We could all be better.

    It is just this type of teenagerish negativity that defines a mind and heart by systolic ennui….and that is a shame….

    one thing for sure, you’ve got a block on your shoulders jim, no doubt….

  18. it’s great that you’re donating part of the fee to this cause! I would pay the us25 anyway but i makes me happier contributing to haiti! Well done for the fantastic work Burn team!

  19. If you are set on contributing to Haiti, I would recommend Partners in Health, a fantastic public health organization headed by Paul Farmer. Been treating AIDS/TB patients for decades in Haiti, and rest assured they will still be there once the Anderson Coopers find the next tragedy.

  20. “I assume that you have also donated to Burn (correct me if i am wrong). One could use the same logic and argument that you have made and say to you: Jim, shame on you. How could you donate to an online photography magazine when there is so many more important organizations and enterprise that need our financial support, including groups and people and individuals that most likely need your support, financial, temporal, spiritual, in your small town. and yet, you have chosen to support David and his magazine for reasons that seem reasonable to you: to help promote david’s efforts to give back to a younger generation, his efforts to encourage and support and educate, his efforts to showcase work from around the world that tells stories. We live, for sure, in a hopelessly myopic and selfish world and yet EACH OF US continues, most of the time, to fail to have over the course of our life real compassion and real love and real brotherhood for others and yet, for good or ill, at times of crisis, it can errupt into an effort of generosity and faith and commitment to those who have suffered.”

    Wow, that was impassioned. I contribute internationally through one organization, Oxfam International, and have done so for many years. I don’t care where they use the money, because I know they use it well. We will never solve problems of poverty (which is really what Haiti is all about) and hunger by trying to directly respond to every disaster of the week. But folks would rather scattergun their charity, and get that warm feeling that comes from the “special” concern they are showing now. Do you believe the money being targeted at Haiti is a zero sum equation where the rest of world need is concerned? It is not.

  21. Jim:

    “Wow, that was impassioned.”

    thanks for the irony….

    Oxfam is good organization…though i know, personally, a bookstore owner in UK that has a different take on Oxfam that you or i…so, all charitable organizations bare the rash of personal orientations…and that is my point….

    i repeat: if david and anton have chosen to use part of the submission fee to benefit an organization that is currently at work in haiti now (btw, MSF and REd Cross and yes Oxfam, have been in and operated in Haiti for a long time, need i remind), that i see absolutely nothing wrong with that: surely something drove you at one point in your life to begin to support Oxfam and that issue, whatever it is, would be, using your argument, questionable based on it’s specificity or timeliness to your life….and the question of Haiti is much much more complex than the question of poverty, though that is indeed a significant part of the issue and history of haiti…and i do not define or devide based on efficacy vis-a-vis suffering (the gist of your argument be it health care of haiti) but seek out to try to support and write something simpler…..

    i repreat that MSF or Red Cross or yes Oxfam at the moment currently are directly resources and monies toward haiti but have not stopped their operations/energies in africa/samerica/asia./europe and n.america, now have they……that the magazine has chosen at this time to begin a precendent (future fees will be donated to a humanitarian organization, for example) is not only exemplary but should be a standard bearer….now, if burn does this as a one-time off (knowing david’s commitment to helping others and his passionate for those in need, i doubt it), than i would agree with you….and i also agree that yes, $50 here or there and then the return to the tv/ipod doesnt make for a charitiable and thoughtful existance…but, as i remind you, my ímpassioned note was a simple one Jim:

    questioning the efficacy of monies being target at Haiti is a reasonable argument, but the tone and suggestion of your initial comments smacks of ironic contrarianism and

    i am not questioning either your generosity or chartiy: as i’ve said before, im guessing you contributed to burn (i have not as yet because of family decisions) and i know your genosity of spirit: you lent erica a lense and lend your ideas and critiques to david and others. I am suggesting, however, that it is a very fine line to walk between suggesting that people need to or should consider the efficy of how they help (important point) and that another’s generosity or desire to help someone less fortunate is illigitimate at best, self-righteous as worst. That is a notion that i find remarkably depressing and caddy.

    However, what i like about you Jim, i mean what i like about your persona and presence and ideas is that you do not hide or couch your belief system: you call it as you see it, as do I. I only wish, and not for ‘feel good reasons’ you didnt denigrate so quickly and so often those things which you see as futile or below your 60-year expectations….

    it is, indeed, a loss, when another lambasts and laments and criticizes the opportunity for other to help, genuinely help others, or at least feel the desire to help….for most of the time, we are numb…..and becoming more so….

    all the best

  22. This is a good discussion to have, I think … about helping. Does anyone know of any photographic work that deals with these ever-complicated issues of ‘helping’ in the developing world? The only similar body of work I can think of is Jorg Bruggemann’s ‘Same But Different,’ about which is a pretty rad photo essay about ‘first-world’ backpackers/tourists in the ‘third world’ –

  23. I am going to jump in these deep waters and venture an opinion in support of Jim. A long time ago I realised that in order to do “good” it required someone/thing to do “good” to. The do-gooder is dependent on victims to fulfill their egos. I am not opposed to sharing, I support some of these organizations, I just wanted to point out that it is not a black and white issue. Americans get a little whacky with disaster charities, pumped up by the media and snake oil salesmen. Read this op-ed piece on disaster porn,

  24. Americans love to be “heros” (as we’ve named everyone in a uniform since 9/11, it seems). We’ve become a nation of “heros.” And we are especially happy if we can do it without real cost to ourselves (sell a photo, record “We are the world” still again). But our attention span where true need exists over time can be measured in nano-seconds.

  25. There was a 1950’s TV sitcom whose opening voiceover truly describes the attitude Americans have in swooping into a disaster or tragedy to “save the day.” The TV series was “Sky King,” about a rancher who saved the day by capturing bad guys with his airplane. And the voiceover said:

    “From out of the clear blue of the Western sky . . .comes Sky King!”

    We all seem to think we’re Sky King! Like the character in the sitcom, though, we’re off to a new adventure every week.

  26. i appreciate all the thinking that is going into where we should put Haiti relief…i am rushing around for the next 24 hrs and cannot put too much time in here, but i will go back and re-read everything…your input is important to me….many thanks…

  27. DAH,

    I second Partners in Health who I donated to. They really impressed me on the 60 Minutes piece with the work they are doing. I did a bit more research and they are the highest rated of the agencies (though I think DWB is second). Either choice is a good one.


  28. David…

    I didn’t have any comparative information between the two services, either on the ease of use for the judges, the cost for licensing, or any other relative attributes… only a positive past experience from the entrants point of view… in any case, was just trying to share information…

  29. Any NYC burnians interested in having a beer and shooting the breeze around the end of Feb? I live in Australia and will be in NY for a week or so (17th-25th) to check out some shows, book shops and bars…. Would love to see some local late night haunts if anyone wants to hang out. email me at sean at if interested.

  30. I was wanting to apply for the grant but wasn’t sure if i was allowed to apply in both categories. I didn’t see an email address and I just want to know the best way to submit. Thanks!

  31. David,

    Is it possible to submit a multimedia project composed of a series of 3-4 minute audio and stills slideshows for the EPF 2010? Not sure how to manipulate slideroom for this purpose.

  32. Advice please . . . trying to log in at slideroom with valid email and p’word and I get a pop up box NOT ACTIVATED. A’lil help?

  33. Andrea-
    You pay at the end once you have submitted all the photos. You just need to click on the right arrow (the 3rd one)

    …Did you fill in all the info for each picture..image size etc. It won’t let you go to the last step unless everything except the last window (optional) is filled in. I made this mistake :-)


    You twit: “Emerging Photographer Fund deadline nears. April 15. A stipend of $15,000. being given through Burn for a young photog to continue a project”

    I hope you’re using the word “young” metaphorically. Some of us are late bloomers photographically speaking but, hopefully, are still emerging…


  35. Patricia, I had been planning to enter, because, in my mind, although I have been a photographer since I was in high school over 40 years ago, I am yet emerging – especially in this new digital age. I did not think that I would win, but I thought it would be a good exercise and that my $25 would go to a good cause.

    I think I have decided against entering, however. As unlikely as it is, it would be awfully damned embarrassing to win at my age and it would leave a whole lot of young photographers infuriated. When I get some money, I will just donate it directly to Burn instead of through the contest.

    It does bring up an interesting point, though. There are many funds and competitions geared toward helping young photographers launch and build their careers and that is a very good thing and is why I love Burn, why I come here to look at every essay.

    But where does an older photographer, who has important and powerful, yet not necessarily commercial, work left to do, turn to for support? Sometimes, perhaps, due to the trials of this life, an older, even an accomplished older photographer, may have an even greater need for some support than does a younger, less burdened, photographer, but where does s/he turn to to get it?

  36. I posted my essay, and after hitting submit, I got a message saying it was already submitted. I only hit the button once. Now when I look at the submission, there seems to be 2 copies of all the images. Could somebody look and verify that things look correct? There should be 23 images, not 46.

  37. Frostfrog, you should enter. Why not? You have been faithful and have good input on this forum. I finally submitted one. I also in the process completed two others that had been hanging around. It was really a good thing to let it go finally. You are not old you are mature.

  38. I put digital photo and the dimensions are under image size. I figured that is what they needed. I did not put a description in each photo. A couple did not have one.

  39. okay – might just be i have not drunk enough coffee – can we upload video ?
    i though we could.. have been working toward that – then in the upload section does not seem to have the option.. upload browser does not recognize file types..

  40. Just in case anyone missed it, DAH answered our “young photog” question on the “closing” thread…

    david alan harvey
    April 14, 2010 at 7:22 am

    i think you know that age is not a factor for the EPF…”evolving”, “emerging”,”growing” etc etc are better words than “young”, Young Tom…

  41. the real answer is this….i consider myself a “young” photographer…still scrambling..still struggling….still trying like hell to make a mark….i may be on the “senior tour”, but when i stand up there to hit the ball, i really believe it is going to be the best drive of my life…so tee up….

  42. My submission shows 46 images, not 23. All of the images seem to have duplicated after I hit submit. How do I delete the duplicates? That doesn’t look like it is possible.

  43. I’m sure this was answered previously but my mind’s all fuzzy after editing more than a decades work to just 25 photos but can a photographer enter more than one project? Another is ready. I just need to hit go!

  44. Panos, you were right.

    Paul, I had the same question about multiple projects. I did find one note that says only one project can be submitted. It was in the information on Slideshow about submissions. I tried to load another one as it said “Another submission” or something like that and when I did it deleted the one I had already uploaded. (Actually, it didn’t delete it but if I had completed the form and added the photos and submitted it would have taken the place of the one I had already submitted or that is what I surmised.)

    I submitted the other two I wanted to submit to Burn under Submissions. You have the EPF submission site and then right under that is the Submission button. That is where you upload essays you want to have featured on Burn.

    I’m just happy to have finished three essays and can now go on to other work. Did I say finished? Ha!

  45. Oh man! After the night I had last night the deadline gets extended. Damn. Could have gone to bed at a sensible time after all. It’s not that I left everything till the last minute but you know what it’s like, you second guess your decisions and all that. Grrr! Would be hand if I could upload another though.

    Thanks Lee for clearing that up. I’ll take it easy tonight and watch the UK election debates in a more relaxed state of mind now. What’s done is done.

    On the morrow I will do as you did and upload direct to Burn.


  46. Paul, Lee,

    if you want to submit more than one essay you need to activate another account in Slideroom. You will need to use a different email for each new account.

    Good luck!

  47. Hi David Alan, i already sent my essay (and pay and everything) to the EPF and noticed today that the deadline has been extended. I think I still can work on my project to get it better. Is there any chance to do it in slideroom?, I think is fair…cheers, Iván

  48. I am in the same boat as ivan herrera. I burned the midnight oil to finish up my submission on a project in progress, and, as long as there is still more time, i’d love to have the opportunity to continue to think about how best to present a work in progress submission.

  49. I think we should be able to edit our submissions if it is extended. There are things i would like to change.

  50. hey paul – really enjoyed flying space-hoppers on your site.. good stuff..

    bravery medal, eh?
    i have one from nottingham fire n rescue.. yesyes..
    big up´s.

  51. LEE…

    laughing…yea, tax day is tax day..well, not exactly…i often get an extension from IRS as well…


    yes, of course…fair is fair…no problem…please see note from Anton…

  52. Well, for the reasons described above, I had decided not to enter. But now that you have extended the deadline, and others have encouraged me and others like me… I have to think about it all over again.

  53. Hi,

    Is a joint/collaborative photographic project eligible for the Emerging Photographer Grant?

  54. Last Minute, I know… But Slideroom will not let me start a submission for this… I contacted their tech support – they informed me that if the new submission button isn’t visible, then it’s because the deadline has passed… But the deadline is today is it not? Is there someone I can contact? Thanks in advance to any feedback.

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