this is a guest post by Lassal and Haik, two BURN participants who have organized a birthday surprise from all involved with BURN Magazine…

After a few weeks of conspiracy, Lassal’s and Civi’s unrelated cryptic comments it is time to unveil.

Operation “BURN plot” was made by BURNIANS for BURNIANS and is to celebrate BURN’s first birthday.

Happy birthday to BURN. David, thank you for making BURN a reality and thank you for making it a home for us. 
We present BURNIANS.COM – the site dedicated to celebrate BURN magazine by all BURNIANS. Most of us have put a little into the site and it became big. BIGGER than we could imagine.


Please join and share your day and celebrations with the rest of us by emailing your photos to live(at)burnians.com.

With the rest of BURNworld … With the rest of BURNians …

Click to enter…

315 Responses to “burnians…”

  • Nice work by Lassal, Haik and Civi! Thanks for putting this together. Glad I could participate.

    Happy birthday Burn. Hope you’ve just scratched the surface.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    BRIAN…I LOVE your submitting photo…

    BUT Credit when Credit is due :

    LASSAL is the Heart
    HAIK is the Brain
    I was just a civilian…that means YOU and YOU and YOU and YOU …
    LOVE TO ALL OF YOU…ah, DAH …what have you done ???

  • Thanks for all he work put in to bring that 1st anniversary with a bang, Lassal, Haik and Ecma, and Happy Birthday to all, with a thought to all the silent readers whom we will never know, but are part of the success of this site.

  • i just came back from the wilderness..
    just woke up..
    and then this..


    LASSAL, HAIK ( & CIVI as always )..


  • Civi, glad you like it, ’cause taking it sucked. Fingers so damned cold I had troubles knowing when I clicked the shutter.


    hats hats hats and HEARTS off to give to Lassal and Haik! :)))))

    big kisse for u …well, ok, kisses only for Lassal…and civi…hugs to Haik! ;))

    running to the road

  • So the worst kept secret of the year is finally out.
    Great work , looks fantastic.

    Happy birthday.


  • Lassal, Haik, and Civi…

    Words fail.

    Just… well done, well done, well done!

  • happy b-day to Haik, and all!

  • Glad my tattoo idea fell through. Looks like a couple other people had the same idea, and Gyula Sopronyi’s image looks great.

  • Congrats! My crap obviously stank too much to make the final cut. No surprise. One of these days I hope to learn how to make a keeper.

  • happy b-day!!!

    Lasaal, Civi & Haik

    Well done!!!

  • OOPS!!! Thanks Brian! Let me amend my statement then: My eyes are full of crap. One of these days I hope to learn to see! (He said, slinking away in shame!)

  • Great job Lassal and Haik.
    You guys worked your asses off for this and it shows.
    Thanks for doing this.
    Thanks Lassal for finding us and keeping the project moving forward.

    Happy Birthday Burn.
    Happy Birthday Haik, son of Burn.

    Great interview Civi!

  • Just on my way out IN THE SNOW to meet up with Mimi, srinivas, Paul Treacy and Armando Ribeiro.. and whoever else braves the weather to show up. Have a good night wherever you are.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY BURN and congrats to ALL BURNIANS!!!!

    LASSAL/HAIK, you guys ROCK!!!! You nailed it!!! the few sleepless nights were very worth it!!!! I just spent the last 20 minutes looking at the BURN moments… there are so many special moments, parties, editing sessions… what a collection… cannot wait to see the pics from tonight parties…

    Thanks DAVID and ANTON for making it all possible and creating this unique community….



  • I got up a bit early this morning, still thinking that it was yesterday, that the 21st would not come until tomorrow. I got up early because I have a noon deadline to prepare a package of photos that, rightfully, I should spend the next two days preparing. Opened up my computer and saw this…

    Now I have just spent the past hour viewing every photo, reading every word.

    I have one hour less to get the job done. Better get to it.

    Great fun this is – and look how many of us are now published on Burn!

    Thank you Lassal, Haik – and of course, DAH!

    I, for one, think you have done a great thing – and you have inspired me, as you will soon see.

  • Guys … on the road right now, will check back later.
    Hope you enjoy our little fan site :)

    BTW, as you can see, we are still expecting some submissions.
    Please email your BURNpicture either Haik or me … and we will put it online.

    Not sure how long the site will be up, 3 days or a week … So if you still want your picture in, please hurry!

    Thanks to EVERYBODY!!! This would not have made sense without all of you.
    (more later … Christmas market right now)

    ENJOYYYYYYYY and upload live pics please!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    SPEECHLESS … !!!

    What not to kiss you!!!

  • Where is David?

    Will not join?

  • DAMN! :))))))))))

    who’s that hot photographer/babe on my shoulder?? ;))))))))))))))))



  • Happy Birthday, BuRN! It’s pretty safe to say that being part of the BuRN community and having the chance to learn from DAH has helped to shape my photographic vision and the way I interpret what I see. I am a better photographer for being part of this community. Thank you! Congratulations! I can’t wait to see what year 2 will bring!

    Happy Birthday, Haik!

  • Yes…Haik..happy birthday..
    although you are sad coz u reached the magic number 60…its ok…
    u have 40 more to go..i hope u’ll be Burning and conversing till you get 100..

  • who’s that hot photographer/babe on my shoulder??

    Yeah, get rid of that glass, turn your head around, and pay attention to her…. coz if U don’t treat her right…..



    What you have created is simply amazing!!! I have already spent hours looking at the pics on burians.com and have barely scratched the surface. Please keep it up for longer than a week. Why can’t it stay forever? I’d be happy to donate $$ to help out. It is SUCH an historic document…


    WHAT NOT TO LOVE re: your interview!!!


  • Congratulations David on the first birthday of your burn baby! Patricia once said to me that burn is the only photographic community she belongs in. Well, same here. It’s amazing how an entire global community of photographers have joined in on the journey.

    Thank you Haik and Lassal for working tirelessly on the “burnians” birthday present. It looks great!

    But most of all; thank you David for the amount of time and energy you have put into this site and the photographers who have become part of burn.


  • Patricia…

    I think that Lassal was talking about submissions, being open for another week…
    After all, she and Haik put so much work in to this, that they wouldn’t take it down if you paid them…

  • Herve! :)))))))))))))))))))))

    TRUE DAT! :))))))

    now, i put all my attention there :))))


  • cheers from Germany. we – lassal, dominik, reimar, Tony, and myself are in an Irish pub in Frankfurt and say hi to all of you.

    keep on BURNing.

    what not to love?

  • I’m pretty much in awe of all of this and all of you!
    Congratulations to all of you who got this up and running, I can feel your excitement :)

  • Happy Burnthday to all!

    Thank you David and Anton for dreaming BURN so hard… thank you Lassal and Haik (happy birthday!) for putting up burnians.com… I raise my glass of Cold1/Glühwein/ouzo to us!


  • Sending more bummed-DAHt (or burn-DAHt) shots, Lassal. David is a werewolf, Dr Jekill and Mr DAH….

    I saw the transformation countless times, and it’s fun, but pretty…Nope, it ain’t!!!!!! :-)))))))))))

  • a Haik~u

    this brief gelid day
    we meet to share the passion
    which burns in our hearts

    (bUrn & Haik)

    Happy Solstice…


  • can i say inf*ckingcredible? thank you Lassal and Haik!


    WHEW! I’m so glad I misunderstood re: Lassal’s deadline! I still wonder if donations might be in order. Hey, website hosting isn’t free!


  • Well done all!! This is an awesome site to get lost in…in the very best of ways!

    DAH any chance you are Colorado bound for the holiday? I am very much around this year- would love to catch up in town…

    Burnians…Burn On! Cheers, Jeremy

  • you guys rock!!!
    get ready for a fun time tonight Haik…..
    Thanks for all……


    i knew something was up, but could not figure out what in the world was going on…many many thanks for simply thinking of all this….sorry i am checking in so late, but this birthday time coincides with my family time, so i just have not been online since my early morning post…

    my mother says hello to all and i might even convince her to drop a line or two at some point….she just recently got wifi and is learning how to make everything work on the computer…she learns fast…and she is only 90…

    her question and my question are the same: whose baby is that??

    cheers, hugs, david

  • chris anderson from the caption..

  • Haik, Lassal, Civi

    WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW….*takes a breath*…WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW…*takes another breath, red in the face now, sputtering*…WOWoooowoowoooo—ooo—oooo-o-o———————*passes out cold from all that hyperventialting wowness*

    thank you, thank you..and the happiest hippest birthday to the hipster compu geek, Haik-u..WE LOVE YOU MUCHO!

    Civi..loved the interview…what a place of honor, and deservedly so!

    love ya all


  • New to the burn. Nice visits…

  • Well, I wouldn’t of guessed your only a year old. My God, your so mature for your age.

    Imagine what you’ll be like in a few years time. Jesus, David, hope your not some Dr Frankinstein..

  • Wow, I just realized I am on the right of the Father…

    With only that “sexy lady” between us… Predictably! ;-))))

  • DAVID:

    about the baby ;)))))))

    THAT IS ATLAS!!!!!!!!! :)))))))

    she’s all grown up now….

    you can rest easy….Mom too ;)))))))))))))))



    can anyone say al pacino and ‘scent of a woman’ ;))))))))))))


  • This Rocks!
    Makes me think of a song by The Ramones…
    Happy Birth-day to-you! Happy Birth-day to you! Happy Birth-day-Happy Birth-day! Ha-ppy Birth-day! TO-YOU!!!

  • Happy Birthday Burn and thanks to David and the burnians for the visual inspirations!

  • Dear Friends..

    I cannot help but feel a part of Burn in some way since David started it right here in my home. He has always had this special passion. You haven’t lived until you have met my son David Alan Harvey in person.

    I really enjoy seeing your photography here and reading your words. I will drop in here from time to time.

    My best to all of you and Merry Christmas.

    Maryanna Harvey

  • I can well imagine Mrs Harvey. As they say, what goes around comes around. So, sure something rub’s off when your in someone’s company. Nicely done.

  • Online parties are one of the stranger web phenomena.

  • It all started with you, Mrs Harvey. We all know there is no way David could be such a great and giving human being if you were not so yourself.

    Best of wishes to the Harvey family, as Christmas arrives and a new year on its heels.

  • Jim,
    the parties are very, very real. In Rome, in London, in Frankfurt, in NY, in LA and maybe in Toronto.

  • Merry Christmas MaryAnna. Tell David to keep Burning.

    Paul in Rome, GA.

    David is my friend and I didn’t know it.

  • All

    it was big fun (still is) – real life, freezing nose to freezing nose, and shattering teeth to shattering teeth, is just so so much more … uhm … colorful than the virtual one :) … I just happened to read the comment above, so I answered to it. Not read anything else yet. Not even our own post. Not even Civi’s interview, which was a surprise from Haik and Civi to me and I was forbidden to peek.

    We had a great evening here in Frankfurt and I am so happy that Thomas Bregulla and Reimar Ott fought their way through the snow by car and train just to join this little BURNcelebration here in Frankfurt with Dominik Dunsch and me. Everybody seemed so happy, and so I could not but be very happy myself.

    I admit it took a little more time to pull this together than Haik and I had imagined – for a number of reasons – but we had a lot of fun doing so and we got into many wonderful talks with BURNians everywhere. I hope we can continue our conversations with more time now and plan more things together for the future. This little experiment shows that it works.

    I am passing the torch over to the US, the big NY party from Vasilios should be in full blast now and I heard that LA was getting in position too … I hope you will have as much fun getting to know each other (for those who have never met in person) as we did here. And please post a lot of pictures so that we can feel it too … :)

    Tomorrow, first thing, will be to read DAH’s post. I did not get the chance to do this today (too many heads in front of my monitors) but the picture of Yalda Pashai-F looks amazing on the cover! Congrats Yalda! And I hope the spontaneous Toronto party is kicking!!

    Wish you all the best … good night and thanks so so SO much for participating – this would have been an empty frame without you. The idea of this was first of all to celebrate BURN, to celebrate David, to celebrate Anton, to celebrate having a vision and going for it – in virtual and real life. This would not have worked if not so so many of you had participated (we are still waiting for some images, as you might have noticed by the blank ones). It seems that what we have in common is in general more than what separates us. And that is a truly nice thing to notice.

    But please hurry with the images… because this site will be very shortliving. We plan to take it down after a couple of days … only long enough to have everybody have a good look at the content. Lets call it a prolonged surprise Birthday celebration from all of us to the idea and vision of BURN :)

    Please share the good thoughts and feelings. I will now proceed to bed. A snorring concert is playing around me … but I will try to chatch some much needed sleep despite. :)

    Have a good night everyone.

    What not to love, indeed?!

  • You crazey Burnsters…

    Get some sleep, you deserve it.
    that was one hell of a ride !

    You guys really are something….

  • You crazey Burnsters…

    Get some sleep, you deserve it.
    that was one hell of a ride !

    You guys really are something….


    I never was any good at math but, according to my calculations, you posted that comment at 4:38 a.m. Tuesday morning Frankfort time!!! My goodness, girl, aren’t you just about partied out???

    What a success this b’day gift you and Haik dreamed up has been. And I can’t even imagine the number of hours that went into making it happen. But, for all of us across the globe who participated, it was a priceless experience. Never before have I felt so tangibly that this planet truly is our common home and that we really are one family, sometimes dysfunctional as hell, but at times like this, full of love and good spirits. Thank you, dear Lassal and Haik, for the gift to beat all gifts: the gift of a family party that included EVERYONE EVERYWHERE. Now please get some sleep ;=)

    kisses & hugs


    Oh yes, you are right about our not having lived till we’ve met your son in person! I’ve had that privilege many times in the past year and a half, and I can honestly say my life is immeasurably richer for it. But my guess is that I would feel the same if I’d met you in person. David is who he is because of the way you and your husband raised him. This kind of generosity of spirit is first modeled at home and then becomes second nature to a child fortunate enough to have been raised in such a home. Thank you, dear Maryanna, for being who you are and doing what you do. In some ways I feel I already know you. I see your capacity to love and your positive outlook on life reflected in the eyes of your son.

    May you have a grand time together and a wonderful family Christmas with all the kids and grandkids together. And may 2010 bring you loads of joy and peace.


  • 5.54 local time… old europe wakes up again (under a thick snow cover,here)…it is still 21st in NYC, isn’t it? Let’s celebrate (with a strong espresso coffee, this time ;)

  • Good Morning Burnians,

    it was a great night yesterday with Lassal, Dominik, Reimar and Tony.
    I want to thank you all again for having this virtual – reality cross over.
    We should repeat this in some maybe warmer days again ;-)

    this is one of the great phenomenae of the web. You get in touch with people
    you don’t know, and at some point you meet them in reality.
    Looking forward meeting you…


  • a civilian-mass audience


    “A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.”

    Washington Irving quotes (American Writer called the first American man of letters. 1783-1859)

    P.S MR.HARVEY …we have to meet ASAP…mama said :”…You haven’t lived until you have met my son David Alan Harvey in person.” hihihi…funniest, you ROCK MAMA !!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Come on the PARTYYYYYYYYYY is not over !!!

    FROGFROST …LEE GURTHRIE …keep the fire on…PARTY is not over…we just begun…

    as SPACECOWBOY says…: ” Not even the sky is the limit…”

    P.S Travel safe …travel light…travel happy …keep the smile !!!
    THOMAS and the other German boys …I hope you have treated LASSAL …like a true BURNIAN…

  • i wanted to be the most northerly burnian, it seems frostfrog pissed on me there – tomorrow we travel north.. gonna check me maps n shizzle.

    bergen burn party was a party of three.. tor capa beate n me.. because only 5 people live in norway and the other 2 were ice fishing for dinner.
    we had meatballs.

    to love not what?

  • Patricia…

    Sadly, it looks like you were right and I was wrong, regarding Lassal’s statement about the longevity of the Burnians.com site…

    I didn’t have any inside information when I replied to you earlier… my response was based on the knowledge of how much time and work it takes to put a site together—let alone to coordinate a couple hundred people in following instructions and a deadline…

    It doesn’t make sense to me to take it down so soon (or at all)… I think the database they’ve created showing our numbers and our locations on the globe is a great resource for Burn itself (DAH/Anton) and that it would make an excellent permanent external link… but then again the reasons are probably the same as always… limited resources, most importantly the time required to keep the thing updated and running… Haik’s future looks quite busy…

  • BUT, let’s enjoy it while it lasts… it looks really cool and WE made it!

    (that is, on Lassal’s and Haik’s backs… but then again anything and everything we do, we do it standing on the shoulders of giants… right?)

  • a civilian-mass audience


    it’s only BURN and we LOVE it…
    Nice prints megale…the print master …ante Baklava and melomakarona…on you !!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    …just meatballs…hmmm…???
    just meatballs.

  • Bravo Haik, Lassal Bravo great effort.

    Bravo all those who contributed it goes to reaffirm what a brilliant idea Burn is and what an inspiration DAH is.





    thanks for all the hard work, it all looks great, well done.

    i love that map, seeing where everyone is… and their photos… shame to loose it though (maybe burn could adopt something similar…) mad to see all that snow, while i’m barefoot in shorts with the fan spinning…

    please leave it on line a little longer than a few days though… at least into January a bit…

    have a good one (and a cold 1 or 3)


  • You haven’t lived until you have met my son David Alan Harvey in person.

    ahhhhhhh….now i can die peacefully..
    thanks mom…:)

  • JIM…

    you said…”Online parties are one of the stranger web phenomena”……for sure…but, Jim we have “live concerts” too…you are invited of course…


    laughing, laughing…funny….but, i don’t get it..when you were with me in person you told me i almost killed you….contradiction?? well, you know how mothers say things….come to Colorado and meet her…my friend Medford always said she is for me like the Kryptonite was for Superman…no, just a very simple woman who will make cookies for you…in return she would only want you to give her a fast ride in your red Mustang…might even ask to drive…

  • Civi

    To be clear though… I don’t actually advertize myself as a master printer… what I said was, “…in my heart of hearts…”
    Paraphrasing someone wiser… I know enough, to realize the limits of my own knowledge… There always is more stuff to learn…

  • I’m late to the party, but let me add my congratulations and affection for all involved, both in the magazine itself and in organizing the festivities. Here’s to a happy new year…

  • a civilian-mass audience


    I am just a civilian…you are a master printer in my eyes…hmmmm…
    are u trying to avoid the baklava or no …:)))

    στην υγεια μας !!!

  • Civi :)))

    I’m showing some prints in gallery tonight at 8:00
    There will be wine and stuff, but alas… no Burnias :(
    That’s what I get for living on a rock in the middle nowhere…
    Well… win some, lose some…
    I do like my life…

  • a civilian-mass audience


    We will be there …actually we are already there …
    VIVA !!!

  • Thodoris..
    lets see if we can skype manana noon..
    address is ( venice10001 )…
    im drinking tsipouro right now and i have to take
    my niece for a walk soonest..
    big hug

  • Nick Cave – I’m your man

  • Panos…

    Looking forward to “meet” you tomorrow…
    Have to run now…
    Being a last-minute-kind-of-person, I still have some final touches for tonight to take care of…

  • thodoris..
    sho nuff..:)
    los mananitas

  • 4:20 in greece right now..

  • Good morning on the day after!!!

    I meant to post this yesterday, sorry for being a little late!
    Lassal (I already told you yesterday), Haik and Civi: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! What an awesome 1st-birthday-surprise!!!
    Haik: Happy belated birthday!!!

    I had so much fun on our birthday celebrations here in Frankfurt with Lassal, Thomas, Reimar and Tony!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    Thomas and Reimar: So great getting to know you guys!!! Let’s do this again soon!

    David: Thank you so much for all of this – you created a home for a crazy family that is spread all over the globe. What a ride!

    Mrs. Harvey: Now, you really gave me a christmas feeling over here! Thank you so much! Have fun riding Panos’ red mustang!!! All the best!



  • Happy birthday & Congratulations on first birthday of Burn :))
    Thank you very much, Lassal, Haik & Civilian-mass audience!

    Hello! Mrs. Harvey :))
    I’ve already known you are one of the greast Mom.
    In Asia we think mother as Buddha.
    Your love deliver us through your son, DAH.
    Thank God very much for your lovely being.

    Hope to see you.

    Kyunghee Lee

  • online community is good. meeting in person is better.
    in this context I want to thank the German burnians for meeting them. (we have to repeat it.)
    special thanks to Lassal and Tony for the hospitality and friendship you gave to us.
    words are not enough to express it.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    KYUNGHEE LEE…hugs,

    it’s not me…it’s a conspiracy…I was just passing by…with a pot of mousaka…


    Can I go now???

  • “Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.”
    – Albert Schweitzer

    That to me sums up my experiences here on Burn. My deepest thanks to everyone here who has helped me rekindle my flame periodically…and special gratefulness to David and Anton for the vision, sharing, and tireless execution that has brought about this wonderful community.

    good light, indeed!

  • patricia, seems fighter-fall-time, have one of those stubborn (like you) kick-ass fighters here at home, he fell over a soccer ball, has to keep foot and leg up.. but is training just the same, dreaming BIG, like you! sending best wishes over there!

  • yeah, now posting this on the right thread might actually help.. oh well..


    I may be wrong but just in case I’m not….
    David is in the midst of enjoying the Holidays so perhaps it means nothing that his only comment about the burnians site questioned whose baby he’s holding

    BUT I can’t help but wonder if he actually saw the burnians site or just the photo collage??? You could click to enter the collage but the link to the actual site was below…want to make sure he didn’t miss it.

    Did you see the world map with burn photos, etc DAVID? Didn’t want you to miss out on seeing it since it will be gone soon.

  • EVA

    Thanks so much for reminding me that I am a “kick-ass fighter.” Just what I needed to hear! Hope your own “kick-ass fighter” gets well soon. With your loving help I’m sure he will…


  • It was quite the event indeed. I am most disappointed that my photo didn’t post. As Lassal said, it was a hick up. Email from her this morning said to send to Haik which I have done. Hopefully it makes it on the site soonest. Especially wanted David to know that I had finished my part…Happy Birthday Burnians. It was indeed quite fun. Who is “a civilian-mass audience?” I want to know!

  • Dear Patricia Lay-Dorsey,

    What a brave and gallant woman you are. It is easy to see you have a great attitude about life. I love your work, either from waist high or on the ground!!

    My best to you,

    Maryanna Harvey

  • Congratulations everyone on the first long year!

    I hope everybody is doing fine and enjoying christmas. I’m back in Spain for the holidays and it has been constant heavy rain since I arrived. There’s this cold front that brought temperatures down to -20c inland, so I’m lucky to be by the coast. The economic downturn is visible here now (it wasn’t three months ago). There are less people shopping for christmas, a supermarket I went to had some leaks, power went down with the rain in the next block (this might be unrelated). There’s a strange feeling in the air about the year to come.

    On the good side of things, I’m finally opening a gallery with Maciej Dakowicz in Cardiff. I’ll not yet give away the first shows, but we are opening in February, and it hopefully is all hard work and games. If anybody is interested, feel free to send a proposal to me or just an email to say hi. Also, my nomadic exhibition (the print stravaganza) was named a new way to view art in a 12 hot ideas for the future of photobooks poll. Very bizarrely I must now be half photographer half curator.

  • Patricia;

    I’m so sorry to hear about your fall. If you are able; we’d still like you to drop in on our southern hemisphere Xmas Day though! An early “virtual” Xmas!

    Take care


    i did see the incredible Burnian map and website, Civi interview, and left a short comment….i was not around much yesterday for two reasons…

    first, when our family is gathered it is all but prohibido to use the computer…i had to get up at 2:30 or 3am to start working on the “collectors’ edition” story and be mostly finished before everyone in the family got up…a scene of everyone on computers and texting is basically against Harvey law…..

    second, i was at the same time informed of the death of my old friend and painter Masaaki Okada who had been such an influence on my life..Masaaki had evidently died instantly while shoveling snow yesterday morning..we were having a very hard time trying to find his family in Japan..

    so you may see why i was not quite able to enjoy online the Burn party as much as others at least in terms of being able to chat…

    i DID and DO feel incredibly flattered and honored by all the comments of course…

    but, if i do not get off the computer now, i will be in trouble again!!

    cheers, david

  • as the crowd goes for…

  • BROKE!!!! 100!!!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    In other news, Pat, I am sorry to hear about your fall. Please do not do this again; gravity works and you do not need to keep testing it just to make sure.

    Haik, a very happy belated birthday.

    I trust that everyone had a good time yesterday and is reasonably sober now.

  • a civilian-mass audience


    we are very very sorry for the loss…
    BUT you know our SPACECOWBOY have spotted him …
    drinking green tea with Andrew Wyeth …WHAT NOT TO LOVE !!!

    you have already given the answer…Civilian mass audience…Audience

    P.S I can take the back seat now…YOU BURNIANS are finally United …just be yourselves and enjoy
    the ride … (MAMA MARYANNA is driving PANO’S mustang…vroom…vroom)

  • Tom Chambers – love your burn photo! But am REALY glad to read it is a montage.

    Thodoris – very clever

    Audrey – toi et moi, meme idee!

    Carrie Roseman – stunning first shot!

    Frostfrog – very nice, great design.

    Laura Boushnak – wow. did they actually look the site over?

    Kelly – love it

    Kathleen Fonseca – gorgeous, really.

    Gyula Sopronyi – is that real?

    Eric Espinosa – still laughing. please use that as a Christmas tag for your gifts :)

    David Ryder – very cool

    David Bowen – EXACTLY (with lightstalkers on the edge)

    CIVI – so sweet!

    and on and on to all you lovable burnians!

    and one more smooch for Lassal!


    My goodness but this community really knows how to rally round one of its own! I really do feel our healing energy swirling around me. With your help I’ll be pain-free in no time. Thank you so much.


    I am touched by your kind words and positive response to my work. I know David respects your opinion greatly and so do I. Thank you so much. Have a grand time with the family and try not to beat your son too badly at dominoes. Don’t want to discourage him ;=)


  • a civilian-mass audience

    I had to come back for this one…

    E-mail from a Beautiful soul named …LASSAL…please read…it’s for YOU BURNIANS…

    LASSAL wrote…

    “…Please, if you go online again in the next 12 hours … please tell everybody hi from me, and thank you for all the comments and to please enjoy these wonderful days. A big High Five to all! I am very happy that we did manage to celebrate all together. I LOVED the parties and got some feedback that there are still pictures to be uploaded (because people did not have the possibility to access the internet). There is a time stamp on the images, so that would be fine.
    And many thanks to the wild party in Bergen, that even managed to lure a little Tor Santa to participate! I loved it!!!!

    Will write as soon as my brain is connected to my hands again. Right now all is in idle mode.
    But I hope that everybody is happy. I am.

    A big kiss and hugs to you Civi and to all the BURNIANS out there in the world!
    What will the next celebration be about? I hope about successful hard photography work!
    Now it is time to roll up the sleeves and not wait until the light gets good but to MAKE the light be perfect!
    What is a wonderful magazine without wonderful content?
    Let’s work hard to have a perfect reason to party hard again …. very soon.

    My love to all,
    Lassal …………..”

    well…LASSAL …I am SPEECHLESS…again…

    P.S Did I tell you BURNIANS that you are good looking too…oime
    How can my civilian eyes …hold this much …BEAUTY…??? How…

  • Yes Erica, there are some really great photos at http://all.burnians.com/. Many people expended quite a bit of hard work and creativity (I wasn’t one of them) to give back at least a little to burn. I particularly liked yours and Bjarte’s and David Bowen’s and Laura Boushnak’s and Katharina Hesse’s and Angela Bacon-Kidwell’s and all of them really, I shouldn’t name names without naming all the names. What a great tribute…

  • Anybody here who can offer advise would be really helpful.

    I’ve been photographing for the love of it since mid 90’s, and have built up a large archive ranging from street photography to documentary, to travel. 90% of these images are from Asia so I understand that there must be a mountain range full of images already, but what I’m wondering is, if I would like these images to be found by others amongst the truck loads already out there, what advise would you offer.

    I’ve browsed around photoshelter and see many images similar to mine, but also I have many images of places and events, that are not there. I have a free space at photoshelter at the moment which I filled very quickly, (even there I made a mistake in that I did not reduce the image size, so very quickly filled the free space) and am thinking about putting in the time needed to open up a paid site on ? photoshelter seems to be one of the best value. Not wanting to make similar mistakes due to ignorance as I did with ‘image size’, I appreciate any advise,

    does anyone have advise on how best to display images as far as being able to be found amongst the 100,000’s of images already there. How does it work. Will mine automatically end up on the last page of any list they may fall in to? or other there other factors.

    how would you guys advise me on title words?

    Can anyone just download images off photoshelter making it necessary to have water mark?. What are the alternatives.

    Excuse me but I’m asking these questions because I ‘m so computer illiterate, finding it very hard to get my mind around the jargon.. and I would like the many images I’ve built up over the years to come to some use, not just as a form of income for me, as I’m not so naive to think that I’ll make much from it income wise but I do want other’s to appreciate them, as far as seeing and appreciating things I’ve appreciated and chosen to photograph purely o share that with others, which I know you guys understand.

    Sorry about being so long winded about my question.

  • Peter – typing on phone, so briefly…my understanding is that a paid photoshelter acct is searchable and a lot of how well the images are found depends on your keywording. Be specific and broad and be thorough. Have you also considered placing some of the work with a stock agency? You can find one that is rights managed.

    Michael – I know, I found it very touching how much work people put in. Mine was meant to be more grand but one of the layers of the cake didn’t turn out right. Don’t know if anyone caught it but each of the images on the cake is birthday related. The ones from Victor’s burn essay are obvious, but the others are david’s; girl at her birthday (quinceanera), boy in car after his birthday party, etc.

  • Hi emcd.

    Thanks for that. Yes, that makes a lot of sense. I have thought about sending my work to agency but as most are in Europe and the U.S., I am hesitant as all of my photography is on film. So now I’ve got myself a scanner I can digitize and load up on to internet. Then I guess I can send requests for Agencies to look at my Photo site.

    thx again emcd and look forward in seeing your photography up here.


  • Peter – yes you’ll definitely need to scan. When the Develop site is up I’ll have a whole list of stock agencies listed in the online library. I’ve been contacting many of them to help clarify their submissions process, just for you :) but you’ll still want to get your photoshelter site together. You asked about watermarking – you can control what is watermarked and how, what can be downloaded and what can’t.

    About you looking forward to seeing my work on burn, I have an essay (the dark light of this nothing) up, if I recall correctly I think you saw it, I’m Erica McDonald.

  • excuse me Erica, but I didn’t realize you were one in the same. Yes, of course I remember your essay. I loved it in the sense that it was so authentic, obvious that you lived there in Brooklyn, or where ever it is, with all those minorities that probably settled there 2 generations ago. I live a long way away from there but felt very connected while looking at your images. And stylistically I liked it very much too, as well as holding information they looked good to look at.

    about the agency directions, I’ll appreciate any help you can offer.
    Now I’ve got a connection to your acronym. Thanks for that. Peter.
    I’ve wondered previously what emcd stands for? hope not so strikingly obvious I feel like a fool for asking?

  • Not foolish at all – something from childhood I guess, pronounced like eee mc dee ( e for Erica, mcd for mcdonald)

    Feel free to remind me of the agency stuff when you get closer – Develop won’t launch till February at earliest anyway…

    And thanks about the essay.

    Sleep well all

  • No, my thanks are with you Erica. As I say I really appreciated the essay.
    I already have a free site which is photoshelter/user/petergrantphotograph.
    So as there is an offer at photoshelter I’ll will get a paid site as I have so much I’d like to show. I’ll certainly let you know once I do.
    Thanks so much Erica. Peter.

  • Ah – I should have written pronounced like Eee Mick Dee

  • Lassal & Haik, thanks again for all of your hard work on the Burnians site! I was pleasantly surprised at how slick the site is (it blew my socks off:-) ! I hope that you will keep the site up long enough for DAH to fully explore, given his schedule.

    Thanks to all of the Burnians that contributed! I find myself going back again and again looking at the images sent in. I was tickled to see Civi contribute as well, so that I had another civilian (the Original) to keep me company…

    Patricia L-D: sending good mojo and (virtual) hugs your way!

  • Lassal and Haik thanks for all the hard work to make it happen, great stuff.


    well, i have just now gone through everything…the whole bit…all the pictures…from everyone….i just do not know what to say….i mean really…speechless….such a tour de force of well, something i cannot imagine….this is the net?? this is something else…this is some kind of special bonding that cannot really be described…i am so humbled, so flattered..so, so…no words..sorry…

    hugs, love, david


    if we have a chance to skype and i can see your whole body of work, it should be fairly easy for me to put you in the right direction for either a stock agency or an assignment agency…many do both…easy to find, not so easy to actually get involved…it is a long and difficult process of building significant work and not for the feint of heart…the next couple of months are going to find me on long assignments , so i will be difficult to pin down, but please know that i do get around eventually to all who ask…but, the main thing is this…most photographers are looking for an agency or contact info, when all they really have to do is to really really get involved with their work…few are ready for the contacts…those who are ready with a solid body of work will find getting the proper contacts not as difficult as they might think…everyone is looking for fine photographers..all the agencies, all the publishers….the door is open for those who “have it”….

    cheers, david

  • i think i “have it”.
    i need a doctor.

  • thanks David.. of course I’m very keen to talk to you, and its this reason I’ve been holding back not wanting to waste my chance with you without anything ready. Its been a very slow process for me as the scanning has been creating such large files slowing down my computer until I get to the point of having hundreds of unorganized images all over my desk top. But I am determined. Hopefully something to show very early in the new year.I know your busy too.
    Always appreciate you noticing and getting back to me.

    Cheers to you. Peter

  • David and his new mmmmmmmmmmm nine toy…..skype December 23, 2009 at 1:something am http://www.etrouko.com.au/im.htm

  • the live-photo room is great.. would be cool to have it as a permanent fixture


    yes…we should keep burnians.com up somewhere…i have some pics for the burnian scrapbook too…


    where oh where have YOU been?? last i heard from you was with the 50 pictures you sent to me of you with your new boyfriend in Chattanooga (shoulda edited down a bit)..well, boyfriends come and go , but we are always here for you….seriously my dear, do not be a stranger…


    well you were right…yes, i said it…you were right…i had NOT seen everything…but, i have now and trying to catch up….


    you are one of a kind…not sure which kind, but one of a kind….i have a pretty cool shot of you on the screen , but i cannot find my card reader…when i do , i will post the picture on burnians.com…man are you ever FAST at putting things together…totally tech savvy you are and with FLAIR……always a pleasure to talk to you….

    cheers, david

  • Likewise chatwise David ……all this is easy with the right access plus this household dog included(food and walks only) pretty much runs on “If you are going to do it then do it”

  • Lassal, Haik,
    congrats !

  • David ( DAH),
    Merry Christmas from Katharina and Susetta ( the BKK workshop nightmares :)

  • O.K. That was fun. Now can we stop with the navel gazing and get back to the regular programming?

  • Jim have you heard of the famous story of Scrooge…….


    Seasons greetings


  • DAH,

    Just read your post to Peter……

    I would be interested to hear your thoughts on agencies etc, I have a few stories in mind that I want to work on. I am trying to diversify into the more “story telling”/documentary photography and would be really interested in approaching agencies. At the moment most of my stuff is shot to brief for commercial clients etc.

    I am also working on a fairly large personal project in Portugal at the moment and getting a little confused over as I keep flipping into “what does the viewer want” mode (its a hangover from shooting with clients in mind) rather than shooting/editing for me.

    Have a great festive season.



  • Peter,
    you might want to read this article, but make sure you read the comments as they are very accurate.

    Art Wolfe is a big name and good marketeer so he might have some agreement with photoshelter, he has a team to help promote his stock sales. So working as a one man band it could be tricky to get your images to rise to the top of search engines.

    You could look at Alamy.com but then again buyers are swamped with thousands of similar images, they have some kind of alamy ranking which helps you get to the top but it is really complex and has to be constatntly monitored because they keep on changing criteria so you have to go back through you images re tagging/keywording resubmitting etc etc.

    I have a stack of images with http://www.johnwarburtonlee.com they inturn have them listed with Alamy, to put it bluntly sales through these sites hardly pay for my phone bill. It is also a numbers game, the more pictures you have in a library the more chance you have of being selected. I don’t know much about the reportage/documentary market and channels to market, Dah would be able to help with this.




    the stock agency game is often a nightmare….i was with two before i joined Magnum…one of them, and i am very tempted to publish their name, cheated me and others out of thousands of dollars…i am almost tempted to think that many photographers, given the net resources, could do much of it on their own…but, i am not 100% sure of this…in any case, it is tricky at best…balancing personal work with work for sale is always the slipperiest of slopes, but it is what we all have to do….i would love to talk to you in person about it…i am also trying to figure out a tech way that many of us could conference call simultaneous…some way where i could set aside a particular time to go over issues with many…my one on one skype calls work, but by definition only for one at a time…anyway, i am thinking on this…


    the incredible success of just the fun of looking at spontaneous pictures from this audience on burnians.com leads me to believe this should be some kind of regular feature…a place for this audience to publish whatever they see fit…or from a theme that i throw out there …we did it once before on Road Trips…anybody remember the self portrait exercise?? anyway, thinking about that one too…i certainly enjoy seeing reader photographs which are simply fun (although not everyone likes fun) or are intended to illustrate a particular theme…this was the theme of Burn birthday, but we could surely do others…only downside i see is who in the world can manage it…or, maybe it can self manage..thinking about this too…

    cheers, david

  • David

    I think this the time you should submit your birthday picture to burnians.com
    it is still not complete.
    peace and love for Christmas.

  • All,

    I know this is only for a part of the world but anyway… Merry Christmas.. or Happy Holidays… or Happy Weekend :)

    peace and love for everyone

  • David, the conference call idea sounds great. It’s possible I could help arrange it. I have access to professional call-in audio equipment, though we might be limited to a total of six callers. Could easily produce a podcast from that though and everyone could hear.

  • Erica

    The tattoo was temporary, but the artists are real ;)

  • Oh, and clicking on my name these days will get an example of a short slideshow that illustrates a theme and is meant to be fun, though there is hint of seriousness as well. I’m not putting that out there as a great example of photography or anything, just playing around with different ideas for narrative photography I’ve been getting out of these ongoing conversations.

  • DAH –

    Really want to know what’s up with Cindy H?

    She’s here, I think.


  • speaking of Skype….
    i just finished a 40min conversation with Thodoris…
    It was fun and i confessed lots of secrets and anecdotes…
    Thodoris seems to be pretty cool…
    Burn community is definitely real…flesh and bones…

    DAH yes,
    can skype multi task?
    i know iChat can but not everyone has a mac…
    there must be a skype way also …for a multi conference
    kinda thing…
    big hug

  • Jim, this IS the “regular programing.” Burn is, always has been and always will be much more than just a photography mag. Burn is a community, a large, ever-changing and evolving group of individuals from across the world who gather here because they care about photography. Some are vocal but many more remain silent. But vocal or silent, we are all in this together. Like any community, we like to celebrate, and Burn’s first birthday deserves to be celebrated.

    Now maybe this isn’t your thing. That’s fine. Just don’t rain on our parade, OK? Lassal and Haik went to extraordinary efforts to make this celebration special. As did lots of other folks. I think of the Burnians who got together in Frankfort and London. They braved blizzard conditions to get there, and several had long distances to travel.

    I guess I don’t understand why anyone would call such a birthdy celebration “navel gazing,” but each of us sees the world in our own unique way. That’s what makes it interesting. The key is to respect our differences not to put anyone down because they don’t share our perspective on things.

    I hope I’ve respected your position, Jim. I’m glad you’re here. You always say it like you see it and I admire that.


  • …hmm.. from what i read here on my skype window (click on CALL, scroll down to CONFERENCE call), it seems it can do it, up to 24 people plus host.. not that i’ve ever tried though..

  • Sexy??
    Did you forget to confess something??

  • Patricia, I thought the celebration was great. But, enough already. We going to spend the second year of Burn celebrating the first?

  • Regarding the possible conference call about agencies, or whatever, it’s not 100 percent sure, but it’s possible I could set it up as a live internet radio broadcast. You could have a couple experts on phone lines and a few open lines for callers. That would also produce a podcast which could be accessed by everyone. Audio quality would be professional whether it went off live or not.

    Regardless of how you manage though, I hope a podcast is produced so everyone can hear. That’s a simple thing to record and link to.

  • Jim, it looks to me like we’re moving on now with all the talk of agencies and possible conference calls/podcasts. And DAH only saw all the pics on burnians.com this morning. After all it IS the holidays so things might be a bit slow around here for awhile.

    Speaking of which, happy holidays, all!


  • David AH..

    First—-sorry for the loss of your friend and mentor, Masaka Okada. i hope you found his family in Japan and that you were able to express your condolences. Again, so very sorry that at this time of year of joy and unity and birthday celebrations, you should suffer grief..

    Second—-saw your stunned expression of gratitude and joy when you finally were able to look at all the photos on Burnian..i am so happy i was able to participate..it gave ME great joy to do so..somehow it was so comforting being an integral part of this wonderful project organized and put together with blood, sweat, tears and sleepless nights by Haik and Lassal. And i mean that, it was comforting and gratifying to me in deep and profound ways. So David, I am personally so very thrilled at your reaction.

    Third—-i wrote to your e-mail at Burn..no response. I know this is the worst possible time and i would never in the world impose yet another task on you but if you could check your e-mail this morning, i re-sent my e-mail asking for the Loft´s mailing address and zip code so i can send you a Christmas card (handmade) and also perhaps, if you were serious about letting me camp out there, directions for finding the key..maybe, maybe???

    Again, many thanks and best wishes for a continued joyous holiday.


  • Erica

    Thank you! was super nice to see your comment on my Burn pic. I left one for you on your essay..am not here much right now because am so so so busy but i made sure i saw your essay. It blew my mind. It was absolutely perfect and so very touching. Your essay was a true labor of love and your soul was evident in each and every photo..and the audio was simply incredible.

    Merry Christmas, grrl


  • Family photographs are wonderful things, or so people keep telling me, but I have very little use for them. I will admit to a certain amount of prejudice in the matter, as family photographs of the Clan Bashmachkin invariably include members of the eponymous clan (and I know this for a fact, too; I’ve seen some of those photographs and there are family members in each and everyone of them). Given that I do not want to see these people in the flesh, a phenomenon that ineluctably leads to my handing out money I will never see again, I do not care to see them in photographic reproductions in either color or black and white. To be honest, I find the idea of willingly looking at those people more than a bit nauseating, if not actually perverse, a vile and unnatural act akin to putting spicy brown mustard on chocolate ice cream or rooting for the Red Sox.

    I cannot say with metaphysical certainty when I developed this aversion to my own flesh and blood, but I am pretty sure that it arose in utero, when I learned that I was not going to be Bill Gates. I was profoundly nonplussed when I got the news, an understatement if there ever was one. I thought the interview had gone well and I knew that I’d scored high in the swimsuit competition and I was sure that things were going my way, so finding out that not only was I not in the running anymore, but that some little dweeb from Washington State had beaten me to the job did not make me very happy, as you might imagine. I knew that there was some chicanery afoot and I immediately demanded a recount, but alas, it was not to be. In such matters knowing the people who count the votes is much more important than having the voters on your side, and under the circumstances I had no choice but to concede. I didn’t like conceding, not by a long shot, but sometimes you’re just stuck with a bad hand. What can you do?

    In any case, the folks who decide these things did not take kindly to my challenging their decision and, in their infinite wisdom and not at all in a spirit of malice, payback, or making an example for others who might think that they got a raw deal as well, they dropped me into the Clan Bashmachkin, as ill-fated a crew that ever stepped into a pile of bad karma while walking down a city street. The relatives keep telling me that things could have been worse, which is an Irish way of keeping things in proportion: no matter how positively awful the bad thing that just happened to you was, it could have been much, much worse. They will then regale with a story about their Uncle Liam in Mullingar, who had a stroke in a barn while trying to saddle a horse and couldn’t move or call out for five hours and had to lay there up to his neck in chicken crap while the pigs ate his left leg down to the bone. The story is usually pointless: Uncle Liam is back in the saddle now, the stroke was minor, and he never liked his left leg when he had it nor does he miss the limb now that it’s gone; and even if the story is not entirely pointless, which is only true in a miniscule number of cases, I find that this is usually the sort of willful denial of reality that I would prefer to skip without hearing the punch line.

    You find this sort of denial everywhere these days if you really know where to look. Take squirrels, for example. Squirrels are homicidal little bastards, not that you would learn this from the press these days. Squirrels are one of the many species protected under the terms of the Disney Dispensation, which declares that all cute, furry mammals are cuter than a bug’s ear, an idiom I’ve never really understood, since if you could see a bug’s ear, assuming the bug in question has ears at all—some don’t, you know, even the ones who used to work for Richard Nixon—you would probably find the bug’s ear just as repulsive as the rest of the bug. Bugs, as a rule, do not fall under the protective folds of the Disney Dispensation; they tried, even picketing Disney Studios to get themselves included, but Walt brought in the strikebreakers—the Beagle Boys did the dishonors, as Uncle Scrooge McDuck was in Howdoyoustan that week foreclosing on a dung beetle—and broke the union; and now everyone everywhere may slaughter bugs in droves, hordes, masses, or whatever other collective adjective you wish to use without your conscience bothering you in the least.

    Squirrels, by contrast, are too damn cute for words. I realize that cuteness has its place in the world, preferably a place as far away from me as possible, but I should point out that no one thought the Nazis were cute either, except for the occasional lonely Naziette. I realize that this bit about Nazis has nothing to do with squirrels and their effect on twenty-first century American social and political reality, but it does give me the chance to use the neologism Naziette in a sentence. If you don’t like Nazis, Naziettes, or neologisms, just skip this sentence and move on to the next one. It’s a pip… not this one, the next one. Cute or not, it is difficult to get Americans to see squirrels for the vicious and violently territorial critters they really are. Your average American will look upon a knock down, drag out, winner take all grudge match between two squirrels over who gets an especially big acorn and smile and tell themselves, oh, isn’t that cute, look at those two sweet little squirrels playing with one another when what is actually going on is that the squirrels in question hate each other’s guts and are trying to sink their teeth into each other’s necks. I also doubt that most mothers in this country would want their offspring to hear the profanity laced abuse these two squirrels are heaping upon one another as this fight gets nastier and nastier. Like modern twelve-tone Moldavian folk opera, one appreciates the spectacle better when one doesn’t understand a word anyone is saying. Knowing only spoils the mystery.

    The same is true with your average family photograph. You’d never know from looking at them just how much your Uncle Harry hates his deadbeat brother in law who lives in the cellar of Uncle Harry’s house because his wife says so or how many people in a wedding picture know that the father of the bride is not the man in the aisle walking arm in arm with the blushing bride, but the older gentleman with the incredibly fake looking toupee two rows behind them on the left, who is leaning over and whispering something into the ear of his fourth wife, a once and future ecdysiast who did not get the memo on what to wear to a wedding and consequently looks like she’s just looking for a pole to leap onto. No, when the photographer is around snapping away everyone’s just one big happy family and don’t you forget it, buster, even if the family involved makes the Borgias look positively warm and fuzzy by comparison.

  • kathleen, thank you..am having a less than jolly moment so reading your comment really warms my heart. merci, gracias :))

    re loft: I’m sure David will get back to you, but just so the loft is on your radar, it is at 475 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211..but maybe David might want you to send the card elsewhere – not trying to butt in just letting you know that is where the loft is. Didn’t DAH mention that Lance will be at the loft too? If you make it there pls let me know, I’m not in NYC much right now, but we could try to meet if schedules coincide, would love to see Lance as well…

  • Erica

    i am ready to just blitz out of my mind here with pressures from every direction but wanted to say, 1) THANKS for the loft addresss..i had the first part but no zip code and have to have all my cards made while i´m still in CR. 2) No David didn´t mention Lance but that´s great. How can i contact you to see if you´ll be around? My e-mail is dyathink1124@gmail.com Would totally love to meet you..your heart seems to be in quite the same place as mine regarding our work. That´s not phrased quite right but i can´t stop for revisions..it´s gogogog.. BUT It would be amazing to talk to you. 3) Whatever is happening in your world to make it less than perfect, i am sorry..hoping the disturbance is brief and piddling vs. long term and horrible. A big Burnian hug might go a long way towards soothing (?) if so…((((((((HUGZZZZZZZ))))))))))))
    and finally 4), thank YOU for butting in!


  • Kathleen, xo, yes to all the above, am at erica at ericamcdonaldphoto.com and here’s the Lance mention 9so the 2nd not meant to butt in butting in is to say email me for lance’s email if you want to touch base with him, if that’s what DAH suggests – the following was to you from David in case you missed or just missed the part about Lance


    your words are never lost…i do get behind, but eventually i do read everything…unfortunately, our timing is off on your visit to New York…i leave for Rio de Janeiro on Dec. 30, but leaving from the Carolina house….yes, New Years Eve on Copacabana Beach…yes, warm and fun and the first day of Carnival and summer…but, i will be working..i will have to catch up fast on the activities and almost literally go from plane to heavy shooting..fortunately, i have a good advance team in place who have at least gotten some permissions and suggested locations for me…

    now, my loft, actually now the Burn gallery and office will be empty, so you could stay there if you want…i can make arrangements for you to get the keys….Lance Rosenfield may be coming in to stay at some point during that time…i just cannot remember his dates..in any case, the loft has two separate sleeping spots, so that could work if your times coincide …Lance is a good boy…

    so so sorry we will not meet and i will not be able to host you properly…i am hoping to hear from you by private email concerning your latest work…..

    my best holiday wishes to you Kathy and i do hope we can meet at some point in 2010….

    cheers, david

  • And here is a street scene at night, right outside the Ledra Palace hotel in Nicosia—which is located inside the buffer zone and serves as the headquarters of the UN…


    By the way, if the pictures I just posted are a bit off, color or contrast wise, it’s because our PC gave out a few days ago and for now I’m doing all my work on a netbook, which is fine for editing but not so much for post processing…

  • TT, great to see the pics of Nicosia, I remember going to the christmas fun fairs in Cyprus as a kid.
    In Larnaca/Aradippou and Paralimni 30 years ago

    Cheers for the memories.


  • thanks Ian…
    by the way I really like your Burn-birthday picture :))

  • Happy Birthday BURN and DAH! I’ve been off the radar (baby rearing, house remodeling, etc etc) but do check in on the amazing and humbling photo essays here. Remember, if you ever need a K.C. print to raise some bucks, I’m all yours.


  • Thanks Thodoris, it is meant in the spirit of burn circus etc… kids

    I haven’t had a chance to look through them all yet.. looking after kids, 2x grannies, snowball fights, wife in London for work…. down time has started, hopefully if it stays up for a while I’ll have a chance to have a good look.

    Have a good one


  • I really enjoyed looking through all the photos from burnians all over the world! So funny, I planned to do something very!! similar to Eric Espinosa’s pic, but then I was in bed with the flu, and could’t go out shooting..Great photo though, and many other too! Burn rocks!!

    Merry christmas to all of you, especially DAVID! So, you leave for Rio already by the end of December.. Is there any chance you will be in NY in the beginning of February? (3rd-12th) Fingers crossing….

    Hugs from snowy Norway

  • David; Off to Avatar? Did you know that the special effects were produced here in NZ?


  • DAH.

    I am savoring what will possibly be the only moment I’ll ever hear you tell me I was right about ANYTHING :))

    Knowing how much blood, sweat (and tears?) Lassal and Haik put into the burnians site, not to mention the effort that went into individual contributions…all for you, Anton and burn…I just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on it. Glad you enjoyed.

    A couple of facts you may not know…
    Lassal somehow identified and found EVERYONE who had participated in burn (with either photos or comments) over the past year and contacted each of us for contributions.
    Haik not only put the site together but helped (at least in my case) with technical support, including adding the burn logo to images.

    To tell you the truth, I’m not sure I’VE even seen all the images. Is there a way to scroll thru the entire group? I am able to pull up various sections but don’t know how to tell if I’ve seen them all. I saw Erica mention Tom Chambers and realized I hadn’t seen his shot, then went back and found it. Please advise.

  • GYULA,
    I was also wondering about that tattoo. :))
    Glad to see the answer posted above.

    So many great shots everyone!
    ERIC, loved yours. :))

  • Akakys’ feelings not withstanding, (very funny post Akaky) please don’t neglect to photograph your families and loved ones if you are together this holiday season.

  • Cathy

    If you start with http://all.burnians.com/node/9 and then proceed clicking on “next”, you should get through all of the submissions (I hope). Please note that some people have submitted more than one image and you need to scroll down the respective post to see it all.

    It is something we just found out too late, that even if we sort the thumbs so they come up in alphabetical order, the next/previous buttons in the posts would always go for the order we posted the content. And as Anton and I posted parallel at times, working at it from different angles, it is kind of a mess if you go through it without knowing the order.
    But I actually did post Yulia’s image first (after 8 test images), so it starts with node/9.

    The last images were the images from DAH by his son Bryan and Simone by Michelle, Bryan’s girlfriend.

    But you have to see that we tried to minimize costs by using plugins that were available for free. Some things are not 100%. But I hope you can forgive us for that.

    I just added http://all.burnians.com/content/richard-mark-dobson minutes ago, but I have not managed to update the map yet – because I have to do that manually. With Richard we finally got out first little dot in Africa. He did the wonderful essay about the Crest Hotel, remember?
    He still has his studio in South Africa albeit working more in Asia now. But studio location counts and the point will be up sometimes tonight.


    DAH and the baby. :))))
    Yess that is Chris Anderson’s son Atlas. A beautiful little man we first met in Tuscany shortly after his birth and then, only weeks later in Perpignan. I did this picture of DAH holdind Atlas during the Magnum party in Perpignan while his parents were trying to get something to eat at the buffet.
    Haik and I thought it could be viewed quite symbolically which is why it is the center of the collage now.

    Sorry, I have not yet read all the comments. I slept 4+14 hours and have still to regain my orientation.
    :) Also I have not had time to get ready for christmas!!! I keep thinking today is the 22nd! The whole family will meet tomorrow evening and if I do not want to be the only one without presents, I really need to get an early start tomorrow morning.

    BTW — we are still to receive images from the NY party and some more from the LA party as well – there were problems with internet accessability. If you still have images you did not manage to post on the 21st, please send them to me asap. I will check the timestamp and put the up accordingly. Please do include a comment to tell us who is on the image.

    We will leave the site up for a couple of days but not for long. New Years eve the latest. Nevertheless I really want to see more of the other parties … Come on guys!

    Thanks so much for your balcony and window views. I admit I was hoping very much to see more of these kind of images … just to get a feel of the locations each one of us lives at.
    You two have amazing views … I would not get any work done if I had a seat at such a window!

    Merry Christmas and a perfect new year!
    Bar is raised now! It will certainly be a most interesting year! I cannot wait!!

    Much love,

    Civi … you are amazing! An extra hug for you!!! And thanks again… Next caipirinha will be on me.


    Glad you enjoyed the pic….kind of fun to be silly once in a while :):)… I was just looking at all the images again this evening and there are some real creative ones… I think my favorite picture is the one of Carrie with the “burn” letters…great shot Carrie!


    Glad to see that you are re-surfacing now…. Hope you sort out the presents in time :)..Some have asked this question before, but like them, I wonder if there is a way of keeping “Burnians” somewhere… Would be kind of a shame to have this lost… you should talk with David/ Anton is there is a way of “moving it” into the archive or whatever but please do not delete it!!!!



  • Lassal..:)

  • OR
    should i say the new BURN PROM QUEEN
    and HAIK the prom KING…


    (reposting it for all to see)
    is a good entry point.

    Now go shopping! :))

    p.s. Now I see what you were thinking with our “shower/bath” discussion. Nice!


    Sorry… I said Anton and I were posting parallel, but I obviously meant that Haik and I were posting parallel … I was just going through Anton’s latest chat before that :) Guess I am still sleeping

    And it is 11:22pm here right now … all I can do is to complete the shopping list and put my running clothing on tomorrow. Actually I did order my christmas presents online this year … but they have not been delivered. So it comes …

    there is just one Rock Star on BURN… and that is you! :)
    Glad you are back …

    our African positioning fire is up! Horray!! Thank you Richard!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    Bob Marley Is This Love

    I wish you ALL… whatever is in your hearts…to come and find YOU !!!
    go figure

    Civilian is working…New project…I WILL BE BACK

  • IAN. Hi.

    Just had a look at your agency web site. Very professional. This is another thing I think about seeing and looking through different genres of photography, that my style of photographing is very much in the street where technical skills are not there as in this style at AWL images. They can look very dirty, which I can really be drawn in to but it makes me think that magazines, due to the medium, most often need an image that is clear and easily read in its clarity.. just a thought..?
    Have yet to read through the article you put up for me, thanks , so will get back to you to let you know what I read in it.
    Just a note about myself in what you pointed out about needed to update ‘key words’ at some sites. I guess things are becoming easier these days to load and re-load things but my God, managerial skills aren’t one I’ve been blessed with…if you could only see my desktop you know exactly what I mean. I hope these are skills I’ll learn.

    P.S. I love that photo of that almond cake you have.. too yummy!

    thanks Ian..


    Now off to do some scanning..

  • It’s been a long time since I don’t show up here but coming back and reading all of you feels like coming home! Burn’s birthday really touched my heart. Happy birthday burn, happy birthday dear David, happy birthday Anton… and happy birthday to all of you, the known and the unknown. And thank you soooo much to Lassal and Haik for the b’day present. And Lassal… thank you so much for encouraging me to participate. Peace and love for you all!!
    PD- will spend a few hours now having a look to everybody’s pictures!

  • CIVI…

    Hope it goes well. Looking forward to hear about it when you get back..

  • Erica

    thank you, thank you for digging back and getting that post for me. i had seen it but forgot about the Lance part. i will send you e-mail shortly..yes, i would like Lance’s e-mail to see when he’s arriving. i also sent mail to DAH at 3 addresses..hahaha, hopefully he will see one of them. I am so happy he is not computer bound..it’s as it should be! Family first!!!

    take care, Erica..thanks so very much for your posts here.


  • …and about the planned short life of burnians.com…


  • Enjoy christmas celebration everybody!

  • ANA

    It is SO GOOD to have you return home to us!!! It’s like all our family is reuniting just in time for the holidays. Please stay with us and share your thoughts and wisdom. You’ve been missed.


  • ALL…
    i know everybody is busy..
    but i have a little present for CHRISTMAS…

    a new fresh link on the way…
    another GONZO story….
    another GONZO STORY will be up in a few minutes…
    i didnt forget you..
    i know DAH told me not to post anymore but…
    i cant resist…
    AS JIM said we need something new…
    everyone is bored..
    well let me bore u a little more…

    gimme 2 minutes..:))))))))))))
    big hug

  • well..
    as i told u about a week ago i was shooting the illegal tsipouro ( greek super potent alcoholic beverage ) production..
    from the greek mountains…
    Its an intense procedure that usually keeps the “producers” busy for couple days and nights , non stop..
    day and night…
    i tried not to reveal faces , identities etc…of course i “failed”….but i intentionally forgot names and
    addresses…so even if greek fbi tortures me i have nothing to remember..
    plus when i left i was drunk…so i cant go back there even if i want to….
    after i left that crazy mountain, i drove straight to the beach.. a unique beach in the ionion pelagos,
    (across italy)..i wanted to get rid of my hangover…i needed to meditate, find God…recharge batteries..
    and then i took another dive ,into the ephemeron, into the nonsense…
    deep into the human craziness of that little town called Arta..
    Another little gonzo adventure as u already expect from me..

    so the link , click below…
    merry XMAS:


  • PANOS,

    great and exciting story. Good to know you are well.
    I like the pictures.
    Merry Xmas!

  • PANOS…

    i never suggested you not post any links…we all love it…however, it does kill the surprise or spontaneity of using the work as a Burn essay…

    you know we publish more content here than any other online magazine except the New York Times where they have a full staff…

    and YOU AND JIM ARE BORED!!!!! geez louise…

  • Happy birthday burn. congratulations to everyone who has contributed so far. I hope it grows more.
    Thank you mr Harvey

  • Hi everyone;

    I’d like to wish everyone here a happy and safe Xmas. It’s 7.30am Xmas morning here in NZ.

    No barbie for us today; traditional chicken, roast lamb, ham and roast veges. The day has dawned nice and sunny so all the mums will be able to shunt the kids outside on their new bikes and skateboards!!!

    Take care


  • Eva….:)))))
    that looks like the same exact spot..
    big hug

  • the road looks a little better..
    who would expect that greece is the “real” cowboy country?

  • panos, you gotta go to Switzerland if you want to see the ‘real’ thing! more cows than people ;)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I tried very hard to contact all of you…hmmm…2,000.000.000
    BUT I couldn’t reach some of you…no e-mail, no keys outside your websites…
    WELL…I am just a civilian…and I wish you ALL


    P.S PANOS, EVA…maybe that’s why I love …Texas…!!!

    back to wor

  • Hey Panos, I love the slideshow, especially so close on the heels of David’s crack that some people don’t like fun (I’m presuming he meant in photography). Well, that work is fun.

    On a related note, here’s an article I found interesting:


    It says researchers have found that people become smarter when they read absurdist literature. I suspect the same thing is true with photography. Cartier-Bresson’s compositions jump immediately to mind, but off the top of my head I’ll bet that most great photographs have some element of the absurd going for them. And when it comes to slideshows and narrative photography, I find a few absurdities and non sequitur’s can make viewing more interesting. It’s an art, of course, but we’re artists. Why not go for it?

  • michael webster..
    big hug
    exactly…”Why not go for it?”

  • Eva..:)
    if Earth was one country…and had one Flag…
    then i can only think of a picture of a b&w big fat COW printed on it..

  • …..some anti-Imants images slow 3 seconds per slide, no music http://www.etrouko.com.au/iman.htm

  • a civilian-mass audience

    MERRY CHRISTMAS from Greece !!!

    Please, don’t forget to say I LOVE YOU to your civilians , who are working hard…behind the lights…next to you…or where ever they are…

    life is full of surprises …you never know … therefore…
    Please, I repeat …don’t forget …a year is only 365 days…We can Do it !!!
    I LOVE YOU ALL !!!

    Goodnight and may the spirits of the Universe …be with you !!!

    P.S Santa Claus…I live in the 3rd house…with the azaleas…keys all over hiding inside the pots
    for my BURNIANS …

  • Well, I have just received the most remarkable Christmas present, and it couln’t have happened without Burn. Ross Nolly just Skyped me from his parents’ house in NZ. It is almost lunch time on Christmas day there and his family has gathered to celebrate the day together.

    Ross carried me via his laptop into the kitchen where I again met his mother, Patricia, and was introduced to his two sisters. Then he took me into the living room to meet his brother, David, his Da and his niece. All of them are so friendly, even though I could tell his Da was a bit unnerved by this electronic miracle. Well, so am I! We then went outside so I could see his Mum’s beautiful garden with scarlet red roses in full bloom and GREEN everywhere. It was so vivid I could practically smell them. They even have palm trees! It remined me of Southern Cafifornia.

    We came back through the house so I could say goodbye to everyone. As we went through the kitchen I saw his Mum stirring the roasted potatoes. For Xmas dinner they’ll be having a roasted organic chicken cooked by Ross, ham, lamb and roasted vegetables. His sister Sharon told her Mum to show me the trifle they’ll be having for dessert, so Patricia opened the fridge door and pulled out this gorgeous trifle. I swear it was like I was there. Thanks so much, dear Ross, for this wonderful gift.

    We are living in AMAZING times!!!

    Hugs to all, especially my new friends in NZ. May everyone who celebrates it have a wonderful Christmas Day.


  • Patricia; It was fun wasn’t it! :-) We enjoyed tyour company!

  • To all the Burnians out there: Merry Christmas!!!
    I know not everyone will celebrate this day, but I hope you all have the chance to sit with friends and family and enjoy some time together.
    This evening my family gathered and we had nice food (too much), nice wine and some singing beside the Christmas tree!
    And most important of all: I finally had the time to take a nice nap this afternoon on my beloved sofa!
    Have a nice Chrsitmas time!
    Peace and good health to everybody!

  • Well, Panos, so much for my worrying about you! Your wonderful pics make it clear that you are doing just fine, thank you very much! Love following your adventures through your photos. Keep ’em coming!!! Happy Christmas…

    love & hugs

  • Patricia, Ross…your Skype visit brought tears to my eyes…i don´t want to say why, well, ok, yes i do..i miss my family in the USA..it´s like this every 24th. A beastly sense of being so so so far away from those i love. But maybe next year it will be different. Anyway, i could feel your friendship and wonderful spirit of sharing..now i am going to sign off and do the Christmas Eve do..but first, thanks for the wonderful post, Patricia..

    love to you both and Merry Christmas all!

    still no flash?!?!?!!?

    Happy Holidays to all!!!!!!
    I’ve tried sharing BuRN with others, but they don’t get it…..
    so to all BuRNIANS that clearly get it…….
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

    And it was wonderful to meet Anna, Haik and Jared in LA….
    BuRNIANS unite…..
    wonderful hearts

  • Katy; Check your email from this morning… :-))

  • Ross

    Will do..believe it or not..i am working..on work..*sigh*..don´t ask..will look for an e-mail..from you? definitely will stop over there in a few..gonna call my family right now to wish them happy happy merry merry..i hope you and your wonderful family had the very best day ever..Patricia made is soooo real for all of us..You´re so special Ross!


  • Just a quick stop by to say Merry Christmas to all and Happy Belated Burnday and Happy New Year. Apologies for not getting my entry in for Burnday. I don’t think I will be stopping in very much during my trip. The internet is tiresome to access. I won’t bother to upload pics after all. And anyway I am not happy with much but still shooting my arse off.

    Kolkata is an agreeable place so far, though the bad air aggravates my cold and I find myself sneezing frequently all day long.

    Sam, camping is no longer legal in the andamans, and certainly not on Long Island. Though I did do it twice in the North on the main islands. I went scuba diving though found the reef disappointing. Anyway I’ve got that bug out of my system now. The local food was good. Lots of lovely fish and parottas.

  • ROSS

    thanks for the wonderful Christmas dinner invite … I would have loved to join Patricia and your family but unfortunately I did not make it. I was running to get presents and I barely made it in time to join my family this year … But I really really appreciated it and it was fun to read how it went :)

    Next year Tony and I are planning to spend the holiday seasons in Scotland again. Last time we did hardly get any phone connection at all … And everytime one of us needed to up- or download something workwise, we got into the car, one was driving and the other one checking the signal. Sometimes it was a matter of 20 or so meters … The signal checker would cry out “SIGNAL!” and the other one would step onto the brakes. Then we would be standing there, in the middle of the road, to do what had to be done. Thank god there were practically no cars around at that time of the year. It was pretty amazing and we had to laugh a lot abou the situation.

    So depending on this little factor, we could try visit each other next year during chistmas dinner. Do you like Haggis? :)
    Everybody else would be invited too, of course. :)))

  • ALL

    I just activated my so far never used twitter account to inform when I update or add somehting to the BURNian site. There are still pictures being emailed to me, and if possible I upload them and add people to the map.

    Seeing DAH twittering, reminded me that this channel would be good for such update informations. I would not want to put it up here on BURN, and on the other side, a direct link to newly uploaded material might be more comfortable for you, so you do not have to go for a hunt every time. :)

    You can find me under “absolutelassal”…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    LASSAL…absolutely …absolute…I will follow :)))

    ATTN: Can someone please transfer my FACE comment here…???
    Thank you in advance for the assistance !!!

  • Lassal;

    No worries! Next time maybe :-) As fo haggis… I’ve only tried it once at a local Highland Games. Put it this way; I wouldn’t hesitate to eat it again if it was dished up to me, but I wouldn’t rush down to the supermarket desperate to buy it! :-)


    I’ve only just read the comment you wrote yesterday re: my Xmas visit with Ross’s family. I understand the poignancy you describe because I felt it too. We haven’t had a family Christmas for years. All the elders and even some in my generation are dead and the younger ones have scattered to the four winds. Strangely enough, going to Ross’s parents’ house for their Christmas gathering was like going home again. Thanks again, dear Ross.


    DAH…I am savoring what will possibly be the only moment I’ll ever hear you tell me I was right about ANYTHING :))

    Glad you guys finally found a planet where to agree (no Mars and not Venus)! :-)))

    That makes me even more eager to find a spot on Earth, maybe even BURN after all!, where David can understand a point I make. Maybe in 2010 (yes, I am an optimist..Ahahaha)?

    Not that it matters one bit…

    PS: Ready to go, Cathy (India), how long and where?


  • HERVE…

    Glad you enjoyed my little joke. You were the only one to notice (or at least to comment.)

    I am taking a quick break from pre-packing. Looking thru all my gear to see if I’ve got everything I need. Just one minute ago looked on facebook and saw your comment about leaving soon for Thailand and wanted to wish you a Bon Voyage. Now here you are writing me :)) Nice.

    YES, finally back to India. My first time out of the country in three years! I had a nice long run (1995-2006) of spending months in India each year so I am looking forward to getting back there to see what’s up.
    I’ll be checking in here and on facebook so you’ll see where I am and what I’m doing. I’ll be gone for about six weeks.

    How about you?


    A little late..please forgive me..but i send you all wishes for the Happiest of Holidays and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year in 2010~


    best to ALLLLLL!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Since I saw your photos and your faces, your smiles, your cameras(yeah right)…
    I am still dancing …

    We are getting ready for 2110 …I am an optimistic
    what else can I be
    Keep shooting BURNIANS…keep shooting…
    shoot your mama and the turkey and the snow, the vaccines,the weird relative,the wanna be
    relative, the I don’t wanna be relative…

    Keep shooting…I don’t know if you gonna shoot with M8 or M6 or F16 or D100…hihihi
    tech talk from civilian …BUT …keep doing what you LOVE to do…

    Smile …you are in the BURN camera…daradaradarraamm…oooo…


  • Cathy, 6 weeks in India is good. As for myself Most likely will stay over 3 months in the region (Sourt-East asia), as usual.

    India, not sure, I have some ideas about what I should do in India, with the camera, and that would not be this year. Yet, If tickets are cheap (which they won’t be), I may fly to Mumbai/East Gujarat.

    Thailand and Bangkok are totally under-photographied, when you take out basic tourist, glossy, travel shots, and the predictable nightlife shots. Just like the tourism over there. Zillions of people, but they all go to the same places, or stick to one activity (sex, trek, or beach lounging, many times, all 3!).

    David might have a word on this, but I think no one has put out anything of the order of his spanish world about Thailand, and frankly, anywhere in/of South-east asia. most books published are niche work (transexuals, boxing, nest hunting, etc…) or journalistic coverage, ie. nothing creative, loose/extended, lyrical or multi-layered like “divided soul”. Strange when just about every great photographer from HCB to DAH, was or is familiar with that part of the world and a repeat visitor.

    Well, I have my little idea…. Even failing miserably at it would be a lotta fun… Since , as we all know now, it’s all in the journey! ;-)

  • Happy holidays to everyone!! and Best wishes to all!


  • Civi, shot the whole family yesterday.. seems they’re bullet prof, everbody’s still alive ;).. but NO WAY I’ll keep shooting up to 2110!!!

    Herve.. no easy task to go to a well known place but doing something different.. but for sure well worth it! Trying to do that in my backyard…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    EVA…oime …i am not myselves… lately!!!

  • Nah, you’re just very very optimistic ;)

  • a civilian-mass audience

    take the ferry …you are just few hours away !!!


    According to STRING theory it is quite possible that there are as many universes as stars and galaxies in our own, which itself may actually occupies a space without any real dimension, a bit like spaces and places when we dream.

    It could very well be that all that we can know of, and observe (that seems so uncommesurable) could hold into the tip of a needle, but expanded of its own, by zillion of light years within that tip. Why any outer discovery always ends in us reaching into our inner core…

  • Is there anybody out there????

  • Panos maybe you missed this part…………….. http://www.iamparanoid.net/

  • PANOS,

    we are here (in the different threads on this site and on burnians) .. and there

  • There are so many active threads it’s gotten hard to keep up.

  • ok…then…im alone…as always…
    nothing wrong with that…
    now i need to present a new link..
    some new work from couple nights ago…

    i was in a bar somewhere in athens…
    so i DECIDED TO USE A STROBE FOR THE FIRST TIME( FOR personal work at least )
    breaking news ( laughing )..
    Wendy can u hear me????????????????
    i was in the bar…i did what i had to do …next morning i went back to the Museum..
    and then it hit me..
    i decided to leave…
    So i went to the airport..
    i got sad..
    i got drunk…
    i got depressed…
    but i had to stay…
    i had promised myself to stay and face my fears…

    anyway, the story below…
    NEW LINK..


  • JIM,
    I’m using a RSS Reader to keep track. Every new picture, essay, dialogue opens a new RSS stream.
    it is like eMail and alerts you, if there is something new. On the Mac, I’m using NewsFire (http://www.newsfirerss.com/) on the iPhone FreeRSS.

    I like the way you’re telling stories… one can feel with you.

  • Thank u Thomas..
    i just had great time SKYPING with REIMAR in germany…
    skype rocks…
    Reimar looks cute…
    big hug

  • Thomas..tomorrow is your skype-turn..
    whoever wants to talk call here..
    im bored, curious, excited..

  • PANOS,

    Reimar is a great guy.
    I use Skype mostly as an instant messenger .. (tfelix)
    big hug.

  • man, Panos…you know how to say ´alone´ better than anybody else i know. Some of those photos..the airport hotel series..gave me chills..who hasn´t been there?

    For you..two things..first a song:


    then, my Christmas card to Burnians everywhere..and that includes YOU, Panos! Happy freakin´ holidays


    love, babe

  • P
    not so scary is it?!?

  • Wendy…
    i was following ( kinda ) DAH strobe instructions..
    i had to use a stella artois beer…in front of the strobe…
    u r right..it wasnt that scary…
    biggest hug

    merry XMAS..
    nice card

  • Hey Panos, fun stuff again. Where can one find DAH strobe instructions?

    Anyway, given your example, I made one too. Not so much fun. Just ugly Brooklyn. McDonald Ave for those interested. Under the L.


  • DAH. ALL.

    Can’t wait to hear what “new rules” the TSA is going to come up with after the Detroit bomber.
    As of right now it’s one carry on bag ONLY (no additional personal item such as a laptop.)
    Only what you need for the flight.
    In other words…no camera gear!
    Cathy says…in the midst of packing her camera gear bag AND laptop bag :((

    Today is the one day of the year that people are most likely to have a heart attack.
    They had to come up with this NOW???
    To top it off…at the moment there is no electronic entertainment during the flight! Just what one wants to hear as they are preparing for a 100 hour flight!
    DAH are you okay with this?

  • Traveling with camera gear is already a hassle – now it will certainly be worse. Advice to Cathy – wear a nerdy photovest which you can fill with extra stuff…

    Too many concurrent threads.. ANTON!!!!!!!! Help?

  • PANOS: cool story again. you really take us with you, give us a ride.
    Take care, D.

  • Re: New TSA rules…

    A vest may be a good idea but now what about my cameras, lenses, hard drives and laptop? :((

    I’m gonna kill that bomber!

  • Ha, enjoy these liberal days of air travel while you can. Cause you know, inevitably, some terrorist is gonna get caught with bomb materials stuffed up his ass and after that it’ll be take off your shoes and pull down your pants for the mandatory anal cavity search at airport security.

  • Michael;

    It doesn’t have to go that far… When I took off my boots to be scanned at Darwin airport the smell practically wiped out the entire passenfger list. Mind you; I had worn them for about 24 hours solid… :-)

  • Ross

    wanted to say thanks for your nice e-mail..i have been working practically non-stop for 2 weeks..very little sleep..am packing right now to fly to New Jersey tomorrow morning..am hoping to get some decent time to relax on this trip and will write you an appropriate response to such a nice mail..


    thanks for your kind and empathetic thoughts posted..when, yesterday? the day before? I am delirious..


    have a great flight!

    best to all

  • Cathy — if you have time look into a backpack with a slot for a laptop – I have one made by tamrac and a company named THINK TANK PHOTO makes some, well, thought out gear — think tank had a website ….

  • kat

  • wendy

    well, compared to the last two weeks..i could drive a NY Taxi and be more relaxed than i am right now..

    you made me laugh..

    back to packing..and reading the security limits in place right now..they are discouraging ANY sort of carry- on bag..better i should trust airline personnel with my valuables? sheesh..also, something about an hour before landing everyone has to be in their seat with nothing in their laps..no pillows, no laptops, nada..can you imagine a plane full of people with their hands on their heads for an hour? i mean, where are you supposed to put them if not your lap if you’re not permitted a book, a laptop, etc. i remember when you could do the whole trip with a baby in your lap. And now, not even a book.

    this will be fun for sure.



  • The solution to all this terrorist stuff on airplanes is to ban people on airplanes. Problem solved. No more terrorists. Stay home. Blow up you own back yard.

  • Kathleen,

    Yes, the new baggage requirements are what I’ve been freaking out over all afternoon.
    See the link I posted above about no electronic devices…as of today banned from the ENTIRE flight, not just the last hour. My Washington Post link joked that this may get people reading again.

    Please let us know how it goes for you tomorrow. Although they are saying it depends where you are flying from…I would think Costa Rica will not be very strict. My friends are in Santa Theresa/Malpais right now, ever get out that way? I loved the beaches and water there although it was filled with mostly Southern CA surfers. I see enough of them here in SoCal!

    dq…I DID get a laptop backpack for this trip. Made by Case Logic. I LOVE the bag. It is (excuse me WAS) TSA approved so that you can unzip the bag to lay the laptop flat and not need to take it out of the case. Unfortunately my laptop was the “personal item” that is no longer being allowed now that it’s only one bag per person.

    Luckily I’ve got 10 days before leaving so perhaps things will settle down by then.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “Let your mind start a journey thru a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before. Let your soul take you where you long to be…Close your eyes let your spirit start to soar, and you’ll live as you’ve never lived before.”

    Erich Fromm

    ENJOY LIFE …walk on the bright side…


    I will be back …I am watching and I am waiting …SMILE

  • michael webster
    December 26, 2009 at 8:01 pm
    Hey Panos, fun stuff again. Where can one find DAH strobe instructions?



  • Flying is bad for your carbon footprint and confronts you with paranoia (and promiscuity). Don’t fly, or fly less…

  • Civi..where FROMM is Erich FROMM?

  • a civilian-mass audience

    FROMM???…from BURNLAND…hihihihih…

    PLEASE …fly …dream…fly … I suggest to FLY …
    WHY NOT TO FLY !!!…keep shooting after you finish …flying…

    What do I know after all…I am just a civilian …A farting one…:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Where are you BURNIANS ???


    Keep shooting…I am watching …KATIE…fly baby ,fly BURNing fire …
    easy with my landscapes …


  • a civilian-mass audience

    i will be back …like a flying saucer …full with souvlakia and mousaka…


  • erich Fromm wherever you’re Fromm lets skype tonight..
    but gotta wait…Thomas & Ross are already ahead of u..
    ( sorry its the wine )

  • wtf is that “Oime” u greek freak?

  • a civilian-mass audience


    OIME ~~
    O= Official
    I= International
    M= Media
    E= Emerging

    (sorry it’s the wine…) WHAT not to LOVE !!!

  • DAH are you okay with this?

    A Leica with a 35mm lens on? I doubt this makes any problem for David, Cathy! I mean, david curbed all this like a pro, years ago, when he told us to, as photographers, to travel light and swift. I tend, like you, to travel like a snail, ie. my house is on my shoulders! But we are wrong, David is the one right.

    I prefer to have the gear with me, but I think there is no problems checking all that in, going to Asia. I’d be more weary if I was in France, or Italy, where there are real cases of handlers stealing from luggages.

    I have a feeling that “going to asia flights” TSA disciplines, are less stringent than domestic and europe flights, that are the target so far of terrorists, and also do not fly over US territory.

    That latest case, if that is the BIG BROTHER we have to put up with, kind of oversight letting a registered terrorist riddled with explosives on a plane, I am not too afraid of losing my freedoms in this Brave New world.

    Grrr…, when i think all that we have to go thru at checkpoints, totally innocent, and Grand ma too, and that guy went undetected.

    This is fucking ridiculous!

  • Hey Herve, just to let you know I thought that was a great comment you made under the main essay.

  • HERVE,

    Yes, Leicas are easier to transport than Canons, DAH doesn’t have those concerns.

    We’re all in the same boat (I mean plane) when it comes to the other stuff however. Some flights were allowing NO electronic devices to be used throughout the entire flight (ipods, laptops.) Now it seems to be mostly the last hour of the flight that you have to sit still and do nothing. An opportunity for all to become meditators? :))

    I’m proceeding with my packing as planned and will have to repack and check my gear if necessary. I just hope if it comes to that it’s on the flight back to the US only so if anything is damaged or stolen I can deal with it at the end of the trip rather than the start.

  • a civilian-mass audience

    that means that my flight days are over…

    Cause , I can’t hold my pee for so long…I am a Civilian…

    Therefore…a message to all the BURNIANS…

    I stuck in Greece and whoever can hold their pee…COME OVER…!!!


  • a civilian-mass audience

    and CATHY ,

    May the travel spirits …be with you…WE LOVE YOU ???

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and CATHY ,

    May the travel spirits …be with you…WE LOVE YOU !!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Sorry for the typo …too much drink …all organic…???!!!:)))

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE all we need is LOVE !!!

  • Cathy

    Flew today..it was great..the attendants were very humorous about the new rules..they announced them prior to the end of the flight and then turned around and didn’t seem to care if anyone actually complied. I mean, the whole book in laps business..they did lock the restrooms 1 hr. before landing. We were allowed to use electronic devices..and security at the airport seemed close to routine..they were a bit more assiduous in their duties regarding carry-on bags and told everyone no powder allowed. But otherwise it was seriously fine. Great, actually. i upgraded to first class for a pittrance and had maybe the best flight of my life, hands down. I got off that flight feeling like i’d just been to a spa..which should tell you a little something about how i felt BEFORE i boarded..ssssstressssed outttttttt…

    I of course know where those beaches are but never go to the beach so the onlytime i see So Cal surfers is when they get on or off airplanes while i’m at the airport. i must be the ONLY person in Costa Rica who does not get off on the beaches. Puerto Viejo is nice..cuz of the food..i can take or leave hot humid air at sea level. Give me the cold clean mists of the cloud forests. Not too many surfers there..just quetzals and weenie native grown apples..intoxicating.

    Don’t fret the airlines stuff..maybe where you’re headed things will be stricter but in CR they aren’t worried as much about terrorism as they are about a bellyfull of cocaine filled capsules or condoms or whatever it is the mules swallow before jetting off to Amsterdam.

    Ok..Civilian, babe. I am burning in Jersey..and it’s all good! Now the folks are calling and i have some decent homemade fare to sit down to..you be good and happy and healthy and all of that..

    missing you, Civilian..and Ross…yes, the late shift will be back to normal in a few weeks. Patience :)

    best all

  • a civilian-mass audience

    KATIE, Street fighter, my sword tongue,

    How does it feel to be back home…???
    I am sending all my LOVE to u and to your family.

    It seems that you can hold your pee…quite well…OIME…
    Patience…BURNING Patience…

    DoAsHarvey …travel light and safe …!!!
    i will be here…and there…waiting

  • Kathleen,

    Glad you had a nice time at the (flying) spa :))

    Thanks a lot for your report. I’m happy to hear it was fairly mellow for you although my experience may be different. Each airport has its own way of doing things. Right now they are requiring a 3.5 hour check-in in Delhi.

    Enjoy your family visit.

    One day when you’re not on vacation I’d like to hear more (by email perhaps) about the cloud forests and how you found yourself in Costa Rica. If you’ve written about it here previously I missed it.

    Take care.

  • Kathleen/Cathy;

    The last time I flew to Tonga the Tongan immigration stamped my passport with a different year; the year before… So technically I had arrived on my second trip the year before my first When I left I showed the immigration guy; he gave a huge Tongan belly laugh; stamped my passport and waived me through.

    Security is pretty lax in the Pacific Islands. Don’t think I’d want that to happen at LA or I’d probably have the official get WAAAAY more intimate and friendly than neccesary… :-)

  • Ross,

    There is a TV show here in the US called LOST…not sure if you’re familiar with it.
    Arriving on your second trip a year before your first sounds like a scene right out of LOST. :))

  • Thanks Michael W! I will go read it again, can’t recall, oops!, quite what I wrote…:-)

    10 days to go, Cathy, I am all packed, carry on and luggage! I get these great “under the counter” sleeping pills in Thailand, and so, on big oceanic flights, I just sleep thru, waking up like a charm a couple hours before landing. 14 freaking hours to Taipei from SF, but leaving at midnight…

    unexpectedly, made a bunch of money this month, everything is shaping up wonderfully for the traveling season. yet, a bit of depressing News on the thai front (1), just after Cambodia snatched 20 Uyghur refugees from UN quarters in Phnom Penh and sent them back to China, one of them is a pregant woman. KHMER SCROOGE!

    (1) http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/28/world/asia/28hmong.html

  • Herve,

    I am also very upset about the Hmong. Can’t someone step in and save them? (Wishful thinking.)
    When do you leave? We may both be going on the same day!
    I’m not packed yet but made a good start this weekend. Will keep chipping away at it.

  • More (in French) about the Uyghur here: http://ka-set.info/actualites/pouvoirs/cambodge-ouighours-chine-expulses-hcr-unhcr-refugies-convention-geneve-091223.html

    They were shipped away the day before the Chinese VP came to sign a few deals…

  • a civilian-mass audience


    I can relate…hmmmm…
    THANK YOU !!!


    i do not put ANYTHING into checked luggage that i cannot afford to lose….all of my photo gear is on my back…as a matter of fact i could almost go on assignment with no checked luggage…only clothing and toothpaste checked…


    i think you are all set to stay in the Burn Hotel….final arrangements today…call me 202 413-1137 (or text) if you have any questions…by the way, i like Puerto Viejo and the humidity and the surfing scene and Mango Bar on the beach….but, like the cloud forests too….i guess i like PV and surroundings because at least there is a Caribbean culture feel to it lacking in so much of CR…the west coast is too much like USA/California for my taste…nice of course, but well, nice in an American, non-Central American way…no?..swinging down to Panama though is the way to go…the islands….been there? what you think?

  • DAVID,

    So tell us a bit more about this assignment in Rio….what is the plan exactly???? I know it is for Natgeo but are you going there “free as a bird” or do you have a detailed plan on what you want/ need to shoot??… just curious on how much freedom you have from the magazine on what to explore around the topic of Rio…Presumably you will be getting there for the carnaval so hopefully we will have many colorful “sensual” Harvey pictures back… the ones you did in Salvador during the carnaval are all time classics Harvey!!! Rio might be a bit more “formal” than Bahia in that regard but I am sure there will be many loose moments!!!! and can anything be formal anyway in Brazil…unlikely!!!…

    Also, will you be traveling on your own of do you have a “fixer” who is preparing for you on the ground??… I hope you will be sharing some details with us on your plans…. Brazil is a place I have to go to someday… now need to convince Lassal to show me the way there !!!!

    Looking forward to hear more….


  • ERIC…

    the plan is no plan…free as a bird…..after this 10 day exploratory trip i will have to come up with a story line of some sort, but it will be my plan….the NG plan is to have Susan Welchman (Ilustrations Editor and collaborator on my best NG projects) and i find a story that works and makes sense…i have worked in Rio before , but not for NG and it has been awhile, so i will have to get my “street legs” all over again ..one of the things i am personally interested in, is that right in the middle of Rio’s almost state of crime emergency, they get both the World Cup and the Olympic Games bid…so obviously something is wrong, but also obviously something is right…the Olympic Committee must have been assured that certain things would be “fixed” in the next few years…from my past experience i know that Rio is beautiful, romantic, hot, jet set capital, old world rich, religious, cultured, drug gang ridden, and potentially dangerous…a great combo for a story….and obviously i have my mind on book….and film…the carnival season begins New Years Eve and i will be there…i do not know if the more formalized Carnival will really be of interest to us in the long run , and might be too too obvious, but i am sure i will take a look…surely the whole point of course is to dig way deeper than either the tourist glamour of carnival or the depiction of an AK47 controlled favela..anyway, i am sure i will be best able to answer your question after this first trip…stay tuned…it could be interesting….

    cheers, david

  • ALL.

    Just discovered that I am being featured on Alex and Rebecca Webb’s blog today along with 14 other photographers who have taken workshops with them. Very happy to be included as part of this group!


    My website
    http://www.cathyscholl.com (under construction)
    was omitted but perhaps they will add it.

  • Brazil, with India, are currently the buzz word for big “basket case” democracies (put that one in parenthese too) moving on up, to the eyes of the powerful international institutions, governmental, but also the eyes of the media.

    Just as China was not so long ago. yet, we can see that this happens only as long as some of the injustices and grave assaults on man’s dignity are put on the back burner, or swept under the carpet. Let’s face it, in the age of Blair/Bush/Sarkozy/Obama, we are not really standing for anything, but the right of businesses to do business. The fate of Hmongs and Uyghurs repelled under the eyes (and from the arms of, in Cambodia) of the big donor community is a symptom of how far down we have come from “never again!”.

    It is true that the population, in its majority, is suffering less, but also at the cost of global homogeneity, and even worse, at the cost of too many minorities.

    This discrepancy is probably very hard to convey in photos, as complexity is more of the order than manicheism (I am not sure it’s about good and bad, and I am not sure who is to blame?) but hopefully, Someone like you, David, who has felt/seen souls divided already, is one to pull it off.

    Hell, I may try too… ;-)

  • Thanks Marcin! For the “like” on facebook too! :))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    I am getting ready for the New Year’s PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    Come on BURNIANS …let’s try…


    please, don’t try this without protection…hmmm…

  • David AH

    Puerto Viejo is really nice, you’re right. Especially in off-season. The whole vibe is relaxed and rastafarian. Cahuita is an amazing beach and the Carribbean water, ahhhh, like a juicy jewel sloshing through a sandy hourglass. But the crime…the drugs..the drugged criminals. er..for women, not the safest evening stroll, you know? The west coast used to be safer but not so anymore. Drugs changed everything in Costa Rica.

    Now, Panama, Bocas del Toro, oh man, what not to love? You get off the plane on the main island that’s what, like a mile long? You walk two blocks to the main strip, pick your waterfront hotel that’s in popsicle colored clapboard buildings, your room hanging over the sea, the rhythm so slow and easy, so safe. The food is a total bore but the ambience, the beautiful clear water, the unspoiled islands, the water taxis, the people..the Bri-Bri (Indigenous tribe) selling organic cacao wrapped in aluminum foil and coffee in little paper bags in the park that they grew themselves in the Talamanca mountains of Costa Rica and they come overland to Bocas to sell it. I was only there once but loved it.

    But…the third world..even the emerging third world, well, it’s nice for vacation but to live there for a long long time, mmm..it’s difficult. However, being here in NJ for just two days..i’m loving it so much but, but…so many aging boomers waddling heavily in XXL sweatshirts from car to restaurant. I look around trying to imagine these places without the boomers..empty..save for a few young harried mothers with their mini-broods of 1.5 kids. What will it be like without the boomers? Strange i think. I went to an artist’s studio today..in the hills..my sister took me. I admired a painting. The young gay artist gave it to me. Just handed it to me. Never met me in his life. Said, here, it’s yours. Well, it’s all strange..the long slanted rays of light raking across the bare brown ground, skeletal trees, as wan and sculpturally elegant as a Calvin Klein model. Different, horrible, beautiful, efficient, clean, home. It’s home.

    Well, i should stop wining and whining. Civilian, care to join me in a glass? We can talk of our homes and our homing instincts. oime indeed.

    I will call you this evening David. I don’t have a cell phone here and will call from my parent’s house. They don’t have internet. If i want the internet i don’t have the phone. If i want the phone i don’t have the internet. Many thanks to you. You will be fine in Rio. You have stage fright. You will be so, so, so fine. I predict it. I read once someone who said that what’s happening on the fringes of the event is always more interesting than the actual event. I have found that to be so. For whatever’s it’s worth. Best of luck..best of light..best of karma and carisma and the creative muse. May she guide every click of the shutter.


    Ohmygod, how i ended up in Costa Rica, how i found myself in the cloud forests, and the above-the-cloud-forests, stubborn burly knots of trees clinging to the ground, clouds racing, RACING overhead, the sun burning a beam of pure light right through your closed eyelids, the air so pure you wonder how you could bottle it and take it back down to the city with you, you lay down and make angel wings in the volcanic sand and while there might be a distinction between you and an actual angel, it’s a very slight distinction. Because when you’re up there that far, where the oxygen is thin and the sun a glowing soccer ball seemingly within reach..well, if there’s heaven anywhere it might just be there. And if there’s a God, her name is Bliss. And for a moment, you are God. He is you. Anyway, how i got here is a story that if i told you you’d think i made it up. But i will tell you if you like. One of these days. After i’ve bid a fond adieu to all of it. And it all becomes retrospective.


    That was an hysterical story about the passport stamp..absolutely classic. I love your sense of humor! Don’t ever lose it (or as many on the internet write it ‘loose it’. Don’t ever loose it. haha)

    Bye all


  • Hey David, I can’t imagine that you would have time to read a novel, or that if you did you didn’t already have a massive reading list prepared. Nevertheless, if you are looking for insight into Brazil, Mario Vargas Llosa’s “The War of the End of the World” is high art.

  • Katy;

    I find that if you can’t laugh at yourself you may just be missing the best joke of the century. My mirror never fails to reveal that fact either :-)


    reading novels is always my best prep….you know i love much of Llosa, but have not read The War of the End of the World”…will get it tomorrow…many thanks…novels always have the real truth…

  • a civilian-mass audience


    “The good writer, the great writer, has what I have called the three S’s: the power to see, to sense, and to say. That is, he/she is perceptive, he/she is feeling, and he/she has the power to express in language what he/she observes and reacts to.”

    Lawrence Clark Powell (American Librarian, Writer and Critic, 1906-2001)

    KATIE …Did I say… I love you…!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


  • a civilian-mass audience

    to all BURNIANS …

    “Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter?”
    Pablo Picasso


  • a civilian-mass audience


    Maybe a BURNIAN …laughing all the way to the bank…payday in Grecoland…
    Santa Claus is coming …

  • Santa Claus is coming ……….to get whatever money you have left

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Laughing like there is no tomorrowwwwwwwwwwww…

    I am the Happiest Civilian in the World…???

  • a civilian-mass audience


    Come on BURNIANS … can you feel it???
    Life is beautiful …!!!

    Keep shooting…keep loving…keep wandering around…
    My new project is …coming soon…
    Something is really …BURNing !!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    NEW YEAR is almost …here …!!!

    from a BURNED penguin …


    I WILL be BACK!!!

    P.S Please, take care yourselves and your FAMILIES…that’s all you have after all…


    enjoy your time and have a good start to the NEW YEAR :)
    Looking forward to reading you again …

    What not to love?

  • a civilian-mass audience


    I’m coming back everyday…for your everyday…almost everyday…
    it’s sometimes the everyday…
    that it makes everyday not like every every day…
    falling in love with the everyday…is not happening everyday…

    OK.I am tired of me…Everyday, every single day …

    now I am Running…
    you all know like who…:)))

  • a civilian-mass audience

    BURNIANS !!!

    Visual food on aisle…Photographic Essays…

    VIVA …!!!

  • BURNIANS !!!

    burnians.com was meant to be a short-lived site to celebrate BURN birthday. Lassal and I had a decision to close it after a few weeks and we have done so.
    But things aren’t always go as planned. The demand for the site to stay up and be the reminder of BURN’s first birthday celebration is overwhelming and our decision is to bring it back to life. However, comments and live picture posting is closed since it requires much of our attention which we cannot accommodate.

    I have also added a link in the links section of BURN pointing to BURNIANS.com.

    Enjoy and Happy New Year !!!

  • Great news, Haik!


  • a civilian-mass audience

    “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”

    Dale Carnegie (American lecturer, author, 1888-1955)

    THANK YOU!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    yioupiii, 2015

    What not to LOVE !!!

    Reporting from Grecolandia, I love you ALLL !!!

    P.S HAIK, Happy birthday too !!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “There is one thing one has to have: either a soul that is cheerful by nature, or a soul made cheerful by work, love, art, and knowledge.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

    yeahhhh, I am cheerful by nature…!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience


    Report, I need updates…

  • a civilian-mass audience

    “The bold adventurer succeeds the best.”


    No comment…:))))))))))))))))))))))

  • @ ALL: Happy burnday. Amazing that Burn is still rocking out there. Inspiration from every essay. Felicitationes.

    Happy 2016! P.

  • Yes, Civi, you have always brought cheer to this site, even when the happenings of your homesite have seemed to the world to be far less than cheerful. You haven’t posted much lately. Maybe you should. Maybe you could attract more of the vanished Burnians back.

    Happy day-late birthday, Burn.

    Yes, pAtrIcIO m., there is inspiration in every essay. I do miss the discussions that used to swirl about them.

  • Wow, this thread is still going?!!! Who’da thunk it? Amazing!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    Ηο,ho …Merry Christmas to ALL !!!

    May the spirits be with All of Us…thank you and I love you ALL…

    FROSTYYYYYYYYYYY…love,peace,health and the best olives and farts from Grecolandia,hohooo,
    please,inspire me cause I can’t do this without YOU !!!

    BURNIANS, report to the nearest BURNING aisle …

    I am back…wowww

  • a civilian-mass audience

    PATRICIOM.,FROSTY.AKAKIE…thank you for reporting !!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    geseënde Kersfees
    ALBANIAN gëzuar Krishtlindja
    ALSATIAN gleckika Wïanachta
    AMHARIC መልካም የገና (melkam’ yeghena) / የልደት በዓል (yel’det’ be’al)
    ARABIC ميلاد مجيد (miilaad majiid)
    ARMENIAN Shnorhavor Surb tsnund
    AZERI Noel bayraminiz mubarak
    BAKONGO Nowélé ya mboté
    BASQUE Eguberri on
    BELARUSIAN З Божым нараджэннем (Z Bozym naradzenniem)
    BENGALI subho baradin
    BOSNIAN sretan Božić
    BRETON Nedeleg laouen
    BULGARIAN весела коледа (vesela koleda)
    BURMESE Christmas nay hma mue pyaw pa
    CATALAN bon Nadal
    CH’TI joïeux Noé
    CHEROKEE ulihelisdi danisdayohihvi
    CHINESE 圣诞快乐 (shèng dàn kuài lè)
    CORNISH Nadelek lowen
    CORSICAN bon Natale
    CROATIAN sretan Božić
    CZECH veselé Vánoce
    DANISH glædelig jul
    DHOLUO bedgi sikuku maber
    DUTCH vrolijk Kerstfeest
    ENGLISH Merry Christmas
    ESPERANTO gojan Kristnaskon
    ESTONIAN häid jõule
    FAROESE gleðilig jól
    FILIPINO Maligayang Pasko
    FINNISH hyvää joulua
    FRENCH joyeux Noël
    FRISIAN noflike Krystdagen
    FRIULAN bon nadâl
    GALICIAN bo Nadal
    GEORGIAN gilocav shoba axal wels
    GERMAN Frohe Weihnachten
    GREEK καλά Χριστούγεννα (kala khristougenna / kala xristougenna)
    HAITIAN CREOLE jwaye Nowel
    HAWAIIAN mele Kalikimaka
    HEBREW חג מולד שמח (hag molad saméa’h)
    HINDI Krismas ki subhkamna
    HUNGARIAN boldog karácsonyt
    ICELANDIC gleðileg jól
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    IRISH GAELIC Nollaig shona
    ITALIAN buon Natale
    JAVANESE sugeng Natal
    JAPANESE merii kurisumasu
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    KHMER រីក​រាយ​បុណ្យ​ណូអ៊ែល (rik reay bon Noel)
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    LUGANDA mbagaliza amazalibwa a’malungi
    LUGOSA mbendheza amaisuka agobhusa
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    MACEDONIAN среќен Божиќ (srećen Božić, formal) / Христос се роди (Hristos se rodi, informal) / Навистина се роди (Navistina se rodi, as a reply to the informal greeting)
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    RUKIGA Noheiri nungi / webale Noheiri
    RUSSIAN с Рождеством Христовым (S rozhdestvom Khristovym)
    SAMOAN ia manuia le Kerisimasi
    SARDINIAN bona Pasca de Nadale (logudorese) / bona paschixedda (campidanese)
    SCOTTISH GAELIC Nollaig chridheil
    SERBIAN Христос се роди (Hristos se rodi)
    SHONA Krisimas yakanaka
    SILESIAN Radosnych godów
    SINDHI Chrismas joon wadhayoon
    SINHALESE suba nattalak wewa
    SIOUX LAKOTA wanikiya Tonpi ampetu kin washte kte ni / wanikiya Tonpi (ampetu) wowiyushkin
    SLOVAK vesele vianoce
    SLOVENIAN vesel božič / vesele božične praznike
    SOBOTA dobro dedek
    SPANISH feliz Navidad
    SRANAN switi Krisneti
    SWAHILI heri la Krismasi
    SWEDISH God Jul
    TAGALOG Maligayang Pasko
    TAHITIAN ‘ia ‘oa’oa e teie Noera
    TAMAZIGHT asgwass amaynou
    TAMIL கிறிஸ்மஸ் தின நல் வாழ்த்துக்கள் (Krismas dina nal vaagethoukkal)
    TELUGU Krismas shubhakankshalu
    THAI สุขสันต์วันคริสต์มาส (souksaan wan Christmas)
    TONGAN mele Kilisimasi
    TSWANA (SETSWANA) Keresemose sentle
    TURKISH Noeliniz kutlu olsun
    UDMURT Shuldyr Ymuśton
    UKRAINIAN З Різдвом Христовим (Z Rizdvom Khrystovym) / Щасливого Різдва Христового (ʃtʃaslyvogo rizdva Hrystovogo)
    VIETNAMESE Mừng Chúa Giáng Sinh
    WALOON (“betchfessîs” spelling) djoyeus Noyé
    WELSH Nadolig llawen
    YIDDISH אַ גוטע ניטל (a gute nitl)
    YORUBA e kun odun Keresimesi
    ZULU UKhisimusi omuhle

  • a civilian-mass audience


    2016 is here for many of you and is coming for the rest of us, therefore I will be after you…

    Expect me …!!!

  • a civilian-mass audience

    oups, let me more festive !!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR BURNIANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you may start reporting …

  • a civilian-mass audience

    AKAKIE …you have already reported

  • a civilian-mass audience

    and yes,Happy days ahead Amigo…I have a feeling that this year,we will meet !!!

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