on a roll….

three days ago i moved most of my belongings out of “the Kibbutz’, my New York home for the last four years….certainly one of THE buildings in NYC among the photography crowd and a few other crowds as well….more than a few iconic photographers live there , along with some internationally known artists of all types..jazz musicians, sculptors, painters, the like…the Kibbutz is an ugly building…..but it has high ceilings and lots of light and a rooftop to die for…nobody doesn’t like the view from my rooftop…the East River takes a hard left northern turn going up right at the point where the Kibbutz sits near the Williamsburg Bridge…so this small piece of geography is a unique  vantage point in New York where you can look all the way down to Wall Street and all the way up to Harlem…yup, the whole island up and down, all in one glance…

the view from my loft is a view that normally only millionaires have in New York…yet i pay little, for the Kibbutz is an unimproved artists loft… there are many writers here on BURN who well know that i live a spartan existence…it is too late in my professional life now for me to make “big money”…for whatever reasons (divorce did not help), i have done everything in my power to avoid ever having too much cash…yet, i have never been out of work…but, i have consistently rejected some commercial work in favor of “doing my own thing”…and, i have not regretted this lifetime decision for one second….i would rather have the pictures than the money…as simple as that…time spent in producing books does not reap financial rewards, nor does all of the personal shooting i do…whatever magazine assignments i have done (40 stories for Natgeo alone), and even the best ad jobs, have all pretty much been tailored in the long run to whatever personal project i was doing at the time…simply put, i worked for the magazines, the magazines worked for me…

well, you may be asking, if this Kibbutz is so damn cool and you love it, why in hell would you move out??? answer: as many of you know, i found an old historic beach cottage down on the Carolina shore that is just, well, just just ME…i had sold my small apartment in Washington which i had owned for 20 yrs….sold it before the financial crises and bought the little beach cottage after the crises…so i was lucky, not smart…so now i own, by luck, my dream house…with the smells and feel of where i grew up and started making my first photographs…the sea, the sea, and the sea…so so sustaining for me my whole life… this house will always need repair….and the old kitchen will probably stay the old kitchen…but the fireplace draws well in winter and the wrap around porch lets you sit outside anytime, and away from wind, because there is always a leeward side…most importantly, this house is very near my two sons, a fathers dream… it fronts a 40,000 acre state park…nobody can ever build in front of me or in back of me…water to left, water to the right, dunes straight ahead…nobody can see me standing on my front porch, even though a tourist area is not far away in reality..yup, t-shirt shops etc are somewhere out there over the dune line…but, never mind, i am in my own little world…as usual…

creating “my own world”  has been my lifelong pursuit…as a kid i played in the dunes not far from here and made prints in my humble darkroom and dreamed of using my camera as a tool for exploration and expression…i refused to let anything interfere with that original dream…it was too powerful a dream to deny….

so, here i am right back where i started…with the same damn dream…it will not go away even if i wanted it to…so yes yes a lot of hard work blah blah blah, but i sure feel just plain old lucky…so lucky that i feel compelled to share with others what i think are the ways to get lucky….to make photography a life, not just a means of technical recording…hence BURN….as i sit in my mostly broken down beach cottage right now, it totally amazes me that i am right this second communicating with so many of you…you are “out there” somewhere just over the dune line…you are not just in my imagination, you are very real…

communicating online was never a dream per se..how could it have been??…that just happened…and after all it is just a part of what i do anyway…BURN is some kind of reflection of my personal life, so it is actually a personal project of sorts, only with your work instead of mine, but it is somehow my work too…so, we are in this together…BURN is just simply what goes on in my loft at the Kibbutz all the time…official workshops yes, but general hang spot for photographers more often than not…as i said, one of THE photo spots in New York…many of you have experienced this first hand at various photo projections and events …and more than a few of you have even slept on my floor (ode to Koudelka)…

ok, back to the point…all my stuff is now out of the Kibbutz…i simply cannot afford to stay there any longer because my primary expense is now the beach house (by the way, the beach place will soon become a place for you to visit…a bit of a trip, but worth it…and i plan to have some limited photo events here as well). anyway, i have just enough money to keep the Kibbutz loft through May…it now sits largely empty…and as i was pulling away from the Kibbutz three days ago, i thought “damn i just cannot let this place go…it is just too too perfect for a NYC space…”

so, the van was packed and it just hit me just as Mike and Tony Skater and i turned on to the highway….my thoughts raced to the obvious…so obvious…..

i thought: why not turn the Kibbutz loft into a BURN gallery for the photographers here??…sell your prints from selected work….

figure out some fair percentage for both of us (galleries usually have a 50/50 split) so that when Tom Hyde sells his tumbleweed photograph for $1000. he keeps half, and BURN keeps half (or whatever we work out)…to pay for the gallery, the office, and Anton, therefore financing BURN and YOU with an infrastructure we already have in place…sell your self published books too…BURN would not be an agency, but BURN could be your agent…there is a difference…and nobody has anything to lose that i can imagine…IF you sell a print, you help yourself, you help Burn…maybe help me to finance shooting some more families for my long term Off  For a Family Drive…i mean, i wanna play too!!

i am soon to be looking for major subsidies for BURN…not advertising…i am talking major support to be able to finance photographers work…the EPF is only the beginning…taking large amounts of funding with minimal strings attached is of course the goal…impossible?? not really…we do it at Magnum with some regularity…

as of last week , i have been charged with helping to develop an online “channel system” for Magnum…Magnet….BURN will become a Magnum channel via Magnet…other Magnum photographers may or may not have their own channel…Magnet can develop its own funding as a larger “brand” and/or BURN can secure its own funding or both… or, perhaps we become a “column” or “channel” on other major sites as well…we are in uncharted waters…this will keep us viable here and help to keep you growing and producing out there just over the dune line…

i will be announcing soonest the new Advisory Board for BURN…an “A” listing of folks respected in our business and who will draw sponsorship and/or donations….i will be announcing soonest the entire list of staff from our audience here…up until last week, i had Anton Kusters and yours truly doing everything…Bob Black has volunteered, at my request, to be Editor at Large (seeking new talent, writing special essays, and well, just being Bob Black)…Kerry Payne has worked hours and hours on a viable business plan (she does that professionally), and Chris Bradley, Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather has volunteered his services outside of his agency, to study the whole “branding” bit…i am talking with several others of you who have expressed interest in helping us with BURN…you know who you are…

all of this sounds a bit daunting, but all of this will allow us to do exactly what we are doing only about 10 times better…right now we are “one dimensional”…i can see much more “depth” with each photographer whose work is presented on BURN….

i will not go into details of what we will do now, but believe me the possibilities are revolutionary…let’s face it, it is time for a revolution…throughout history whenever there has been confusion and floundering (which certainly describes our business/craft now) is exactly when something comes along and changes the “face” of everything…

the large publishing companies, with debilitating overheads, cannot move with stealth in this new economic environment…they have now to fire half their staffs…they have big buildings with big monthly expenses…at BURN we have my humble loft ….and we are in close touch with all of the same photographers that many magazines and agencies now cannot afford to hire…and they have to “over please” their readers so that they can attract a circulation which attracts advertising revenue….hmmmmm.…we could build,  at a fraction of the cost, a better mousetrap…we have low overhead and a circulation that produces itself…

the audience is the action…

to point,  we have YOU….the new breed…the new generation…the next bunch to rip it up…and WE are already gathered…we are not making stuff up here, i am telling you all of this already exists….hmmmmm, so put two and two together…timing, timing, and timing…and Chris Bradley’s concept of “co-opetition” is so true in the online community…we are not competing in the old fashioned sense of it….we will not take one dollar away from the established media companies…..we actually will help them…they will help us…funding is going to be shared by many….we just have to be in the game…

these are ideas anyone can have….so, why would it work for us??  because we already have totally in place a whole combination of things that nobody else has…but even if it does not work, what the hell?? nothing lost at all…forget one possible fear right off…my close attachment to all of you is germane to this whole issue….i ain’t going anywhere…and you know damn well i cannot get rich, because it would blow my whole image…survival sounds attractive however…

ok, well sorry, this was a way too long winded comment…but,i am in full thinking mode, so forgive please…and besides, the whole point of this is that i need your thoughts…but just on the ONE ISSUE, the gallery issue, for the moment…a BURN based gallery to sell your prints (curated shows…say, monthly events to do so)…i can hang 30-40 prints at a time…we can have print storage shelves etc etc…you provide the print or work out a deal with Mike to print for you (Mike has very long list of known photographers for whom he has been their primary gallery printer before he came to work with me)…

as with everything with BURN , we are a community with arbiter…just as in the submissions here for publication on BURN, the EPF (recipient to be announced at Look3) , etc etc. not everyone can participate in everything, but everyone sure as hell has a chance…do exemplary work , and you are “on it”…

again, just one more way to turn our online experience into a reality…

your thoughts???

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  • rock
    all of it…
    post a photo of your view..
    the dunes
    the water
    the surf…
    your kitchen…
    we all want to see..

  • *
    ALL… i think i may have just done the worst job of cut and paste of all time…just tried pulling the comments from “coming home ” over to this new Dialogue post…i thought some would miss it as a comment only…
    23 marcin luczkowski
    April 28, 2009 at 1:04 am Edit

    great idea. :)

    and… hmmmm… I am jealous… your beach house…ehhh… but you know that :)
    24 jared iorio
    April 28, 2009 at 1:13 am Edit

    One question:

    Can we still sleep on the floor when in New York? Of course we’d agree to be out before the gallery opened…

    Seriously, I have no idea if it’s a viable option. It seems like it is, I would love it to be, and anything I could do (I couldn’t imagine what) — I would be glad to pitch in, the idea is just so exciting.

    With an online gallery /store and a New york gallery space, it seems you could stay afloat, if the readership here is anywhere close to what you’ve described previously…
    25 ian aitken
    April 28, 2009 at 1:21 am Edit

    this is a huge and increadible undertaking, If you think I might be able to help out with anything, drop me a line.
    Your generousity of thought and deed is quite outstanding. The vision of finding a breathing space, whether physical or web based, for an open forum for emerging and established photographers and art buyers/editors/commissioners/non photographerss/appreciators of the craft of photography to mix is grand and I wish it the best of luck.

    During my short time here I have certainly been challenged and inspired.

    You might want to take a look at http://www.lensmodern.com it is a photographic library, that has been set up by three top end commercial photographers as a showcase for photographers personal work, that they do not want to have tucked away in a filing cabinet nor do they want the images to be sucked into the abyss of photographers rights issues surrounding getty etc. John Hegarty of BBH is heavily involved and keen to champion the rights of photographers. The percentage rates are good as it is run by photographers for photographers.

    Best of luck

    26 A civilian-mass audience
    April 28, 2009 at 1:51 am Edit

    It took me 45 minutes to read Mr. Harvey’s post …my eyes are still hurting BUT I AM smiling!!!

    I feel so HAPPY again, so inspired…
    OIME. MR. HARVEY with all the good energy that we are sending and all the love and the kisses from your family and your friends and your friends to be…YOU ARE THE “RICHEST” man ALIVE !!!!

    Mr. Tom Young, his tumbleweed photograph for $1000…aaaa??? ( any discounts for civilians?)

    BURN the place TO BE !!!!

    P.S I would like to be the first CIVILIAN to donate 50 EUROS for the Kibbutz PLACE . SERIOUS .What shall I do ?
    27 ian aitken
    April 28, 2009 at 2:27 am Edit

    Civilian, I’m with you on the donation.
    David can you set up a donations box?
    28 audrey bardou
    April 28, 2009 at 2:39 am Edit

    Civilian, Ian, me too !

    I think that it is a good idea a donations box !
    29 Lassal
    April 28, 2009 at 4:01 am Edit

    30 Lassal
    April 28, 2009 at 4:03 am Edit

    :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) …
    31 bobblack
    April 28, 2009 at 5:57 am Edit

    David :)))))))))))))))

    that was an essay in and of itself :)))))))))))))….and were it only possible you could write long, more often :)))))))))….there sure is something in that OBX shoreline wind that gets a mind a chumbling :)))))

    i think it is a brilliant idea…cause BURN GALLERY already has more for it than most galleries have to start with: an active and interested ‘client(s)’, a strong curatorial base (you), a well-spring of ideas/creativity (Burn), a place that is reasonably inexpensive ($2000/month is pretty cheap for a ‘commerical’ space), and branding and a large cache….

    a first idea: exhibit the work of the EPF winner and finalists….

    the only problem i see arising is the images themselves (printing, shipping, etc)….for those who shoot digitally, this is a non-issue, for those of us who either print ourselves or are experimenting with digital prints from negative-generated files, another issue….BUT….this should not stop the train…

    those are details to work out…but for now, seeing what i saw during the October show at Kibbutz and the prints generated, i’d say it’d be a brilliant gallery, a brilliant venture and, why the hell hasnt’ it been thought of up to now?…

    think APERTURE, ONLY younger ;))))))))

    got to get me some of that sweet-salt carolina sky….

    32 bobblack
    April 28, 2009 at 6:02 am Edit


    for me, though i fail at them miserably all the time, those are the 2 big ones for me: awareness and kindness…what better diet is needed? ;)))…

    anyway, those 4 Noble Truths, here they are:


    33 Lassal
    April 28, 2009 at 6:09 am Edit

    check your email please :)
    34 katharina
    April 28, 2009 at 6:25 am Edit

    great idea..
    35 Sam
    April 28, 2009 at 6:50 am Edit


    what else can I say that hasn’t already been expressed above…

    Inspirational… Great idea.
    your energy is so infectious, i love it! – energy, idea(s) & writing… (kinda missed a snapshot to go with though)

    How about some sort of group project, seeing as Burn reaches so far and wide, something of our daily lives, postcards from home… i myself live in the Aussie bush and shoot dairy photography. I think it could be quite special, for anyone who wants to join in, something of our own individual realities. Just a passing idea…


    36 Sam
    April 28, 2009 at 6:55 am Edit

    ooooops… Diary photography not dairy, i’m lactose intolerant : )
    37 Imants
    April 28, 2009 at 8:26 am Edit

    “ooooops… Diary photography not dairy, i’m lactose intolerant : )”………. hmmmnnn that counts us out
    38 andrew sullivan
    April 28, 2009 at 8:33 am Edit


    I love the idea. Who wouldn’t buy a print or two while under the seductive power of the view over Manhattan?

    Could you potentially start staffing the gallery via the volunteer efforts of burn photographers? I imagine a cooperative task would appeal to many of the people here, and you’d probably have a full roster of those willing to donate a day a week to working in the gallery. Forwarding the thought of authorship/ownership would not only save on start-up costs but would also build the business skills of a team of dedicated emerging photographers and add momentum to your idea.

    Glad to hear about your cottage by the beach. Sounds idyllic. Meeting a friend at Diner today up the street from the Kibbutz. We’ll toast you.

    39 Akaky
    April 28, 2009 at 8:45 am Edit

    I thought Weltanschauung was a kind of sausage…guess not.
    40 wendy
    April 28, 2009 at 8:47 am Edit

    what a great idea..
    who would be there to sell the prints?
    would it be by appt. only?
    In terms of $ for rent,
    what about charging each photog
    to hang their photos?
    you know the saying
    ‘you gotta pay to play…’
    That and sales could help with rent….
    LOVE the idea…
    It just needs to generate $,
    to keep it viable….
    And I know plenty of gallery spaces where
    artists pay a monthly fee to hang their art….
    I love your way of thinking,
    your energy
    and your creative spirit….
    an inspiration
    to all…..
    41 Lassal
    April 28, 2009 at 9:35 am Edit

    Akaky …
    it’s more the peel of the sausage. The stuffing is separate.
    42 david alan harvey
    April 28, 2009 at 9:47 am Edit


    well my friend , i will counting on you for your ideas and support….your first thought is a good one…we will get our gang back together soonest for another meeting of the minds..the first meeting has brought us “here”, the next one will take us “there”….there are some details to be worked out, but it all sounds like fun to me….


    i think the best way is to have the gallery event based..the Kibbutz is definitely not going to be a walk in gallery….but it would not be so difficult to have an event per month…you have not been to the space, but you may imagine the crowds we draw already…..i am so so into alternative exhibition spaces in general….this Kibbutz space is just the beginning of what we can do….start thinking old warehouse space L.A…..collectively, we can do whatever we want…..can’t we???


    sure, why not?? good idea too….

    cheers, david
    43 Lassal
    April 28, 2009 at 9:52 am Edit

    DAH …
    44 young tom
    April 28, 2009 at 9:56 am Edit

    :))) of course. maybe an elephant too. anything i have. and no, you absolutely positively cannot let that space go but then I am a broken record on this, no? and for myself, I had envisioned this space as ultimately Burn space from the beginning but, but it wasn’t my space. How generous of you to make it all our space. Of course, Burn needs a physical nexus point too … perfect.
    45 erica mcdonald
    April 28, 2009 at 9:57 am Edit


    exactly..I actually have thought many times about the ability of selling work after the slideshows of the people who were featured when people are happy and excited about the work..I think event based is smart, actually, you already had the slideshow / book sale event for Trolley, that seemed to go well and I don’t think there was tons of advance notice. Your ability to bring in established photographers to talk and show work would be a huge asset if you could combine that with work for sale..What about the possibility of hosting a slideluck?
    46 erica mcdonald
    April 28, 2009 at 9:58 am Edit

    sorry that is grammatically garbled..it is going to be 90 here today (you on your porch with the sea side breeze!) and i’m already feeling it..
    47 wendy
    April 28, 2009 at 10:03 am Edit

    oh yes,
    all is possible…
    what can I do
    to help?
    I think it is a WONDERFUL idea..
    and maybe,
    just maybe
    all prints have to be custom,
    NO giclees….
    so buyers are guarenteed a custom print,
    as opposed to ink jet….
    not that there is anything wrong with digital prints,
    but BuRN’s signature could be all custom photographs..
    I’ve noticed in the gallery world
    that custom prints are worth double
    than an ink jet print….
    just an idea…..
    but maybe not,
    perhaps it is too limiting..
    48 erica mcdonald
    April 28, 2009 at 10:07 am Edit


    I should also say that I used to work at Vision Gallery, which was one of the most amazing photography-only galleries ever..it was in San Fran..a total philanthropic endeavor by the owner Joe Folberg, he ran it for a handful of years because of his love for photography, we showed many of the masters (that was my real photo education, handling and hanging all those prints)..and I ran the gallery at Maine Photo Workshops for a summer, so I have a few skillz :) I’d be happy to try to unearth if we need them…
    49 A Civilian- mass audience
    April 28, 2009 at 10:14 am Edit

    AND we DoASHarvey:

    :”ON A ROLL” again
    50 Lassal
    April 28, 2009 at 10:16 am Edit

    you are full of nice surprises …

  • ERICA…

    as you know, Casey from Slideluck has come to all of our functions….and maybe we could do something..we have talked about some kind of coop event….but Slideluck is a different animal…a bit too big for my taste actually…i like smaller , more boutique operations…the danger for BURN is in getting too big….we will have to fight that one…we need to be prominent enough to get funding, but we do not want to be a franchise…i honestly have always liked the Magnum model, which is obviously why i pursued Magnum…

    since BURN will be a part of MAGNET, we will have that more “boutique” sensibility built right in….i do not think we should do anything to lose that…..

    cheers, david

  • .CUT AND PASTED FROM “coming home”
    17 Gracie
    April 28, 2009 at 12:28 am Edit

    i thought it was those damned crickets pushing underneath my door that were making all that noise.
    i realized it was the wheels in your head turning….

    been too moribund to do anything else other than talk serious…

    dah… seriously… you just made me smile :)))))))))
    18 Joe
    April 28, 2009 at 12:42 am Edit

    19 bodo
    April 28, 2009 at 12:48 am Edit


    I am ALL FOR IT! Honestly, I can at least tell you on behalf of the (emerging) photographers from this part of the world how much this means to us! It is one thing to continue photography to satisfy one’s creative self and urge, and it is altogether a different matter to make photography a self-sustaining process and when an opportune moment comes, to be able adopt it for life! I think your ideas will help everybody. Many thanks for creating these REAL opportunities for us in this way…Burn was already a great great opportunity for many of us and I am amazed to know that it was just the beginning!!!

    Long Live Burn :)


    20 audrey bardou
    April 28, 2009 at 12:50 am Edit

    It would be absolutely formidable, I smile too :)))

    If I can make me useful, I’ll be very happy…

  • Going to need to fix up that space, just a little, especially lighting. And a magnetic paint wall, maybe with whiteboard paint on top, with peel off magnetic strips so people can hang their own little 4 x 6 prints … and a wall with memorable burn quotes painted on it … and a widescreen tv for slideshows … and … and … keep it simple ;-))

  • corona or wine, corona and wine? and negra modelo and white rabbits.

  • Very exciting ideas coming out of this transition. I think I may have been more attached to David living in the kibbutz than he was! The new house sounds perfect. I can relate, just settling in myself in New Mexico.

    Just wanted to quickly share this email I just received from the Natural Resources Defense Council regarding CARLAN TAPP, whose essay was presented on burn:

    Rob Perks let me know that he has been in touch with Carlan on coal ash. They are planning to use his slide show, hope to post it on their website at some point and blog it.

    Thought many here would be happy to know that. I will post this also under Carlan’s essay.

  • David, count me in. I have a photographic lifetime that few have seen.

    In addition to event based sales, would it be possible to have a virtual gallery here at Burn? It will increase sales and allow prints to be made only when they have been purchased.

    let me know where and when you want digital files sent: I’d be happy for Michael C to print for me.

    In my 33 years as a photographer I have never seen anything like this. Yes, we needed the technology but we also needed someone ‘over the dunes” to pull it all together. Thanks.

    I’m in the U.K. but anything that I can do please let me know. As for you up-and-coming photographers out there; I hope you realize what an opportunity – a potential career-making opportunity this is!!!!

    Best wishes,


  • david,

    I have a 20×24 matted print of the women in the hot springs that you published on bUrn in February.
    It is at my mom’s apartment in nyc….it is now yours to help raise some $$ for any of your bUrning endeavors, whichever way the wind blows. I will frame it and give it to you whenever you want it to do whatever you want with it. just a small gesture to say thank you for your encouragement and inspiration…peace and love…hillary

  • Cathy, that’s great news about Carlan. Synergy happens and the flywheel is in motion now.

  • DAH

    about slideluck, I agree..I was imaging a smaller event too, something more like what Casey does once a year in his apartment, the best of the best of the slideluck year (but with a better name :))

    boutique is good..

    what is MAGNET?

  • hillary is too cool … :))

  • Good idea, David. I have started to work on something similar about a month ago :o)

  • David — I think that this is a great idea.

    I see an online virtual store as a natural progression of this idea: It would make sense if photographers that were selected to submit on burn were encouraged to provide prints, books, magazines, cards etc… and those became available for sale through the online store once the work was published.

    In a previous life I created a product called Penguin Caffeintated Mints. We distributed our product online and in stores through distributors and retailers. In my experience selling inventory through different channels (and I would see burn ultimately selling art through different channels – both physical and online) can create a whole host of operational logistical complexities.

    When setting this up it is so important to make sure that the way you handle and track the inventory, take orders, ship orders, invoice, process payments, provide customer service, etc… remains as consistent as possible across channels so that it is scalable and efficient. Not exciting stuff…but it’s necessary and requires thought and consideration.

    I’d be happy to chat with you more about what I’ve learned from my experience if you think that would help.

    In any case, an exciting and inspiring vision David!

    All the best,


  • … and i pledge to buy a print from the gallery. how i will ever decide, i do not know …

  • WOW!!! I miss a morning of checking up on Burn & look what happens???

    David, you really are a visionary. But the thing about your visions is that you make them happen in real time. So here we go…again! I sometimes feel like we’re riding the most gigantic roller coaster in the world, one that has its dips, yes, but one that keeps soaring to more and more spectacular heights. Believe me, the view from this creative coaster is breathtaking!

    YES! That is my response to your latest brainstorm. I’ve been to the loft and can see it as a gallery, a beauiful gallery at that. The light is perfect, the space is nice & open, it has a bathroom & small unobtrusive kitchen, and wonderfully tall ceilings. Besides, there’s space downstars to show slideshows, an elevator to carry woork & people up six flights of stairs to the gallery, and a gorgeous roof for smokers. What more could you ask?

    Well, a bit of $$$ for starters. *It is time for the DONATION BUTTON to appear on Burn.* There are LOADS of photographers and Burn readers who live too far away to volunteer at the gallery or even attend its events. But we ALL want to be part of this grand adventure. Please give us a tangible way to do so.

    You’re right, of course. Everything is already in place for this to happen. You already know the people in the NYC photography world & they know you. Many of them have come to the loft more than once to see slideshows, hear speakers or just hang out.

    You have an excellent & varied body of work just waiting to be shown. And you have relationships with untold numbers of emerging & established photographers who would love to show in the Burn gallery.

    Regarding particulars, be sure that Burn gets enough of a percentage of the $$ from sales. You know how it goes: the higher the gallery percentage, the higher the prices set by the photogs. We know how to adjust for that. But I personally think that collectors will be MOST interested in Burn Gallery, mainly because they will be able to buy the work of tomorrow’s greats at today’s lower prices. And in NYC, no matter how the economy is tanking for the rest of the country/world, there will always be folks with LOTS of money!

    I’m trusting there will be no restrictions on how the photographers want to present their work. If they want to show mimeographed images on butcher paper, that should be their perogative. We’re after quality, yes, but we also want to be open to new ways of seeing/presenting photographs. Of course, there will be a curator and/or curatorial committee to deal with issues of quality and diversity.

    Please let me know how I can help. I am totally psyched about this idea and can’t wait to see how it manifests.

    BRAVO to you, David Alan Harvey! You are a damn genius!!!


  • david! what a lovely idea, and im not saying that just because you live 13 blocks away. i’m looking forward to hanging around soon, looking at photos and helping out. i expect good things.

  • David great idea, siiiiiiiiii
    we all together can try.

  • David,

    As you know, I contribute very rarely, but I try and follow Burn as closely as possible.

    I never made it to the Kibbutz and I missed out on some great events, there is no doubt.

    I wish you all the best in your new humble abode – it sounds perfect.

    Keeping the Kibbutz loft for a Burn headquarters is a great idea. You could easily imagine it becoming a place of pilgrimage for visitors to NYC who are passionate about photography, it will be the place to see the special work and those that make the effort to visit will be rewarded. Sometimes you have to get off the beaten track to find the best of something.

    If it helps all concerned then selling prints and books from there can only be a good thing, and I’d love to contribute.

    I see you’re going to be in the UK in a few weeks. I don’t know if I can make the portfolio reviews, but it would be good to catch up with you.



  • Mazing.
    And it’s very cool to watch this unfold in real time…

  • David, this is by far one of the most ispirational pieces I have read in a looong time…grazie, grazie, grazie!
    If I ever get a chance to visit you, the least I can do is bring you at least a good bottle of wine..red or white? :-)

    p.s. if a “donations” button appears on Burn, I will click it.

  • A civilian-mass audience

    What is today with the “CUT and PASTE” Are you all dyslexics??? Are we together in this…?

    Am I at the right place? Because I am just a Civilian and you keep rolling so fast that I am lost…
    AND I still have my 50 euros in my pocket and you better put the famous donations box up on the screen before I give it all away and buy another gallon of magnetic paint …

    THANK MR.HARVEY and All of YOU… because as my friend says
    “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”

    Cut and paste

  • david

    “…the Kibbutz is an ugly building…..but it has high ceilings and lots of light and a rooftop to die for…” so much for architecture..

    all the best with your new home. and the BURN gallery. you’re on a roll.


  • David,
    this is a wonderful idea! And I am sure you and this community will make it happen!
    It all sounds so exciting to me and I will do whatever it takes to help this idea come true!
    Count me in.

  • A Civilian- mass audience

    NO,NO way Reimar,

    you have to finish the mill first, you promised !!!
    First we take Manhattan then we take Berlin…
    DAAAAA !!!!!!


    i think your print will sell…your whole underwater series is quite compelling overall…many many thanks for your support….


    MAGNET is the new Magnum internet channel system…BURN will be one of the channels on MAGNET..i do not know how many photographers will be interested in developing channels, but this is our new area of exploration…


    i prefer red ….thank you…. i will be in Tuscany in july…are you close by???


    i do hope to see you in june…and please come to the Magnum fest on the 25th….maybe we will have time to go over the most likely photographs you have for print sales…


    please stop by soonest…i should be back in New York by the 10th…


    sure, photographers can create whatever they want…there will have to be limitations on what the gallery can accept just because of the quantity of work that will probably roll in…the art print market is a fickle one , but i will also involve some reputable gallerists in NY who may want to set up relationships with some of the photographers here…i suppose we should also think about online sales right off of the Burn site….but, let me think on that one…i do not want to dilute the off the wall gallery sales, but i want to give as many photographers a chance as i possibly can…


    oh yes …new lighting coming in immediately…magnetic walls, yes….wide screen for films and multi-media…….bunk beds????


    thanks for the good word about Carlan…such a nice nice man and so committed to his causes….


    i keep trying to find a meeting point with you…i will be in London in June and Tuscany in July.. will you be anywhere near???

    cheers, david

  • DAVID, sitting on my balcony in the Berlin-night with a glass of wine, reading this. SO so inspiring!! (Well, I should go finish an project application) but this rocks! I think your idea is great, I will so jump off my at the moment very fast going work-train and on the plane to NY, to volunteer for some weeks. A gallery, an event space, show room. Of course we have to be realistic, who is the audience? Who will buy the prints? The BURN crowd, other photographers, just “normal” audience. We have to think about this. But with your and our contacts, I do think it´possible. Absolute!

    Congratulation with your new dream-home, by the way. I remember how the financial crisis “exploded” while in NY last fall, you were so worried about this house. Amazing you made it, I look forward to come visiting you.

    Big hug Andrea (who, believe it or not, is about to finish an essay to submit here on BURN:)

  • And while in Europe, come to Berlin, my “kibbutz” isn´t the worst either..

  • Hi every body. I’ve just checked the view of the building down to Manhattan! Just awesome… for a small gallery :-) I’m definitely “IN” the project.

    DAH: Even the place look gorgeous to live, sometimes we have to turn the page, and move on, being at the top of the wave…jumping from crest to crest.

    Abrazos a todos!
    Keep looking forward,



    please come soonest…your energy would really help….yes, of course, we must be realistic….although since when was i ever realistic?? anyway, i will try …the way i see it, there is nothing to lose at all…if we sell some prints everybody comes out fine…there is no real investment here except for the preparation of material by the photographer…in any case, join us….you would be so so perfect to have on board for this….and i await your essay for Burn….you are such a fine fine photographer….

    i have not been to Berlin in many years…i would love to come ..maybe after the Magnum meeting in London..can you come for that event?? the 25th is the party…

    cheers, david

  • David;

    Congratulations on your move to the beach, it sounds idyllic. As for the gallery idea, it sounds wonderful. I agree with Patricia that a “donation” button (through paypal or similar?) would be great. Imagine what you can do if only a tiny percentage of your readers/audience send $10?

    Many of us (me included) would love to do more to help, but living so far away does have its limitations. But if there is any way of helping you out, you only have to ask.

    Thank you.


  • Thank you David (smiling!!!!!!!)
    Yes, maybe I can come, and then abduct you back to Berlin.. Well, maybe it´s possible to join you in London, why not I jump on and off planes in Europe all the time anyway. Let´s come back to this!!

    Yes there is nothing I want more than to join you with this project. It can be a bit scary to take the step into BURN because you all seem so familiar. but I know it´s bullshit, just inside my head.

    Yes I guess the thing is not to be to depending on a lot of sale, to keep the costs low, then it will be a win-win situation. But will you still be in NY sometimes?


  • A Civilian- mass audience

    and after Berlin let’s fly back to America but let’s go down to South America this time.

    LET’S send good Energy to all the “citizens” down to Mexico and especially to all the friends

    in OAXACA !!! WE ARE WITH YOU !!!!

    VIVA BURN ! Long live the Universe !

    P.S Katie for you, we are coming…My Gracie, the muse, We miss our SPACECOWBOY.

  • A Civilian- mass audience

    MR. Bob Black or whoever speaks Russian please proceed to “ONE month Burning” someone needs help…

  • Mr Harvey, sir … please check your email – the info you’re waiting on should have hit your in-box.
    Let’s connect soon to discuss… Ta!

  • CIVILIAN :))))

    spasibo ;))))))…I’VE ANSWERED the call…Mr. BlackSea Sailor wanted to know if he could submit his/her own work…so, i’ve had marina write him a message…hoping he/she will get it…


  • ooopps….that was Me (Mr. Black) that just wrote that….see what happens when you have 2 Black artists in the family ;)))


  • David;

    Congratulations on your move to the beach, it sounds idyllic. As for the gallery idea, it sounds wonderful. I agree with Patricia that a “donation” button (through paypal or similar?) would be great. Imagine what you can do if only a tiny percentage of your readers/audience send $10?

    Many of us (me included) would love to do more to help, but living so far away does have its limitations. But if there is any way of helping you out, you only have to ask.


  • Hey David,
    I’m based in Rome but I used to live in Siena, my best friends are all there and I visit them often, so I’ll try and be in Tuscany in July…I was thinking about attending your workshop at TPW, but don’t have enough money for that at the moment, hopefully later this year or next summer…and since you’ll be in Tuscany, I’ll make sure to bring a bottle of red wine from the South, so you’ll taste something different. :-)

  • How about an online component to complement the gallery at the kibbutz?

    For example, create a print sales link where images from the show could be sold to the global audience online. A friend of mine sold a bunch of prints through Jen Bekman’s 20×200 site.

    Just saw that the Burn facebook page has over 1000 fans. We could probably get that higher. And what about twitter? The magnum twitter feed has 2900 followers.

  • Moving out of NYC? On the one hand that sounds great, on the other, I hope you dont get bored:) Living in NYC has always been my dream and still is a goal, so I cant quite grasp the idea of voluntarily leaving it, but then again Im a big city boy at heart. The gallery idea is awesome. I think it will take off, because you already have so much in place before even getting started: space, a NAME, promotion, tons of work for your choosing, and most of all energy and ideas. Im sure it will be a huge success. Joni is doing something similar to this actually and he already had some Magnum guys drop by to see the shows he has put on. Anyway, David, this is a fantastic, but natural extension of Burn. Make sure the two efforts are coordinated.

  • Count me in.

    Good, energizing light to all.


  • David Alan,

    Yay to you for moving to your dream place, i don’y blame you one bit. Although it will be much harder for me to run into you in manhattan like I’ve secretly dreamed.

    Regardless, I want in. I really like what you wrote – to basically rerererereiterate, it is inspiring and exciting.
    I would like to help in any way I can. I live in New York and have more time on my hands skin. I located in Brooklyn and can pee on the Williamsburg bridge (albeit with a bit of strain.)

    Count me in quadruple-time.

  • Looks like things are going to get interesting……..

    I’m still all about making sleeping platforms in the back. Japanese pod style, built into the wall, curtains (blackout curtains:)) to hide them from view…could even be another revenue stream, having folks kick in for nightly stays…

    The BURN collective…man, it’d be like the ’60’s all over again…

  • Hola Uncle , Back from the South Seas! I must be doing life backwards , I already live by the beach but crave a post modern , exposed brick ,raw concrete inner city former petrol station for my retirement .
    Nice plan , I probably should get busy burning!
    Cheers Glenn

  • DAH, just sent you an email….just sayign so here in the hope it doesn’t get lost in the flood.

    Bickford – great idea! :)

    ALL: LOOK3 is rapidly approaching. who’s going? Those of you in the facebook crew, I am going to try and figure out a note or such so we can trade meet-up ideas and details. for instance…I still have 2 room reservations (I only need one) in case anyone needs one and can’t find anything open….will hang on to it – just let me know.

    good light to all…


  • Andrew B, I’m not on Facebook–opted out because of the all the emails I was getting from a ton of people–so would appreciate if you would post any Look3 meet-up plans here too. I’ll be in Charlottesville for DAH & Jim’s workshop as well as for the festival weekend. Am already getting VERY excited!!!


  • ROSS…

    Anton created a “donate button” a long time ago, but i just never wrote the text to go with it…maybe i can do that soon…yes, i would think small donations, as you suggest, to be the very best…minimum obligation all around…keeps us all free….thanks for thinking of us…we will repay in kind as you know…


    me get bored?? where?? laughing…of course, i do receive a lot of the legendary stimulus from NYC…and surely, i will still spend quite a bit of time in New York…throw in a lot of world travel in general, and believe me the respite of the beach does not seem boring…frankly, i have gotten so much work done down here because there are no distractions and there is another whole kind of stimulus with nature…

    wishing you and your beautiful family all best…


    we can still meet in New York…at the BURN gallery opening night….or , any time you choose..you just have to stay on my case…be a little bit persistent, and i will make the time to see you….


    you been gone gone bro…it is hard for me to keep up with your travels…any more new work with the Aborigines???

    cheers, david

  • congrats on the move, D. sounds like the perfect fit for you!

  • Uncle , yeah Gone Daddy Gone ,too long gone ! The year has started off well ,The Solomons , Timor and rocking around the homelands ,still shaking my head that this is actually my life ,been looking at rock art and history here …

    It’s a journey that never ends!

  • Patricia, will make sure we keep you (and everyone here) in the loop…

  • This is what I like so much about Burn. So much negativity in most places right now, and yet the team/community here keeps coming up with ideas and plans that just seem right.

  • So another page turns and there is a brand new chapter! Burn 2.0. I love how things have continually progressed here. Truly inspirational! Always onwards and upwards! This new phase is particularly exciting. DAVID: As I read the post my heart sank as you wrote about leaving the kibbutz… but then this!! I have to hand it to you (you crazy bastard) there is some twisted genius here. I dunno how you keep coming up with this shit, but kudos to you!

    So bottom line… $2.000’ish a month needed to keep the space running?… Feasible… yes… (I realize some of these questions have been raised, but they are the key points) How would the space be accessed? Open business hrs 6-7 days a week? Or by appointment? How would it be manned/womanned? (personally I would volunteer, but i’m miles away… can we find volunteers?). How about the presentation of work? Huge costs in framing etc. Can we avoid this? It’s a bit of a trek out to the kibbutz. Is this an issue?

    As always I am happy to help in any way I can. Just unsure how useful I can be out here in Colorado?… I would very much like to donate a print though! I hope that might help.


  • My thoughts are yes, yes, yes…fuel the fire, build the momentum and nothing is impossible. On a roll, yes. I will most certainly submit prints to the burn gallery, and go to whichever shows and workshops occur there. And I will support others in our community. Cheers to burn and the brilliance that it presents and represents, bringing together the online imagery into something tangible and offering the people of this co-op to meet face to face. A community unique, ripe with opportunity, imagery, intelligence, and imagination… I love the idea of expansion and the expansion of ideas. :)

  • David – the cottage sounds lovely. Congratulations. I’m still willing to help – finally up for air after a period of craziness at work – and have bits of time available. I did have one good conversation with Kerry – happy to keep it going.


  • A civilian-mass audience

    Mr.Bob Black and Mrs.Marina Black ,I spasibo…

    P.S Please correct: You have 3 artists in the Black Family

  • here i am in a basement room in the suburbs of sydney appreciating a view through a tiny window looking up to the sky through the branches of a eucalypt, hoping and praying for some more paid work, driving delivery vans gathering pennies to get me at least one more trip to india to finish one more part of what i’m doing. And i read what you’ve written and thank God there are people like you in this world.
    thanks David and all at Burn. Born again.

  • Chris, YOU are calling it a collective now? I wonder if we can get Green Tortoise tours booked from the west coast to The Kibbutz.

  • holy crap..i miss two days around here and look what’s happened? I have enough reading to last for week..anybody got the condensed version of this transcript? David..i am happy for you, i think, or whatever because frankly i’ve been left in the dust here..but here’s saying GREAT NEWS even though i have only the barest idea of what the news is. Something about leaving NYC and going up the country but wait, no, you aren’t leaving entirely, you’re dressing up the digs for a new gig so..ok, well, i want in goddamit..sheesh…this is what i get for actually working hard on photographs and not keeping my ear to the ground!


  • A civilian-mass audience

    WELCOME Katie,

    you found the WAY…I was looking for you baby and I am still sending signals to other BURNIANS:

    IF you see your name Please proceed to the ” ON A ROLL”

    MartinB, Eric, Paul, Panos, Annie, Akaky,Herve, Charles, Lisa,Srinivas, Jim,Fly and the valley and the son, Charlie, Pete, Lance, Jeremy W.S, Kelly L.J, Jenny L.W, Wrobertangell, Chris H, Stupid…

    IF you don’t see your name PLEASE PROCEED anyway :)))


  • A civilian-mass audience

    More BURNIANS please,

    Please proceed :

    Haik, Jared, John, Laura, Kynghee, Katia,Lee, Tim, Kurt,Thodoris, Ziskar,
    Gina, Sean, Valery, Davidb, Sidney…

  • Slightly off-topic

    So… if you’re a photography student at an accredited college and want to at least get closer to DAH’s dream home for a visit…

    I ran into a scholarship opportunity for Look3 and just submitted.


  • This is very exciting. I cannot wait to submit. This is such a refreshing place compared to many others on the net, as someone mentioned before. The enviornment is a very positive one, and I look forward to participating and sharing with all.

  • A civilian-mass audience

    Welcome Chris M,

    Please everyone ,please proceed , we are on the roll …

    Again our big THANK YOU in advance to OUR SPONSORS !!!!

  • let’s lay out a couple of dimensions to this commercial puzzle by establishing some commercially recognised vocabulary, only bent a little bit for Burn:

    1.) Product Source – The method you have to acquire the goods and service you plan to market. This is optimised by finding the least economic sacrifice to acquire the product for resale. The Burn model is commercially-interesting in that it pre-supposes that there is not initial layout for the product with the exception of the printing cost borne by the artist. This model is Not innovation-interesting as this is pretty much the norm of already established similar endeavours.

    2.) Storage and Store Front – The way you plan to maintain your product inventory and the way you plan to make the inventory available for distribution. This is optimised by reducing the running costs of this resource and also reducing the amount of space needed to satisfy this requirement. Just-In-Time inventory methods were borne out of this goal as was staffing statistics. Both concepts mean that you are only paying the cost of holding a product waiting for sale for the least amount of time and paying the least payroll for the store staff by having them there only when they would be most productive (busy). J.I.T might actually benefit Burn’s inventory requirement as digital printing (even of scans) is pretty on-demand-ish and the customers may not demand next day delivery for a product like this, heck I’ve been waiting weeks for a gallery print I ordered from a UK gallery.

    3.) Distribution – The way you plan to move inventory to a willing buyer’s ultimate location. Ideally there is no distribution and all products moves at point of sale at the store. If remote destinations are in scope then methods of movement, method of packing, method of payment and possibly international shipping implications need to be considered. Remote distribution can make things very complex very quick and outsourcing to operations specialising in this function might be most practical, that is, if remote distribution is in-scope.

    4.) Marketing – The way you make your target customers aware of your existence enough to explore your product. Branding, promotions, advertisements all come into play here. What also comes into consideration is the unfortunate full exploitation of a finite market sector. If you have a huge audience in one market sector that plan to buy one print, after each have bought one print for the year, what happens next? A huge market of ‘artists’ can actually be the most Unappealing market as it is really just cannibalisation of economic benefits as everyone is just buying each other’s print and if this was the case it’s just as easy to let that happen with a print exchange and just make donations to the Kibbutz. It will be interesting to see how many print sales can be lifted out of the starving artist, audience of Burn. For me it’s more fascinating to uncover marketing sectors like Furniture Stores, Hotels, and Restaurants, but I’m certain someone has already thought of that, but I’m certain they’ve not approached that in a very radical way yet.

    5.) Sales – The way you ‘match’ a willing buyer and a willing seller (pre-supposes a successful marketing strategy). Keeping in mind the break-even costs of product, storage cost, distribution cost and the desire to provide a contribution to the economic concern, this is the way you optimise sales. Decisions need to be made whether it is better to sell ten prints at ‘x’ verse only one print at ‘y’ Product cost, storage cost, and distribution costs all weigh in on this.

    Me personally, I think there are a couple silver bullets to optimise all these dimensions, but I’m keen to hear if I’ve missing anything out before suggesting something so radical.

  • A civilian-mass audience

    LOVE U

  • Joe,
    nice one, good to have someone with practical marketing savvy. I have been through the phase of trying to sell prints, online, in galleries by diving in at the deepend, had a small amount of success. It is a whole different world compared to photography – essentially it is retail. you are right here is a huge amount of effort that needs to go into marketing, distribution,storage,online delivery etc etc.

    I would be interested in chatting too you about this, I know we have missed each other before.

    Skype is aitkenimages

  • talk about putting your money where your mouth is! As I said before David ,anything I can do to help from here in london.
    As a start if ANYONE here in london needs to use a darkroom to make up prints you are more than welcome to use mine.


  • Sounds good to me (whatever that is,… Frustrated with slowness of net here at Mom’s in France. back next week, “grippe porcine” epidemy allowing)

    PS: I went to see the Eggleston “Paris” exhibit, and as usual, spent a Wednesday evening (when entrance is free) at the HCB foundation. Interestingly, regarding “CREST HOTEL”, the foundation’s latest exhibit was on the decaying of living conditions in central (?) Johannesburg, an essay by Guy Tillim.

  • JAMES…

    no need to “donate” a print….you hopefully will sell a print for which you receive your 50 or 60 % …we would build your expense into the price of the print of course….judicious selection is the key…in this market all of our print prices are just going to have to be down from what they were a year or so ago, but that is just the reality for all of us in everything we do….

    the Kibbutz cannot be a “walk in” gallery…and you are right, it is a bit of a trek to get over there….i see this gallery as totally event based…or appointment based… every time we have an event of any kind, the place is packed beyond packed…for the last small showing i had of student work , i posted just 6 hours before the event here on BURN, with no other e-mailing or promo of any kind, and we could barely get everyone in the door…and that was on a Sunday night!!! so, i do not think we will have any trouble attracting an audience for your work…..obviously not everyone is going to buy a print…it is not easy to sell prints in general…we can however create the best atmosphere possible by having slide shows, films, etc be a part of the whole ambiance…a few students sold prints which where thumb tacked to the wall at our last showing, so i know something interesting is possible…

    all of this will depend on how much help we can get…i sure cannot do this by myself….but even since i posted this story yesterday, my e-mail box is chock full of potential volunteers etc…one thing i can do for sure is to trade out my mentoring for a little help…there is a little separate apartment attached to the beach house where an intern could live for a month or so, enjoy the beach, help file my work, and receive a one on one workshop all along…anyway, in these economic tough times i think the old fashioned trade out or barter system can take us a long long way…

    from Colorado, what can you do?? think alternative spaces for exhibitions, events etc….and think very hard about which work of yours would lend itself to hanging on someone’s wall…this is no small task….

    cheers, david

  • HERVE, Thanks, great lead on some images i really wanted to see… This first image of the set actually sets the essay right up and makes me think that Guy was setting out to describe an implosion as well.

    I must admit, i think the pending implosion isn’t as pronounced in these images, it just looks like a badly built city, it needs ‘more’ the sense of sophistication and modernity that it was once before and the sense of pending danger that is now, both from living infrastructure and social support infrastructure.

    The entire set can be found Here:

  • JOE…

    you bring up all good points…and obviously you are more adept at thinking about these things than i…and certainly there is nothing new in the concept of this idea either through an actual space for selling prints, nor online…..most interesting is your question of, “if we all buy each others prints, then what next?? this is a very good question…..i do not have the answer…..first of all, i do not see this as some blockbuster business…i see this as just one small outlet for photographers to get a feel for the print market and certainly not exclusive….i will certainly query my gallery friends and our prints sales experts at Magnum to see what might work best…again, as you point out, the assumption overall is that there is no heavy investment from anyone…i risk the monthly rent…the photographer risks the cost of making a print….if one print sales brings a bit of money to the photographer and lowers the overhead of the gallery, then we have succeeded in a very limited business plan sort of way…if suddenly 20 photographers sell 20 prints, then we have another whole equation involving more people, more accounting etc etc…Pay Pal accounts should solve most of these problems i think..

    i see print storage as the toughest thing to think about…this is no small hurdle and confounds the top galleries in New York and elsewhere…print shipping, print damage, etc etc is a formidable challenge….we will just have to set up some very very strict guidelines…we know already from the EPF that a solid 25% of photographers do not really read the instructions we write….most follow everything to the letter, but our biggest job with both EPF and with general submissions here, is getting back to the photographer because they made some error…this is just human nature…but, it would be magnified many times over in the shipping of prints i fear….

    Joe, i look forward to our meeting in London…and i plan to Skype you this week as well….as i have mentioned to you before, my role here on BURN and elsewhere is to employ talents from individuals who can do something way better than can i….you obviously have the professional expertise and a penchant for business that i certainly do not have…if i did, i would not have to worry about paying the rent in New York!!

    many thanks for thinking….i hope i can count on you for more of it…in return, i will do all i can to make hopefully worthwhile contributions to your photographic life…

    cheers, david

  • Dear David,

    To me, you are god. Really. What you’ve always been doing and what you do is really superb. There are loads of other photographers around, but there is only one David Harvey and that’s the man who is writing himself into the history text books forever. If Bresson created Magnum, then you have created Burn. There will be one day, when Burn will soar very high and that day, I’ll be the happiest person on this earth. You are my god, you are my godfather, you’re my dronacharya, and Burn is like my family. Without Burn, I wouldn’t have existed, for everyday, it’s a ritual that I open Burn first thing in the morning, to see, if there’s any new talented photographer exhibiting anything wonderful. I am evolving everyday, and one day, I too wish to be part of Burn. But in my imagination, I already am. The new space will be excellent for us, the photographers of tomorrow and I guarantee that it’ll be successful. I know it will. There cannot be anything different.

    Best of luck, David. I’ll pray for your and Burn’s success tonight,

    Do wish me luck for my future,

    Soham (India),
    One of your greatest fan

  • Wait a minute. Clapton is God. We’ll have to come up with another position for Harvey.

  • Hi David,
    just sent you a pm

  • Hi All,

    Big excitement about this project from here in Sydney, Australia! Go burn. I, for one, am a big fan of portfolios, a set of prints that could be organised into a nicely presented folio case/box. Perhaps there would be a bookmaker or two out there willing to design a radical case for a “burn” portfolio?

    So, this is what I’m thinking…. Perhaps Burn could ask for a submission of one or two prints(through photoshelter, as that seems two work pretty well), on a particular theme, emotion, feeling, colour, shape or subject etc… and a chosen curator could, well, curate, a burn portfolio. The portfolio could be editioned and presented with a couple of essays on various topics (the state of photography perhaps, and why burn exists, and why it is so popular… An introductory essay from DAH himself would be great…. and perhaps an accompanying exhibition.

    If the portfolio was editioned and presented well (lets just say that the portfolio was called Burn No.1) and was presented in an edition of 25, with 20-30 prints in each portfolio) I reckon that a) (first & foremost) it would be pretty cool b) Burn would have a ready made exhibition that could easily travel – perhpas to countries where the photog’s whose images made up the portfolio came from i.e. worldwide traveling exhibition! – and therefore market Burn even further….

    Well, thats what my brain came up with after reading all this exciting stuff. Just a thought. Perhaps joe could spread some light on the business of selling limited edition group portfolios?

    Whatever happens, what a place for brainstorming.


  • A civilian-mass audience


    That’s why I am still ” cutting and pasting ” here …for some people like you Dearest SOHAM !!!!

    Mr. JIM you are my inspiration !!!
    Clapton , yes ,I am with you !!!
    BUT , Mr.Harvey is already = Plato , remember……..


  • A civilian-mass audience


  • Great idea and lovely post David!!!

  • @DAH: talking about alternative spaces. I just sent the first of a series of grant proposals to exhibit photography at a local social club, transforming one of the rooms into an exhibition room and another one into a social/slideshow/exhibition room. You can still order beer at the bar and play skittles, how cool’s that. I took David Hurn there on Saturday and he was really really helpful. (What a nice and motivated guy, by the way!)

  • I think we need to create (if you haven’t been doing it already Dave) a list of People who can actively and semi-regularly volunteer to help out in… whatever will be needed to help out in this incipient stage of this really great idea. I for one am currently unemployed (though it may not last, unfortunatly haha) – but I have loads of time that I could provide, and I’m sure some of the other profound and talented bums on this website may be in the same kayak as me…

    We need a list of Volunteers & Position they can Provide… yes? Perhaps an impromptu meeting in NYC for those available will serve to kind of hammer down some solid paperwork/ideas?

    David will you be in he city at all in the near future? If this isn’t feasible perhaps we can start another forum/blog where people can post what they can do and their contact information: E-mail, phone #, name, where they live, favorite fruit, ect.
    If we can rein in some of the grasp of what and who will be available to us, we can have chickens even before we lay eggs, finally solving that dilemma once and for all (the chicken and the egg one, of course).

    Also, David, I don’t have your e-mail and can’t find it. Perhaps you can e-mail me so I can have it in case you need me to help with any coordination and such? I’m in the city this thursday for an indefinite amount of time (as I live there)… currently spending my time with the retired community in CT.

  • Hi Sean, i think group portfolios are just the tip of the iceberg of possibilities when you enter the book/periodical world verses the single-print world.

    if Burn continues with the same intensity to burn in the future, those earlier editions will have the value that early editions of something that’s been around a long while do.

    What i like about the concept of enumerated periodic releases is that it must be pretty cool to say “wow, we’re on our xx release; who would have though xx years ago we would still be going this strong.”

    Each release sorta cements the future release with a healthy foundation of history.

  • Exhibition Opening Reception: Friday, May 15, 2009, 7-10 PM
    Curatorial Presentation: 8:30 PM
    Donation: $10 (proceeds benefit CEAA programs)
    The exhibit will be on display from May 15 to May 29, 2009.
    Center hours are by appointment only.


    *****PRESS RELEASE*****

    “Venice, California: A Daily Carnival

    The Center for Experimental Art & Architecture is pleased to announce an exhibition of photographs by Panos Skoulidas, an incisive reflection on one of the most vibrant and distinctive cities in the world: Venice, California. Opening reception is on Friday, May 15, 7-10 PM.

    Venice is the home of many artists, musicians, architects and designers such as Ed Ruscha, Dennis Hopper, John Baldessari, Ken Price, Robert Graham, and many others who have come to Venice to find their artistic inspiration. This is where Jim Morrison lived and the Doors performed in their formative days. The city is also notorious for its bohemian atmosphere, rambunctious boardwalks, its pot-infused drum circles, its misfits, outcasts and never-say-die counter-cultures. This is exactly what interests Panos – the colorful intensity of its diverse personalities, the confluence of artistic inspiration and the downtrodden, the co-habitation of the bizzare and the everyday.

    Born in Arta, Greece, Panos worked as a photojournalist in Athens while becoming a master black and white photo printer. Photojournalism allowed him to travel extensivly throughout Europe and United States. He eventually settled in Los Angeles where he now resides and works as a photographer.

    “For many years Venice represented an antithesis of beautiful ideas and people seemed grotesque. It took me a while, quite a few visits to Venice Beach to realize that there is more than the eye can initially see” says Panos.

    Taking his cues from the Doors’ musical genius, Panos represents Venice as a daily tidal shift: from daytime innocence of bright beach-sunlight to the darkness of the night: menacing and dangerous. The city is in constant flux and never-ending transformation and this is what Panos’ camera captures.

    “Venice, California: A Daily Carnival” is a joyous celebration of Venice’s extreme diversity and an insightful reflection on the connectivity of two wildly different worlds that exist there–the day and night–and the incessant shift between them.

    Center for Experimental Art & Architecture (CEAA) is dedicated to presenting emerging and established artists, architects, filmmakers, and photographers that have chosen experimentation as their primary mode of expression, demonstrating innovation and advancement in their respective disciplines.

    Exhibition Opening Reception: Friday, May 15, 2009, 7-10 PM
    Curatorial Presentation: 8:30 PM
    Donation: $10 (proceeds benefit CEAA programs)
    The exhibit will be on display from May 15 to May 29, 2009.
    Center hours are by appointment only.

    818 551 9386 http://www.brudian.com

  • Yeah Joe, I agree. Very cool to look back. Almost exciting as looking forward right now. I think there is heaps going on right now in terms of photography, and a lot of it has to do with the internet. There are so many inspiring thoughts and actions being communicated/marketed online. One that comes immediately to mind is 5b4 and Errata Eds.

    Sounds like Burn Gallery has all the volunteernumbers it will ever need… And how long has this idea been floating around? two days?… a great vehicle indeed.


  • Please feel free to come… tons of wine…….music…..
    pretty girls………. dancers…..huge parking lot ( free )…
    I will send address soon….

  • David,

    I’m amazed. I struggle to keep up with my daily schedule while you seem to have managed to implement Kipling’s “If” to the fullest…

    You’ve already seen my “Nicosia in Dark and White” project, from which I have managed to sell 19 prints so far—mind you without gallery representation or other help.

    If you think this work/subject could fit with what you will be showing in your upcoming gallery send me an email and I’ll give you more info—such as size of prints and when you could expect to have a print in your hands. As for compensation, we all are at different stages in our development and from where I stand participation to your project alone would be rewarding enough.


  • SOHAM…

    you bestow way way to much upon me….i cannot live up to your expectations for sure, but i will do all i can to at least help as much as possible to make photography for you an enlightenment and i do , of course, wish for you good luck and safekeeping in the future….


    damn, we finally agree!!


    this is a milestone for you i know…but, only the first of many more to come with your work…take this honor and stand tall, yet stand humble…..

    from now on whatever you say will be taken more seriously….and just as you have photographed, edited and chosen your photographs wisely, everything you do and say from now on must be wise….including to your perceived detractors…this IS wisdom…..no foot warrior can slay a man who stays on his horse…

    of course, none of your work would make any sense if you were not who you are and lived the life you lead….but, you have moved up a notch…..take good care of your new space…

    congratulations……i will do all i can to be there for the opening….

    cheers, hugs, peace…david

  • David, I would be interested in possibly helping out too. I live in Florida and am born in Winston-Salem, would love to come and help out. I would just need a few months to coordinate everything.


    yes, the Nicosia work is perfect for gallery sales….please stay in close touch by private e-mail etc http://www.david@burnmagazine.org….sooner rather than later i will have a Burn gallerist, but for the moment just stay in touch with me….


    good ideas on the portfolios…i will have a gallery team soonest to make sure these ideas do not slip through the cracks…by the way Sean, this Burn gallery idea literally only came up as i saw the empty space and subsequently was pulling away from the Kibbutz with all of my belongings….it SHOULD have been obvious before, but the old cliche “necessity is the mother of invention” sometimes rings true…


    i definitely want you to be a part of our next Burn meeting in New York…my best address for Burn related work is: http://www.david@burnmagazine.org…late may or mid june will probably be the best time, but stay tuned…

    cheers, david

  • btw, I realize I haven’t even submitted yet, I am a little nervous I will admit. When I read this post last night it was hard for me to sleep because of my excitement. The things you are doing are unprecedented, at least in my experience. There are other photographers that reach out to help others, but it’s like you have made teaching and passing on just as much a part of your life as working on your own projects. I have been lurking on burn for awhile, quietly observing the debates and submissions. There is alot of talent on burn, and while it’s already great, I see it heading for something even greater. All this is to say that I look forward to interacting more on burn and getting to know everyone.

  • A civilian-mass audience


    “the bar has been raised” for all of us here on Burn…
    Mr.Harvey wrote once…

    YES, indeed,the bar has been raised very high !!!! (I was checking Patricia’s link and everyone seems to be very tall there at the kibbutz party…)

    Keep it together…Stand your ground…BURN is the PLACE to be!

    FROM my Civilian heart and from all the Greeks and from all your friends and from all your enemies,
    You are DA MAN TOO. WE LOVE YOU !!!

  • CHRIS…

    welcome….yes, there is definitely a “buzz” going here…i just want to make sure that we stay small and not try to do too too much….we want to be “grand” , but we do not to be “big”….i look forward to seeing your work..

    cheers, david

  • So our very own Panos has made it to the final stage in DAH’s list of stages you go through from starting a book project to completing it. To quote DAH:

(k) opening night….all your friends and family are there…pop a bottle of champaigne!!! make a speech..sign books..enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!

    BRAVO, Panos. We will be there in spirit, drinking a bit of bubbly and celebrating your success…


  • Jim, yes well I always thought Clapton and that was the thing but then I saw Stevie Ray Vaughn live, man oh man, and he was a Texas boy to boot.

  • HEY…


    SO HAPPY I AM :))))

    if there’s anything in which i can be of any assistance in doing the ground/hard work for making this collective dream of ours come true, please let me know! i will really be proud to be part of this!


  • Hi David,

    This all sounds like a great idea, really great. I just sent you an email.



    Oh congrats to Panos on the exhibition.

  • Pat,
    thank u…i just applied with FedEx for a job…So should you!..:)))))))))))

    also super thank… but … enemies??? me?… i have no enemies!…;-))))))))))

    Love you all…….
    from the cloudy City of Angels!!!!!!!!

  • Jason ,:)) thanks

    …this one from our official LA band!!!!!!

  • i’d like to submit work for the gallery and help in whatever way i can…..

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1N_JDqHOZ8&feature=PlayList&p=221D3304F3746762&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=25

    “…Sometimes I feel
    Like I dont have a partner
    Sometimes I feel
    Like my only friend
    Is the city I live in
    The city of angels
    Lonely as I am
    Together we cry

    I drive on her streets
    cause shes my companion
    I walk through her hills
    cause she knows who I am
    She sees my good deeds
    And she kisses me windy
    I never worry
    Now that is a lie

    I dont ever want to feel
    Like I did that day
    Take me to the place I love
    Take me all the way

    Its hard to believe
    That theres nobody out there
    Its hard to believe
    That Im all alone
    At least I have her love
    The city she loves me
    Lonely as I am
    Together we cry

    I dont ever want to feel
    Like I did that day
    Take me to the place I love
    Take me all the way

    Under the bridge downtown
    Is where I drew some blood
    Under the bridge downtown
    I could not get enough
    Under the bridge downtown
    Forgot about my love
    Under the bridge downtown
    I gave my life away….”

  • Panos…



  • A civilian-mass audience

    Oime PANOS,

    So what songs do you listen when you are happy and you want to celebrate??

  • @Panos – congrats! Wish I could be there, but expecting full panos-style coverage.

    @DAH – very wise words to Panos, indeed. all of us can take that kind of advice to heart, as not just a career lesson but a life lesson. Also, I have a few ideas related to your next-burn-steps vision…should I email them to you?

    good light, all

  • Civilian,
    no worries, I will work on the mill! This work will always be there for me. It brings me back to my roots, back to nature and keeps me on the ground plus it is a good way to burn some extra calories.
    At the same time I enjoy burn which stimulates my mind and brings new ideas and new visions to me.
    So far I benefited so much from this community, so I like to give something back, make my contribution to this great idea. Yes, I am miles away from NY, but I know one thing for sure: this will only work with the help of many people. So let me contribute my share, let me be part of it.

    yes, it would be a great pleasure and honour for me to meet you. It is no problem for me to come to London – piece of cake. Flights are cheap and I have some friends in London which I haven’t seen for a while. Tuscany is doable, but more difficult in terms of logistics: flights etc. However there is nothing like real Italian ice-cream, pasta, panini and a nice glas of Italian red wine.
    I will send you an email later today.
    Oh, yes, I have to say this: Berlin would be even more ideal. It is a great place in summer! But please, no worries – whatever works best.
    Let’s keep rolling!

  • BODO…:)))))))
    thank you… You have a big heart indeed….

    ANDREW B…:)))))))))))
    i might let Haik’s blackberry do the “live coverage”…

    this one for all my greeks out there:

  • DAH, wise words to Panos, a real life long lesson.

    Panos, well done, keep your cool.

  • A civilian-mass audience

    I love your fresh air that you bring Reimar !!
    Flights are cheap, no fear of flying, piece of cake…

    “Let’s keep rolling” !!!
    VIVA to ALL

  • Thanks IAN…:)))))))
    i will try to stay on that “horse”…

  • Panos,
    right on man!
    A great accomplishment!
    I wish we had these Star Trek beamers (do you say that in English?) so I could get quickly from A to B and come to the opening and see your images on the wall. But I will think of you and I will be there with you in my mind. Plus I count on Haik’s blackberry!
    Received your blurb book some days ago. It looks pretty cool! The only thing that is missing is your signature. We have to fix this one day ;-)

  • Hey Panos! Congratulations on the exhibition: the first of many I-hope. As DAH says, a milestone; well-deserved. Enjoy it my friend.

    Best wishes,


  • Panos…
    Congrats… really happy for you.

    A couple of thoughts for the brain trust :) …

    About the idea for online sales mentioned above:
    Maybe you could do something like Photoeye’s Photographer’s Showcase.

    About the idea for “Burn Portfolios”:
    The best implementation—without actually binding the prints into a book—that I’ve seen so far is the one Brooks Jensen has come up with—he is the editor and publisher of Lenswork.

  • Reimar,
    u gave me lots of support since the first day.. and now the book ( trust me i know how expensive the post office is )..humbled..:)
    big hug

    thank you for your numerous attempts to bail me out everytime i was messing things up..
    i wont forget..:)))))))

    thanks man…
    you have my fathers name and some great photography to show…
    i hope BURN will be your new home…
    stay… you are valuable here….:))))

  • La Chureca!!! Damn, burning hot now.

  • DAVID: I know i don’t need to donate, but I would like to donate. At least in this case 100% profit would go to burn in the event of a sale. I have been hanging around here for coming on two years now and you have always supported my work and provided good advise, as have many others here. The Road Trips/Burn community has always been a great resource and fun place to be. It’s a good opportunity to give back. This is really all I am able do right now, so am very happy to do so. Later down the line hope there will be the opportunity to show more than one piece as the space evolves, so maybe there will be the opportunity to make some money back in the future.

    Yes, what prints?… In the past I haven’t really exhibited or sold images from my essays. More “nice travel pics” collected along the way. As you say not all prints are suited for the living room wall. But in this case things are a little different. Obviously those visiting the space will have a keen interest in photography and may be be more accommodating to “harder” images as opposed the the general public.

    I do wonder about presentation. You do mention guidelines being an issue and complicated things. I’m pretty straight down the line myself when it comes to this stuff. Always black frame, white matt, same size etc. etc. Obviously things will be very different with this space due to the huge amount of styles represented and the cost and logistics of presenting/framing/mounting individual pieces. Mike has the patience of a saint, but this i’m sure would tip him over the edge! Anyway, maybe i’m getting ahead of things… first things first (just excited). Joe laid things out very nicely in his earlier post in terms of early brainstorming.

    As for Colorado. We are living in the art/warehouse district just north of downtown Denver and have a pretty big space. There is an art crawl here every 1st friday, where all of the artists that have warehouse studio’s open up for visitors… This could be one possibility if the idea is expanded to other locations.

    Will think on about all of this. Man Utd are about to give the dirty Arsenal a whooping in the Campions League so have to shoot to the bar!

  • didn’t DAH mention painting magnetic walls?

  • ALL:

    this will be quick, as im smokin’ the oil behind the scenes with emails to keep the new work coming (DAH/Anton, lots of responses today, some surprises in the next couple of week :))) )…so, for a moment;

    CAPTAIN HARVEY :)))))))…dima’s like “he’s coming, really, sure?” ;))…great to talk, will write u tonight about plans…see you ‘soonest’ :))

    PANOS: :))))))))))))…well, i’m glad you let the cat out of the bag, cause i was choppin’ at the bit to write about it here! :)))…we are all so so so proud of you and will be there with you in spirit…and NO, i havent forgotten your book…family ways, family ways, but it’s on the ‘to do list’ on the fridge….soon my friend, but live large and enjoy….and remember what we have spoken about: you deserve it, you need not apologize for that, but you owe those dark kids and yourself exactly what they is necessary: to live well and and ride tall in the saddle :))

    Reinmar :))))…i WILL hold you up to the promise…when we get to Deutschland…:))))..waiting for that trip…

    Joe: u r hired!…ok, i guess david already said that ;)))…..

    herve: thanks for the great link/idea (joe gave the link) to the J-burg work,,…makes for an interesting study in contrasts..:)))

    i’m so behind in photo/writing work…gotta run…


  • David,

    You are a true inspiration to many photographers throughout the world. Just when one sees an uncertain future for photography as we knew it, up you pop with a truly innovative and downright exciting idea that will give many a young and even old photographer new hope. How can we thank you for it ?

    Personally I’ll give whatever help I can even though I live in the UK. If you want help in the Loft I’ll even hop on a plane… You name it and I’ll do my best to help out.

    One day when I’m ready, I might even submit some work to BURN.

    Good luck in your new Dream Home by the Ocean.

    Son House was God long before Clapton. I reckon you’d make a good St David though…

  • I love the fact that this is all emanating from a little shack tucked behind the sand dunes and all around the world people are getting schyced.

    I feel like James, that I would be more than happy to donate a print ( for all the reasons he has expressed) if only for an initial fund raiser in order to build the funds needed to get the ball rolling.
    As I guess the biggest need for funds will be in the setup stage.

    Another idea for raising profile and revenue could be the traveling Burn projection night. Many film festivals use this technique to expand the audience. Numerous projection nights around the world followed by small scale print /portfolio sales could be a good way to create a revenue stream for the Gallery and be a great way for those of us that live out here on the edge to help out and showcase great work in our communities.

    Life down here in Tasmania has been rolling along well this year. I have returned from a project in Nigeria and, have finally started to get images I am happy with from where I live. I will have some for you very soon.

    All good things,

  • Nice to hear from you Matt. Glad things are going well for you.

  • A civilian-mass audience


    We are really ROLLING !!!

    I am sorry if I repeat myself all this time BUT


  • A civilian-mass audience


  • G’day James, Mate, it sounds like all is going well for you as well. I was planning to track you down in London recently only to find you where now in Denver. I reckon you have made a could choice !

  • Bob..:)))
    Thank u for helping the gallery writers with the
    Venice “press release”..
    I owe you..

  • Sorry, It’s early. That should have been “Good Choice”

  • Mathew said…
    “Another idea for raising profile and revenue could be the traveling Burn projection night. Many film festivals use this technique to expand the audience. Numerous projection nights around the world followed by small scale print /portfolio sales could be a good way to create a revenue stream for the Gallery and be a great way for those of us that live out here on the edge to help out and showcase great work in our communities.”

    Great idea, I think someone mentioned something similar earlier, along the lines of a SLPS….

    I’d be willing to try and coordinate a traveling Burn Night here. Do several, generate some initial cash for immediate expenses (rent!) and also get the buzz going to the non-burn folks….


  • A civilian-mass audience


    OK, I know …someone stop me…

  • When is a new photo or essay going to be placed on the home page?

  • From the responses posted here and I’m sure a ton more sent to David by email, I’d guess our first Burn gallery show could be a fundraiser to get us with some $$$ in the kitty. I add my name to those who would be honored to donate a framed print to the cause.

    Are we on a roll or what???


  • A civilian-mass audience


    EVERYONE here knows that YOU ALL OF YOU have already a house in Greece…
    YOUR keys are almost done…!!! and the magnetic wall is done…the ouzo is done…
    the mousaka is done…the prints not done…good energy is done !!!


  • Civilian..

    i´m just breezing by in-between work tasks, saw this post and smiled..you are an ambassador of good will..miss you, love you sweets!


  • JIM….

    new photo coming soonest..sorry, crazy busy…..you will REALLY hate the one coming!!!!

    cheers, david

  • working working, planning and working..
    lots of positive thoughts for this and more – will chip in soon as i have caught up.



    great to hear from you Slasher!!! our BKK crowd is still intact…..yes, i totally believe in the “event” approach…and print sales tied to a good slide show and seminar etc is always good…do you think we could have a traveling road show and run an exhibition out of a circus tent???? hmmmmm, i always wanted to join the circus anyway….

    cheers, david

  • …. i know im late.. but the hell is that MAGNETIC WALL????????????

  • ERICA….

    painting magnetic walls is one of the things i do best….how do you think Magnum’s new internet MAGNET channel system got it’s name????

    funny you were the only person who did mention MAGNET…i do not think it sunk in on most that BURN will be a part of the Magnum channel system, therefore making all work published on Burn a part of the Magnum site…

    where is your slide show???

    cheers, david

  • DAH,
    Brilliant idea! As long as the print sales can cover the rent and give coverage for emerging photographers it’s all good. There’s a lot of galleries/websites online for emerging photographers, but there clearly is a lack of physical galleries for emerging photographers and without them it’s very hard to step into the world of print sales and exhibitions. A starting point is needed and that’s what you might create for some.


  • As, someone who tends to work in isolation I find the whole idea a challenge. Why would I want to put my lot into a a organisation full of quirky and off beat egos? Well probably because I ignore most of the mainstream channels and do work that I want to do. Is audience important,sometimes and always for some, but most of the time it is the process that takes precedence and I guess that this is the important part of burn at this stage…………..a process of ideas that is just happening to rear it’s head up asking, doing…………

  • IMANTS….

    funny thing…i think most of us think we work in isolation….you made me laugh out loud with ” Why would I want to put my lot into an organization full of quirky and off beat egos? ” … every photographer i have ever known could pretty much be described as having a “quirky off beat ego”…certainly the best ones anyway….welcome to the club….hey, here on BURN the inmates are in charge of the asylum!!! go figure…

    cheers, david

  • DAH
    Having thought of the whole idea quite a bit, I decided I’d love to participate in the BURN gallery. Even thought not quite confident about my work, there’s not much to loose (is it?). So how will that work? Are you sending out details in the future?


  • @DAH
    Not only are the inmates in charge of the asylum, we’re building it as we go along! :)


  • DAH

    If you apologize again for not doing more than you’re already doing, we’re gonna have to have a chat. :)

  • Yai David, Mick was passing my ward today clutching a camera hell bent on taking photos of the flowers in the garden, go figure, with all the punters here one would think that portraiture may be the go…………… thanks and greetings from ward 017

  • Join the circus? I thought my life was just that anyway….

  • DAVID :)))))))))))))))

    we’ll be hearing from Imants (as will the BURN audience) ;)))))))))))))))….i’ve brought him to the asylum…he’s the REAL deal…

    u’ll see, soon :)))

    promise ;)))

    IMANTS: :)))

    to paraphrase that mad-hatter Goethe: “genius and talent are grown in isolation but character is feed by the stream of community” :))))…check ur email, i sent u an invitation this morning…

    running (writing)

  • This is the most amazing, touching, real, surreal, essay I have ever seen. I wathched in awe and the images are still etched in my brain- five hours later. This is something I will come back to and sparks a deep viseral response in me. I admire this piece beyond belief.
    Will tell as many as I can to view this essay. Thanks for sharing and for your vision.

  • David,

    can you explain more about Magnet? What do you mean by channels? But shit, of course its an awesome thing to have our work associated with Magnum. It was so by association with you, not it will be even more so. Still, Im not sure what is meant by channels.


    please contact me http://www.david@burnmagazine.org i would love to speak with you about your work….


    cheers, david

  • DAH ;)))))

    he’s ;))))))))…check ur email ;))))

    he’s one of the Mad-Hatters that your equally mad editor-at-large is bringing on board :))))))))))


  • I meant i’ve already been talking with that mad-man about Burn essay for…long time…d ;)))))….wrote him today (i;ve known that mad gecko hunter, and he’s promised me something)…

    .but LET’S SURPRISE BURN ;))))))))))

    you’re ruining all my surprises ;))))))))))))


  • RAFAL…

    MAGNET will be the Magnum channel system run off the site….BURN will be a “channel” in the same way a television network has various programs…MAGNET the network, BURN a channel….other Magnum photographers will have their own channels if they so desire…now the Magnum site is like any other site with a conglomerate of various things showing either MIM or archives or programs or whatever..the channel system will allow more in-depth participation with specific photographers or groups of photographers…for example, Susan Meiselas and Gilles Peress could have the Human Rights channel where their audience would be specifically interested in their efforts….if we get the funding because of an anticipated high volume of traffic, then the sky is the limit as to what we can do…

    cheers, david

  • David et all, Inspiring words!! Maybe we could set up a donate icon somewhere on the page that takes you to paypal or some other site like it. Or for donating certain amounts, you get some kind of product besides the online magazine, like a limited addition magazine/portfolio of images that are being sold in the gallery, newsletters of recent stories, projects, features to come etc. Just rolling out some thoughts here…


  • A civilian-mass audience

    FOR those who missed the MAGNETIC PAINT “thing”

    david alan harvey
    April 13, 2009 at 9:04 am


    there is nothing better than either small prints or contact sheets for editing as you so describe…photographs in their final form are to be “held”….touched….and i find the tactile nature of looking through contact sheets or moving around small prints to really be the “connection” between the making of the photograph in the first place and final result…there is no editing program available that allows the same kind of flexibility as sequencing pictures on a large table, floor, or wall…

    the very very BEST method for this is the MAGNETIC PAINT for a wall…five or six coats of magnetic paint on a wall, then painted over with your favorite color to match all the other walls in your home, provides the best “layout wall”…buy a box of magnets and edit away from 4″x6″ prints…that way you are always looking at your work…a living “exhibition”….

    you eliminate having to turn on the computer to see your whole body of work…you can make sequence/editing changes while having your coffee and watching the birds in the trees outside your window……you “live” with your pictures….besides, for your guests who may stop in for a visit , you are giving them the best “show” of your life…you will like this “moving wall” so much that the final book you do may be a disappointment compared to the wall!!!!

    cheers, david


  • Stelios……:))))))
    thank you…

    Civi… thank you..:))))
    now i know..”magnetic walls”…”Magnum”…”Magnet”…

  • A civilian-mass audience


    anyway….welcome to the club….hey, here on BURN the inmates are in charge of the asylum!!! go figure…
    cheers, david”

    What is that NOW? Tom YOUNG Are we gonna get Arrested TOO???

  • Civilian, I hope not … I have only spent one night in jail. I was never convicted. Or charged. But I had wonderful conversations with the multiple murderer being extradited to back to New Mexico, the habitual with the silver tongue and sharp wit, the heroin addict in withdrawl (he did more sweating and shaking than talking), the guy who boosted the fire engine, and the drunk logger who bragged it took five cops to take him down. Ahhh, good times, good times.

    I am going to try and make your opening…
    BuRNians UNITE!!!
    oh yeah….

  • David,
    Awesome! You are a working genius always an inspiration, always thinking of the bigger picture straight out of the box
    I VERY MUCH wish to donate time,energy & contribute. By the way, ive collected many many photography mailers from, Galleries, museums–vintage to contemporary for about 30 years. And within these mailers are some mighty talented photographers, many still undiscovered.Each one remind me of the photographers who just wish for an opportunity to be seen, published.

    How did you come up with the name BURN?

    Cheers, and congratulations to be ‘living on the beach. ” Let me now if i can bring somethin, to your community, BURN! Baby BURN!

  • Clapton is God. We’ll have to come up with another position for Harvey.

    I thought we did already, and one to remember as Father’s Day approaches: DAH…DY!


  • i love the idea of portfolio boxes with a selection of photographers work.. a 6 monthly collection of work from the essays maybe.. which i guess leads to what i want to add – subscriptions..

    many of us are collectors of photography and some kind of subscription system where people can pay a fixed amount per period (6 months, 1 year) and for that receive a set number of prints selected from the essays might be good.
    burn would get an amount upfront every 6 months or so which could feed the physical gallery and perhaps the grants and it might help with the logistics of getting print numbers gathered so the photographers would know how many prints to create.

    i am guessing the thought is for signed prints in which case the photographers will have to make and submit the prints – which makes me wonder if it could simply become part of the submissions process to burn? you submit work, it gets selected and you are asked to submit X number of prints from 2 selected-for-print photographs, (as an upfront investment in burn), for which a portion of the sale money is passed on once the latest folio box is created.

    we could either set the boxes as limited to 10 or gather subscribers and see how many boxes are needed… collecter items.

    if there is a new essay ever month, that would mean 12 signed prints form the 6 essayists.. bang them in a branded silverprint box and bob is your aunty.
    costs could be kept low by keeping the print size reasonable – worth framing without being epic.
    larger prints could be bought singly through the burn physical gallery .. i would guess a set print run for these would be best.

    subscriptions of some kind is my contribution to thoughts therefore.. predictable numbers for prints.. regular known payments to feed the kibbutz and grant..

    it´s a great deal of work though and david – PLEASE delegate as much as you can on this one.. it´s already too much that any finatial risk for the space is from you – it feels a little uncomfortable to think that this will draw on your time as well as possibly on your finances – so DONATIONS BUTTON as a top priority.. next post.

    i also wonder – is it perhaps time to see if anywhere in magnum there are photographers or staff who may be able to help out? burn is magnums educational tool and you have put in so much on-request.. i´d love to see magnum deliver something to compliment your efforts..

    back once again, (/you know), all going great guns and on my photo practice david.. i figured a few things out and made decisions about this and that which i look forward to chatting about.

    i also have a new goal david – to do SOMETHING which will gain thanks from you, since this much one-way thanking just isn´t right.

  • Maybe it’s a long shot, but since I don’t have the means to go to the States and give a hand over there (yet), there could be the possibility for me to get in touch with a well known gallery here in Rome that may be interested…it wouldn’t be “Burn Gallery – Rome”, but I’m sure they could help in organizing temporary exhibitions..maybe a once-a-year Burn showcase?

  • Hi, magnetic wall looks great! just for info 1 liter = 2 m2 in the metric system…
    This also looks good, and more expensive… I’ve discovered this amazing table in a science fair in Paris, last year.


    Keep looking forward, Patricio

  • Hi DAH and all,
    I know things are frantic with you guys and it is incredible the amount of effort you put in.
    This topic is hot, everyone is in full support, us non domiciles of NY need someway to Donate , we need that button:-)



  • A civilian-mass audience

    “What is the age limit to submit an essay in BURN?”
    Question from a reader.

    pAtrIcIO m.,
    I love the TABLE …I am gonna start looking…

    KATIE the street Fighter,
    WHERE the heck are you?? I hope you are O.K out there shooting…BE SAFE, I am sending good ENERGIA!!!

    MY Gracie,
    THE BURN MUSE …you got to come back …I COUNT ON YOU.

    YOU are DA MAN too!! My babe TOR CAPA ~~kisses

    I count on you TOO!

    Tom Young,
    “I was never convicted.” That gives me Hope..!Your humor is “quirky” and magnetic

    IAN,Francesco B.,Hervé, Wendy,Jonathan Hanson,Sue Brisk, SPACECOWBOY
    You keep rolling !!!!

  • A civilian-mass audience

    Your wish is granted !!! PHOTOS AND more PHOTOS.

    “If you want happiness for a lifetime – help the next generation.”
    Chinese Proverbs

    “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”
    Isaac Asimov quotes (Russian born American science-fiction Writer and Biochemist. 1920-1992)


  • hi civilian.
    i made tor capa shit himself laughing the other day with a flashgun on strobe – surprising him with a burst of light and a disco sounding ¨booooow¨..

    so proud of myself, with so little to be proud of.

  • @ Patricia – the table is very cool – I saw a huge display of those at a conference, but they were set up almost like a recording console…kind of wrap-around desk style…how cool would it be to have a 4×4 table like that for editing? Oh! or an on-line version that multiple people could see – and manipulate – at one time….shouldn’t be too hard to do!

    @ civilian – I will do what I can! Where oh where is Gracie? I am in need of bubbly words and squinty smiles….and want to tell her that I, too, once thought the “technical” side of photography was the hard part, and wanted to talk about it all the time…and have since learned it’s much, much much harder to have the inner seeing required to make a photograph….

    @DB – that made me smile, thinking of you with a flash gun making tor capa laugh….remember doing similar goofy things when my son was that age….enjoy it, savor it, tuck it inside….it passes too quickly….but is replaced by new, incredible things….

    @DAH – I’m sure you are swampled in email….have a few ideas would love to discuss with you for things we might do – – either skype or email or wait until LOOK3, your call…

    @ Kerry – left you a note on FB

    good morning and good light to all from this rainy patch of Kentucky Bluegrass…




    I knew you were a fan of magnetic walls and had a hunch that is where the name came from, but I didn’t know..very clever..

    also very exciting that burn will be a channel on MAGNET, when will that happen?

    Where is my slide show? Last I heard Anton was head down busy and waiting to ask you about my opening slide..I’d like it to be just white with text, and Anton said he had to ask..but either way I need the slide from Anton before I can put it in a soundslides piece..but pretty much ready to go, though i got back 3 rolls of film yesterday I haven’t scanned yet :)))

    SUE B…
    your help will be invaluable and though it isn’t a real word, unduplicatable! I personally am moved at your offer.

    “quirky and off beat “..who gave you mood elevators :)) ? what a gracious and gentle thing to say!

  • ERICA…

    ok, good…we will set you up soonest….i was joking about MAGNET coming from my magnetic walls, but it does just seem appropriate…MAGNET simply comes from MAGnum NETwork…


    i have not forgotten you….e-mailing soonest…

  • I am so gullible :))..nah just trusting

  • Hi David Bowen, All…

    these are great ideas you are suggesting,
    “some kind of subscription system where people can pay a fixed amount per period (6 months, 1 year) and for that receive a set number of prints selected from the essays might be good”.
    Excellent i think.

    A voluntary subscription (maybe at various price levels), where you could receive a box set of prints (premium level?) or similar would be a great way to bring in revenue. KCRW.com (great music radio station in LA) use a voluntary subscription method (http://subscribe.kcrw.com/subscribe.php), various payment/gift levels etc. it seems to work well for them. And if sponsors were to get involved (Epson or Hewlett Packard etc. ???) it’s possible to even try an annual pledge drive. I think it works so well for them because it’s voluntary…

    anyway great idea David B, it just reminded me of the KCRW thing, i think it can really work.


  • Imants, you are so right..


    nobody is more gullible than i…..takes one to know one…

  • A civilian-mass audience

    To OUR worldwide audience

    Adj. 1. gullible – naive and easily deceived or tricked; “at that early age she had been gullible and in love”

    2. gullible – easily tricked because of being too trusting; “gullible tourists taken in by the shell game”

  • A civilian-mass audience


    You made me shit myself laughing !!!thanks for helping me:
    I enrich my vocabulary when I read your posts

    United And Arsenal …need update …

    A magnet (from Greek μαγνήτης λίθος, “Magnesian stone”) is a material or object that produces a magnetic field.

  • tor capa literally did..
    i know i need not be proud of myself.


  • Mr Civilian Sir – in James’ absence, Man U 1 – Arsenal 0

    Love the idea of a Burn space – and whilst I’m unlikely to make the pilgrimage to NYC, would like to add the voice of one of the mainly viewing, occasionally contributing masses, saying keen to contribute – even if only by donating a few £’s and purchasing a small piece of history from an online presence.

    Can’t wait to see this develop!

  • DAH, do you have any inside information on the Capa Case?

    There’s thousands of healthy frames and such a small selection shown here.

    One thing i hope comes out of this is the ‘way of working’ by actually seeing sequentional frames. This is surely a lost art with the digital age as there are so many more frames shot in digital mode and almost never a sequence of digital frames ever to look back on.

  • DAH, just left a message on your phone & will send an email too. Take care.


  • the capa case is an extraordinary find, given that many of his original negs have been lost over the years.. the best thing about digital age is not having to submit slides and negs to magazines, who invariably loose them.
    you´re right joe – it is a shame so few are being shown online.

    CONTACT SHEETS are a superb way of learning.. just looking at the sequences.. i´ve started viewing mine again and the learning curve is there.. in fact, never mind prints, i would love to have a couple of contact sheets framed on my wall.. i think they will become collectible , if they are not already.

  • A civilian-mass audience

    Petej Thank you MUCH, mate…

    You are A BURNIAN too!
    Keep rolling !!!

    Don’t touch that Capa Case …
    Good energy every one
    Good energy for the CAPA CASE … VIVA

  • Yes, Yes 1-0! Should have been 3 or more. Almunia has an inspired 1st half.

    Anyway… Like the ideas that David (bowen) just voiced. Part of the latter in particular:

    Having selected prints from essays that appear on Burn go directly to the gallery is a cool idea, and great advertising. The world would constantly be updated on the gallery’s work throught the burn site functioning as it is already.Tthousands view the site each day, and then they can see the real thing if they wanted…

    It would be more work, but if a paypal and mailing system was set up for sales from the gallery, people can also order prints from outside the US or NY that they have seen on the site and they could be sent from the gallery.

  • A civilian-mass audience

    YES, YES,1-0

    What a BEATING!

    We did not create the event, nor change it…what else they have done? How should they have been more responsible? curious?

    What a debate!!!

    P.S Mr.DaH ,sorry for the paraphrase, I just Cut and paste :))) NNTR


    Mike Berube’s new exhibition “HOMETOWN” opens tomorrow, on the first day of this year’s CONTACT PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL! His exhibition will be held at the 401 Richmond Cafe:

    MAY 1 – JUN 26
    OPENING MAY 1, 7 – 9PM

    I’ll be dropping by tomorrow for the opening. I am very excited for Mike and the show.

    IF THERE ARE ANY OTHER BURN PHOTOGRAPHERS WHO HAVE A SHOW AT CONTACT THIS YEAR, or will be at the festival, please feel free to announce: more support the better! I hope to meet some more Burn photographers/readers who are either in town, plan to attend the Magnum Workshop with David and company or are Toronto-folk who I haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet.

    MIKE’S INFO: http://www.contactphoto.com/view.php?eventid=1483

    CONTACT WEB PAGE: http://www.contactphoto.com/

    MAGNUM WORKSHOP INFO: http://www.contactphoto.com/magnum.php

    CONTACT LECTURE SCHEDULE : http://www.contactphoto.com/lectures.php

    Hope to see/meet some new people.

    CONGRATULATIONS MIKE! See you tomorrow!


  • Mike Berube’s new exhibition “HOMETOWN” opens tomorrow, on the first day of this year’s CONTACT PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL! His exhibition will be held at the 401 Richmond Cafe:

    MAY 1 – JUN 26
    OPENING MAY 1, 7 – 9PM

    I’ll be dropping by tomorrow for the opening. I am very excited for Mike and the show.

    IF THERE ARE ANY OTHER BURN PHOTOGRAPHERS WHO HAVE A SHOW AT CONTACT THIS YEAR, or will be at the festival, please feel free to announce here: more support the better! I hope to meet some more Burn photographers/readers who are either in town, plan to attend the Magnum Workshop with David and company or are Toronto-folk who I haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet. If you want to talk Burn or photography or good whiskey….I’ll be at David’s lecture on Wednesday, for sure, and around…drop a line here!

    MIKE’S INFO: http://www.contactphoto.com/view.php?eventid=1483


    hugs, running

  • Right on MIKE BERUBE…
    May is the month…!!!!

  • SIDNEY :))))

    I LOVE THE 2 CD’S :)))))))))))…1st, the entire “old korea” is really brilliant…all the photos, the woodcuts, the war pics….love McNeil’s color (kodachrome?)…and really you have some wonderful strong photographs in you 1978-1987….I’m going to talk to DAH…i’d love to post here something…also, maybe get you to write an essay on ‘anthropological photography’…would love to see too a slideshow of these, as instruction and as a way for readers to deal with historical artifact….and really, some of your singles from the 1978-1987 are just drop dead gorgeous…i love the pic of the 2 girls writing in the book (vertical)..and many others…

    email to follow :))


  • DAVID,

    Circus tent slide show, I love it ! Can I be the dude that throws really large knives at a bullseye with peoples names on it to decide which slideshow is played next ?
    We cant loose.
    Maybe some chainsaw juggling at the end just to round thing off!
    There is soooo much talent just waiting here….

  • Congrats to Panos and Mike for getting it out there!!

  • Davud and all,

    Great ideas, great challenge for all of us, great opportunities! Anything I can do to help count me in.

    “Good Times for a change…”

    I told you this before David, you’ll be remembered forever, not only because of your exceptioal legacy in this craft that’s photography, but also for lending a hand and always be there for starters. To give always before take. If the world had more people like you, (and all the team that’s gathering for all this can come true) in several areas, this will be a better world. :)

  • A civilian-mass audience

    Oime !!

    CIRCUS…I thought we are already circus :))))))))))))))

    Panos, Mike,…We are ROLLING !!!!!

    We NEED some GIRLS too…POWERgirls …Sophia you have been counted, Already ! :))))))

  • A civilian-mass audience

    KATIE, my street fighter !!!

    My Gracie your spirit is BURNing !!!

    PEACE …oime…STAY STRONG …olive oil and RED wine ( I keep notes) !!!

  • Kathleen Fonseca

    Civ!! Civ!! Live and love and laugh!!

    How the hell are you? i have missed YOU! I stopped in for a bit..have been very busy at work. Tomorrow is a holiday, hurray, hurray..

    i send you orchids and guaro and chicharones..

    goodnight Civilian, good night lovely Gracie..my friends always


  • hi,

    I have an exhibition “15 minutes” also, at Festival Européen de la photo de nu in Arles, from 6 may to 17 may. http://www.fepn-arles.com/exposition.htm
    You are all guests

    Mike, Panos, Congatulations!!!

    best, audrey

  • Kathleen Fonseca

    Audrey, congratulations!!! i wish i could read French..but no matter, you are featured, your wondrous photograph with THOSE LEGS, THOSE SHOES is on the page, you are surrounded by sunny yellow borders and it´s an exhibition so it is all GOOD!


  • A civilian-mass audience

    From Greece !!!
    KATIE you will succeed !!!

    TODAY we celebrate too!!!

    Flowers and OUZO and laughs and peace and I wish to everyone from my BIG CIVILIAN heart
    to enjoy your health and your families and your friends and your neighbors ….
    Keep rolling, keep going,It’s our party and we are dancing ….

  • A civilian-mass audience

    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!

    AUDREY, AUDREY !!!!! CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    POWER TO THE LADIES !!! More…Don’t be shy…

    I KNEW IT …Kisses to my family…Viva France

  • thank you very much Kathleen, i’m a happy girl :))))

    Dad, mom and me, we kiss you !

  • Dear Audrey,

    Congratualtions! it looks fantastic!
    And you have great company.

  • A civilian-mass audience


    ARE YOU OK…? and where is Jan, C’est tout ? and Jukka and Mark and where is Carlan,
    And our Spacecowboy? and Annie?? and I know you are so many…thank you Universe !!

  • Civilian..This POWERgirl is in! Photos and circus to the people!

  • A civilian-mass audience

    VIVA Andrea !!!

    :)))) Power G for ever :)))))

  • A civilian-mass audience

    Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence live @ Rock Am Ring 6-4-6

    See ya soon

  • @PANOS, Suerte Matador!

    @MIKE B, scads of congrats!

    @AKAKY IRL, catch the clap, you lousy bastard!

  • AKAKY: Et Audrey, de nombreuses excuses pour manque votre annonce! Félicitations et bonne chance avec votre montre!

    AKAKY IRL: Pretentious twit. Like you understand any of that.

    AKAKY: It’s the thought that counts, dumbass.

    AKAKY IRL: The thought doesn’t count in English?

    AKAKY: I’m trying to be polite. Audrey is a francophone.

    AKAKY IRL: She thinks she’s a phone? That’s neat. Do you know anyone who thinks they’re an electric pencil sharpener? I have a can full of pencils that need a quick buzz cut. And what about that guy who keeps coming into work who thinks he’s Jesus? Can you get him to come over to the house and turn my mineral water into wine? I’m thinking of throwing a party on the weekend.

    AKAKY: What the hell are you talking about? A francophone is someone whose native language is French.

    AKAKY IRL: Says you. And how do you know the translator is any good? You say you’re wishing her luck and for all you know that French stuff may say you wish her towels will be infested with bedbugs.

    AKAKY: I will have to trust to the infinite mercy of God and Google.

    AKAKY IRL: You’re not inspiring a lot of confidence here, guy.

    AKAKY: You can’t have everything.

    AKAKY IRL: No kidding.


    i totally missed your comment the first time around…i will call you when i return to NYC on about the 10th…your help most welcomed and appreciated……many many thanks in advance…

    BURN as a name??? we started with Emerge…got bored with it in about a day..played with so many titles sent in by the readers of my Road Trips…BURN was suggested by one of the readers here…as soon as i read it, i knew that was it…edgy…both positive and negative connotations…burn the house down, burning passion (we do both!!)

    big hug, david

  • I figure that with just over 200 comments, I could hijack this topic and drop a shameless advert / redirection to a multimedia report of mine that has just been published by The Australian newspaper….

    It comes from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. A place I love dearly. The people I love dearly.

    Cheers all.


  • I figure that with just over 200 comments, I could hijack this topic and drop a shameless advert / redirection to a multimedia report of mine that has just been published by The Australian newspaper….

    It comes from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. A place I love dearly. The people I love dearly.

    Cheers all.



  • olive oil and red wine….

    im getting there…
    ill be back!

    love and congratulations to everyone!’
    oime, i-me good company!

  • A civilian-mass audience

    TO ALL

    MR: DAVID ALAN HARVEY wrote back on November 2008

    “and i will never forget Kelly Lynn James who gets total credit for suggesting BURN as a title…many thanks to all of you who wrote, phoned in, and sent constructive emails..but, it ain’t over yet….”

    Mr.Sean AMAZING work !!!! a true Burnian !!!

    My GRACIE ,Please be back ASAP.!!! OIME love you muse!



    yes, Kelly came up with the BURN title….i have thanked her many times over…


    strong story….maybe the only problem is that for 7.5 minutes we are pretty much seeing the same pictures over and over…the voice over great, but you sort of run out of visuals i think…any way to shorten this a bit???

    cheers, david

    cheers, david

  • A civilian-mass audience

    I like your Approach, mate

    oime!! I don’t drive a Chrysler tonight !

    LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL… Please, don’t roll over…I will be back !

  • A civilian-mass audience

    Dearest Lee Gurthrie,

    Civilian life is never the same for these boys and men !!!

    Now I am running Like BOB BLACK!!!

    MAY DAY, MAYDAY to alllll

  • A civilian-mass audience



  • Hi David, I kind of felt the same way watching it over with a friend yesterday. I wanted to get the infornation across, and I was stuck with the length of the info that I wanted to include. There is definiely some visual repitition, and looking at it, I’d like to let images run for longer, showing fewer of them. I didn’t want to skim on the audio, as I felt it was important to air the relevant topics that cause the situation to occur. I wanted to explain briefly, but succintly, why this happened, and not just ‘show’ it without proper investigation.

    But yes, I do agree that it could be shorter.


  • “Finalists will be announced on or before May 1, 2009.”

    So, who are the finalists? or have I missed some important information?


  • Sean,

    my efficient response to your effort is this. On a scale of 1-10 i think you are sitting on a compelling story of about 9. That’s a huge compliment already and i’m not going to deconstruct why i think both the images and the content warrant that opinion; 9 says it all.

    i think the tone of your voice deflated the story down to about a seven and the words/sentence structure/story structure, down further to a five.

    i think you may find proof that you can still have a dry, sober, clinical delivery and still invoke emotion and ‘story’ by understanding how your delivery is dramatically weaker than Brent Stirton’s of the murdered gorilla in the 2008 WPP single’s category. Even more remarkable, Brent managed to captivate for a full eight and a half minutes supported by only a single image (that didn’t even win, go figure)


    if you do in fact find Brent’s approach appealing, but you still don’t see how your delivery is dramatically different and wish to know why I feel this way, then fire me off an e-mail and we can get in to it in more detail.

    just an opinion, not an objective critique, take it for what it’s worth.




    you have not missed anything…i am just late…i never anticipated 1,200 entries..give me another week por favor…

  • DAVID,
    No stress.. 1200 entries.. Damn, that’s amazing and the quality of the 30 finalists will probably be of very high quality. Looking forward to see it.


  • hey Joe, Thanks for your time to watch the piece. I appreciate your feedback. That is exactly what I’m after, from as many different perspectives as is possible. I also agree with your comments to some extent. This was the first voice over that I have attempted, and I agree that I need to work on method of delivery. I tried to make it sober, but perhaps too much. In regards to sentence structure, I’ll keep that in mind when I view it again. It’s good to have the feedback.



  • A Civilian- mass audience


    BURNIANS , I am so proud of you ! Again I celebrate!
    When the photo of the “MOTEL” by PANOS SKOULIDAS has been called boring
    then I can’t even imagine your sex life!!!!! HOT, HOT…

    YES, YES, yes,
    Who needs porn when real life is BURNING ( don’t get me wrong…I love porn…oups…
    edit…I am just a civilian…)

    Today I feet like the blindfolded RHINO running through the BURNing posts(summary execution by richard mark dobson)!
    What A beautiful DAY !!
    Viva Maria Burns! Let’s Hug together again.

  • A Civilian- mass audience

    Today I felt like the blindfolded RHINO! ( I meant…)

    Since I am dyslexic Check this out:

    bullet catcher by Panos Skoulidas

    Motel by Nathaniel ward

    Just “cut and paste” :)))))))))))))

  • A Civilian- mass audience

    “I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape – the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show.”

    Andrew Wyeth

    Is that what Panos and Richard had in their mind …when did the “clicking”?????


    i shall look for row EE seat eleven
    from whence i will feel the hotness of your scorn
    the northward corners of my mouth painted
    underneath i am trembling and mute
    for if ever i smile
    these rounded angles will touch the sun
    but if i don’t
    this synthetic grin still stays
    surely the colored flecks will soon melt
    until then
    the show must go on.

  • ‘the loneliness… the dead feeling… the whole story doesn’t show’

    or should we say, the whole story MUST NOT show.

    (civi, katiecakes, we are still night duty.. ;)))

  • A civilian-mass audience

    MY GRACIE, THE only one MUSE of all the Muses,

    Oh, so good to “see” you…I was blindfolded all day in this weird Motel and I am not lonely anymore…
    I am all alone BUT not LONELY anymore…

    Katie is Busy like you and oime how much I miss you ALLLLL!!!
    I am not so lonely anymore …
    I am going to get my ouzo …I “ll BE BACKKKKKKKKK !!!!!

  • Has EPF results changed from 1st to 15th of May?

    I had a strange dream last night in which there was a photobook with short projects published somehow under the magnum umbrella, and I was going through ten pages of Audrey’s work.

  • JONI…

    yes…….nice dream….


    BRAVA!!!! I have loved that story since first seeing it a year ago on Road Trips. Will be with you in spirit…


  • cheese and salami.
    on a roll.

    well done audrey – a great stepping stone for you.

  • Thank you, Merci… it’s a little festival, but I’m very happy :)))


    Seems like I am a little late to the party, but the gallery sounds like a fantatsic idea!


    (A bit of a big note here but I can’t help it -Kev Carmody is my man’s cousin!)


    Nice portrait of Mr Dupont!

  • Hi DAh,
    amoungst all the amazing suggestions you are getting in, I would like to suggest one small on.

    There are some Burners doing great things,exhibitions,books,representations,shows,winning prizes etc. Would it be possible to set up a “bragging area” which is seperated form the threads.

    This might have few effects:
    It might encourage people to promote what they have achieved.
    When people have posted an achivement, I often find I haven’t time to click on the link. I then have to scroll through hundreds of posts later to find it again.
    People who want to post achievements wouldn’t feel like they are hijacking a thread when they want to tell the world.
    It would also be great to see what you mentorship is doing.



  • BRAG BOOK chapter….
    that is such a great idea!

  • Kathleen Fonseca

    Civilian darling! Gracie Chica!!!

    I have been out shooting today..have been working hard all week, so many projects..have been seeing friends and spending time with family, enjoying green grass, so many roses, frangipani, the warm, moist tropical magic. Have missed you both but have been thriving in real time. Save me a place at the table, will you both?

    Gracie, hope things have eased up for you to do some writing and shooting..

    Civilian, hope you making keys and tossing back ouzo, reading, writing, looking, seeing, spreading your good gracious ways all over Burn..


  • A civilian-mass audience

    FOR a minute I thought you are love festing about coco Chanel No. 5 but now it hit me!!!

    LOOK AT ME … I am No.3 …(in your face)
    Katie, DA street fighter I am waiting for your “SHOOT ME IN DA FACE” Yours !
    My Gracie…you stay here cause you are the FIRE muse…DA MUSE! Yours too!

    TO MR.DAH And to the EDITORS:

    Thanks for the BURNing, thanks for the ROLLing ,I am so BURNing :))
    F^&%k , I am still looking for my ouzo! I’ll be BACKKKK

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    The Rolling Stones – Satisfaction


    UNIVERSE WE LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A civilian-mass audience

    Before I go …for my ouzo…


    Don’t forget the RED wine… HE is coming to TOWN !!!!
    Kiss and Wash :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • A civilian-mass audience


    Focus Universe…Mr.DAH is on the ROLL again !!!
    Good energy from ALL of US !!!!


    check out this guys book collection on ebay.. signed americans.. death in the making.. too much.
    can somone lend me a few grand ?

  • DAH, is it possible to have a “Thanks but no thanks” e-mail sent to photographers who have submitted work but who are not going to be published? I have submitted a few singles (about three, i think) and a couple of essays and, although you did post that one of my singles was “coming soonest” it has not appeared. No problem about this; it’s just that if I and others know that what we have sent is not going to be published here – we can send other work!

    Best wishes,


  • A civilian-mass audience

    Dearest Mike R.
    I count on YOU…

    Don’t you see my BURNIANS that MR. HARVEY is doing DOUBLE posts here and he is on the roll…

    “Patience can conquer destiny”

    Irish Saying

  • Sometimes absence of body is better than presence of mind. Jamaican saying.

  • A civilian-mass audience

    You just gobsmucked me !!!

  • A civilian-mass audience


    No.1 ( in your face) I TOLD YOU SO MRS.KATHLEEN FONSECA !!! Damm it, write a book …

    Michal Daniel WROTE:
    May 3, 2009 at 9:46 am

    “Thank you David and thank you all!

    I am overwhelmed. When I got to Kathleen Fonseca’s message, tears came.”
    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello all,
    My name is David Bacher. This is actually the first time that I have posted on this site, but have been visiting for some time now. I met Dave Harvey a few years ago at Visa Pour l’image in Perpignan, France and showed him some of my street photography work taken in Paris where I live. In any case, I think this blog is a wonderful idea as we all know that print media is facing many challenges. I also think the idea of transforming the kibbutz into some type of gallery shows David’s commitment to helping hard working and committed young photographers get more exposure.

    I hope to get to know more of you. As I mentioned, I’m in Paris (a transplanted American), so if anyone is in this neck of the woods please let me know. I’d love to meet up for a coffee and talk photo.

    Otherwise, I’m planning another trip to NYC this August to continue a long term street photo project which has born out of years of photographing in Paris and a workshop with Alex and Rebecca Webb last Oct in NYC. I’d assume several of you live there.

    Feel free to check out my website. I’m always open to comments. And please feel free to email me your websites. I love seeing new work….

    Take care.
    David Bacher

  • Welcome David Bacher! Paris looks like fertile ground for street photography!

    Best wishes,


  • David, The Gallery! sounds like a great idea as does BURN being a Rep for photographers! Whatever I can do to help just let me know! Ciao, Michael F McElroy

  • David Bacher, I’m not generally a fan of street-style photography, but the stuff on your website is good.

  • welcome david..
    another david.
    another david b as a point of fact..

    roll-call for.
    david ah
    david mc
    david bo
    and now david BA


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    TODAY, I wish , I WISH I AM DAVID ( ALL of YOU D) !!!!!
    davidb you DA MAN :))))))

    and Today I wish, I WISH I AM JIM !!!
    who else have the POWER to write this : “Illiterate buffoons that they are.”

    BURNIANS, CIVILIANS of the WORLD Viva FOTOGRAFIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • david r too – very remiss of me.

    let us gather davids together..

    civilian – good afternoon.
    and thanks as always..

    illiterate baffoons we all are, and doubters know for certain when the oceans die.
    oiloiloiloiloiloil everywhere.

  • A civilian-mass audience

    AND WHO else can send
    :O) and thanks :)))
    Silly question : how do you make this sign O ) .Take your time…

    olive oil, olive oil, olive oil, kiss Beate and precious Tor Capa!!!
    I saw Charles somewhere …Kisses to mama and Felix…
    We have new people…new websites to check out…
    Check this NEW people

    ANNIE henning, Imants, David Bacher, Sue Brisk, Sean, Matthew Newton ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    AND many, many more …
    back to my key making !!!

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    Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water (Live, 1973)

  • A civilian-mass audience


    FOR YOU :
    Steve Miller Band – The Joker

    CAUSE YES YOU ARE A Joker and other stuff too !!!

    please, enjoy your life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi David…been a while since saying hello but I have jokingly been thinking that I would love to stalk you in Toronto! I will look for you at the Gladstone….all the best with your new place by the sea…


  • A civilian-mass audience

    Welcome back Nancy !!

    today,I wish , I Wish I was DIMA BLACK ( mr. William Turner:))
    I am rolling and rolling…I am boring , so boring…
    “I am out of hear “

  • Kathleen Fonseca


    sorry i have been neglecting you so. i have been having lots to do in my life, fun stuff..and when i´ve been here, i´ve been all business, as you can see. i have to get back over to this cozy little place you have and warm my toes by your toasty fire. i am like a kid and sometimes we wander too far from home, get cuahgt up in serious bidness and forget to just relax. Just so you know you mean as much to me as ever. No kidding. I will be back when i have some negs to scan. i´ve been saving ´em up in a bag in the fridge to do all at once. But when i get them developed i am going to have one hell of a lot of work to do and i´ll be crying into the wee hours,civilian??? cIvIlIannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn?¿!!! donde esta Civilian??

    yes, i think of you often. Don´t leave..boring as it may sometimes get over here in your little Burn house. We need you, even if we sometimes neglect you.

    I am sending you a rose to imagine from my garden i have so many bushes of roses of every color. Right now they are blooming like crazy. My view looks like some Victorian greeting card. But the rains are now beginning and the petals will drop and the world will tuck its head into its chest and turn away from the storm, the light will go, the birds will come, as will the butterflies, so glad the merciless sun has paled and turned soft shining through the clouds like its trully sorry it ever burned so harshly in the first place.


  • A civilian-mass audience

    wHO SAID i AM LEAVING !!!!!!!!!!

    I said I can’t hear ??? Dyslexic ME!!

    This is not my house…I am a guest…right Plato? I am just a guest with almost 103 keys on my hand
    and a big bottle of Ouzo.

    You are the street fighter SO leave the ROSES alone…I ain’t eating crap as you BURNIANS say !!!

    So, you get out of here cause I am waiting for the…you know WHAT??
    MY GRACIE the same goes for you …
    CAN YOU HEAR ME ??????????????????????????

  • A civilian-mass audience

    Oh, I forgot

    I have to admit I was in tears once too with your postings


  • Well, thanks for that very warm welcome you guys/gals. It does indeed look like there are quite a few Davids around the corner.

    see y’all

    David Bacher
    …some like to call me chew-bacher

  • civilian..
    i have some great keys on this martian keyboard..
    Ø ø
    Æ æ
    please have them as a gift..

  • A civilian-mass audience

    you MAKE MY NIGHT !!

    LET’S KEEP ROLLING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So many GIFTed people …OIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t be shy …SHOW us WHAT you GOT…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S And I am just a guest here ,go figure…oups…:))))))))))))

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    BURN the place to be !!!!

    Daft Punk – Around The World

  • A civilian-mass audience

    or may be this :

    Red Hot Chili Peppers – Around The World


  • A civilian-mass audience

    ok, I got to go for a while
    but when I will be back I want to see a DONATION BOX on the right corner of my screen
    before I SCREAM


  • As you often say DAH, wide, wide, wide open … even the critics would seem to agree …

    “But not all was doom and gloom during Saltz’s lecture, and he suggested there may be a silver lining and blue skies ahead. If the old rules are falling apart, maybe this is the time to challenge the status quo and make a change. He called young artists of today “lucky bastards” since the contraction of the art world is allowing new ideas to seep in.”

    Sterility is f#$@ing over. Now is the time … for the Burn gallery to light a fire. Everybody is so bored. It’s time to have some fun again. Revolution is the Burn bus. F$#@ the art police and pretentious homogeny.

    Article from New York Foundation for the Arts: http://www.nyfa.org/nyfa_current_detail.asp?id=17&fid=1&curid=765

  • “Saltz, in his best American democratic rhetoric, seemed to advocate for an art world that embraces the plurality of the world and recognizes the importance of art beyond a financial investment.”

    The “art world” will never recognize the importance of art beyond a financial investment. Forced into that position, they will simply move on to collecting vintage motor or, worse, and special edition Leica cameras. The “art world” is uninterested in art, as is most of the rest of the world.

  • Ahhh,,!! the sad little critter huddled in a corner with his blue bird of happiness is back spreading his homespun paranoia and sandpit view of the world ……….

  • ALL..

    sorry, i am no position to read the comments…..flat out no time…sorry…but, i did just have time to post a new essay

    just trying to make sure you stay awake……

    cheers, david

  • You are in my neck of the woods now. I would love to meet you in the Carolinas. I hope soon. Congrats on the well timed, lucky or not, purchase of your dream home.

    Thank you for Burn and thank you for your honesty and commitment.

  • Kathleen Fonseca


    you make me laugh mi querido Greco..i´m supposed to leave the roses alone and kick street ass, eh? man, there´s more to life than the street, though i have to use a lot of imagination to figure out what that might be. But..wasn´t Michal´s essay really something? I was so blown away by it..all those people. He´s a magician i think..and he seems REALLY happy right now, really, really exuberant..that is quite infectious don´t you think, Civ´? So infectious i am going to go work on my La Carpio school photos. That boring old women´s club is calling me and asking for them anyway. Funny…what they want out of that project and what i want are so different. They want these cute kids all giddy silly happy over their book donation and i want those kids doing whatever and being whatever kids are, with or without a book in their hands. But i can take care of both of us..oh yes, i can..so Civilian Mass Audience, you sit tight..will be back, maybe post a link for ya to see, k?

    till then, chichi, i´m off…ouzo to you to!

  • hmmmm… civilian,

    (take care yourselves and each other)

    are you jerry springer?

  • Yes, we should just all lay down and die now Jim.

  • Crap … lie down. Just shoot me.

  • oo.. jim, you is a bitter animal sometimes.

    do you not have pretty pictures on your walls?
    i do.
    my friends do.
    their friends do.
    infact – huge stores buy-up copyright to make limited prints of them so people can put them on their walls.

    if the ‘investment and prospecting’ branch of the art world is suffering, and hurst and emin cannot get saachi to splash out on their mumblings – so what?

    photography sells for more than ever..

    sometimes your sweeping statements are just too funny..

  • Jim Powers, Simple Question:

    If the procreation of healthy, meaningful, evolving art is actually taking place, do you think it is doing so without Darwin‘s hand?

    Bonus question, if you care to play Jim, Who is Darwin in the realm of Art?

    Hint, he was alive and well at the dawn of man as evidenced on the walls of pre-historic caves.

    Guess What?

    Darwin’s interest in Art does not consider finance.

    Artistic Drive in the hands of a Real Artist (verses a real entrepreneur) will always find a way to bring new, better, and meaningful art into existence; the more important the art is to the artist, the bigger the sacrifices they will make to make that art surface.

    i guess i could have just typed two words to summarise what i just said, ‘Starving Artist’ Such a simple maxim pretty much prioritises art over Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a pretty non-intuitive concept really.

    Jim what do you really know about Art? It seems like you have very strong opinions and well thought out ideas about the future of art, but your understanding of art seems very, well, very average.

  • joe.. bang on.. and compared to painting, photography is just about at the level of exploration of cave paintings..

    i can see some cave man gruffly dismissing the first use of pigment colours.. and later.. when they painted on other materials?
    i mean.. that´s just not painting at all.

  • Howdy.
    I’m liking this discussion about art. First of all…I guess we could pose the question, “What is art?”
    Are Andreas Gursky’s photos art? if so..why? What about Henri-Cartier Bresson? if so..why? I live in Versailles, France and not long ago there was a Jeff Koons exhibit in the chateau. Yes. there were big plastic lobsters hanging next to old photos of good ole Louis IV. This show created an uproar in Versailles. Some were pro and others anti. Let’s just say, Versailles is not your most liberal town in France :-) but living here beats dealing with the traffic in Paris which is 15 mins. away.

    Last week I was in Santa Fe, NM on vacation and visited the Andrew Smith photo gallery. They had HC Bresson prints that had skyrocketed in price since he passed away. Another annoying truth about the art world.

    So in many ways I would have to agree with Jim Powers. The art world (here I’m talking big dollar art) is more like investing in stocks or getting a trophy to put on your wall. I think it’s ridiculous that A. Gursky’s prints bring what they do. But then again who knows….Start buying facebook shares before the company goes public :-)


  • I think the Kibbutz Gallery is a fantastic Idea. The popularity of Burn shows that it would surely be a success. Also, I know many residents of this building love/loved it greatly and it would definitely be in keeping with the spirit of the place. What David is doing here and with Burn in general is amazing, and like many others; anything I can do to help just ask.

  • just getting this now… been busy for the past few days…. i think this is an amazing idea… there are many opportunities on the net now and i think the revolution of all of this has really begun to sink in for me…

    ok so burn at the harvey place… it would be one heck of a gallery thats for sure but i think in the right hands ( and it is) i think this has no were else to go but up. we have a large and wonderful community here on burn and are all dedicated to the same thing… so if this happens!!! i think it would be amazing. i would love to help out or volunteer any of my time to make sure that this does happen… great idea david!! let me know how i can help out!!!


    hope all in canada is good.
    i have a thought on raising some fun money on burn.. further up on this page i linked to a rather smashing book collection being auctioned on ebay and i thought – at the june magnum meeting would it be possible to get the snappers to sign a book to be auctioned off for burns contingency fund.. to help set up the gallery and other admin points?

    the magnum-magnum book signed by ´the bunch´ could fetch an instant chunk..

  • David Bowen, I have a confession to make.. I don’t like Magnum-Magnum! I’ve tried, I’ve even had therapy, but .. nothing. Good idea though!


  • A lot of great art, and fecund periods of great art never developped without moneyed patrons. And almost every such period came during very mercantile times . Decades and centuries after, it matters little if the patrons, state or private investors/commanditors had any real interest in the art itself (many did actually), besides showing off. There was, is and will never be any hidrance for artistic expression if “most of the rest” of the world as well as rich patrons or buyers do not give a damn about it, beyond its monetary value.

    In short, the theorem goes like this: art that cares will outlast any carelessness for art.

  • i totally agree herve…

  • All this talk of art.. How about the glorious Utd display this afternoon. Now THAT was art. Oh Ronaldo! Bring on Barca!! :)))

  • ALL ..

    i have no clue what is going on in comments…i hope you will all appreciate that i just have to give my students this week everything…do not worry i will not neglect Burn in terms of editing and publishing, i just cannot hang for whatever conversation is taking place here…

    i have only one thing to say…do not kill each other off before i get back….i wanna watch!!

    cheers, david

  • pssfffttt!!! Mr. DoDAH

    you take care k? you shouldnt have to worry too much… if you worry any more
    you might pull out what’s left of the hair.

    btw, full moon’s coming… would it be full too where you are? on thursday that is.
    so all we are really doing here is HOWLing…

  • mike r

    it´s the collection of photos vs one photographers vision with books, perhaps?
    two totally different animals for different reasons.. i do enjoy both depending upon what is inspiring me to open the book at a particular time…

    my favorite parts of the M-M book are the notes photographers give on each others work and each others characters..
    apparently our harvey was just like a teenager waiting in the corridor whilst waiting to hear if he was ín´..
    must have been the untucked shirt and trainers with laces untied.

  • ALL: :)))

    just a quick note, busy busy busy…mad busy week…here at burn and here in Toronto with Contact….will give a report later…Powers/Chang/Barbey lecture was wonderful last night….david and i chatting, getting more stuff fired up for burn…Anton’s putting all the nuts and bolts together….more new stuff coming…hold tight…

    no time to talk/write…

    carry on…


  • ALL..

    i am so humbled and flattered by all of your suggestions and thoughts of support for BURN…i am going to weigh each and every one of your suggestions….this string of comments alone proves the validity and value of our community way beyond anything i ever would have imagined….as i wander through the Contact photo fest here this week in Toronto, i have met so so many photographers who tell me they are regular readers…our silent majority is quite overwhelming in scope….our collective responsibility is growing exponentially with each passing day…those of you who write regularly here are “known” out here in Burnland believe me…so whatever you write is reaching so many more people in a powerful way than you can possibly imagine….

    the nature of submissions and editing BURN on a day to day basis means that some days are going to be better for you than others….and obviously some types of work will appeal to some but not to all …my wish is that the eclectic nature of our collective body of work here will be viewed not as disparate, but as a whole in the long run…representative of what is happening now in our world as reflected in our craft…as i have written before , there is nothing empirical about BURN….

    we are moving into a new generation of artists who reveal truths and documentarians who take us to the edges of our perceptions…

    i wish for BURN to be at least a comfortable room where the heretofore disparate disciples of a particular genre can be drawn together in the spirit of reasonable discourse….it seems we pretty much have that going…

    i wish i could think of something more to say to all of you than “thank you”…there are not enough good words in the English language to express gratitude….let me just say that my appreciation runs deep…profundo…..

    please enjoy your day….oh yes, take a picture of your day…submit it to BURN….we all want to see…


    i DO have hair!! i just keep it very close shaved…stop the rumor now….

    cheers, david

  • DAVID: I think I speak for everyone in saying that we are humbled and flattered ourselves for your inspiration, support and unyielding energy! Lets keep pushing! Things are permanently evolving here. Onwards and upwards!! Buuuuurrrnnnn!

  • A civilian-mass audience

    Dearest MR.HARVEY,

    I am 100% responsible for the rumor regarding your bald head…
    My sincere APOLOGIES to YOU,to your family,to your LAURA, to your friends, to your enemies,
    to the BURNIANS and to the future Burnians ,to our SPONSORS and to the future SPONSORS, e.t.c,etc…etc…..

    TODAY I HAD a dream. I was LORI VRBA ( Dear Lori,any connections with Slovakia?)
    but then I woke up and…I was my dyslexic ME again…
    Oime,I will safekeep this dream along with DIMA’S kids of our UGANDA’S Forgotten War.

    Enough…No time for Me…
    Where are you forgotten BURNIANS ???

    Anton, Katia, Panos, Sofia, Haik, Abele,Mike, Kirill, Asher,KerryP,Andrew B,
    John L, Dimitrios, Stelios,Ben, Jan,Wrobertangel ,Alex, Valery,BillyL, Katharina …and more…and more…

    LOVE TO ALL the readers Worldwide
    THANK YOU FOR YOUR GOOD ENERGY. We can feel your breaths (please brush often and floss too)
    THANK YOU FOR being out THERE .I hope, you ENJOY the Vision of some talented people.
    THANK YOU FOR NOT breaking your Laptops when you read weird F%^@&#k posts…etc.etc.
    THANK YOU for Speaking the visual language !!!

    AND MR.HARVEY from my Civilian heart ( wash your hands,brush your teeth,shave whatever)
    guess WHAT ?? WE REALLY LOVE YOU…yikes…blah,blah,blah

    GOT to run (like you Bobby)
    I will be BACK

    P.S Viva United, Viva Panathinaikos and VIVA LIFE !!!!

  • A civilian-mass audience

    still waiting for the Donation Box!

    No need to reply

  • A civilian-mass audience

    LET IT ROLL !!!

    The Beatles – Here comes the sun

    Emerge…go out and DO…DO…DO…DO :)))))

    ( katie xo,my gracie xo,
    we are all busy…I guess soooo !!!!!!!)

  • A civilian-mass audience


    The Beatles – Come Together


  • David,
    Where do you get all this energy? I mean do you sleep, ever? A “tangible” BURN, is just really nice to think about. This would be awesome. With your drive and positivity, I wouldn’t think for a second that it couldn’t work. I agree with James. For all it’s worth you have my vote, my participation and anything else I could do. Looking forward to seeing the developments.


  • david – thanking us is very kind, but i think we need to earn thanks for much more than jibbering and jabbering about looking at things..

    we need to have a whip round and banish you to mexico for 10 days.

  • Kathleen Fonseca

    David Allan Harvey (whenever you might happen to pass by here again):

    So i was tired, sat down on the couch in one ´plop´ with a homemade cap´. Stared at the pea soup screen of my still-analog TV. Blank pea soup. One eye lazily climbed up and down the steps of stacked photo books. Nah. No photo books tonight. No TV either. But something, what, what…under the glass top of the table, some magazines. Nothing special. But one that was on top. Nat Geo. An old Nat Geo. A v-e-r-y old Nat Geo. Picked it up, May, 1975. had a funny feeling. Don´t even know how this Nat Geo made it downstairs from the stash on the second floor. Probably my son. But why on earth? Who knows? Weird. But ok, it´s here, i´m here, magazine in my hand. Baboons on the front. I know you know what´s coming. So did i. Without knowing of course, i just knew. In the Civilian Mass Audience way of knowing. And there, on page 616 (how do they count pages in Nat Geo anyway?) was ¨My Backyard, the Adirondacks by Anne LaBastille¨anddddd photos by DAH.

    Now i have to sheepishly tell you that i have not once looked for photos by you. I went to your website looking for an e-mail address once but never even browsed your work. Isn´t that absolutely the most ungrateful thing? Never once. But there was a reason. i knew when the time was right i´d discover you. Till then it was enough to read your wonderfully fair, articulate (and refreshingly well-edited) dispatches here. Which i miss terribly, by the way. Just your point of view on practically everything is so full of heart and insight that i guess i didn´t feel the need to dig further into your creative expression to find you.

    So anyway, there´s these photos by a what, 25 or 26 year old DAH? i looked at that entire magazine and there were no photos, except one of a dying baby baboon being cradled by a mature female that compared to yours. I was aghast at how you handled those rim-lit situations, out there in the wild with film no less. EEKS! You didn´t drown a single shadow or overhwelm a single highlight. YOU GO, DAH! But beyond technique, your photos really evoked the unique place that is the Adirondacks and the regional sense of its people. Those sun-dappled autumn hills, the guy on the crutches, both feet off the ground as he swung through his stride, the snowy horse, head bent away from the flurries, the guy in hunter green plaid with the dead beaver over his shoulder, frozen solid in mid grimace, that incredible lake scene shot from the air like a sheet of icey platinum, and of course, Anne herself, WELL! That woman could have been on the cover of Adirondack Vogue. What a natural beauty! And of course you respected her individuality, her vocation and life style choices to not pander to her physical beauty which had to have just blown you away, because it blows me away just to see that gorgeous white smile, blond braids, and slim frame sitting crosslegged ¨Indian style¨(is it still PC to say Indian style?) in her naturally faded denim jacket and jeans.

    Now i have to confess here as well that your wonderful work has been vandalized by one of my two now adult children at some point in their youth who rather crookedly scissored out photos of a bear and a deer for some long forgotten school project. But it made me smile with aching maternal nostalgia touching those zig-zagged cut lines missing those long gone childhoods on the one hand, on the other wishing i could see the photos and then yet another thinking really what greater honor to a photographer than to know his work inspired a child to see, think ¨yes, this one¨ cut out the photo as carefully as they can, smear some white glue on the back, slap it into its own spot on some what poster board next to some crooked text written in magic marker, rolled up and carried gingerly on the school bus and tacked to the walls of some grade school class, somewhere world? Is that not a most privileged place for a photographer´s work to be published?

    So DAH, i have discovered your work and i have to say i certainly enjoyed it. Not least of which because it reminded me of home in the northeast US. I also googled Anne and from what i could find, she is still hardy, robust and going strong up there in the Adirondacks. I was so glad to see that. And yes, she is still incredibly beautiful. And your work is still incredibly fresh and speaks so well of a place and time and your own youth ¨back in the day¨. What a wonderful way to spend an evening. Thank you.

    All my best:

  • speaking of DAH’s work..is this a self portrait or who took this? http://tinyurl.com/cfmy67

  • GRR..it won’t let me do it

    To see the image, go to the link above and then go to the 3rd image..

  • A civilian-mass audience


    OIME, Katie,OIME Katie,

    I am in love with you…I mean I love BOB Black and MR. HAD and Sometimes Joe and Davidb and Pat

    “When I stepped away from the white pine, I had the definite feeling that we had exchanged some form of life energy…Clearly white pines and I are on the same wavelength. What I give back to the trees I cannot imagine. I hope they receive something, because trees are among my CLOSEST FRIENDS.”
    – Anne Labastille

    THE ONLY KATIE FONSECA ( THE book damn…it) !!!!!!!!

  • David’s books on Cuba have always blown me away. His use of color and composition have always amazed me.

  • A civilian-mass audience

    VIVA CUBA !!!

    Amazing job !!! I TOOK ACTION !!!


  • David’s books on Cuba have always blown me away. His use of color and composition have always amazed me.

    When you guys meet, first beer on you, David! :-)))))

  • A civilian-mass audience

    HERVE ,

    First Champaine on you, with your bike, with your “brides” next to your chateau. OIME !!!
    NOW we are talking !
    Hit the shutter !!!

  • Erica, I don’t think so …. ohhhh, not the man boobs in the window, the guy in the boat. Hmmm, self portrait? Self timer and running on gator’s heads to get back to the boat?

  • young tom, yes, 3rd photo..that’s got to be DAH..probably someone else snapped it?

  • no, I’m sticking with DAH self portrait..

  • Yep, definitely him but I vote for gator heads and self-timer. I mean, walking on water would just be over the top, and wouldn’t there be marks left in the water weed?

  • maybe DAH set it up and a gator pressed the shutter?

  • A civilian-mass audience

    I am voting for gator heads and self-timer!!!

    Who needs TV when We have BURN…
    Akaky come over …
    Party time with beer, red wine champaine, ouzo,
    Tom, Erica,gators, civilians,Jim, Herve and KATIE and ….
    OIME today …

  • hmmm… running over gator heads with diabolical laugh… maybe
    but i vote for DAH IRL

    guys can get lonely

  • A civilian-mass audience

    And OIME today ,

    Here she is : the BURN muse Mrs. My Gracie !
    Girl, did you check above Katie’s post ?

    For a moment I said …Oh, no, Bob Black is back and then I saw Kathleen Fonseca and
    it took me 30 minutes but I read it all and I am proud!

    Ok, since I am MASS-audience maybe I can double vote :
    I vote for DAH IRL !
    for my Gracie xoxo

  • A civilian-mass audience

    I hope this time , I won’t be kicked out of the thread…
    see ,the only Magnum that I know is the magnum ice-cream ( vanilla and chocolate,yumm)

    Well,Mr.Harvey said we can keep rolling and that’s what we do…
    Keep rolling ,or no?

  • A civilian-mass audience

    Anyway, I will keep rolling… for my dyslexic friends “HERE AND THERE”


    david bowen
    May 7, 2009 at 9:12 am
    breath..breath… lovely and calm in here – concentrating on the things worth preserving and taking a second glance at the everyday.

    May 7, 2009 at 5:25 am
    … To love anything feels too risky. But I do it anyway…

    May 7, 2009 at 1:41 pm
    …then it is seems to me that effort is still better than no effort at all.

    Dima Gavrysh
    May 7, 2009 at 10:53 am
    The more risk we take as photographers, the more benefit we will reap for both ourselves and our subjects.

    ian aitken
    May 7, 2009 at 1:15 am
    We are lucky enough to live in a democracy and photography is an expressive medium. We as photographers can use our craft in any way we wish.

    Kathleen Fonseca
    May 7, 2009 at 9:45 am
    …really what greater honor to a photographer than to know his work inspired a child to see, think ¨yes, this one”…

    bob black
    May 7, 2009 at 7:44 am
    Rest assure, we are not flippant nor unaware of what and why things are published.

    panos skoulidas
    May 7, 2009 at 1:15 pm
    Quote: “I’m more interested in a photography that is ‘unfinished’ – a photography that is suggestive and can trigger a conversation or dialogue. There are pictures that are closed, finished, to which there is no way in.”

    Paolo Pellegrin

    CUT AND PASTE !!!!!!!!!
    LOVE goodnight from Europe

  • A civilian-mass audience

    one more…just came…

    Stupid Photographer
    May 7, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    Photos by the best ask questions. If they don’t, they better be good records.


  • Kathleen Fonseca


    Wow, you make us sound REALLY, well, just REALLY! Great job..i loved reading these quotes, some of them just stopped me cold with their poetic truth. Thank you Civilian..


    i want to be all of us. all of you. all of all of Burn.

    best to ALL


  • now that im feeling a tad bit better and less of a mouse:
    i would like to watch my katie-cakes eat caramel buttered almondized popcorn
    squiggling in a balancing act atop them shiny little dusty nat-geo
    listening to depeche mode unplugged

  • Kathleen Fonseca


    *giggling*..you sound your old self..er your young self but back in the days of old..that visual was just too funny..i can imagine snuffling down that popcorn and sneezing all those sticky kernels into the dust of the nat geo´s.

    i´m working right now, Kasabian´s singing about their Last Trip, whatever THAT means, but for you, switching to Depeche Mode starting with ¨Precious¨which YOU are, girleeee!

    besos to the new old Gracie..


    “When I stepped away from the white pine, I had the definite feeling that we had exchanged some form of life energy…Clearly white pines and I are on the same wavelength. What I give back to the trees I cannot imagine. I hope they receive something, because trees are among my CLOSEST FRIENDS.”
    – Anne Labastille

    Civlian, that´s a wonderful quote. i feel that way about trees too. i love their geometry, their balance. A bare tree is pure sculpture, a leafed out tree in full throttle of summerlush is pure mystery. Many thanks for Anne´s quote.

    much love to my two dearest Burn friends

  • DAH —

    sent out that email a couple of days ago (just so you know about it).

    jarediorio [at] gmail [dot] com

  • CMA, first off thanks, and second off, what a noble thing to do, possible the best thing to remind us all that we do in fact have traction and the collective grasp of what’s good to grasp is moving along here as instigated here. Thanks again, i think for the first time i ‘sorta’ get you. :-)

    On another note, but in equally frivolous spirit, this is the second friday that this phenomenon has happened where I felt compelled to bring my bad habits to Burn, so i’m going to give it a name:

    Friday Wanderings

    My favourite thing about Fridays mornings in Edinburgh is the sudden transformation of all the morning commuters from suits to jeans. It just seems like the foreplay of individuality and personality for the coming weekend. This seems always to put me in a wandering mood when I get to my desk with my first cup of coffee.

    This morning I wandered into this online magazine:


    The navigation was a bit daunting for someone where English is my fist language, but the on-line presentation of images is stunning, actually second only to print I suppose, as is both the scope and texture of the images. If you’re looking to go on a little Friday wander, you might find it worthwhile to ‘figure out how’ to view all three of these on-line issues.

    Happy Friday :-)

  • DAH, I have re-posted this it has been buried by newer comments.

    DAH, is it possible to have a “Thanks but no thanks” e-mail sent to photographers who have submitted work but who are not going to be published? I have submitted a few singles (about three, i think) and a couple of essays and, although you did post that one of my singles was “coming soonest” it has not appeared. No problem about this; it’s just that if I and others know that what we have sent is not going to be published here – we can send other work!


  • joe,

    there is an ‘english’ button you can click on left hand side.

    very nice bad habit. do more. next episode please.

  • Kathleen Fonseca

    Hey Joe

    (where you goin’ with that gun in your hand?)
    heh..i went to that site and saw the work of Kirill Surov that i really enjoyed but that’s all i had time for right now. Thanks for bringing us a little taste of an Edinburgh Friday and thanks for your “wanderings”..and do not ever stop writing here. Your text is so articulate, like DAH’s, and never loses its passion and commitment to your beliefs even though your T’s are always crossed and your i’s are always dotted. A great combo; intelligence, passion and grammar!

    have a nice Friday evening

  • red cross 150 years old.

    download the exhibition poster and view photographs from the 8 photographers here – http://www.icrc.org/web/eng/siteeng0.nsf/html/ourworld-yourmove-events-globe

  • i was going to write about me wanting to be bobblack or joe.
    i quit wanting to be people here (was gonna say DAH – accuse me again of KMA)
    ages ago…. too impatient to sit and work a picture.

    soooo… it was interesting to see the fist fight between the both of them though at times i had to thumb over my dictionary and dust off my thesaurus feigning originality as i read their so called “pieces”.

    hahah. was wanting to say the same thing when i posted above. but couldnt, never would have been able to do it as eloquently she-banging-ly as you did.

    who are you ms kathleen fonseca?
    are you my long lost never born sister my mother swore never to bear before or after me?

  • Kirill is a close personal friend of mine….

    I’ll tell him

    expect, at some point, to see a something published here…

    still recovering from Magnum Late Night invocations ;))))….

    Mike R:

    I think this is, at least at the moment, a logistic impossiblity…but, i’ll bring it up with David tonight again…at the moment there are only 3 of us…and the numbers of submissions are staggering, whichi doesnt’ even consider the photogrpahers i’ve been in contact with over the last 4 weeks, from whom we’re expecting or having received work….David is the final ‘Editor’: no picture or essays is published unless David wants it…and I dont even know everything that will get published ;)))…or sometimes he puts something up to change pace/meandering/thoughts..then we have to go back and re-shuffle the lineup (for singles and essays)…it’s a never ending process….i think, for the moment, please just consider that burn is not quite 5 months old …and the traffic is huge…and the readership…well,…i’ve been a bit overwhelmed myself with people coming up and introducing themselves to me over the last week, who know my work or my words and burn, students, emerging, mid-career, late-career…it’s been a hunbling, exciting and sometimes completely confusing experience ;))…so, imagine…remember, it’s 3 lads scattered across the globe, who are still trying to do their own photographic work and keep families happy and afloat, trying to coordinate this magazine…i think, for sure, one more people are involved…or at some point funding is establish to allow for more time, a typical letter of ‘thanks but no thanks’ will be a possibility…I think it would be only fair…but now, just in terms of time, resources, it just isnt feasible….David can write more later :)))))…i’ll ask him about specific people tonight…but, his focus is full on with Workshop this week…and my focus, by extension, on keeping the wheels going, editorially and content-wise, during this period…:)))…hope to have an answer for you later

    running (wobbly)

  • Bob, no problem; thank you for the wobbly reply.


  • Kathleen Fonseca


    ya know, i kinda like the idea of being your long lost sister..and often, when i read your carefully ´penned´ thoughts i react as if my own sister called and dropped a few lines of something that she knew only i would understand. You know how only close family can do that? For example, what your son said to you about the photo in the Uganda essay. it made me remember some things my own children have said that stopped me in my tracks. It also made me realize what a sensitive and wise mother you are and the world could use as many of those as it can possibly get. So Graciegrrl, don´t you ever leave Burn either. i came over here just now looking for you and Civilian cuz, cuz, well i´m just heartsick about what ´they´ have done to Yalda´s photo. I needed your sensitivity and Civilian´s dyslexic equanimity. And maybe you don´t have the patience to work a photo. Maybe you have a child pulling on your bell bottoms. For everything there is a season, poetgrrl, remember that. Your head and heart make your photos and your voice makes your poems. Thanks for the U in you.


  • hmmm… katiecakes
    it took u about one hour — to write in the last two essays and probably read and reread your post after you quivered and requivered over the submit button — until you got over here. i was just waiting.
    i just waited and was sure that when you saw my post your fizzle over the shenanigans would be stale.

    they are after all just comments. in as much as you have your own, everybody else would have a right to shout their own. we always have ownership in the things we value the most written all over it. the more comfortable we are with ourselves, the more the spears of soliloquy will melt and become slick on our own threads that cover us and give us comfort.

    but these are just what they are, words.
    i hope you do get published in burn. everyone runs at risk for criticism. but no matter who criticizes us, in what we do, we always look towards the direction from which they matter most, our friends, our family, no one else.

    these spears of soliloquy should not stop you at all in sharing your passion.

  • Kathleen Fonseca


    you see? you see? this is what i mean!! HOW did you know? You make me smile through my tears, just your recognition and your understanding..god, if i say you are so special, and if i say that i speak from the bottom of my heart, my gut, my nerve endings, would you believe me? please just nod yes. You don´t have to say anything. Just nod yes and i will know.

    that´s all i can say..i am a lucky, lucky katiecakes..

    sending you all my best through the ether..

    thanks, sis

  • awwwws..
    ok ok im nodding yes.
    partly because i agree… totally.
    partly because i am… i am … zzzzzz

    night duty always.
    passion you have is what i am.
    ether is in a vacuum…

  • Kathleen Fonseca


    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz also..

    so nod-nod my lil child, nod to the stars, nod to the little man in the next bedroom, nod to the moon and the siwsh of green leaves, nod to the day, nod to the night and nod to your dreams till morning light.


  • A civilian-mass audience


    YOU ARE not only the BURN muse but you are the BURN Soul, the heart, the air…
    CREDIT WHEN credit is due!!
    My blondie,lately I felt some “weird “energy coming out of you…But when I saw your recent postings…
    it hit me !!!Boom…!!! What was I thinking??
    YOU ARE the reason that I am here…I repeat again: “YOU ARE THE FORCE,THE INSPIRATION…!!!

    KATIE, The STREET Fighter,
    You are so lucky with the “sister” like GRACIE…I am out of words, I am out of tears, I am out of breath…I am out of ouzo…I know you understand…I nod too

    I always felt that the great high privilege, relief and comfort of friendship was that one had to explain nothing.
    Send quote to a friend
    Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923) New Zealand-born English short story writer.

    I have a big smile Today !!Cause I have YOU !!!

  • A civilian-mass audience


    “Honest criticism means nothing: what one wants is unrestrained passion, fire for fire.”

    Henry Miller (American Author and Writer, 1891-1980)

    FIRE,FIRE…BURN the place down, BURN the place down

  • A civilian-mass audience

    VIVA Ryerson University in Toronto

    The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action”
    Herbert Spencer (British social Philosopher, 1820-1903)

    “If I were given the opportunity to present a gift to the next generation, it would be the ability for each individual to learn to laugh at himself.”
    Charles M. (American cartoonist, 1922-2000)

    I CAN’T HEAR YOU !!!!!!!!!! LAUGH …PLEASE laugh LOUD Today…
    “I believe in our new generation (YALDA) and I have respect for the old…”

    Civilian …with no ouzo… is BURN with no PHOTOS…
    STOOOPPP MEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i get these kinds of email every so often and had a really plesant one today i thought i would share..

    From: “?????????????”
    Sent: Friday, May 08, 2009 5:27 AM
    To: info@bophoto.co.uk
    Subject: Photography assistant

    Dear David,

    I am writing to you to offer my services as a photography assistant. I am willing to work for free in return for work experience.

    I saw some of your pictures in the Observer article, on the 3rd May, ‘How Croatia splashed on to the music festival map’. I liked the pictures and it brought back good memories, as I was there last summer. I have since been on your website and been impressed with your images, especially the project ‘Decade’

    I am 27 years old and a keen amateur photographer with specific interest in music festival photography. I will bring a positive, enthusiastic attitude with the flexibility and interpersonal skills that will make me a useful asset to you.

    I hope to gain experience and learn techniques that will help to set myself up as a festival photographer.

    At present I am working full time as an engineer in the water desalination industry. I am based in Peterborough, UK, but spend over half my time working in different countries around the globe. If you were to take me on as an assistant I would be available at weekends and possible during the week depending on work commitments.

    This year I plan to build up a portfolio at Glastonbury, Bestival, Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide festival in Sete, France and Electric Elephant, Croatia.

    If you interested in my offer and have any questions please let me know.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Many Thanks,


    from: david bowen photography
    Sent: Friday, May 08, 2009
    to: ?????????????????

    hi ??????.
    thank you for your email

    i do not have any need for an assistant i´m afraid, although i would make a few suggestions
    1 – get ´in´ with a nightclub local to where you live and practice different camera set ups and techniques to get really comfortable with a method of working.. get used to knowing promoters.. try to contact a few.. try to not give work away free, as it is killing the industry.
    2 – tell some magazines about your summer plans – a short email with some photos attached directed to the editor in chief and art director / photo editor will do.. phone them the day after sending an email and see if they might be interested in using some photos from that event..
    3 – go and visit some magazines.. the sooner you try to make a little money for working, since it is work, in music venues the better.. otherwise ´till late . com´ might be the only option :ø)
    4 – once you have contact with a magazine or two call them weekly and suggest nights which are worth covering either in your local area or not too far away.. once you have a couple of gigs under your belt you can try to get some work abroad.

    the main point in my practice was that i wanted to photograph the music scene – i was not a fan of the music when i started and all of my goals were photographic.. magazines and a residency at renaissance nightclub simply gave me some money – like a grant if you like – which was enabling me to do what i wanted. once i saw a chance to work internationally i worked very hard at finding funding from tourist boards and promoters.

    it is a very difficult industry becoming more difficult all the time, with the down-surge in magazine sales.. so expect to be disappointed, yet if you keep at it you will get some success.. and try not to work for free :) it is very difficult to ask money for something you have previously done for free and people will not appreciate the favor, they will take advantage while they can.

    hope that’s of some help.. it is good that you have a full time job.. there really is very little money working full time professionally as a photographer in this market.

    best wishes

    david bowen – freelance photography

  • DB, i was touched. Good Stuff. You’re going to straight to heaven someday.

  • A civilian-mass audience

    Tanita Tikaram Twist in my Sobriety Russian Poetic Lyrics


    Running like Bobby

  • A civilian-mass audience

    Kathleen Fonseca
    May 7, 2009 at 9:45 am

    David Allan Harvey (whenever you might happen to pass by here again):

    So i was tired, sat down on the couch in one ´plop´ with a homemade cap´. Stared at the pea soup screen of my still-analog TV. Blank pea soup. One eye lazily climbed up and down the steps of stacked photo books. Nah. No photo books tonight. No TV either. But something, what, what…under the glass top of the table, some magazines. Nothing special. But one that was on top. Nat Geo. An old Nat Geo. A v-e-r-y old Nat Geo. Picked it up, May, 1975. had a funny feeling. Don´t even know how this Nat Geo made it downstairs from the stash on the second floor. Probably my son. But why on earth? Who knows? Weird. But ok, it´s here, i´m here, magazine in my hand. Baboons on the front. I know you know what´s coming. So did i. Without knowing of course, i just knew. In the Civilian Mass Audience way of knowing. And there, on page 616 (how do they count pages in Nat Geo anyway?) was ¨My Backyard, the Adirondacks by Anne LaBastille¨anddddd photos by DAH.

    Now i have to sheepishly tell you that i have not once looked for photos by you. I went to your website looking for an e-mail address once but never even browsed your work. Isn´t that absolutely the most ungrateful thing? Never once. But there was a reason. i knew when the time was right i´d discover you. Till then it was enough to read your wonderfully fair, articulate (and refreshingly well-edited) dispatches here. Which i miss terribly, by the way. Just your point of view on practically everything is so full of heart and insight that i guess i didn´t feel the need to dig further into your creative expression to find you.

    So anyway, there´s these photos by a what, 25 or 26 year old DAH? i looked at that entire magazine and there were no photos, except one of a dying baby baboon being cradled by a mature female that compared to yours. I was aghast at how you handled those rim-lit situations, out there in the wild with film no less. EEKS! You didn´t drown a single shadow or overhwelm a single highlight. YOU GO, DAH! But beyond technique, your photos really evoked the unique place that is the Adirondacks and the regional sense of its people. Those sun-dappled autumn hills, the guy on the crutches, both feet off the ground as he swung through his stride, the snowy horse, head bent away from the flurries, the guy in hunter green plaid with the dead beaver over his shoulder, frozen solid in mid grimace, that incredible lake scene shot from the air like a sheet of icey platinum, and of course, Anne herself, WELL! That woman could have been on the cover of Adirondack Vogue. What a natural beauty! And of course you respected her individuality, her vocation and life style choices to not pander to her physical beauty which had to have just blown you away, because it blows me away just to see that gorgeous white smile, blond braids, and slim frame sitting crosslegged ¨Indian style¨(is it still PC to say Indian style?) in her naturally faded denim jacket and jeans.

    Now i have to confess here as well that your wonderful work has been vandalized by one of my two now adult children at some point in their youth who rather crookedly scissored out photos of a bear and a deer for some long forgotten school project. But it made me smile with aching maternal nostalgia touching those zig-zagged cut lines missing those long gone childhoods on the one hand, on the other wishing i could see the photos and then yet another thinking really what greater honor to a photographer than to know his work inspired a child to see, think ¨yes, this one¨ cut out the photo as carefully as they can, smear some white glue on the back, slap it into its own spot on some what poster board next to some crooked text written in magic marker, rolled up and carried gingerly on the school bus and tacked to the walls of some grade school class, somewhere world? Is that not a most privileged place for a photographer´s work to be published?

    So DAH, i have discovered your work and i have to say i certainly enjoyed it. Not least of which because it reminded me of home in the northeast US. I also googled Anne and from what i could find, she is still hardy, robust and going strong up there in the Adirondacks. I was so glad to see that. And yes, she is still incredibly beautiful. And your work is still incredibly fresh and speaks so well of a place and time and your own youth ¨back in the day¨. What a wonderful way to spend an evening. Thank you.

    All my best:

  • A civilian-mass audience

    jared iorio
    May 8, 2009 at 12:16 am

    DAH —

    sent out that email a couple of days ago (just so you know about it).

    jarediorio [at] gmail [dot] com

  • A civilian-mass audience

    Thank You BURN magazine


  • So when is someone going to put up some new images? Those put up are left up too long, in my opinion.

  • oh jim…
    so they say….
    things are truly
    thats all..

  • A civilian-mass audience

    Dear Wendy are you Civilian or Photophilosopher??

    And YES, I knew Our J.Powers is FIRE like our new generation…fast pace…


  • A civilian-mass audience

    Europe is sleeping …
    I better go to ZZZZZZZZZZ…cause I am running tomorrow
    VIVA Formula 1
    Viva Spain!!!

  • A civilian-mass audience

    WHERE is Patricia, Panos, Audrey, Andrewb, Katharina, Chris, John, Haik…??
    Joe thanks, you sorta got me… :—)
    Thank you readers and sponsors !

    And THANK you Anton, Bobby ,Michael Courvoisier, Tony Skater,Kerry Payne,Chris Bradley…and all the civilians behind BURN…
    Thank you MR. Harvey and Socrates…
    I will be back

  • A civilian-mass audience

    P.S Davidb can I be your assistant too ? :—–)))))))

  • A civilian-mass audience

    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY !!!!!!!!!!

    “Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love.”

    I can’t recall who wrote that but I bet Mr.Johan Jaansen can help me…:))))))

  • is this photo worth over 300 000 usd?
    how much photoshop could have been done for that, to produce a better result?


  • the humbling thing about being offered free assistants is that i don´t really think i could have been much help – beyond showing the guy how I did things.. everyone that gets into photography does it in a different way and while being supportive i could not help but feel i was taking advantage of someone if i got them to carry bags for free.

    there is also the strange feeling when emails like that come through that – what could i offer? i´m still learning and still trying to get higher in my profession.. i can point people towards editors or magazines and offer encouragement, although at the end of the day that is of little help.. a magazine will treat an article pitch from an individual or a pitch from magnum on the same relative terms – if it is good they will take it and if it is not they will not.. my help is really irrelevant.

    until meeting DAH online i have never taken help, nor asked for it, from another photographer.. something i learn´t in music was to not ask anything of the promoters or labels i was working with – rather it was better to help them and others and let the ´universe´ sort things out.. or offer mutually beneficial opportunities.

    i wonder if there could be a direct ´ask the doctor´ type of room on burn – so that people with specific questions could chip in and have it answered by someone who knows?
    how many of the people reading here would have a question in mind to ask straight away?

  • A civilian-mass audience

    300,000 usd CAN feed many Forgotten Civilians

    I am “in protest”

  • it´s shocking.. i mean for the results alone it is shocking..

    some ´bright idea´….

  • i mean – POLARIZING FILTERS were invented for this..

  • A civilian-mass audience

    Mr.Powers is right .
    I am the official cheerleader of BURN …all the others are just bad imitation…

    Keep rolling !!!!!!!
    New photo is …COMING …

  • I’d say we get the Feds to give Scott Kelby a big salary and a title, but he’s doing too well at the helm of NAPP, so we don’t want to lose him there! His PS’ed rendition is at least the equal of the $300,000 version.


    If someone missed it.

  • scott kelby for president :ø9

  • david b,

    asked the same thing of mr. doDAH about a door on burn that would say, ‘photo idiots are welcome here… ask away’ but he said something like burn would be a showcase and not a how to. or sumthin like that.
    but youve got a big heart, the universe will sort out for sure, for YOU, and will unroll from your little finger. keep at it :)) ‘special o’

    jim p,
    what is it about DAH’s cuba that blew your mind away.

    much so, waiting for my mother’s day tumbleweed to start rolling. everybody is still sleeping. you are right, we need pictures up soon. once ‘on a roll’ starts rolling, usually thats the cue.

  • A civilian-mass audience


    I can’t get enough of your ENERGY Mr.Harvey,

    Did you read that everybody !!!” Viva Geminis “…!!!

    You know what I love about BURN ?
    I love the never ending SURPRISE feeling…
    You never know what you are going to read the next few minutes…:))))
    Bobby you seem like the best Host…
    DavidbYou are so right!
    WE need one room for me, one for Jim, one for Bobby, one for Katie,one for Gracie, one “ask the photo-doctor”, one “bragging area” according to ian aitken…one for …one for…
    My Gracie you are so SPECIAL, again no words my friend…
    Scot Kelby… what’s wrong with you people?
    Where are you KATIE, my heart to u…

    P.S PLEASE, we got to FOCUS, GOOD ENERGY , Do As Harvey is ON THE ROAD again !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gracie, it’s his eye for composition and color. Take the photo in “Cuba” of the man with his little girl with the new red shoes. Who else but DAH could see this photo like this? The patch of blue on the side of the house. The guy in the foreground wearing a blue shirt echoing that patch of blue on the house. The little girl’s red shoes, the blue sky with a rainbow echoing all these colors and the flow of the line from the man in the blue shirt, through the man and his daughter, to the outbuilding, then the tree and the sky. It’s perfect.

    His photos are multilayed, and it’s the layers of color and people and composition that I wish I could pull off as easily as he does. The color rarely over powers the composition or the people. I couldn’t set them up that well, much less find them as he does.

    “Divided Soul” is full of these kinds of photos, too.

    Obviously, I’m a fan. :)

  • crapola, Jim, i haven´t even seen that photo but you make it come alive in my head. Damn, Sam, can´t you bring that kind of enthusiasm to the photos and essays in Burn? There is only one DAH in this world and he can´t last forever so why not help to encourage a DAH in the rough? If DAH believes in his Burn following, why the hell can´t you?

    ok..enough of that..

    Graciekins, HAPPY MA´S DAY…Civilian, may your Mom have the happiest day in recent history and to everyone here who is a Mom and who certainly has a Mom, well, HAPPY MOTHERS´S DAY!

    love to all

  • You should check out more of David’s photos. He’s pretty good. ;)

  • Happy mothers day y’all…
    from boiling Lancaster..64 miles away from
    downtown LA…

  • Jim

    haha, yes, i KNOW, i found that out fortuitously the other evening..but i am usually so busy stweing about Jim that i can´t seem to think about DAH..*chuckle*..

    gotta split like stock (wishful thinking these days, eh?)


  • Panos

    Man where the F have you been, boy??? Are you sitting in a stewpot simmering in your own juices in Lancaster? Turn off the heat and jump into the deep part with the rest of us soon as you can see yourself free for awhile..

    love ya sweets

  • hahahaha

    got you jim.
    well, to all them fans and detractors of mr. jim powers:
    this guy has more than ‘plain’, ‘photoshopped’, or ‘good work’ in his vocabulary.
    dammit, what makes this guy smile is no big mystery.
    see above post.
    you also have a good eye for ‘real’ photography whatever the hell real means.
    and a true appreciation. jaded, jagged, no-can-do-never-could-possibly-be-don-quixote eye is still an EYE.

    well, i aint no shrink.
    alls im doing now is making them damm funny noises onto elbow creases (spit’n’all) with my lil kids.

    have a great mother’s day. my greatest blessings in the world call me mom.

  • Oh Kat…
    This past week and the following ..
    are seem to be pretty crazy…
    I’m so overwhelmed.. Trying to survive…
    pay bills.. exhibition this Friday the 15th..
    Trying to convince “JIM MORRISON”
    to perform at least couple songs acoustic (unplugged)…
    etc.. and much more…
    But basically trying to keep at least the nose above
    the water…

  • it’s only money panos.
    you can always cut back on extra fixins *wink* on your motel bill.
    hang in there.
    i am sure that when you are friggin dead tired
    that is when you really swim and you dont even have to do anything.
    float and enjoy to acoustic unplugged acid music
    hearts to you during your exhibit
    and smile like you always do brother

  • Panos,

    with your energy level, man, if you´re overhwelmed, mostg of the rest of us would be six feet under..keep plugging away and on the 15th you´ll be walking around at the opening like you barely lifted a finger to make it happen. You´ll see! And we want photos, muchos photos! Just bribe Jim Morrison with a new pair of spiffy leather pants and he´ll be splitting his seams in the rush to perform at your opening!

    Good luck, hang in there and take deep breaths


    now who KNEW that Jim could wax on so eloquently about a photograph? And you made him dish on the subject so today i want to be GRACIE, but with my own kids, big as they are..still my kids, love ´em to death..but you did it..you crossed over into Jim´s mind and pulled the strings..my cowboy hat´s off to you, girlee!


    So? Gracie beatcha to it. Now we know what you can do! Nothing less will be expected from now on. Burn wants Jim´s Pulitzer Prize quality cirtiques..hmmm..can you see it now? Holy macaroni. There IS a Goddess and she´s a minor deity named Gracie but a deity nonetheless. GODDESS GRACIE MOM EXTRAORDINAIRE!


  • Ohhh Gracie… thanks..
    u just motivated me to create couple slideshows
    and share with everybody… soonest… today.. stay tuned..
    its been a while since i havent posted anything fresh…
    we need to see fresh stuff…
    ok… let me start editing…….. now……
    love y’all!!!!!:))))))))

  • oh goodness
    i aint a deity
    if i were wouldnt i
    make great spaghetti

  • Kathleen Fonseca


    who says you don´t???

    Panos..YES, slide show…slide show…slide show…slide….show…sl..i..d..e..s..h..o.w…!

  • ok…as i promised………..
    come to venice with me once again…
    “Jim” just hired two go go dancers….
    Enjoy… and when you re done dont hesitate
    to descent with me in hell once more…
    ( this on is for Gracie, Kathleen, CIVI and ALL….)

    for S.L.I.D.E.S.H.O.W click below


  • ok… this is the right link.. to start from beginning…
    sorry… for the above link


  • A civilian-mass audience

    Dearest PANOS,

    Thank you for the S.L.I.D.E.S.H.O.W !!! I am a passenger today and I freaking Love IT !!!

    The Passenger IGGY POP

    KATIE , GRACIE…again so many words so little time…

  • new link
    new link
    new link….

    Little kids and OLDER KIDS PROM NIGHTS…


    click below por favor:


  • thank u CIVI………

    i just posted a second link….







    peace & hugs

  • JIM:

    “Take the photo in “Cuba” of the man with his little girl with the new red shoes. Who else but DAH could see this photo like this?”

    My favourite image in the entire book!!!! :-0

  • again….







    thank you DEAR CIVILIAN….

    peace & hugs

  • ALL…


    HONORED ME WITH the above page/link…

    its info and directions about the upcoming exhibitions this friday night the 15th..

  • A civilian-mass audience

    Little kid playing…

    “A child’s spirit is like a child, you can never catch it by running after it; you must stand still, and, for love, it will soon itself come back.”

    Arthur Miller (American playwright, 1915-2005)

    LET’S SMILE TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A civilian-mass audience

    CEAA ???????????

    Now this sounds like my name ACMA !!!
    BRAVO PANOS !!! CEAA …ACMA …whatever the name

    VIVA ouzo on YOU

  • Happy Mothers Day

    Link to our 11th annual tribute to Mothers and Daughters photo exibit. This show went up today at a local hotel where they hold a big Mothers day brunch.

    WARNING… small town portrait studio portraits of ordinary folks


  • Civilian, I’m back… hope you are very well…

    Panos, it’s great ! I’m very happy for you ! Félicitations!!

    Best, audrey

  • Jim, you just described why I love Mr. Harvey’s photos so much. I too, love the Cuba work and the Divided Soul, they are some of my favorites.

  • A civilian-mass audience

    WELCOME BACK AUDREY !!!!!!!!!!
    SHE wrote:

    audrey bardou
    May 1, 2009 at 2:14 am
    I have an exhibition “15 minutes” also, at Festival Européen de la photo de nu in Arles, from 6 may to 17 may. http://www.fepn-arles.com/exposition.htm
    You are all guests
    Mike, Panos, Congatulations!!!
    best, audrey

    COME ON TELL TO THE BURNIANS !!!! We are ready for translation !!!

  • A civilian-mass audience


    BURNIANS, I just read the last post of Mr.DaH ( see in protest…)
    and even ME, dyslexic Civilian I will never forget the word “EMERGING”

    P.S 14 times he emerge the word “emerging”…
    What not to LOVE :)))))))))))))))))))))
    VIVA, My name is Civilian and I am still emerging …xoxox Katie, MyG !!!!

  • Lance Rosenfield; congratulations on publication in the Digital Journalist!

    Best wishes,


  • I can’t get through all these comments. I’ll stay up late one night soon and read more.

    I feel just a little sad that my wife and I are trying to sell our NY pad having moved to London otherwise I’d be involved in the latest Burn development somehow. I’m really good at installation work and would have loved to be involved in installing shows at Burn HQ. Oh well.

    Having said all that I would be delighted to help the Burn project in any capacity here in London. I have ideas at the moment for a street photography festival of some sort here. No idea how this will take shape but I’ll be making noises about it from September. I need to form some alliances first.

    Today I’m prepping more Boyhood material for my agency and hopefully too for Burn. I’ve just licensed a lovely track from Moby especially for this material.

    The best of luck to you, David as you embark on this new stage in your life and may all your dreams for a kibbutz gallery for Burn come to fruition, for you and for us all.

  • Not only do we have some exquisite photography here at Burn, we have some fine, fine words too. Some of the writing I’ve just read is so uplifting. So joyous.

    I’m going to brew a pot of tea right now and think on it a while.

  • A civilian-mass audience

    Thank you dearest Paul Treacy !!! VIVA London !!!

    Moby – Whispering Wind
    I am a fan:)

    Katie…maybe we can dedicate this to Mrs.Anne LaBastille :)))

  • david….mi casa es tu casa :)))))…..

    now, let’s get this front page changed ;)))


  • DAH –
    been helping students edit books for their final piece.. it´s been a real learning experience for me and i think i understand more the process you go through with us..
    one students work inparticular i had to wrestle a little with – just because the simple story had so many players within it, and so many events of the year the student has been shooting it for.

    okay – this week on skype would be great.. to chat about work for certain – also for the catchup, since it has been a while.
    i would also like to chat about finally getting something onto burn with you.. i have some ideas.. thinking about your chat with jim and wanting to get fresh pieces up which were shot exclusively for burn – i´d like to put something on form one of the 4 stories i am shooting in croatia june / july.

    in any case – my ´baby´ right now, as you put it, needs to be the music work and so i will focus on that.

    BURN has been superb lately.. very interesting..

  • BOB.

    welcome, welcome.. and photos or report of what was good over the week in montreal?
    always enjoy your recommendations..

  • for PAUL TREACY and street photographers.

    Picturing Britain: BBC Radio 4: Nick Turpin


    gotta LOVE radio 4

  • david :))

    will write something this week and we’ll post it as a thread at Burn…


  • nice one :ø)

    looking forward..

  • David Bowen

    I must touch base again with Nick and have him come over here to Burn. He’s working on a big street photography publication project at the moment. Part of In-Public’s endeavours. Very exciting.

    DAH, when you’re in London soon we should get some London “Burnians” together for a few jars. What say you?

    Okay, back to work on my Boyhood project. Back later.

  • paul – david AH has mentioned getting you along for a few, and ben and joe are also down for it..
    will chat this week about arrangements
    looking forward.


    In case you overlooked Mike R.’s comment above, “Road Trips” regular and occasional Burner Lance Rosenfeld is featured in this month’s Digital Journalist, just posted:


    Congratulations, Lance!

  • A civilian-mass audience

    I have no time to congratulate ALL of YOU! Thank you!



    My apologies to you and to Socrates of behalf of MRS. KATHLEEN FONSECA .
    I am responsible for her spelling mistake. SIR, you have to understand that :
    ” If you have many DYSLEXIC friends in the end you will be one of them”
    Civilian ( 1790- )

    P.S I am out of Ouzo…

  • And I just realized that I’m out of whiskey. Damn.

    Staying in a lighthouse in Wicklow on Ireland’s eastern seaboard in a couple of weeks. Must fetch me a nice single malt then. Going to make a photographic document of the trip.

    Never tried Ouzo, as far as I know.

  • paul,
    ouzo is good.
    like licorice drowned in root beer
    only it does not stick to your teeth.
    and it makes you EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!

    hahaha (fade)

  • Brilliant. I ought to try it sometime.

    But in a lighthouse, and Irish lighthouse, it just has to be whiskey.

    Whiskey makes me quite happy, for some reason. But it has a reputation for making people depressed.

    My lovely wife has gone off the single malts. In fact, she has gone off lots of things and favours good beer and wine. A nice whiskey has sort of lost its magic some, now that she doesn’t partake. Maybe the lighthouse will change that.

    Hmm! Whiskey….

  • 1. If you can’t find a Bowmore to fall in love with, you may have to consider very seriously the possibility that you’re wasting your money drinking whisky at all
    Iain Banks, Author
    2. Whisky is liquid sunshine.
    (George Bernard Shaw)
    3. I should never have switched from Scotch to Martini’s
    Humphrey Bogart’s last words
    4. Inspiring bold John Barleycorn!
    What dangers thou canst make us scorn!
    Wi’ tipenny, we fear nae evil;
    Wi’ usquebae, we’ll face the devil!
    Robert Burns, Poet
    5. There are two things a Highlander likes naked, and one of them is malt whisky.
    Scottish proverb

  • A civilian-mass audience

    TO ALL,

    “The first man who, having enclosed a piece of ground, bethought himself of saying, This is mine, and found people simple enough to believe him, was the real founder of civil society. From how many crimes, wars, and murders, from how many horrors and misfortunes might not anyone have saved mankind, by pulling up the stakes, or filling up the ditch, and crying to his fellows, “Beware of listening to this impostor; you are undone if you once forget that the fruits of the EARTH belong to US ALL, and the earth itself to NOBODY.”

    Jean-Jacques Rousseau

    Thank you !!!
    Please, do NOT forget~~~~~~~WE ARE CIVILIANS OF THE WORLD ~~~~~~

    P.S Since I can’t find ouzo, I have too switch to red WINE…VIVA LIFE

  • ouzo, whiskey, fatty, pizza……
    “spiritual” conversations….. lovely

  • What is with tranquility – why is nothing BURNing – why does background seem so dark (#252525) these days?

    No one read the latest issue of The Tyler County Boost yet?

  • ouzo = burn

  • Yes, i am with Haik, where is our dear friend Civilian? Hey, Civil, did you getso drunk on that wine that you haven´t even found your way homke yet? We´re getting worried about you, please check-in!

    Friday i want to be the rim of Civilian´s filled copa de vino!


  • katiecakes,
    oops probably said too much.
    luv u still sissy.

    i want to be with the master civi of copacobana!!!

  • Kathleen Fonseca


    man i shoulda seen this post from you before the other one..yeah, you took my breath away but i think i do understand. Your struggle was not a theoretical one but real and painful. Through your words of arduous sacrifice i learned a lot more about you, about what you faced. I ADMIRE THE HELL OUT OF YOU! Please know that. You and i we are similar..both foreigners in a weird-as-hell culture..missing family back home. I don´t know what it is but whenever you talk to me here, in your wondrously affectionate way i almost start crying and sometimes have cried. But like sisters, we can disagree, discuss and growl and still wink at each other when it´s over and be pals. Thanks for the conciliatory words here..it makes me feel so much better!


  • A civilian-mass audience

    It started like this…

    Earlier today, as I was going through some posts I said WTF !!!! Mother Fathers!!!
    Yes, Me the Civilian…and I decided to write…and the “journey” began…
    I wrote a long, long post ( 843 words ) I counted them…It took me almost a day…I felt like Bob, like Katie, like My Gracie,like Davidb, like Joe, like DAH …
    I read it, I read it again and again. I google some words, I corrected some mistakes, only some and then
    IT HIT ME !! Tam ta ra tam !

    I said to my self “WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD” and I push …DELETE…
    and here I am again …I am the immigrant, I am the editor, I am the cleaner, I am the teacher, I am the maid, I am the doctor, I am the bus driver, I am the waitress…I am A CIVILIAN…
    and I will do what I do best:

    ” Do you know what friendship is… it is to be brother and sister; two souls which touch without mingling, two fingers on one hand.
    Victor Hugo

    KATIE our street fighter and My Gracie the Burn muse stop the love-festing…you are so tedious !!
    Where is our Patricia…?


  • A civilian-mass audience

    TO ALL

    What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

    please this is for the young Burnians too..please don’t pass the above link

    What not to love VIVA YOU

  • A civilian-mass audience

    Before I go I have to come clear…not to glamorize the use of alcohol

    Just for the record :
    I do everything in moderation like a real Civilian
    I drink, I read, I run,I cook, I talk,I watch tv in moderation
    I BURN , I LOVE and I FART…Excessively !!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you HAIK, KATIE,MYGRACIE
    “At the shrine of friendship never say die, let the wine of friendship never run dry.”
    Victor Hugo

    I couldn’t resist
    VIVA BURN and ouzo and whiskey and soda and beer and red wine…oh yeah SPACEBOYYYYYYYY

  • ¨I said to my self “WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD” and I push …DELETE… ¨

    now.. that really happens.. and it is always on a sunny day..


    just gotta love Luis….thanks…

    cheers, david

  • Hey David ALAN Harvey

    If you want Louis to take you seriously you have to start spelling his name right. His Ma is gonna come ’round here with a cast iron frying pan looking for the back of your head, boy!


  • Civilian, your Patricia has been out in the gorgeous spring sun, scooting & shooting rather than spending time on the computer! But I do check out all the selected photos and essays and generally leave a message for the photographer. Life is great!


  • Patricia!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have been missed!

    so glad you’re doing something other than being here..hope your shots are spectacular!



    oh my oh my..touché my dear…laughing….Louis’ mom woulda shoulda been righteous with the frying pan!! i have two Spanish friends named Luis and i write them all the time, hence the mistake…or , hence the excuse!!!

    thanks once again for setting me straight…i am sure you have already figured out i need constant guidance from those who care…

    by the way, Patricia manages to be here AND be shooting all the time as well…that is the recommended procedure…

    cheers, david

  • katiecakes,
    psssffttt…. i had that visual of DAH with a patch of hair grown
    like them kungfu dudes to cushion the cast iron pan hit.
    teehehehheehhe. i used to get it sooo much.
    i walked around with a kingsize pillow bigger than life belted to my arse.

  • Civilian

    Ohmygod..i am so sorry you lost that post. It would have been amazing to read so much from you! What prompted you to write so much? 843 Civilian words lost to the ether..life is so unfair, your thoughts so rudely snatched from our grasp. I am missing what i never had, never had a chance to see..i mean it, i am really missing what must have been powerful thoughts..


    g’night Civil-friend, goodnight Gracie-sis.. for both of you:


    “Without Love” written by Nick Lowe, performed by Johnny Cash.

    your amiga

  • DAH

    Yuh i know, i get the gentle reproach..but i AM working on photos, iyam, iyam! Look, see? Got photoshop and bridge opened, i’m editing, and dragging sliders and mailing to a client..so see? see? no? you can’t see? uh, ok, then you just hafta believe me.

    You need constant guidance from people who care? hmm..like the dominatrix type? like that? oh boy, i never would have taken you for that kind of guy..whoa..now that’s sexy!

    ok…back to editing..yuck..

    g’night to you too!

  • Gracie

    i got it with the wooden spoon..that’s why my butt is so flat, heh…



    no reproach intended….

    i had not thought of the dominatrix, but i never rule out anything….can whatever you have in mind be done by Skype??? hmmmmm, well, ok, goodnight….

    cheers, david

  • Kathleen,

    I like the cut of your jib.

  • DAH

    Obedience training on Skype, huh?..i don’t know…it’d be pretty tough, you being such an unruly misbehaver n’ all…*taps the toe of her boot thoughtfully* Ok, tell you what, i’ll Domme you if you Mentor me. And if that’s not ok, well, um, well then you can just kiss my whip!


    you do? well, gosh, now that’s the best (re: only) compliment i’ve had this week..and coming from you, it’s a pretty damn good one too.


    *logs off with a smile to both*



  • A civilian-mass audience


    when I posted the “WONDERFUL LIFE” I wasn’t expected the above “chain” reaction…
    BUT as A CIVILIAN I try to have my brain ” BORDERS” open and I will follow the rules of the host:

    ” i never rule out anything”

    Now regarding the “Obedience training” I am fan !!!
    Thank you AMERICA for having your Boarders wide open and people like Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer, can share their Gifts…!!!

  • A civilian-mass audience

    OIME again,

    Do I have to move again to the Emergency Photographer Fund – Finalists…?
    By the way WHY 200 and not 300? I would have gone for the 300 SPARTANS !!!



    and you know how hard is to rock Mr.Harvey’s boat !!!

    KATIE … “i’ll Domme you if you Mentor me.” :))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    Red wine anyone?

    VIVA !!!don’t forget to wash…,floss, brush.. focus BURNIANS, focus !!!!

  • “focus BURNIANS, focus”

    Can we Autofocus or it makes one eligibile to be a finalist in “facing a firing squad at dawn”.

  • Does “Firing Squad” prefer Magnums?

  • A civilian-mass audience

    VIVA HAIK !!!

    what BURN would be without YOU !!!
    ALL OF YOU !!!

    P.S Firing Squad :)))))))))))

  • A civilian-mass audience

    oime !!!

    too many Dyslexics so little time…
    YES, MR. WHISKEY, PAUL TREACY , it’s a wonderful day ,indeed !!

    AND for my Gordon

    IMAGINE , I and you together … it’s like Lennon and McCartney drinking red wine …
    I hope you are not brits…I only hope…:)


  • Kathleen Fonseca

    Haik, Civilian

    you are both a riot..

    Civil-one, loved your play on words with ¨boarders¨. I think you´re lying when you say you´re dyslexic. I think you´re a maestro with language. You use words like paint brushes, a little dab here, a sweep of a stroke there, a tiny point of color here there and everywhere for Burnians all.

    Oh yeah, and here, you can kiss my boot..i´m beginning to enjoy this…*purr*

    Haik, i love your sense of humor..actually, isn´t ¨Firing Squad¨ a great name for a blog or something? LOVEIT!

    have a great day both..i´m BobBlack running!


  • A civilian-mass audience

    EVERYDAY we suffer losses and Oime today we lost another gem…
    Greek puppet master Evgenios Spatharis dies at 85…

    MR.MARC DAVIDSON … from my Civilian heart… THANK YOU.

    LOVE TO ALL, PLEASE ,PLEASE ,PLEASE share your smiles and your happiness

  • A civilian-mass audience

    Donation Box … Thanks BURN …who was it?…Ian,Tom Young,Pete,Gordon,maybe Ross Or Sidney
    ( finally…)Someone suggest it back …when Burn was only 3 months old…I will find him or her …

    P.S Katie…You know the song …A little bit of Monica ALL night long …Oups…I kiss your boots and your
    whip…Wanna be my sister? Lately,my Gracie doesn’t send me good energy but My Gracie…I OWN you!

    LOVE !!! WE ARE BURNING … BURN fever…it’s a pandemic *

    Civilians are suffering from BURN 1PHOTO1
    *A pandemic (from Greek παν pan all + δήμος demos people)

  • Good morning y’all….
    back from Lancaster…to…
    Downtown LA…
    Looking to expand horizons today…
    in all possible ways..
    Even if is job hunting…
    Even if it is gallery print hanging
    on the walls…
    Lots of energy in the air ..
    American Youth very very nervous…
    PROM SEASON… can u feel it on the air?????

  • I was thinking lately, shouldn’t “on a roll” be more accurately retitled “on drugs”….. ;-)

    Herve in, er… On a good mood! (no work, nada, enjoying spring recess)

  • A civilian-mass audience

    OH NOW I see !!!!!
    It’s OUR Jim Powers ! VIVA TEXAS!!!

    Thank you for the WONDERFUL idea !!!
    Yes, Panos LOT’S of energy in the AIRRR
    DO not FORGET the MAGNETIC paint…
    I REPEAT do NOT forget them…


    BURNIANS, take your vitamins,BREATH and ENJOY…!!!!!!!

  • A civilian-mass audience


    But WE might NEED this …while waiting

    Soothing, Relaxing Music

    What not to LOVE ,
    VIVA who needs drugs and drinks when WE HAVE BURN …mother fathers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • my last editorial comment……….donate……

    that’s it for me…..paka vse, paka….

    ORDINARY THINGS: a life in photographs

    “Photography deals exquisitely with appearances, but nothing is what it appears to be.”– Duane Michals

    “I prefer to struggle rather than to achieve.”–David Alan Harvey

    “Things that were hard to bear are sweet to remember.”–Seneca

    “A nothing becomes a deeply significant something because we decide that it should be so. Our imagination anoints and exalts it.”–Ryszard Kapuscinski


    In the end, all is one.

    One thing culled from an enormity of disparate and small things, from the constellation of the quotidian and the inordinate, moments and places and names and faces, stone and bone and dust and glass, things titled or undescribed, remembered or scattered, this flickering mutability. From the incomplete many to the unified gathered one. All things, many transformed through the gravity of each tune, the splintered coalesced into that which was its beginning and became, through the remembered and the forgotten, itself.



    Of The Old and Memory

    We are caught, a wisteried half-coin of shadow, between thumb and forefinger, of tooth and tongue, clutched and unsettled in the absence of things. Is it they or we who are absent among the gathering and re-gathering of that which once was?

    Once, undone.

    The stitching of things: twigs, stone, kettle and the bone which once made up all that nailed itself around a calcified and indentured home. The ordinary spec of things which appear to be here and there for long, but much later have gone lost, a forsaking of space and the place of things. Where is it that things go? Between the tough of palate and the turn of time. To which bending of which corner, what dampened and rusting space below the bannister, which clear glass of water, which board sagging beneath the weightless circumference of the shell that long ago was abandoned by an early and viscous interior: life. Where to, those ordinary things jostling in their vanishing, when they have not yet long left our call and cadence of them. Into which place and from where do they depart?

    The jolt, the un-finding.

    We are bruised.

    We are bruised by spared space and the lift of light, a tongued tunnel of shadow lip-lit, the hanging of a boot, the moth rain and the curl of steel beneath breathed-upon moisture, an arch in the wearied ribs of a roof, the calf of a window’s muscle, the knotted knuckles of twined flower-fingers poured out of themselves from a glass and the un-carefully set coin: a dime whose edges tan beneath a print of mossy oxidized green. The spare and dare of things. Of and beset.

    We are bruised by the plum print of ordinary things. Those ordinary things which tattoo themselves along the passages of our ordinary lives, those things which seldom scotch-tape their removal still stuck to us but tinker in their falling away: through our list and canter, the fibrous caught gone of us.

    So, how does one begin to sing upon the sting of things without welching a maudlin voice? Begin with a memory, the stitch and twitch of something that broke through forlorn sight toward a more fecund visibility: the door latch of a cold winter evening when you were a child.

    You remember the old, the what was not yet gone of this:

    Once you could curl into any small space, the size in height of a quarter, the length of a broken limb that fell each October, a worm from the wan elm in front of your bedroom window, that uncanny space between the floor-hung radiator and the bowing oak floor itself. It was then that you learned to carve yourself into spaces, to imprint your child’s flesh against the bark of the hard-chiselled greying kiln that seemed so odd from all the other homes and the unforgiving floor, the same knobbly boards whose derma into which you’d chiselled your initials as a way to stave sleep just as you’d carved your eyes and fingernails and longed-for absent sister’s initials. Into the dentures of your school desks, you repeated and repeated and repeated initials and words and names, the way now you repeat photographs and photographs and photographs. That shadowy space which framed light and warmth, the crawl space for mice and web and dust and coin, that is where you went to awake. There, you settled and yoga’d your body in the radial breathing and bending that would best allow you to stick, like a finger between hip and socket, into the hermitage of the baseboard heater, a space that became a Sistine firmament when you closed your eyes.

    That which was beneath became too that which was above.

    Beneath the radiator you crawled and listened to the hum, the soft drumming of sound fluent between the grammar of the wooden floor boards and the syntax of the cast-iron pipe, sound in song and dialogue above and beneath you. How large that space? How no one knew but you as you crawled out from your bed into the pilot’s bunk beneath. Even now, the sound is there in a home years away and miles stretched, the pliant boards still vibrating with the ache of their age and the softening knots of the water when heated and blown through iron pipe. The old and the new. The way and wander of things.

    It was then that you learned to tattoo yourself against things: the way things leap at and into. What other explanation is there that you still dream of things you no longer know the names or places of. Words: the naming of gone spaces. The absence between syllable. The space of black silver between frame after frame. To photograph: the writing of those spaces. A floor board twitching beneath a shoe-print of jogged weight, horse hair stretched between open grooves like corn silk woven loose by the wind and caught half-way between a child’s fingers and stained wrist, the sound of wall-licked rain, gone homes, a crucifixion on the streets of Havana, a tattoo turned to staring from a bus-window, caverns along dusty roads, children netted by lavender and lost shadow, broken and bloodied feet, chewed upon sugarcane-bone, light, husk, shell, skin, cinder, source, all. From the many, continually one, snap after snap after snap.

    The detritus of our lives: excavate it and see what unsettles.

    The unsettling of the settlement of things ticking. Our forlorn and grieving bickering.

    Come. Let us see.


    And Our Bodies As Carriage

    Our bodies carry, like flotsam and drift-wood upon the back of a slow-articulating river, the memories of those who came before us. Along the curve of our spine, tickled beneath the hinge of our jaws, along the fan of space between our fingers, from within the resonant sound of the shape of our teeth, memory seeds itself and grows with a fecundity we seldom acknowledge properly. What grows happens in the silent snap of a moment. That moment may, however, occur in the lick of a lifetime. Nonetheless, there it is: a river to be panned, waded into and ridden. We contain the entirety of the lives that came before us, bestowed to us along ligament and hair lick, tongue and tissue, wobbly vocabulary and vocal chord. We are, even in our muted silence, the spoken history of those lives lived gone, only the songs written upon our bodies remain choir-less, the stories cast along our limbs unopened, the mythologies archived in the chambers of our cranial corners still uncategorized. Yet, we hunger to remember. But they are still, the faces the traces, the sounds of rounding of the days, the pictures and tinctures of the already lived and lost, recomposed inside our own seemingly inimical lives. But there it is.

    Photograph after photograph after picture.

    But we are not unique but an amalgam and we understand this within the shape of our hunger to remember and to retrieve, to understand and to delve, to research and relinquish. We contain. We sift. We burgeon. It is, in fact, all there inside us though often it seems at a loss. How to contest this, besides the naming of things, the stealing pictures of things. Take into your hand something small and weave it into the movement of your thoughts. See how it enlarges all of you and all that you had not counted upon; see how a small artifact reminds you of what once was and what still lives inside: a book, a story, a pen, a signature, a piece of cloth, a word, a scent, a glimmer of a shadow or a speck of light, an imprint, a sound, a comb, a shoe, a tattered lace, an indent, a forgotten taste, a photograph, all the small things that trigger other obdurate things. How much could be unbelted if we unhook what longed to be retrieved? Those places and faces and spaces, ancestor and parent, that sit like an unadorned and unopened book inside each of us. If only we reached out and opened it, would we begin to recognize ourselves more clearly? To snap the spine that has woodened from age, the welp into the world of recognition. Crack it. Shellack it. You were born of it: desire and duty. Look at the rings beneath your eyes, nibble upon the the carving along the back of your hands, focus on the nimble notes of your voice, see the the photograph of the woman standing on the bridge with her back turned and catch her, the curve of her hip suggesting the loss of love, wander over the TV screen with the face that knows not your name or the details of the tales of your forlorn awakening but speak upon them. Arrest that which has rested too long. See what it was that you were meant to see. Listen, the ache of a quick snatch gone, fleeting. There, in that moment, see it in front of you. Have you begun to remember?

    All these small photographs beckon by taste, the way scent armatures a recollection, the way a bruise on a child’s knee inspires admittance.

    Begun now and of late, a song.



    A coupling, the arch of the ordinary that comes together, object and light, person and sound, the accumulation of that which in it’s wholeness becomes shorn. And in this shoring of things, comes a reciprocal fullness, a unity of things. A couple not a couple but a singularity build from two, a wholeness born of incompleteness. Once we were incomplete, the hole in the center made whole from that union and one that spills upon a life, the surface of things more than the perfidious soul.

    The body magnetic of which we have not song enough, the testament to our broken, wobbly selves, those things that contain and cage us, restrict us by their limp and linger and measure, but we still are of body and more than body, more than cramped space and lofty words, desirous of something still amid all the clamor of naming and gathering. Body and book, time and temperature, the gustatory and the numb, the linger, the loss of our bodies, of ourselves and all that obdurate reflection. So, we photograph to trap, to make material from the phantoms that stay with us, linguistic recipes that more than not fail to add up to a full meal. Yet, there: another cantilevered point of light .

    These things which accentuate the spine and stick of our lives. Word or frame, picture or memory, soot or stone, real or recalled. All of these things departing, clipped and woebegone.

    But not for long.


    Testimony and Abacus of Bone: Pictures

    1. Iron bent like the curve of a vowel that has grown old, sat like long cupped rain over the shoulders of strangers who have failed to catch the soft sound for the coffin of the word that has pinched it: wrought and rung relief.

    2. A wrist that carries the dragon seeds of the dead now clipped along the bellow’d bone of its travels: desert and time and elapsed taps: home.

    3. Once the milky moon, wearied of it’s blue-ghost brother, shattered itself into tears which spread like fireflies across the firmament and fell, stardust and cottonseed breath, upon the netting of a summer window in a child’s room in the country: of which dreams became earth, of which net became the milky-way, of which reflection and bulb became chrysalis and quasar, of which became you.

    4. At rest two reptilian spines, arched over wet weed and gooey block, the lustrating lustre, that shift and sift of that which once was: of this so are we.

    5. And when you were asked, “what shall we do with your ashes?” you nodded and spoke of glass and water and root and bloom and pointed: in that glass see the bones of my limbs, the ribs of my smile, the teeth of my skin, the blood of the water of which I am composed, finger and joint, nail and hair, breathing: two unbaked tuber branches inside, drinking, the urn of glass: i too shall flower through loss and leave of this.

    6. Of all the flowers and fields, of all the roads and ravines, of all the thickets of forest and fawn, it is that place, slightly above the slow creek behind the bend in the acre not yet parched of our backyard, that place that sat like a chin above the muck and ducklings, the place from out of one day I leapt and away, the tickle of the water when she chased and that flower twig, the long chalky bone, longum and femur, which reached out with it’s small patella of a thorn: caught. The thorn: the patella that kneed my heart, a long lasting scratch to her.

    7. Once, my brother and I built our speed from wood and wheel and hammered it home and pulley’d it up a hill until, like Icarus, we shot ourselves out into the air, shadow and shorn, and wobbled nearly all the way home through the pitched gravel of air parabola’d over the soft dent in the hill until that one small barnacled wheel caught a stone-tip and wiggled and wearied and went away and my brother and I shot out along the dampened ochre macadam that was slowly blackening with our blood and skin and then the rest, our wings burned and crushed against the waves of that country road and the aching came to a full and complete stop. Flight and filament broken by rust and rain: an old wheel dislodged, our broken selves levelled and unloved by the tossed away hoped for flight. An old wheel dislodged. That is all it took, you know. The tick. All it took, you know.

    8. Tins and kettles and rain and harness: time peeled and juiced like an orange turned upon a triangular spit. The glucose walled chambers of the sitting things.

    9. Peppers and phone cord dried along the skeleton of my grandmother’s wall: I hear the crisp crunch of the wind inside the steps taken on the way to her grave, the cord in the wall still plugged in.

    10. Once I learned to cook wearing white, bare and crisp the shells of the broken eggs, softened and weightless the flour against the undercarriage of my fingers, slick and inching the yoke and sweat against my chin as I wiped away my fear, the outer-skin that was my sealskin, my mother’s apron, so that now I can’t make a damn thing, even crack an egg, because that apron remains in the same place I first wore it, an ocean away, and I am still at a loss to explain this: bereft by an apron pegged upon a wall that is seven time zones and a lifetime away. Away.

    11. A rose that dries in the light is a forlorn beast, a crippled animal caught in the tar-pit of time. Two roses that dry in the parched light, instead, re-create the entire museum of our dinosaur’d lives: fossils peering breathed life into our imagination, excavated in front of us, chiselled upon us, until those 2 tuberous heads suggest not rose, not bone, but you and I, scrotum and skin, urethra and yearning, vas deferns and vesicles, rap and rhyme, toe and tap, of all that which rosed away and is only shell but more so, the all of that, the all of: we.

    12. Bike, shadow, tin and time: how does one weigh what cannot be sat upon a scale; how does one weigh the deflation of things, how does one weight what is absent but is still outlined in the penumbrae along the garage wall: my heart, the weight of a worn bicycle seat. Do you see it, chafing in the dust but still managing to carry you so far, that so far.

    13. Between the space of the small eyes that line the window after dew and humidity has perched, sticking out like shards of thought, a forest that reminds of what unwinds. Scatter all that eclipse, rattle the ellipse of this and that, rat-ta-ta-tat. The going of all that vanquishes, spun thread, spiders’ weave and small knuckle of heave, the darting away and unwound of this and holding tightly onto that. The leafing and the leaving: forests of distant forests as nails dropped upon a floor set vertical and tall.

    14. Late in the crux of morning my wife bends forward and speaks ecumenically but then pauses as if a twitched by a gnat of light birched into a corner. The hesitation and then this:

    I dreamed that I took a child into my arms and pulled his cowlick mouth against my breast, bowed my arms around his clavicle, whispered to him as if milkweed settled upon the spine-stem of a root. He was protected and i rose aloft. I rose, child to my breast, air beneath my collar and cage and arms, my arms bent and flapping like wings until i was aloft and adrift like a bird, he still clinging to my nipple. I, after a moment of surprise and serendipity, alighted upon the thatched roof. I sat stilled upon the gutter and bone of the spout of the roof like an owl, the root of my calm clutching the pull of his mouth against by draining body and I curled out my song while he suckled upon me. I was a bird sitting upon the perch of the world, child at my side draining me of all that I am in order to nourish all that I dreamt to be. I was a bird. This child was a god whose thirst needed all the tributaries of my once-clung to body. He was a still a child, a human child and as he clipped the skin of my tit, he bruised the fruit of my hope, swallowed all that I dreamt i would be in order to be that which I meant him to be by leaping into flight. Then, after an interminable moment, we leap, leap together, gathering gravity and wind, rotter and arc. In that moment of discarding, I recalled how he perched against the awning of my body, lapping up, as if a hum, as if a song, the nutrients of my life. We alight not as if birds but as bone and feather and dream. We flew, then, not from skeleton and earth-pulling but from alchemy. Squawk. By the dream’s end, he had fallen from beneath my breast and my wings squandered the air in descent. There it was. There, the falling. The ascent from the plummet. How could I have not known before. How then, in the falling, I could have forgotten that once we were, gene-to-gene, a-perch?

    All that. All that. Past your window, do you hear that, the leap and the anguish and the falling.

    15. To live as if the only voice in your body was the spin and hum of the world.

    16. All that: pipes, roses, glass, light bulbs, clothespins, hanginghungclung chickens, doors, skin, carved, signs, peelingawaypaint, spoons, tea, cups, shadow, light, mud, shoes, sawdust, laces, awnings, roof, tile, tire, post, moss, seed, pivo, bubble, spit, bubble, ring, wring, rung, rail-trail, tie-bye, paper, kettle, mitt, burn, ash, print, tongue, tub, tomb, comb, pine combs, earth, pod, mirror, blood, polka-dot, clown, cloth, town, gown, bulb, bun, ton, car, oxygen-run, iron-I-zed, rusted pomegranate, dilld dull, chloroform of form and function, rust, car, dandruff, children, locked, closet, spit, spattle-spittle, gum, gulp, gapped, beacon, pecan, prick, pavel, pivot, pipe, gas, gate, arbour air ain all up, all up, o….and of…all.

    17. Going. Usurping, fulsome pitch and panting, where if not by its appearance. Going, going and yet there, between the integer and the sum, between that which still abides, that which rectifies the falsified? The going and the coming.


    And now, after so long, I have arrived at the beginning. Forgive me my inordinate postponing. From all of those colloquial moments and dispensed with pictures, the shadowed light and the brisk lung, from the clip and touch and rung, have come a small simple thing. All things gathered from their infinite parts to their exact exiting that have turned in toward one small thing. What is it that we remember, why is it that we breach the lost by slipping ourselves into outsized pictures. Why and then, before the hesitant response, a breath and as if a part of light and bone now, a small uncertain thought. All those ordinary things, all those pictures of which we have thumb-tacked ourselves by, all those small beads that make up the plummeting abacus of our lives, all those small extraordinary blips and tocks that fail to register, all those clips that make up the geography and calculus of our ways, all those ordinary things that coalesce, wed and yoke, each of us to each of that, all those simple parts, amalgamated and undone, born of and fanning. All those things by which we are simply understood and though bereft are able to acknowledge that without them, dissipating each moment to buckled moment, we would not be each of each and because of them we are each of each all and then in the end, one.

    Slowly, inexorably.



    -Robert Black

  • mr robert black,
    i read your not-so-editorial comments.
    thank you for the wealth of poetic prompts.

    by U2

    Is it getting better
    Or do you feel the same
    Will it make it easier on you now
    You got someone to blame
    You say…

    One love
    One life
    When it’s one need
    In the night
    One love
    We get to share it
    Leaves you baby if you
    Don’t care for it

    Did I disappoint you
    Or leave a bad taste in your mouth
    You act like you never had love
    And you want me to go without
    Well it’s…

    Too late
    To drag the past out into the light
    We’re one, but we’re not the same
    We get to
    Carry each other
    Carry each other
    One life


  • A civilian-mass audience

    paka vse, paka…??
    Is that Slovenian …? ALL, PAKA ????

    First ANTON with this LONG,long,long,long post …
    and now YOU…

    MR. BOB BLACK – the legend , THE EDITOR ,the BURN and the FIRE, the BONES and the blood…
    You wrote: “my last editorial comment…” WHAT’S wrong?

    You are MY ROLE MODEL… I promise that I will read ALL your posts, from the beginning to the end!
    WE ARE ONE…you said it …

    Well, enough I will go back and I read your post as I promised and I hope I am wrong…otherwise
    I will call KATIE …oime she has a sword and a whip …and a pan too…
    and I will call MY GRACIE to write you a poem that it will make you burst into tears…
    OIME today …

  • A civilian-mass audience


    See BOB…I told you so…

  • Kathleen Fonseca


    oh god, don´t start me on ¨a little bit of Monica¨ i have that CD on my ipod because it makes me think about my daughter who used to go bonkers for that song…

    Bob Black..

    WTF? where does one start for the love of pete? Civilian, don´t even try BB´s post..i know it´s gonna keep me up all night..you wouldn´t sleep for a week if you tackle this! And Bob, you don´t mean ´gone´ as in gone, do you or that this is your last editorial post? did i miss something today? like the end of the world as i know it? eeps..how about just your usual ¨running¨? what changed?


  • Kathleen Fonseca

    geez Gracie, what do you know that i don´t, besides how to write poetry? That U2 song is downright sad..think i´m gonna go back and hide in one of the national bank offices that kept me locked up all afternoon..it might be cheerless but at least nothing happens of any import. there´s something w-e-i-r-d here today..Civilian..que paso, chico??


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    THANK you KATIE,

    THANKS so much for coming to my rescue…You are my hope…I better say, you are my EYES tonight
    You my Katie …I trust you can find out for me…

    OIME I forgot your daughter, what’s her name again?
    KISS her for me…and wherever she is…I send her good energy and love (maybe some euros too!
    Oh,and I bet she will be the first to use the key of your greek house …


  • hi katiecakes,
    i aint sad or anything. have you tried purple ice cream? well, green ice cream would do.
    this is from my son for you and civi

    A funny green Frankenstein
    Had a funny green hat
    He ate green leaves and Green celery.
    He ate dead leaves and bushes
    And he ate green vases
    And he felt awful
    That his belly exploded.
    And he said,
    “I don’t wanna eat everything.”
    And his mommy told him,

    Ethan, 5 years old

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    To ETHAN,

    I wish you the best in life
    and since Gracie is your mommy…You already GOT the whole WORLD…

    LOVE 2U and 4AllOFU

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    Civian M.A.

    Eye am your i´s tonight? ok, but you gotta wait till i get back from the movies and i´ll give you a synopsis of what BB said..My little bit of Monica´s name is Juliette and you are right about being the first to use my key in Greece..she´s a little wanderer and she is sure to see Greece before i do. But some REALLY good news! She is coming home on May 21 for 2 weeks! i am doing the mambo all over the house i´m so happy!


    Your little Ethan Hawke has his mama´s poetic soul! i can just imagine him in a few years becoming some famous rocker and us digging up this old Burn post and thinking, ahhh, this is how it all began!

    I saw some of your multitude of posts today, gracie..personally thanked by the MAN..whoa, when you´re right you know it, when it´s good you feel it!

    ok you 2, i´m off to the movies!

    besos y abrazos

  • Kathleen Fonseca


    ¨and since Gracie is your mommy…You already GOT the whole WORLD¨

    i second that emotion!!!!!


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    KATIE ,

    I second that emotion too…Oh, Well, let’s give it a break …

    I am thinking to move to Spain …did you read that …check this out…
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    NOW WE ALL NOW…MR.HARVEY…too much energy since the Spain VISIT…Aha…?!?!

    Running like Bobby…where is SPACECOWBOY ?

    Going to work …the DONATION BOX got me GOING….CIVILIANS …I am coming…

    MAY 21st it’s a big holiday in Greece…SAINT Helen and Konstantinos and the Holy Spirit.

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    TO ALL

    DANCE WITH US !!!COME ON DANCE …Trust me you will feel better…
    Not for you Mr.Harvey Sorry Laura…you know better…:))))))))))

    Burning Love- Elvis Presley BURNING !BURNING BUTNING

    I will be back

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    BREATH…and listen to your hearts wherever you are…in a MAISON,in a hotel room, in a guest room, in a library…

    “We are all full of weakness and errors, let us mutually pardon each other our follies. It is the first law of nature”

    KEEP ROLLING … I want to smell flowers today !!!!!!!

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    Mr.Hugh Van Es,

    have a beautiful ” journey” …
    Thank You .

  • ALL….

    invitation/ REMINDER…. VENICE BEACH…( with live performance )

    for tonights exhibition info click below:



    free wine……..between 7pm to 10pm

    ( click for address and info below….free parking )


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    VIVA PANOS !!!!!

    He said FREE WINE …oime Free wine ??? Is it red…cause Mr.DAH prefers red:)))
    Can you sign burb books there?

    Σου ευχωμαστε καλη επιτυχια !!!

    P.S we hope that you will follow the same path as other BURN exhibitionists ( see Mike,Audrey,ChrisB….)
    Free ouzo …what about baklava or galaktoboureko !!!
    VIVA , life is Beautiful!!!!

  • Enjoy it, Panos, and hopefully someone will have pictures and movies. I thought of coming down from SF, but won’t unfortunately. All sorts of reasons, none good enough with a little organizing. Today, I am an asshole for not being there.

  • panos…

    enjoy every moment and all that jazz… revel in the privilege of sharing

    GOOD LUCK… likke til.. wishes for a long and lively night from norsk-way-land.

    show us yer snaps.
    david, beate and top cat.

  • david b,
    was stirring my chocolate shake, chocolate powder pieces were gobbly.
    my 5 yr old ethan said:
    ‘oh look, youre making a tornado.
    them chocolate people (the pieces) i bet are enjoying it’
    dizziesssss… and he twirls…

    tor capa… enjoy him.

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    TRAUMA CENTER will be open 24 hours 7 days .

    Hotline Number : Toll free: 1-800- BURN-aid

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    Anton and the others…Tony, Kerry, MikeC, Bob…etc, etc…are BURNing and the lines are NOT working.
    Please , do NOT call the above 1-800 number …
    Thank you for your patience

  • (psssffftttt, katiecakes, are you there?
    you and i are never gonna be published here on burn…
    damn, arent these people so good????
    1st epf finalist blew my mind… did you see it yet?
    psssssffftttt, get ur head out of the piles
    open your lids and stick up some ‘picks and watch this
    friggin slideshow of them little people in the grass
    and watch them before they float away…)

  • gracie-cakes.
    you must have a cracker of a shot of master ethan..
    or something from somewhere..

    it´s far from scary-biscuits to show people photos..
    it´s addictive as sugar coated jelly babies..

    did you do any of the project idea you had?

    your presence is requested in the front of the bus..
    the buzz buzz driver knows you are back here smoking cigarettes and
    he´s getting too busy to read the road map..


  • Kathleen Fonseca


    Yes, very fast..saw it this morning..will be back later to see it again like for really to see it and not just do a fly-by. Maybe we won´t ever be published but we can try hard..i´ve been working my little photo phingers to the bone..i have a project on every burner and the work is flying off my camera s fast as i can press the shutter. BUT, i don´t have little chocolate covered munchkins running around so it´s a little easier for me. Still, uh, well, you might be right about us but we CAN dies trying, can´t we?

    Never say never, Grace-fully..


    HEY YOU…you smoking back here, bub? Get yo shapely Greek butt up to the front of the buzz..er buz..er bus..you been summoned…capice?

    back later, oh later, oh later never cumz!


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    I got stagefright…Mr.Atkins you are so right !
    Yes, I am the first to be admitted to the Trauma center.
    But you two, my “dark “forces, my inspiration fuel, WTF are you doing at the Trauma Center !!

    P.S LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…all we need is love
    DavidB amazing…your links…Beate and Tor Capa should be proud too.
    Katie…Your man, your mama&papa ,Juliette and I know there is a boy in the family…should be proud

    P.S I am a joker:), I am a smoker :), I am the midnight walker :)
    I am in the Emerging Photographer Fund – Finalists…one down…nine to go !!!

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    We really, really admire you and love you…
    We wish you the BEST …and HAPPY BIRTHDAY …

    only for you…you deserve it…!!!

    The Beatles play Happy Birthday(VERY RARE)

    VIVA BOBB !!!
    VIVA Taurus !!!

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    It’s our party
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    it’s our party
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    LOVE U

  • A civilian-mass audience

    david alan harvey
    May 28, 2009 at 12:09 am

    exactly at what point should a photographer become a finalist or given a grant???

    hmmm, let me think of the criteria you seem to suggest…somebody who is good , but not quite as good as someone else , but better than most , but well not too good but not too bad, well sort of in the middle, but better than middle but not really so good as to make everyone else feel not so good and discouraged???

    please gentlemen , get a grip…

    none of these finalists has a book…none have an exhibition set…none are collected…few have agents..they are just among the best of their generation of the ones submitted…..period…i see it that way and apparently so do others….

    i just looked at the pictures…i had no idea of their past awards….nobody submitted a bio in advance, and it would not have mattered anyway….if a photographer in a particular generation is making much better work than the others, then they deserve what they deserve….photographers who blame their lack of success on schmoozing and lack of contacts etc etc for sure will never never rise…..

    you might not see some of these photographers as emerging , but i sure as hell do…they are certainly not established as per stated above…you might be more emerging than are they..in which case this should give you something to shoot for …any other attitude will take YOU down..not the finalists ..not me….but you…think about it….

    i wish i had the funding to give at least 10 more grants…i am working on exactly this and you know it….if you do not know this , then please go back and read at least 20 posts where i have described exactly my goals for you with regard to funding….can i promise it?? no …am i trying like hell, yes….so a bit of support from you gentlemen for whom i am trying to find support would be appreciated…thanks..

    and continuing to call it straight…many many thanks for the one comment per essay idea..so simple, obvious, and i just missed it..it works…you have given us the most constructive idea yet….i had struggled for months trying to figure the comment conundrum out ….a very big high five to you for this…

    cheers, david

  • Instead of Friday’s Wandering, Here’s Friday’s ‘Wondering’. It did take me a bit of wandering to assemble these three links.

    i think Simon Norfolk’s

    Advice Here

    and the response to that advice over here is a worth-while read.

    Is Simon a false prophet? or Darwin’s messenger?

    personally, I think a little bit of both. I think the photography business is spending too much time focusing on the supply side of the supply/demand curve and not first exploring demand, but what does everyone else think?

    Also, are we going to lose our pedigree PJ’s to Citizen PJ’s in the future and what consequences could that bring?



    It’s Ara. Know you’ve been buried. Sent you an email msg last week.

    Give me a sign of life.


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