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a quick reading of comments under our previous post and you will note that our boys Marcin (with his wife Alex) and Herve are now in Pattaya, Thailand…a quick review of Herve's picture diary tells us they are having a good time ….i have re-posted Herve's photo links here for easier review….

several years ago i photographed a short essay on child abuse in Thailand, and most specifically shot in Pattaya…one of Herve's pictures appears to have been shot in EXACTLY  the same location  as one of mine above…small clues will reveal….

match the shot of Herve's with the shot of mine…..yes, of course, one of my old camera bags is the prize for the CORRECT ANSWER ….

nope, that is not the end of my little contest….a signed copy of "Living Proof" goes to the reader who now asks the CORRECT QUESTION…

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  • Oh bloody hell is that like the ‘Hitch hikers Guide to the Galaxy’?

    If so the answer is 42!

    Dunno what the correct QUESTION is though…

  • Bloody hell is this like the ‘Hitch Hikers Guide To The Universe’?

    If so the ANSWER is 42….

    But I am buggered if I know what the QUESTION is….

  • question: what is the bar where Marcin is seating ventilating?
    (david’s photo #5)?

  • David:

    Your picture and Herve’s picture are these:

    Your picture child wearing white Levi shirt and with Red Hand in foreground and Herve’s picture here:

    I am the same type of Bamboo chairs……but as I have never been to Thailand, i dont know how similar this is…

    the question:

    where did Marcin get the Harvey hat?? ;))


  • i meant the same type of bamboo chairs… not “i am the same type of bamboo chairs”…maybe that means the same…im running on low voltage (almost no sun for 4 weeks in TO and my spirit is leaden)….

  • PATTAYA, November 18th

    Picking up Marcin in 20 minutes for the boxing camp. We had a great time this morning, catching the arrival fo the fishing oats and fish loads in the Bang saray jetty. Up at 5h (last I was up that early in Pattaya, i was in a sleazy club-cum-disco, that’s quite a few years ago!), Marcin riding with me thru the early dawn, on the back seat of my moped. Great light, plenty of activity, yes, maybe someday David, you too catch up with me in Thailand. I am sure Marcin will be back,as well!

    Last night was getting really into the zone, the center of Sodom and Gomorha, the infamous “Walking Street” of Pattaya. Well, it’s like anything in Thailand, the good naturedness of it all takes away quite a bit of the sleaze, and it’s not far as wild as it was a decade and more ago, when it went on around the clock.

    yet, I believe a few sights had Marcin (who came along with his charming wife, Alex)…. Well, ventilating a bit…:-)))

    Again, I don’t make things up:

    Marcin getting, ever so slightly in the zone (get Capa-closer, Marcin… she won’t bite!):

    No wonder it got hotter as the night went on:

    But we had not seen anything yet, it got strange:

    and even stranger:

    Mind you, we left these Pattaya denizens to do their worse (or best, pretty synonymous here!!!) well before midnight, with a wake-up time at 5H the next morning. I wonder if Marcin had dreams or nightmares….Forgot to ask! :-)))

    Posted by: Herve | November 18, 2008 at 02:57 AM

  • My match is your photo of the child with Levi’s t-shirt (Pattaya 5) and Herve’s photo titled “Marcin in the zone-Pattaya” –

    I was a little baffled though. From Magnum site, I see all the above photos of yours (except the bottom one-Pattaya 3, which I did not find in Magnum site) were taken at Bangkok and the original story was titled “THAILAND. Bangkok Prostitutes”. Why this discrepancy?

  • Bob’s got the right photo I suspect..

    RIGHT QUESTION: The hand in DAH’s photo, who does it belong to?


    all of the pictures did come from the Magnum site including Pattaya 3 which is right there with all the others…it might depend on how you searched whether this particular shot was on the pages..however this location discrepancy was just noticed by me too…i had also shot many pictures in BKK at the same time and whoever on our staff was doing the key wording just got confused and i never caught it…if one of these pictures ever went out to a magazine or whatever, we would then have caught the mistake and corrected since everything gets run by the photographer before publication…

    how would you like a job as a researcher?? we always need good “fact checkers”!!!

    cheers, david

  • about the hand..John Vink’s??

  • I think Bob might have the right answer as well…

    Right Question… Why is the child boxer photo included in an essay on prostitution?

  • Sorry David if my question irritated you because I admit my question may not have been of any relevance to the point under discussion. To be frank, the “discrepancy” came to my notice as I wanted to take the short route to your bag by matching something with Pattaya and Harvey in Magnum (and there were none)! All came under the same story “Thailand. Bangkok Prostitutes” story. Now after your post, I tried to find the missing Pattaya 3 and now it comes under the story VIETNAM, though the location is mentioned as Bangkok!!! see this link – is it another d?

    *** By the way, I am ready to take up the job of researcher, if you offer it :)

    “fact checker”…right? ;)

  • DAVID.

    I have not forgotten you will be in LA this weekend. Remember, I had wanted to take the JD workshop…until you advised that I wait for a “shooting” workshop.

    In the meantime I am in San Diego. Had been planning to come up to LA but now it’s not looking like there is a reason to. Or is there? You’re not giving a lecture or anything are you? With Alex they had one evening open to the public…

  • ERICA…

    funny guess, but not the right one!!


    i did not say the story was on prostitution , but on CHILD ABUSE…of course, prostitution a big part of that, but not the only part…

    children boxing is harmful to their little heads etc ,,,,,

    hey, by the way, where did you go??? we all saw some interesting police work in Baltimore, then you disappeared…did i miss something??

    cheers, david

  • DAVID,
    I just called your iPhone ..
    There must be something wrong
    with AT&T..
    Either way, I got all your flight info/ time arrival
    See you at LAX…
    ( pls check with your phone provider..
    your phone is off…)

  • whose red hand?….i think the David’s story is from 20 years ago…i seem to remember seeing it when i looked at David’s vietnam/thailand work earlier this year…so, maybe the red hand is one of david’s sons when they were young???

    ….i dont think John V was in cambodia in 89/89….

    ok, running running….


    ‘love/love’ (name of that bar??)


  • “love lock”-name of that bar!?

  • David,

    I say ‘Pattaya’ (boxer child) and ‘Even more Strange’ (um, wo/man walking) are the photos shot at the same place.

    As for the Question it is just so obvious: Where are all we Road Trip bloggers going to shoot together for a piece in the new project?


  • CATHY…

    i do not know the protocol of the Julia Dean seminars, but i am quite sure i can get you in to at least some part of it…sure you should come anyway and hang out…i would love to see you…if you call me either thursday evening or friday during the day, i can let you know for sure one way or the other about coming long will you be in San Diego?? i will be around for awhile after the weekend anyway…i do hope we will meet….

    cheers, david

  • No SHIT! David has a iPhone?

    David, that is a whole lot of technology for you… I assume that Mike is guiding you along?

    Hope all is well.

  • PETE: :)))

    i think David’s IPhone has a GPS Navigational System Device which I think I saw him use it to get to the top of the stairs at the Kibbutz ;)))…

    and Mike used said device to open a few bottles of beer ;)))…if my memory (which is shaky) serves me correct…

    but, if the techo is too much for david: IT’S PANOS’ FAULT ;))))0


  • David using it to navigate stairs, that I believe.

    Mike using one to open a few beers…. no way… I have seen him open beer… the guy is a pro.

  • PETE…

    yes, i was walking down the street in New York with Panos during my last loft workshop, and he made me buy an iPhone…AND, i just got my first bill: $1,235….as we used to say in college, fanfuckingtastic!!!

    cheers, david

  • David, please don’t tell me you had it turned on and using it for email and such while out of the country!

    And if not… DAMN you talk alot.

    I have had mine for a year, I use it all the time since I have no other phone. Jenny has one also on the same line and we will never at this point be able to use our rollover minutes.

  • Hi all!!!

    This subject is ready in the reader:
    Don’t forget to wait a few seconds after selecting a subject!!!

    According to David’s little contest, i also think Bob is right…

    I found a job, so less time for photography, so sad….


  • The Question Is:

    Car A leaves New York travelling West at 60mph
    Car B leaves Los Angeles travelling East at 73mph

    Which Led Zeppelin CD is playing in Car A?

  • Am I n the running for the camera bag? probably not, member of the family here, I guess! :-)))

    The shots with real clues about the location come from Walking Street, the ring is located right under the famous MARINE DISCO, and it seems you took the shot with the hand and kid in white t-shirt from Jenny’s katoey bar ( a good place to watch the world go by, as you picked out instantly!), with the 19th Hole bar wicker chairs across the street. This is an early dawn shot, BTW.

  • BTW, once again, David, with these kids shots we intuitively connected. i was going to speak about the boxing camp I took Marcin to yesterday, and how appearances can sometimes tell the wrong, or at the very least, uncomplete story.

    The camp was created 46 years ago, by Mr Sidyodtong, an ex-champion. I was not aware of that 2 years ago, and sure kept my pictures for myself until now, because of the controversy about abuse vs culture (muay thai is to kids, here what soccer is for euro kids, the Graal), but actually, the kids in the camp are NOT exactly training to fight.

    they are poor kids that their families have brought to Mr S. to be taken care of, and given an education they themselves can’t afford to pay for. Mr S. pays for everything, lodging, school, and the practice of Muay thai is more a matter of instituting personal discipline and learning rules than making underage kid fighters out of them (I am sure the kids dream of fighting, quite another story).

    Marcin can attest to the laughters we kept hearing as the kids stage mock fighting between themselves, as any kid would in a schoolyard.

    I have not seen what I shot yesterday yet, these shots are from 2 years ago, they are of course from Mr Sidyodtong training camp:

  • ALL.

    DAH and 34 other Magnum photogs give advice…on the Magnum blog:

    Okay…I will call! I’d love to sit in on the class either Saturday or Sunday…please let me know if you find out it’s doable.

  • David, All

    Yes, yes we had great time with Herve here. You meet his so you know Herve is great guy. He take care ofe me here in his second home. I try to convince him to show more his pictures (yes Herve), not only one or two.
    For mine you have to wait for a bit. I have no idea what pictires I will have. I not use flash so everything will move. We’ll see. I am curious myself. I will process the films from Walking street first.
    No more films for leica I have now so Herve will borrow me his Digi camra for today’s trip to boxing camp.
    Last two days and I am comming home. This was great trip. Asia is amazing place for photographers. I undretstand John Vink very well now.

    Ok, all for now. I will look here later.



    The two of you seem to have a great time together in Thailand… Thanks for sharing this with us all. My question is where is Marcin lovely wife????


    Thanks for sharing the link again. I had read the article on the Magnum blog few days ago thinking that David would have liked to say something as well, had be been around….this is now the case…. For his advice to young photographers, I smiled when reading the sentence “It is all about authorship, authorship and authorship”…seems like we have heard this before here :):):):)…


    I am going to have to complete my boxing work by next summer latest… My company has asked me to move back to Europe by then… Yes, after 3 years in Italy, 3 in the US, the family should be heading to Brussels by then… The first thing I said to my wife was shit, Brussels is so grey, no colors, there will not be much to photograph and then I smiled thinking about what I was telling you about Cincinnati not that long ago :):):)… and after all, there are some Belgium photographers like Gruyaert who did find some colors somewhere, so there is hope… Now, back to my current project, I like what you said to Patricia that it is good to have a time limit for a project… I have just created one as we speak…

    Will call you next week as agreed,




    I had missed your link on the previous post. I told you before that I am a huge fan…There are several new images in your essay Human Negociations that I really love (It is on topic I think as you were shooting in Thailand as well). I see what David is saying that there may be some that are close to one another but I would have a hard time picking… Congratulations!


  • Eric,
    thanks a lot for the nice comments. Right, this is just a small update of a previous update etc ….that leads us back to last years’ BKK workshop…….not the final edit yet. David luckily gave some advise we’ll keep in mind for the next trip.

    PS: your very personal approach to the boxing kids is very impressive. How awful this must be for the parents and friends ?

  • Hey David,

    You didn’t miss anything, I am still and avid reader and I have been making occasional posts, its sometimes hard to keep track of them all. I have been super busy trying to put together stories and working away while squeezing some travel in. I am still working on the Baltimore story, the hard sprint I did during the summer did not pay off with the access of what I had hoped for and I took a short break. I have returned to it recently after a teacher who read my blog randomly contacted me about a post I made when I was working on it over the summer. I am hopeful of what is to come. I have some of the work posted on my website under singles.

    I didn’t really look at child boxing as child abuse or child endangerment, I realize now because I thought it might be something engrained in their culture as common place and I did not link the danger of it. I can see your reasoning for including it. After reading the story captions on the magnum website, the issue of prostitution stood out to me the most which is why I wondered why it was included.

    That was one serious cell phone bill, there is an application you can download from the app story called, “Truphone” , it lets you make international calls over wifi for .03 a minute…

  • eric

    welcome to belgium…. yes it is grey, but if you look hard you can find love & colors here…

    and as the saying goes: if you can make great images in belgium, you can make them anywhere…

    now isn’t that a challenge :-)

    we should meet up once you get here!



    i was absolutely not irritated with you at all..i think sometimes when i am writing really fast, i can sound “short” , when in fact i am just “abbreviating”….

    your question was a fair one…and i just wanted to explain…i would say that the Magnum key wording and search system is not yet perfect…particularly on stories shot back in the late eighties, as was the Thai work which also flowed into the Vietnam work and where our key word folks might have gotten mixed up…this kind of mistake would be unlikely to happen now, but back when we were first digitizing our library, there were many…of course, it is now my personal responsibility to go in a fix all the mistakes and i thank you for pointing out this one..

    cheers, david

  • Hey David,

    I have absolutely no clue what the right question is:) But interesting photos. Ive never been to Pattaya, I hear its an interesting place, tho;)

    Ive renamed HSH, I dont know if you saw the exchanges in the past thread, but there were some very good suggestions. I wonder what you think about “Little Pieces of Us” as a title. If you have time, drop by, Ive added several new photos, edited down then added more photos again. Check it out when you have the time.

    P.S. maybe the right question is “When are you coming to Korea again?”. Do I win? LOL

  • ALL,
as i promised….

( Karim, just helped me create a small,
podcast/ movie file/
    anyway U wanna call it…

its about SCOTTIE… THE KING..of all Veterans..
i interviewed him with a little Olympus mic..
    Karim did his magic…
its not hard to make a slideshow…
    but , trust me,
its hard to make a slideshow that loads fast…

    ( anyways,please watch it… & HEAR HIS VOICE…
    SCOTTIE’s interview by Jim Morrison…
    its only 15 seconds and the

    audio/ interview…
    its kicking in after the 5th slide…
so be patient….)

    click below:

morning y’all

    ps: ( dont miss Scottie, confessing in the end… ”
    (((( I’m gonna GO, i’m gonna GO , MY WAY…. ))))

  • Hey David, you around? Call me if you are cuz i don’t have your number.

  • Thanks David for making things clear. The ‘fact checkers’ aspect made me think that you got irritated! I am happy that it was not!

    Anyway, your last posts have given a new dimension to some misunderstanding that I had. I always thought that generally the photographers in Magnum (the living ones) did these key-wording things, based on some key-wording policy or something. I am in fact a regular visitor of the Magnum site and generally I keep on running the slide-shows of different photographers many a times and sit back and try to understand what I see. Now, there are many many photographs that I don’t understand at all. In these cases, I look at those keywords and try to have some idea about the thought behind those photographs (believing that those were made by the photographers themselves)! Now, I come to know that this was not the case. :) I think now I have to visit Magnum site more often.

    But I do think that key-wording things should be done by the photographers themselves, howsoever boring or time consuming or whatever it may seem.


    i think it would quite literally impossible for any photographer to do their own key words unless they dropped everything else in their life or just did not have very many pictures to file…such is not the case with me or any photographer i know, unless retired from shooting…….good captions help however…and i think the case we were talking about was just simple captioning about location rather than the 8 or 10 key words that might aid in a search…key wording specifically is usually best left up to key word experts who understand clearly the search engines…as i said, those stories in question were filed way back at the beginning of our digitizing and i doubt few mistakes like those would happen today…


    answer your phone!!

    cheers, david

  • ALL…

    i will give this a couple more days before giving out the prizes…however, so far, nobody is even close to the right question!!!

    cheers, david

  • some possible CORRECT QUESTION (s)..

    are you in touch with any of the kids you photographed for the piece? how are they doing?

    what’s happening with EPF? any new plans for the magazine?

    how is your gal in London? :)

    will NYC ever warm up again?

  • Image 2 with yours, #5.

    Question: Isn’t that the same person at the far
    right in image #2 the same person as in your image #5?

    OK, I tried…

  • The correct question?!?!? You got me here, David. I have no idea where to start on that one. But I went to have a drink at the place we all think you shot and where Marcin was seated. It’s called Lucky Star, 19th Hole was actually the pool lounge on the first floor.

    Marcin is approaching the end of his stay, we got lucky (star!) again today, got to see students rehearsing for the King’s birthday. Not lucky for the picture opportunity, but the (giggling) kindness they had to invite us inside the classroom.

    Here’s my “circa 2008” shot for the Muay thai camp:

  • I don’t know if this guess has been made, but I’d have to say Pattaya 1 “little boxer” with Herve’s “and even stranger” because the lights are the same. David yours could have been an essay on “hands.” They’re all so intense in you shots.

  • If my guess is right, I still have no idea what the question would be. But I can dance around a couple of ideas:

    Is that a man or a woman?

    What is this venue?

    Do we need to send Herve and Marcin backup?

  • DAVID,

    Couple of possibly silly questions:

    1- Is it on purpose that each picture you are showing, HANDS are playing a critical role? Hand of the coach on the first picture pointing to the kids with his two hands in boxing gloves, hands of the youngThai “lady” who seems to invite you to come to talk with her…, Hand in the air in the third picture in front of this kid who has both hands in his pockets, and finally on the last picture, hand of the man who is holding his head while in front, the lady uses her hands to whisper or mask her mouth… I might be dreaming here but something strange with all these hands…..

    2- Final question: what is the missing picture? Somehow, you are a man who always thinks about the layout when presenting your pictures and when I first saw your post, I thought, why is there a hole? Strange? Did David seize these pictures differently, is anything missing???

    I am trying my best here!!!!! :):):)



  • ????????

    I do have a serious intuition that the question is ??

    ?When is the deadline for the EPF?

    Or, in a different perspective…

    Is everybody have their EPF submissions ready???

    (sorry for my english)

  • DAVID M….

    are you volunteering for Thailand “back up”???

    we must talk soonest please about magazine design etc…i will be back mid next week and really ready to work first week in december???

    Anton is coming to New York to work on the magazine, so is Tom Hyde, and it would be nice to have you…any chance you could get to New York early December?? all interested parties are welcomed to my place to discuss an online magazine…i could literally launch an online magazine almost overnight…our biggest potential problem is CONTENT….we have to estimate how much content we will have and how much we would need weekly, monthly, whatever…if we took all of the work that everyone has done here in the last year, we would probably have only one month’s worth of material, or maybe two…i think we would need some daily material….the long photo essays just are few and far between in actual fact…

    anyway, great to hear from you and let’s talk by phone mid-next week…good for you???


    no intentional use of “hands” as a theme for Pattaya any more than i always do love hands in general..

    the layout “hole” was just me playing with design…no missing picture…and i could only get the sizes you see off the Magnum site, so i did not have much flexibility…

    i am so so pleased that you have given yourself a deadline for the current essay..that works…say, i was just thinking, we need to do an edit..can you come to New York for our meeting and then we could edit at the same time??

    cheers, david

  • MARTNB..

    well, i legally cannot give out the stipend or stipends from EPF until after January 1, 2009 since one has already been given out in 2008..i must choose the jury before december 14, and i am writing the parameters for submission now….do not worry, i will give everyone plenty of time to get ready….there is a bit of “lawyer stuff” to get done, some of which i did today, and overall we are right on schedule in terms of announcing a grantee by say mid-January 2009 as we did this year…the only decision i am having trouble making is whether or not to give out one sizeable grant or several smaller ones…i , of course, want to do both, but a crashing economy is not really helping my cause!!!

    cheers, david

  • David

    So does that mean my guess of the “little boxer” and the woman in the red dress was wrong?

    I’ll see if I can make it out in December—probably be best if I could coordinate times with Anton and Tom. I wasn’t sure where we were with an online magazine, printed magazine, or printed annual, etc. I had gotten some printing quotes, but I’m sure this has evolved since I had my head in it.

    Some web design projects have fallen in my lap recently and I’ve had to do some hard studies of things I haven’t worked on in the past. Namely building dynamic sites with the benefit of WordPress or Moveable Type, which I’m sure one of those will be utilized when building your web magazine. Not that I’m completely versed in database sites, but I’m learning enough to communicate with a good programmer.

    I’m sure Tom and Anton have a good grasp of that stuff, and I’d have better input as a designer, but I’m happy to help where I can.

  • Oh yeah, I’d be happy to provide backup to Thailand, or any place warm with sun. This damn global warming is freezing Michigan and making it snow like crazy here! Yeah let’s talk next week…

  • Thanks Mr. harvey for your answer…

    I was actually trying my luck at the contest ‘find the correct question’ …
    well i guess i didn’t get it.
    Good luck to everybody with this online magazine,
    looking forward to see it.

  • DAH –

    I sent you an email…

  • ALL

    Living in Detroit right now is not easy, at least it’s not easy to remain hopeful about the future. Everyone’s scared. With good reason.

    I don’t want to start a pro-and-con discussion about whether or not the Big 3 automakers should be bailed out by the taxpayers; I just want to share a composite I created with three photos I took today. I call it “A grey day in Detroit.”



    I don’t know if the auto industry is a subject that is interesting to you or not but you are in the PERFECT place if you want to photograph this story. Your take on it…

  • I have been to busy to participate in your contest but will take a stab at it now…It would be helpful if we could see your images larger for the details!

    From what I can see…it would have to be the bamboo chairs, as has already been mentioned.

    THE QUESTION: my guess :)))
    What is Marcin doing sitting down when he could be out shooting photos like the one you took right across the street?

  • DAVID,

    I would be very happy to come to New York but I am actually away on business trip in Colorado the first week of December, returning home as of Dec 6,7. I could probably come any other week between Dec 7 and Christmas… You mentioned that Anton and Tom are coming early Dec…Any chance there are actually coming after Dec 7 or is the plan for you to be home only the very first days of Dec…

    Let me know and if this works, would be glad to join you there.



  • david and everyone
    i m from thailand. if you come to thailand and need some help. please tell me, i m glad to help

    cheer all

  • DAVID ET AL: Please take a look at my latest blog entry concerning my interesting meeting with a photographer named Sean Higgins.

    David, please feel free to comment at greater length regarding this man. I like him and respect his message that there is little romantic about being a war photographer even on assignment for major magazines.




    I certainly care deeply about Detroit and its people so what’s happening with the auto industry would seem like a natural subject for me tackle right now, except for one–well, two–things. I’m currently hard at work on two photo projects, one of which (the African American elders) has a gallery exhibit scheduled for March 2009, and the other (my self portraits) is on a timetable for completion in summer 2009 and hopefully a book to be published by spring 2010.

    Much as I’d like to, I just can’t take on any more projects. Not now anyway. Wish I could because there are going to be lots of stories to tell, especially if one (or two or three) of the Big 3 go belly-up. I fear we’ve got sad times ahead…


  • Dear David and Friends,

    I’ve come back home from Paris.
    The response of book signing is very special and i touched very much from the response. I never forget the experience.

    I met Judith who attended New York Loft workshop this year there. Thank you so much for visiting for my signing, Judith.
    She is going to attend an internship in ‘Magnum in motion’ from Mar. She will stay New york then.

    And I met Eric Valli and his family, too!!
    We went to traditional French market and bought somthing. he cooked very dilicious lunch and we enjoyed it with Australian wine. Thank you very much for warm invitation, Eric and for strong relationship, David.
    deeply toched..

    p.s. I’ve sent my book, David.
    I would like to knowthat you take it?

    Marcin and Herve,
    You enjoyed very happy time to take pictures. I look forward to seeing your nice works!


    Question :
    Wha is the name of the location which David and Herve have taken the picture?

    Answer: Cafe “Love & Love”


    i read with interest your piece on Sean Higgins….curious though…i have never seen his name in connection with either Natgeo or , more importantly, with Magnum….maybe something went wrong with an assignment with Natgeo, he was never published, therefore i might not ever be in contact with him…but, the photographers who have any contact or “join” Magnum i would know for sure….something is wrong with this “reporting” of his career …please check carefully his bio again please…maybe he was working in the Magnum office as an intern in London or??? anyway, he surely was never a Magnum photographer for 6 months…that is just not plausible..

    nice to hear from you..i wondered where you went…you totally disappeared after our meeting in New York, but i assumed you were out shooting on your project…i would love to see any new work from you…

    welcome back…

    cheers, david


    i await the arrival of your book..i am quite excited to see this…i am so so happy for you with your good fortune in Paris and in seeing Eric and his family…maybe you know i am the “godfather” of his daughter Grace…i hope she is fine and i hope to see the whole family this spring..

    when your book arrives, i will write to you immediately….

    with every good wish, david

  • ALL…

    i will announced the winner of our little contest by no later than tuesday…..

    on another matter, i have a question regarding text on line…do you prefer traditional black type on white text or white type on black text for in depth reading??? i have mixed feelings and would like your opinion…

    i am off to California this morning for a few days and the Julia Dean seminars..packing some 220 film for this one and am hoping to shoot a few families….

    back here soonest….

    cheers, david

  • David,

    I diddn’t know you are the “godfather” of Grace! She is very sweet and lovely girl. She is fine. I’m printing some pictures of her and her family now. I will send these printings to Eric. I hope they will enjoy these pictures. And I will send the picture of Grace to you. You might want to see the picture of her.

    Thank you very much and hope to be a safe trip to California.

  • Okay David! I understand what you say. Yeah, captions (by photographers, if possible) may help a lot. But in any case, I have a feeling that Magnum is more a photography business site than a photography learning site (which is understandable), correct me if I am wrong though.


  • traditional black type on white text

  • The question? Why a duck, that is the deep philospohical question of our times:

  • First Off, DAVID,

    Congrats on the new beach house!! Wow, this is a dream of mine… (I see my sailing boat too :)
    A beach house, that’s GREAT, especially if it needs a little fixing – then it must have soul ;)
    By the way, is it the one (on a misty morning) you photographed &posted here before?

    Eric E,
    Keep working, the stuff is good and worth it more than ever! T’inquiètes pas, Bruxelles est tès sympa, tu y trouveras, là aussi, “ta” lumière…

    We briefly met at DAH’s workshop and, as I said then, I really like your work & the very “intuitive eye”. Congratulations on the book! Can’t wait to see it!

    “What should be the Name of the DAH online Magazine?”

    Anyway we could meet once back in NY? I’d like to have a chat & know more about the Mag!

    Best to all,

  • DAVID, there may be a mixup – try John Higgins. It is pronounced Sean.

    He says he was hanging around with Nachtwey and McCurry alot and that he was inspired by your one camera one lens approach many years ago. I think the Magnum thing was early ’80’s, but I’m not certain. I’ll check it out more fully next week.

    Have a good trip to CA.

  • David-I cannot find reference to this guy at all. Very strange. He’s 46 years old, born and raised in Ireland, according to him and the guy (Tom Arndt) who introduced him. His pictures are the real thing. But no reference in google.




  • When you say “white text” does that mean a white background? I’d say that for the amount of writing this blog, or perhaps an online magazine would produce, black type on white would cause the least eye fatigue. Although stylistically a site like this, with reversed type looks nice – – I think after a while it would be hard to pour through so much information.

  • The question:
    what year were the photos taken?

    Patricia, forgot to thank you for your kind words yesterday. Package should be arriving pretty soon.

    Cathy, no fear, Marcin was shooting that night, as my photos attest, and even as he was sitting down, as I did too. He ran out of films and had to finish the trip with my back up camera, digital though. Ot gidital, as he says… :-)

    Marcin and Alexandra are leaving tomorrow morning, back to Poland. I am just starting my trip, will be in Siem Reap (Angkor wat) Sunday, to see what the festival of photography there is about. I remember being there when I was the only person visiting most temples, including Ta Phrom, the famous jungle-swallowed site. 2 million people now visit Angkor every year, sadly very few of the locals profit from the bonanza. And most aid is undertaken by foreign NGOs, small and big, and dedicated individuals. Meanwhile, Pnom penh is at mega shopping mall, and exclusive golf course stage.

    The last time I saw a Lamborghini Cuntach (300 grand these days, i think) was in Cambodia, not California or France. see:

    One of the grand scandal, and corruption in Cambodia, is tied to land spoliation. Many have died, trying to defend the plot that was theirs, and a lot more evicted, and swindled out of their titles. Fortunes are being made, based on what can only be called as murderous thievery. John Vink has often reported on this.

  • David,

    Agree with David McG, full reverse type is great in small doses for highlights, etc, but definitely not for extended reading. Traditional black on white for text is always a good choice.

    If you are looking for a change, you might consider creative use of grays which I like for design. A non-blog example here:

  • David M.

    Did you get my email? I sent it through your web site.

  • Hey Pete,

    Yeah I got it – was just getting around to responding to it. I don’t have full knowledge of WordPress or Moveable Type yet, but I’m moving toward that. So I haven’t developed a way of working that’s inexpensive, since I have to outsource programming. I was going to talk to you about that, because I assumed you’re using some blog software for 37th, so I figured you were further along than me.

    If you’re talking about creating a comp for the look of a site and slicing it up for use with a style sheet, I’m good for that.

  • ~*~ How Many Old Camera Bags Does Harvey Actually Have ???
    and…How Many Can He Actually Part With For These Contests???

    ~*~ When are you and Jim doing another workshop in Thailand?


    Your gift arrived today and I LOVE IT!!! You are such a dear friend and you sure know what suits my style. This batik bag fits perfectly in my camera bag which is always with me. Can’t wait to try it out at the market and the library. Thank you SO MUCH ;=)

    Here’s a pic of me with your gift:


  • ALL,
    I’m at the terminal 5, LAX..
    waiting for D.. to arrive from JFK…
    I talked with BIG BOY the radio host from
    the most prestigious HIP HOP/ RAP
    station from LA.. I told him about
    DAH & his LIVING PROOF..
    He got excited so , hopefully, we are
    getting 10 minutes airtime, tomorrow
    morning at 9am..
    Whoever lives in LA, please tune in
    at 105.9fm tomorrow morning at 9am..
    I can’t promise but you might hear David’s
    Either way…
    DAH will be here any minute..
    Then I’m driving him straight to the heart of
    “the home of the panos”…
    Live U all..
    Of course I will keep U posted…
    ( you know how I do!!!)

  • from the CANDLE BAR( next to the Bistro.. of course.. )
    18 feet walking distance from our hotel..
    Cadillac Hotel..
    D, just left panicking..
    running to the our hotel..
    We left the shower water running HOT
    for the last 3 hours..
    … laughing… don’t ask me why..
    Running water & a wet towel on the smoking detector..
    I apologize to U all…
    We are about to kicked out of the hotel…!!
    I put DAH,?? In trouble..???!
    My pleasure!
    Sincerely yours…!

  • It’s amazing…

    Herve is in Thailand and sent Patricia in Detroit a bag and I am seeing photos from both of them plus hearing about Panos and David in LA at the same time I am in San Diego chatting online with a friend in Orange County…and on and on….

    What a world!

  • My pleasure, Patricia, it looks absolutely great, glad it will be of use. All, this batik bag is made by destitute muslim women whose life has been changed for the worse since violence erupted in the south of Thailand.

    Many, Buddhist and muslims alike have lost family members. This was the subject of Masuru Goto’s exhibit in bangkok (and featured on Peter’s 37thframe site), and where I purchased the bag. Instantly thought of you, Patricia, and you did not have to answer the correct answer and question! :-)))

    Marcin and his wife Alex left this morning. I really enjoyed having him around, i hope we meet again, and also that he will be able to give more time to visiting the region one day.

    OK, so here is a last shot of our man, shooting inWalking street again, and the question is: who is the woman behind Marcin?

    Winner gets a signed picture of Marcin and I, before he boarded his airport bus this morning…. Or something else, maybe from Cambodia.


  • great news..
    BIG BOY loved the LIVING PROOF..
    He invited us again to his studio for
    breakfast with SNOOP DOGG..
    I will ask SNOOP for permission to go to
    his home & photograph his family for
    I’m so super excited I brought
    DAH & BIG BOY together..
    They loved each other..
    The LIVING PROOF sings in LA..
    I hope for a gallery exhibition here in
    Hollywood.. Soon
    This is LA…
    It’s all about HIP HOP here…
    Almost done..
    Heading back to VENICE…

  • David,

    Who were the pictures for and where did they get used?

    Text black on white please.

    All if anyone has time I’d be interested in what you think of these pictures

    I’ve been looking at them too much to know if they are any good. The cat is an Amur leopard only around 30 of them remain in the Russian Far East. I hope to go back in February to photograph them roaming free and get some more camera trap pics.



  • Hey,

    Lots of talk about intimacy lately here so I thought I would share. Here’s a couple of sites of images done this summer. My honeymoon (wife’s family included as she’s from Dusseldorf) and a pretty serious edit of our 8 days in Istanbul together. All shot with the M8, a handful of lenses, straight out of LR with (some) pp., no cropping. London, Paris, Nice, Istanbul (seperate) and Dusseldorf.

    Keeo in mind the Europe site was built for family and wife in mind, but I would like to share here. Enjoy!

    Oh, and extra bonus my opening in Paris and some of my walks there:

    Comments welcome. This is really just play, but I think there are some beautiful images. Was reading Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul, and was really influenced by his concept of huzun, a certain type of melancholy native to Turks and in particular Istanbul.

    And now I need to catch up on the exploits of Panos!

  • PANOS:

    Can you email me?



  • Wat up Charleeees..
    I’m here with DAH..
    I’m on beer already, he is on pancakes ???!!
    We just did the slideshow tests etc..
    at Julia dean’s..
    Now.. We are at the beach
    waiting for Karim..
    Charles, D, says hi to U..

  • Charles ,
    Hit me here:
    ( i’m on the iPhone – sorry)

  • The right question is this:

    “What do you want to say?”


    Now that I know who made this beautiful batik bag I am even more gratified that you thought of me when you saw it. I will hold the women in my heart whenever I use it. May they be safe and receive all they need to take good care of themselves and their children.

    Love to you as you journey through the land you love.



    Thats great stuff!

    SNOOP was down here on ‘The Block’ a couple of weeks ago and I snapped him for the local Aborignal paper Koori Mail…

    Everyone on ‘The Block’ wants a copy of the photo- SNOOP made a big difference to those guys, it was his first stop from the airport, so he made them feel really special…

    Plus he put on a gurnsey from the local footy team the Rabbitohs who featured a lot of the local talent -Nathan Merritt is from ‘The Block’ originally but plays at a very high level and Anthony Mundine is a World Champion boxer…pretty good for such a small group of people…It was a real ‘Gala Day’ at ‘The Block’

    SNOOP is a very, very cool dude for doing that…

    But my god… One of his body guards’ head was bigger than my boontie (butt to you fellas!) Hehehehe…

    Glad to see pics from your exhibition. Hope you had a good time and enjoyed it. I don’t usually say this, but I just loved that cat photo! =)




    Those were shot on your honeymoon?
    I hope you put the camera down from time to time…for your wife’s sake. :))

    That Obama poster would have been a great place to hang for a while…lots of different things could have come by… got any more of those?

  • Martin,

    That’s Punky, my friends cat. She’s a tease.


    Yeah, Obama’s big in France. It was too bleeding cold to really hang anywhere (must keep moving) but I know what you mean.

    My wife was tired a lot (first part of pregnancy) so I did a lot of solo wandering (just not too far from the hotel).

    Take care,


  • !!! attention eric espinosa, katia roberts, whomever else:

    saw this this morning, might be right for you, looks totally legit —

    good luck!

  • ANTON,

    Thanks for thinking about us! Might share my link indeed just in case…By the way, I did not realize that you were living in Belgium…This is great. Will have to meet as soon as I get there…


    Thanks for your comments…. I know that Brussels is not that bad :):):). I am lived there many years already and I know that there are great people there…Just a bit too much rain for someone born in the South of France but family will be fine :))):).


    Great to know that David and you are together. There are always sparks when you guys are together….I wish I was there to hang around with you. I hope that David is able to take the SNOOP family for his topic. This would be great. He already had a picture of SNOOP in Living Proof…this will create a link between the two topics… By the way, we are counting on you for the detailed reporting of the activities. Take care!



  • David, All

    Home sweet home.

    From heaven to cold and snow Poland. brrrr.
    David, you should be with us there:) maybe next time, somewhere in the world we will meet.
    Herve, Thanks one more time for all. I will have more photos with you. Now just two.

    a few pictures from muay thai camp, where I was with herve. I made six films there but we all have to wait a bit for the results. Now the pictures I made with Herve’s camera. I know box is boring and used, but I have only this for now.

    time to rest.


  • I’m really pissed of right now…
    I just got out of jail!!!
    I’m not gonna say more at this point…
    My court date 12/21/08
    Reason of arrest..
    “Interfering with the Fire Department”
    I shot one photo although I had
    No permission…
    They kept me in jail about 5 hours…
    They kept my sdcard ..
    Wendy was there (witness)
    Tony photographed my arrest on his iPhone…!
    also…. DAH was there…
    Noone could help…
    Anyways I’m OUT… IM FREE
    ( but. , again … Court date… ??? In a month !!
    Damn, I’m exhausted

  • RAFAL,

    For what it’s worth, I very much like your first one and your last… The second one may look a bit too much “constructed” for me… You want to make sure you keep the spontaneous feel of your photographs that captures “unplanned moments” of your life….

    I like the title…



  • PANOS,

    How strange!!! Seems incredible really! Glad you are out but imagine that this must have been frustrating…. Wonder what they must have been thinking in this fire department… Hope you and DAH do not get into too much trouble…



  • Panos

    I see the trouble it is your second name.
    You definitely have not boring life :)
    Take care my friend.

  • anon (anton?)

    thanks for the heads-up!
    i sent them an email.
    it potentially could be a good
    springboard toward publishing a
    book of my street family.
    thanks.. :)

    panos –

    oh nooo!
    but you know what?
    it’s all an adventure, right?
    you’ll never run out of stories
    to tell your kids/grandkids.
    you live life FULL-ON, dear.
    you’ll never regret that.

    big MWAH! to you and DAH.


  • no, not anton — just anon, a lonnnnng time blog reader, full time professional photographer who prefers to fly under the radar in blog-land.

    keep us posted if anything happens.

    don’t know if eric e noted that post or ignored it as spam since there is no name attached.

    in any case, good luck.

  • anon–

    thanks again for ‘having our backs’.
    what kind of work do you do?
    and where?
    if i can ask..


  • Hey Marcin, good stuff, you got the feel of the place. But it’s weird, your post is missing from the page now, and the previous page does not have “next” at the bottom….

    Place keeps buzzing here, just today long boat competitions and buffalo races (which I missed, damned!)… ‘wonder if that was right to go to Cambodia now…

    PS: Panos, I hope this is a joke from one your Venice friends snatching your iphone. I have a feeling, if not, that there is a bit more to it than just taking one shot without permission. And where would you find the 10 000? David?

    Man, you need to come here and fast. Thailand means land of the free. Free, like not in jail… At least!

  • Oh yes, I forgot to add a shot, no post during my asian journey without photo(s). Not a great one, but the kids were having a lot of fun…:

  • Marcin,

    Oh man I’ve always wanted to shoot Muay Thai. My wife and I almost went to one match but it was really expensive ($50 a ticket!) so we passed. All very shady and we couldn’t tell if we we’re getting ripped off or not. next time I’ll go with someone in the know. Looking forward to seeing your films. I love Thailand and always have a good time there though Vietnam is my true love.

    Take care,


  • PANOS,

    My god man! You don’t waste anytime do you!?

    When you wake up and remove the shackles (from your wrists, ankles, and your brain – I hope you had a drink or smoke or two after the ordeal) be sure to return my email.

    Take care,


  • KATIA,

    if you ever want some help editing your wonderful photos let me know. The invite to come by the studio still stands. Would love to lend you an extra set of eyes for an hour or two. I’m just starting to edit another book of my own work so I’m in the groove at the moment.

    Take care,


  • Hey Panos! Sorry to hear about the incident! Today, it was you! It can be anybody else of us photographers on the next day! I quite understand it! Hope everything settles out well in the end!

    My best wishes….

  • HERVE/ ALL..

    I know what U saying..
    That I must have done something
    little “extra” wrong .. Right?
    Like crossing a yellow taped something,
    or something , right???
    I will let DAH explain later..
    He is super busy right now..
    But trust me.. This time…
    This particular time I didn’t DO ANYTHING WRONG..
    All, again
    I might be crazy… But
    Thank god I have a witness ..
    Ask him…
    ( thank god David was there ..
    He defended me, heavily..
    They almost arrested him too…
    I will never forget the back seat
    of that cop car.. The smell.. Suffocation
    .. The heat.. The sweat.. The agony..
    The lies.. The harrasment..
    Even laughter and mockery..
    Me begging for my leica with real
    Tears in my eyes..
    I’m not tough.. I realized this last night..
    I’m fragile..
    Nobody cares about us

    I can say more.. I have a court date..

    Thank U..

    This is the story.. In brief..
    Me , David, Wendy ( filmaker) and
    many more friends…
    Sitting in the cafe.. The usual
    photo talk , blah blah..
    All of a sudden , sirens..
    No police, only fire trucks and an
    Immediately I grab the leica and
    run towards the lights.. As always..
    THIS IS MY JOB… Ok???
    … A pit bull bit a woman..
    Not that I knew.. I was just trying to
    see what’s up.. I wasn’t even shooting..
    Eventually I see the woman …
    strapped in the ambulance bed..
    Nothing unusual and nothing to
    photograph really…
    You see my leica is not autofocus..
    All I did ( like always ).. I brought
    the camera to my eye level to prefocus…
    1.4 voichtlander , not easy to focus in the dark..
    I didn’t shoot coz there was nothing really
    to shoot.. Honestly..

    I couldn’t breath.. He was choking me..
    in front of 1000 people…
    My friend B, was with me.. She runs
    to David..
    DAH was there…
    He took it personal.. He did
    He explained, begged…
    That was it… He was ready to join me..
    Not wise…
    They gave my iPhone and wallet to B..
    When they let me go… 6 hours later..
    I couldn’t even make a collect call,
    I couldn’t remember ANYONES NUMBER..
    I had to walk for two hours non stop
    from the centinela jail all the way to
    the beach..ALL THE WAY TO VENICE…
    With my leica ( NO SD CARD )…
    All I had in my pocket is my arrest papers
    and a court date…

    Welcome to my photohellVeniceworld…

    (ps: CHARLES, I got your email..
    Thank U.. I will respond soonest…)


    All things considered I won’t be driving up to see you tonight. Three hours (round trip) from San Diego is no problem but it sounds like you guys already have a LOT going on there. Have fun!

    Panos that really is a bummer about the arrest. You’ve got to get this dismissed.

  • charles–

    you’re in town? for some reason i thought
    you were elsewhere now. moved abroad even.

    i have most of december free after the first week.
    let’s talk more then, ok?
    and thank you, :)


    you’re such a good guy..
    and what a True friend.
    panos is really lucky. ;)

    love ya,


  • Jesus Christ. I’m really sorry to hear that Panos. They have no right to do that. Not sure what’s going on in this country sometimes…. (isn’t that an understatement!)

  • KATIA,

    I’m around. Baby coming in Feb so dec is best.

    Take care,


  • PANOS. Man that is some serious bullshit! I´m shocked! It has already been said, but they have NO right. From my little time at newspapers I know if you are in a public space, you did not cross the tape and were not getting in their way you have done nothing wrong. It is not illegal to take photographs of firemen or ambulances!!?? Not sure about the card, but i´m pretty sure they can´t take it from you either!

    Obviously you will have to go to court, but I don´t know what they can hang on you!!?

    If you want to take it to them get in touch with the NPPA they know all the in´s and out´s of this stuff. This kind of thing happens far too often. How many of the other folks there had their cell phones out snapping away I wonder!?

    Good luck!! James

  • PANOS:

    “law enforcement officers
    may object to photography but
    most understand that people have the
    right to take photographs and do not
    interfere with photographers. They do
    have the right to keep you away from
    areas where you may impede their
    activities or endanger safety. However,
    they do not have the legal right
    to prohibit you from taking photographs
    from other locations.”


  • ERIC,
    That dog bit more than 6 people..
    The last 4 months only..
    The CITY is about to get sued..
    They had numerous complaints but
    never removed that dangerous dog
    from the Venice area..
    I have ( had ) the evidence..
    I got caught in the mix..
    That’s all..
    Someone has to get punished..
    It just happened to be me..
    End of story…

    ( literally I might need some help here..;-). )

  • Hey Panos

    That’s why I said trouble it is you second name. You have to do nothing wrong and you have trouble anyway. Karma? :)
    We are with you. Have a bright thoughts.

    peace and freedom for Panos

  • Panos! Really incredible situation and inexplicable behaviour! It has no doubt been a nightmarish experience for you! All we can do right now is to give you our support here, whatever it is worth. I sincerely hope this will settled amicably very soon.

    However, this really opens up a new topic (and what an important topic!) of ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ for photographers. In your case, it was some official guys. I am also really pissed of by some busybodies who come and ask why I am shooting, as if the world belongs to him. I shoot in India and here generally a smiling face or a joke or something generally does the trick. But there are situations where one cannot keep his cool, even with the greatest effort on his part, like where somebody persistently disturbing you while you are shooting, just because this busybody doesn’t have anything better to do or he is trying to get over his frustration over the photographer. I have seen so many of these losers who try to get officious whenever they see somebody shooting. There are many trying situations that photographers have to face, for no fault of their own. One cannot discuss the so-called “photographer’s rights” with these guys because they are simply not ready to listen to anything. So one has to invent things to get rid of these guys. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail. But photographers must not lose their cool, whatever be the provocation, that’s for certain. Because the moment the photographer loses his cool, the busybody gets the fuel to interfere further. I know this has not been the case with you. But we need to discuss this here. We need to know the views of different photographers about how they cope with these adverse conditions.

    Anyway, best of luck mate…I am sure you shall conquer at the end

  • ALL
    we are in the class…
    Right now. Editing students..
    As always intense and rewarding…

  • Student SLIDESHOW,
    ready to start…
    In a few moments..

    VENICE EDIT… In Public next…
    In the lobby of the Cadillac hotel..
    On the pool table..
    Jim Morrison
    Performs 18 feet away..
    Couldn’t get any better than that…
    or maybe..

    ps: I met a cool photog today..
    His name: HAIK…
    He gave his sandwich…
    Couldn’t get any better than that..
    Meeting a great photog and
    a generous soul too…
    to be continued…

  • Panos,

    Here in The Netherlands photographers are member of a union for freelance photographers and journalists. They are the ones to assist in cases like police brutality. Isn’t there something like that in the US? Good luck!


  • Panos:

    Someday you will write a book and Hunter S Thompson will rise from the grave to edit & promote it for you.

    Good luck getting your card back, he must’ve been a heckuva detective to FIND the SD card in an M8!!

    You have card ressurection software right? You never know what you might find.


  • hmmmm… I feel like survived the global catastrophe. There was some armageddon I have not noticed?
    ok. I will post some pictires from my trip during processing on my news site if someone is curious.

    peace (for survivors)

  • Siem Reap (Cambodia)

    Arrived yesterday, been attending the Angkor festival of photography, and well, David, Antoine d’ Agata is here, though I have yet to meet him. I understand best chance is to err around the red llights district before dawn.

    I met also 2 photographers whom I respect a lot, Munem Wasif and Sohrab, which rafal will remember from the trekearth days. Munem did some wonderful work with myanmar refugees in bangladesh (refugee in Bangladesh!?!? That has to say a lot about the dismal state of affairs in mafia-junta ruled Burma). Both are on lightstalkers I think.

    There is a party related to the festival at this minute. So, there I go. Siem Reap is the city from where one visits the Angkor temples. It had changed ona grand scale since I came here the first time when there was hardly any tarmac on the roads. Now, it has become a high point of international tourism, so the food is great, and there are as many waterring holes as temples. More, actually.

    So here, we are, this shot was taken on “pub” street, this morning:

    PS: best wishes to Panos. Marcin, a few of you too, you wish you were here!

  • HERVE.

    Munem won a big award at Perpignan. He’s very “hot” right now.
    Please tell him I love his work :))

  • HERVE.

    Gary Knight is usually around for the Angkor festival… as are some of the others from VII. It should be a great time for you.

  • CATHY…

    what happened to you??? i was expecting you all weekend and had permission for you to sit in on our programs…anyway, maybe you left comment that i did not see and something may have come up for you….

    anyway, sorry we missed…..


    what Panos neglected to mention was that when i walked up to the police officers in L.A. who had Panos handcuffed, was that they told me i would too be under arrest too if i even said one more word…and all i did was to politely ask “what is the problem??” i just wanted to find out why Panos was under arrest…i actually would have “pushed it” further if i had not needed to be in class…i would have been willing to be arrested just to see what in hell they would charge me with…i know some of you may think Panos is a bit of a wild man , but in this case in particular, he was quiet , polite, and not interfering with anything…i suppose the police are particularly sensitive in the Venice Beach area where there is a lot of crime..every night i have been here , there has been some kind of violent incident..

    i will try to get a post out this afternoon…you all know by now that when i am with students, i am not with you…but now, i am all yours!!!..i was intensely busy all morning editing from Panos’ 850 small prints!!! in the next few weeks i will be doing serious edits for Eric, Patricia, Rafal, Audrey, Erica, Bob, James, Cristina,Marcin, David M., and some others i probably forgot just now…whoever you are , please forgive me and , yes remind me!!

    cheers, david

  • ALL,
    I don’t know where to start…
    We filled up the whole hotel
    Lounge with almost 850 prints..
    Three hours later we were down to
    Two hours later we were down to 70…
    An hour later 60…
    And I still haven’t edited all that last
    crazy week stuff…
    Next is TEXT EDITING.. I need the right
    Then is layout.. I don’t even know..
    We will see.. What’s next is next..
    Either way.. We did good…
    Looking good!!!!!!!!
    Love ya all..

    ps: oh… DAH is typing as we speak on his
    laptop right next to me…
    New post… With two amazing photos..

  • Hi everyone – I am Haik-the-sandwich-sharing-guy. Was just a sandwich, Panos, just a sandwich – get over it. but thanks for the other kind words.

    Everyone – I think Panos can use our support. We could possibly get a letter of some sort to the court. Of course DAH and friends that were present are the most valuable as witnesses. What happened is just ridiculous, I am sure the fireman was having a bad hair day under the helmet. What he did is a citizen’s arrest which is applicable for cases of felony. Here is what I have found for CA:

    “A private person may arrest another: 1. For a public offense committed or attempted in his presence. 2. When the person arrested has committed a felony, although not in his presence. 3. When a felony has been in fact committed, and he has reasonable cause for believing the person arrested to have committed it. (C.P.C. 837).”

    Panos, man – you might have something in here. Follow up on it. I am sure you have nothing to worry about mainly because your initial arrest have not been lawful for as much as my non-lawyer mind and a little research show. Basically, no felony – no arrest. Check on that one.

  • HAIK..
    I’m so glad that I met U..
    You are a great person..
    and your photographs were one of
    the best at the students slideshow..
    Thank U for the support …
    I will send U a personal email..
    but as you know before the court
    date, I don’t wanna get any unnecessary
    Attention… regarding this case..
    All I wanna be is “out” of this …
    and I don’t wanna threaten anyone either..
    keep shooting ..
    … And go check… New DAH
    POST… Fresh, fresh, fresh…
    In a few minutes …

    Thanks again…

  • Panos –
    thank you for the kind words and encouragement – I really appreciate it.

  • Herve

    Enjoy the time in Cambodia. I am in my cold grey sad country with depression huge as mount everest, so I wish be there with you as well.


  • David, regarding the misrepresentation of oneself as a Magnum photographer, I’ve come across 2 cases in Switzerland where the photographers seem to be Magnum members although they may only have been correspondents or similar.

    “1965 First assignment from Magnum Photos in Paris, for Paris Match, The Observer about President Sukarno of Indonesia. After this assignment, he was with Magnum for over 40 years as well as continuing press work for most important magazines and producing his own projects at the same time.”

    “Venzago spent years with the Magnum Agency”

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