graduation day….



the slide show for At Home workshop 2008 should be up now (under Movies home page) and loads in about 15 secs on my computer..we had it
down for awhile trying to get out the flicker, but it is such a big
file , i am not sure we can do better..but still trying..

anyway, i do hope you enjoy the show…these students did the impossible  to get this work done in just a few days…

most of you know, but not everyone, that this is all ORIGINAL WORK shot last week..could the final show be better?? of course… but this show is being produced right up until a half hour before show time…so, it is RAW, but reflects the sensitivity, timing, aesthetic and dedication of these emerging photographers..


some may not understand the workshop "ritual", so i will give you a little "brief"..

the whole point of this workshop is to allow emerging photographers a chance to totally develop artistically and realistically….i push each student in her/his personal direction based on THEM , not  me…..or maybe "stretch" is better than "push" any case, i  study
the portfolios even before they are accepted into the class….class
limit 12…as soon as possible, i spend an hour with each student
one on one to get "into their head" and figure out what they really
want to "say"….as you will  see most are quite conceptual while still bearing witness…

my daily critiques of the previous day’s shooting often leave
blood and tears on the floor…while this is definitely a philosophy
class perhaps more than  a photography class,  we do have REAL PRODUCTION in
mind…we knew at the beginning of last week we would be following the
shows of Gene Richards and Bruce Gilden and with a live audience of New York photo world…

do you think there is any pressure?? 

but, i find that by throwing people in water over their heads, they swim like hell….

do the photographers  have to be strong.. affirmative.. do they have to be tough??
absolutely… do they have to be more sensitive and open up their
hearts more than they have ever done in their lives?? necessarily…

i put just as much effort into the teaching of these workshops and into the final production as anything i  do …period….my class knows i am asking them to work no harder than i am working myself….

nobody actually shoots for all of the 6 shooting days
allowed…theoretically they can, but they…start
over…mucho time is spent researching, re-working ideas, tapping the
subconscious, and reaching out into new visual territory by just
"letting go" of all that "binds" ..i show my work, sometimes contact sheets, to help the photographers think about approach etc etc..

besides the obvious gratitude to Gene and Bruce who headlined the final show, i had "hands on" guests throughout the week…i want to thank Alex and Rebecca Webb for jamming with us
one morning and showing us their new book on Cuba…many many thanks to Melissa
Harris who gave us a personal tour through the Koudelka show, Invasion Prague 68, currently at
Aperture Gallery, Melissa gathered the students around her on the floor of the gallery and told  us of weeks of work to hang this
show….Melissa is the editor of Aperture Magazine and has been the editor of so many books…Song from Magnum advertising department told us about
the realities of shooting for ad agencies and selling stock..many
thanks Song…suffering a serious thug induced brain injury while a photographer for
the Sacramento Bee, and now a NY freelancer, John Trotter came by and
showed us his amazing new book on a treatment center for major head
trauma..he did it while being inside as a patient…silent room…gracias amigo..

my biggest thank you goes to  Michael Courvoisier who
really ran this workshop and will run the upcoming one in Mexico…. Oaxaca:Day of the Dead (see story under "student work/workshops")…Mike stays calm in a storm…handles both students and me with equal aplomb…we lost Marie temporarily  right before this workshop nor did we have an intern, so
Mike and i had to do everything ourselves…from  inner working organizing to making coffee and
getting the morning bagels to mopping the floor…i love  to mop…

intense week??  more than intense…. day and night and night and day we were shooting, editing, listening to
music , discussing directions to move and just flat out busting it… and when we weren’t doing that, we were seeing a
presentation from one of the above or showing my works.

party??? not until the last night my friends, not until the last
night..and by that time, all of the suffering over, and the room quiet
and the lights down and a buzz in the crowd from the Gilden/Richards
show comes, yes, my student show….so proud ..and can’t believe we
actually did it again "against all odds" from where we were even the
night before..

show over….credit slides…applause long and sweet….i introduce
each photographer to the crowd telling about their story..more
applause…warm tears this time…this time blood pumping warm and
flushing the faces…hugs, kisses, and ok one more hug….

now, finally, finally..time to PARTY DOWN……(and we did!!)

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  • that would have been a party to attend..
    bring your preferred refreshment.. indeed.

    some great work achieved there..
    congrats to all for diving in..


    Well let it be CONGRATULATIONS to your workshop students! Though I couldn’t hear the soundtrack…


    ASHE’S work is amazing, whats the story behind those images? I would love to know more about that story, it looks fantastic…

  • the slide show is fantastic!! CONGRATS to all the students!! DAH – you should be proud!!!

  • It is clear that anyone who takes the journey with DAH (and Michael and Marie and all who jam..) is asked to dig deep and if they mirror the level of commitment and investment being offered and follow their hearts they mine something marvelous that can’t be named or known ahead of time..

    A big warm congratulations to all the participants.


    Is Oaxaca full? What workshops follow that?

    When will the jam sessions go down for this next loft Workshop? Would love to come by from one of those..

  • lisa – you missed out..
    young josh davis’ tune even had swearing, mo=fo.

    i loved the wall street piece.. tourist piece.. and the final piece.. great.. classy stuff.. these had me spinning back to view again..

    anyone else up for a virtual one week assignment?


  • DAH, and family
    I figure after lurking for a few months, I should do the proper thing and see if I can join your wonderful yet slightly dysfunctional family…. Since lurking I have had a bit of a renewed vigor towards my photography. Though I come carrying a bit of professional baggage, I have to say this forum has done wonders for me to rethink my life priorities. I am truly amazed at what you have done with this blog, it feels like I am attending a mini workshop each and every time I log on. The mentoring and learning is ongoing and just never seems to end. Even when there is a slight misunderstanding between mentor and mentored, the whole blog learns from the process and comes out far wiser… If there is truly Karma, and I feel there is, David you have several lifetimes in the bank.
    Here are two slideshows for you and everyone to please look at. The first was shot this last weekend. Thanks’ to all of you I got off my butt and captured some images. Nothing too deep or earth moving just a simple little county fair. One camera, one lens, one flash and hundreds of pigs, but dam it felt good to get out and rekindle a flame.

    The second is a bit more complex, I am not sure if this is my Venice Beach or not. This was probably the hardest but at the same time the most wonderful, yet complex day of shooting I have ever had. Living in Southern Maryland we have a small but wonderful group of Amish and Mennonite family’s. Out of pure dumb luck I managed to stumble across the biggest event of the year for these folks, the annual horse auction.
    I had to ask myself how do I make images when I know they have a strong faith that forbids it. I am not sure if I did them any justice but what I did was spend the day working the fringes. I also took a page fro Bill Allard and spent my time with the younger generation. The one time I stealthily attempted to go into the hart of the action, I was promptly asked to leave. I somehow managed to plead my case to the Elder, and was allowed to stay.
    This could end with some ok images of an Amish/Mennonite horse auction but I feel it could maybe go further. The Mennonite and Amish are going through a bit of a transition time with their youth. Many are leaving the church, and I feel this is a concern for the elders. This to me is the bigger story then just images of a humble community at a horse auction. I may need some help here, no I will need help here but I feel if I take this project on, along with it comes the responsibility to the Amish/Mennonite community to not exploit them.
    Folk’s help me out here am I going down he wrong path?

    Personal note to David . … Please don’t stop the critiques, in this virtual classroom environment you have going on here, so many more people benefit from your honesty. I have thick skin and truly need your honest opinion.
    Kurt Lengfield

  • ERICA..

    damn girl..those words sing… best description of the process i have ever read…thoughtful, beautiful, thanks…..

    cheers, david

  • Keep up the great work David! Your investment in others is really quite amazing…

    I personally know how hard these classes are and congratulate all the students for making it through.

  • kurt..

    ha – you made me laugh with one of the fair photos.. i’ll not say which.. rare.
    i like the style.. lowered angles.. some great little nutshells cracked..

    the second story really intrigued me.. i guess because of the notorious access probs.. are you ‘in’, as it were? would make a great study-over-time..


  • Welcome KURT! enter with caution… ha ha!

    i can only imagine that the amish images were complex and challenging for you – it is for most. i am impressed with some of the access you must have received. nice job. there are some very nice images in there. i think you could have done a little tighter edit on both of them – but still nice work.

  • KURT…

    where in hell did you come from??

    i am guessing (i did not see your bio) that you are a young pro newspaper photographer?? right??

    anyway, nice work…straight photo j but good straight photo j……

    i will not pick pictures, because i must sleep soon…but generally i would say you are in the right place at the right time, understand moment,light, and “story” and maybe you just could use a bit more sophistication and nuance…you are fine, but you could be great…wanna ride??

    cheers, david

  • DAH–‘Just checking in. No time anymore to wade thru your most dense discussions. Sounds like things went great at the workshop. I’ll be in NYC for PhotoPlusExpo October 22-26. Might you be around? Best,
    John Fulton

  • KURT

    Welcome brother! Ready to join this dysfunctional but loving family? I’m glad you’ve come out of the shadows and into the light. I can already see you will add a lot.

    Your work shows an experienced eye and obvious technical skill…besides, I LOVE your quirky POVs on many of the county fair shots. There’s one that I’d guess is the same one that made bro David B laugh out loud. It tickled the pie out of me too. The woman seen from the udder’s POV. Am I right, David B?

    The Amish series is intriguing, especially with its tantalizing future possibilities. Looks like you’ve already got the kids on your side. I say go for it. But slowly slowly. Research Amish Mennonite customs and religious beliefs first, and then approach the elders with a proposal that would hopefully offer them and their community benefits that only you could bring. But at least you’ve got your toe in the door…


  • DAH

    Seeing the show again brought it all flooding back…The self doubt/loathing. The uncomfortable knot in the pit of my stomach from a perceived lack of progress. The fondness for strangers who became family simply by sharing “combat time” on the front lines of personal exploration. But most of all, the euphoria of seeing it all come together. Thanks again for a truly life changing experience and the opportunity to know you – one of the most giving and “good” human beings I know.

  • What a great slideshow…I can only imagine the feeling, tired in the morning from a night of worrying about what you did and didn’t shoot, and then blurry morning eyes peering on such a breadth of styles, unfolding stories you didn’t know you’d tell.

    Jojo sings songs of youth, city kids…Spencer Lum’s spying on the tourists is fun and makes me want to see it all again for the first time. I like the mix of distress and humor in Nicholas Richer’s wall street…ashe…

    Erica already said it so beautifully, but you can see the intensity of emotion that drives all these projects, a week of breaking down to your weakest to build back up into something you never knew you’d be. That’s what I see in it all…

    Congratulations to all of you!

    (I’m looking forward to seeing the work from th next workshop, when I can actually attend the infamous afterparty! and meet some of the infamous gang here!)

    only saw the amish so far, I love the shot of the man’s back, and the bicycle riders…I agree with the tighter edit comments, needs more time there…but you read what DAH wrote…welcome!

  • ALL

    From a student point of view, the greatest lessons offered from DAH were the concepts of meaning and feeling. David would often say “show me what it feels like to be there, not what it looks like…what it feels like”.

    Also the notion of meaning. Is there a meaning to the photograph? Whas there a reason the picture was made? Does it illicit some sort of visceral, organic response? In other words…is it meaningful?

    Obviously meaning is very subjective but just like in our class, we all recognize the meaningful image when we see it. The ones that make us pause for a bit longer, often for unknown reasons.

    The class proved to be a personal and a photographic catharsis for us all. It was a true collaborative learning effort; the obvious pearls of wisdom from David and Mike C and the unexpected nuggets of truth from my fellow students.

    DAH and Mike C
    Thank you for giving so much of yourselves to enable the fantastic voyage!

    One other note:

    I made the mistake of not acknowledging and thanking Robert Clark for the time he spent with me and for allowing me to photograph his slide.

    Thank you Rob and I apologize

  • DAVID,

    Very nice slideshow indeed….Every time I read highlights from one of your students or read your own report I say to myself damn it, I need to do another one with David!!!! Pure joy and adrenaline for one week that impacted my life and photography for ever!!!! I just came back again from shooting at the gym…who would have thought back then that I would be out there shooting so often if you did not ignite this fire in me….I am sure it will also happen for these new students as well who have been fortunate to join you for that special week and have already produced very nice essays…

    I was also pleased to read that there will be a new book from Alex on Cuba. I know that he had taken some photos there 2/3 years ago but was not aware that he was preparing a book on it….Cannot wait to see this come out…one of my favourite places from one of my favourite photographers!!!! I seem to recall that my other favourite photographer already has one on Cuba :):):)…. This may seem like a strange question but for someone like you who has spent so much time there what did you think of the book?

    Separately, your suggestion of interviewing these kids for my essay is turning out to be a great one…I taped a fantastic conversation today…really insightful… I feel this is coming together… will do my best to push this until the end of Oct… Will keep you posted.



  • I posted this comment on the previous thread, but am repeating it here just so participants are sure to see it:

    Workshop participants – For lack of a better word, WOW. I got home from work, let the dog out, and started to watch the slideshow. I stopped at the second one and poured myself a glass of wine and got comfortable, as I could already tell I’d be watching it more than once. The first time, no sound; the second, with music. Interesting how much more movement I noticed in the frames with the music on. Really beautiful work, gorgeous colors, light, story, impact. Congrats.


  • DAVID,

    By the way, you mentioned yerterday that Gilles Peress was trying to get you “drunk” to take on additional Magnum responsibilities….Can you share with us what these new responsibilities might be?


  • d.a.h., all,

    i just want to say “hey” to this community, and also give a few mumble “thanks” for the week-past.

    i slept for 15 hours saturday night…so that may be an indication of how jam-packed the week was. TOTALLY worth the sleep deprivation tho! yes, it was hands-to-the-grindstone hard work. but it was also a damn, good time with many wonderful people. and often the hard work coincided with the good times…and, really, what’s better than that?!

    so BIG LOVE and ETERNAL GRATITUDE to david and michael for being so caring and generous with their time and wisdom throughout!

    we were certainly a needy lot…yet you handled the week with such poise. BRAVO! and THANKS!


    ps, i’ll be by next week with more beer. it may not be that ritzy corked stuff, but beer nonetheless!

  • Will be interested to see the slideshow since I cant view it on my work computer, Ill have to see it at home. Kurt, that was a nice slide of the Amish community. Nice PJ work


    since you asked in the other thread, Riverside is part of Marooned which you can view at

    I wanted to share this one photo which is a new addition to my Home Sweet Home project. I spent about an hour yesterday teacjing my son animal names, since he loves animals. There was a debate about “finding your own venice” in the other thread and I just wanted to say that davis was 100% right what he said to Cathy, that your Venice will be somethin so obvious you cant see it now because it is literally under your nose. I think you cant find it, it has to find you.

  • DAH and All……Yeah!! Seeing the collection of work from last week is Straight Fuel! Beautiful, complex and astonishing!

    Stellar work by all…Congrats! -Jeremy


    I love the new image for Home Sweet Home. Yes, I know what you mean about images being right under our noses. So often I think I won’t be able to come up with anything new after working on my project for three months and having taken probably 1000 photos, but life has a way of presenting new opportunities in the most unexpectedly ordinary ways.

    Your “Riverside” project is surprising, especially after having seen Home Sweet Home and Family Ties. It gives such a feeling of urban isolation and alienation. I can see where it is a good change for you from the emotional intensity of working on Home Sweet Home and Family Ties, but I have to say they still are my favorites. Even Park Life feels detached except when you start focusing on your wife and son. Then I see hints of Harry Callahan’s portraits of his wife Eleanor and daughter Barbara, especially those he took in the middle of Chicago’s parks.

    You are doing really fine work, Rafal. All I can say is keep it up! Your book is going to be very special indeed.


  • RE: the slideshow

    yes indeed great slideshow great work… having been to one of david’s workshopws, i’m re-living the whole thing again! such an intense experience, so much learned…


  • patricia



    i really get impressed when i see a photo with humour.. it’s a difficult thing to do as far as i can see.. took me a long while to get around.

    back later.. just awake (after posting 3.30am) and need to get out into the sunshine..


  • i think mysterious kurt is a closet Mennonite.. or will be..
    (add a ‘z’ to kurt and think of a trip upriver.. careful now kurt.. )

  • David.
    Breathless. what you taught..”.show me what it’s like to BE THERE..”
    i felt transported as i looked at the work of each student.
    Ashe’s work particularly but all stories are ‘riding in the pockets’ of these photographers.

    love, anne


    Thanks for all your feedback and comments! The kids are in Mexico City, not Maine as it says in the metadata on the DRR link. One has to be careful when ingesting images!


    I think this posting was just before the page flipped to a new one, so you may have missed this. I’m posting it again here below.

    If you are up for it and have the time, I have an edit up on digital railroad that I’m looking for feedback on.

    I have placed 64 images up on this archive and I need to make some kind of sensible edit. The problem is that I’m really struggling. I’m tying to do diptychs, but I’m not convinced it works. I’d like to make a salvageable edit. Also, do you ever decide to go B&W, if you feel like you don’t have enough solid color images. I’ve always been color oriented, but with the exception of some images that have color, I think the story could potentially work in B&W. Any thoughts on this would be well appreciated. Oh, the story is on adolescent urban tribes in Mexico City: breakdancers, goths, punks and emos.

    On DRR, I’ve found that the best way to communicate the images you like is by using the image number, not the order number. The image number can be found by placing the cursor over the image. The last 4 digits should suffice.

    Oh and finally, don’t hold back based on some of prior mis-communication. Give me the Non-McCain Straight Talk Express please.


  • charlie

    non-mccain straight talk.. ace

    i really like some of the snaps charlie..

    am i right in thinking this was shot in a day or so? i wonder if there is something missing.. there are some great moments.. break-dancer.. and some great portraits.. the self-harmer is a strong one.. kids hanging out in a more general sensed too.

    i am wondering though if the series would work well as a newspaper on-the-spot job.. as sean has just completed in china.. with a handful of the best snaps used in an illustrative form.. and if there is a lack of depth needed in telling the story more fully.. which may have involved more contact and time, perhaps.

    this is the first ‘crit’ kind of thing i have written here – and i do it because i really like your eye and see what you’re trying to do, since a great deal of my work concerns ‘da-yoof’..

    i hope it’s positive – it is intended as a compliment, since i think the photos would add to the quality of a high circulation national or international publication..

    i may be wrong, i may be right
    i may be black, i may be white

  • (and now.. the post-‘post’ insecurity :o)

  • More pictures for Panos …

    And icons for Martin B (see, i do requests ;-)))

    And Panos, I do understand why you left … sometimes you have to remove yourself to save yourself. Been there, similar. But Greece will welcome you back :))

    yassus, tom

  • young tom.

    love the daily-daily postings and RSS set up .. will keep looking..

    you wandering the whole med coast?

  • DAVID (alan harvey) AND WORKSHOP STUDENTS! :)))

    As i wrote yesterday (on that other enormous thread), i LOVED the projection and the work! :)))..I cannot wait until i get there next week to see the next round and maybe meet some of y’all. I do not wish to single out anyone individually (as i wrote yesterday, i feel the same about Ashe’s brilliant and haunting story, and that the final image of this remarkably beautiful and wise little girl passing her gaze and unflinching awareness on the weird and often lonely-sad life lived of adults, is simply a perfect way to conclude this mad-brilliant story), so let me say a few words to each. Forgive me if i forget all your names (im on d-day deadline for my own project for Harvey), but Marc’s story of his father’s death moved me profoundly (at work on my own project about fathers and sons), and the shot of his father’s ashes is as strong an image of post-9/11 as i know, Anna’s gorgeous and dream-like celebration of the girlz inher hood, offering their own voodoo and empowerment, nichol’s witty and dark story on wallstreet (have you seen Chris A’s essay on wallstreet Nicholas?) which ends in an ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT BRILLIANT PHOTOGRAPH (guy on seat), the story of “todiefor” with its mad colors and opium-heart sadness, the heartbreak courage of JOJO (as a dad with a 14 year, this one spoke to me, all the bravado of teens and yet how little they know, how much they know and they carry their bodies and thoughts away anyway), the shanghai-esque blue dreams of the disco/dj, the powerful and gorgeous picture of the story of the man let out of prison (this one needs to be published immediately!), a John Henry for our wilding times, so celebrant and devoid of all the usual tropes of a story about a con got free, big props, the weird dreamy apartment with all the weird crayon color (now im reading about opium, so it made sense to me ;)) ), the nytourist (i immediately went back to the penny arcade of my childhood at RockCentre…) and the dreamy hallucination of the reflections in color (he must be Kyung-Hee’s brother? ;)) ) and of course Ashe’s brilliant coda……really i loved the entire show…

    AND DAVID ALAN HARVEY and y’all, i was reminded, reading David’s description, of something that I am using in my essay to accompany Bones of Time. I had wanted to leave it yesterday for y’all after that madness, but i think here is a more appropriate place…david’s description of the workshop (you even gotta marina contemplating taking one of your workshops, which i dont know how the hell we could ever afford), and the pain and suffering and ultimately the redemption from this…i think, there isn’t a more apt opportunity for me to share this with y’all, since ALL YOU WORKSHOP GUYS AND GALS (AND MICHAEL C TOO, AND OLD MAN HARVEY0 have worked so remarkably hard….

    from the Coptic words of St. Thomas, i know of nothing more important in my own life, that has defined all i’ve ever done, and i think which bespeaks the HEART OF A HARVEY WORKSHOP: for y’all then:

    “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is in you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”–Gospel of St. Thomas

    hugs all you

  • KURT! :)))

    wow, welcome to the pleasuredome. Excellent work. As a straight PJ photographer (are you shooting for a newspaper or are you freelance), it’s just terrific terrific work. What i love, immediately, is your unflinching ability and hunger to “get close” (jesus, good-god, i sound like Harvey now ;)) ), but i hate long-lens photo stuff and i hate photography that is from the “bleachers” or “sidelines”…i want to smell the place…and the fair stuff does just that, funny and romantic and brough back lots of great memories…and the AMISH story is also terrifce. At first, i was totally put off (looked like lots of long-lens voyeurism shit) and then BANG, you are in close and then i understand what you were doing. so many remarkable moments you’ve capture, especially with the children and their expressions,,,but what is truly BRILLIANT here is all the humour: that picture of the kids on bikes in their outfits is pute brilliance and totally against convention of what we usual get from Amish. you have the balls to go after a big topic (i mean, who can top Towell, right?) and yet you do it with great agility and a keen keen receptive eye and again, mad humour…i love the Amish story alot alot…:))))…welcome aboard…


    llove the mexican stuff, espcially love the close up portraits. i think that’s a story in itself (look at wrobertangell’s brilliant portrait work)…or a great combination with the environmental street stuff…you do this at the foundry workshop?..great and beautiful eye and love the punk colors (as a former punk, i envenied these guys, here i thought it was all black and grey ;)))…terrific…

    NICHOLAS: your last Wall street shot is brilliant…and it syncs with Jeff Mermelstein’s picture of the statue of man in ashes after 9/11…great work…

    MARK: VERY VERY moved by your story…thanks so much for sharing amigo…

    ok, gotta plow, deadline…


  • David B
    “(and now.. the post-‘post’ insecurity :o)”

    That’s the way. I hear ya ;) it goes away…usually ;) … even if not, sooner or later everyone will just start talking about something else :D

    Thanks for fulfilling the icon request! (it was me that asked, but maybe missed martin’s request in the dizzyness of the last thread). And thanks for the continued images from Greece…damn damn damn gotta get there.

    Not sure how long you are staying, but I just checked my church calendar…October 23 is the Feast of St. James the Apostle and the Brother of the Lord…might be something to watch for on the “Orthodox hill”, or maybe find a family that celebrates the feast day.

    after all the amazing work posted in the last 48 hours my few little pics seem pretty inconsequential…but it was a good experience trying to focus on capturing the feel of the moment, not just showing pics of it (what I am beginning to call one of the main DAH mantras)…so if any of them do that for you I would love to know, and if they don’t, would love to know that too.

    if you would rather email any comments that’s fine…andrew.brinkhorst (at)

    welcome! Of your 2 slideshows, I like the Amish piece the most…two pics stay with me… the one of the little boy walking by the window with the others visible in it, and the one of the (even littler) little boy walking alone…love the feel in them. As Patricia suggested, go slow and see if you can show them how allowing you access will also be a positive thing for them, that’s there is value to it…

    David B
    thanks for the soundtrack1 – great song to go along with making breakfast…came back from wandering Keeneland this morning sans camera, just to watch the light…the fall meet is coming soon, and I’m goign to try and do something there…not sure what yet…

    Oh, and I laughed when I saw the photo you mentioned as well…reminds me of when I posted my first set of images and the one that got the first comment (from Panos, who else?) was the one of the horse’s ass down the long hallway as it was walked into the sales ring…hmmmm…maybe he was telling me something :D ha!

    good morning. beautiful light breaking the day here in KY….hope it falls on all of you as well…


  • P.S.:

    YOUNG TOM: as i said yesterday: i wish i were with you…thanks for the installments…will be checking regularly to check my head!!

    god damned the light is beautiful :))))..take me take me take me, please


  • hey PANOS
    get yer euro arse over to here..

    you’ll see why..


    Please forgive me for continuing to harp on my own stuff but last night I had a real breakthrough. In finally coming up with a title I like, I discovered the hidden meaning in this work which reflects my life.

    It will be called “Falling Into Place” because, strangely enough, being diagnosed with MS twenty years ago was exactly what I needed to find my place in the world. The book’s text will begin

    “It started with a fall, a knee-buckling ankle-spraining fall onto an unyielding sidewalk in Detroit.”

    I went back to the series of pics I took from the floor during my last fall (on August 15th) and found one that says it like I saw it. I’m hoping this image works for you folks too because that’s a photo op I don’t want to repeat anytime soon ;=)

    Thanks for letting me share. Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated.


  • DAH, and friends
    Thanks for the kind words on my images. I only wish I was young and in the springtime of my carrier. I am 48 and retired from the Navy Reserves. I was a Navy Photographer for 21 years, 12 on active duty and 9 in the Reserves. During my time in the Reserves my fulltime civilian job was as an Aerial Photographer for the Navy’s Test Center in Southern Maryland. It is fun zooming around in jets, tiring to hang onto your camera and your lunch, but not very taxing in the creativity department.
    If the offer is still out there to ride, you bet I want to. Call it midlife crises if you want, but I need to do something meaningful with my photography. My current job has nothing to do with photography, good money but no creative outlet. It is a tradeoff I guess. I’m still not sure what my Venice Beach will be, for now it will be photography. Southern Maryland has plenty of interesting folks I just need to get out and capture them.

  • Gustavo Aragon Garcia


    I want to shake hands with you in oaxaca i am not part of the workshop but you know this is an a oportunity to meet the person who inspire us and change the way we see photography, life….is this posible?
    and if you need a hand i have two.

  • David Bowen

    No angst necessary for your comments. Just belt it out here. We’re all for the better if you do. I really believe that. I worked on the story for 48 hours, so your comments were spot on.

    Big Bob

    Yes, indeed was part of my foundry experience, although, in my group we did two projects during the week instead of one big one. There were lots of beginners in the group, so we did one shorter exercise to break people of the typical beginner’s mistakes: shooting peoples’ backs, not engaging people, trying to sneak photos without committing, etc. It was good for the group but I would have preferred more time to get in to my project. The result is a superficial story.

  • BOB

    As a former punker myself, although more of a closet punker, I too identified more with the punkers than anyone else. The emos on the other hand, were just middle class adolescents rebelling without a mantra. This is part is what fueled violence between the various groups this past year.

  • Hey Kurt…:-)

    Hey David B.;-)… What an honor…!
    Thank you again!
    ( Venice on your big projection screen..!
    What can I say…)


    Do you have a link available with a solid edit of your work? I know David, wants you to stay loose man, but when are we going to see something put together on Venice? Or have we already and I just missed it?

  • Hey ALL..
    Good morning… 8:00am
    from Los Angeles…

  • Charlie .. Hey..
    Solid edit..! Not yet..
    I have some very “strict” instructions
    to stay super- loose until the end of
    November.. Shoot, shoot and don’t
    Then we are going to do the “prints on the wall DAH edit..
    and we will see IF ANYTHING comes out
    But till then.. Honestly.. I have no idea..
    No clue.. No, no I don’t worry or care about
    editing right now..
    Not that I know much about editing either..
    So be prepared.. More BAD pictures to come..

  • Panos

    I’m 9 hours ahead of you, so good afternoon;-)

  • Good morning David McG..
    Busy??? How’s your neck of the woods???

  • DAH

    Thanks so much for everything. You’re one of the most giving people I know, and you have my eternal gratitude for what you did. A special thanks to Mike for all the work he put in to get everything together!

    Watching the slideshow just now, I could feel myself there on the 4th floor again, staring at that screen, as you talked about what makes a “photograph.” It feels like weeks have passed – I can’t believe it only ended last Friday.

    The workshop was crazy – unrelenting, unforgiving, unyielding – but all in the best way possible. It was spectacular. I felt so proud to see something I did next to the beautiful work that everyone found within themselves. Each person there was an inspiration to me.

    I’m dying to get out and do more shooting! Everything feels different than it did before the workshop. I have something for you – I’ll drop it by in the next week. In the meantime, I’ll be sure to keep breathing…

    All the Best,


    i should be here and hoping we meet…cold beer in the box waiting for you…


    you are still my favorite student of all time!! but, where have you been??? we have not seen each other in a long time…

    now, my dear, did you send roses on the last day of the workshop??? i know you did last year…some arrived this year, but with no name of sender on the card…the roses did smell like you sent them and the message seemed like you , but i am not 100% sure..

    a big hug to you no matter what…miss you..please come down to New York when you can and let’s just hang…if you possibly can i would love to have you show my students your book and talk about the process doing it…i can get a plane or train ticket for you if you are free..what you think??

    love, love, david

  • My neck of the woods is a wasteland of job loss. The struggle is really intense here. It probably makes sense for me to keep shooting Garage Sale all the way up to the election. People employed have picked their candidate—people without jobs have faith in neither party. Unemployment is at about 9% here.

    A company will come back here with 500 jobs, but it doesn’t put a dent in the 4000 that were lost the week before, and that just goes on and on.


    see you at the show/fiesta!!


    well, i never would have guessed your background…i could have sworn i was right about you being a pro newspaper photog or fresh out of grad school from Ohio Univ. or something like that….your works looks like a classically trained pro journalist…now, if you are willing to experiment a bit and take on the kind of subject you might not be used to or at least shoot a familiar subject in a different way, then i think we can have some fun…


    you are welcomed to come by and see us any time in Oaxaca…soon i will be able to tell you where we are staying etc etc and with a local phone contact…


    patience amigo…no time right now to look, but it is on my mind…will do soonest…

    cheers, david

  • ERIC…

    the most interesting thing about the new Cuba book, is that is a collaboration between Alex and Rebecca…half her work/ half his work….i have mixed feelings about the photographic success of that, but hey, their marriage is working and that is a priority for both…so in that sense, the book WORKS..

    cheers, david

  • David

    No worries. Soonest works for me. Just wanted to make sure you saw it.

    P.S. It might be a good trial run exercise to see how editing works on Digital Railroad.

  • A pretty straightforward PJ multimedia piece by David Stephenson of our local (McClatchey) paper…

    I previously posted some shots of one of the early buildings coming down…click my name to see those…

  • DAH,
    No problem stepping out of my comfort zone, would truly welcome a chance to grow.

  • Gustavo Aragon Garcia


    Thank you i appreciate a lot and if i can do something for you just let me know

  • David – sorry I missed your party and seeing all the work. I was really looking for a chance to meet you. There was a retirement party at AP that I had to go to and I was getting up early the next day to drive down to Atlantic City to try to do some photography. At least I was able to see the movie you posted. Maybe your next workshop can be with mid-career photographers who need some guidance, like myself.

    Also – I’m sure I saw you getting into a cab on 9th avenue and about 28th street a few days ago.



    First of all I would like to apologize, I’ve not seen video of yours students works. Since a few month my Quick time software is broke and I have no time and no mind to repair it.
    I am sure there are magnificent works.
    In november I’m going to thailand for short trip. I want buy enough number of films so I have two hard jobs now. And I am exhausted. I have not read last about 400 comments (it is not hard to do it :) so I am completely out.
    And it will be that way for a month or so.

    peace and hug

    peace song for all
    Colin Hay – Beautiful World

  • panos

    props to you.. showing slides is easier than shooting it..


    nothing like a random history and one of the best things about this forum is that it’s a great place for a new start.. fresh eyes and comfortable furnature to relax in.


    very gracious.. you’ll be someone i hope to gleen some critical opinion from in a matter of weeks .. more later .. it’ll be proper, honest, frank and no frills opinion i seek and so only fair that i start to do so myself.. again you’re style is apparent and i think it’s great.. the photos would be considered top contributions from the youth and music mags i know.. which is about right for the length of shoot and subject matter.. spot on mate.


    going to email you lovely..
    i have a friend called emma.. a fantastic, known since 11 years old type of friend who was diagnosed may be 10 or 12 years ago.. yoga.. drawing.. exhibiting her artwork, begun after she was diagnosed.. you two could become firm friends i think.. if that is expecting too much i’m sure companions at least.. will write to her now and pass on her addy on reply.
    funny.. the chats and emails.. it’s not been a subject – the ‘why’ – and thats for the better i think.

  • and…

    D A H

    didn’t mention.. the title photo.. looking fine, you know.. which student out of interest?

    the sense of achievement.. congratulation.. joy.. may be it’s pride she feels.. shining out and feeling good with the world..

    nice one.

  • BOB…

    we are trying to get the cost of the workshops down…this would mean getting good sponsorship, because now the student tuition basically covers the cost of just producing the whole deal..workshops are expensive AND there is no profit..yup, my kind of business!!! will see this with your own eyes next week…

    the large workshop institutions like Sante Fe have a large volume, but even they totally rely on sponsorship for their survival…

    my real goal is free workshops…period…all of us at Magnum are working to that end..

    now,however, with a failing economy before our eyes, seems to be a tough time for the big camera companies to let go of any money for emerging photographers,workshops etc., but i will be leaning on them bigtime constantly…

    as i have told you and everyone here however, i will see anyone anytime in my home and do whatever i can to help any photographer..and, of course, that is what i am trying to do here…some prefer the “hands on” workshop which is definitely the preferred way to go, but many can also “get it” right here..

    i look forward to seeing you and the whole family next week…

    hugs, david

  • Charlie.

    My internet connection is terrrible, but i got to see your Living in the Shadows story. It’s something I pass everyday in Barcelona – the trolleys towering with metal, people competitively searching the large garbage containers scattered all over the city, others stripping apart old computers etc for the wiring. I think I’ve almost become blind to it, which is pretty bad on my part. I guess I’m saying that you’ve opened my eyes to something that I see everyday…. which, to me, is one of the greatest things about photography :)


  • ALL

    BIG Congratulations to all the students for their work !!! WOW!!!


    november Thailand??? hmmmm, maybe me too, but not sure…anyway, you will never be forgotten here even when you are busy…

    peace, david


    what title photo?? you lost me on that one…

  • David,

    As promised, new work on the church project is here:

    the backstory is at

    I made a commitment to myself to keep shooting there throughout this year – but of course, most likely to continue…



    9th ave and 28th..yup, leaving B&H probably…or when we were at Aperture…anyway, that is my “hood”…

    my loft workshop probably has a median age of about 28….some early twenties , some mid thirties…i do like to mix it up and i always have somebody who is too young, and somebody who is too old!!! hey, i am looking for “mental youth” all around…never to late to be the man you could have been…quoting Eddie Adams who was probably quoting someone else…

    cheers, david

  • That slide show is marvelous. It’s really great to see the subject of all those pieces, which is New York City. All of the stories present New York with fresh, engaged eyes — the immigrant neighborhoods, Chinatown, Times Square, Wall Street. The slide show is a collection of love songs to the City and fits nicely into the rich history of photography here. Congrats to all.

  • Well – I’m sure I could benefit from your insight and ideas – and those of the students. I’d still like to meet up sometime if you are willing. And 9th and 33rd is my “hood” at least during the day. A.P. is at 33rd and 10th.


  • top of the page david – under GRADUATION DAY..

    the start of this thread is kicking ALL..
    was time for a new chat at the end of the last one.. good timing and new contributes makes it feel new.. refresh page.

    hello all loft workers..


    It will be great if we could meet in thailand. I’ll be after 6th November for two weeks. I hope I will meet with Herve so join to us!
    excellent time for shooting!!!

    Good night everybody!!
    (or good morning)

  • andrew b

    was david mc, not david B – thats me (in da place to be..)** who put music up earlier.

    our side project of ‘gathering davids together’ can be confusing :o)

    (**rhyme lifted from la-di-da-di, b side of dougie fresh ‘the show’.. 1984 or 85 and the first 7inch i bought.)


    thanks for posting the link again. i like the image of the 2 girls with the flags, the man with his arm around the woman and the dancers…. can you see where i’m going. all 3 you seem to be a part of the story – not an observer. would like to see more though…


    i love the title of your project! congratulations for coming up with that. it is personal, fitting and YOU! good job!


    i miss you too! you may be David’s all time favorite student – but your my all time favorite colleague from a workshop! xo

    “FIND YOUR VENICE BEACH” … i think this is going to take on a life of it’s own….

  • bob,

    thanks for the nice words, mate. and have fun next week!



  • david MC

    could it be that you are in a position – before the election – to make pitches to newspapers who might be receptive to the idea of your story?
    i’m sure you have enough work to use in an illustrative journalistic manor.. something for the sat / sun supplement..

    you know your stuff.. you’re living the recession.. and it could be a good ‘way in’..

    what you thinking? too soon?

  • Lisa
    Yep…Hard times lately.. Hopefully we shall

  • DB

    My lack of experience with this stuff leaves me treading lightly when it comes to shopping this project around, because I want to maintain the integrity of the series. At some point, though, I know a little PR isn’t going to hurt, because I expect it to be an interesting exhibit.

  • DMC

    going to be a cracking exhibit..
    was only thinking that a couple of photos published could add fuel for the fire.. or money for the pot.

    in any case.. i know you’re busy doing the do for all the folks here..

  • DAVID :)))

    totally understand :))…marina has just been saying to me, “i think i want to do a workshop with David!”…my jaw almost dropped ;))))…i think it would be a great idea…and i think it would help her alot with some practical questions she has about doint stuff (she’ll pick ur brain next weekend) :)))…but, in now way to i think the cost is a problem you have to worry about…shit, i just spent a whole week last week at LS arguing the IMPORTANCE of these workshops for people (cant put a pricetag on it) :)))…i was trying to defend the workshop Gary and Philip are doing from people who were attacking them and the costs…anyway, you got my love and got total support: shit, i think given what you do, your the BEST PRICE/VALUE AROUND…not dismissing other workshops but i think the Harvey Workshop IS the WORKSHOP regardless of price :))))…anyway, i just thought you would be tickled to think that Marina is contemplating taking it….

    ok, tonight Bones will finally be on your doorstop :)))…

    sending u love and kisses from marina

  • Music is about all my mind can contribute these days:

  • andrew b

    you have technical knowledge andrew – flash blur and balancing fill in flahs which is a great start..
    your photos are at-a-distance though, and mostly from the same two distances.. wide views and middle views.. the closer photos are getting there, but seem a little like they were hard work..
    number 7 with the couple dancing is getting close.. perhaps the framing is slightly out..

    keep thinking – shapes, layers and moments as you shoot and do not be afraid to get stuck in..

    andrew b / patricia / event snappers / snapping in a crowd..

    some tips on getting stuck-in to try.. may be rubbish for your style.. may be fun.. who knows? not me.

    switch off the blasted auto-focus, choose the distance you will ‘look’ for photos from (say, 3ft) and pre-focus for that, with a sympathetic aperture.. a forgiving aperture..

    if you’re going for flash blur, or a blended background light.. put camera on manual and do background ambient reading.. set the camera for that (*eg – 400asa might be 1/2 sec at f5.6) then whack on the flash.. ttl.. auto.. may be under-rate slightly.


    get stuck right in.. move through the crowd..

    with an off-camera flash, hold it in the air.. while you walk.. ready.. pop your beer into a waist belt pocket, (lowepro ‘s&f’ pockets work a treat).

    know the ‘coverage’ of your lens.. wide is better for tight spots in a crowd..
    so.. flash held in the air with left hand.. hold camera on right shoulder and walk through the crowd to have a look see.. head for the busiest part of the crowd.. the action.. dive in..

    looking all the time as you walk – moments will pop up.. snap them.. two or three times for each moment… you see with your eye and waste no time getting the camera in front of your face.. everything is set – for a certain distance and a certain feel..
    knowing the lens coverage and having it on your shoulder you will know what it’s going to see after some practice.

    the benefits of this way of shooting in a festival crowd in the dark / near dark are that you will not step on other people / trip over / miss shots because you took time to have the camera in front of your face OR spill your beer…

    some examples..
    flash blur
    1/2 sec, f5.6, 400asa (film), 15mm fisheye

    without flash blur

  • ALSO

    with your flahs in the air you will not blind people when close to them.. they will not then smack you in the face making you fall, break you lens and – tragically – spill your beer.

    hard lessons seem easy now :o)

    this way people often do not even know you have photoed them.. and if they do you can flash them your million dollar smile and get away with it.. or quickly duck under arms and legs in escape to another part of the throng..

  • David Bowen

    Nice technical advice! I love the idea of just leaving the camera on your shoulder! Beautiful!

  • DAH

    if magnum want to do free workshops would there not be a way of working the costs through the books and claiming the money back as a tax rebate?

    i’m certain that in england business’ who choose to help people financially / in-kind are able to claim back..

  • really – it works charlie..
    shooting in virtual pitch black, elbows flying all around and stumbling through a crowd.. just impossible to frame through the viewfinder, stand upright and not spill my beer.

    my crowd / party work improved a great deal once i free-ed myself up and developed this technique..
    also – my f5 is a beast.. carry that for a weekend of parties and it hurts.. shoulder the strain.

    of course – it’s only a technique i use when needed.. it’s still a game of shapes, layers and moments for me.. and photographing during daylight, conventionally, is still a passion.

  • Ahh, graduation day. This post reminds me of my own experience at David’s place last year. It is a trial by fire. Those sparks glow within, but that workshop environment fans them to flame. You burn up under the scrutiny of some of the world’s best photographers and your own classmates, but ultimately DAH the blacksmith forges you into something new (Sorry, but I’m prone to hyperbole when emailing).

    And it was a life/career changing experience on my part. I’m convinced were it not for the push David gave me, I’d still be miserably employed at a dying newspaper shooting city employees of the week (not that there’s anything wrong with that! well, actually many things), rather than experiencing life with raw nerve endings looking for the next paid assignment and trying to keep growing as a photographer.

    I think it’s taken a whole year of reflection, contemplation and practice to break old habits and incorporate new ideas from the workshop. Still much to do, in loosening those old photographic constraints… Maybe I’ll hire Panos for a workshop next.

    So congrats to all the new grads and thanks to all the contributors here. Your willingness to share joy and sadness, success and failure, advice and critique is something special.

    —andrew s

  • Ah David.

    yes, i did send the roses and the note.
    I’ll be in new york for the next fiesta and planning to go thursday am. i’d be thrilled to talk about the book and i’m working on another one…title…”transported” and need your help ..perhaps a time when we can sit down and look at it….five stories..not connected but common theme of what it’s like to really BE somewhere…absorbed..and closed into a little world.
    one of my favorite films is Lost in Translation and i so identified with that crazy, disconnected feeling.
    so, let me know and i promise to be there this time.
    you’re so not a roses guy but what you do, when you’re good, is very beautiful.

    love, anne

  • DAVID B…

    Great results from your technique. Will have to try it…

  • thanks cathy.

    now.. i want to know anne henning.. she seems a good soul..

    any link to photos anne?


    Now you’ve really given me the Greece bug. I “caught” it when seeing the film Mama Mia a couple of weeks ago…filmed in the Sporades…don’t know if you saw the trailer I posted for Panos…actually this one is better…the background…movie is over the top campiness, based on the music of Abba! All about a Greek/American wedding…

    Loved YOUR Greed wedding and many of the other posts…Day One had a great feel to it.

  • GREEK wedding…not GREED :))

  • ALL…

    Speaking of Anne Henning…I am glad to see she is David’s favorite student…She is the first person to direct me to David when we took a workshop together in Santa Fe.

    I hope no one holds that against her :))

  • Hello David!
    What you wrote about your loft workshop reminded me vividly my TPW workshop. That desperate feeling of what to do, what to shoot, what to show the next morning .. It worked !
    Just to let you know, I am continuing my letter that I started there. It will be an exhebition and a book. I will be in Arles next year and try to get it out to the world. When I get it started I will post a link here somewhere. It is something different .. I definately got out of my box of just surviving as a pro-photographer to living as a photographer (maybe not so rich life financially, but so much better! A lot like your students’ work “or die trying” .. !)
    Take care.
    (btw, Lassal is visiting me next month and working on her book here in Finland!)

  • DB

    That’s cool—you probably like Sound Tribe too—check this out from Rothbury—good indication of how CRAZY it was there:

  • All…

    Gotta make one more plug for the world’s greatest living blues rock guitarist…Joe Bonamassa…who I saw last night in a tiny club here, 4th row…coming soon to a town near you. He’s just starting a world tour. See him and love him! He’s also a great singer. This is an intro video…much more available online if you like him.

  • GINA. we had a great time in mexico and everywhere else we’ve met up…and look forward to seeing you in new people are discovering you and talented and fun and tenacious.

    CATHY: i won a free workshop in SF because they used one of my photos for catalog…so i chose David whom i did not know..i thought it would be interesting to be uncomfortable … and it was..i was three days late because i had pneumonia but for some reason i really wanted to go anyway..when i met him, he said. “what the f…are you doing here..we all started three days ago” I was determined to do a project in one day…it wasn’t good, but i’ve never felt so good about not being good. and so it goes. His challenge brought forth my fighting spirit and determination to show myself, not him…well, him too. In Mexico, i wanted to leave to go to D.C. to a friend’s show, and David told me i was leaving because i was scared ..of myself.
    and he was right…i stayed, found an amazing flamenco dancer i photographed and that was the catalyst for my book.

  • david mc..

    yes yes…
    cinematic orchestra and their soundtrack for ‘the man with the movie camera’..

    get past the long intro.. when the drums roll.. then b r e a k

    loud, please..

    no link :o/

  • GINA:
    Thanks you so much for taking the time to look and give me feedback….I do get what you’re saying…and am going to work on…being there, instead of a picture of being there….I have so so much to learn..and to practice…

    I added one image and took a couple out based on feedback so far…click my name if you want to see.

    David B:
    thank you as well for looking and the critique, suggestions, and examples – great idea on the off-camera flash….although….I’m curious how I hold my camera in one hand, my flash in another, and still have a hand for the beer… ;)

    Sorry for the mixup on David’s with the credit for the morning sound track…

    Seems some folks are wondering (as I did) what David’s favorite student’s work looks like…all I will say is: Google is your friend (I would suggest searching for, for instance…Anne Henning photographer ;)

    Some wonderful images, Anne….would love to see the gallery…perhaps next time I’m in the area will look for it!

    good light to all

  • andrew – you missed out.. wait belt with film pouch.. pop the bottle / can / glass in there.. adjustable velcro partitions..


  • OK, DB, I missed the “pop the beer into a waist belt holder. problem solved.


  • ANNE HENNING- yeah! i will see you at the Fiesta next friday!!! looking forward to giving you a big hug!

  • andrew b

    oh yeah :o)


  • ahh – thanks anne..

    stalked my way to your other site first..

  • “Tenacious Gina”…
    Loves It…

  • “ahh – thanks anne..

    stalked my way to your other site first..”

    Ahh, DB…always research all the available info…Dancing in the Afternoon showed up as the *second* link for me ;)

    “have you found your Venice Beach?”

    Andrew S…workshop title: “Find your Venice beach”

    subtitled “survive and grow” ;)

  • DAH

    you are most’s a tribute to you that I can see this without having actually taken a workshop


    “VENICE BEACH” workshops
    ( located in the alley , right behind
    Julia Dean’s Empire )…

    Fees: FREE
    Accomodations : sleep 10 feet from the pacific..

    How to: drink a beer ( any brand)
    in less than 22 seconds..
    How to: roll a jo in less than 15 seconds
    Using ONE hand only..( no flash, no tripod),
    How to shoot without looking at the subject..
    How to find your camera in the morning,
    In a complete strangers room…
    Also learn how to track your stolen camera
    or watch..
    Learn how to recognize a real friend
    from a Phony..
    And most important:
    Create, find and make your own
    INSIDERS from scratch..;-)

    What Julia Dean???
    Now Panos Workshops.. For free..
    Special Guest Stars…
    David Bowie
    David Bowen
    Lisa H.
    Anna B.
    Andrew B & S..
    Cathy S…( here you can put any bloggers name..)
    And many many many other stars..
    Please call 1-800-ASSHOLE
    for more info ..

  • oh I also forgot to mention that
    the 1-800 number is also FREE,
    but feel also FREE to call me COLLECT
    In case you have any problems with law..
    Our motto is:
    “we will bail you out, if we have too..”
    40 years of experience.. Serving
    California since 1968…


    this could be a Cohen Brothers movie…

    you, Herve, and me in Thailand….

    hmmmmmm, my imagination can’t take it!!!

    peace, david

  • so i’m sitting in my favorite creaky coffee shop here in austin, afternoon caffeine buzzing through my veins.. (makes me want the real thing) .. editing two weddings that are way over-due and difficult as hell… lively discussion over here about politics and foreign travel and grammar and tattoos .. all strangers and at once friends.. marvin gaye blessing us from above.. it reminds of the chatter and strangers and instant friends here ‘online’ love.. but this.. all across the globe.. and so so close.. ANDREW how was your Brazil trip? i agree, this post has reminded me of my workshop experience and STILL finding nuggets in my memory to draw from that i didn’t know were there.. BOB, the LS bullshit made me mad.. yes these workshops are expensive.. each has his/her own experience so how to put a price tag on that? for me i was in a real stand still at the time and it was the perfect boost i just wasn’t finding it from within.. so let the critics roll in that shit for a while and fuck ’em.

    peace and photography,

  • ANNE…

    How wonderful that the book has been “born.”

    I remember you showing some of the images in Don Arturo’s workshop when the book was just a dream.


  • ANNE…

    i am a roses kind of guy….although they are a pain to work in the garden..yes, i had a rose garden once…next to the koi pond…

    anyway,many many thanks for your gesture and your friendship….

    i look forward to seeing you thursday..that will be a really cool jam with you…one of my students with her own new book…as good as it gets….

    hugs, david

  • LANCE :)))

    couldn’t agree more…sometimes i think though (good or bad) is to speak out…and since at first seemed like me against the nay-sayers…(someone told me that someone had sent them a pm saying that i was trying to “kiss ass” of gary…people are so idiotic and silly)…whatever ;))))…like i wrote at LS: aint no way to put a pricetag on the meaning of moments in someone’s life…but, i guess people are just cynical and thing others are too…that’s there loss, right amigo :))



    i am not sure i understand that concept…but i am not a biz man either…i do know this, workshops cost a fortune to produce..looks simple but there is a lot behind it…imagine just the cost of flying five Magnum photographers to any location..renting the space…staff costs…etc Magnum we cannot afford to lose money to do a free workshop….but, we are working on it , particularly for developing countries where there are talented photographers who cannot possibly afford the current workshops…

    and remember i do my personal bit…i saw two photographers in my loft today (Davin Ellicson and James Chance)..spent an hour or so with each really looking at their portfolio (big edit with James) and giving as good a career advice as i possibly can…this is pro bono work and 90% of my teaching is pro bono..knock on my door and you get a free workshop…everybody knows that!!!

    cheers, david


    what am i supposed to be looking at, Mex City or Immigrants..make my day…pls. put the link right here right now that you want me to review..sorry about that, but it would really help

    cheers, david

  • ALL

    I just wanted to quickly relay some details from a phone conversation I just had with David regarding the “process”.

    I had called David to bounce an idea off him for a story that is somewhat a continuation from the work I did in his class. I had sent him my idea through email and after a couple of days of deliberation he confessed that he thought there might be something there but that he just couldn’t see how I would show it photographically.

    He asked the following question:

    “Which 5 photos are you going to take that are going to illustrate your idea?”

    As I had given this some thought, I rattled off my 5 shots and referenced another photographer, one who we had viewed and discussed during our workshop.

    After a pause…”yes, i can see that now”

    Using a point of reference and thinking about elements that have strong visual potential is what brought it all together as an idea.

    It was this part of the process that DAH and I thought were worth sharing.

  • DAH

    this was from CHARLIE earlier..


    I think this posting was just before the page flipped to a new one, so you may have missed this. I’m posting it again here below.

    If you are up for it and have the time, I have an edit up on digital railroad that I’m looking for feedback on.

    I have placed 64 images up on this archive and I need to make some kind of sensible edit. The problem is that I’m really struggling. I’m tying to do diptychs, but I’m not convinced it works. I’d like to make a salvageable edit. Also, do you ever decide to go B&W, if you feel like you don’t have enough solid color images. I’ve always been color oriented, but with the exception of some images that have color, I think the story could potentially work in B&W. Any thoughts on this would be well appreciated. Oh, the story is on adolescent urban tribes in Mexico City: breakdancers, goths, punks and emos.

    On DRR, I’ve found that the best way to communicate the images you like is by using the image number, not the order number. The image number can be found by placing the cursor over the image. The last 4 digits should suffice.

    Oh and finally, don’t hold back based on some of prior mis-communication. Give me the Non-McCain Straight Talk Express please.

  • PANOS… i fly to CA often (San Francisco) – but after that description of a weekend with Panos – i may have to take a trip to Southern Ca!!!

  • Hi everyone;

    I’d love to be able to watch the videos but I can’t get broadband where I live, only reeeeealy slow dial-up! One of the joys of living in the country…

    Well I got out with the camera yesterday; I only had a few hours to spare, but the first proper outing for about the last couple of months. I decided after the Allard critique that I’d go out and clear the old mind, do my best, but not have any preconceived ideas. Just go out and have fun.

    David, the block is now unblocked!! I think I was putting too much pressure on myself instead of lightening up a bit.

    I visited the local cattle/sheep auctions (I’m a bit broke too travel too much further at the moment… next week should be ok though!!). Well I ended up with 3 portraits of one of the stockmen, a real character with a wonderfully expressive face.

    It’s quite ironic; I was just thinking that about 2 years ago I wrote an article for Australian Photography magazine about how to stay motivated when you’re going through a “down” patch, (1000 words that basically said “Pick up your camera and go for a walk with it & it’ll flow!!) It’s amazing how hard it can be to listen to your own advice….

    Did I do any great art yesterday? Not really. Would I have got those nice portraits if I’d been sitting at home beating myself up? No. Did I kick start my motivation? Hell yes!

    I can’t wait to get back to Timor to push myself harder than ever, but I’ve also reignited the enthusiasm for an older project and “discovered” a new one (not the stock sales)….. I’ll let you know what they are once I’ve got some work to show. Don’t want to tempt fate now…


  • CATHY…

    we do have one very important influence in common…

    Anne Henning…

    cheers, david

  • panos

    it would be unprofessional of me to tell the story i just told (and deleted B4 posting)..

    lost cameras..
    lost weekends..
    gone bamboo on beans and potions.

    i’ve a feeling the light refreshments on the LA course would cost more than a magnum workshop.

    D A H

    i’ve no idea how it would work and see where you are coming from now.
    a program which was realistic for the majority world would be a difficult one..
    a free course at one of the offices might just work out, although again – no idea how the majority world would make it there.. it’s a tough one..

    the ‘magnum workshops 2009, supported by *******’.. (insert – the UN, nikon, canon)..?
    if anyone can, magnum can.. although i acknowledge my naivety.

  • MARC…

    It was definitely worth sharing. Thanks a lot.

    If you or any of the others in your workshop would like to tell more about how you came to your workshop essays I’m sure many would be interested in that as well.

  • CHARLIE…..

    ok, there is good news and there is bad news…

    let’s get the bad out of the way…

    you are doing a lot of “out of control” shooting in not so good light or flat out bad can be loose and still in control, but you are just out of control without really having a handle on exactly how you want us to see these subjects..not much of a point of view really…you seem to not know quite what you want…be bold young man….just get to it…let us meet these kids for real….we see them of course…but you need to “get in” more…i can see the moment here sometimes , but it looks like you just missed it..just a split second off….timing, timing and instinct instinct…ANTICIPATION…..

    a few comments on some but not will get the idea…

    i wanted to like the portraits because i love the cast of characters..but, you are just not quite there..not bad light, but not that one little extra edge of special light either….you should either go really casual or really formal and you are neither…again, these are not terrible portraits, but you should go the extra mile…

    i think i took this whole shoot down to about 5 pictures….oh yes, the good news is that you do have a couple of very nice pictures….

    i did not discuss all, but here are a few i chose to discuss…you will get the idea and can probably apply my critique to the others as well.. rules on background, but this does not work..just looks “uncomfortable”, cluttered for no reason..

    0511..kid ladder…almost..but no…. if you had the reaching right hand in the picture, it would work well….

    9753…almost works..i like the composition, but shirtless guy looks like he is having his picture taken…

    good weed smoking pictures..bring any back???

    0572..kicking ball…again , very close..i like the shadow…but, this light is tough to shoot…i usually am having a cup of coffee or taking a siesta in this light…wait..things still happen later when the light is nice and warm or dusky and dark..

    0290…ok portrait…great subject, but is really coulda shoulda woulda in the end…

    0329 no , no , no…

    0925 one of the best of these portraits…cold look good in a layout with other best…

    0698, 0775 your backgrounds NOT working for attention…your brain should be zeroed in on everything at once..light, moment, background, juxtapositions….these are examples of me seeing you not in control..

    9482 one of your best shots…nice….layered, good light, nice little moment and emotionally textured…

    1197 nice picture….good moment…feels right..

    you are not as “far off” as this review might have you thinking….yes, you have very few pictures…but, with just a little thinking about the light and being more decisive about where you really really want to put your most intense efforts, you can move forward quickly…the subject is good…you seem to have access and can hang….but you are tentative….not confident…not making sure that we know what you are trying to tell need to say “THIS IS THE PICTURE…you have no choice but to love it..” then make us love it…

    work harder Charlie, but surely have fun doing it…the secret to photography is that the closer you are to what you really want to do anyway, the better you will be…ironic but true…choose subjects that have meaning to you….make a statement either editorially or esoterically….write a treatise or write a poem…either will work…

    i look forward to seeing your immigration story again some day as well…

    cheers, david

  • DAVID:

    uploading bones to you now….check your email please in 10 minutes…i am sending it via FTP


  • DAVID:

    just in case there is any confusion about what lance and i are talking about…and what is my idea about the whole workshop thing, my take on the Cost of Workshops (i am 100% in support of you and workshops like this, even if your cost was 4x what it is)…i am in total support of you, gary and these workshops, run by magnum, non-magnum, arbus, ackerman, NM…or by Family black…

    here is what i wrote about all that..


  • DAVID BOWEN, thanks :)) … no just Cyclades for two weeks, then back to the states and the miserable gray of the Northwest. I will have to leave there within the next few years … can’t stand the weather, bloody depressing, ask Sydney … it just sucks the life right out of you and everyone is so … mournful … or something. The contrast is just unbelievable as i sit here.

    CATHY, thanks for that. Haven’t seen that movie but british classic movie “Shirley Valentine” was cute and filmed in the Cyclades.

    yassus, tom

  • Who cant love u mr. tom Hyde…??????
    Thank you… Yes.. Absorb the light ..
    Greece.. Forget about us (US) here in
    in this Forum..
    Forget about rain and Seattle and this and
    that and Northwest…
    Take the sunshine with you and run!!!




    I have now sent you Bones of Time (the pictures)….i havent’ slept in 2 days and i’ve been editing and putting in the copyright material/description for last 5 1/2 hrs…please check it to make sure you have it…76 photos….please have a nice nice long tug of your cornpipe before you look or drink…it needs the late night and exhaustion ….

    Also, as I promised yesterday, if you want to do a critique on it on the blog, you have my permission. I know it will be hard for others to get any merit from a critique since they cannot see the pics yet, you can maybe give general impressions…generally i fucking hate it at this point, and only like 1 photograph…i almost edited the entire thing down to 5 pictures tonight and then though, it’s no good, no fucking good….so, a critique could be about both the pics and the overall narration…but, i left it wide, cause i dont see how the hell to make this a book with only 2 months of work…i just dont see anyone would be interested at all in 90% of those pics…im tired…and gotta go out for a walk…wife and son sleeping…i need a joint, wine, i have nothing but my own exhaustion…

    dream upon them late, if you desire…



    ok, i have sent david 76 photographs. i wanted to briefly share with your the editing process up to do, which i’ve done totally alone, but for questions from marina. she helped me alot tonight, although she thought i should send only 30 photos (see, she’s alot smarter and wiser than i am)…

    76 photos.+ 1 essay (dont want to know how many words)

    This whole thing began as an assignment for David (self-assigned, volunteered): to photograph my son with Bones, born of my visit to my father (who i hadn’t seen in 5 years) and the memories of my childhood, my close relationship with my father and my son…so, i agreed to shoot it, wanted to shoot it for dima, dad and david…i put a self-imposed restriction: would only shoot for 4 weeks + the 1 day of film from April in NC and the 1 roll from October that inspired the idea (pics of my wife and son after they returned from being in Russia for 4 months)…


    When i developed the negatives, i had all totaled about 400 (more or less, a bit more) frames of b/w trix film…….from the 400 frames i edited down to 150….then i edited down to 120…and then to 105…and then yesterday and tonight i edited down to 76….I stopped at 76 because at that point, i thought it was all total shit…only 1 good photo…marina thought i should send david 30 (the best 30, forget the rest), which i would have done, but than the story would have been lost, it would have been only about pictures…i wanted to forget the whole thing…marina reminded me of my buddhist mantra “it’s only pictures”…forget them…

    how do i feel…i have no fucking clue…i think i can cut this easily in 1/2 or more…i think there are maybe only 10 decent photos, but then the stupid story is gone….it’s about my son david, and my father and my memories as a child when my mom was hospitalized when she had a breakdown and my brothers and i lost her for 2 years and i became like the father or mother to my brothers, protector of them, protector of my dad as he raced constantly to nyc to save her, talk to therapist, tell the shrinks that now way would they institutionalize her (which they’d wanted to do after shock therapy was unsuccessful) and they almost committed her for life (my father saved her life), and how i spent so much time in the natural history museum remaining calm as a kid….thinking, one day i will be a paleontologist….all this came back when i was with my dad and when my son was attacked while i was in NC…and, well, the fucking rest of the story…who are we, where do we come from…can my son, who was not born of my bones, be more closer…he is my child and he made me the person i am….

    and the one pic of the japanese girl looks like my mom….shit ..i dont know, whatever…

    well, i produced an assignment and i feel heart-sick…i hate the photographs, i dont know if they’re worth fucking shit…i am tired…how can i make a real story in 2 months…well, i tried….

    i feel i failed…but i wanted to give you something…

    let it all be good…

    i accept and swallow the failure…

    im not crying y’all im just tellin’ you how i feel….no way that my pics can carry the story i wanted them to convey….pretentious me…

    ok…well, they’re out of my hands…


    and to show these to people in ny, good god…

    ok, and that’s it….

    havent even had a drop to drink…at least i accomplished that, to cut away cut away….can do alot more…this wasn’t an essay, but a stupid attempt to make a story…



  • Thanks David! New York was in classic form today and meeting you outside Magnum in midtown and jumping in a cab in good light and sitting there in your apartment with that spectacular view was wonderful. You are a wonderful guy. Many, many thanks. I will come next week to the fiesta!

    Best wishes,


  • you, Herve, and me in Thailand….
    hmmmmmm, my imagination can’t take it!!!

    TOTAL NONSENSE!!!!!!!!!! :-))))))

    Sounds like DANGER, at the very least, for sure! Had no idea David, you may be there. I will take Thailand a thousand times to meet you, over Paris. Anyone of you actually…

    I need to buy that ticket, raking in the monies towards the trip now, only blogging in the evening. I had no idea of this new thread (kept using my browzer to go to page 15 of “war photographer”).

    Marcin (your last e-mail to me), Krabi vs Pattaya? Photography? Herve says:

    FUCK Krabi! :-)))

    OK, checking MOVIES now.

  • DAH,
    will you be in BKK ?

    thanks for the introduction…meeting Sascha this weekend…


    Now I know why I couldn’t sleep. It was so I’d be up to read your post.

    Bones of Time is not a collection of your very best photos; it is the story of you, your son and your father. I’m actually surprised that you got it down to 76 images. I’d expected more. Sounds to me like you were very selective.

    I know I’m not objective about this project but nonetheless I have to say that I have LOVED every Bones teaser you’ve posted here. I know in MY bones that this is an exceptionally significant body of work. How could it be otherwise? Look at the depths of soul from which it came.

    I am counting the moments before I’ll see and read it for myself. And now I’m going to dreamland. Hope to meet you there…

    love & hugs

  • BOB

    I emailed you just before I read this, I said in the email- ‘I think this (body of work) is the book I have waited for how many years for?’

    It must be at least three and a bit years now…

    I just know this will be beautiful work, let David do his magic but don’t you dare lose faith or I will come over and beat the hell outta you!

    Take your example from Anne Henning, I have wanted a book of your images, words, musings whatever you want to call them and I know shit loads of others that would as well, heaps bro, just heaps and it wouldn’t matter what you put in it, we all know your stuff takes us to another world, to a place that resonates in every human heart someway…

    Fuck Bob, don’t you realise what a gift you are to us?

    Now I wasn’t going to chime in here for a while for any reason, there are enough voices here to carry any conversation without mine, but jesus, I reckon you are closer to me than my actual brothers and I know how much you mean to a whole bunch of people here, so don’t you get down hearted, just go push it some more OK?

    I will come and collect my signed copy of your book in person and thats a promise OK! So if you guys wanna see me back in the States then well its publication time for Bob Black, agreed?


    I am worried about you (‘cos thats what I do best) and I for one would come and do a very expensive workshop with you, but you would have to agree that my story would be ‘PANOSCOPIA-Its Life DAH But Not As We Know It!’

    Both you guys take care OK, I reckon you are just the finest fullas around, so be happy and there is always room to camp down here!

  • failure…
    No man who loves like you do is a failure, Bob….

    And besides, What happened to non-thought?!?!? ;-)

  • Bob, you are a person whom I admire the work a lot, you cannot be objective on your own images, it is normal, we always doubt and it is what what we advanced… he(it) delays me seeing your images, and I am sure that I shall not be disappointed…

    Erica, I am always impatient also to see your portraits, I hope that I did not miss your link…

    The best to you all,

    Ps: too, I made some “shit”, but I believe that the exhibitions seen in Paris and the work which I saw recently here did good to me…


    thank you for the kind and wonderful love song of support. your note last night was the last thing i saw before i took a walk around my neighborhood to breathe (2:00 am?)…thanks so much for the love and support and belief you’ve shown in this, it has meant a great deal to me and as promised once i get back on my feet, will hold my promise to you. :))…I do not know what i was thinking…my stupid ideas tend to always outsize the reality of what is possible…but, since i’ve known all along that Bones was really about my childhood (mom’s illness, dad’s reaction) and my now relationship with my son, and how identity is made without the need for dna, i knew that i would need more time to grow the work…as it stands, i think there are (i’ve slept, and i’ve forgiven myself the photographs, and have let them go after a short meditation this morning) some gorgeous and some challenging images…i have no idea what david or anyone else will think…it sill feels like a failure to me, but as my tibetan hero wrote long ago, ..take and accept failure for yourself, give others victory and success :)))…to love all things and fill the world with whatever you have :)))

    KATHERINE: :)))

    great, let me know how that goes…im helping kloie at the moment :)))

    SISTER LISA: :)))))

    I received your beautiful email yesterday and YES I WILL LOOK AND HELP…i just needed recovery, since it’s been an intense 2 weeks (well, probalby 6) with Bones and espcially the last 2 days…i just couldnt see others work (although yesterday i spent 2 hrs with Mike Berube looking and discussing and talking about his book of photos…god, so much easier to talk about someone elses work ;)))…i will write you today…and i believe, deeply in Beautiful Music….but now, im just exhausted and bereft of words :))))

    HERVE: :))

    funny, i’ve been thinking about u last 2 days, because i’ve been reading Nick Tosches “Last Opium Den”…3 times i read it in last 2 days (to help me with this edit)…i first read the story in Vanity Fair before i met Marina, and i knew i would need to read it again this week…anyway, the writing as you might know is brilliant as is the story (although too short, at only 75 pages)…this morning, after meditation, i’m with you: “no thought” about the photos…they just are :)))…now, go get that little book :))

    AUDREY :))

    merci beaucoup for your kindness and richness….i hope i dont disappoint either anyone…and lots of the work will be maybe difficult to like…

    but like a parent who loves their child unconditionally, i love Bones because, while i pretty much feel that i failed in trying to do what i had set out, these photographs remind me of who I am, and who I am is that I am a father to a child I love profoundly and a son to parents who i admire and love profoundly, especially for the difficulty in their lives that they transcended…shit, what else can we do ? ;)))…

    they are only photographs…

    hugs all
    now, i’ve taken up enough of the blogs time…

    running (that would be a running-slow meditation)

  • ALL:

    an one last thought/explanation:

    my feelings last night (2:00 am.) and my feelings today about failure are real, but that’s not to pre-empty David’s critique or to diminish his thoughts or reaction…i can take all said and hope that the work is a credit to the inspiration i’ve felt from himm and all of you…

    but what i meant was that i feel i failed as a photographer, or rather, that in the pain of living with this work, it just breaks down…it failed because i had expected too much from it..and that means i failed, the pictures are just what they are…

    but i believe in them because well, what else can i do…they are me…

    thanks hugs and metta all around


  • BOB
    Take courage brother :-) you can’t say you worked for nothing. Bones is a very personnal project, you worked hard for it, IT’S NOT A FAILURE.

    I hope the festival was good for you.

    I added a few pictures of tightrope walkers on my website, if you have time…

    i saw David’s last edit of your work, and liked it very much. I understand when people there say that David enhance one’s vision. It seems to me that David’s choice tells your life better than your first editing; just a personnal thought.

    Did you see it???
    then go to “Dancers #2” ???

    Peace to all ;-)

  • Jean,
    si tu veux, on peut se voir la semaine prochaine sur Narbonne?

  • bob

    simply, well done.. looking forward..

    young tom.

    tough light.. norway is incredible i must say.. long long sunsets and dawns.. getting longer by the day now and looking forward to a trip further north over christmas.. where it never really gets pitch black..
    it’s a feast of light.
    the diary you are building from greece is quite a substantial statement about your capabilities – excellent work.. great.

  • ‘good weed smoking pictures..bring any back???’

    now.. that made me laugh.


    critical mass photo comp..


    i’ve yet to enter a serious competition.. and i now see that it could have helped me no end to have done so..

    i am thinking on entering critical mass.. and i only really want to enter a 10 photo folio if i am in with a chance of gaining recognition..

    could i trouble you for an opinion? i think i could easily make a quick edit from my music work to enter..
    a – do you think this would be the right competition for my work?
    b – is there another you might know from the top of your head which might suit my work better?

    i’m going to start entering these things, since it seems to go a long way.. and i want to approach it right..

    any help is a good help.

    Je t’envoie un mail.

  • David B,

    You browse “a photo editor” too? I was interested in this competition also, but was’nt too sure what sort of photographs they were after.

  • BOB…

    i received your ftp very late last night and had to sleep…will look now after one more coffee…

    but, without even looking i can tell you from my own experience, that all of us feel that we have failed after working long and hard on something..goes with the territory…

    when you take the photograph and when you first “realize” it either in print or on the screen, your heart jumps…after you have played with it, edited, sequenced 100 times, the original “passion” for that photo or work ain’t there…it becomes part of a good old fashioned “hard work” process and the luster is gone…it is at that point, that so many photographers give up because they think they have failed, when in fact they are just sick of the pictures!!!!

    this is just when you must put your head into the wind and FINISH..most photographers just do not actually finish anything….i usually do not finish either….you know of the times when i did finish, but there are many other incomplete projects i have started/failed out there…

    in any case, i look forward to my coffee and the perusal of Bones


  • Bob:

    Every “teaser” image you have shown from Bones has intrigued me, and made me want to see more.

    I can not imagine your feelings, as you have poured out your story and your heart into this, only you know the true depth of that…but I want to share you 2 quotes I carry with me … hopefully the words from those far wiser and experienced than I will bring some calming comfort:

    “That painter who has no doubts will achieve little.” (Leonardo da Vinci)

    “Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.” (William Shakespeare)

    You have attempted, and thus have NOT failed…a matter of time to see into what the good grows….

    I await anxiously to see what you have created.



    Critical Mass sounds good, although i did not know of it…sure, you should go for this…there is a difference between some “photo contests” and the ones giving grants..go for the ones giving grants as is Critical Mass…the only thing i did not see was the value of the grant…since they are taking in $75. for each entry they should be giving out a meaty grant….

    always enter these things with the work you care about and believe in..if you do not “win” , you want to “lose” with your best work…just think, if you lose with a body of work you have constructed for THEM, then you lose two ways (you do not get the grant, and you did not like what you submitted anyway)…always take these applications in good spirit…do not ever ever change your opinion of your work or yourself based on securing one of these grants…

    bon chance….

    cheers, david

  • what DAH said bob… part of the job, and i know you know that :o)


    a photo editor is a regular stop-off, yeps..

    i’ve been looking at past winners.. whats good this year.. that kind of thing..
    going to do more research to nail down exactly what they are after.. and look at other competitions as well..

    something i have noticed recently is that ‘award winning’ or ‘nominated’ on a website works wonders with eidtors and progression of career..
    i have been lazier on this fron tin the past – as the work has been comming in fine, and i was happy for years with my clients, i kind of took my foot off the gass with comps..
    however, staff snappers i have known have had the publication itself directing them to order competitions – and budgeted in time for them to do so at work.. (looks good for the mag if they win?)
    freelance style.. i guess i though competitions a bit of a bind.. when added to the other 70% of daily daily that needed to be got through in order to shoot the other 30% of the time.

  • if you do not “win” , you want to “lose” with your best work…

    thanks man – just what i needed to hear.. and many thanks for the pointers..

    all i can do is that which i care about.. all the rest is propaganda, and i’m no fan of that.

    if shortlisted (to 175) i will be asked to pay another 200 usd.. all entrants do receive the winners book, all entries on cd and more.. money might be the issue.. the ethics of it.. will do more research on it now..

    i believe the grant is some kind of deal for publishing, which is what initially switched me on to it..
    more reading.


    anyone have experiences of entering competitions that they can share?
    general tips.. pitfalls.. positive stories.. could be of help to us all.

    still no baby..
    due date – T-minus 12 days.



    Your comments are to Bob are right on. The reason I have been sitting on this edit of the urban youth in Mexico City, is exactly for that reason. I’m sick of the images. It was a project that I started but didn’t have enough time to dedicate to and thus only covered it on a superficial level.

    Most importantly I wasn’t feeling it with the subject matter. No poetry, no love. The only group I identified with were the punks, who months before had been beating up on the emos. After returning to Spain and as the months rolled on, I kept looking at the images over and over hoping to find something that just wasn’t there. That being said the exercise was a good one, so I’ll slug through the edit for a few more days, make a portrait edit and daily life edit and then put in the closet.

    Regarding your comments, I couldn’t believe you were so HARSH. Now if you really believe that, you’re quite gullable. Really, I’m in agreement. Too many images where the idea was there but either the timing was off, or the lighting blew, or there was just too much chaos all around. Shoulda, coulda, woulda summed it up perfectly.

    The images you liked were no-brainers for me, so that was a confidence booster to know that what we both on the same page. Good images are there, in my head, behind my eye, so I just need to learn to be a little more patient waiting for the right moments, instead of trying to force them and move on.

    Thanks very much for the straight talk, David. That was just what I wanted from you.

    Regarding the immigrant story, I’ll get all those images up on DRR for the same type of exercise next week, so thanks for asking.

    PS. How did you feel about looking at the images on DRR? Did you know you can also make first selects, seconds and outs and move them around and save the sequencing? Michael will have to get you de-briefed before you start moving other people over to DRR.

    PSS. You don’t bring back drugs from a place like Mexico! Haven’t you ever seen Midnight Express?!?!


    Thanks for helping out by reposting my link…ahem…for the fourth time. Did I not tell you before that you are the best?

  • DB,

    I looked at the competition page (not that I am anywhere near being able to enter a comp like this, but just to see how one might work)…did you notice that if you make it past the initial round of “screening” and are one of the final 175 photographers, you then pay another $200 to have your work sent to the full panel of 200 reviewers?

    Is that how these things normally work?

  • sorry, looks like we posted at the same time…


    Now, I have ONE BIG BEEF with the two of you. Please note a sarcastic tone here which if you could here my voice means that I’m not, like, you know, really really mad.

    What is this sending photos privately by FTP and emails??? Remember that we have been living, breathing and bleeding for months with you over your two personal projects. How can you deprive us of seeing your edits in action? I want to see the rejects and why? Isn’t there some way to share here? That is the whole idea here, right?

  • charlie..

    man – you’ve a solid head on your shoulders.. superb, well gauged and thought out reaction.. your honesty is a beacon..

    PS – i had not seen ‘midnight express’ until well after a handful of trips around the indian subcontinent..
    now.. there was a story mixed in there.. again, not for public consumption..
    i was terrified and held at the end of two police rifles..
    thank the lord for baksheesh – i was able to spend the next twelve years doing my own thing.. rather than theirs.

  • andrew B

    thats the ethical angle i want to educate myself more on.. reading may or may not be worthwhile..

    pissed that i missed this one


    for the publication / EPF book / general EPF business – would aperture not be interested in whats going on.. maybe like to become involved?

  • DB
    “for the publication / EPF book / general EPF business – would aperture not be interested in whats going on.. maybe like to become involved?”

    I was just sitting here dreaming how this community could become the *next* Aperture…charitible foundation…goal of finding/growing/promoting EP…books, prints, **multimedia** and **NEW PARADIGMS OF PHOTOGRAHY**…creative use of technology and new communication to create a new type of foundation/organization/culture/environment/patrons/fans/participants…

    I wonder if there was something in my coffee this morning…..


    Melissa Harris is a good friend and editor of Aperture Magazine…i was thinking the same thing..also, Sara Rosen at Powerhouse has a magazine as well…i will check on both….there could be all kinds of reasons why they would not do it, but then again it is worth a try….the only potential problem for Melissa is that she cannot appear to be too connected to Magnum..cannot show favoritism…she must publish work from all photogs and agencies…and our fund is inside the Magnum Cultural Foundation…but since all of you are just independent photographers, maybe we could make it work…

    Blurb and others do magazines and books on demand, so i think we have many options…it is just a matter of funding… and a matter of you guys producing lots of quality work!!

    cheers, david


    you are right , of course…but, i think it best for most to just wait until my new workshop class is finished next week and Mike will have time to set up our space on DRR..this way all can see all the time…

    once we have that, we will see where we are, and i will appoint the jury for EPF and we can get some funding out the door…

    i appreciate your good spirit…

    cheers, david

  • DAVID:

    thank you for the words and as usual you are absolutely right…i never give up on anything, and i believe in my work and the life of a photographer, and it’s just that i felt that i’d expected more from the work, but this i go through everytime i make a story, or write something…as you said…what i am proud of is that i made this story specifically for your assignment, your blog and in the middle it changes and became something that i hope, with time, will lead to something greater: a gift for my father and son…thanks amigo…when you have time, tell it like it is, i can take it..:))))

    DAVID BOWEN: ;)))…thanks, yea, you said it all…it’s part of the job, and im still a photographer, even when failing :))))…

    JEAN: MERCIE BEAUCOUP :))))…words meant alot to me :)))

    ANDREW B: :)))>..thanks for the quotes, yes,…they live inside me…doubt doesnt stop me, just hurts, and we work through the hurt ot thrive and live more ;))))

    CHARLIE :)))

    Just so you all know. I sent via FTP because i do not have a website to show the images…my personal website has been on hold for 1 year due to $$ and time and no way am i gonna put the good images on flickr, so i promised to send to david (as if this were a real assignment) to him via http://ftp…i wish i could share with you all…im not trying to be secretive or special…just, i dont have anywhere to put them (no DR Account or PhotoShelter account), so what to do…but nothing special…

    ok, tired…gotta go…

    hugs all…

    will try to write later tonight


  • bob ,( sent you email about hosting your Bones essay..
    temporarily or perm. through apple..) until DRR comes up..

    ALL… 7:51am..
    Good morning Vietnam…;-)
    Let’s get started…
    (sounds like a Bones day today..
    Hmmmm.. Let’s see…!)

  • BOB…

    where are your pictures?? i do not see an ftp account or attachment or anything…admitting , i am pretty bad at this stuff…make it easy for me…..

  • PANOS…

    are you just getting up, or you haven’t gone to bed???

    any way you can come to new york end of next week?? how much ticket you think???

    i mean, imagine the gathering..

  • PANOS…

    find a cheap ticket….help us out in trade for your expenses…report on everything…bb, erica and a whole bunch of others will be on hand (and out of hand!) more time when we turn our virtual community into REALITY…

  • BOB.

    I am glad we have this small “opening” of time…AFTER you have submitted your work but BEFORE we get to see the final project… so I can tell you without having the pleasure of seeing the work or being influenced by what David says… that no matter what the images LOOK LIKE you have succeeded. You have poured heart and soul into this expression of yourself and your life and feelings for son, mother, father, wife…I don’t see where there could be any possibility for failure…it’s just not possible!

    It is a razors edge which I know well…on one hand yes, they are “only photos” (the spiritual part of you that knows not to place value in “things”) but on the other hand they mean everything…sum up your entire life on earth as a human being so it only makes sense that you would care so much about them. This is your artistic expression of your soul and since we are here on a PHOTO blog…rather than a BUDDHIST blog you should feel only good about showing us how important this work is to you.

    Congratulations on the completion of Bones. I look forward to sharing in it with all here soon…and eventually many, many more who will come to see it.

  • NY.. Is cold.. Not like Venice..
    I don’t think I can sleep outside…;-)
    but then again.. You wont know if you
    won’t try..;-))))
    But.. I will check on the cheapest flight
    Possible .. Should I be there.. Saturday??
    Can I charge it on your credit card..
    for NatGeo.. or all the wealthy bloggers
    out there..or any domestic airline..
    I’m broke.. Can’t even sell the car..
    I was confessing Lisa the other day about
    how I lost my home, my dog and my girl(again),
    Got kicked out from Freidas cabin in the mountains..
    Back in the desert sleeping on a friends house..
    Plus I lost my major photogig that was paying
    some of the bills..( they hired 2 unpaid INTERNS..)
    .. Just applied on a TRUCK company..
    but they require a drug test..!!?
    So…( thank god I still have Venice and my little leica..)
    So.. If anybody cares….!?

    So no work for now..
    Can I please attend the NY meeting???
    I will check on a ticket price … today..


    Midnight Express and Fatal Attraction have kept me in fear for a long time..why do you think i live so clean???

  • PANOS…

    New York is not cold NOW…february YES…

    i have people sleeping all over the place in my apt and in the studio space we rent for the workshop..Paola my assistant from Brazil..Diego my assistant from Italy..Eric Vallie (film maker) from France.looks like a college dorm or something..crazy…if you do not mind “roughing it” we can do something…got a sleeping bag??

  • CATHY…

    you can come too…mind sleeping with Panos??

  • Bob,

    The contributions of time, care and spirit you’ve given to this community are beyond measure. Anyone willing to pour his soul into a forum with the urge to help people and then also creates a deep personal project to bare what others would fear to expose is a success by my account. But hell, you don’t need a pep talk from me… I’m thankful for your passion, humility and honesty. Looking forward to seeing the project.

    LANCE- Brazil was fantastic. The wedding was essentially two days of non-stop partying, with the most powerful caipirinhas I’ve ever downed and piles of churrasco (Brazilian barbeque). I got into an argument with the cook about the merits of Texas BBQ versus his, faced my fears, survived two robbery attempts unscathed, and got started on an interesting project that I’ll hopefully be able to continue. Working on an edit now. Hope to have something up soon. Coming to NYC soon? Did I tell you before about Arthur Frank’s “Cowboy Up?’ Wasn’t sure if I gave you the name or not. What about Perpignan?

  • DAVID :))

    I’m honored to be invited.
    You should probably ask Panos if he minds sleeping with me :))
    I won’t ask my husband…he already thinks we’re all crazy. This will confirm it.

  • DAVID…

    Can’t make it this time but I’m already thinking about story ideas for when I (someday) take a loft workshop with you :))

  • DAH

    what is it they say? fools never differ :o)

    the trouble with blurb and others in that the print quality varies drastically from country to country – since they outsource to other printers..
    a great repro bought from new york may not be a great repro when printed in the uk..

    aperture must be interested and since there is a contact already i really hope there can be a way.

    there is the link with magnum – however, as you say – we are independant photographers.. a group..
    i wonder if perhaps once digital railroad is sorted there may be the need to exert this independence.. the Emerging Photographers Group could be producing the book and the Emerging Photographers Fund – (through magnum) – could be seen by aperture as an external funding source..
    so – the EMG is an ongoing and independent group – supported by the EMF and, perhaps the aperture foundation..
    a psudo-link between magnum and them supporting the ‘group’ on the book, and the magnum ‘epf’ supporting individuals making the grade.

    getting the great work together will not be a problem mi amigo.. there is plenty already, and i have a little birth story to edit in a week or two.. if my other work is not eligible.

    exciting – real steps.. keep the faith all.

  • hey – i’ll let panos sleep with me if i get expenses.. i’d have to be passive though, with a bucket and bleach to clean up vomit..

    am yet to meet a man i find attractive that way.. ya know..

  • DAVID:

    o, man…i sent them to the via FTP to the folder that mike set up for me on Monday…

    here is the info: it is in the drr account…
    login: davidalanharvey-bob

    the folder i uploaded is called “bonesoftimeedit” 76 photos….

    i’ve sent you an email too…

    i am sorry you have to look for this, i thought this would be the easiest way…please let me know if you can’t find the folder…

    i guess, i have to sit on pins and needles some more ;))))

    let me know


    this will be quick…thank so so much for the heart-felt and loving words…they mean alot to me…im tired today, cause i only slept for 2 hrs last night and emotionally spent…but just know that they mean alot to me….and that i will write more later after a day of rest…

    im hoping the pictures are in front of david’s eyes now, and not somewhere lost in space ;)))…over the arctic circle…


  • think you have used the easiest way bob..
    whats the file size for bonesoftimeedit?
    there are online hosting sites for large file transfers if you zip them up..
    if it’s not that fat it’s easy to do a direct zip transfer with skype or similar..

  • CATHY…

    you can come too…mind sleeping with Panos??

  • ‘and not somewhere lost in space ;)))…over the arctic circle…’

    well – if they are perhaps PALIN can see them from her house in alaska..

  • David Bowen

    Thanks for the compliment, mate. We all have to learn to take the criticism. It’s virtually impossible to be objective and edit well your own work, so you have to go to people you trust and know will give you the straight truth. Sometimes the truth hurts, but what’s the old adage…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


    I have a feeling Fatal Attraction scared you more. Being clean is over-rated.


    You’re beautiful man. I know that you know that I was just giving you shit. I’m still waiting for Erica’s response. :o

    That being said the fact that you don’t have a site is a real bummer. I feel for you if you’re tight on cash, but when you can, get something up. You need to be showcasing your work and it is by far the best way to do it. What about on Lightstalkers? You put it up for a few days, get the feedback you were looking for and then remove it.

  • ALL…

    you will not believe this..or, at least i did not believe it…

    i was just taking out the trash, and i open the front door of my building and there stands Kyunghee Lee!!…with a map in her hand..smiling…all the way from Seoul…

    she could not possibly have known i was even at home…hmmmmmm, well i will find out

    ok, i must make her coffee…to her my apartment must look like a me it looks like a disaster….clean clean fast fast….

    back later…

    hugs, david

  • BOB…

    now, with Kyunghee sitting in my living room..smiling….very big smile…you are on hold!!! i know you understand…

  • DAVID, KYUNG-HEE :)))))

    IT IS FATE…david, i guess you were not meant to see my Bones until Kyung-hee was with you….how bloody appropriate ;)))))>..

    im happy she will see them…only 2 are the only ones after marina…

    gotta go…

    hugs to her and we’ll see u in 1 week..


  • DAH & BOB

    I didn’t see Bob’s last reply to you when I responded above. If Bob’s edit is already uploaded in to your archive at DRR, then all someone (Michael?) would need to do is make it public. Then you could show the link here.

    P.S. Don’t want to be a pest, just letting you know that it would be that easy.

  • DAVID…knowing you are now busy with Kyunghee…

    You posted the invite for me to come (and sleep with Panos) two times now. Are you thinking there would be something for me to gain from Panos by doing so….photographically? :))

    I see David B is interested. Anyone else game?

  • CATHY…

    i only posted once and i only see it once…hmmmm..???

  • CATHY..

    oh yes, now i see it twice…that is either some computer glitch or a SIGN…read the signs…beware…or move forward…i dunno nuthin

    i am outta here for are on your own!!

  • BOB..

    Kyunghee and Paola from Brazil, who also showed up a half hour later, are getting in a car with me and heading for Magnum…two women , two continents, who cannot really speak to each other…hmmmmm, somehow i think the next 10 days are going to be…well, shall we say “action packed”???

    do not worry amigo, i will see your work soonest….

  • DAVID: :))))

    YES, I UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY :))))..people before stupid photos :)))…i am so happy you’re with Paolo and Kyung-hee…and you have my permission to show Kyung-hee as you look, no worries…look at them and write about them whenever you are want…they’ve left my life, they are now with you and the blog….


    YES, that’s a good idea..David gets first look because i promised him and this essay was meant for my dad, dima and david: my gift to them. As soon as David says what he wants me to do, we can put them wherever you guys can jump in…who knows, at some point, if they go up, i’ll post some of the pictures i removed from the set…some of the strongest pictures i took out, ’cause they didnt seem to help the “story”…but, fuck it…anyway…Im kind of sick of Bob black ;)))…

    i have to run…but i’ll check in tonight, after david sees them..

    im on as much pins and needles as you all ;)), believe me, and it’s my work ;)))))))))))…

    fuck it ;)))))


  • Charlie,
    Great way to respond to DAH’s review of your story. This is the way we should always see comments and critics about our work. Easier said than done, sure ;), but I guess it’s better than hearing praises when you need to see yourself moving ahead…

    great portrait for the poster! It shows Dr Dicksheet in a tough and straight-forward way, yet elegant also, that I never saw before…

    I don’t know you (or anyone for that matter), but I’m totally down with Jean & others. I always liked what you wrote (here & elsewhere) – interesting, witty, generous and positive stuff – but I gotta say this: “Bones” cannot be a failure cause it is so much a part of YOU!
    Breathe, sleep, relax and don’t go all out at 2am… It’s so easy to say that work is crap after so much work!
    And, before blowing it off, let us appreciate it. Cause we will…

    Eric VALLI still at your place? Waw, there sure are some fantastic photogs/people in that Kibbutz! I have a signed print of his early work on the wall just in front of me! My girl and I travelled Himalaya partly because of his work – especially Dolpo!

    David’s right about NY’s weather. Not cold. I managed to go for a swim in the Atlantic last w-end, but I sure miss the warm ocean… Try to come before you really freeze your ass over here!

    Later, T.

  • Tanguy

    Thanks for your kind words.


    It was just a suggestion. Your proposal sounds like a good one.

    I sound like a lawyer there.


    I’m checking out now. Remember when America awakes, I’m eating a late 3 course lunch or as the case was today, paella and estrella (a Spanish beer).

    No wonder I’m getting fat for the first time in my life.

    Ciao for now!

  • DAH

    Midnight Express and Fatal Attraction; very valid concerns..


    I know you are still lurking :)
    My dear, there is nothing to show you yet..yes I am an incredibly private person when it comes to this stage, but really, I am just in the edit..and am hoping the first you will see is a mm piece, though I may be dreaming.


    thank you for that description..have you met the good doctor or are you referencing Jonas B’s images? For those out of the conversation loop, it’s seep through talk from a post I have up on LS about something I shot for a movie poster..


    I send YOU Metta now..

  • ERICA…

    I have heard about this film. Sounds like it could be a big success. Academy Award material even…great that you were involved.

  • ALL

    so I feel a little crappy that I have nothing to share yet from the assignment, so I just put up on my site the images I shot as a palate clearing fun exercise for myself..trying to allow myself to shoot as I used to when I was little; I was a snap happy 6 year hear they are, don’t expect anything grand, this was just an experiment for me..but am happy to share

    go to

    Private Galleries

    LOG in (case sensitive)



    I am sure Joshua the filmmaker would be happy to know you feel that way, will pass it on..

  • ERICA – Thanks for sharing this with us. I adore the last 3 and the boy with the trash can lid. It’s fun to play again, isn’t it? Also, I sent you an email.

    ALL – I just re-watched the slide show. Congratulations again to all of the students! To struggle and breakdown, and then break through is such a tough growing experience. You are all very brave.

    “Paranoia on Wall Street” still has me laughing and shaking my head. The silence of “Zero Ground” was painful and strong. I could really feel along with this man in his experience in “Hard Time”. “Any given evening” was special and odd and surreal to me.

    But especially for me… the color, light and expression in “-or die trying”. “Apparitions” felt beautiful, subtle, and ethereal. “JoJo” – I loved it, I felt it… and the first image… whooaa!

    So many other thoughts, but… just thank you to all of you for sharing and congratulations!

  • ERICA…

    Your site is not letting me type in a password…not sure why.
    What I was inferring but perhaps did not make clear in my last comment is that this is a big film and your contribution should not be taken lightly. I hope you are rewarded financially for it.

  • Erica,
    Truly enjoyed your piece on being six.
    I still remember when the camera first took hold of me, around 14 or so.
    Shot 4 rolls of film in an outing…. Dad was not pleased if I recall, something about how could I shoot that much film on one thing.


  • DAVID, thanks for the tip about showering with your laundry on the road. Works well, and better for the environment too :))

    BOB, it’s brilliant brother, I know it!

    DAVID BOWEN, thanks :)) It’s dangerous posting photos the same day you take them … I almost always like at least a little of my work the same day but rarely a week, month, or definitely a year later. Tough day today, all out of sorts, but i think it ended well … tried to capture a feeling and a color. simple. don’t know, you tell me.

    PANOS, i love you too. Big ferry pulling in 50 yards from where i sit, why are you not on it? No, no, you must go to New York! Wish I could be there … really i do although this is okay too.

    KYUNG-HEE, you are one of my favorite photographers, you have taught me much :)) Your black and white work reminds me in some ways of the color work of Narelle Autio, not sure why, another of my favorites along with her husband …

    … forgive me, i find myself thinking in accented broken english phrases … strange :))

    yassus, tom

    p.s. midnight, internet cafe closing, had to chug a mythos … better than Singha …

  • SISTER ERICA :))))

    in the end, that’s what’s its all about…the simple joy of discovering the world around us….remember Yi-Yi? :))))…many of the pics remind of what Yang-Yang tells is dad about photographing…remember? :))))….i love that you are sharing joy…love the pics with tonque in front and the pics of little one on floor and so much of the non-sequitor humour….in the end, i know we’ll all get to see the work from your Big-Format/Med-Format…but, it’s just a reminder of why we photograph, right…

    and to show you how much we’re in sync: here is a Photograph from Bones of Time that I cut out last night…Dima loves this photograph…and i guess i removed it because it didnt add to the pictures…but i also love it…so i send you this very simple photograph for yu…a simple foto of why i still love (even with the agony of work) photography:


    will call u tonight at 8:00 ok?


  • ERICA!!!! I love it! So different from your usual portraits, so loose, really great. You know you are one of my favorites, I have told you this, but please, please, don’t call me “sweet” again :))



    Last year I shot a serie in India and those pictures are sitting on my hard drive since then, I am unable to edit them for various reasons like the value that each image represent for the moment that I spent with those people or because of the fact that each time that I see them I could select another bucket of pictures. It is especially hard to get rid of some pictures when I remember how hospitable they were with me…

    I wonder if you David or anyone could kindly help me editing them and of course at first I would be very grateful if you would agree to critique them. Sean already gave me a quick critique on a smaller set in Perpignan, thanks by the way…
    I am reading this blog almost since the beginning, I don’t write much but read a lot and when I see the good stuff that the other readers post here I am always reluctant to show up with my work, well let’s try…

    Now let me setup the context about the subject, the pictures are about people suffering from leprosy and living in a fading building complex in India. I’ve been there 3 times in a 3 months time frame for a few hours each time. I’ve tried to capture what they do during a day. The first time (feb 2007) I spent most of the time in the room where they receive care (by a NGO), the current selection just contains a few pictures from that first visit (too explicit, really missing the point). During the second and third visits (May 2007) I spent more time around the buildings trying to get the mood without focusing too much on the issue itself, attended the ceremony going on in the morning before breakfast, then spent a moment when they received care and later wandered around while they were relaxing. Their situation is quite different from many other people suffering from leprosy in India, they live far away from any spot where they could beg, they mostly stay in those very old buildings, surviving I would say with the food and care that they receive from a local NGO, they do not have any income.

    What about me and what do I expect from photography ?
    I am a 34 years old guy living in Switzerland, my interest for photography started in early 2006, the time when I felt bored working as an engineer in an office,doing nothing creative neither rewarding. In October 2006 I took the opportunity to travel in Asia for almost one year and spent a lot of time taking pictures(didn’t focused enough on stories, too many singles, well an experience). I am now back in the office, working to pay the bills and save money for potential forthcoming adventures. My expectations for photography are as simple as taking better and more interesting images. BTW I hope that you will organize a workshop in Europe next year(day off counter -0 for this year), I would love to come(if eligible).

    The pictures can be seen here (2 minutes slideshow, careful, image #30 is explicit):

    Thanks in advance, I would really appreciate your comments…


    PS: Eric Valli is there, cool I love his work (have you seen his movies ?)

  • Kelly James, when will Erica and I see you again in NYC? You should come before it’s too cold to eat outside at Diner! Hope things are good in TX. -andrew


    I want to respond to your loving email here instead of keeping it just between us.

    I now see that I’d missed seeing/reading the final entries on the blog page that had your wonderfully kind response to my post from last night/early this morning. I just wanted to be sure you know I’m with you in this, heart and soul. Because heart and soul is what you’ve brought to Bones from the beginning. It has been wrenched from your depths and still is wet with blood, placenta and tears.

    This, my friend, is the absolute ESSENCE of creativity, that the seed is planted in love, unites with its brother sperm or sister egg, gestates/grows/develops in its own time becoming what it was always meant to be not what we thought it would be, is born between shit and urine, in pain and tears, and leaves the womb-carrier in a state of wondrous/terrible exhaustion. Once it takes its first breath, this object of our creative impulse is on its own. Yes, we will feed, protect and nurture it, but it is no longer our own. It is ITS own.

    And so it is with Bones.

    There can be no failure in such a process, only celebration. And we all join you in celebrating this birth, every bit as much as we will soon celebrate the birth of David and Beate’s love child. Bones is YOUR love child and we can’t wait to see/read/touch its beautiful body and be changed by its soul.

    September 25, 2008 is a BIG DAY, the day Bones of Time was born…

    with much love

  • BOB

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I’d love to hook up with you some time as I’m up in Newmarket. Let’s connect through email when you get back from NYC.

  • Hi all,

    Sorry to use this forum like Lighstalkers or Craig’s List, but I desperately am seeking a room to rent in an apartment with others in NYC or somewhere in Brooklyn. It would be great if the others were photographers or artistically minded people à la David’s Kibbutz! I wouldn’t be there all the time since I also have an apartment in Bucharest, Romania. It would also be great if I would have the option of subletting it out when I was gone.

    Anyone with any leads please let me know!

    Thank you,


  • DAVID:

    I am always amazed by your ability to bring amazing work out of your workshop students in such a short time period. I have adopted some of your teaching methods that I picked up at your Look3 workshop in my dealings with my photography staff at the newspaper.

    Congratulations to your students and to you and Mike for an amazing presentation.

    I hope to join you for another workshop sometime in the future, but I will have to wait for the funds to build up again.

    Jenny and I hope to run into you and Mike again soon and tell some stories over a few beers.

  • I’m coming to this very late, yet again. I’ve been hunkered down for quite some weeks now.

    Have to say that I wasn’t really so moved by the slide show. Certainly some highlights but nothing too exciting to this viewer.

    Perhaps on the morrow I’ll look again with fresher eyes and mind.

  • I so wanna be there David. Wanna meet Panos most of all.

    I told you before id love to visit the US next summer. That plan is still sort of in play, so maybe me, my wife and my son could drop in on you some time in August?

    Any plans of coming to Seoul in the meantime?

  • Congrats to the students of At Home ’08:) My computer is not cooperating with me so I can’t see the slide show, but I’ll keep trying. I remember something David said to us about “this will all start to make more sense in the next few weeks, months, year…” He probably said that to you too. It’s true:) Hopefully, a week out, you are all getting a chance to process things…

    I’ve finally put a few photos up from my OBX surf/life project. The surf has been pretty dreadful the last few months so it’s not a lot, but it’s a beginning and I’m starting to get the look and feel I was imagining. Please have a look…

    Also, please let me know if you are getting warning signs from your browser or google; something’s up with my wordpress.

    David, did you get my emails?

    We’ve had gale force winds here for a week straight. Crazy fall weather, but kind of exciting…and another storm on the way…

  • Well Chris,
    I get a notice that your website has been hacked and is trying to install something no-good on my computer …
    Maybe you should check with your admin …


    Falling out of a 48hour assignment and straight into bed!



    I know you play too :)


    did you get the password to work? About the poster, I did understand, I was being deferential to the real ‘auteur’..but thank you.


    exactly my grandmnother’s reaction..especially because my habit included the polaroid, and I could shot a package in a half hour!


    ooh, loose, I think that’s the first time I’ve ever been called that (hmmn, doesn’t sound right, didn’t mean it that way, but hopefully still pertains!)
    How do you feel about magnanimous?


    Because we don’t know what we look like from behind?


    OOH must run, season premiere of the Office

  • The Office – yes! (typing this during a commercial)


    See, I told you…

    Kyunghee, Cathy and Paolo…beautiful women to surround you…hanging out with DAH and swanning with the NY ‘photo-ratti’… maybe even a new Venice Beach, with a roof hey?

    Stay cool and drink it up while you can, stay safe my brother…


    I am meeting with Tamara tommorrow at her show, so she is going to fill me in on the ACTUAL phenonmenon of you two! I can’t wait, it might sound weird but I somehow think it will bring us closer than 15,000kms!

    Always the songlines, the songlines that connect us…


    Cheers you big old huggy bear!

  • To finish my thought, post viewing of The Office… What did you think DAVID M? Not bad? I have fallen out of watching tv, must gear up for the mindset again as the skies grow dark earlier and the temperature drops..mostly hoping for a quality season of LOST.


    thank you for the photo, it’s really lovely..I can’t (can) believe you went thru 5 weeks of having to decide what to cut..but if they are all in the vein of what we have seen, it must have been terribly difficult. In my own process of cutting, I am just going on gut, in fact, most of images are usually in or out on first viewing, I don’t know what the difference is between us? It would be an interesting and perhaps important point to grasp. My instict is that it has to do with you finding the story as you edit, where I try to find/fit the story as I shoot? A TOTAL off the cuff guess, would love to hear your thoughts..


    Your explanation of why some images are hard to release speaks to one of the cardinal rules of editing, that is, that it doesn’t matter how hard it was to get an image, or how attached to it you may be, if it doesn’t ‘work’, it doesn’t..BUT you seem to already know that or you wouldn’t be asking for help..and what your words do reveal is what your photos also show; that you truly do have a deep level respect for the people you photographed.


    I like The Diner..something about it..and that something certainly transcends the $11 glass of wine..looking forward to sharing one with you, now we do need PANOS really coming???


    Well do tell after you meet with Tamara..

    I really want to write about your concerns with working with MM..I am right there with you..but am tired and nothing I write will help to clarify anything for either of us at this point. Just know that I feel like most of us are just stumbling into a working method, and Insh’Allah we’ll figure it out before making too big of a mess of it.

  • Gustavo Aragon Garcia


    The 30 leprosy woman ?

    I like the number 9 the eye of this old man tell me that maybe he is blind ?

    Beautiful portraits

  • The Office – seems to fit my personality – I can think it hilarious without the big belly-laugh. My TV is often on yet I seldom watch it – it’s more like white noise to me – but I will stop and watch The Office – it reassures me that I can never work in one again!!

    Lost is a different story. It’s best watched deep in the winter, entire seasons on dvd back to back. I wonder if they need a still shooter on set?

  • ANDREW –
    I missed you last Friday. I think you were still in Brazil. Erica and I were there at the Diner…. and there were other photographers… and wine… and this redis- orange candle light… and then the waitress seated us next to Stanley Green and Kadir… and then there was loud talking… then a ride in a mini cooper… then more wine and a magical Kibbutz… and 10 old friends popped out of nowhere… and it was DAH’s place… and Joe Bug was there!… and Carmen… then a dozen roses and lilies… and then Eugene Richards stood up to speak… and Bruce Gilden talking about not going to Alaska… and pictures and pictures… then the roof and all of NYC… and then more wine and a photo shoot with Erica and graffiti in this alice in wonderland dress… then music and beer bottles breaking………………….
    that was some crazy f*&%ed up dream, right? What’s next? Panos shows up in a VW Van? Bob Black on the back of a dinosaur with the whole family?


  • Kurt, fine work indeed. Straight? Maybe, but not square….. Straight is to photography what prose is to literature, we can’t all be writing poems (care to join Sidney, Cathy and I for a drink, straight up of course!?)… :-)

    Mennonite is a dynamite subject, just now I kinda like the fair as well, your POV was engaging, your photography more “sportive” (for lack of a better word).

    Hang with us, I hope.

    Yan, I am familiar with some of your work from Pbase and FlickR (TrekEarth too? can’t recall). Man, you got access, and you can get close. the hardest part is done. I think what everyone has said here is right, yet your photo-making is a bit textbook. Mind you, I am in the same boat as you are: get loose, try to catch the emotion in the place, not just what’s in front of us. We do not really get a sense of the place and Pictures are a bit too clean for the subject as you introduced it, you care but maybe making the nice photo was too paramount, India does that to us . Forget composition, no worry, shoot, shoot, shoot, it will come back without thinking about it…. And let’s study the masters of that genre (if to do the exact contrary). Just Magnum has plenty on their sites.

    …. OK, talking to myself, truly. Thanks David! ahahahha,:-)))

    I really dug the loft workshops. Paul is honest and yes, we just can’t pretend to like evrything. I forget the names I dug most, need to look again…

    I am full of energy tonight. This morning, I was wondering what the fuck I pretend to achieve with a camera. Worse than a failure Bob, a looser. Forgettable, ridiculous. But energy is back, I need an energy policy, that’s all! Energenius…….

    Yes, david I know, smells, no thought. Where is our US/Brazil/Korea threesome tonight?



    I can’t believe you opened the door to a smiling kyunghee lee! What a beautiful world we live in


    To hear that insecurity from you…you who are the beacon of support and light, the breath of fresh air, a sage of this blog…I know that what you have will be moving and intense, and you will have words to compliment, to piece it all together. I can only say that a man so sincere…I am anxiously awaiting more photos. what you’ve shown so far has been so emotional…you have no idea how many are waiting for your work. And that’s not pressure, because there’s no chance of failure in this one, it is a chance for all of us to look deeper into you…

    We don’t know each other, I saw you briefly at LOOK3, but I don’t think a single word was exchanged. Well, I have plenty of floor space and a blow up mattress. I’m a bus ride away from DAH, and you are more than welcome if it’s too crowded at the Kibbutz. I mean that sincerely.

    I had the pleasure of spending a few days at a festival last year with the woman who runs Photo Lucida. I normally run screaming from contests with entries, etc…but I do know that they are a wonderful group. It is a very organic contest…the portfolios reviews they do are all volunteer (or they were the last year) by the reviewers, they want to provide more opportunities for people…they are looking for ALL kinds of photography. And they really really look and think about what you send. Hours and days and sweat and brain cells are spent deciding who to advance. They have produced some very nice books. It’s all very new, but I really like what they have going on there in oregon….

    off to look at your private gallery now! See you soon? At the fiesta?

    I can’t wait to hear more about your travels! Won’t you come see some cuban jazz in Williamsburg with me on october 5th? It’s going to be a special show….

    meant to say I go running from contests with entry fees…I just know that they actually run on them in this case…

  • CHRIS…

    Coming in late, only have a few minutes but I had to take a look at the new surf work. Not that my opinion means much…but it’s looking really good. Love the gal turned on her board and several shots of the guys on the beach…Surf shots are one thing I know pretty well…as I’ve mentioned before I started going to surf movies in high school and dreamt of being a surf photographer. Even went to college in San Diego because the surf was better there than in Florida. :)) Went off to the North Shore my first xmas vacation in college..etc…my point being that I know a lot of pro surf photographers and most (as I’m sure you know) are shooting waves…very little shooting is being done on shore. It’s been a while since the heyday of Leroy Grannis :))

    Surf lifestyle is a project that I have started on myself (at the time thinking that I was so unique in coming up with the idea :)) but since I am living in New Mexico…no waves that I know of…it’s been postponed for a while. :((
    You are right in there…just keep going. Looking good.

  • anne marie

    thanks for the info.. yes – good people i think and on some occassions a fee is the way forward for them to offer the best grants and attention to a folio..
    best get my sock pulled up and think carefully about what to send in initially..
    thanks again..

    david mc

    u.k. or u.s. office? the u.k. one is just a stroke of genius.. unknowingly good.. the u.s. one i find difficult to connect with.. made for a different mindset?


    i’m not really considering sleeping with panos for expenses.. i’ve whored out my eyes a little .. but you know :o)

    patricia / david MC / audrey / the panos

    the students have their presentation today.. nervous for them.. will ask a few if it’s cool-and-the-gang to show you guys their work..

    hungover.. went to an exhibit last night.. 4 hours sleep.. now 8 hours of looking at student projections..
    coffee.. water.. chewing gum.. toast..

    skates are on.

  • Thanks Lasal, that’s what I thought. The site should be clean but google and others have already flagged it so I need to jump through a bunch of hoops and headaches now to get it off of the “black list”. I should have it straightened out tomorrow.

    Cathy–thanks for the good word, good to meet you this summer, sorry I haven’t been on much lately. You got the idea of the project though, at least part of it, being to portray the lifestyle around the surfing as much as the surfing itself. And to locate it particularly on the Outer Banks, which has a much different mood and aesthetic than, say, California or Hawaii. Good for me because I love that moody dark shit.

    Kelly, sorry I didn’t get the chance to see you again at the party. I was up earlier in the week but had to go back to NC for work. Sounds like a big time was had by all.

    Once I get the thing straightened out on my site tomorrow I’ll post again, I understand if people freak out from the warning messages, it looks pretty ominous.

    And it looks like I’ll miss the big convergence next week too, again by a couple of days…ah well…best of luck to the new group.


  • ERICA,

    Yes I know, but it is hard for me to tell what is working and what not, I am too involved in each picture,
    this is always good to receive comments in order to see how people see the pictures…
    Editing is just so hard… I am also happy that you mention the respect, a few people told me that and I am glad that it can been felt…
    NB: I never commented your Adult home work that I like a lot as I don’t think that I have the level to judge, I can just tell you that there I feel a lot of emotion coming out of them…

    the explicit one is the image number 30, the man smoking, you can see the wounds. I’ve tried to hide that aspect as much as I could because I do not
    think that this is the interesting point about them. I kept that pictures because I like the moment.
    For the image number 9, Daneshar is not blind, however the man in the foreground of image 17 is.

    Thanks a lot for your words, I totally agree, I wouldn’t shoot(or look for) the same if I would go back (hope I will).
    The images from my different visits were not the same at all, and now if I would go back, after a few months and more experience I would for sure take a different approach, but it is easy to talk, now I should go and figure…
    Concerning the study of the masters work, this is always interesting to see how famous photog shoot those kind of stories, on the other hand if you study their style too much you only imitate their work, it stays in your mind, it becomes an ersatz and this can be felt, not easy to find a balance…
    This is the reason why I would join a workshop, to have a direction according to my style. By studying others essays, you only get the final work, you do not get all the thinking process behind it…


    good god girl…what can i write after that….well, as i told you in the email, the tears came last night, hard…and then i had to run, and then had to get back to reality: to cook for Dima (marina was out)…and so i showed Dima Bones :)))….no matter what Harvey says, that was worth the wait (to see his reaction)…after we had a great 1 hr chat, alone-together, about shit (not about Bones)…i felt happy because he seemed proud and happy…and the last pic in the series is of him with one of my cameras…i will write you later today, ’cause now i dont want to talk any more about Bones…but I want to thank you so much for your tireless love and support and as you know, your portraits and your exoskeleton have been a big part of the inspiration guiding this project…as i wrote here on first page, “what you bring forth from inside…”…you are a friend and a partner in our family’s life and that means a great deal to me and marina…much more than whatever this silly project will accomplish…you’ll get it soon…thank you Patricia so much for your breath-light words :))))

    ERICA: :)))

    yes, that’s it ’cause we dont know what we look like from behind ;))…as for the pic, thanks…the editing…hmmm…yes, similar to what you describe…i tend to shoot 2 ways: waiting to see if anything comes from waiting or a feeling i have for a place or person and then later it makes sense in the edit…most of the time i “know” what will happen with a pic once i shoot (not always of course, ’cause i do lots of experiments with camera, my hands, body, light, etc)…usually the editing part is just about sequencing to tell the right visual story…it’s like editing when i write or compose sentences (not here i mean)…i dont really “discovery” the story of what i want to suggest while editing, actually the opposite…it’s pretty easy for me to let go of images that i dont like (i usually throw away the images that look like “a good technical photograph” cause that’s not why i photograph (but i often makethem to keep the technical juices well oiled)…post-processing, it’s always more about sequence, rather than getting at the story…i always shoot “mindful” inother words, i know why im shooting or what im after..hope is that it will come, or i’ll see what i’d felt about a moment, place, person or light…anyway…i could talk endlessly about this…but i am so so tired…will call tonight, promise…yesterday was intense day for M, so….hugs

    MARC :))

    YES, would be terrific. drop me a line when i get back from NY…i’ll introduce you to Mike Berube and my friend Arantxa Cedillo (Ian Perry award winner and great paella maker :)) )…we’ll have a drink :)))) would be wonderful…

    HERVE: YOU, a loser,…no fucking way. i’ve had many adjectives pass through my skull thinking about you from “brilliant” to “brilliantly funny” to “pain in my ass” ;)), but loser aint one of them. you are a man of energy and ferocious mind and thought and u gotta get that in the world…please read Tosche Last Opium Den…and i totally look forward to what your visual energy brings home to us :))))

    ANNA-MARIE :)))…thanks so much for the wonderful words and support (i’m starting to feel like im at the oscars ;)))…i’ve recovered from the wreckage that was monday, tuesday and wednesday…and now i dont even care if David looks at all at them (he’s busy with his workshop)…the feelings of failure havent left with regard to the images/story but i also feel that it’s good hard work…and that my son things is beautiful (a word not usually in his 14 year old cool vocabulary) gives me comfort…not because i think it’s worth that but because my son sees in it himself and my love for him and the pain and the hope that i feel toward my parents, my childhood and our life now…(christ, that sounds so fucking pretentious ;)) )…i will put the entire series up soon, as soon as David has told me he’s looked…once i know that, i’ll figure out a way to let you guys see all 76….

    CHRIS B: ))…i havent forgotten my promise to write either about OSX…i’ve been thinking about you lately with the storms…and now another motherfucker coming…i gotta get down there and see u…maybe a family trip when i visit charlotte next…

    KELLY: :))…that is how the Black Family always travels….

    YAN: terrific work :))…I wont add anything further because you’ve already got alot of great feedback from all those folks above…the access and closeness is great (this is enough of a great leap), i would only ask you this: what surrounds these men’s lives, other than being lepers…and what about the doctor, his life, …i’m sending these people metta tonight…thanks so much for sharing and jumping on board :)))


    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR EXPRESSIONS OF LOVE AND SUPPORT…I am still incredibly tired from this, but filled with light…will put the entire series up soon (soonest as David would say)…maybe this weekend when David is with his workshop…im just waiting for david to tell me he saw the stuff…i hope in the end it will be worth the wait (i dont know)…one thing is for sure, in that story you will see my own personal skin and bones and heart and shadows….

    now, that’s it for me about Bones…

  • All,
    I made out a will one evening between GIRLS on Paris!!!

    I ventured on the color, THANK YOU Eric for your good advice, but I have some more of job!!
    Kind regards, audrey

  • BOB

    Thanks a lot for your comment, it brings something new in my mind, the doctor, yes I should have worked on that aspect… About their surrounding, more less what you can see in the pictures:
    – attend the ceremony in the morning (around 5am)
    – prepare food
    – receive care
    – relax and smoke
    They also do a little bit of farming for self sufficience, I have very few pictures of this as I’ve only seen it in Feb, in May the weather was too warm to farm, another good point… It was particularly sad to see that they don’t have much to do beside that and sometimes cannot do much because of the terrible wounds that they have, some of them cannot walk anymore and/or can hardly hold something in their hands. Time must seem long for them… I guess that I was kind of an entertainment for some of them, this crazy foreigner, most of them were smiling when I came to them with the camera, except one who didn’t like it, I didn’t bother him… Sometimes before sleep I can still see some gazes, I hope that I will never forget that, not because of any expression of distress but an expression of love/compassion which came out of them… Beside the photography experience, I’ve learned a lot personally… I am looking forward to go back in order to help them a little bit, hoping that they are still all alive…

  • Bob immediately came to mind when I read this poem a few minutes ago. And then I remembered the brave souls who are at this moment entering the blazing furnace of David’s loft workshop. To all who dare to embrace creativity as their lover I dedicate this poem written by my friend Dorothy Walters.


    “The ascent to Joy
    Is itself the transforming
    Of fear into LOVE.”…Marina Gamble

    Are you willing to ascend to this joy?
    It will tear you, rend you,
    shatter your limbs
    and fling them
    into the sky
    like dry sticks of straw
    caught on the wind.

    At times you will think you are drowning,
    tossed in the furious ocean of longing,
    at others,
    that you are scorched
    by unseen fire,
    fires of passion.

    Do you imagine you will
    then remember who you are?
    Why you began this journey”
    Think well
    before you enter this path.

    Consider the price
    of a single kiss.

    Dorothy Walters
    from”A Cloth of Fine Gold”

  • DB

    US — still haven’t seen the UK version.

  • ALL…

    i am going to be crazy busy today….please carry on and i will try to catch up with all comments, links etc tonight or tomorrow…

    your patience during my absences is always appreciated and i hope you know that i will always come back to full attention as soon as possible…

    cheers, peace, david


    good luck with the next workshop!!! GO GET ‘EM, we won’t be going anywhere, we’re the most patient peeps on the planet :))))

    PS i sent you mail, just practical, if you could take a look would be great… sorry… know you’re insanely busy…


  • ALL…
    Just found a ticket..Ok… I will be in NY ..
    Thursday MIDNIGHT.. JFK..
    No accompdations.. No nothing…
    Any help..
    I’m” planning” to sleep in the airport
    until the morning .. or unless someone wakes up…
    310 425 9298
    Or email the iPhone

    ( Anna M J. thank for offering the inflated mattress…
    I already feel better .. I will try NOT to bother you
    but I might call you later.. Thank you again..;-)))

  • PANOS!

    this is from Anna Maria Barry Jester

    We don’t know each other, I saw you briefly at LOOK3, but I don’t think a single word was exchanged. Well, I have plenty of floor space and a blow up mattress. I’m a bus ride away from DAH, and you are more than welcome if it’s too crowded at the Kibbutz. I mean that sincerely.

  • OH, you saw it..just call her, don’t sleep in the airport, it isn’t very fun..

  • DAH

    I was thinking the workshop started on Monday for some reason..hence my call..but it is all sorted out. Wishing you renewed strength and focus and discovery this week..I hope to come to a jam or two, is there a good time? Especially evenings would be good for me this week, if you are too busy to talk, I’ll call Andrew to get the schedule…


    wonderful description..had me smiling pre caffeine, that’s an accomplishment..


    yes, see you at the fiesta!


    Of course your opinion is valuable; I do understand this whole thing of feeling as if you aren’t in a position to comment on someone’s work, but what we / DAH keeps talking about is that often an image works because of feeling, because of the sense of being in it, of being there, of getting it..that’s all very accessible stuff to respond to and comment on..don’t hold back..

  • Off to work but:


    When it’s a dozen posts back, Let’s relink a work when we speak about it. It is not easy to navigate back to other pages and up and dowm.

    Like… Cathy, Chris’s surfing, I will look again and find it I am sure, but just a little copy and paste would really help. I shall do likewise fron now on.

    The NY thingo is tempting. But I really need to save for the upcoming trip. Or maybe Oaxaca?

  • YO YO YO PANOS! :))))))))))))))



    so so happy…will write u in 2 hrs…dima (alas) will not come with us, but, i am so happy that we will finally hug and drink and whatever else may come ;))) (wrestling?) ;)))

    hugs, gotta split!

  • ERICA,
    Thank you for thinking of me..
    I can’t to MEET you in person..

    Man, Ohhh man..
    Yes , wrestling indeed..
    I’m soooooo EXCITED..

    First we take Cville then we take
    MANHATTAN ( or Brooklyn)…
    The roof.. The roof… is on fire…

  • Ahhh…
    They say that the coolest, toughest,
    sexy , educated, rude , fashionable..
    People , no bullshiters , live in NY…
    I’m so happy I’m going to NY for a second
    time in my life.. It was 1996..
    12 years later..
    Kibbutz.. Brooklyn.. DAH… Magnum…
    Bob, Erica, Anna M J.. Mike C…
    And the rest of the crew….
    It’s going to be a FIESTA….
    One thing I promise ALL!!!
    ( I’m bringing a second iPhone with me..
    Just in case…)

  • DAH, ALL

    I’ll be little mysterious…. We Poles are nation of complainers… I know…. but here is damn hard to not complain… uggghhh…. I am tired… anyway…

    I think it’s amazing that this forum is getting to be non-virtual. That many of us are meet each other…
    The world is getting saller…

    yea… it’s friday night now (for some)…
    who wants a drink?
    Ok. I’m out with mojito in one hand and gin in second…
    Let’s fall in Love…
    Let’s fall in Passion…
    peace for all…
    Drinks for all…
    Let’s ours cameras leads us!

    Good night and good luck :)

  • PANOS…

    I hope it was a one way ticket you bought. I KNOW Venice is on the West coast but I can see this trip extending for a while…there may be things for you to DO there…David may keep you busy…who knows…hang loose and keep the coverage coming.

  • panos / bob

    gutted to be missing your very own ‘woman in love’ moment :o)


    enjoyed the series from being 6.. it made me think i must not have grown up.. yes.. that sounds right..
    check this out..

    david MC / office fans

    essential.. dark.. awkward.. utterly watchable car crash..

  • PATRICIA :)))))

    THANKS SO SO MUCH FOR THE GORGEOUS/BEAUTIFUL POEM…it’s magnificent….before everything in my life, there was poetry, and it still tosses me into the air like scattering limbs of hickory…or straw :)))))…love it, so i’ll return the favor: one of my favorite poems, “explaining” creativity…or the reason why we make…it’s a big part of my life…enjoy



    As a child, they could not keep me from wells
    And old pumps with buckets and windlasses.
    I loved the dark drop, the trapped sky, the smells
    Of waterweed, fungus and dank moss.

    One, in a brickyard, with a rotted board top.
    I savoured the rich crash when a bucket
    Plummeted down at the end of a rope.
    So deep you saw no reflection in it.

    A shallow one under a dry stone ditch
    Fructified like any aquarium.
    When you dragged out long roots from the soft mulch
    A white face hovered over the bottom.

    Others had echoes, gave back your own call
    With a clean new music in it. And one
    Was scaresome, for there, out of ferns and tall
    Foxgloves, a rat slapped across my reflection.

    Now, to pry into roots, to finger slime,
    To stare, big-eyed Narcissus, into some spring
    Is beneath all adult dignity. I rhyme
    To see myself, to set the darkness echoing.

    –seamus heaney

  • PANOS :))))


    and cathy is right…you might be in manhattan longer than y’all think…

    DAVID B :)))

    with us in spirit…



    running home….


  • Bob,
    could you please pick up some milk on your way home?

    Thanks love

    Marina x

  • audrey

    naughty, naughty.. what lovely bra..

    kibutz bound all



    just recieved your email.. thanks for the hook up..
    all students are happy for me to show the work.. tiring, encouraging day..
    will make a film a-la-harvey to show.


    best post ever.


    good fun

  • AKAKY: So?

    AKAKY IRL: So what?

    AKAKY: Are we going?

    AKAKY IRL: Are we going where? And what the hell is this we stuff all of a sudden?

    AKAKY: The DAH fiesta at the kibbutz in Brooklyn. Are we going?

    AKAKY IRL: There are no kibbutzes in Brooklyn, guy. That is strictly an Israeli phenomenon. And they don’t have fiestas at kibbutzes no matter where they are.

    AKAKY: Stop being so frigging literal-minded. DAH is having a party at his apartment house in Brooklyn, a place he calls the kibbutz. So having established what we’re talking about, are we going?

    AKAKY IRL: Probably not.

    AKAKY: Why not? I checked Map Quest; 475 Kent Street is 76.2 miles away from where we live. Why can’t we go?

    AKAKY IRL: I don’t like driving in the city.

    AKAKY: You’ve never driven in the city.

    AKAKY IRL: I’ve never choked to death either, but I don’t need to actually do it in order for me to know that this would not be a positive experience.

    AKAKY: You split an infinitive in that last sentence.

    AKAKY IRL: I know. I did it to add some verisimilitude to this conversation.

    AKAKY: Well, so long as you knew you were doing it. I don’t see why we can’t go. If you don’t want to drive, we can always take the train down and then the subway out to Brooklyn.

    AKAKY IRL: Train’s expensive and Brooklyn’s too far away.
    AKAKY: Too far away?! What the hell are you talking about? Panos is coming in from LA, for crying out loud, Kyung-hee just arrived from the other side of the planet, Paola is up from Brazil, and Bob is coming down from Toronto with Marina. All we have to do is travel less than a hundred miles (76.2 miles=122.632013 km, for those of you on the metric system). How is that too far away?

    AKAKY IRL: I hesitate to point this out to you, smart guy, but we are talking about an all day adventure to a place you know nothing about where people we’ve never met will expect me to be you and will, no doubt, be profoundly disappointed that the image of Akaky that they have in their minds does not match the sordid reality. They’ll all be expecting you and they will start thinking that I’m some sort of imposter, like that guy who impersonated Sidney Poitier’s son. You’ll pardon me for saying so, but I refuse to play a supporting role in my own life. Second, from what little I’ve read, DAH likes tossing beer parties on the roof of that kibbutz of his. You don’t drink and I’m afraid of heights, so there’s two good reasons for staying put right here.

    AKAKY: But this could be our Venice Beach!

    AKAKY IRL: No, that’s Panos’ Venice Beach. His Venice Beach is exciting; we’d make it as dull as we are. I’m sorry to tell you this, dude, but some people have quotidian written all over them, and unfortunately, we’re one of those people.

    AKAKY: Rats. You’re just making excuses.

    AKAKY IRL: I’m just looking out for our best interests, guy. Sorry.

    AKAKY: Dammit, we never go anywhere! We never do anything except go to work and come home. Why don’t we live a little and have an adventure?

    AKAKY IRL: Adventures upset my stomach. We’ll always have Paris.

    AKAKY: We’ve never been to Paris.

    AKAKY IRL: Very true. Well, we’ll always have Poughkeepsie.

    AKAKY: That’s hardly the same thing, is it?

    AKAKY IRL: Yeah, there you got me. It ain’t the same thing, not by a long shot.

  • Dear Marina

    I just step by before I switch off my computer, and I just have to say it!
    It’s not only best comment ever!!!
    It’s all ours comments in one!

    we love you…

    we love all Blacks!
    peace for all!!!!

    …… good night

  • AKAKY: You should have said, in any case, we’ll always have Paris. Then that sentence would have made sense.

    AKAKY IRL: I know. I was in a rush.

    AKAKY: So can we go?

    AKAKY IRL: No.

    AKAKY: Damn.

    AKAKY IRL: What? You expected me to change my mind if you asked five minutes later? There’s nothing wrong with my short term memory yet, pal.

    AKAKY: Oh, shut up.

  • Bob,
    could you please pick up some milk on your way home?


    (Lunch over. back to work…)

  • AKAKY…

    Sounds like you’ve made a very convincing argument for going…don’t you think?

    Cmon…you can’t miss this! :))

  • ANNA- Cuban jazz sounds great! My grandfather played saxophone in a Havana hotel band in the 30’s, so I’ve always had a soft spot for it. Are those some of the guys your boyfriend was working with? Jen is a hardcore football fan, so hopefully the band starts after the Jets and or Giants have finished for the day.

    PANOS- Since I said earlier that I might need to take your workshop on being loose, I will pick you up at JFK unless you have already arranged something. Where you’ll end up, however, remains to be determined… Let me know.

  • ANNA- Cuban jazz sounds great! My grandfather played saxophone in a Havana hotel band in the 30’s, so I’ve always had a soft spot for it. Are those some of the guys your boyfriend was working with? Jen is a hardcore football fan, so hopefully the band starts after the Jets and or Giants have finished for the day.

    PANOS- Since I said earlier that I might need to take your workshop on being loose, I will pick you up at JFK unless you have already arranged something. Where you’ll end up, however, remains to be determined… Let me know.


    I sent a package for Kyunghee in David’s name to the Magnum office address on Monday. It may have arrived, or may arrive today or coming Monday…

    인사를 드립니다. 재미 많이 보시고 잘 해 보세요!

  • erica

    A five yearold did that?! It’s great.

  • This one is meant for you Panos….

    Is that more along the lines of what you were trying to convey to me?


    you mean the link David b put up or on my site ? :)

  • ERICA,
    Karim is OUR RYAN..
    ( I heard your voicemail on his phone once..)
    Ryan Is doing lots of fashion.. But in
    a photojournalistic way.. You all gonna see
    Also Ryan ( karim ) is my best friend and
    tech guru..( to give you an idea , I wouldn’t be
    Able to book the flight without him..

    I hope hope hope hope hope…too!
    Thank you for your good words , spirit
    and all the good vibes sending my way..
    even if sometimes I treat people harsh..
    But you already know me.. We are family..
    As for us sleeping together???
    No, I wouldn’t mess with your husband!
    I’m allergic to beating or punching!
    Laughing.. Love you…

    ANDREW S..
    Thank you , thank you , thank you..
    I will send you a private email soon
    ( driving for two more hours )

    ANNA M J.
    Also I will email in a couple of hours..
    Love &
    Hugs for you
    & ALL… Marcin , I’m with you..
    Let our cameras lead the way..
    Ok , I’m on the 215 north now going to find some
    more trouble;-)

  • Panos

    Thermarests for the win, airports or any flat space.

  • Andrew, and anybody else giving Panos a ride–make SURE he knows where he’s going…when he says 12th street, he may actually mean 4th street…:)

  • PANOS…

    You KNOW the question of whether or not I’d be willing to sleep with you was asked by David…not MY idea! Not even sure why it was his.

    I know you guys just like giving me a hard time. :))

    Even my husband is always teasing, joking…and I still fall for it!

  • Cathy;-)
    You remind me of my sister Maria….
    She also falls for any joke.. Ha ha..
    Peace & love…

    Therma what!?

    Chris :-)))
    Brooklyn , Brooklyn , Brooklyn
    Is the destination.. Looking for a Matzo Factory…

  • PANOS-
    I’m an easy subway ride from JFK, but better yet have Andrew pick you up, is there anything better than being picked up at the airport? Midnight, 1am, 2am, no matter. You are most welcome anytime should you decide…!

    Yes, same musicians, in fact you should all check out

    sunday will be a more standard jazz quintet, but he has this unbelievable project…jazz fused with his cuban roots music. Religious, spiritual, call it what you will, but it’s emotional and intense… His father was an unbelievable chekere player…if you can’t make sunday (at 8pm…and you are all invited! Roses: you must come for the cuban/jazz fusion project…

    I can’t stop laughing…

  • Leica and I are just in from some street shooting, and we were stopped and asked,

    ‘does that thing shoot films?’

    I you mean does it shoot film, or do you mean does it shoot movies?


    yep, I say..and then the response is a big

    ‘WOWwwww’, and a ‘I bet someday soon they’ll offer classes in that’

    …all I could say was, I hope so.


    just got this published on the web from my travels last week.

    Love to all , soon G

  • Erica:
    “‘WOWwwww’, and a ‘I bet someday soon they’ll offer classes in that’

    …all I could say was, I hope so. ”

    TOO funny.

    Sent you email on the 5D question….

  • ERICA…


    I’m a huge Lost fan too. We have to wait a while. Not a big Office fan but I love Ricky Gervais. Loved him in Extras.

    As far as the value of my opinion… It is easier to “respond emotionally” to the work of others. I respond emotionally to my own work but the emotions are complicated by my feelings for the subject, etc. Also much easier editing for others.

    Yes, the password did work eventually. My computer would not let me type anything in there…strange. I loved the naive quality that came thru. Cool that you gave yourself this assignment and succeded in it.

    You have a big job coming up at the next DAH Fiesta. How on earth you’re going to take notes and party with Panos, Bob et al I don’t know but if anyone can do it, you can! :) We’re counting on you.

  • karim

    the photo i posted was shot by a 5 year old – not erica..

    i was working at a nursery and gave one of the keen children a film camera.

    it’s genius, isn’t it?
    and here we are all depending upon collage.. competitions.. complicated meanings and the like.

    just shoot.. it’s just photos.. and fun.. and recognising what looks good.. and snapping away.


    great.. very well done for that.

  • akaky

    you schizophrenic posts have immediately become my favorite.. however..


    with love.

  • just watched ‘bury my heart at wounded knee’..

    i had read about the ethnic cleansing of the u.s. in-depth a long while ago.. seeing a film which went half way to telling a truthful history, without the aid of kevin and dancing wolves, was provocative in the extreme..

    it’s made me think..
    there is only ever one war.. with many weapons..
    change the great western railroad for an oil or gas pipeline.. the reservation lands for the boarders imposed by the british.. and the reservation ‘agents’ for the puppet masters imposed in the middle east..

    colonialism.. greed.. theft.. murder.. fundamentalists.. christian or otherwise.

    highly recommend the film.. it was great.

  • Ah, the irony…from now on, people WILL be asking if a camera shoots “films”, and by that they will mean, does it shoot HD video…
    I can’t wait to get one surgically implanted into my eye…talk about stealth, forget Leicas:)

  • ERICA:

    just walked in 10:20, family biz, and im pooped…friday night (as Glenn can tell y’all) is our Date night…took a 2 hr walk…swallow some stars and sift through the woods of our neighborhoods as a relentless raccoon sauntered by…tomorrow, promise…gotta do family first…i know u understand :)))…hugs


    GOD DAMN IS THAT MAGNIFICENT…AND HEART-RICH…i absolutely love love the song (i mean the song of your photographs, the song of their voices in the light, the song of the back spine of that beautiful ochre belly’d land and the face-lit teeth of that emeral blood-sea….a simply magnificent story…cant say enough about the volley between the sky shots and the face….the earth, their land, a large gorgeous body and their faces, the earth….such a magnificent piece….broken-hearted watching…a songline…i see the songline along the collar and capula and wing of that land….what a magnificent treat to get that tonight….bigs hugs….

    DAD(AKAKY): WELL, i always knew you were schizo (why else to ditch your 2 beautiful children, more?)…hoping either hyde-akaky or jekell-akaky makes an appearance next week….


    well, as i’ve told you long long ago (man y a post), Mrs. Black is infinitely wiser and more brilliant than i….and, well, i didnt see the post to pick up milk, but got some butter chicken and fish tika…


    AGAIN, my heart is a-hum….spasibo (thanks) mate…

    slouffing to bed…


  • GLENN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Beautiful- Awesome…

    When you understand it from the air, you really understand it…

    Just been at a rally Lex Wotton was there, gorgeous looking fulla, met him in Canberra…

    Will post the photo Jamie took of me at Sexy World Mega Store on LS… (hehehehe…)

    David Bowen there is much to fight for here and everywhere, just in Oz we have a really good chance to get it right if we listen carefully enough…

    Bolting out the door to catch up with Tamara right now…


    The Songlines, yes you can see them now can’t you?

  • AKAKY’S ALTER EGO: Hey man, you’re worried about driving 76 miles? Did you forget, or maybe you didn’t know, that Patricia-of-the-mobility scooter drove 1300 miles BY HERSELF to take Mary Ellen Mark’s workshop in Woodstock, NY and then drove down to a motel in Ridgefield, NJ so she could spend a couple days in Big Bad NYC. So how do you square that with your reluctance to drive a mere 76 miles to Brooklyn for DAH’s slideshow/fiesta/blog reunion?

    AKAKY: So now you’re bringing in the heavy artillery. Do you think you can shame me into going?

    AKAKY’S ALTER EGO: You bet your sweet patootie I’m trying to shame you into going! Do you have any idea how many people from around the world–and this country–would give their right arm to be at David’s on October 3rd? Patricia for one. So, will you please reconsider?

    AKAKY: I’ll sleep on it.


    That’s great! :)) You certainly won that debate.
    I was so excited…thinking Akaky actually wrote that.
    You fooled me you imitated him so well :))
    Maybe he will get the message and get off his you-know-what and GO.

    Did you watch our buddy Barack tonight?


    I was at a fabulous live concert by a band from St. Petersburg, Russia so missed most of the debate, but what little I saw made it REAL clear–his name is PRESIDENT OBAMA and there’s no question in my mind who’s gonna win this election. I have no doubts at all. That man defines the word “presidential.”


  • BIG SIS PAT!!!!

    Damn straight about DADAKAKY!!!!

    And I love the word PATOOTIE! (Its an ‘only in America number’ love it, love it!!!)


    Tamara’s show is just classic American Photojournalism… Brilliant!

    I am encouraging her to take it to Perp with one of the other Oz photographers…

    HMMM…you guys are apparantly just like you are online but only more and Marina is really beautiful!!!!

    God damn!

    PANOS and BOB make DADAKAKY go to DAH’s as well OK!!!

    Quotidian is fucking cool… please come to the kibbutz for the fiesta… if you cod, it would be fin…

  • SIZTA LISA :))))…looking now, will write you today about Beautiful Music :))))…im happy Sister Tamara was there to say that, yea, marina and i are the same in real life as on the blog (though i dont talk in long-winded, pompous sentences as i often write here ;) )…and while yes,, she’s incredibly beautiful, she is MORE IMPORTANTLY AN INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING! :)))))))…hope to see u soon(est)! :)))))…and i see that spine-songline in Glenn’s story…god damn, i see that song! :)))))


    just fricking share the load: 1 to drive, the other to show up…:)))




    Noice wuuhk, mate… Love the plaintive song in the native tongue, and the juxtaposition of the aerials with the portraits drives home the message of identifiaction with the land and water. The portraits in particular are stunning… as good as any of yours I’ve seen so far, a few even better…

    Now I’m wondering… how far can you take this? By itself, it’s an eloquent statement and maybe sufficient for that purpose… but I can imagine this as the kernel of a longer piece of work, the beginning sketch for a larger painting… waddaya think?

    Thanks for the show… good onya!



  • The best music notes ever for all

    for good start of excellent day…

  • AKAKY IRL: Did you just say patootie?

    AKAKY: Say what?

    AKAKY IRL: Did you just say patootie?

    AKAKY: No. I don’t even know what a patootie is.

    AKAKY IRL: Because I’m looking at this DAH blog you’re always talking about and it’s got you saying that we should get off our sweet patootie and go to the kibbutz next month.

    AKAKY: It does? Let me read that…[there will be a short intermission during which the management will serve light refreshments. The management requests that readers not dance during this break as the floor is under several feet of water due to our striking an iceberg. Thank you for your cooperation]… I didn’t say that, Patricia said that. And she’s right, too.

    AKAKY IRL: It sounds an awful lot like you, bubba. And like hell she’s right.

    AKAKY: She’s in a wheelchair and drove 1300 miles from Michigan to Woodstock to attend a class and you won’t even drive 76 miles to the city. You wouldn’t even drive over to Woodstock to meet her and that’s in the area!

    AKAKY IRL: She drove 1300 miles from Michigan in a wheelchair?

    AKAKY: No, she drove a car or SUV or something. You can’t drive all the way from Michigan to New York in a wheelchair.

    AKAKY IRL: Well, that’s not really all that impressive then, is it? Thousands of people drive from Michigan to New York every day of the year. Now, on the other hand, Sacajawea, she walked, walked, mind you, while Lewis and Clark rowed and paddled and used pogo sticks, all the way from Kansas to Washington State with a baby in her arms and all she got for her troubles was that lousy dollar. That’s impressive, guy, no two ways about it.

    AKAKY: But thousands of people would give their right arms to go to this thing!

    AKAKY IRL: What other people do with their right arms is not my problem. And can’t you read? That place will be a nest of Democrats.

    AKAKY: What the hell are you talking about?

    AKAKY IRL: I’m talking about going into the lion’s den, stupid. Five will get you ten that every person at that party will be voting for Obama in November. Every single one of them, without exception. And who will you be voting for in November?

    AKAKY: Oh…I see your point.

    AKAKY IRL: And the Obamaniacs are training people to get in the faces of people like us. You go down there to meet people you share an interest in photography with and they’ll spend the evening trying to brainwash you. Democrats is sly and tricky critters, guy, and it’s always best to stay away from them if you can.

    AKAKY: I suppose so. What is a sweet patootie, anyway?

    AKAKY IRL: I think it’s some kind of Central American root vegetable.



  • Akaky…
    cant wait to meet you on the fiesta….

    ….. David McG…
    im helping a friend to do a garage sale today…
    wish you were here… to photograph this….
    We ( they are selling “everything”… even baby toys… )
    its sad but … then again… maybe not…. cash is cash…
    recession is recession..
    ahhhhh… pain is pain…

    bob ,
    i will reunite with my laptop tomorrow night….


  • Oh my gawd, I think I’m going to wet myself!!! Akaky, you need to put a LOL warning before you post again. PLEASE…

    Patricia aka “Sweet Patootie” (don’t forget the “sweet”)


    Well, since David has disappeared into the waiting arms of Kyung-Hee, Paolo, Doug (i guy i know from ONtario who is taking the workshop this week) and all the others who are now working hard and mad-dashing around his loft and around the 5 boroughs, i guess i wont hear about bones until i see him in person….as usual, my timing wasn’t good, but that’s all cool with me…impermanence, impermanence, impermanence is our mantra, so, it’s all fine…ok, so i will share Bones with all of you…probably after Sunday…i just gotta figure how where to house the pics, since a couple of folks have kindly and generously offered to post…but, u’ll get to see them after sunday…so, the DREAM LAST NIGHT:

    i dreamed that David had written me an email and said that he was moving his entire Workshop to California (the reasons in the email for there were very complicated, so i’ll pass on describing them now), and that he was sorry that he hadn’t written me a critque or looked at the pictures but that I should understand that he had to move the Workshop to California. I was at first crestfallen and then thought: ok, no fiesta, no trip to NY, so I decided to leave to visit california (where i’d lived for years in the mid-90’s), what followed was long and gorgeous walk through a strange sea-side town (first following an asian woman, and then finding my wife who was shooting some strange looking men, and then meeting and talking briefly to Panos who had like 30 cameras which were swinging like medusa’s hair and saying boba boba boba you made it…walking through this weird town, i ended up in a broken down motel (the kind you find along rte 66 or found in a Jim thompson novel, and there i opened a laptop and read David’s entire email:

    he said (after the apology about taking the workshop to California), that bones was not good. that the mark of a good story/good photography was first the photographer had to accomplish 4 things: 1) originality, 2) break the tradition/re-define the tradition in at least 1 of 4 other areas of photographer (a)fashion, b) art c) documentary, d) conceptional), and that my work didn’t accomplish this, because it only spoke to itself. Also, he felt the use of the images just not strong enough and too clausterphobic, too many faces, not enough context, not enough “room to let viewers into the country of your pictures..”…and then at the end of the letter (there was more), the final summation:

    “good try but you have much to do to learn, especially with those snapshots. love, see you next year,”…and attached to the email were a row of snaps of my mother, snaps that i “understood” that someone (not me) had taken of my mom, when she was young, when i was young, i didnt know who took them me, my dad, a friend and i didnt understand how David got them, why were they compared to Bones, but also, i realized from the snaps what i had to do to expand bone…”…the dream continued, like a pulp novel, sadness in this decrepit and diseased motel room (neon red and pickle-green lights burst against the shadows of the wall)…and then i walked into the rain, of course (fucking cliches everywhere in this deam) and it was night and i didnt know where to go but i heard the crest of the surf somewhere in the distance…and i awoke, sad…

    immediately this morning, i added 2 more of the pics that i had taken out for David’s edit: 2 pictures…both pin-hole…one of the ROM (museum of the dinosaurs): a sister image to the photograph that opens the series, only less abstract, more “recognizable” and another pinhole photo that is entirely abstract…a shot of the Toronto skyline…context…

    ok, today shopping (not for milk) for marina, and while i was running this morning i kept thinking of this dream….and trying to find the truth in it….much of what the mysterious email writing “David” in the dream was articulating what i probably feel about the work….76 (now 78) pictures…need more distance, more contextual shots, more mid and far distance images (i removed lots of them during the editing process because i didnt thing they were original or intresting as photographs….

    ok,…now, i have to go…off for time with Dima and Marina….

    bones coming for all you after this weekend…


  • Cool – might have my own sale soon.

  • Just off for aminute from work.

    Wow, Bob, I had a crazy dream too, with David who stood you off too (!!!) and D’ Agata and Mom, and a tricycle…. I can confirm that David did not like BONES (ahahah, that last part is not true!!!)

    Marcin, all, BOB, PATRICIA who are not afraid to cry, listen to this incredibly mournful song, it’s from Gluck, I have it by Wilhlem Kempff the great pianist, but on youtube, this guy did a pretty good job. Please, listen all, so beautiful…

    Back to work….

  • HERVE :))))))

    god damn is that beautiful! :)))))))…looking now to find a mp3 to download…merci merci beaucoup notre sage :)))))….

    and damn, u, d’agata, mom, tricycle…the funny thing that sounds like one of his brothel pics (minus mom of course )…..

    and it’s cool if David doesn’t like Bones, gotta a greenlight from Dima :)))))…

    will share the whole thing with everyone on Monday, when i work out how to get it up with the generous person supplying the webpage…

    running to toronto islands for family trip…

  • AKAKY…

    You mean republicans take photos too? :))

    I really do not think the fiesta is about politics. It’s about PHOTOGRAPHY…which you seem to have an interest in.

  • CATHY, of course Republicans take pictures! Who do you think is buying all those Leica M8’s? Oh, maybe Panos and the occasional other nonGOP type can get their hands on one, but my guess is that most of the Masters of the Universe who can actually afford the thing are at least vaguely Republican in their sentiments. And now, a musical interlude:

  • AKAKY…

    Since that was one of the more serious comments I’ve read from you (aside from the Groucho bit…brilliant)

    I HOPE you know I was joking :)))

  • BOB B

    First of all I am in awe of the details you remember from your dream! Is that the norm for you? I mean even remembering the exact words of the email David sent you? Amazing!

    Secondly, I am in awe of the richness of your inner landscape and the people you find there. It is said that each person we meet in our dreams is a portion of ourselves, as is everything that we see, hear, say and feel in that so-called dreamworld. What I see in this dream is the depth of your perceptions, thoughts and feelings.

    As to the story that your dream told, it fits with everything you have shared about your doubts about this project now that it is completed. As David said, your feelings are ones shared by many persons who have put their heart and soul into a work of art. When it is done, it is next to impossible to view it objectively, in fact, it often feels like a total failure. As DAH said, you’re probably just tired of these photos and words you have been examining for weeks now. Time will be the true test…as is your son Dima’s response. Since this work is in large part for and about him, it means more to have a positive feedback from Dima than from DAH or anyone else.

    Speaking of David, I know he’s up to his eyebrows in facilitating Loft Workshop #2, but I sure hope enough time will open up during the week for him to review Bones and offer you an online critique. We are all waiting with anticipation to see the project ourselves. Hope you will be able to post it early this week.


    Thank you for a PERFECT few minutes! Whenever I hear a piano played with such bell-like clarity it makes my heart dance.


  • MARCIN, not really a divided soul; it’s more of a split persona. AKAKY is the person you people know here; AKAKY IRL (in real life) is the mindset that creates the persona, and then there’s me in my everyday existence. In some ways, it’s like an actress who refuses to do nude scenes. No matter how much in character the actress is, when she gets down to the buff, it’s not the character who’s naked, it’s the actress. What was fiction a moment before has become documentary. I like my mask and I would prefer to keep it on; I would like to preserve the image of Akaky all of you have in your mind’s eye. If nothing else, your mental image of Akaky is probably thinner than I am.

  • AKAKY: Wow, that was deep.

    AKAKY IRL: I’m getting profound in my old age.

    AKAKY: I thought it was gas.

    AKAKY IRL: Could be. Stranger things have happened.


    this is just a quick hello and goodnight…i just have no free time to be here with another workshop just started etc….this could be the last workshop i do here in my New York space for any number of reasons…in any case, and you know me by now, i will put everything i have into this i do in everything i do connected with my work…everything else is a disaster, but whatever i do regarding photography, i am all in…whether it is my own work or my mentoring of others…two different “bodies of work” but both equally important and both with an equal piece of the “whole”

    so, allow me please this brief break with our forum so that i may focus on your colleagues who are here in my home…by the way, everyone in my home right now is a reader of this forum…most silent non writers, but they know all of you who write and can recite me various incidents, paragraphs, and all kinds of things from right here…

    point is, we are all having an impact on each other..yes, yes , the power of the net etc etc etc…well, by fate, or whatever, our online community has turned into reality so many times, from my first meeting with Rafal in Seoul to hanging with Patricia in Detroit…and a whole bunch of stuff going on in know who you are…you remember the good times and the truly sweet reality of what it feels like to know someone before you meet them and then take off on another whole new side of the friendship..and, you must admit, it has turned into real friendships…i am sure we all agree that our beleaguered world can use every drop of good spirit we can squeeze into it..but all any of us can do is just make your immediate environment as good a place as you can make it…setting up good vibes within a 20 foot imaginary space around you..take good care of our space here…make whoever is right next to you laugh..

    this weekend upcoming will be another one of our “family reunions”….i hope there will be many more….

    cheers, peace, hugs, david

  • Marcin, I hope we meet in Thailand. I can assure you that if you say Rachmaninoff while in thailand, that’ll be the only time that name is uttered in the whole country that day and (can safely add Burma and Cambodia). Depaysement total! ;-)

    Bob, Marcin just sent us some Zubin (metha), ahahaha……..

    OK, my dream, I misposke with tricyle this morning but oye, oye, oye:

    I am at home with Mom in Antony, south of Paris, I am about to go to the big city, as the phone rings and Mom calls me out: “Herve, it’s David!”. On the other end, David says little, but asks me if I have seen Antoine (D’ Agata). Really strange, I think, that he’d ask that to me, after he scolded me on the blog for not knowing the guy, and so, I answer jokingly : “Gee, you did not ask me to trail him”, thinking actually “how in the hell would I have “seen” D’ Agata, I met the guy once?

    fast forward (it takes 1/10th in a dream), on my way in Paris I find myself in the street of the Magnum agency, and some people working for the agency are on the sidewalk (maybe a cigarette break) watching something. It’s not something, it’s D’ Agata, who is riding a scooter like Patricia’s, having the time of his life, roaming around the street and apparently shooting too.

    Every once in a while, he rides right in front of us, throws a big smile and a hand waving, like a kid or a clown in a circus ring. And BTW, D’ Agata looks actually like Edouard Boubat in my dream (I just know it’s D’ Agata).

    The people having a break talk aloud “how does he take pictures and ride at the same time!?”. I reply “especially the type of pictures he takes!”, but they barely pay attention to me, more like “who’s that guy?” (french are cliquish). Eventually, I try to mark myself telling them David just called me earlier from New York, they still look blank at me, and I walk towards the agency. Inside the lobby, a guy comes the opposite way, towards me and it’s…David!

    I am wondering “but…wait…how come…” but David upon seeing me throws the kind of smile that tells me he pulled a joke on me for the fun of it. (The joke is the stupid NY call from Paris, the D’ Agata episode is a subconscious palimpsest)

    I know in my dream, the wonderment is also that he was supposed to really be in NY, welcoming Bob and wife, and la fiesta, but there is no resolution to that, Bob, I have no idea why David is in Paris, the dream was over.

  • make whoever is right next to you laugh..

    David was posting when I was writing and well, I hope I just did the above with my dream recollection. I believe we are closer than the distances seaparating us!

  • herve my man…

    you certainly made me laugh :)))))))))

    especially since i met you and david and antoine at magnum in paris :)))))) i could just picture the whole thing in my mind’s eye…


  • i had no idea there were so many classical music heads here..
    KEEP THEM COMING>>> fantastic
    ”Why waste money on psychotherapy when you can listen to the B Minor Mass?”
    – Michael Torke


  • Akaky, I had a sweet patootie once but now I’m told it has cellulite. Thanks for sharing your world ……. worlds.

    Mike R.

  • Oh yes, Akaky! The Leica M8 – is it any good?

    Mike R.

  • BOB,

    Thank you for the St. Thomas thing. It is so true…

  • ‘Hot patootie, bless my soul
    I really love that Rock and Roll
    Hot patootie, bless my soul
    I really love that Rock and Roll
    Hot patootie, bless my soul
    I really love that Rock and Roll’

    frank n. furter

  • BOB
    (if i had the money) i would love to invite you, and family, over to Lisbon and give you a gift for your hard work (and dreaming) with bones… so you could attend, tomorrow sep. 29 at the 50th anniversary of Cinemateca Portuguesa (Portuguese Film Archive and Film Museum), the screening of three movies selected by portuguese director Pedro Costa, “Billie Holiday Sings Fine and Mellow” (1957), “So Dark the Night” (1946), by Joseph H. Lewis and “The Exiles” (1961), by Kent MacKenzie, or a month later, oct. 29, you could spend an evening with António Lobo Antunes and his readers at Oeiras public library, talking about his new book “O Arquipélago da Insónia”, not yet in English, i think… for the time being you may want to check the previous “What Can I Do When Everything’s On Fire?”
    what would you choose – the movies or the book?
    or do you think the Nobel will postpone Lobo Antunes session?

    for a taste of Portugal (not everything is fado) and if you are in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles or London, perhaps you can (get loose) go see/hear/dance Buraka Som Sistema, a (kuduro) band from Lisbon and their debut album “Black Diamond”, live concerts oct. 2 at Santos Party House (NY), oct. 3 at Elbo Room (SF), oct. 4 at Detour Festival (LA) and oct. 21/22 in London.

    and i’m sorry for returning off topic (with film, literature and music…), but that’s what friends are for…
    um forte abraço para todos,
    carlos filipe

  • SIDNEY BOB Lisa – Dear Aunt Adelaide , I checked your post on the link I sent over and have been thinking hard about the points you made , The whole thing came together on the fly and on it’s own is OK , Nothing major , the result of sopme last minute frustrations and a desire to strip things down ( literaly using my black t-shirt as a back ground ) to see things as they are and not to introduce or fall back on my press photographer bag of tricks , using self depreciation and humour while stripping down and using my t shirt as a back ground to concentrate on faces , words and where they can lead you ,and the advantage of some free air time ,
    SIDNEY- Thanks for your thoughts ,You’ve definitely got me thinking , This particular shoot has turned me around my approach the the Lands and I’m wrapped that those whose opinions I value were so positive – more thought ,more ways to skin this cat.
    BOB – can you pick up a packet of Iced Vo Vo’s on your way home?
    LISA – I can’t drive past Darwin Sexy World Mega Store without thinking of Ya Love!
    AKAKY – We just drove a 400km round trip for lunch with friends and to take the kids for a swim in a crocodile free environment, surley you can ” Pull Yer Finger Out ” and make the What? 79 miles ?

  • DAH, I know that you are busy but please check out Joe Wigfall on YouTube and get him in one of your workshops! I’m sure that many of this community can relate to Joe.

    Thanks, good light,

    Mike R.

  • HERVE…

    you had me laughing out loud….next time we are both in Paris, we will take d’Agata for a beer or two (or five in his case!)…please stop have nightmares…


    please know i have not forgotten you…just as i was ready to open your link, Kyunghee and Paola showed up at my front door and that started a chain of events which did not lead to my computer…

    and i know that you know why i just cannot look at Bones right two days yes, now no…

    rest assured i will see Bones before your arrival on friday…are you sure you can’t get here a day before??? you will be arriving when i am in my most, shall we say, “intense mode”…but, maybe that is just right…in any case, our long awaited meeting is upon us…..

    safe travels, peace, david


    Can you please repost the link to your pics that everyone’s talking about? Thanks.


    Your message about everything but your photography being, in your words, “a disaster” and your saying this could be your last loft workshop has me wondering if you are OK. Sure hope so. Sending good energy your way. Please know I’ll be with you all in spirit on Oct. 3. Wish I could be there in person…


    Love your dream!!! D’Agata could do worse than to take his pics from a scooter like mine. She’s a great assistant!


  • PATRICIA :)))))))))

    well, i guess i remember my dreams, and yes usually remember the details of them pretty well, always have since childhood for whatever reason, about 4 days a week…Marina has the same…and her details and intensity are even crazier…my dreams are not always so “literal of the present”, but i guess it was on my mind ;)))…and now worries, i’ll show bones (maybe today if i figure something out…and thanks again for the support…we’ll see my dear what dreams are made of, we’ll see…:)))))))

    HERVE ! :))))))))))))))))))

    GOD-DAMNED, THAT WAS HILARIOUS! :)))))…i think Patricia should start marketing her skooter as another “tool” for the “creative” photographer ;))))…i can just see Patricia and D’Agata goin’ to town in some god-lost run-down neighboorhood of Detroit or Marseilles shooting from the hip and blowing by folk :)))))))))….i love it :)))…more dreams please :))))

    GLENN: :))))….got those Vo-Vo’s coming :))))…love love that story so much….

    CARLOS :)))))))

    I WILL TAKE LOBO ANTUNES :)))))))…just ordered “What Can I Do When Everything’s On Fire?” it was just published here…and this week he spoke/read in NY…i was so fucking bummed that i missed him by 1 week :(((…im praying he gets invited to Toronto for the October Festival of Authors…maybe :)))))))….fingers-crossed :)))))))…and i dont know what the damn NObel committee has been waiting for…i know Portugal is small and they already gave one prize to Saramago…but….enough already….Antunes is one of my heros ;))))))))))))))…and i ever get more money i’ll come visit u…Portugal holds a very special place in my heart and my wife’s heart :))))))))))


  • PATRICIA :)))))))))

    well, i guess i remember my dreams, and yes usually remember the details of them pretty well, always have since childhood for whatever reason, about 4 days a week…Marina has the same…and her details and intensity are even crazier…my dreams are not always so “literal of the present”, but i guess it was on my mind ;)))…and now worries, i’ll show bones (maybe today if i figure something out…and thanks again for the support…we’ll see my dear what dreams are made of, we’ll see…:)))))))

    HERVE ! :))))))))))))))))))

    GOD-DAMNED, THAT WAS HILARIOUS! :)))))…i think Patricia should start marketing her skooter as another “tool” for the “creative” photographer ;))))…i can just see Patricia and D’Agata goin’ to town in some god-lost run-down neighboorhood of Detroit or Marseilles shooting from the hip and blowing by folk :)))))))))….i love it :)))…more dreams please :))))

    GLENN: :))))….got those Vo-Vo’s coming :))))…love love that story so much….

    CARLOS :)))))))

    I WILL TAKE LOBO ANTUNES :)))))))…just ordered “What Can I Do When Everything’s On Fire?” it was just published here…and this week he spoke/read in NY…i was so fucking bummed that i missed him by 1 week :(((…im praying he gets invited to Toronto for the October Festival of Authors…maybe :)))))))….fingers-crossed :)))))))…and i dont know what the damn NObel committee has been waiting for…i know Portugal is small and they already gave one prize to Saramago…but….enough already….Antunes is one of my heros ;))))))))))))))…and i ever get more money i’ll come visit u…Portugal holds a very special place in my heart and my wife’s heart :))))))))))


  • Hello to Everyone!!!

    Hey guys, my name is Alexander Chesham and I am new to this forum :)

    A little bit about myself. I`m a student of Mr. Bowen, been photographing for 2-3 years now. Before photography i didn`t really know what i wanted to do with my life. I have alot of degrees. Got my electrical degree in school, did mercenary stuff in Afghanistan for the Norwegian army, and after that I did construction gardening. Went on another path and went straight on to photography. Realizing that it truly was my biggest passion in life.


    We had a school assignment, shooting 10 pictures and putting it into a series, without text to show that we can tell a story throughout the series.
    At first I wanted to do a style simmilar to Martin Parr, but then at class, David was kind enough to show some of your work. Straight away I was really inspired. Ended up changing my entrie idea to photograph my mom. So I would like to thank both of you, thanks alot :)

    here is the link to my series –

    I will continue to do this until the end of this year, and hopefully I will have a exhibition in february- march.

    Please feel free to slaughter my pictures, I have a really strong mind and I`m all about improving my work as much as it`s possible.



  • howdy alex..

    good one..
    we must get your afghanistan ‘war-scapes’ organized and show them here..

  • oh yeah – and read back as many of the blogs as possible alex.. try to get a feel for whats going on here through davids blog posts..


    I’ll be there on Friday! Yes, you heard me right…I’M COMING TO THE FIESTA!!!! And don’t worry about my getting my scooter up the steps in front of the kibbutz–I’ve got two portable ramps that should do the job. Sure hope the elevator is working ;=)

    My best friend Pat Kolon and I will be driving from Detroit on Thursday, arriving that night. We’ll be staying 3 nights (Th, F, S) at the Nu Hotel at 85 Smith Ave. in downtown Brooklyn, then will drive over to David’s for the Fiesta and/or any other time/place you bloggers will be gathering. We’ll drive back home leaving early Sunday morning.

    Let’s share phone numbers so we can contact one another while we’re there. My cell phone # is 313-410-0454.

    I want to thank AKAKY & AKAKY IRL for getting me off my duff and trying to figure out some way to make this happen. If I was going to get on his case for not going, why wasn’t I going myself??? Sure it’s 1300 miles, but what’s that when you can meet up with friends and see great photography at the same time!

    I am SO PSYCHED!!!


  • Alex,
    Thank you very much for the sharing. David Bowen had spoken to me about your mom loneliness and depression. I find your work is great, it is necessary to continue him(it). Thanks to you…
    Kind regards, audrey

  • patricia – i’m dead jealous..
    drink one for me..
    i really hope these are not your last loft workshops, DAH..
    if you’re living in a shed next year – please have shed workshops..

    also – advise of any events you’re hosting in europe next year.
    hopw all is well.

  • wow patricia

    GO GET ‘EM GIRL !!!!!!
    great great great news…


  • ALEX

    I just now read the entries posted here this morning and am delighted to welcome you to our blog community! I can already tell you are have lots to teach us.

    Your series on your Mom is strong. There is a mood you’ve set, both by the use of b&w and by the photos you’ve chosen to take. I see/feel a woman who has had a hard life but doesn’t give up, a woman with tremendous determination.

    I encourage you to continue this project and, as you do, to find NEW ways of seeing. When I say that, I mean to twist your perspective, come at things from the side, below or above (as you did in #7). Start finding more subjects that are not specifically your Mom but of material things or settings that tell something of who she is, for example her mussed up bed or the top of her dresser, etc. Try showing only PARTS of her instead of always showing her full face or figure.

    These suggestions come from things I’ve been trying to do in my own work. But, Alex, you have YOUR OWN way of seeing and that is what already shows in this series. Go deep, get close, take risks. You are REALLY onto something here! I look forward to seeing where you go with it now…

    And I am incredibly honored that my work would have in even a small way inspired you to start this series of photos. Thank you.


  • AKAKY: See, Patricia’s going.

    AKAKY IRL: Are you still going on about this?

    AKAKY: Yes, I am. I want to go. Glenn says we should pull our finger out and get on with it. Patricia’s going, Bob’s going, everyone is going except us.

    AKAKY IRL: We have a day job, remember?

    AKAKY: And how much vacation time do you have?

    AKAKY IRL: I dont remember.

    AKAKY: When was the last time we went on vacation anywhere?

    AKAKY IRL: May.

    AKAKY: Of?

    AKAKY IRL: [mumbles]

    AKAKY: I can’t hear you.

    AKAKY IRL: May of last year.

    AKAKY: And how much vacation time did you forfeit because you didnt use it?

    AKAKY IRL: I forget.

    AKAKY: About a month’s worth, right?

    AKAKY IRL: Yeah, I think so.

    AKAKY: I know so. So why can’t we go to this?

    AKAKY IRL: Let me ask you something.

    AKAKY: Sure, fire away.

    AKAKY IRL: Did you book this guilt trip on line or did you call a travel agent?

    AKAKY: You’re avoiding the issue.

    AKAKY IRL: And I mean to keep on avoiding it, too, bubba.

  • I am SO PSYCHED!!!


    Posted by: Patricia Lay-Dorsey | September 28, 2008 at 11:30 AM

    Patricia… we need to stop this…
    we are making the rest of the blog jealous…

  • But, Panos, I’ve been green-eyed with jealousy myself for a LONG time now…first when you folks met in Charlottesville, then when so many bloggers met in Perpignan, and finally just last week when the 1st Fiesta was held. It isn’t as if I’m not putting forth a bit of effort and $$ to make this happen. Can’t I PLEASE celebrate just a little???


  • That was said with a BIG smile ;=)


  • no smiling…

    please move along..
    nothing to see here..


  • Oh sorry. I forgot this is a VERY SERIOUS blog. No more smiles. I promise :=[


  • reading this all… now I’VE got the biggest smile


    go get ’em gramma…


  • Hi… It was a great pleasure to meet some of you, including David, at Look 3 & The Festival of the Photograph.

    It was recommended by David that I start to look at what other photographers are doing so I decided to start here. I have looked at all portfolios posted in student work and many links posted in the day to day. I am inspired by MANY great images I have seen in your portfolios, the words of encouragement and the camaraderie that flows back and forth. Through the blog smog, what I find here is a generous group of individuals coming together for the common good of all to see. Something truly special is here bringing peeps from around the world together to discuss photography, their work, hopes, fears and even dreams…. a joy to find in the vast regions of cyberspace …. something I just don’t have living in the mountains of Oregon……what I find here is truly, a community…..

    I am grateful for the links and suggestions to follow for further knowledge… my nature is communal and not competitive, so when I see the images that make an impact I think “Wow” and I am happy someone has created that image but at the same time I feel sick to my stomach feeling that I am just not good enough….I know I can take that 2 ways, put my head under the covers or just go out and try harder…

    What I am touched by most is the generosity and good nature of David to selflessly give advice and a nudge of encouragement. Never have I met someone with such tenacity, commitment and love for the continuation and sharing of passion and knowledge. A catalyst for others to become inspired and create a forum to share their love for photography for life and for each other. It is with deep sincerity that I say thank you to D.

    Your conversations have prompted me to question my basic assumptions about life, about photography and my particular path ahead. I’m just trying to allow myself to feel comfortable without knowing exactly what to do next. So I humbly offer my photographs for critique and with an unfamiliar feeling of apprehension I put my work forward to anyone who cares to look and yes, brutally critique! It is the only way I can move forward. If you care to, please look mostly at recent imagery and my eventual & recent book project on Hot Springs.

    Originally I thought I would document environmental issues and started my career doing so…Then I got married, helped raise 2 great stepkids & took ample time to travel around the world making pretty pixx but never showing them to anyone. This year I felt the need both emotionally and financially to take my photography to a deeper level, put together a portfolio and brought it to Fotofest in March. Granted it was a venue for fine art photography & my work was straight nature, the responses were mostly the same… great composition, color, light…seen it before…Cliché….ouch!

    Knowing I needed to change & never wanted to shoot stock I looked for something different and that’s what led me out of my comfort zone and into David’s Look 3 photo essay class. Wanting to muster up enough courage to photograph people as in his work it seems effortless. Well, no peeps shot in VA…. cemeteries, which I happen to have a fondness for… at least pushing myself to photograph in a completely different way.

    Something fundamentally changed for me this year & after working with D. I’m still not sure what that is, but D’s disapproving look is the one in my head every time I want to shy away from making photos with peeps & I push myself to do it. So with a knot in my core I do it, and with the knot I edit this Summers photographs and try to put together “essays” and with that knot I am putting it out there for whomever wishes to see it.

    Soon I will edit and scan slides and show the work from past years but for now I can’t stop shooting….looking for something deeper, meaningful, something that moves me and potentially touches someone else.

    Eventually, I want to use photography as a tool to make a difference in the world…right now it is making a difference in me.

    Thanx D and to this community for inspiration to be better and go deeper than I’ve ever gone before.


  • ALL.

    There is a new conversation going on at

    sunday morning ramble.

    Please join us there!


    Well, what words are left? I can only say that Bones is even more powerful than I’d anticipated. After three images my heart started pounding like a drum. Further on I started shaking, and later still I found myself gasping for breath. And these were my just visceral responses. Bob, I am speechless. I’m sorry but any words I’d say would seem trite. Let me go through it a few more times and try again to speak of this work. I now must go take a friend to dinner for her birthday but I shall return.

    in awe

  • Hilary, I havent gotten through the whole site yet, but I like your horse and river runners pix a lot. You may want to repost this on the new thread; being at the end of an old thread is a sure way of getting lost in the shuffle around here.

  • “That is what this workshop needs, a psychiatrist.”
    ~ David Allan Harvey

    Coming into David’s “At Home Workshop,” I was looking forward to taking a whole week off of my regular life to take fabulous photographs. What I didn’t expect, what I don’t think anyone expected, was that this would also be a week of personal growth.

    The following few days were a struggle for all of us in the workshop. Some of our stories fell apart at the seams, some of us had a lot of trouble getting access to the people we hoped to photograph, and some (including myself) just had difficulty getting our narrative to translate photographically. In short, we all had to confront our insecurities in some small or big way. At one point in the week, I felt like we were all in a really bad episode of Project Runway where the contestants feel confident with their point of view, only to find during morning critique that they were off the mark.

    Just when most of the class was at its wit’s end, the workshop seemed to take a dramatic turn of events where all of our projects seemed to finally come together. David’s influence and support — we heard a lot of words like patience, intent, zen and even “work it”– helped us realize our projects and an intense week of hard work and stress finally paid off.

    Thanks David, for one of the most difficult yet personally and professionally enlightening experiences of my life.

    Brian Camarao

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