slide shows….

please check under the "Movies" section off of the "Home Page" here to see an upload of both the Emerging Photographers and Photographic Essay student workshop slide shows presented at the Look3 Festival last week….we sized this to play easily , but you will still have a significant download time since they are each about a 100mb file…they should both be up within the next two or three hours..

you will have to use your imagination a bit….this showing at Look3 was in a movie theater with the imagery pumped through a 250k projector…your pictures never looked better…..but, you will at least get some idea right here…next time, show up!!!

anyway, get yourself a cold beer and some popcorn…then  sit back and enjoy!!


some contributors to this forum….a bit unruly when not at their keyboards!!

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  • Just looked at the first one.
    Man, that must have looked impressive on the big projector! On the laptop in my hotel room it wasn’t bad either, speakers wide open. My blood is flowing! Even forgot about my beer…
    Cool everyone.

    Bye, E.

  • Just back from a day photographing a 98 year old farmer and his twin sons. It was also my first attempt at using the Canon G9 to make video. It could be interesting!

    Thought I’d out check what’s been going on here. Look3 seemed like quite the event.

    I just watched the slide show. As Edward said, I’m sure it looked even better on the big screen. There is something about the atmosphere of a projection showing-the big screen and loud music-which cannot be matched on a computer screen. Well done everyone, and to David for helping to make it happen.

    It is perhaps unfair to single anybody out, but Erica’s work really was the highlight for me, and I couldn’t help think: do we have the next Avedon on our hands here?

  • Congratulations to everybody, specially Rafal (enjoyed that, very clean cut, nice), Panos (surprised me, because after a lot of talking he finally delivered) and Chance (interesting topic and good photography, worth carrying on).

  • JONI…
    it means a lot to me ( and nothing at the same time ),
    ain’t that weird???… that YOU, on of the most talented,
    is honest telling me that never believed in me in the past…
    a motherfucker that talks too fucking much…

    looking good , my brother,
    looking good ..
    for sure…
    SHO NUFF !!!!!!

    WHAT can i say ??? the show started with YOU…
    hot, hot, hot, photos….

  • “..a motherfucker that talks too fucking much…”
    that’s going to me …

    “…one of the most talented,…”
    that goes to JONI K..

    OR BOB BLACK’S name,
    RAFAL’S, CHRIS name…. J. CHANCE’S name
    and on and on…

  • oh.. i forgot… MY FAVORITE OF ALL…

    MIKE BERUBE… for me… by far THE BEST…

    ANDREW S… whats up… great work

  • … and finally SEAN…

    … i still can’t believe this…
    All my love to Manchester..

  • I still think though,
    DAVID McGOWAN’s video
    .. struggle.. to watch..
    over the shoulder..
    I told ya.. Only a dead battery can,
    only temporarily .. stop this guy from shooting

    ANTON, I’m opening a DUVEL right about
    … NOWWWW!!!

  • anyone know a good player for mov files? Apple quicktiome doesnt want to work on my computer

  • Yum yum! Bravo y’all. Well smart. I forgot my beer too.

  • Convert to Flash somehow, David?

  • Hope to see it soon, need time as I am on the run…

    Very exciting though!!!



    so today i spent 3 hours with my dear friend, younger brother, compañero, Mike Berube….

    ……mike, this evening, spent the night drinking wine and talking to marina about our conversation, and all i can say is that, only more of what we talked about…the sea of love and all that…

    I am very tired, and very sad that still the need to segment….

    done, done, done….

    David: email on the way….


    the moment i see that still others separate, segment, define, elevate…

    i am so happy for what this blog has achieved…and so sad that still our eyes have not achieved enough…

    thank you david, thank you michael….

    adios amigos…


  • BOB,
    MIKE C…
    is the coolest kid… smart too..!!
    he made me carry so much weight…
    still paying dues…???
    that makes me feel young…!… though!
    thank you Mike C.

  • Watching your excellent works, with an OST so touching gave me chiken skin. I wish I was there to see it on the big screen, and know some of you in real life.

    There are words that we’re not invented yet to express what’s going on on this Road Trip adventure!

    Clap Clap clap clap to you all and DAH!

  • panos…

    i am done for now….will post self-portrait…

    and then will be vanishing for some time…



  • ok, bob..
    im going to sleep early..
    due to Johnnie Walker…

    please ask now.. coz im going to bed !!!
    thank you!!!
    take 15 min!

  • ohhhh… CATHY… IM SORRY..
    back in the other thread you asked me a question???
    please remind me because my short term memory is GONE…
    we call it “medical” here in cali.

  • ok, then…
    goodnight everybody…!


  • Panos you crack me up!

    Hopefully there are some hidden results in my non-stop shooting.

    Here’s the “artistic” version:

  • What is happening Bob?
    Since we ‘met’ in Ball-Saal I have always followed your writings.
    Anyway, wishing the best for you and Marina…

    Best, E.

  • PANOS,

    You said you and David had discussed (analyzed?) me in C’ville along with other various blog “family members.” So of course I was wondering what was said…but I only wanted to know if it was good!

    Since you never replied I guess it was not :)) (kidding)

    The other part I wrote you about was that David is teaching in Venice in November.

  • david alan harvey


    my apologies, but somehow the sound track we used in the real LOOK3 show did not transfer correctly….please let us fix this and look again later tomorrow….in the final show each photographer has his or her own music track…

    also the student workshop show will be up tomorrow as well….i had to give Mike friday nite off with his girl!!!!

    peace, david

  • david alan harvey


    ME analyze YOU????

    i do not try to figure out anyone….i might be curious about someone’s “circumstances”, but get into their head?? nope…


    teasing Cathy teasing……

    ok, time for for bed… before my mischievous mood gets me in the kind of trouble that often follows me like a laser guided missile!!!

    peace above all…david

  • david alan harvey


    the “self-portrait” post and thread is still ALIVE!!! i am still reading and answering comments…



  • some people on this forum think way to much of themselves. how does it go> ” i’m not much but i’m all i think about.” Cathy have you ever seen the film called Reefer Madness ?

  • marcin luczkowski


    “My mind is the only thing that I know exists.”
    this is solipsism and only thing I know


  • robert wiedenfeld

    david: just watched the look3 slideshow very nice work by all. thanks to all that posted from the festival for those of us that could not physically make it.

    marcin: ” My mind is the only thing that i know exists.”
    ” this is solipsism and only thing i know ”

    precisely right on – excellent observation marcin !! so true

    wittengenstein: the analogy could be the dog that continues to chase it’s tail. so it seems the dilemma with this thought process is that it’s always the same thing which is rhetorical nonsense.

    solipsism: one is faced with the impossibility of getting beyond ones self..sounds like a nightmare !!

    ” i think therefor i am or i exist ”


  • ALL and DAVID…
    I haven’t checked in since look3… still processing the experience (overwhelming)… literally… I’ve developed 40 rolls of film this week and made some work prints tonight… working on it… I hope to post my take on the festival this weekend…

    I also want to thank everyone for their kindness and friendship (and patience)… Erica, Panos, Eric, Anton, David (McG and H), Sean, Michael K and Rachel… and many more…

    Pictures soon…

  • Damn good show! Went from bedroom to beach to China to jazz bar to home and a lot in between, including a dogs backside.

    Loved the music, matched up pretty darn well, especially when Panos rolled around. Chris Bickford…blew me away with the colours.. good call for that tune too.

    Wonder what the next slideshow will look like? How’re we all gonna top that?

  • very interesting stuff….finally got quicktime working and wasnt disappointed. I wanna thank you again for including me.

    Panos, strong stuff. You delivered.

    Now David, click my link to see a somewhat longer slideshow I edited myself and see what you think. I took about 100 photos and edited it down to about 26.

  • @Panos: you have already 12 comments on this thread, so I think my judgement was minimally founded ;-) But yeah, I think that by your ways you have chances to put yourself in situations that many people wouldn’t end up in… I thought that before, and I thought that it might lead to interesting photographs, but I yet had to see it coming as a bunch that makes more sense within the cacophony. I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I was surprised!

  • I have a question for Panos, since he is eliciting questions:

    Quien es mas macho, Pat Sajak o Alex Trebek?

  • Joni,
    you are right, I Agee ..
    I do already have 28 posts in this thread
    but I work here!! remember ?
    and since Herve is not back yet I’m
    filling in for him too….
    and guess what else..
    ( I don’t charge for overtime .. either! )
    Did you notice the c/ville “live”!? coverage
    thru a freeky phone???

    we gonna put the pacific on fire…
    one thing I remember being said
    about you though , is that
    “blog without Cathy… Is not complete ..
    we want Cathy, we need Cathy..
    Cathy , we love you..
    (at least I do)
    going back to bed!

  • Yeah, certainly I noticed the live coverage. That was one of the moments that your skills were most needed! If you go to events like that don’t hesitate in dropping a line. Mostly the quirky happenings and photographs. Photojunkie I am.

  • all:

    great stuff on the site. the video plays really well. music is synced and all. i met up with bob yesterday as mentioned and filled him in on the festival as well how his slide show went/looked.

    everyone’s work up there was amazing.

    it started off really well. i did not get a chance to meet you all at the show as i had to be back here to start a new body of work in progress. but from the people i did meet (sean and panos) i was amazed at how amazing this blog really is a uniting people. everyone did an amazing job with their work and david thank you for getting this out there.

    this is all very exciting.

  • david alan harvey


    i will not be around today or evening, maybe tomorrow also…shooting heavy in New York..

    for those who may criticize us for “thinking too much of ourselves”, i simply say “show us YOUR work”!!!

    the only way to critique work is to counter with other other words, put up or…

    all of the “rhetoric” here is process oriented…designed to get all of you out working…anyone really reading this forum should be able to see that…anyone should be able to see “results”….and of course we are not “finished”..did anyone say that??? we are just getting started….pictures are being generated right here right now because of the conversation , not in spite of it…

    damn, i must have missed a picture just taking my time to write this…so, off i go…time to “put up”…

    peace, david

  • and again…
    i’m SO PROUD of the next two photos…
    thanks again to (HenriCB), “flyonthewall” a.k.a.

  • robert wiedenfeld

    what does it mean when the educated elite deny the existence of thought ?

  • marcin luczkowski


    I will wait for your next essay…


    ps. my computer have problems with video software so I’v not seen this slideshow. I’m sure it is great. congrat for all

  • Marcin,
    you mean next completely different subject…
    or next essay … from “Venice”???

    what do YOU, REALLY think it means??


    Anyone posting here as anonymous really doesn’t deserve a response. Why would you not be willing to let the rest of us know who you are? Are you thinking YOU’RE something special? :))

    RE: your Reefer Madness comment…I think you are responding to the punch line without knowing the joke……Did you read Akaky’s comment about paranoia after Panos said he had spoken with David about a bunch of us? He was HUMOROUS…unlike you.

  • david alan harvey


    go get ’em girl!!!!

  • ok.. ALL,
    just got the phone call from the production
    office up in NY..
    I’m in Venice right now..
    but our blogmaster wants you to
    SLIDESHOW.. Is ready..


    so go click in the main website either
    under “movies” or “student workshops”

    back to my Venice party now..

  • DAVID and ALL

    I put up a small group of pictures I took in Charlottesville… I tried to edit them into a somewhat loose but possibly coherent narrative or essay and I wonder what you think…. click my link and they are titled Charlottesville 1 through 12…

    I intentionally didn’t post a lot of party or event pictures, I’ll circle back to those eventually.

    I went to the Mermaid Parade here today, shot another 15 rolls of film, have to process that.. still have to contact print everything from C’ville… can’t stop to think or post too much right now…

    Technical aside/tip for any black and white film holdouts: I’m beginning to seriously work with Eastman Double-X 5222 motion picture film (35mm)… kind of a headache to bulk load, but once it’s in cassettes and exposed at 100, processed in a split D-23 developer… it’s working out unbelievably well, and less than a dollar a roll… I prefer it to tri-x if shooting flash in daylight.


    I’m getting closer to 100 pictures posted… then we’ll talk, right?

  • Panos

    I will wait for all your work, new one and from venice. You shooting your life so…


    You promise to show us some photos from famili essay from time to time… maybe this time has come?


    Impressive work… admire…


    do you work as a photojournalist now? You should…


    I see You have tackled wind to sails, great works… I wish to see more…


    I like your pictures very much :)


    I wish to see your selfportait… I’m curious you face wise man…

    peace… and free tibet

  • Marcin… it’s a bit crazy with me…I don’t work at all since 3 weeks (mostly i take care of my dog… we are visiting vet everyday… and read David’s blog)… hope I will start again, but I am not sure if as photojournalist… I think i even don’t want to work as photojournalist in Poland…
    I am thinking to start some “normal” (8 am- 3 pm) job (to have insurance finaly!) and take photographs for myself as an amatour…
    last two years was crazy – I was between Turkey (when last time was not so bad to work as photojournalist.. quite good money and interesting work) and Poland (God! I don’t want to be wedding photographer! also newspaper photographer is not the thing i want to do), I even went to UK to work as sim cards saller (mistacke!) ;-)… and i am still a bit lost… hope will find my way soon…
    My quote for the rest of the life should be “don’t make plans, make options” :-)

  • Aga, i KNOW you will figure it out, it will come to you through your options … and you have many options i think … serendipity will find you through your hard work and amazing talent … your searching, the crazy unknown, is just part of the process. I look at your work often, and many others here, along with of course David’s and many other “known” masters, and Goya, just fell in love with Goya, damn, amazing, still reeducating myself ;-)

    Have faith Aga, i have faith in you and your talent, you have taught me much without ever knowing it and i doubt i am the only one … if you ever need a place to stay on the west coast of US, please do not hesitate, my wife and i have many visitors, and are always happy to have many more … and that goes for the DAH crowd as well, we have 8 acres in the country and you are always welcome to pitch a tent and grab a shower. There was something of a hippie haven here years ago … much good energy. The sculptor John Hoover once lived here, his carved mask faces hanging in the woods, and Curt Cobain came here when he was a kid to stay with his uncle and play in the creek. My neighbor, just through the moss-draped woods and across the field of long grass, is an artist with a wonderful studio on the creek. Please come, we’ll have a campfire, drink, smoke and tell great lies.

    I also have hope for a new major market for great photographers who see with their heart … a throwback to the golden days of old, not so long ago even now … but in the age of new media.

    As was noted at Look3, so much is entertainment driven these days, that mostly awful exploitive drivel, BUT i can’t help but to believe that if just the right mix of the right “stuff” was created bridging both communication and economic models, that a new resonance could be created that would catch fire with a broader public … and that is the point isn’t it, to have something to say and reach either the widest or, as Nachtwey noted, the “right” targeted audience. I think about this often … so many possibilities … you can reach the world in a matter of seconds and publish a book now in a matter of days. There are hints of the right direction out there … mediastorm and, of course, this place … who knows, this may be the seed right here.

    I have this feeling, i see little signs everywhere … a quote posted on the bank teller’s wall, street conversations, the rise of the good indie’s in music and film … that people want to wake up, throw off the sedative chains of a consumerist society, kill their televisions, and be here now for a change.

    I have hope. Hold on … something is coming.

    tom :))

  • Aga

    This is really sad, I thought you need only time and good story to be famous photojournalist in poland. But of course i understand your decision, because I think the same way, I’m also amatour… hmmm I was always amatour. I’m curious of your way, what you will shooting, what you will find for you self.
    I hope… no I’m sure you will show a big piece of good photography.
    so I can only wish you good luck.

  • david alan harvey


    yes, you are right on it….i have to rush out and shoot right now, so no time to elaborate…but your thoughts are basically mine….what we have is so so organic right now, and we do not want to lose that at any cost….i did talk to Brian Storm of Media Storm at my house at Look3…we both agreed that we should have some kind of relationship…now is the time to INVENT….not try to follow the past….appreciate the past, learn from the past, but move move move with gusto to the “right now” and the future…ok, running…keep thinking my friend….

    cheers, peace et al…david

  • AGAIN,
    CLICK link below,
    go to “Movies”,
    and then click …
    “Look3 Workshop Slideshow”..


    and everybody else INVOLVED …..for that great slideshow

  • MICHAEL K..,
    you look like Salvador Dali…
    in the above photo…
    and i look like an intoxicated pirate!

  • come on people..
    someone says hi, and i promise you to show you,
    some “fun”, stuff from last night…
    SOLCSTICE…. after full moon..
    people were “on fire” last night…

    let me put it together!

  • Salvador Dali…OK…I can live with that! Though being a drunken Pirate is more romantic I think. Next year I’m wearing a patch!

  • Panos – people WERE crazy last night – I shot some great stuff all day and night long – starting with national skateboarding day – check this stuff out – more party pics later:

  • DAH…

    Would it be alright to “borrow” that pic above for a blog entry of my own? All the requisite and due credit, of course!


  • And all…

    Once again, who’s the red-shirted fellow? Forgive me!

  • David McGowan..
    great, nice old school photography and retro look..
    awesome… fashion show style look

  • Hey Panos,
    Nice shots… I like 1, 3!, 4, 9 (wish I could see her face), 20, 23!, 26… great energy.

  • and i forgot to mention that everything was shot on a 28mm,
    carl zeiss biogon… see Herve, i play fair… ONLY one lens..

  • thank you Mike…
    thank you.!

  • DAH and Michael

    thanks for putting this up here, looks really lovely, and I can imagine you on stage just the same.. David I am a bit in awe about how you just keep moving and creating, it’s beautiful.


    that’s sweet beyond words, but I seriously need to get my act together and push..a few life things happening at the moment that are temporarily in the way of making images, and in these moments I feel pretty discouraged. I was suppossed to start my assignment at long last yesterday, but it was a comedy of errors and I have to get the set up right before anything else can happen. Trying not to feel too frustrated, and to have faith that I’ll figure it out.


    send me your email address so I can send you pics of you and the train. haven’t scanned them yet, manana.


    my thoughts are with your pup and you…


    thanks for the community

    and BOB

    forgot to thank you for the Rilke, spent the next hour reading’s something to recall

    What is happening on your innermost self is worthy of your entire love. – Rilke

  • DMcG,

    Yesterday was national skate day?! Here’s my homage to the sport, made last weekend…

    p.s. Noticed AKAKY did a skating series too (in his fresh fruit post).

  • Unofficial Self-Portrait Gallery:

    CTRL then “Open image in new window” will give you the name of the person in the file name.

  • Anna, apparently so—that’s more my brother’s scene, but it was fun to shoot. I partied like it was Look3 yesterday! Still in recovery…

  • Panos,
    Son and mother, girl starting fire, pirates arriving, venice restrooms, venice meets marina—these are working for me. Very Panos!

  • “Unofficial Self-Portrait Gallery”

    hope david doesn’t use that as the judging gallery, since mine is missing…maybe others too?

  • @Panos: I don’t get any content in your link excepting the links on the top (and they all open similar pages without pix or movies). Running Firefox 3, not sure if that might be it. Is it heavy on flash or something? (Other sites are ok, though.)


    I just had the 1st opportunity to watch the vid of your projection ending your week with DAH :))))…great work, hard work, inspired :))..I hardly recongize Charlottesville :)))

    well done! :)))…too many of you to point out (and besides I hate the name pointing distinction on a group effort such as this, which is what got me so depressed on the first couple of posts)…YOU ALL SHOULD BE PROUD AND CELEBRANT! :)))..terrific terrific work…

    a lovely breakfast treat this morning :)))

    cheer y’all


  • david alan harvey


    i liked numbers 4 and 6 the very best…but you do need to make better prints/scans …if you printed #6 a little better, that would be a killer photograph…think Larry Fink…

    now you change completely with your still life/scenic pictures…ok too, but if you are going to do that, really do it..when you have just a few days , as you did in c’ville, it is better to just try one approach….i.e. either the Fink party style OR the classic historic vignette…very hard to make both work together..


    nice to have you back around …. how is “Hometown” going?? i want to publish the assignments which have been going on for about 3 weeks and yours is one of them….yes, i have seen much of it, but hope you can edit it down to about 30-40…possible??? anyway, no rush, just curious…

    i did a preview show of my American Family at Look3 also…sure, i will try soonest to post some of it here…i go to Paris tomorrow for a Magnum meeting, but then off across the U.S. the whole month of July to continue this work


    the guy in the red shirt foreground is Ryan (last name slipping)…he did the amazing b&w essay on the Emergency Med Team for the LOOK3 student slide show…please remember he shot this in just 3 days?? he lived it and breathed it..


    i am so pleased to have you back here with us…i think you were gone when we were doing our first round of “assignments” ,but i would love to post some of your work…stay in touch please…


    too bad we did not have too much time to chat at the fest…as i told another photog, that is just the nature of photo fests i think…you see so so many people, but have little time to spend with any one of them..but you and i do see each other in New York from time to time…come and check out my new space…the same, but higher up…cool view…door open…..awaiting your street portraits…..

    cheers, david

  • david alan harvey


    sure, use the picture…..

  • david alan harvey


    many many thanks for sending your book KURSK…very interesting indeed….i am so so far behind in my mail (and everything!)…my apologies for not responding sooner, but i just saw the book for the first time two days ago…i will send you one of my books soonest….your choice???

    peace, david

  • DAH…

    Thanks very much!

    And thanks also for the ID on Ryan. That was an amazing essay…especially given the short tun around time!

  • david alan harvey


    man, do i have a job for you!!! i liked what you did with the gallery of self portraits…so much so that i was hoping maybe you could get all of the entries together with names attached….is this something you would be inclined to do??? it would really really help me tremendously…Mike and i are on total overload and i may have to start giving some of you jobs to do to keep things running smooth here…evidently you missed Nick Yoon and maybe some others….

    can you do this??

    if you are just too busy, i will understand, but this would make my life and Mike’s life much easier and will get the judging done sooner as well…as PJG always said “no good deed goes unpunished”..funny, but sometimes true…

    please let me know….

    many thanks, david

  • David, I see you just posted now. Can you confirm your Paris dates, I need to finalize trip details for Istanbul. We

  • Sentence got cut off…?!?!

    We are still to meet this week, last of June? Yes? Thanks for the update.

  • david alan harvey


    thanks for the vision of a Hollywood beach party….”jealousy son and mother” hit me right away, but there are several others i like too…i was kinda rushed in seeing all of them, so i need to take a closer look…

    i do have a suggestion….not about the shooting…i would not dare “mess” with your loose shooting style…but, editing your work requires much care…the late Leonard Freed (check him out) gave me a tip many years ago..make small cheap 4×5 prints of everything…keep them with you or spread them out on the floor or tack them to the wall…play with these pictures…come up with visual relationships or sequences or whatever…it will help you to think about the overall impact of what you are doing…and will help you to form a book in your head…now, you are a long way from a final edit….but i think this would really help when we meet again, so we can do a first edit…can you do????


    you lost me with “name pointing distinction”….did i miss something???

    cheers, david

  • david alan harvey


    i arrive Paris on the afternoon of the 25th…the Magnum party is thursday night the 26th ..can you make it??

    i have an invitation waiting for you….Magnum office number is 33 1 53425000….ask for Gaelle…or call my cell …

    i think you will be the only person from this forum at this the way, this fete precedes our annual biz meeting and day spent looking at new work…the gathering of the tribe is always historic, so i hope you will be able to absorb the whole deal…

    see you soonest….

    cheers, david

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  • Hello David,
    I am really sorry I cannot come on Paris, I would have liked a lot meeting you, maybe to Visa For the image in the comeback of September ?
    Kind regards,

  • david alan harvey


    too too bad you cannot come to Paris…but, yes, i should be in Perpignan in september…i do not think i will come to Arles…i must stay on track with my family project and i just cannot be everywhere!!!

    wishing you all best….

    cheers, david

  • David,
    No problem. If I missed something (Nick Yoon, etc) please email me your shot at I can work out getting the names on there.

    Also there are more than one shot of some people because I didn’t know what their official entry was. Not a perfect system but it’s probably fine.


    I almost finished my hometown, but righ now I’m not working at this essay. I have a few films to develop but completely zero money. When I will see result from this films I have to go there for two days and finish it. But I’m waiting for money and I don’t know when I will able to do anything.
    I will finish for you because I think I need autumn to finish it for story. I need mood to show this city.
    so, I have to wait, I’m doing nothing, I have no idea when I will have money. I hope soon…
    I need job… hmmm… againe…
    will be good…

    have good time in Paris.

  • JONI K,
    try this link (web gallery style)…
    if you click slideshow you get hi res. hope this one works.

  • David,
    I am too happy to know that I am going to meet you soon in September! Good stay in Paris….

    David McGowan, if it is not too much asked you, could beware just my self-portrait with my parents and remove(kidnap) that where I am alone? Thank you very much….

    Still all my congratulations to you all…


  • DAVID ;)))

    nope, u didnt miss anything…i just meant that for me, in group shows, i tend to celebrate the whole, instead of isolating the parts, i was proud of all the look3 epf work and equally thrilled by what i saw this morning…creating a distinction just aint the way i comment on the hard work of all the photogs…seeing one more distinguished just left me depressed early on…that’s not from you, no big dearl…enjoy Paris (lucky bastard)…enjoy Herve and hugs to Vink if he’s there..


  • i meant when posts write about being impressed with one work over others seems weird (in this context) to me…that’s my own trip amigo, and nothing ’bout u…we all have our measures: that’s one of my own ;)))


  • david alan harvey


    bless you….yes, i know there were multiple entries from some despite my pleas for one picture, one time…there were several who kept changing their mind, or posted older pictures, and that is just almost impossible to track…we will just have to do the best we can and will lean in the direction of those who made it simple and followed the DIRECTIONS!!!..i know that Anna B. wants her first rather than second, but i am lost on some others…

    many many thanks David….i owe you….


    oh ok, i get it…need more coffee!!! yes, i am the same …i see a totality in these works too… is the “whole show” i am presenting…a collective “body of work” that flows….a collaboration…individual presentations are another thing entirely…thanks for pointing this out….

    cheers, david

  • Merci beaucoup, David. As Bob wrote, I hope you will enjoy me!!! :-)))))))

    PS: Guess I will miss Spain-Russia that night, the Euro semi-final (soccer). Only meeting you could have me, gladly, miss that. Man, isn’t that….REAL LOVE!!! :-))))

    good job David..

    BOB, i agree..
    yeah , i guess you are right…
    it’s sad… i read it too.. some kids here got confused…
    and measure their worthiness regarding the slideshow
    I was right before you BOB… in the slideshow…( closer to the start)… or im a “headliner” ( closer to the end )
    therefore im “better”… than YOU..!!!????
    or ,
    i opened the show, or closed the show…
    pathetic shit… this is not the OZZFEST… people..
    If you were first or last or in the middle in the look3
    slideshow make no difference

    STILL MIKE BERUBE was the strongest….. up there…
    ( ok,, now kidding, although i admire his work…! )..

    Bob, David, you are right ,
    this was a collective effort, a collaboration…
    not who is first or second…
    but as always…
    people twist things their own way…!
    what’s new!!!????


    yes sorry i am one of those… who got carried away… doing multiple self portraits… if it’s okay & not too much trouble, just keep the last one (the only color version) and toss the other two… sorry again and thanks for doing the gallery!!!

    as always, you are right my man… “collective” was the word at look3 for us workshop students… and i am proud to have been part of it, no matter “where” on the ladder i ended up… it has been an amazing experience for me…

    P.S. PANOS: paris is only a few hours away from here… very very bad ideas including a car, Duvel, smokes party crashing and wicked self-portraits are invulontarily forming in my head…. stop me i can’t stop myself!!




    the sequence of a slide show, and i am sure you know this, is not in the order of quality, but with the intention of overall mood and texture…and it is not empirical in nature, but just how it “feels”

    cheers, david

  • ALL…

    i am seeing posts by both Lee Guthrie and Anna B. in my Typepad list that are not being seen can that happen?? any clues???

  • DAVID they are over in the self portraits post…


    Okay, I’ve updated this gallery to include the names. I think most importantly is making sure I didn’t miss anyone, then secondly deleting “unofficial” entries. Regardless, we probably have a pretty good honor system here.

    Please list the deletes by number and email the changes to me at (I just might miss the changes listed on the forum.)

  • DAVID ;)))))

    hey, no no worries :)))…I LOVE BOTH THE LOOK3 EPF AND THE DAH WORKSHOP SHOWS! :)))…really enjoyed them :)))))..sorry, i didnt mean to upset anyone: i meant only that i hate when people write “i love this, i love that, i want to be first, i want to be last” etc…but, that’s just me, and i think the MEANING of the both slideshows was that this blog produced imaginative, inspired, interesting work and the whole speaks BEAUTIFULLY about that…which is why i was depressed (briefly) about the first couple of, please: no worries: i never look “she/he is better, etc”…i think in this blog what is so important is that the community is heightened and strenghthened by the totality of the diversity of the work :))…that’s why i congratulate all and never single out anyone: that’s what i meant :)))..

    sorry for the confustion: fucking bane of electronic conversations ;))))

    let me remind others : PLEASE LOOK AT THE DAH WRKSHOP PROJECTION: it really is beautiful…and remarkable considering that was all achieved in 3-5 days! :))))…that’s what is so so brilliant :))

    running running


  • PANOS:


    ridin’ shot gun with ya amigo, totally there :)))

    now, gotta go, daddy0


  • BOB…

    no worries mate…i think everyone is cool…

    running too..bob black style!!!


    think you should post this under the “self portraits” post also…can do??? you are the man!!! many many thanks for your fast response..big big help you are….

    peace, david

  • I’m with you BOB…
    considering that the time wasn’t enough…
    for the workshop students… to deliver..
    but THEY DID DELIVER… for 3 to 5 days as you mention…

    go to paris… im not going to try to STOP you…!
    STOP YOU ?????
    can someone tell me HOW????
    i already miss you man…
    i just feel sorry for all the ladies that fell in love with you…
    stop breaking HEARTS …
    ( anyways, remember: do not drink and drive…
    but, its ok to SMOKE and drive…!!!!)

  • and again…

    ( it brings all the “editors” in the “yard”

  • ANTON…

    are you coming to Paris to the Magnum fete????

    if so, i need to know soonest….

  • PANOS…

    now THAT video woke me right up!!!

  • ALL,
    Just looked at both slideshows and the work from you guys is amazing. If the names were DAH, Nachtway, Sally Mann, Majoli instead of yours I wouldn’t be disappointed!

    I visited the famous art museum Louisiana in Denmark a couple of days ago and saw a show by Cézanne and Giacometti. I would like to see your prints in the same museum. Great art!

    Honestly I didn’t like your earlier work, but now it just shines “PANOS” all over them. Crazy, gritty and don’t give a f#ck attitude all over them.

  • ALL….

    i make slide shows similar to the Look3 show after every workshop i do….so, when i return from Paris we will try to post a few others from the past few workshops…you have seen many students pictures under “student work/workshops” but you may enjoy seeing the “final product” as per projected….

  • I think it’s posted over there too…

  • DAVID…
    I somehow knew that this video would wake YOU right up…
    my brother… i knew …

    thank you my friend , thank you!

  • and you know what else Martin,..
    I also agree with Joni too.. I didnt like
    my earlier work either…
    i was all over the place… still am,
    i was a horrible editor…. still am,…
    i have so much better “earlier work”… than that i showed in the past,
    but my editing “skills” prevented me from showing..
    but its all good now…
    im forgetting all about my previous work…
    i dont even wanna go edit, there anymore..
    focus ahead, the future…

    we STILL have AND USE that christian calendar…
    (how rude to any other culture and religion, except of


    enough with my “earlier”, previous work…

    let’s make a new calendar… AFTER DAH…

    ( and this blog after it gets printed will be the new TESTAMENT..

    no more violence…

    in every hotel or motel in this country…
    people remove that GIDEON BOOK….
    … just a laptop that links only with DAH’S blog…

    please take over from here….

  • Imagine 200 years from now..
    AKAKY the new Moses..
    HERVE.. apostle Ioannis the Baptist..
    me , Judas or something like that,
    BOB, apostle Andreas the fisherman..( although i guess
    they were all fishermen at that era )…
    but definitely happy ending…
    Real “happy ending”..

    AND BIG FAT BLUNTS.. ( and duvel’s too for sexy ANTON )…

    ” GOT CHURCH…???”{

  • PANOS…

    remember my friend, no cult stuff….i am out here just like everyone else…struggling, making mistakes, confused, etc etc…i am just trying to get everyone to realize that mostly things go “wrong” , but we should live for the very few moments where things go right…i concentrate very hard on that 25% of “right”…let the other 75% slide…get around it, through it or whatever…if you put out something significant, nobody will care or notice all the “mistakes”, “failures” etc etc…

    get me to WAFFLE HOUSE!!!! the late nite CURE!!!! see what i mean??? you could either see me up on the stage at Look3 showing your work and my work..part of the 25% of “good moment”..nice applause..OR, you could see me 4am at WAFFLE HOUSE fighting for deliverance!!! no applause…

    peace, david

  • no cult stuff…????

    No “Last Supper” in a strip club ??
    hmm.. ok, i can live with that…
    .. then the “WAFFLE HOUSE” it is…!

    ALL, (religious and non religious friends…)
    i’m just kidding.. hopefully Jesus doesnt gets
    offended that easy, otherwise…….

  • This is not a self portrait but I thought I would share this image of David working on an assignment in NYC at the sculpture garden at the MET….It’s the second photo on this web page with my self portrait. Enjoy!

  • david mcgowan – you simply ROCK!!

    thanks for putting all the portraits together.
    it looks amazing and so easy to see everyone now.
    we’re all so damn beautiful, aren’t we?
    we need to put DAH on there too, in the first spot. :))


    thank you, too, for filming the EPF slideshow at LOOK3. i felt like i was the one sitting behind that ladies shoulder and i wept huge grateful tears when i saw my work displayed amidst all the insanely wonderful works from all the others.
    i feel soooo proud and grateful and humbled.
    and your film, it just made me feel THERE and feel the FULL EMOTION of it all.

    so.. thank you. really.
    thanks for all you do here. :))


  • KATIA…

    i was so pleased to have you in the show….did you also see the “straight” version under “movies” on the home page here? i agree, the McGowan film gave you the feeling of “being there”, but check out the “clean copy” too…please keep up your good work…it is important….


    you know i was kidding too..right???

    man, it is so so easy to get mis-interpreted in this format!!!!


    you took a much better picture of me than whatever i was doing…

    cheers, david

  • Here are a couple of shots from LOOK, actually waiting for the train back to NYC with John, Juliana and Mike.


    i wouldn’t mind coming over to give you a hug… down a couple of beers together… or wine… sing your success in building this community… but i wouldn’t want to impose upon you, my friend… maybe it’s not my time and place there… but if i’m welcome, i’ll be there!


  • No problem everyone! Thanks for the heaping of praise—happy to help when I can.

  • ANTON….

    the Magnum party in Paris is thursday night….i will get you in no problem, but you have to tell me now….yes???

    peace, david


    YES… i’ll be there!!!

    just tell me what to do…



    I am really sorry that I missed the dead line to self portrait’s contest. I was out working a lot, and just had no time to read the blog. Did you receive my e.mail about ehxibition opening last week here in Brazil ?

    this is the link to the Naitan ehxibition at the Unicamp Gallery, if anyone want to see, and comment, I’ll love to have some feedback (even if bad !)



    I am really sorry that I missed the dead line to self portrait’s contest. I was out working a lot, and just had no time to read the blog. Did you receive my e.mail about ehxibition opening last week here in Brazil ?

    this is the link to the Naitan ehxibition at the Unicamp Gallery, if anyone want to see, and comment, I’ll love to have some feedback (even if bad !)


  • ERICA….

    nice portraits…as usual!!!

  • AGA

    (God! I don’t want to be wedding photographer! also newspaper photographer is not the thing i want to do)

    Somethimes I think that work on weddings or newspapers are far better that sell anything that is not your work. It could help sometimes, even if it’s not what you want for your life…. you can easily manage it like a normal job, and keep the way shooting.


    you are on a roll my man… again… YOU have unbelievable energy too… i’m tired right now, jetlagged like hell… how do you keep this up??? just saw your venice beach new batch… liked it A LOT bro…


  • ANTON,
    thank you..!
    All my respect to you, because you
    went through 45 different countries…
    no jet – lag for me.. i never went anywhere…
    from the West Coast to the South…
    thats about it!
    but, YOU… MY FRIEND…
    you’ve been everywhere!

  • robert wiedenfeld

    i have two new fotos that i have posted from a place that has healing mineral baths in northern india. critique anyone ?

    GO CLOSER, close and closeer…!
    I wanna see their face…
    i wanna smell their ( subjects ) breath!

  • panos i purposefully used a 24mm lens and pulled back as to include the environment. as a general rule i agree with you that filling the frame with the subject is key. perspective right ?

  • Hey everyone…

    A bit off topic (although it is a slideshow)…. The work of eight Magnum photographers on Aids….

    A must see.

  • DAH – just checked out the ‘clean copy’ of the EPF show. truly EPIC. it really hit home how much music can evoke and add a deeper level of feeling to images.
    again, such powerful works from everyone in their own spheres. honored, beyond measure, to be part of it.

    yes, of course, i will continue my work with the street kids. i am in my 3rd year now. at the moment i feel like i am at an impasse. not sure what is going on with me.
    i know i’m feeling the deep loss of several kids – one to death, 2 to long-term prison, and quite a few to a CALI exodus. maybe that’s why i feel i’m in a pit right now. sorrow/mourning.
    also, i think i really need to live with them 24/7 for a while. put myself all-the-way-In. i’m thinking i will do that in august when many of the Twist family will be converging back in seattle for hempfest. i love those guys and they’d be a blast to squat with.

    and honestly, my equipment foils me. when i’m in the dark squats i need a good f1.4 or 1.8 lens. period. but my income has completely dried up. so i’m fucked for now in that dept.

    but i’m still with these crazy beautiful kids all day for at least 3 days a week. whether i’m making photos or not. that won’t change. i just wish i knew what was ‘blocking’ me. maybe we could talk via email a bit. i guess i am feeling i need some direction. any chance of you coming to seattle during your road trip?

  • f.y.i. > if you subscribe to the magnum thread for (free) when a new project comes up they alert you. the project on aids awareness by 8 magnum photographers is nothing less than amazing. Damn; you guys really know what your doing in terms of content and access. all of those photo essays SHINE so BRIGHT !! ++

  • Just did a nearly successful dry run (no film) for the assignment, thank god. It was still damn complicated, things blowing over and such, but at least now I feel more confident that I can solve the first batch of problems which surfaced. It helped, DAVID, to read your remark about the 25% ..I think I ask for too much sometimes. And while I didn’t shoot the big camera yet, I shot rollei for a friend using the set-up that I will use for the assignment, and I had a great time. That’s the thing..if I think too much about photog it becomes a stressful thing. If i shoot, I start smiling and connecting and feeling great…

  • ANTON…

    call Magnum Paris 33 1 53425000 and ask for directions and time…i do not even know….all i know is thursday night…

    see you on thursday…oh yes, my cell is:

    cheers, david

  • Paris…sounds great! Send photos all… Have a banana chocolate tart for me.

    I’m off to Keith Carter/Antonin Kratochvil slide shows.

    David M. AMAZING how you put that site together. If you’re this efficient in all areas you could make big bucks!!! :))

  • Big bucks, eh? I like the sound of that!

  • David and ALL-

    I am just back from my family vacations in South Carolina, straight after Look3. I have practiced, with some success I have to say, being a “beach bum” of my own…Although I cannot claim the concept invented by our dear Master, I can relate to it as I was born in Marseille….few miles from the beach and although I do not exactly look like a surfer….I am actually quite reasonable wind-surfer…(although this was about 15 years ago….so who knows if I can still stand up on a board…). Vacations was great…lots of sun, time with the kids… With the sole exception of that one day during which I posted a quick highlight of Look3 in the lobby of an hotel, I did not have any connections or access to internet so I am catching up on the 100s of posts from all….I have realized that I have officially missed the deadline for submission of a self-portrait having driven for 14 hours and got home in middle of last night, few hours after the drop dead midnight ultimatum…although I will not compete with the many great portraits already sent, might send one to David M just to be sort of part of the “family”…

    I have come back from Look3 and vacations for that matter very energized and refreshed…I do not want to repeat again the same comments from all on Look 3 but I was inspired by seeing a lot of the work of the photographers at the Festival….I forgot in my last report to mention Maggie Steber…I knew of her from one of David’s previous post but did not have a chance to hear her until then. She brought a very refreshing energetic personal view on what photographers should do, ask for all to get engaged, be creative for new ways of communicating (no wonder she is friend with David….) and she certainly shared a lot of creativity and positive vibes among a profession that, at times, came across a bit “gloomy”…She ended with a poignant essay on her mother who is old, losing her mind…Very moving and received a great standing ovation from the audience at the end!!!! I briefly talked to her afterwards…Charnomg lady really who even knows some French…(how can anyone speaking French not be charming?!!!! she probably thought my English was bad…..)…Anyway, thank you Maggie for that special moment!

    I have to say also that the show that David produced with your work really looked strong. I am not saying this to be nice!!! I saw the slideshow of more experienced photographers shown on Saturday evening during the closing celebration and, of course, the work of a few of the most experienced photographers maybe did stand up as even stronger(work from Marcus Bleasdale on Congo was amazing but overall, you guys were right up there with them…nothing to be shy off….so again, congrats to allk!!..I would not want to start distinguishing between all as our conscience Bob has already indicated that we should focus on the work of all…agree….few of the photographers I have met during the Festival know how much I am a fan of their work and I told them directly….

    After Look3, could not do much photography beyond random shots, largely taking pictures of my kids…might post some pictures later if any are of value but not everybody has the talent of Rafal for showing family intimate side….

    David, as I mentioned before, was hoping to tchat with you but did not really get a chance…was keen to check with you if you still have an interest in me doing some assignment over the summer….I wanted to let you know that I do have a lot of passion now for working on my “boxing” story. I have now great links that I have estbalished with some of these kids…I sense that this can be a strong story and could turn out to be the best work/ story I have done. Do not need an answer immediately as I know that you need to focus on your own FAMILY project now and still have to coach/ guide few of the photographers who were on assignment already but, if you want to see what this French engineer can be up to, keep me in mind and it will be a priviledge to continue to be part of this “adventure”….

    Cheers to all and thanks Sean for your message that I found on my return from vacations! Go and conquer the desert man and keep us posted! Erica, cannot wait to see your new portraits and hope you started your project now!


  • Thought I’d share some inspiration, declarations, echoes of my heart and senses for my assignment from the ever contemporary words of Walt Whitman


    I too lived—Brooklyn, of ample hills, was mine;
    I too walk’d the streets of Manhattan Island, and bathed in the waters around it;
    I too felt the curious abrupt questionings stir within me,
    In the day, among crowds of people, sometimes they came upon me,
    In my walks home late at night, or as I lay in my bed, they came upon me.


    O ME! O life!… of the questions of these recurring;
    Of the endless trains of the faithless—of cities fill’d with the foolish;
    Of myself forever reproaching myself, (for who more foolish than I, and who more faithless?)
    Of eyes that vainly crave the light—of the objects mean—of the struggle ever renew’d;
    Of the poor results of all—of the plodding and sordid crowds I see around me;
    Of the empty and useless years of the rest—with the rest me intertwined;
    The question, O me! so sad, recurring—What good amid these, O me, O life?


    That you are here—that life exists, and identity;
    That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.

  • Eric,

    good to have you back. nothing to show yet but your words (and Walt’s!) me donnent une vraie force qui m’encourage..

  • I finally got to watch it after having to dowload and install MS service pack 2 and it was worth it plus my computer is running better.

    I was amazed by the level of the show, so much so that Im amazed I was invited to join. Thanks David. I was especially happy about seein other work, and I must say that while Im not picking favorites, panos, hell man, I was really loving your work. Especially because I usually dont like the mix of b/w and color but you pulled it off like an ACE, man. It was also really well coordinated with the music, especially where Morrison sings about the killer on the road and you have the guy bloody on the ground. magic man. Bob, awesome, you have such a consistant style. I feel kinda awkward in that I was invited to join but wasnt a finalist for the EPF…Panos you are in the same boat…I hope thats fine with others. Kyunhee also amazing. The color work was really really strong in the show, the opener blew me away with those amazing colors! I wish I could do colors that well, Im jealous. I think I might have made a stupid comment about being happy to be in the end, I meant nothing by that, Bob, panos, I think you might be talking about me. I was just on a high to even be in it at all, as I was and still am not in the same boat as Bob or Kyunghee, only starting to find a voice recently thanks to the input of many of you here and David.

    Anyway, what Im MOST happy about is that there came a show out of a strange collective of people who dont know each other, a show that David put together and a show that will only be the first of many many many more to come. This place has such creativity, it can be scary to b a part of it, very intimidating not only because of David but because of all the others here.

  • Any Keith Carter fans out there? BOB???
    It was great to finally meet him tonight.
    Keith is one is a billion…poet, photographer extrordinaire and tonight singing love songs as Elmer Fudd (to kill time during a technical malfunction in Antonin’s slide show) :))

    Antonin said he’d just seen you in NYC. He’s another great character. His slide show was postponed till tomorrow due to technical difficulty.


    ok thanks… will call them and then call you thursday once i get there…


    and i will definitely take pictures for all here… that is one of the main reasons for going…


  • Would I be wrong in saying we want David to show us a bit of a preview of his Families project? Has ayone asked this, I dont want to look like a fool repeating it, but I might have missed it. In any case, David, I want to see what you are doing….

  • RAFAL…

    thanks for asking…and Marcin asked the same question also….

    i showed three shows at Look3…student show, EPF show and my preliminary work with families…

    even since Look3 i have been working on several families here in New York…after my Magnum meeting, i will launch off across the U.S…i have already done some driving and shooting in the South…

    as soon as i have some time, i will make an edit and post here for your perusal….since i am shooting medium format film , it takes a bit longer to post because of developing contact sheet making time and , of course, the scans etc etc….

    cheers, david


    it was great to see your always smiling face in C’ville…and, yes, we had no time to really talk….

    i like your boxing idea…how much have you done so far??? anyway, i would say get started….some of the assignments that were originally started will not be completed as quickly as originally thought…the assignments were supposed to be of approx one month in length, but some will go and go…


    Keith Carter??? honest opinion??? well, i liked very much “The Blue Man” and some of his work is truly exquisite…..and a nice guy too…but in that genre of work i much much prefer Debbie Flemming Caffrey…

    cheers, david

  • ALL!!!!!!!!!!

    The slideshows are MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love it all!


    How does everyone else keep up here, I am already a couple of days behind I think!


    Great initiative, this gallery is a bucket of jewels…

  • I’m the new Moses? Oh…well, can I charge tolls after I split the Red Sea? I need the dough now.

  • Dear All,

    In reading through the comments on self-portraits I caught a thread that I have been wrestling with, especially last night.

    I’m back home in the town I spent my adult life until the age of 34 and experiencing much of the events that you might read about in a novel written about a woman who returns to her home town after being away almost 30 years.

    Last night the oddest thing happened and I need to talk about it with people who might have experienced it also and maybe even wrestle with it.

    When I first arrived in Arkansas (prior to the festival) I connected with a man that I dated 30 years ago and due to my lack of interest in anything permanent (just out of a marriage of 9 years and was more interested in dating many men and not just one) it faded out. That is the short version. Anyway, from the first moment I met him I started shooting him, and almost immediately saw the possibilities of an essay entitled “Bachelor of Campbell Lane.”

    In the process of spending several days with him shooting his life, he says he loves me. Then, I meet another old bachelor boyfriend and he takes me out shooting at a gravel pit, I shoot him for 36 hours and now he loves me. This one is fairly predictable in that he is a bit on the odd side in the mental capacity arena.

    Now, get this. Two days ago I stop in at a business in Arkansas that I used to shop at all the time and meet the owner again after 30 years. This guy I never dated but after 36 hours of shooting he is getting “Jealous!!” because my ex called while I was in the shop and he heard me say “love ya.” By the way, did I mention, this one is a bachelor also? I ordered a product from him and spent the 2 days documenting the work. He is an artisan and the process is very unique and I have some wonderful photos.

    Anyway, the question I have for the group is this:

    How do you get close enough long enough deep enough to shoot people in their environment and keep them from falling into yours? Now, I know the knee jerk reactions to this question will fall in the lines of who I am and what I look like but seriously, think about this and tell me, how do you shoot something so personal as a person’s life and their story and keep them at a safe distance? Is it even possible? How do you get out of it once you are in so deep?

    One more comment on this last bachelor (last night) and his response. One thought I had of why I keep getting this response is these bachelors see my interest through the camera as interest in them personally. And while I am very interested in them in that they have a good story and the photographs I am collecting are amazing for me to look at, I have no interest in these bachelors for anything except being friends and taking their photos.

    Any ideas? This also happens with others besides bachelors, by the way.


  • MOSES!

    should i imagine you like this in the morning?


  • Hi Lee.

    Without knowing the men’s history, background, economic and educational status…I’ll just say this: Three men, bachelors–probably lonely. Pretty lady, very nice, showing them lots of attention…easy to create a fantasy…or more accurately, their own reality.

    Also, in these cases you knew the men previously…so there’s a “history.” You are able to get close with old recollections, with “hey, remember when…” kind of things. It’s different when you’ve just met someone, no history. You’re trying to “get close” with your wits, with showing an interest in their work. No personal connections for anyone to cling to, or to create misinterpretations.

    Not sure if any of this is making sense…but in the end you can always fall back on the ultimate truism: We men can be pretty stupid when it comes to the opposite sex!

  • LEE, I have the same problem…
    with strippers though…
    I feel you girl.
    .. sounds like a big problem..
    it sounds that it frustrates you..
    but .. hey, I can think of worst
    “problems” though..
    at least you have not to worry
    about “access”..

  • DAVID,

    I wasn’t necessarily asking for opinions about Keith…although I am ALWAYS interested in your opinions about ANYTHING :))

    Just was wondering if there were any Keith fans on the blog.

    BUT…Since you gave an opinion about Keith…any comment on Antonin??? He’s such a riot! He told me he saw you in NYC just a few days ago. I’ll see him again tonight since his slide show didn’t work out last night…it was postponed till case you (or anyone) have a message for him.

  • Michael and Panos,

    You are really correct in all you say. However, how do you get past it to do the shoot and extricate yourself without the garbage? And of course there is the remember whens going on and that is part of it.

    Still thinking.


  • Hi David,
    Thanks for the feedback about the C’ville photos… I totally agree about print quality and trying to do too many things at once. Basically, this is the way I get to these prints: First I have a rule not to print any negative that hasn’t been contact printed first, to slow me down and to allow me to evaluate what I did indeed shoot (I broke this rule last week, and now I’m hopelessly behind with contacts…) then, I make 5×7 (fiber) workprints, as many and as quickly as possible. On a good night I can print about 50… and these are what I’m scanning and showing everyone on the internet. Probably not the best way to go about things…

    I’m going to have to work on lightening up on the incongruity… I have been trying to lighten up on the looseness, which is an improvement, I think…

    But I do want to follow up on your comment to Panos about the Leonard Freed tip… these workprints are invaluable to me… first for editing, I find it very difficult to edit on a computer screen, and with small prints it is just so easy and immediate… but then they are great for sequencing, you can write on them a la Bill Burke, you can write a note on the back for reference, you can put a stamp on them and send them to your friends as postcards, you can keep a few in your camera bag and have an impromptu exhibition when you meet someone on the street, you can give them away, and you can stack them and watch your archive grow. I don’t think I could live without workprints!

  • DAVID …

    you mentioned earlier thinking in the same direction on the future … that something is coming, time to invent … yes, yes, i did not mean we have to wait for it, we can create it … if i had the idea i would create “it.”

    I think often about what would be the “perfect” “publication,” trying not to box that within a delivery mechanism … the overall concept/direction/theme/mission statement first is most important … although i often find myself hung up on print as part of the mix, i want something tangible, to hold, peruse … with all of our technology and advancements, still nothing beats Guttenburg. But this is limiting in and of itself … so … beyond.

    I am a little surprised that some of the big photo agencies don’t create their own coordinated cutting-edge delivery mechanisms … i have seen the blogs, the podcasts, the books … forgive me, but it all seems lacking, like the possibilities now are so more wide open than ever and the great idea is staring us in the face, lost in all the noise … and in a broader context people ARE SEARCHING now … so open to “it,” want “it,” hate their guilty pleasures but are drawn to them … they want to see more but it is easier to look at the latest Maxim cover … i want to see the latest Magnum cover!!! … i don’t know, i don’t know, i am rambling and vascilating between the specific and the conceptual (where i live most of the time i think) …


    Hmmm, how about a publication called “Tell it Like it Is …” ;-)))
    I am serious!

  • LEE…

    Well that’s just it isn’t it? Extricating yourself. You just do it. You’ve gotten in this deep…no need to get deeper. It isn’t fun but you have to “break up” with them. I don’t know your situation well enough, are you living there now? Do you have to see them on a regular basis? Even so…you may have to–in a straight forward, rational manner–point out to each one that there was a misunderstanding or misinterpretation. That you are working. Not looking for a mate.

    Continue with the project? That’s tough. Is there a point of no return for you? Is there a point where the project just isn’t worth it?

    If you sit down with each fellow and straighten them out…as honestly and nicely as possible…and still nothing changes in their behavior…well then you have to make a decision.

    This topic is lacking another female photographer’s perspective. I think that would be helpful at this point. Ladies?

  • LEE :)))

    Very interesting story, and i am totally and utterly NOT SURPRISED! :)) happens all the time, and not just with single men and women, but married men and women too, all the way around…it’s part of the intimacy and part of the process, but first a side note…

    Ironically, i’m finishing up reading Alexandra Fuller’s Scribbling the Cat, which details her experience with a veteran of the Rhodesian/Zimbabwe civil wars (60’s-70’s)…it’s a harrowing book, but one of the interesting aspects is that Fuller (the writer) finds herself, a married woman with 2 children, “falling” for K (the veteran about whom she is writing). Oddly, K fell for her first (the attention, her intelligence, her beauty, etc)…she writes about this and part of the narrative drive is the development of this relationship and how she reconciles this (i wont tell u in order to encourage you to read the book)…

    the thing is that intimacy means intimacy: right. It breads affection and connection. I mean, subjects fall in love (so to speak) all the time: it’s flattering to be paid attention to, to be “worshipped” (photographing people is a form of worship), to be listened to, held, spoken to, attended, cared about. This is what happens when you spend time with people, the act of photographing them simply enhances his. It is a form of affection to begin with. You are drawn to these men, otherwise you would not photograph them, period. That doesn’t mean you are drawn to them “romantically” or as a man/woman kind of thing, but you are drawn to them existentially, phtoographically, spiritually, otherwise they wouldn’t kick and click inside you. They know this too instinctually. for me, it is part of the “drama” of being a photographer: it is a relational act, a connective act, an intimate and human one. that is why i love making pictures…it isnt cold or indifferent, at least for me, or at least when it’s not a “conceptual” idea, but one born from real life and real peole….

    what have i done? (for example with the korean students i spent time with for the EPF project). I try to accept that that is what might happen. I also try to make it clear what my role and what my interest in them is. for me, it’s easier, ’cause they know I am married and I am wholly connected to Marina. I also allow for the connective fealings to exist and nurture and support that. But, i try to be completely honest. Remind them and myself (’cause the same seduction happens TO PHOTOGRAPHERS) that it is what it is…

    with this guys, maybe you just tell them the deal: you are interested in them as subjects, as men who are people and as friends and that’s it…you are not responsible for them to NOT FEEL, that would be stupid and of course, the fact that they once knew you intensifies even more (animals, especially humans, tend to fall in love more immediately and more strongly with those with whom they once were connected and then meet again after a period of separation) their attraction to you, or desire…plus you’re smart, eligible, cool, friendly, attractive…hell girl, what did you expect ;)))…

    i’d just be straight up and tell them you’re not interested and give them the opportunity to continue this relationship/friendship or not, if not: u loose the subject and move on…but you cannot define or categorize all that: just try to develop and deepen and connect with them and be as honest as you can :))…maybe in a week, you’ll write us: “hey, what do i do, i’ve falle for my subject? ‘ :))))))…good luck lee! :))

    lee: read the book! :)))…

    CATHY: :)) I LOVE CARTER’S wORK :)))…

    ok, running


  • RAFAL:

    hey, please do not worry. I was talking in general and believe me (believe me), i totally understand about the excitement of the project. I mean, when david asked me, i was like “fuck hell, yea!”..:)))…and it think that is so important to value your work and to celebrate it and to cherish it and dig dig dig, cause with time in the end, most likely (for all of us) if you dont love your work no one will. all i was suggesting was that too often people and here too try to distinguish work, try to say “this is great, this is best, this is not ” etc. The truth is there is so many great photographers, so much great work that is being done is that I always feel lucky and humble to even be making photographs. Every week, it seems, i “discover” someone who blows my socks off…and in truth, we’re all just small pieces in the collective photographic puzzle…so, let’s just embrace each other and really smile for what the art is…so, no worries, really…i was just talking about the act of saying “i love this work so much” …i dont even like thinking, in truth, abot my own work in a group project (i always thing everyone’s work is better ;) ), but just know we’re all connected, threaded…that’s the brilliance :))…

    MARTIN B: jesus ;))))…you are crazy ;))))…but thank you so so much…and well, yea, that would be an honor of the highest form, but i dont expect it, at least not in my life time ;)))))

    ERIC :)))))…love that long song of yours amigo :))

    ok, my son graduates from 8th grade…and i’ve used my 1 hr allotment..



    Thanks for the kind words.

    As you know, my mother is pretty sick at the moment, so life has pretty much been turned upside down. But I’ll do my best to join in here when time allows.

    But I’ve been photographing as much as possible, and I also hope to have a couple of things to share with you all in 2-3 weeks time. So I’ll keep you posted.


    As we all know, getting our acts together to make things happen can be the hardest part of a photographer’s life sometimes. And when it’s tough you just have to get your head down and push a little harder. I’m not sure I always practice what I preach though!

    Regardless, your portraits are quite stunning, and you’re on to something for sure with that approach.

  • BOB..

    That’s the sad thing.. Most of the people that they are exhibiting are dead ;) I also saw Roy Lichtenstein and Avedon not very long ago..
    Succeeding in art big time of course has to do with talent and hard work, but I also believe more than anything a large portion of luck and the right friends..

  • martin excellent taste as always..thank you thoroughly enjoyed these key resources.++

  • david alan harvey


    i will be more or less out of touch until next monday…now, lest you think i am going to Paris tonight just to go to another party, please know that i am in for an intense 4 days at Magnum…yes, there is a party…but the very next morning we spend the day reviewing the work of photographers who have submitted portfolios…we take this day very very seriously…finding new talent is our number one job….then follows two days of biz meetings where i generally fall asleep at some point…but these meeting are very necessary and have kept us alive for over 60 years where almost every other independent agency has been swallowed by the giants…we would rather go out of business than get gobbled up by the “big guys”….but i do not think we will go out of business…we have protected our archives all these 60 years…our archives keep us alive…your archives should keep you alive…i will post a story soonest on the necessity for all of you to think archive archive and archive…your present and your future….

    ok, running now….

    oh yes, by tuesday i will select some colleagues to help judge the self portraits..i want to give another very special thanks to David “The Man” McGowan for making this work easy to see for all of you and so much easier for me have judged…

    back soonest

    peace, david

  • No problem David. Be sure and find an email I sent you with magazine information.

  • I will read the book Bob. And what you and Michael say is coming home today. When I put a question out, either a journal or workshop or this blog, that day the answers start to come. You are right, both of you, in I have to make it more clear. Then it is their choice. Bob, I feel honored that one of your missives was for me. You too Michael, of course.

    I see two of them soon and I will make the point. As the Sufi’s say, Inshallah. I want to post these essays soon. I hope you will comment on them when I do.


  • Bob,

    true what you are saying but I also think its natural that some work appeals more to others so for example when some people say they like Panos or your stuf but dont mention mine I dont feel any hurt because I tghink not everyone will like the same thing equally. human nature, I dont think its meant in a bad way even one bit.


    is this the first time you are using medium format exclusively to do a project?

  • Who the hell is “David McGowan”.. now?
    “The Man”????

    congratulations mr “Flyonthewall”… You perform
    “miracles” here…
    right on…
    and THANK YOU again for all the beautiful photos
    you gave me as a gift from C/Ville..
    Precious memories..
    ok, im going to the other room and cry…
    ( for some mysterious reason, is impossible for me to cry in front
    of my laptop..! Who knows why??? ).. back in a second!

  • Really, Panos, it was time I got off my ass and did something. Turn on your video conferencing so I can watch you sob.

  • Lee– It’s all about the vibe. Just be clear what message you are sending out.

  • Rafal,

    I believe David is mixing formats to give a range of expression..

  • LEE

    I agree with Linda O.

    Its in the approach- if you are professional about what you are doing, then it carries a bit of weight with it and you can establish boundaries that can take you ‘inside’, but keep you at a ‘safe’ distance.

    It does sound a bit complicated ‘cos you have previous knowledge of these guys, but then you have to put yourself in their shoes.

    Here is a woman that they used to know on a more intimate level who appears 30 years later showing interest and being good company and they are thinking ‘Yahoo’. They don’t remember you as a photographer, they only remember the vibrant girl they knew and so they think you are just playing around with the camera and its just some big ploy to get their attention.

    Thats why they are ‘bachelors’ eh? They are only thinking from their own viewpoint, which is they are lonely really.

    I guess that you must examine the reason’s you want to shoot them in the first place- are you really interested in why they are ‘Bachelors’? Then ask them why they think they are. If they say its because you broke their hearts or something 30 years ago, well maybe you should of had the ‘talk’ with them 30 years ago. You can have it now though!

    I reckon you just have to be really honest with yourself and with them about why you are shooting them, is this an interesting story for the world to hear or is it just for you? Do you care enough about these guys to respect them photographically and therefore respect you? Why are you actually shooting them? Is it to explore where you have come from and why you are different to them? I think it sounds like its quite a personal story, so in all fairness to them you have to let them know why you are shooting it.

    I know the lines can sometimes get blurred, there is a great story about a very good photojournalist (on LS) who had a relationship with someone that was in fact part of the story he was pursuing. In fairness to him I don’t think he knew that the woman he fell pretty hard for was in fact involved, but I think the end of the whole thing was pretty devastating.

    Full disclosure has always been my mantra…

    Mind you, you should definitely be gracious about it, its not very often I have had three blokes fall for me within the space of a couple of weeks!

    You go girl!!

    thank you… crying!!! Roy O. master!

  • “…Leave your options open…”, my mantra …says panos…!
    sorry Lisa!

    “…Full disclosure has always been my mantra…”..

  • although some people refer to me as the “MONOGAMOUS BLOGGER”…????!
    who knows why…?



    You certainly know how to puncture a pompous lecture from me!!!!!!!


  • Jean Sébastien Bréault, Cristina Faramo, Panos, Bob, etc. etc. (“Assignments folks”).

    Did you guys finish or turn stuff in yet for the assignments? Dunno if I missed something!?… Been sick for a few days… blurrchh… so just (sweatily) crawling back to reality.



  • James C :))

    James, have been shooting shooting, and will be done next week (im guessing)…weird shit (pics)…will be showing my assignment in “Edition” No2 (cant do first edition for some personal reasons, which have zip to do with photography/work, etc)…so, i havent given DAH the stuff, and you havent missed anything as David hasn’t announced anything…he and Michael C are still recovering from the insanely busy 3 weeks that had trying to put together all the stuff for look3, traveling, magnum assignment, family shoot, blog contests etc etc etc (that dude is a magical machine ;))) ).. so you havent missed anything…im guessing david will report post-Paris soiree ;)))…

    hope u return from just (sweatily) crawling reality ;)))


  • PANOS :))))

    lovely lovely…and SHE IS A KNOCKOUT!…u’d better keep her away from PANOS….ummm, oh, yea you are her uncle ;))))…She’s a beauty and love her expression (runs in the family!)…

    love the old voightlander too ;))), alot! :))))


  • LEE :))

    my pleasure…your responsibility is simple: do the best damn work you can in whatever way your ideas/vision takes you and just be straight up with these old boys…you ait got a dime in the dell to regret as long as u just shoot straight…

    Scribbling is a fierce book (though I prefered her fist), but it shows you the weird way this shit goes down (subject/artist) and vice versa…the ways and ways of the wobbly heart ;))


  • Linda,

    You are right on about my motives. I have been examining this whole issue since before I posted initially and the answers are coming through. Part of it is the unfinished story; a large part of it is the story and how it shows in the photos. The hardest part, as always for me, is telling the unspoken story through photos.

    I spoke to the one that I dated 30 years ago, in depth yesterday, and he is very understanding and has taken what I shared with him to heart. I also did. I realized that I was falling back into (a bit anyway) old patterns with these guys and that is what they recognized.

    This has been huge for me.

    The photos are so good. I will post them when I figure out Flickr. I have always used my web page as a link to show people but I can’t post to my web site from here.

    I don’t even know if my last effort to make my self-portrait accessible worked or not. I went in and made it available to all the next day after the deadline but if it worked or not is still a mystery. I’ll work on that after I get home from the SPA!!!

    Thanks everyone for your insight.


  • Lee– SPA time is perfect for obtaining clarity. Ultimately, it’s fantastic you’re getting love from the universe via your old friends. Not a bad problem to have really. I could think of worse. :)

  • Hiya Guys and Girls,

    I haven’t written here before but my boyfriend Jason Hobbs is a regular contributor….so, hello!

    I’m based in London and work for a publisher here, specialising in client magazines.

    I have a job for a photographer in Freeport, Maine, this Monday (30th) at 10am at an LL Bean store. It’s to shoot a cover and a spread for a magazine that we do for Barclays Bank….

    Is there anyone here who is a fabulous commercial portrait photographer and can make the most out of photographing businessmen? I’m looking for a striking cover shot and spread to match.

    It’d be great to see your portfolios but I will only look at those working in stylised portraiture, preferably who are can get great results with studio lighting…..I also need you to work digitally….

    The rate is £450 inclusive….

    If you’re interested please email me at and send along examples as indicated above. I’ll endeavour to respond to all those who email.

    Thanks a lot,

  • Lassal– You got it right. True connections never cease.

    I read somewhere that… Death is an illusion, life’s pending alarm clock and a minor inconvenience.

  • Last night, I dreamt that I lived in a house with two dear friends AND HERVE. Separate rooms. Totally platonic.

    I’ve never met Herve… And b/c he didn’t submit a self portrait, his presence was faceless.

    I also dreamt that THREE ADDITIONAL GUYS were in the house, vying to win my heart. (Thanks, LEE!)

    Wow, power of suggestion…!

    I’m not sure, but I think something very big just happended here. I believe that Johanna just posted the first assignment on this blog that didn’t come through David. I really hope that someone here fits the description that Johanna is looking for. This assignment (and the Karen Malarky assignments and David’s own “assignements”) are an opportunity to continue to demonstrate the breadth and depth of talent here…AND to demonstrate that we are not only a talented bunch, but can deliver as professional photographers. If we can keep doing that, well then… WOW! David might end up needing another section on the blog for assignments. I’m excited.

    I’m not sure, but I think something very big just happend here. I believe that Johanna just posted the first assignment on this blog that didn’t come through David. I really hope that someone here fits the description that Johanna is looking for. This assignment (and the Karen Malarky assignments and David’s own “assignements”) are an opportunity to continue to demonstrate the breadth and depth of talent here…AND to demonstrate that we are not only a talented bunch, but can deliver as professional photographers. If we can keep doing that, well then… WOW! David might end up needing another section on the blog for assignments. I’m excited.

  • ANNA,
    click on Herve’s name link ..
    and you will see his photo..
    he is so HOT that you will
    probably forget about all those
    “other” guys..!
    NOT laughing at this time..

  • … you also mention 3 more guys..!
    question: was AKAKY there too??

  • KELLY, that would be awesome..
    imagine if the editors calling and begging us for a job..

    “.. Imagine there is no heaven and no religion too..
    .. Oh I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…”

  • ok, let me hit the 200 th comment,
    so I don’t have to scroll while I’m driving..


    the other three guys were faceless as well. bummer.


    We should continue dreaming until we change real life to conform to our dreams.

    Jean-Claude Carriere

  • the Jean-Claude Carriere quote refers to Kelly’s comment (not the 3 guys!).


  • this how will look a new anselm’s adams style photography… what do you think?

  • Clearly, Rover has studied the Zone System.


    I have to scan what I shooted for my assignement (part 2) and send that before friday. I will be in Cuba next week. Family vacation and a day in Moron.

  • Good one Michael.

    I’m sitting here looking like a tool with a laptop in a bar. Gotta get some work done.

  • McG!

    can’t be a tool
    if you’re drinkin’s something cool!











    i dont know if there are other members/lurkers who won, but if so, please step up! :))))

    I am so happy for the 2 of you




    both are great competitions…and marina and i will be participating next year, hope u all do as well!

    good work team! :)))))))

    congrats again Charlie!


  • Charlie/ Erica,

    Congrats to both…I am a fan as you know…By the way Bob, you missed Albertina who also got a prize…

    This is great!


  • congrats to ALL… FOR THE AWARDS..
    thank you BOBBLACK for the info…( as always, BOB will guide
    us, and we will cowardly say… oh sure, yes, cough, of course
    i knew “this” guy, or “that” girl photographer… blah blah..
    Bob, thanks again…!

    ALSO,… i’m gonna be “out” for a “while”.. due to some ,
    “extreme”-( lately ), family ( personal )… drama…
    until next time…( hope next week, peace )..
    Michael K. & Raechel thank you again for the “listening” part,
    and the “advice”… ( still without saying anything…! amazing )
    Thank you again… beautiful couple.. ( MK & Raechel)
    im trying to “clean” things “up” right now!!!
    Not easy!
    ok, bye for now!

  • Congratulations, Erica, Charlie, and Albertina! Well deserved recognition, and happy for you all here as well!


    An aside… I’d like to follow up on your question about the perfect publication, and your sense that there is something in the air…

    I watched with sadness as Life magazine went through it’s death throes… it ended up a Sunday newspaper supplement featuring suduku puzzles before they pullled the plug… it made Parade look like the New Yorker… what an ignominious end for that great magazine….

    My perfect publication would be a resurrected Life magazine, but glorious again, big and glossy and filled with the best documentary, or reality-based photographs being made today… and the best writing. It would be fun, and weird and serious at turns, but most of all it would be smart, populist, and would assume the highest level of visual sophistication from the readers. But no “art” and no pretense.

    I would ask photographers to assign themselves, but maybe it would be fun to assign them… I don’t know… send Jim Nachtwey fly fishing with John McPhee, or Lauren Greenfield to cover the competitive eating circuit. Maybe Nachtwey photographing Civil War reenactments instead… Bruce Gilden, how about showgirls in Las Vegas. Larry Towell, a NASCAR event… women’s fashions would have to be Miroslav Tichy… Richard Kalvar to cover the coming election. Where to send Eugene Richards… Hollywood? Roger Ballen… Christmas in New York? I would make the magazine a nirvana for photographers and I wouldn’t stop until their names were as well known to the public as our great writers, Mailer, or Updike… I think finding advertisers and an audience would be easy…

    But, the website! Blogs and forums and articles and so on…. behind the scenes, the stories behind the great photographs. How-to’s. Everyone love gear! Sell, sell, sell… Reports from photo festivals and workshops… involve the audience, allow them a voice in the process of putting out the magazine. Contests!! Winners published… show everyone how it’s done, involve them, teach, share the excitement and joy of image making… and, of course there’s the Life archive…

    Doesn’t that sound like fun??

  • BOB:

    Cheers for the update! I thought that was probably the case, but wanted to be sure. You know, a lot is said on here regarding David’s generosity and energy and dedication… I am not one to gush (stoic English gent and all). But shit! I honestly don’t know how the hell he does it. Since leaving on this current trip for example, and trying to juggle research, shooting, editing, travel etc. etc. finding the time to contribute to this blog regularly can be a real challenge. I am genuinely and absolutely mystified as to how the hell he does it!!! Seriously DAVID do you sleep 2 hrs a night? There has to be some weird super human shit going on here somewhere… surely?…

    TOM (names constantly evolving) Hyde.

    Did love those ports. Oh, sir you do “trippy” so well. What’s your secret? ;)

    ERICA, CHARLIE: Congrats to you both! Great work, well deserved!!!


  • JCHANCE: Don’t know, maybe too many Dead concerts in my youth … don’t ask how many, i really don’t remember … this “trippy” seems to be a direction for me … hmmm, what did Lisa say, “otherworldly,” like it ;-)

    MIKE!!!! I share your dream, a wonderful dream … good photography, important stories are disappearing from the public eye … the pendulum will swing back, i have faith, the time will be right soon.

    KELLY & MIKE … something IS happening … something here … something wonderful …

    ALL … forgive this aside but … perhaps you have seen it but i watched for the first time tonight a truly wonderful independent film, Sweet Land … simple, sweet, beautiful and the cinematography was … words fail me, it’s a series of wonderful photographs that move, frames through which the story moves, stunning … The film is a triumph, especially for Ali Selim who spent 15 years writing the script and trying to make the film … a film Hollywood would not make … and then it was all shot with the help of a Minnesota community in 24 days. It may be too sentimental for some but it is now one of my all time favorite films. And the last line is for all of you.

    I also just saw Goya’s Ghost, also highly recommended, with moments of brilliance in the cinematography as well.

    Okay … thanks for listening … i think i’ll go to istanbul … and then maybe Nikos Economopoulos’ favorite island … and Thira to meet my wife. Trippy late summer in the Balkans :)))

    PANOS, meet me in Athens!!!


  • Ahhh, yes, before i forget … i know Paul Stamets and i believe he may very well save the planet with his mushrooms.

  • I could see evryone now
    many many thanks Mc Gowan

  • AND HERVE. Separate rooms. Totally platonic.


    I know that dream!!!!! It costs to be a real gentleman. Oh, Anna, why did you did you lock your door. Don’t you know the hardest doors to unlock are the ones dreamt….?


    yes, congrats to Charles, Albertina and Erica. Not surprised, really.

    Talked to our man in Paris, aka DAH, tonight Paris capital of photography, Magnum annual…. I wish I was Bob or Panos, have their encyclopedic knowledge, parler de cinema, peinture, et Barthes, en toute connaissance. But I am just a kid from the suburbs with no tatto to speak about, no diamond earring in one ear…. Un petit ecolier, c’ est tout. it will show.

    And David wants me to write a report. Anton will be there too? good.

    What would you take tonight, just a small compact, the SLR, a pencil only (hommage à Cartier-Bresson)? Tell me….

  • Congratulations to Albertina, Erica, and Charlie!!!

    Hervé and Anton,
    I shall have very much liked to accompany you… you will tell us all details!!

  • HERVE,

    i will be leaving now from liège…. i will be in paris in about 4 hours… you want to meet before the party?

    i will take tonight a small compact, a moleskine + a pencil, and if i find a book of Trent Parke this afternoon i will take it as well… on sait jamais….

    i am excited to meet you too Hervé, i have never seen your face before!!!!

    oh, my cell phone is +32 496 425553



    i will record as many details as possible!!! i will try to take a picture of Hervé and David and me… in montmartre… jim morrison’s grave? tribute to Panos?… we shall see…


  • HERVE!!!!

    Me, I would be too intimidated by such ‘great’ company that the only thing I would take is my ‘skinniest’ black clothes and a glass of booze for moral support- don’t know about you but the idea of fronting up at a Magnum ‘do’ fills me with more fear than facing a thousand rabid dogs that are frothing at the mouth!


    Thats just FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BoB, where do you find out about these things?


    I love your magazine- can I work for it?


    I am just about to add some pics to the “Beautiful Music” Story on my website (probably done in a couple of hours) and I need to send a final edit of the story off to somewhere tomorrow. If anyone has any feedback about what they think about the edit (I can put up to 40 images in this) I would really love to hear from you! Anything that looks really crap please feel free to let me know



  • HERVE,

    i don’t know much of photography either… we can be the two kids from the suburbs… david’s pupils… and talk about LIFE, wine, and women…

    see you tonight, leaving now…


  • Herve, if you can brother, give my regards to Ms. Sanguinetti and tell her Im a big fan, a big big fan of her work on the two cousins. If she is there.

  • David, I could see anyone except myfelf. you forgot me

  • HERVE ;)))))…

    pics of lots of kisses :))))…

    a report? ok, who did you find the most kind, the most interesting and the least halo’d by the magnum aura….and tell chris anderson he owes me a beer ;)))…

    if an interviewer: here’s my question: how does Jakob like being there

    enjoy enjoy :))


  • Thank you Anton,

    If you have the time(weather) you have Saul Steinberg to the Foundation Henri Cartier Bresson (magnificent place!) and Anni Leibovitz, William Klein, Sophie Elbaz, Eric Aupol at the European House of the photography and ” sexy Be, thank you! ” Of Gérard Uféras to the Shop Jean Patou….
    Good stay,

  • PANOS…

    Hang in there, brother. We know. It’s not easy.

    Rachel sends you her best! She’s the brains, you know? You know!

    We’re with you in spirit.


  • LISA :))

    talked to tamara last night :))…will see her on sunday and have a bash (small bash) in her honor on monday…u’ll get a report, i imagine, when she returns to sydney ;)))..



  • Herve: :))

    btw, im just a kid from the city and a kid from the country (my childhood split right down the middle) and kid of the waves (if anything, im part surfer/part field-dashing/tree-falling-out-of kid)..cities maybe have marked lots of my life (childhood and adulthood) but it’s the waves and the cornfileds/cowshit/appletrees/chicken barns that made me the Me I am ;)))..really…

    by the way, your knowledge is pretty damn encyclopedic :)))…as is your belle Rousseux (sp en francais?) langue philosophique :”)))…


  • HERVE…

    Take the SLR. One small, wide angle lens. Beer in one hand camera in other. The DAH shuffle. Take only mental notes and consult the images later for refresher.

    Amusez-vous bien!

  • ALL ..many thanks

    If you in PARIS, first of all I am incredibly jealous and wish I could be there right now more than I can say..but if you are there..

    the opening is Friday, June 27, at Acte 2 Gallery in Paris. The winning images from the annual Px3 competition as well as winning images from Px3’s Human Condition competition will be exhibited. The vernissage will be held from 7 – 9 PM. 41, rue d’Artois

    Please check it out if you can and have a good time for those of us who can’t make it.

  • SO..

    first time I ever really wished I had a DSLR was last night. If someone is in NYC, there is a really fun thing to shoot, which I couldn’t with rollei, but get yourself over to Water Taxi Beach in Queens with a DSLR that can handle low light.

    You take a subway or water taxi there from the city, and it’s right on the river with the NY skyline in the background, on a little “beach”..but the potential pics have to do with the way NY city folks let their hair down when there are games, trailers, couches, food and drink out in the night air.

    I spent much of the night rebirthing my hula hooping skills and learning dance moves from people who could really shake it. Sore today, but got to feel briefly like that girl from the movie Dirty Dancing as I was leaping into the night air with abandon..thank god I was caught each time, and that the sand was soft…


  • OH!

    forgot to say that my PX3 images (Portraiture
    2nd Category Winner) were all ones that dear DAH chose, so i trusted his judgement when submitting..these were all part of our first DAH challenge, so thanks thanks DAVID for the push and the selection..

  • Helloo from Bosnia and Herzegovina.Jour blog is the best!


    scads of congratulations


    I’m sorry to hear about your dog; I only had the one dog when I was a kid and when my father had to have her put down we never got another one, we were all so broken up about losing her.


    No, I am not making guest appearances in other people’s dreams these days. I do, however, have a samba band playing Ary Barroso’s Aquarela do Brasil in my head right now, a song I usually like but not for the 4712th time in the past 90 minutes. It also makes me wonder just why I have undocumented and nonunion Brazilian musicians working in my head when there are so many American musicians who could be in there making my life miserable. Other that that, all is well here in our happy little burg.



    wine’s on Herve and Anton and Aubrey and the rest of the france/belgium based folk :))


  • ALL

    need some help here…

    i’m in paris at a hotel lobby checking up… does anyone have Hervé’s number or a picture how he looks like??? david & i cannot find him!!

    herve if you read this please call me at +32 496 425553

    peace anton

  • DAVID,

    and everybody,

    ok… i finally made it and have a website to show some work.

    actually it’s only one essay, photographs I took many years ago
    when working in a home for the elderly.
    Hopefully i’ll soon buy a scanner (when i have the money!) and add my most recent work as well.

    (un)fortunately tomorrow i’m leaving for a 3 weeks deserved vacation, no computer, no internet or iphone, so i’ll have to catch up with your comments later when i’m back.

    anyway…here’s the link

  • here’s a list of names of photogs in the exhibit..

    You Are Invited

    Please join us for the premiere exhibition of winning photographs from Prix de la Photographie Paris 2008 and also Px3’s Human Condition competition, juried by international photography decision-makers.

    June 27 | 7pm-9pm
    Acte 2 Galerie | 41, rue d’Artois 75008 Paris
    Open to the public

    The winner of the most coveted public recognition, the Px3 Photographer of the Year, is professional photographer Balazs Gardi of Hungary. The recipient of the Best New Talent Award is Ryan Schude of Los Angeles. Both the Px3 2008 winners and the Px3 Human Condition competition winners will be exhibited at the prestigious Galerie Acte 2 in Paris and published in the Px3 Annual Book.

    Works of these Winning Photographers will be Exhibited:

    Balazs Gardi, Ryan Schude, Alex Telfer, Benjamin Antony Monn, Gillian Laub, Stephen Shames, Howard Schatz, David Bowman, Sophie Nowicka, Ellert Gretarsson, Josef Hoflehner, Reimar Juul, Elene Usdin, Andrea Land, Jon Edwards, Martine Fougeron, Matt Eich, Amro Hamzawim, Michel Rajkovic, Anthony Kurtz, Faisal Almalki, Erica McDonald, Fabiano Busdraghi, Yeang Chng, John Hryniuk, Marcos Bizzotto, Camille Zakharia, Abir Abdullah, Derek Johnson, Jessica Antola, Glen DiCrocco, Jean-Claude Louis, Seckin Yalcin, Thomas Lee, Christian Burkert, Jean Chung, Olivier Asselin, Andrew Glickman, Kemal Jufri, Frank Herfort, Petra Barth, David Saxe, Jaret Belliveau, Rania Matar, Douglas Menuez, Dani Marin, Charlotte Oestervang, Daniel Cima, Juliana Beasley, Stephanie Sinclair, and Marco Di Lauro.

  • I am invited to go somewhere in France…okay, well, I’d need directions, of course. I was in New Jersey once, but I dont think that counts, and I think it’s going in the wrong direction, too, and there was the time I took the wrong exit off the Thruway to cross the Hamilton Fish Bridge and didnt realize that I hadnt crossed the Hudson River until I crossed the border into Pennsylvania, so if you can keep the directions short and to the point, so much the better, and congratulations again, Erica :-)

  • Okay, since we’re all good sports and want more, more more!!!! I’ve added a few portraits that came trickling in. Not that I have ultimate power (or do I, hmmmm) but I think as far as the contest goes we have a pretty honest group here, and if you don’t qualify, please pass the prize on to someone else. Plus we don’t know when David is going to check back in, so we might as well see a few fresh faces.

    With that in mind, I’ve added Bernardo Gimenez, Chris Hinkle, Giampiero, Kira, Mike Berube, Ozzy Al, Sidney Atkins (who looked exactly as I expected!!), Herve Blandin, and Pierre Yves.

    Nasha, send me your portrait!

  • So HERE you are!!! I feel a perfect ass, although when I say that my dear husband always answers, “NOBODY ‘S perfect!” Can you believe I’ve been over in the Self PortraIts thread for DAYS now and couldn’t figure out where everyone went! DUH…

    SO MUCH has happened in just the last few days. Lee’s been overwhelmed with bachelors falling in love with her (not too surprising!), three or is it four of our bloggers have won awards from the prestigious PX3-PRIZE DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE-PARIS, Charlie also made the list for the FOTO8 SUMMER SHOW, DAH is off to the big Magnum gathering in Paris where Herve & Anton will be seeing him at Thursday’s party (that’s probably still going on in one form or another right this minute), Panos has captured SOLSTICE at Venice Beach with his exuberant eye, David McG shot some fabulous airborne skateboarders, and more, MUCH MORE!

    Well, I learned one thing as I hung out in that empty room of a thread, I LOVE YOU GUYS & GALS!!! I felt rather desolate without you. But you’ll be happy to know that didn’t keep me from working HARD on the assignment David gave me to continue with my self portrait series. I have LOTS of new images that I’ll be sharing soon.

    Anyway, I’m glad to be back home again ;=)


  • just posted up some new shots taken with my tlr rolleiflex camera>


    Love the quality and “feel” of the last one. Aahhh film…



    ok not really really actually ‘live’, i’m writing this in my hotel room live (no connection til the morning)… just got back… 3a.m. … a short walk… close to the moulin rouge, middle of the red light district… it has been amazing…

    …i mean, i don’t even know that many photographers and david just kept introducing me to photog after photog after photog… it just kept on going… i was like janice in friends: OH MY GOD… literally EVERYONE is here… koudelka dancing, trent parke chatting on slippers, martin parr joking around, carl de keyzer talking about “8 percent”… antoine d’agata getting a ‘coupe champagne’… everyone dancing…

    the atmostphere is great, a little courtyard between four buildings… right next to Montmartre… Jim Morrison’s grave… riders on the storm…PANOS where are you my friend… we just called you but it just made you further away… but it was good to hear your voice again…

    ok there was this little incident with Hervé coming out into the street getting questioned by the police… i mean, wow what happened there dude… (he’s ok he’s right here in my hotel room crashing, he needed a place to stay)

    :)))) SO NOW I FINALLY KNOW WHAT HERVE LOOKS LIKE!! he’s a great guy, mark my words…

    BOB suddenly i’m thinking of you, don’t know why but you’re here… peace my bro

    phew i reread this stuff and i sound like a drunken raving madman… sorry about that… i wanted to cover it as “live” as possible… but i honestly don’t know where to begin… sooo many impressions… tomorrow my head will have cleared up… then i will post party pictures…

    but BEFORE THAT, as in AS SOON AS I WAKE UP AND GET IT UPLOADED, i will post the greatest mystery of all… the mysthical thing… the question that’s on everybody’s mind for so long… the big kahuna…

    who do you think is the best dancer??? DAVID or JOSEPH K?

    a tribute… in the truest sense…

    and hopefully a few hours later i will have sorted out all the party pictures i’ve been making throughout the night, i hope you guys will be able to feel a bit of the atmosphere… what else am i doing it for if not to give back as much as i can with the little power that i have, to this great community… love you all

    ok… this was anton reporting, for DAH blog, Paris, France… signing off… running… crashing…

    sweet dreams…


  • OK; fuck!!!!!! lost my whole comment…

    starting again:

    First,thanks Anton for the room hospitality and david for the invitation. Some night!

    Now home, I just left Anton in his pink room (in red light district), carpet, walls, and some… Couldn’t sleep much last night, people kept arguing down the street, some pimps, johns and the ladies, or whatnot, it went on til’the rooster crows… Never mind, but sorry Anna B., no platonic pink dreaming for me ;-)

    Party was anything but intimidating. That’s the problem, if you are not familiar with faces, just evryone could look like a Magnum P (save Koudelka’ cute daughters). And fun wise, on the dance floor, you can’t tell Parr from Koudelka, lemme tell you. David was easy to recognize, he was the only Magnum P. taking pictures… And he shoots close, while danding at the same time…

    I was a bit late at the party, it was already in 3rd gear, so i did not get to meet as many photographers as Anton, introduced by David. I only met J. Koudelka, Alex majoli, Carl de keyzer, Tomas Dworak, Trent Parke, Elliot Erwitt. Just another day in the life…:-))))

    Parr was having too much fun dancing to be importuned, but just to tell you how informal it felt, just as I was filling up with brie and champagne, I had Stve Mc Curry next to me, eyeing my camera. So I just said “Hi Steve” and we chatted a while (he is off to Helsinki). The vening went like that, and i am only sorry I did not get to meet John Vink who left early.

    getting this one post on before i lose it. another one will follow…

  • I just created a youtube account for some very special snippets I will post a bit later and that you will enjoy, i am sure. We will finally be able to note David on his dancing…. With camera and without!

  • Herve and Anton…

    Great reporting! Reminds me of Charlottesville a bit. Drunk in hotel, slow computer, but had to say something. Sounds like a blast! Can’t wait to see the man doing his own “DAH shuffle.”


  • Oh yes, I met Eli Reed too. Looking at the pix and videos, I am starting to see a few faces I could have recognized, if they had stood in line, with no music to get us swinging from one foot to another…

    Apologies to all who had some precise people i salute in their behalf. I had to pick up the invitation in the afternoon, and went to paris early, so i never read the posts following mine yesterday.

    Bob, I think all I met, and Anton will concur, just came with absolutely no attitude. Even Elliot, who’ seen a few, was gracious in his white, blue and red suspenders. I must admit my pix will be a lot more interesting than my conversations (which is not saying much), the music was a bit loud, if great to keep everyone loose.

    Anton hit it up pretty nicely with Carl De Keizer, his fellow belgian. Trent was the least dressed, Alex maybe the most, but I think only the ladies, took care of their appearance last night. As it should be with Parisiennes.

    They sure added a lot of sexiness to the party:Photographers do attract nice-looking girls, so they must have an aura i missed, because no way it would be on account of the clothes these guys wear :-))))

    Working on pix and videos, adding soon. Is anyone alive out there, only me and Anton have posted since last night. Let me wet your appetite:

    (See, I had no idea last night, but i believe David is actually dancing with Martine Franck. yes?)

  • Good morning, Mike. Not red wine, CHAMPAGNE glass in one hand and camera in the other, last night…. Ball was sponsored by “VEUVE CLICQUOT”. Well, it flowed, so yes, we had to switch to more mudane liquor at somepoint. I finished the night with a splendid Côtes-Du-Rhône, not counting the beer I had as David, Anton, Luis and friends went for a snack nearby.

    We had to guide david thru the maze of the 18th district, post-party, after he broke his glasses. Ok… not quite, David know his way blind around the agency neighborood. But he speaks French only under torture or if the girl is really pretty…I guess whichever comes first on any given day… -))))

  • COMRADE HERVE! :)))))

    GREAT REPORTING AND BRILLIANT VID! :)))))…that vid is so fucking priceless! :))))….and cant wait to see more :))))…love the report (including the post that vanished), and loved the thoughts of you in a brawl au parisienne with police! :)))))…cant wait to see your pictures and your follow up comment …what i love most about your vid and your comments what that it is so so nice and refreshing to see and hear that people are still people and aint nothin’ better about things than that :)))…and any group that embraces harvey, park, d’agata, anderson, majoli, towell, pinkhassov (i want of vid of him dancing!), koudelka, sobol, bendikson, davidon, vink (i WANT that vid of him dancing too), meisalas, sanguinetti, pelligrin, erwit, chang, parr, reed, AND GILDEN (he’s gotta be shooting while dancing too like Harvey) in the same HOUSE/TEAM, let alone the same court, just simply rocks…and that aint about the photography either :))))))…

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR REPORT :))…cant wait to see the pics :)))

    ANTON: :))))…great feed: great image (of herve in a pink room just having kicked the asses of some gendarmes and spiky madams and danced the night away with magnum babes into exhaustion! :)) )….believe me, wherever there is dancing im there in spirit (with camera too, i’ve always been found of the old dance moves shoot the pic technique too, loose baby, loose!) )…

    be good all…



  • Herve, since we share the same time zone let me applaude the first 30-second view from the Magnum party. Good camera work . . . soccer- wise the scoope of the party certainly was of greater MAGNITUDE than the game between Spain and Russia . . . the papers report Germany being the underdog for Sunday – do you believe it???

  • Hi Gerhard, I am sorry (for you) to say this but if we want something to happen in the streets on Sunday (and have something to shoot) we need Spain to win…

  • Anton and Herve,
    Thanks so much for the great reporting! Looking forward to more and pictures…. did either of you run into R. Kalvar???

  • HERVE????

    Trent was the least dressed?

    It must be an Aussie habit…

  • I really feel bad. All these name dropping, and guys I probably crossed around the party thru-out the night, without knowing… Pinkhassov, Vink dancing. probably, and I missed that. Guilty as charged. i should have read your comments yesterday, it would have given me a sense of mission. Nevertheless, there will be plenty to see, and I bet you will recognize some faces whom i had no idea.

    Bob, the police, my baptism in photo-journalism. Come on, guys, all these great guys known to look zhere they should not, war, conflict and all, andonly one was to brave the police for shooting too close: moi!

    Not sure what it was about,. they came around for the noise or something, i shot a couple pix from afar, cops were at the gate, and as I approached, they asked me to step out and show my papers. I had none! Not even a credit card… I thought for a while I was going to spend a few hours at the station explaining myself (David and Co went inside, the scoundrels thought I was just chatting up the cops, yeahhhh, sure…), but it all went cool, they asked who I was, wrote it down, and frankly i had not done much wrong so was not worried the least, but cops are cops, so you never know.

    Well, anyway, now, i want respect, i went thru the fire for crissakes, shooting, trying to get to the truth of things when the greatest PJs in the world farandoled around the dance floor, a few feet away… COME ON!



    if you can, get a copy of the June 30 – July 7 New York Magazine and take a peek at the photo essay “Punk Like Them”, photos by Rona Yefman..interesting to see these published in a glossy..

  • How the hell are you late to a Magnum party? herve, you get there early! Im seriously jealous anyway….

  • — second paris report —

    OH NO this is not happening… i have be trying for hours to edit and upload the video of david and koudelka (and the others whom i don’t know their names…) dancing… and it doesn’t work… my quicktime crashes everytime… dang…

    luckily Hervé did some videos!!!

    i have quite some party pictures… loose loose style (how could i do it otherwise, drunk on champagne…) i’m editing them now, and i’ll post them tonight!!

    but first… un café et une petite promenade dans les rues…

    i’ll be back soonest


  • Wonderful video! Reminds me of the Geographic video David posted a while back. He’s in the street using those same moves with some woman in Brazil. Too cool.

  • Anton, let me know wassup tonight. Can’t make it too early, really.

    Rafal, I was not late to enjoy the party full time, but beginning-late to take advantage of fewer people and David introducing me to the magnum Ps, with Anton. Not that would have meant great conversation. It was truly party time.

    Anton, someting is not right here too for me. I can’t seem to upload the second video, it takes foooorever. I will try later. Meanwhile, i am going thru the pix and well, they should be less loose than Anton’s, though IMO, the loosest I ever took! :-)

  • LOVE the video, DAH you are beaming!

  • HERVE! :))))

    you got my respect for sure!! 100%.. :))…..I still cant get the image of you out of my mind in the redlight district, pink room, sleeping a lovely champagne buzz off and arguing with cops :)))…i am totally down with you….god help Venice if you, panos and Harvey hit Venice, this fall..ground zero! :)))

    not only for holding your own on the dance floor and getting into a fisticuffs with the cops but standing straight up with the magnum folk and being a real person and a great guy and having humour about all it!!!…i take all my stupid anger over the Myanmar pics back…my, as u probably guessed, i tend to be emotional and protective of my friends :)))…i’ll be in ur corner too, believe me: im a Taurus: loyal to the point of fault for those i care about :)))…u got my respect big daddy :)))…not get us pics! :))))


  • I mean: GET US PICS!!! :)))

  • Bob, how are you keeping up with this on one hour a day?

    I’m currently logistically stuck with the same restriction, which is so good in a way but I find it impossible to keep up with this brilliant blog! People are getting awards — CONGRATS — and dancing in Paris and dodging cops and bachelors on two different continents and holy hell…no way to keep it all straight.

    But yes, PICS would help!

    I’ll be back shooting on my project this weekend, it’s been two weeks and I’ll be out of sorts, but there is a lot going on there to tune into.


  • PICS:

    I uploaded a first batch, feel free to comment under each pix, as you recognize the photographers. Will upload more, soon again. Hopefully, videos will start uploading again too.

    PS: Bob, No harm. You did not have to mention anything. We are David’s Army, tight as an armory mesh.

  • Check this out: David shoots and Josef Koudelka (white beard, green shirt) does the cool moves.. I have a feeling there is someone else in the video worth mentionning, I am sure someone here will tell us:

  • JOAN :)))…

    it’s less than an hr/day at dah…go on computer for 30 minutes before i teach, and then during my lunch break 15 minutes…and from time to time…but, at home no more than 1 hr, and actually, less much less than that…i type fast, stupidly fast (in love with a typist when i was a teen, true story)…and i only go to 4 websites a day: email/dah/johnvink/nytimes…that’s it…3 times a week (if time), i go to LS and then other sites sporadically: like villagevoice, salon, guardian, photosights, etc…but, actually, i probably spend 2 hrs/day (1 1/4 during teaching day hr and 3/4 im home)…on weekend, almost nothing except saturday morning…at night it’s: family, photography, writing, reading..almost no internet, believe it or not …marina spends even less than I :)))

    HERVE :))…thanks, armory mesh, that’s it…and sorry, really…i really get overly protective of friends, it’s the oldest of 4 boys in me :))))…im feelin’ the lovin :))

    will look at pics and vid now, then im off to Buffalo for a few days (no computer until sunday)…

    thanks ami..

    running now to buffalo..


  • HERVE :)00

    FUCK…brilliant vid…even better than #1 :))))…love the old Harvey/Koudelka arm pump in the air! :))))))…and koudelka aint bad, aint bad at all, guess it’s all that walking ;))))…and it’s mad gorgeous to see all these guys and galls dance…david, koudelka, franc, etc….

    and i LOVE the pics :)))

    no time to comment, have to run now, but i see, in no particular order:

    dah, d’agata, alex, m, koudelka, reed, towell (with hat, of course), erwit, jakob?..reed,soth (i think), thomas d, trent, …but, i dont know all faces…didnt follow magnum until i met david here…

    ok, running (for real)



    .. about the nasty comment in my blog ..
    my friend and tech guru RYAN ,
    just found out that the
    on my blog..
    comes from GREAT BRITAIN
    or ENGLAND..
    We are about to determine the city
    I kinda had a feeling..
    motherfucker, do YOU WISH TO REVEAL
    or do you want me to do it????
    come on, be a man..
    tell it like it is bitch,
    but tell it in my face..
    COWARDISH little slut, still hiding
    behind your little mans finger..

  • PANOS…

    Go get ’em my man!

  • More news from RYAN,
    the “test” is positive and the
    google analytics ALSO
    near Amsterdam..
    so it seems that we got “our” guy
    again ,
    step forward.. I will respect you
    if you reveal yourself..
    otherwise take the finger
    from your mouth
    and stick it in your ASS..
    you might feel better

  • Panos… my dear Panos

    you are photographer now… get used to it!!

    you are artist now… get used to it!!!

    hundred people will say you “your work is shit”…. get used to it!!!

    hundred people will say you “you are gorgeous”…. get used to it!!!!



    ps. Panos first time I understood that you and your Girl are ok now, if not I’m really sorry, but I hope you are good and happy.


    Love love LOVE the word & photographic pics and videos of the Magnum party!!!!!! These folks may be les grande artistes but, hell, they sure know how to boogie down! Thanks for taking us along…



    Don’t let “anonymous” types like that get to you. The web is full of such folks who hide behind their monitors in order to vent whatever nastiness lurks inside. They don’t deserve a minute of your time or energy. It’s THEIR stuff, not yours. Let it go…

    ok good, i will DO as YOU say..
    thank you!

  • Okay, I realize that this sort of thing is really Panos’ turf (my apologies for horning in on the action, panos ;-), but the opportunity presented itself and so I took it. Sorry about the lack of a soundtrack, but when I look at these I start thinking of Charlie Parker playing Laura or Mingus doing Theme for Lester Young.

  • hey ALL…

    okay, after Herve it’s MY TURN for loose pics :)))))

    i couldn’t resist putting them to music… i only brought one cd along… hope you don’t mind…

    so… without further ado… here they come!

    hope you enjoy… and identify… cos i knew next to nobody :))))

    oh yes and the second pic is…. HERVE!!!!



    Oh yeh man, you’re playin’ my kind of music here. Can you see my head noddin’ to the beat, my foot tappin’ the floor? Yes, a souundtrack would be cool but I can hear the music through your images. Especially LOVE #14!!!

    Patricia, 50 years a jazz fan


    FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! You have SO captured the ambience of the party, the people, the wine, the song, dancing, family feeling! I sure am glad you and Herve were there so we could be too. What a kick! Thank you, thank you, thank you…


  • OH yes… and i also made some NON-PARTY paris pictures… not many but maybe some good… will need some critiques… will post tomorrow… dead now… going to bed…

    love to all


    believe me, for you (and everyone here…) it’s my pleasure :)))

    i mean, for some stupid geographical reason i could make it to the party and you guys not… it’s THE LEAST i could do…



    if you find ‘mister anonymous’, just let me know, holland is very very nearby… i’ll go ‘pay him a visit’ & force feed him ten DUVELS in an hour, courtesy of the DAH gemini :)))))

    now that’s what i call a sweeeeeeeeet revenge :)))

  • More shots added, and will have gallery completed by next morning. Tomorrow too: David dance moves, Martin Parr as well…

    cool cool cool cool cool stuff

  • ALL

    sorry… i couldn’t wait… here are the paris street pics i’ve been taking… it feels like a long way from my dark stuff… and you can see that i’ve been talking a long time to trent parke and carl de keyzer :))))

    what do you guys think? i know it’s only one street (rue de rivoli at sundown) and it looks all the same ‘cos the people are all concentrated in one limited part of the street where the light was good, but if interesting enough i could expand this train of thought further… there’s a lot going on in the frame, don’t let the sun blind you :))

    here comes the sun, little darling… could these be compatible with my dark b&w pictures??

    ok, now i really have to go to bed… have to pick up my brother at the airport here in paris tomorrow, we’re going to discuss what might be my first “real” project… the tokyo underworld… i’m pretty excited…

    really going to bed now!


  • anton, herve,

    awesome reportage! :))

    anton– i love how when the kiss came, the music accentuated it.
    did you notice? yumm…

    herve– can you write the names of the people in your photos? i see you’ve done it in one case but truly i don’t know what most of these guys look like except DAH and erwitt. would be nice to have names with faces. thank you dear!

    i’m glad you guys had so much fun! :))


    You have done MAGNUM the best PR job ever!

    I like a bunch of people who can party…

    The street pics- to use Oz vernacular- SWER-WEET!

    Now you have to come down here and see the light- the best kept secret in the world!!!!!


    Great stuff, love the DAH shuffle!


    You give Tamara a big hug and tell her to take heaps of pics of you, Marina and Dima! I can’t wait to hear a full report when she gets back!

  • Lisa: “Trent was the least dressed? It must be an Aussie habit…”

    C’mon give your eastern kiwi neighbours some credit…. We can be scruffy buggers too you know!! :-) (PS thanks for the great Timor info you gave me on LS)

    With all these great events going on it’s easy to think that I live in the wrong hemisphere…..

    There’s no broadband where I live so watching the live movies (Magnum & LOOK 3)is nigh on impossible!!! Leaves me salivating on the keyboards like Homer Simpson over a doughnut….

    No worries, off fo some counselling to get over it now….

  • Hey Bob,
    If it’s Tamara V. you’re hugging, say hi for me, too…

  • ROSS

    You didn’t see my first self portrait then?

    Hehehehehe… thats what I meant by ‘least dressed’ (I reckon Kiwi’s would go to the wire in dress sense with Oz men- thats for sure!)

    Loved the East Timor pics BTW, hey aren’t they the most gorgeous, warm people? It showed in your pics!

    And I am totally with you on the wrong side of the world bit, but hey we just have to be better than the rest of the world to remind them of our presence!

    And we aren’t even THE most isolated, think Matty down in Tassy, now thats a real long way from anywhere- except of course the Antartic!

  • Lisa;

    Yea, I saw your self portrait. Obviously not taken on a wintery NZ day, with a howling southerly coming in direct from the Antarctic!!! Made mine look pretty lame arsed… not that I was gunning for a prize anyway. I was going to say you had more balls than me to put that one up, but that was patently not true either!!

    I’m one of those hypocritical photographers who hates having his own photo taken… am I the only one?

    Well I think in another month or so all we’ll be seeing is a bunch of well dressed Aussies (in Green and Gold) cleaning up the medals (again) at Beijing anyway!

    As for Timor, I’m trying to do everything I can to get back there asap. I was always treated with warmth and graciousness by the refugee families, even when the heavy handed Timor Task Force Police were staunching out the camp. It’s a fantastic place..

    I’ve nearly finished an AV presentation for lectures, and to go up on my website. And, Natalie Merchant has granted me free use of the rights to her song “Break Your Heart” (how cool is that!!!) for the AV. The only stipulation she made was to ask that I provide her with a link to the AV for her own website! “Ask” for god’s sake…. It will be an honour…

  • Herve,

    Excellent work, both the stills and the video! You deserve all of our thanks for bringing the party alive. Among the still photos in the slide show, I think number 29 will be an enduring classic!

  • Herve, thanks for pics wonderful,
    I’ve not seen video yet youtube is filtered HERE
    you both are LUCKY guys
    why nobody write an anti filter for mac! I really like to see the video

  • I put new pictures in the “my free space” page as I promised to send new ones every week :-)
    see them here:

    I’ve thought about “a bit of mystery in each pic”… hope it happen again and again in future… I don’t feel if I have any control on it!

    I enjoy your cemetery works, I realy like the way you show the life there…have you put new ones there?

    sorry, cuz of low speed connection here I am not able to see most of your work and put comment (at last I saw the emerging photographers jobs completely last week in home of a friend who’s lucky to have ADSL)

  • ANTON AND HERVE , great job in getting the stuff up so fast , I’m with Lisa feeling a little too far away from the action at the moment , Thanks for the reminder.
    BOB – Say Hi to Tamara for me and doo me a smallish fave?
    Like I said I was working on my writing and Stephen Alvarez offered me a chance to guest post on his blog
    have a squiz?
    Ross – Ditto with Lisa on your Timor pics , those of us who spend any time there get seduced by the place and the people just rock , except when theyre throwing them.

  • Nasha, thanks, I can always write up a CD and send it to you, and anyone who wishes. Besides, youtube’s compression is pretty drastic, reduces image quality by half, and I do not have the know-how to correct it on my side.

    Anton, some cool stuff, you got me thinking, You make me look rigid almost. And Mr, you have sharp ones, I thought we decided i’d do those and you take care of the creative ambiance blur, le je-ne-sais-quoi… :-)

    Don’t forget to send me the shots you took of me and David.


    i have about two minutes just to say hello…i have not seen any recent comments, so i have no idea what is going on above…frankly, i am half afraid to look… any case, i have today and tomorrow still pretty much locked up in meetings etc etc…i might be able to post a new story tomorrow and will try to catch up with all of your comments…i think i mentioned before that i would be able to have the self portrait project judged early next week….your usual patience is appreciated..ok, i now must pay attention to a slideshow which is just starting…back to you as soon as possible…

    peace, david


    i’m sorry i took some sharp ones as well… but you have loose ones too :))) i liked your pics… you are not at all rigid!

    oh yes, i will send you your pics… just send me an email tomorrow so i don’t forget!!


    mom’s lived in Melbourne for 10 years, australia IS my one and only ‘dreamland’ (to use the aboriginal term :)) and i will return whenever i can!! and then i’ll come visit you for a sister hug :))) and yes the light is the greatest over there, one of the only positive side effects of having no ozone layer up above you…


    again a big thank you for making it possible for us to experience this… i’ll driving home smiling ear to ear… i’ve talked to the great ones that walk this earth and they are all beautiful human beings… it has surely been a once-in-a-lifetime chance… Trent! Antoine!! Carl! and so many more… thanks again david, you really do keep on making things happen… ROCK ON and good luck with the family drive!!!!!

    oh and i second YOUNG TOM on his thoughts a while back in this thread too… something is about to happen, and it’s gonna be good…

    checking out of the hotel now, no internet till tomorrow at home…


  • Guys, all pix are uploaded, in 2 galleries, just click my name below (posted by…).


    I added 4 bonus shots, post-party, and well, Ok, i see one tiny creative blur in them, Anton, thanks for noticing… ;-)))

    have a nice trip back to Brussels.

    PS: I am out all afternoon and evening, i will try to upload a video, maybe 2.

  • Get your score cards out, David dancing, no camera, no net…

    Subtle hip moves, but losing one point for “accoutrement”, 5 out 6! :-)

  • marcin luczkowski

    new magnum nominees

    Olivia Arthur, Peter Van Agtmael


  • Am very excited to see Olivia Arthur as a nominee..she shoots the socially relevant in such a personal, touching way..

  • ALL….

    Marcin has reported our two new nominees into Magnum….

    Olivia Arthur from the UK and Dutch photographer Peter Van Agtmael….

    i welcome these two potential Magnum members…yes potential…while we did take in these two nominees, we also “lost” two former nominees who after several years of trying, just did not make the vote…a sad day for all…being a nominee obviously is only a beginning with hopefully a happy ending…it means the nominated photographer must grow and must present a new portfolio or body of work in two or three years….growth and a unique authorship are the keys…believe me it is just as tragic for the members who may not vote for a photographer to come in as it is traumatic for the applying photographer..this whole process is obviously not for the “feint of heart” nor is it necessarily a “measure” for all…

    i do want to publicly congratulate three photographers who have gone through the whole grueling process and are now as of this meeting full Magnum members…

    Alec Soth…..U.S.

    Jonas Bendikson….Norway

    Antoine d’Agata…..France

    on deck for next year, having been nominees two years ago are…

    Cristina Garcia Rodero….Spain

    Alessandra Sanguinetti….Argentina

    Mikail Subotsky….South Africa

    Jakob Sobel……Denmark

    for your own edification, please research these photographers…studying the work of others, and seeing their individual styles, is absolutely the best education you can give yourself….

    by the way, our own EPF photographers and others here on our forum are being seen by many of my colleagues and there is great interest inside Magnum on what is happening right here…simply put, if you do great work, it will be noticed…

    ok, back to my meeting….

    please be of good cheer…

    peace, david

  • David,

    please say hello to Ms. Sanguinetti for me if you have the chance, Im a fan of her work. Also Jakob Sobol whose work I was not aware of until someone pointed him out to me this week…

  • HI ALL

    I would like to invite you all to visite my website. I changed some things, added a few new work in potrolio etc.
    Will be more new photos soon I work on it.



    Have a good time with your friends!

  • PATRICIA, thanxalot :-)

    I think 14’s the best of the lot too. I wish I could put a soundtrack on the thing but that’s life, I guess. For anyone in the NYC area, the David Bixler Quintet is opening at Birdland on Sunday, June 29. If you’re in the city, go catch them, they’re great.

  • Hello ALL!… Now in the “big city” and nearing completion of a new project… We have splashed on a fancy place for once! with decent wifi!!! so time for some decent DAH blog time at last!!

    HERVE: late for the Magnum party… classic! and seriously badass! Like it! Let ’em wait… let ’em wait!!

    Cheers for the posts HERVE, ANTON. Very entertaining! David still got the moves…

    Some of this is way behind I know, but wanted help with some feedback to some of the recent work up here…

    CHARLIE: Finally got around to checking your your edit. My advise is stick with the two old guys! Much stronger than the other stuff… I grew up close to a lot of farms and you just don’t see stuff like that any more, that type of famer is a dying breed, so very important work also. would love to see you really get in there so we can see/feel the characters of the old boys, you just know there is soo much there. Man you have a good one here. If you can invest the time, there is some wonderful stuff to come out of this. I’m sure it will be a real pleasure to shoot also. (Easy on the black stuff though!! ;) Put a lightbox on your page with my preferred images: “chance”.

    DAVID McG: Checked out some of your stuff from the sales. You have some nice stuff here. In your main edit I particularly liked #’s 1,6,7,8. 6 and 8 especially! I felt som eof the strongest stuff was with the girl 6, 19, 23, 26, 27, 31. I personally felt these were stronger than the ones you put in your main edit from her shoot (besides the one in the dress which I liked). I also liked the series on the single mother. There are some really nice frames in there. You have a lot of “still life” frames over the various shoots—to be expected with this subject matter! I’m sure It is/will be though editing through them all, but my feeling is you can only use so many. The thing that draws me to this subject matter is the odd-bods who often hang around these sales, some real charicters you know. Would love to see some more of that if you can. I keep thinking of some kind of close image of some quirky old person, leafing and peering through all the oddities. Look forward to seeing the finished piece!

    PATRICIA: Very touching work. Thank you for sharing. I used to work with an individual with MS and my step mother was diagnosed around a similar age to yourself, so was moved by your work. This is a special project and I look forward to seeing more of your work as it continues.

    ROSS: I like some of your frames from East Timor. Not sure if I am looking in the right place, but have to say your presentation kills it rather… All the images on one page like that.. they are competing with each other. I realize I can click and see a full size image but going back and forth is very detrimental to what you are trying to achieve here. Are you still there? Is this all shot now? Would love too see another edit if you have one… Again, this maybe due to the presentation, but struggling to find what you are trying to say with this. Looking for more of a narrative, or voice you know?… Some good single frames though. Please point me in the right direction if you have the work elsewhere.

    Blurry BOB: Is any of your stuff for the new assignment up? Or are you just going to slam us with it at the end!!? :)


  • Hello again!

    Man! life is so much easier with as speedy internet connection in your own room! Loving it!

    As I mentioned in the last post we are wrapping up a new project here in Cambodia. The work focuses on co-infection of HIV/AIDS and TB. Sixty-five percent of Cambodians carry the TB infection and with one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS in SE Asia, co-occurrence is a very deadly issue. We have discovered some very interesting Khmer-NGO partnerships which are working together to help treat and help people dealing with these infections.

    I’ll put another post up when we have finished, but for now I hope you will take a minute to check out the blog with some work to date. As always, check the “photo” section for more images.

    Also have the “final”? edit for the cemetery piece up on the site too now…. Gallery > Projects > Living With The Dead



  • James, you help me see what I take for granted, as do our friends in other parts of the world. Good internet access is a privilege not a given. May those of us who have it use it well.

    Am running now (sounds like BOB B!) but look forward to checking out your final edit on Living With The Dead (excellent title!) and the recent photos on your blog.

    What important work you are doing!!! To see from the inside those who are suffering from the co-infection of HIV/AIDS and TB in Cambodia, and then to show this unrecognized crisis to the world is the heart of why photojournalists like you devote their lives to their work. My hat is off to you, James, and I look forward to seeing this essay when you are ready.

    Thanks for understanding and affirming my new project. I am hard at work…


  • Great Pictures HERVE ! It realy show me how to have a party ! in the best style !
    just to keep the “Paris time”, here is a 15 images essay about paris. it was made on july 2007. I love this city !!

    Congrats to the PX3 winners !

  • ALL, we have arrived at that point in this thread where an entirely off the theme post from me is, if not welcome, then not entirely unexpected. Therefore, and without any further ado, we have the following for your dining and dancing pleasure. The management requests that all gentlemen please remove their spurs before they damage the dance floor. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Well, the silly portion of the political season has finally arrived and not a moment too soon, I think; the voters can always use some diversion. This year we are all a-buzz about election signs and posters vanishing from roadsides the length and breadth of our happy little burg, vanishing with the rapidity of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies off the top of your grandmother’s oven. There’s no apparent pattern to the thefts; signs for Republican and Democratic candidates alike are disappearing during the dark of night with equal speed, with each side declaring that they are the injured party and blaming the other for the political pilferage. The local constabulary is now hot on the case, the gendarmes declaring that they will get to the bottom of the mystery posthaste and once again make our streets safe for politicians to annoy honest citizens.

    Frankly, I don’t care if the signs ever reappear; the streets look just fine without them. I can remember the day when one such sign was put up on a telephone pole near a busy intersection just down the block from the egregious mold pit wherein I labor for my daily bread, announcing that the gentleman running for office was an outsider, new to politics and, unlike his predecessor, who’d been in office for the better part of thirty years, not at all susceptible to the blandishments and corruption that come with political power; the poster finally weathered away halfway through the man’s fourth term in the state legislature and his second indictment on various charges of peculation, malfeasance, and influence peddling.

    And if the posted signs were in any way protected from the elements then they would never go away, remaining year after year until they became an embarrassment. One famously bald local politico had to paper over a poster like this at a bridge underpass; it had been there for years, reminding the voters that when they first voted the man into office he’d had a full head of hair and only one chin. Some politicians, on the other hand, do that sort of thing on purpose. You can save a lot of money on signs recycling last election’s signs for this campaign. It’s good for the environment as well.

    I can see the point of stealing some signs. I’ve read somewhere that there are approximately 86,000 governmental bodies in the United States, the vast majority of which hold elections to determine who gets to run things. There’s so many state senators, assemblymen, aldermen, mayors, school board members, town supervisors, and library board trustees running at any given time that no voter can keep track off them all, and before long they all start to blur together in one’s mind. The first time you really know who the candidates for some of these offices are comes when you see their names on the ballot. You have no clue who some of these people are, what with their signs disappearing left, right, and center, and in that case why not just vote for the incumbent, since you really don’t want to waste your vote on someone you’ve never heard of and who was obviously not clever enough to steal his opponent’s signs. Letting someone too dumb to steal his opponent’s signs anywhere near the public coffers is not a good idea, I think; if he doesn’t notice his signs are missing what else won’t he notice when he actually has the job?

    You don’t always need signs or posters to run for office. A few years ago my brother became the president of our local volunteer fire company, elected for reasons that surpasseth understanding, as the Good Book often says of the Lord when He isn’t going about smiting the hips and thews of passersby for no immediately discernible reason. My brother was a write-in candidate; he agreed to run because a firehouse faction, and yes, the local firehouse is a hotbed of political intrigue, riven with factions and carpenter ants, needed a warm body in the race. My brother won, which everyone in the family found very odd, and makes one question the wisdom of the whole concept of universal suffrage. In the United States, candidates for public office run for that office; in the United Kingdom, a more politically sedate country, candidates stand for office. My brother is one of the few political candidates anywhere who sat on his ass on a barstool for office. He has since retired from the presidency, laying down the onerous burdens of civic responsibility and returning to a richly deserved private life, ending all too early a none too promising political career. He remains firmly ensconced on his barstool, however, offering sage political advice to all and sundry, which is what got him into trouble in the first place.

    So for some, but not all, political races, stealing signs is not at all a bad idea. This, however, brings up the question of why anyone would steal the signs of the presidential candidates? Signs or not, it’s not like the populace doesn’t know who’s running, what with those two guys all over the evening news every night of the week and twice on Sunday. Still, you can never be too careful. I bring my Keep Cool With Coolidge sign into the house with me every night. You never know when you’ll run into a John Davis Democrat; better to be safe than sorry. Some folks were awfully bitter about Davis’ losing back in 1924.

    A musical interlude for the hard of hearing can be found here:

    The management is soliciting comments to improve this service. Thank you.

  • i love it, AKAKY, i love it.

  • DAVID!!! I just found out that youre (were or in between) in Europe!! Im in Germany!! Just 4 hours away from Paris with fast connections! I cannot believe it!! Where are you? How long are you staying? grrrrrr I guess this happens when you missed the blog! but still looking forward to meeting you… eventually…

    Nice pics Anton and Herve!! Almost as being there…

    beatrix :(

    PD Anton, I just saw your page… loved it!

  • DAVID : :)))

    FIRSTLY, congratulations on your brilliant brilliant dance/snapp style :)))…though Koudelka is pretty damn agile, i think your double fist air punch and velvety hip action takes the award for dance! :)))…i showed dima on friday before we left for NY (buffalo)…

    SECONDLY: CONGRATULATIONS, BIG CONGRATULATIONS FOR JONAS AND LAARA! :)))…just send them an email, im like totally totally happy for that couple and Joans Full membership (it looks, according to Anton’s pics that that boy can chug champange like beer :))))…and CONGRATULATE Jakob for me on his 2008 Leica European Publishers Award. I fucking love him and his work and i cant wait to buy TOKYO book!…well, ok, so u know already how i feel about his book Sabine and the work of his :))))….damn, that’s 2 fucking parties i’ve missed in less than 3 weeks, so….god, u all are killing me!!!!…

    J CHANCE: gonna dump them all at the end and (i hope) knock some socks off…will do the last shoot on wednesday without my son (he’s now left for florida)…will show work on the 2ND assignment publication…hope to finish writing the essay this week and then scanning negs and all that shit…gonna be some weird stuff, trust me ;))))…not everything will be blurry though ;))…

    ANTON: GORGEOUS GORGEOUS PARTY PICS…love love the pics and love the shot of Jonas downing the champagne and lots of brilliant photos, and not just “party” pics…love the rue light steets too, yea, talking to t park in those ;))))…

    LISA: YES, will give a hug for sure :))))…will see her soon :)))

    MIKE: yes, that’s her..:))), will send along the message :)))

    BROTHER GLENN: ok, i’ll look at the page tomorrow…:)))))…very happy and proud of you mate! :)))

    DAD AKAKY: what can i say…u da man !

    ok, that’s it, got lots to do, just a quick 5 minute read-through…will read all tomorrow morning when i return home…


  • p.s. OLIVIA’S WORK IS GORGEOUS! :)))))..and im happy for Peter: he’s a jolly nice guy and a damn good photographer too!

  • James C;

    Thanks for the comments. The page I have put up is a first rough edit for David and everyone to critique. I will be editing down hard before my website goes fully live in a few weeks. This is just a temporary page.

    I want to make my site very easy to navigate. No never ending slideshows that take forever to load etc.

    Any other comments welcome.

    Cheers everyone.

  • Akaky;

    In New Zealand electoral signs are fair game to steal or de-face, to do so is almost a rite of passage! What’s the old saying about anyone wanting to be a politician should be automatically banned from running, cos they’re not the type you want?

    One politician here got his knickers in a twist when someone re-drew his billboard. He went on the TV news complaining about it etc, and only made himself look a humourless dick! His name was Bob, and was about the most conservative politician you could think of. His billboard had been turned into a wonderful drawing of Sideshow Bob, & he was the MOST unlike Sideshow Bob person you could ever meet!

    Hail the billboard de-facers…….

  • ALL

    Despite some muggy NYC weather with intermitent rain, and with big thanks to a wonderful young woman assisting me named Sana (DAH, you may know her, she’s an intern at Magnum), I had my first actual day of shooting for the assignment. Shot both medium and large format, and the backdrop didn’t fall over and mame anyone! It took about 4 hours to find and photograph 6 people, hopefully will get faster with familiarity..but for now am just happy that all seemingly went well, though for all I know the bellows could leak or something else equally drastic on the 4×5.

    If the weather is okay, back out tomorrow along with Sana and another fantastic young woman named Rachel who is going to help with the audio component. This is the plan anyway as it stands, to try to get some interviews to go along with the photos..

    Permit is in place for the rest of the month thanks to a fantistic person at the Government Film office, and so far everyone signed model releases. Will have to budget the 4×5, it will cost about $8.00 per image just to cover the cost of film and processing alone, so I think mixing mediums is a good choice for the time being.

    Peace and happy shooting…

    and a big congrats to Jonas as well, one heck of a guy.

    oh, and DAVID, you really can dance, sign me up as a partner the next time the music is flowing, cause I can see you know how to lead..


    Congratulations on getting everything rolling… if I’m out and about tomorrow, I will try to swing by… I want to see the steroidal Rolleiflex in action! Good luck and I can’t wait to see the pictures…

    DAVID and ALL

    I posted another group of photos… I’m still trying to edit into a cohesive essay or statement. This time, it’s Coney Island, shot last weekend the day of the parade, though I was mostly on the periphery… this time I tried to restrict the edit to a similar type of approach… the one exception being the ersatz shrunken head on a stick picture, which sort of functions as an “opener”, I hope…

    I’m also trying this new “humanistic” approach which is kind of fun, and trying to be less loose… taking the time to frame the photo, attempting to keep the horizon line somewhat horizontal, controlling camera movement and blur… less gratuitous screwing around, basically.

    Anyway, wonder if you all think this is a step in the right direction…

    Okay, enough procrastination… time to print…

  • MIKE

    nice work!
    those are some powerful pictures.
    am in AWE of the new approach.


    glad to hear you’re up + running.
    wish I were close enough to pop by as well.
    can’t wait to see what you’re up to.

  • AKAKY ,
    right on,
    but please , use a song… make me dream..!
    thank you.

    ERICA… you damn right…!
    “Punk like them”… awesome

    where the hell you find all this energy!!!
    right on my brother!

    who is filtering, the web over there?
    I do not want to put you in “trouble”,
    so, please do NOT answer my question,
    if this will put your freedom in jeopardy…???
    but, i suspect that it is NOT the government
    that filters the web in Iran,
    and not only… ( hey, “goodmorning china” )
    any ideas???

    such a difficult day for them and you!
    I hope on deck photographers for next year could make it.
    hearing from Magnum, make me feel alive, maybe because the first article I read about photography was about Magnum and some of my favorite photographers are from you.
    I love the website the way you let us come and see published books and learn … and above all you’re independed who still go on, it seems kind of rebelling in this world. viva Magnum

    Thank you very much but sending CD to Iran not gonna work… I’ll try some friend have anti filter and ADSL at the same time soon

  • Panos jan
    government is in gharge. they try to control what going out from Iran, try to control what world see from Iran…

  • thank you NASHA…!
    I wish, i wish,… don’t know what i wish..,
    but bravo..
    your courage is …. !!!!
    anyways thank you

  • Hey Panos… glad to see you’re back on the clock here… hope all is well.

  • MIKE,
    hey, everybody’s talking about your photos..
    i have a hard time to find them…?
    can you please repost them…?
    thank you..
    ps: no, not really, things not quite all right but,…
    i see some light in the “tunnel”..
    thanks though!

  • Hi Nasha,

    Sorry to hear I can’t even send a CD of people dancing into Iran. Maybe showing western decadence and mind pollution…?

    Funny, we talked about Iran thursday after the M party, and how open-minded its govnmt is to make peace with all, and somehow, i am not convinced, save for very obvious geo-political power-play. Hard to see openness to the outside when hyper controlling inside, basically. Maybe I am old-fashioned…

    Reading is no problem here, but opening links with audio-visual is trying. Not sure why, but what they call ADSL at home here is way slower than in SF. At least my experience.Uploading the DAHncing segment on Ytube yesterday took about 40 minutes….


    Hang in there, my friend…

    Photos should be here:
    The ones titled “Coney Island”… let me know what you think. I’m up to 85 total posts… when I hit 100, you’re going to help me figure out what the hell I’m doing, right???

  • :-)) I’m not brave Panos I am just living my life as I like it as I dreamed it one day

  • MIKE…!!!!!!!!!

    “…Photos should be here:
    The ones titled “Coney Island”… ”

  • Mike,
    Nice work! Sort of reminds me of Bruce Gilden a bit, who I’m a big fan of.
    Saw his new essay at Magnum yesterday and it really is amazing work and when you see a Gilden pic you really know it’s a Gilden..


  • HERVE jan
    it’s allways hard when I am trying to explain situation hear. for sure you could send the CD to Iran, they not going to check it (do they???) but the I.R.I post system is slow unless you use DHL that’s expensive. and I am sure with all their mistake Iran’s government want peace (at last they due this to Iranian) but about controlling inside yes you’re right …
    you know they choose a way 29 years ago (Islamic Republic, revolutionary behavior, present a manifest that what is the only way to live and yes they destroy at first year after revolution all opposite parties like communist or other left parties,it wasn’t a islamic revolution at the beginning there were different parties and believes but it became islamic. still so many of people from last generation are shocked about what happens in that a few months of our history) and they don’t correct direction when it ‘s needed (two parliament tried for a referendum but failed to have the minimum necessary votes)… I know we vote to candidate of president or national parliament election but still main decision are taken by them!!! it will change need TIME

  • Martin,

    Thanks… yes, Bruce is just amazing!! I’m so grateful for his work and example, such an inspiration…he’s left some very big footprints in the sand at Coney! What new essay? I went to the Magnum site and couldn’t find it???

  • The Rat Story! A short but very intense essay. I also love his storytelling and voice.

  • It seems the second gallery of shots from the party was not available for viewing maybe, as its counter doesn’t show even one viewing. So, here it is again:

  • MIKE

    yes! go humanism! right? you agree? I can feel more now, I’m in instead of out.. do stop by if you can, I think you know where, or email me..


    “I am just living my life as I like it as I dreamed it one day”..that mat be a very good definition of courage..

    ANNA B

    wish you were too!


    I still need help..can’t physically do any of this alone, please email if you can come at all, even a day, Brooklyn..

    making a tortilla espanola before it becomes a million degrees here..gotta run.

    it was great if we had the name of people in everypic… could you add names you know?

  • ERICA, in case you’re into processing your B&W
    yourself, for 4×5″ (8×10″) I can recommend the BTZS film tubes ( easier and more economical than the dip and dunk method (tank); this in answer to your budget considerations . . . good luck on your shooting, the NYC muggy weather I fled some time ago otherwise would be happy to lend you a hand processing. –


    you mentioned you might be able to come in and help..are you thinking that is still an option? would you mind emailing me? can’t find yours for some reason..

  • Hi everyone !

    I have just posted this on Lightstalkers but maybe someone here now this and could help me :

    I want to build a slideshow using Final Cut Pro (5) but I have really poor image quality when I import still photos into FCut.

    I shoot Jpeg fine with a Ricoh grd camera.

    It seems like the problem comes from the file format. I have checked on the internet, found several articles adressing this issue but couldn’t make it work.

    Do you know what to do ?

    I live in France (so maybe formats are diferent), and I am no computer expert though I have a few notions on Fcut. So please make it as simple as possible…

    All advice welcome and appreciated !

    Thanks a lot


  • Hervé et Anton,

    merciiiiiiiiii c’est génial, i have the impression to be there!

  • Pierre-Yves,

    Je connais bien Final Cut (je l’ai utilisé pendant 6 ans, je ne l’ai pas utilisé depuis un an mais je pense pouvoir vous aider), voici mon mail, on pourrait se parler en français ! je ne suis pas sure d’avoir bien compris votre problème, c’est pour l’importation ou l’exportation des images ?

  • Mike

    Just Excellent Works!



  • BROTHER GLENN!!! :))

    MR. GLENN, MR. GLENN I’M BURNING ;)))))…loved loved the picture and really loved the report….really, you write and it reads like a younger, funnier Michael i’ve told u countless times, you need to be doing this kind of thing: writing with your pics…u r a natural story teller and i love the long long breath of your long long sentences (1st paragraph)! :))))…brilliant…please hit me up each time u write something there :)))

    AKAKY: Love love the last pic :))…and really, what’s new, dig the report from your hobbit-trolled burg :)))…this part of your brother (i guess my uncle, right?) winning posthaste while sitting on his ass in a bar (would that be Moe’s?), it genius…quintessential american ;))…cant anyone in frickin’ NY get this guy a gig for the newyorker already?….

    MIKE: really enjoyed the pics :))…gilden, yea, byt the way is a gorgeous freak, and one tough brooklyn kid :)))…and got to magnum late in his life…some of the pics look like u used a flash, if so, bravo (if it was just gorgeous angled light, bravo) :))))…really dig em…

    HERVE/ANTON: :)))..yea, again, thanks for the great coverage….loved all the pics, all the vids…

    HERVE: love trent’s yellow T and swimtrunks :))))…now that’s a surfer to the core! :))…and my god, what a hotel :))))…or was that a set from a Jacques Demy flick? ;)))

  • MARCIN :))))

    just had a look at the newwebsite :))))…cant wait to u upload the HOMETOWN and PORTRAIT SERIES ;)))…pics are gorgeous and they are remarkably consistent…what i love about the work, cuba, morocco, hometown, is that they all look like tills from a beautiful film/movie that I WANT TO SEE! :))) from Antonioni or Theo Angelopoulos or Tarkovsky…i love all the empty spaces and silence in your film , all the people caught alone in the space of urban sadness or infinite landscapes…and the dark, dream fever of the pictures…cant wait to see your hometown work :)))



    MARCIN’S WORK really

    yes it makes you wanna “watch the Hometown MOVIE”
    i have the same feeling!


    thanks guys.

    I was not satisfy from “hometown” pictures I send to David. I dacided to spent more time on it. I don’t know when I will go to my home town to finish this essay. I have no idea when I publish this photos on my website. But this essay is very important to me, and I just do it… I don’t know when, but I will finish it soon. I let you know.
    maybe when fall will come?… I don’t know… I need mood… I need satisfaction.
    we’ll see.


    panos I hope you are ok now :)
    Take care

  • PANOS,

    Well, it took me the better part of an hour to figure out how it’s done, but the musicians now have a soundtrack: Lester Young playing Body & Soul. Dream away!

  • was that a set from a Jacques Demy flick? ;)))
    Wish the music had been from MLichel Legrand as well, not from the pimps down the street! :-))))

    Nasha, I kinda posted without any names, so that our friends here would add them as comment (there are faces I can’t put a name on, as well). Maybe it’s not easy to do, when not a member of Pbase. Bob, Can you help a bit?

  • Got a couple of hours of shooting and audio in..yea!..then down came the big was a good point to stop anyway, as I need to get these first images processed to see what is and isn’t working. Total 2 days shooting = 10 sheets of 4×5 and 24 images in 120. Maybe 1 good frame?? :)


    how is the new project going, the dark one? begun?

    thanks for the idea, but I just can’t process thing too much at this point, but that would be fun to watch you process it if you were here, I’d make you dinner or something. I used to print for others as a job/profession, but I never liked processing the film. Strange that. Now after having spent a couple of years of my life in the dark, I can’t say I want to be my own printer anymore, either. But I still love film, obviously..

  • Herve…

    Cannot see images in Pbase. Do I need password?

  • James Chance,
    Thanks for commenting on my work. I’ve been shooting for 4 days straight, one day for a new Garage Sales series, shot a yoga series, then all the way up until 2am last night stumbling around with a camera at my birthday party. Needless to say I have tons of editing to do, and I’m trying to find a clear head to do it.

    Give me a little time, and later I’ll respond to your comments.


  • Fernando Torres 1
    Germany 0

    GO SPAIN!!!!!!!!!

  • James C and all,
    I do agree that I have some stronger shots of the girl, but I’m undecided if those shots are really adding to, or telling the story. I’ll probably end up adding to the main edit and create sub-stories to the big picture overall. A lot depends on the presentation—my main edit now is print minded, but I have to think about multimedia as well. A lot also depends if I can continue adding to this collection over the summer.

    I spent Friday with the Barksdale family at their garage sale. The boy on the bike in 2 was recently tested to have severe hearing loss, so the family has incurred an extra $3000 of bill for medical and equipment. Again this isn’t a family that’s about to be put out on the streets, but one that is teetering and struggling with the added expenses.

    They don’t expect to bring in $3000 from the sale, but maybe enough to buy growing kids new clothes. The are an all-American family—the dad sells parts of his football card collection from time to time for extra cash.

    One thing I figured out is that I can’t just drop into to a garage sale and expect to get anything—I really have to set up a situation where I spend an entire day at one.


    I really like your use of colour. The saturation and atmosphere is wonderful.
    With your Hometown project are you trying to make it look more subdued or is the light there just different ?.


    I have a new audio slideshow on my site, a project that I have been working on for some time. It is an attempt to document what is happening in the little heart shaped island at the bottom of the world. It revolves around the struggle for Tasmania’s forests
    The great Tasmanian story, right now, is the story of the forests.
    It is a contest for the island’s soul and the forests are sites of drama, passion and, yes, pain. Will this wild and special island retain the free agency that entitles it to love and wonder,or is to be reduced to the mere banality of artefact,
    no more nor less than every other abused and broken scrap of the globe?

    As I said have been working on this for a while and it is difficult to get a perspective. It would be great to hear what you guys make / think of the project.

  • Glenn;

    I see that the UN are talking about transferring policing duties soley to the Timorese Police…..

    Call me cynical, but I can’t see that turning out well….

    Thanks for the comments about the Timor pics. And yes, you have definately seen a different side to Timor than I have.



    there are some truly august artful images there, amazing..but it’s hard for me though the way these images combine with some more straight storytelling is a bit jarring to me, as is the super quick dissolve. in that rapid succession, there are some that I wanted to be able to look into, and really appreciate. It’s almost to me as if oyu are 2 people in shooting you have a sense of what I mean?

  • David McG, there is a strong sense of narrative in the Barksdale Family Garage Sale portfolio. You make me care about these people. I think a lot of that is because you spent the day and got to know them. This connection shows up in your images. I know you’ll be making a tighter edit in time but you have terrific stuff to work with. Please keep going with this project. It is the real thing.


  • PANOS and/or anyone with .mac experience…

    So as not to take up room here…
    If you could please email me at
    with info as to how you put your .mac homepage together.
    I am looking for a way to post new images and since I have .mac this seems a good way to do it but when I put a page up the images are sized much smaller than yours and need to be selected to open and even then are too small. How do you get larger images to appear without needing to “open” them?

    Thank you!!!

  • Thanks to BOB for the Px3 results.
    Congrats to all here who won!!!

    I was thrilled to see my friend Dev Gogoi in India was a winner for his book cover. Great news.

  • Patricia, thank for the encouragement—that’s really what I need. Hopefully I’m starting to hit a stride with this. More to come!

  • Anna, Panos, Martin, Erica, Bob, Marcin… thanks very much for looking and for the encouraging words. I really feel like I’ve turned some kind of corner over the last couple of weeks and all because of you, and everyone here… thanks everyone. This forum was a big part of what got me back to photography, and it’s helping me become the photographer I want to be…


    Also replied to you on lightstalkers, but it sounds to me like you haven’t rendered the images… If there is a horizontal green line above them in the timeline you need to do so (same with any other colour—transitions or video that need rendering will appear red). select your images in the timeline and hit command “R” Think this will do it. Traveling today but will check back in later. Best to communicate with me here rather than LS if you still have problems.

    MATT N:

    Looking forward to checking your piece later!


    2 ways,
    use the software (iWeb) through iPhoto,
    use the “web gallery” option,
    through the latest iPhoto version, ( ONLY ),

    check your email, for more info.


    I am deeply moved by your work, not just as a photographer but as a longtime peace activist who has participated in more demonstrations, vigils, marches, rallies, etc. than I can count. Your documentation of these people’s attempts to save Tasmania’s ancient forests is exactly what we always hope will happen when we’re out there on the streets, in the forests, wherever it is we need to be. You make their/our work visible and that is how change comes about. Thank you from all of us who care about the earth.

    I think I understand what Erica is saying about there being two ways you have chosen to approach this subject: one more artistic and the other more photojournalistic. For me the juxtaposition of the two works as it shows the complexity of the individuals and situation involved, but I can see where it might not sit well with some viewers. As for the quick dissolve that Erica mentioned, I didn’t watch it in slideshow myself but clicked on each individual image so could stay with each one as long as I wanted.

    Thank you for your obvious commitment to this project, Matthew. You are a truly fine photographer.


  • MIKE

    I am intrigued by what I have seen of your Coney Island project. You have a wonderful eye for the quirkiness of human nature and this gives your photos a marvelous texture all their own. I want to see more!!!



    I join everyone in saying your web site looks WONDERFUL! The photos you have posted thus far look superb in their richly saturated color. You have such a unique eye. And I join the others in anticipating seeing your Hometown series when you’re ready to share it. But take your time and do it as you know it must be done.


  • does anyone know where i can find the work of hansel mieth and otto hagel on-line ? specifically looking for their photo essays when they lived in migrant work camps in California> any info appreciated from anyone..

  • Jchance

    Much thanks for your answer !
    I have rendered the sequence but the images are still not sharp…


    Je viens de t’envoyer un mail perso… merci d’avoir pris le temps de répondre !!

  • oups… MANY thanks… early morning fog…

  • ROBERT_W, to your question about Hansel Mieth and Otto Hagel: “Witness in our Time” by Ken Light has a chapter on Hansel Mieth – not much photography. PBS produced a film about them . . . they grew up a couple miles from my present residence and there is a photoagency who is awarding a price in their memory. You may drop them a line, they certainly can provide you more information.

  • Michael K., i see view counts under each gallery and each shot, not sure why yourself can’t access. I just made them public to the entire site, should be easy now:

  • BTW, sorry for staying on the M party, It is just that the other links some of you uploaded do not open fast enough for comfort.

    Yet, Matthew, i saw a few pix, and just wondering again about the use of B&W… forest, environment, why not in color?


    Hi, I have never really thought about it, but you may be rite. No, I think you are rite. there are 2 people shooting this…. I studied fine art at University but make my living working freelance for editorial and news publications. So I guess I strive for images that can live in the mainstream world but some how transcend the every day or issues of the moment. But that is largely what we are all trying to do. The story of the forests in Tasmania is long and complicated and as a photographer I am trying to tell as many facets of this story as i can with the hope that the whole will add up to more that the sum of its parts. But I guess this has always been the motivation for any photo essay. How do you get so many individual notes to make a symphony ?


    Thankyou for your kind words.
    The writer Richard Flanagan has said of Tasmania that “it is an excuse to dream” The government has said that he is no longer welcome in the new Tasmania. There are many people here that still dream and believe in a different future for this place that is so redolent of history and myth.


    also, yes, I meant to applaud you for you dedication to this issue..

    I don’t know how much time you can continue to give to this, but my sense is that if you had the time, you could replace the straighter news publication shots with ones that marry your fine art style with your editorial eye, and then have a book, a piece that is emotionally evocative and a powerful tool for activism as well as one heck of a piece of photography. But of course we all have limits to what we are able to do time-wise, and your approach now is certainly strong..I’m just dreaming the big dream for you and Tasmania..

  • Martin

    I just can see 4 images in your website.
    that’s all or I have some machine trouble here ?

  • correct Type now:


    I just can see 4 images in your website.
    that’s all or I have some machine trouble here ?


    i have just been home for 20 minutes or so…watered the plants…made some coffee….need a nap…i will then go back over all that has been written and posted in the last week…. i had a particularly good flight from Paris since i somehow got bumped up to first class for no reason that i can imagine..and it was a full flight too…anyway, i needed the sleep!! somewhere in that heavy Mag meeting schedule i managed to pull an “all nighter” with Jonas Bendikson, Alec Soth and Trent Parke…hmmmmm, those Aussies never quit!! but somehow i got blamed anyway…go figure..

    yes, yes i know…the self portraits will get judged by tomorrow i think…i must also go over the assignment list and see where everyone stands….anyway, lots of catching up to do….

    one of the most interesting things that has happened here, is that all of you have become so intertwined, and the forum is self perpetuating…i can disappear for a few days and you guys can “carry it” alone….very cool…and thanks for your usual patience…

    i also have many many things to tell you…but, let me just get a little siesta and i will be back soonest….

    cheers, david

  • Speaking of air travel, I’ve been living with this for a long time and just thinking about it makes me red with shame, but in my youth I was a mule. That’s right, a mule, a bearer of illegal substances from Europe to America. I didn’t want to be a mule; I fought against it for as long as I could, but in the end I went along with the nefarious plans of the evil cabal I had fallen in with. I know that this does not excuse my complicity with these evil people; I, like Dostoevsky’s hero Raskolnikov, could have gone to the Haymarket in St. Petersburg and kissed the good Russian earth and then gone to the police station and confessed my crime as he did, but in the end I did not; I wasn’t anywhere near the Haymarket, had no immediate plans to go there, the good Russian earth of the Haymarket has probably been paved several times over since Dostoevsky wrote Crime and Punishment back in the 1860’s, and I don’t speak Russian. I realize now I could’ve gone to some other, preferably English-speaking, police agency, maybe in Florida or Hawaii or someplace else with nice weather all year round, and bared my soul; I could have copped a plea or offered to turn state’s evidence, but in the end I did nothing; I smuggled and I only hope that I will be forgiven for the evil deed I committed.

    The smugglers’ first approach was subtle. I hadn’t been to Sicily for a few years and I was planning on returning to Catania for a few days and walk up Mount Etna again, not realizing that Etna was, at the time, erupting. In fact, everyplace I’d been on Etna on my previous trip to Sicily was now under several feet of molten lava. As I was making my plans a “friend” of my brother’s sidled up to me in his sneaky way and asked if I’d bring something back from Sicily for him. I said sure, what was it? And he just smiled and said, don’t worry about that now, guy, I just need to know that you’ll do it. I said sure thing again, not realizing what I’d just done. I should have known better, but I was a poor unsuspecting naïf then, unaware of the dark forces beginning to swirl around me.

    I flew off to Sicily, hoping to avoid the influenza that darkened my first trip there, and instead found myself trapped against the fuselage by two elderly men, both of whom were hard of hearing, and who therefore spent the entire eight hour trip to Rome screeching into each other’s ears in Italian. The Italian-American sumo wrestler sitting in front of me didn’t help matters either when he decided to lean his seat back as far as it would go, crushing my knees beneath the immensity of his megaobese carcass. But other than that the trip went fairly well and it only took an hour and a half for the circulation in my legs to return to normal when I reached Rome. The flight from Rome to Catania was without incident of any kind and in the end the flying beer foam injured only three German tourists and a stewardess.

    My brother picked me up at the airport and we launched that very day into a long series of sightseeing tours designed to keep my uncle, who was also visiting my brother, distracted from the main business at hand. We visited Agrigento to see the Valley of the Temples and the Capuchin catacombs in Palermo, where the cream of 18th and 19th century Sicilian society, the same people that di Lampedusa writes of in his classic novel, Il Gattopardo (The Leopard), do not rest in peace like the common run of people, but rather hang from the walls like freshly washed laundry. I am sure if some of these people knew how out of fashion their clothes are they’d kill themselves. We saw the great Greek theatres at Taormina and Syracuse, where I explained the workings of Greek tragedy to my uncle, and Waxey O’Connor’s Irish Pub, where I actually went to the men’s room and applied my bare backside to a toilet seat on a busy Friday night. Yes, I realize this was an act of either incredible bravery or irredeemable folly on my part, but I had to go and the rash cleared up in just three months.

    Yes, I spent the days enjoying the warm Sicilian sunshine, the nights going out and eating at expensive restaurants and letting the uncle pick up the tab. But he only stayed a week; he had to return to New York; my second cousin had just had a baby and he had to go back for the christening. It was then, when there were no witnesses from back home to stay his hand, that my brother began to enmesh me in the dark and illegal world of smuggling.

    The day after my uncle left my brother suggested that we go meet his girlfriend’s family and then we could go eat at a restaurant near the palazzo at the city’s center. This seemed a good idea at the time and so I agreed. The girlfriend’s family, several generations of them, in fact, all lived in one apartment building at the end of a badly lit dead end street. From the outside, the apartment building looked as though the United States Army Air Forces bombed the place during the invasion of Sicily in 1943 and nobody had bothered to fix the damage in the intervening decades. The inside, however, was rich marble and beautiful furniture, ancient Roman statuary actually made by ancient Romans, a place where Italian good taste and wads of cash had produced a masterpiece of interior design. “Why don’t they fix the outside too,” I naively asked my brother.
    “Fixing the outside means the tax man will know they have money,” my brother replied. “Everyone in Italy does the same thing. The outside of the building almost always looks like crap. Some of the richest people in this country live in buildings peasants wouldn’t keep a pig in, at least from the outside.” Of course, if everyone in Italy does this then one must ask how the tax authorities are fooled by such an obvious trick, since they must be doing the same thing themselves, but at that moment the door to one of the apartments opened.

    The apartment belonged to my brother’s former girlfriend; they are still on very good terms; and he wanted me to meet her family, especially her grandfather. We went out to the restaurant, where the staff regarded my request for spaghetti with the sausage on the pasta as American asininity at its very worse. They were all very nice people and the party went on into the wee hours. The food was wonderful and I stuffed myself silly. It was early in the morning of the next day that Nonno, or so he was called by everyone, leaned over to me and said, “You do something for me?” In the spirit of bonhomie I agreed. “Sure thing,” I said. “Anything you want.” The old man smiled and starting talking to my brother in Italian. I had no idea what they were talking about; my grasp of Italian vocabulary is limited to words describing food. Then the old man patted me on the back. “Good man,” he said in English. “Good man.”

    As we walked back to the hotel I asked my brother what the conversation was all about. “Oh, nothing really,” my brother said. “We were talking about ways of hiding something.” “Why,” I asked. “Because we don’t want to get you into trouble.” “Why would I get into trouble,” I said. “Because you just agreed to bring two gallons of fresh olive oil with you to the States.” At that moment I felt the sidewalk giving way under my feet. Before you decide that this is a fairly hackneyed metaphor, and it is, really; I could probably come up with something a lot better if I had the time; you should know that I am not using the phrase metaphorically or as a description of some sudden change in my emotional state, but rather as a description of the effects of gravity upon my small area of the space-time continuum. In short, I fell off the sidewalk, which is what happens when you don’t look where you are going. It was not, my brother told me later, a graceful fall. Apparently I went down with all the aerodynamic grace of a side of beef chucked out a fifth story window; I pitched, I rolled, I yawed all at the same time, like a test pilot who’s pushing the outside of the envelope only to have the envelope break open and an embarrassing love letter from a woman who is not your wife fall on the floor, and I did all of this without the benefit of an ejection seat. Upon landing, if multipoint sprawling impact with the street counts as landing, I split open the knees of a brand new pair of trousers that I hadn’t even paid for yet. I rose from the gutter bloodied and thoroughly bowed, my knees scraped raw by the impact, blood filling the hole I’d made in the street. It was the beginning of a bad few days.

    The thing of it was, of course, and as you already know, I did not want to smuggle fresh olive oil, or anything else, for that matter, into the United States; I would just as soon not find out what twenty years in the big house in Leavenworth is like. I pleaded with my brother to help me find some way out of this situation, but it soon became clear that he had thrown his lot in with this vicious gang of oil smugglers and then he was as anxious as they for me to deliver my illegal cargo. So it was the greatest of trepidation that I started home, home to America, home with two gallons of fresh green olive oil concealed in the legs of the pair of trousers I had ripped and had not yet paid for.

    The first part of the trip was not so bad; the movie was Miss Congeniality, and while this is not Sandra Bullock’s greatest work anything with her in it is a welcome relief, letting those of us caught up in the tense world of international olive oil smuggling to pass a couple of hours without reflecting on the dark and dangerous row we hoe. As the plane reached Newfoundland the flight attendants handed out customs declarations and pens and asked us to please fill them out. I read the document carefully, looking around casually to make sure no one noticed my intense interest in the section about not bringing foreign agricultural products into the United States. I played it cool, just in case someone was watching. Someone was watching: I noticed the guy two seats back looking around as well; that’s when I knew I was in trouble. The Feds, they’d been on to me all along, just waiting for the chance to catch a mule with olive oil in his trousers. My blood pressure skyrocketed and I began sweating profusely. I had to escape, which is not an easy thing to do from a Boeing 747 cruising along at 45,000 feet at 500 miles an hour, especially when you’re flying over the North Atlantic without a parachute. And even if I managed to solve all these problems, I still can’t swim.

    Since the problems involved in escaping from my immediate circumstances proved more or less insurmountable, I had to find another way of escaping the calm, cool, but otherwise not terribly competent customs agent who’d so casually blown his cover. He probably thought he had me trapped, but those of us in international olive oil smuggling have a trick or two up our sleeves as well; it’s just that I didn’t know what any of those tricks were. So I filled out the customs declaration, perjuring myself when I reached the part about not bringing agricultural products into the United States.

    The plane landed at Kennedy International Airport and my trip through a world of intimidating fear, paranoia, and formless dread began, but first I looked for a McDonald’s. There were none; you may have missed this, but I have noticed that the departures areas of international airports are packed with every fast food outlet, bookstore, coffee shop, and duty free liquor store known to humanity; the arrivals areas are devoid of economic life, the reason being, I suppose, that the people who run the airports want you to go away, get lost, vamoose, scram already, and to do all of these things immediately, if not sooner. Damn, I thought to myself. I would not be able to put off my confrontation with U. S. Customs. I marched down the halls to the baggage carousel with all the determination of a thief trying to brass his way out of a botched bank job. At the carousel I waited. I waited some more. Then I waited some more. The baggage handlers, sick sadistic fiends that they are, did not want me to get on with it, but to stay in this miserable friendless place surrounded by watchful eyes ready to pounce on the hapless olive oil smuggler.

    At excruciating length my bags appeared and I picked them up; a sudden feeling of doom came over me. It occurred to me that I could have left the bags and fled for the hills and no one would ever know my guilty secret. But if I had, then the cold and ruthless men who had lured me into a life of crime would hunt me down and terminate my employment with extreme prejudice. Hung on the horns of a dilemma, I took the bags and headed for Customs.

    I got on the line for American citizens and waited as the line drew ever closer to the inspector. When my turn came I marched forward, prepared to lie, cheat, steal, and kill in order to get my olive oil (I’d started to think of the oil in my trousers as mine, even though it would never be, in any meaningful sense) into the United States. The inspector, a cheerful young woman, welcomed me back to the United States and looked at my passport. She ran it under some kind of optical device and then handed it back to me. The tension stretched my nerves to their limit as I expected momentarily the sudden arrival of Customs agents the size of linebackers who would escort me to a back room of the airport, where they would beat the truth about my smuggling out of me. I picked up my bags and said, “Thank you.” I walked away, the sweat running down my back in marathons, staining my shirt. I headed for the exit, my muscles straining as I awaited the tackle by Treasury agents that would end my life of crime before it’d really gotten off the ground and send me to federal prison for life. I thought that I might crack under the strain and go mad then and there. I passed through the doors and a man said, “Taxi, mister?” “No,” I screamed, “don’t beat me, I confess.” “Okay, mister, you confess, but do you need a taxi? Thirty dollars into the city.” “Oh,” I said. “Okay.”

  • PS. Now that I look at it, I think I’ve annoyed everyone with this screed before; at least, it looks familiar in this setting. If you’ve seen this prolonged whine before, simply ignore it and go on about your business. If it tries to hit you up for money, be firm and tell it you have none. If you really want to be rude, and sometimes you have to be, unfortunately, tell this lying screed to get off its ass and go get a job and stop mooching off of honest citizens like yourselves. Thank you.

  • PSS. Who is this Harvey person who shows up every so often? Is he a newbie here?

  • Gui

    You must click on “portfolio”. This is simple html so you should not have any problems, but tell me what browser you use, I will check as soon as possible.

    must running


  • Akaky…

    He’s just some homeless dude Herve picked up in France!

  • Herve’s always doing shit like that! Do-gooder!

  • I know, i know, Hervé’s such a do-gooder!

    As a matter of fact, i was there and i tried to stop him… He even insisted we take this guy ‘Harvey’ to some party as well.

    I physically tried to stop him, but he just Crocodile Dundee’d me into submission (you know, the pinky-index finger thingy).

    I spent the rest of the night bringing him his drinks, polishing his shoes, and offering him a place to sleep. He wouldn’t let me hold his camera though. And i love him still. Go figure.

  • Well, I hear he is loveable. (Herve, that is! Not yet sure of this Harvey dude.)

  • DAVID-swivel-hips-HARVEY ;))))))

    happy you made it home in one piece, especially with the company you were keeping (herve and anton ;)))) )….

    ironically, TONIGHT, Trent’s pal Tamara V will be popping over to our place to see us…she came to toronto for one day to drink and be merry with the family Black…hoping we wont disappoint her ;)))…i’ll fill u in on the “truth” about Aussie all-nighters tomorrow…i dont expect to write anything tonight ;))))…glad u made it home…

    and, Jonas drinks????…no f*cking way!!! ;)))))



  • Akaky :)))))))))))))..

    have always loved loved that story…and once read it 3 times (really) in the lue at school…maybe when u posted it at LS, it was i think (after the baseball or deer story) the first time i read a ‘LONG AKAKY” :)))…still brilliant…

    ok, running


  • Hey David,
    Grab a couple of press passes from Nat Geo Music (they’re a sponsor) and let’s go shoot the Rothbury Music Festival this weekend. Fun! Fun!

  • It’s in my backyard!!!

  • David, just want to thank you again for that great evening, last Thursday. And the cool thing is it’s not about being star-struck, but just feeling home, and somehow it doesn’t square out, because I only started thinking photography 3 years ago, at 50, but it does, I guess, on account of everyone seeming so down-to-earth, which is where the best photography is taken, so often.

    Off to Istanbul tomorrow morning. I know nothing about the place, read very little about it, on purpose. Really excited, truly, in my element.

  • Welcome back Home David!

    Just wanted to let you know that I was very excited to start the assignment on boxing as talked. I really had a good few days last week shooting (went there 2 evening in a row last week and joined a matchup these kids had last Saturday against another team). I hope to have some good work to show. I am in process of organizing what I have so far and will be posting you a link late today or tomorrow to see what I have done so far…. I can certainly work on this more in the course of July but will appreciate your thoughts if this is heading into the right direction.



  • Wow!!! This is my very first LONG AKAKY and I love it!!! More…more…more please!


  • Akaky, are you feeding us leftovers for us to read on the john? ;-)))
    Brilliant!!! Really, can’t believe you’re not in The New Yorker yet!

    ALL … while David catches up on all the posts, thought i might throw it all out there, and ask for your help in an edit … if any of these work for you, or don’t at all, i would be in your debt for input/critique/parrot jokes … i would be happy with an edit to five or so strong ones that flow together, if they are there … or kick my butt out the door to do more …

    These are all from Friday night at Seattle’s iconic Farmer’s Market

    Thank you!!!!

    … ahhh, and a quote from my wife Sue who stuck this on the fridge …

    “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back – Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issue from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which you never could have dreamed would come your way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” – Goethe


    Luvn the color Mate! That is some nice light.
    My first impressions are 1,5,6,13,18 (there are some others I like but having the market sign in so many is an issue I think)


    Yes, Time is the killer. I have been working on this for a few years now, but it is a story that evolves slowly and when things happen you don’t always get the images you want so then you wait. I will continue to follow it, it is impossible not to in Tasmania. I am really keen to start on something new though. And I have to say I’m jealous of the excitement I see in your posts re you new work. Looking forward to seeing it.

  • BOB

    please say hi to Tamara..she is a soul sister, just met at LOOK..

    Young Tom..

    will take a look at the pics, but thank you and your wife for the Goethe..I have been trying to track that passage down for a decade, but couldn’t recall who it was from. Won’t lose it again.


    not sure if it’s excitement, or financial delirium and the unsteadiness that comes from not having one’s footing..but yes, it is stimulating..the odd thing is not concurrently shooting the other stuff, but I can’t do both $$ right now. So it feels a bit precarious, all eggs in one basket.


    going for just the handful you suggested, I pick numbers 6,7,13,16,17,18

  • 1 2 5 6 11 12 13 15 16

    Tom, those are what I would edit to, beyond that depends on your purpose. Hanging prints, editorial series for publication, or slideshow?

  • Good series, Tom. Your color & tone are excellent. My favs are numbers 5, 6, 7, 10, 13, 18.

    Thanks so much to you and Sue for the Goethe quote. It describes my lived experience.


  • DADAKAKY!!!!!!!!!

    I am so proud of you!

    I knew I had a criminal background!!!!!!

    I tell you that story really has been the best thing that has happened to me in the last coupla days…

    I don’t s’ppose you could write me a note explaining to the real estate why my rent is three weeks in arrears?

    God are my family and I no hopers or what? Apparently my Uncle has a bar stool instead of a backside!!!!!!

    Really Akaky, you should be writing for the New Yorker, isn’t that where Thurber got his start?

  • Tons of really good work being posted here so its fun to look at it all. Cant wait to see the assignments posted.


    why is it I only see 4 photos on your page? I would love to see you post Home Town now, even if not finished, maybe find a venue for it away from your official website so we could see where you are right now, im really interested and really looking forward to it.

  • DAVID and ALL-

    As promised, I have put up on my site the work that I have done over the past week for the “boxing in the ghetto” assignment that I have just started. Recall that I am shooting a group of inner city kids who live in one of the poor neighbourhood of the city…many of these kids live a complicated life…brothers in jail, father away…it is sometimes tough to stay away from trouble and drugs…some of them though are commited to boxing and channel all their inner violence and energy on the ring….a young trainer, son of a former boxer is taking these kids 3 times per week away from the ghetto to train them into a run down deserted building called “Rinks” previously used for a flea market… I have started to approach these kids and young adults just before Look3 to gain their trust and have them confortable having me around…still early days but we have broken the ice and I have been able to shoot for 2 evening last week as well as last Saturday during a matchup that their team was having against another team… After going there a few times, I am really hooked to some of these kids that seem actually very nice kids below their tough initial appearance. I am particularly drawn towards one kid called Dante, a yound promising regional champion who is only 16 and wants to do what it takes to take part of the next Olympics in 4 years…Having watched last Saturday one of his fights, this kid may strike the gold if he stays focused. Amazing drive, energy…an animal on the ring and such a nice kid outside…. Unfortunately, the team is now away for the next 10 days, competing somewhere in Florida but will be back afterwards… I am really only starting this project but would appreciate your (David) and everyone else’s perspective on what I have so far… I see many ways of deepening this topic in the coming weeks/ month. First, would love to visit of couple of other GYMS across the city but also, beyond boxing, I will try to follow few of these kids outside, either in the ghetto or at home…trying to see what their life is like…might not be easy as this is one thing to shoot them boxing and another to penetrate their life but will try. What’s more, I am playing with the thought of interviewing some of them, record their story…As I said above, their life isn’t always easy…would live to get them to share this with me.

    Anyway, still early days but your thoughts are welcomed. David, I have posted my current selection (25 images) under New Boxing Ghetto Edit…Will need a tighter edit but again, seeking some feedback first. I have also attached another set of images under “Boxing others”…I am not thinking of keeping these as these would be “doubles” vs others in the current edit but would love to hear from you all if there are some you think that I should rescue…..

    Looking forward to your thoughts…..



  • ERIC

    Man, this is already GREAT STUFF!!! You have such a good eye, one that sees and captures the life & energy of these kids. I already have a sense of who they are, what they’re having to overcome, and their determination to do so. It is a compliment to you that they already trust you enough to show you their real selves. Take your time with this. Go slow, continue to build trust and I’m sure in time some of these youngsters will allow you to come into their homes. I can’t wait to see this project develop!


  • 5, 6, 16…
    now that i’m thinking about it… 6 barely “walks”…
    … too much “tilting”, almost annoying..why?
    Nice colors, but only ONE dimension,
    NO DEPTH..

    bottomline great job…
    16 ( and maybe 6 ) are the shots that “do” it for me..!

  • … soory, didn’t mean to sign with my first name only…
    cmoooon now…
    i apologize once more…

  • Panos,

    wait a few years before you get to use one name only:) even Herve goes by two names LOL

    i vote for all the ones you “ADDED”…
    MINUS the ” tilted” ones…

  • i hear you Rafal…

    “book by RAFAL”
    “printed in…”
    “september 2010, NY”

  • ERIC

    you gotta love this project!! this work is FANTASTIC. i don’t have time to edit right now amigo.. my apologies.. i love this work. you gave me a great boost tonight..

  • Lance

    I send you photos. Give me a note if you will get it.


  • Eric,

    I really like the colors in your work…very very strong.

    For which photos I like:

    1. Very good opener
    2. Very mysterious
    8. Very cool shot, takes looking at to really figure out but its worth it.
    10. Also great. Has energy. Would work well back to back with #8.
    11. Just awesome. So much raw energy here.
    12. Good. I think it brings in something non-boxing but personal.
    14. Also a really good one, non action but so expressive. very nice POV here.
    15. A bit of the same idea as the other running shots (11) but I just love it.

    Which I would edit out

    4. I think its simlar to #2 but it doesnt strike me as hard as #2.
    7. Id edit this out because I absolutely LOVE #11. And they again come a bit too close to each oher in content although #11 is far better.
    9. It doent do anything for me. Too much like #2 and #4.
    17. Im not sure it says much to me.

    The rest of the shots are fine, I think they make a good story together. I think the project you have going has great potential. I would urge you to maybe get out of the gym and into some of the homes of these kids. Some of the shots would seguey into some really good personal intimate shots from homes of these kids.

  • Young Tom,

    very beautiful work, for me, 5, 7, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18….

  • Eric Espinosa,

    you accomplished a huge job in a very short time ! I love ! your light… your colours… your feelings… did you show your pictures to these young boxers ?


  • what does it mean when a photographer goes out and takes a shit load of photos but gets home and is at a loss for editing?

    I like it!
    Today I’ll choose 1,6,9,17,18.
    On sunday may be 2,6,11,16,18.
    Of course only YOU have to choose.

    great work, not only for such a short time.

    I like colors so much.
    for now 1,2, 6,11,16

  • DAVID and ALL
    in My Free Space, I put some words from room’s owners after their pics. I should write a story for each but I think it is not bad for now

    I have a new series in work in progress Relationship between people and animals in a city, these pics are taken more in houses but I will go out to see what happening in the streets. for now it’s not look like a series really but I always liked people and their pets, street cats , crows … I decide to start from what I liked from old single pictures and see where I end up. any suggestion?

    David McGowan
    what can I say about Barksdale family sale! you tell the story very easy and intimate, I backed to each pic to see more

  • Nasha,

    The last image is absolutely fabulous!!! The very good beginning, I wait impatiently for the continuation(suite)!


  • Eric
    good them to work on and great pictures. you done so much
    I saw the first ones and the pics you added are very good
    I am not good in edithing but come to see which ones you delete and how you complete story

  • ERIC….

    you know i have always been a big fan of your work…i am amazed at how you keep your “day job”, balance your family, and still get out there shooting as much as you do…

    but now, i think, it is time for you to take your personal “next step”..and it is a big one and maybe the most important one…the one that will separate you from many…

    yes, yes you have the lighting, technique and graphics down down…you “know” how to do this…you have “learned” how to do this…but playing with light and shadow is not enough

    now i would like to see something more instinctive….behavior….interaction..representatinal…emotion…raison d’ete…

    i mean, what about boxing??? what is “your spin” on boxing?? yes, you have given the “facts” but what are the “reasons’??? have you read Norman Mailer?? do you know the Larry Fink book??? what about Miguel Rio Branco boxing work?? this is now where your standards need to move…

    do not worry now about editing too much…get in there and sweat…show me something i have not seen before….you are ready for this move…i think you can do it…it now becomes more intellectual than technical for you…this can be a fine fine essay…

    let me see you max out…all the way….

    cheers, david

  • Eric! No kidding! That is some killer stuff! Good light, motion, Emotion, color, sweat, shadows, etc…

    Hope you are shooting RAW, though. There are a couple that are a little too dark. Need to be bumped up a bit. BUT… that’s a small quibble. The set as a whole is impressive. Cannot wait to see the final series.


  • OH, hey… Morning David!


    what i just wrote to Eric would apply also to you…you have mastered the “look” of working in the “good light”…you have chosen a “place” and worked it well…

    what i like about Patricia’s work and Panos’ work and Katia’s work is that it is so intricately personal..perhaps they do not have the same graphic/light sensibility that you show, but that is less important than what you may have to SAY….again, what about the Seattle Fish Market??? i mean, is it just a “cool place”?? what does it mean to you?? why there?? etc etc

    dig deeper my are a great thinker….bare your soul…let me see the “real Young Tom”…remember it is not about “photography” per se…that is easy…your work , to move forward, should be about what you think and care for and live…or fantasize???

    peace, david

  • MARCIN..

    your new site is terrific, but i cannot open “Hometown”..???????

  • David

    hometown, cuba portraits “comming soon”
    I have to finish some things.
    will be visible soon.

    must running


    you are on to something with this garage sale work….it says something quite profound about American consumerism…i would like to sit down and edit with you personally somehow…online editing is just too too imperfect and time consuming and flat out difficult..

    what i would suggest is this…take the summer and just do do do this…do not worry about COVERAGE….you do not need to “map out” a garage sale…you just need the strong SYMBOLS of consumerism run amok…of all the assignments going right now, you have one of the strongest potential book possibilities…maybe it becomes more about what people have in their garages in general..what people have in their lives that is in “storage”…thrown away..not needed….maybe the “sale” is only part of it..i cannot know yet…you must do more thinking about how you can do this…edit for icons…you do not want to have a “good newspaper picture page”…you will have the time this summer to do this right…it will be hard…the subject is not “exciting”…it is mundane…perhaps make it dramatically mundane!!! did you see the essay by one of my students in Look3 on the personal “want ads”??? the ad and then the person who placed the ad?? simple …easy…the concept was everything…think , think…

    cheers, david


    Yes, I’ve been shooting up a storm but, but, but…

    Is this stuff working at all? I have it all in one gallery for now. No attempts to edit, sequence, make sense of anything. Before I go much further I need to know if I’m on the right track. It’s so personal, so much my day-to-day life that I’m having trouble standing back and judging for myself. Sure could use some feedback please.

    You can either just peruse the thumbnails or if you have time, check out the slideshow.

    PASSWORD: patricia

    My question is this: Should I keep on as I am or do I need to go in a different direction? Thanks so much for your help.


  • I don’t know what suggestion DAH will give you, but… for me, not an expert, you’re on the right way.
    Just this. I saw the first shots, gave you my opinion, and for me the evolution is correct. Your work has … something that talks to the heart and mind. Not because of the subject you choose but because there is a personal view of your world and of the world we face. So you have to show it to the others, to go on, to edit and also ask feedback but I feel that you know very well where it goes. First I write that as a comment on your site but.. sometimes we have to share our thought (I never remind how to write “think.. etc..”).

  • .. I still can’t access the slideshow. :)
    will try again. But I found time to have a look at some PastPost I lost for not having time to read.
    I gave one of the Akaky post to a friend to be translated… I want to understand everything!

  • Dear DAVID
    what about a new post now that I can read it? he he. :)
    Yes!!! We want a new one.

  • Nasha, great parrot pics!

  • Wow…I wonder if I’m funny in Italian…

  • I’m sure about that. It was already funny for the (few) things I catched

  • ERICA,

    Ἀνερρίφθω κύβος

    Alea iacta est.

    Caesar says the same thing as Goethe in fewer words.

    Let the die be cast


    i have no time right now…i have to do a bunch of boring little things all day..including getting a new drivers license, pay bills, etc etc…but i will try a new post tomorrow and hopefully with the self portraits work judged…

    will i see you in Tuscany in august??? check out

    peace, david


    running now, but will open your work as soon as possible..

    peace, david

  • David – Thanks, that helps a lot. I’ll keep rolling with it—now I don’t feel so bad about the pace this has taken.

  • PS I’ll try to make it to NYC by the end of the summer, say, maybe September, with a stack of prints.

  • And I did see the “Want Ads” essay. I thought it was very clever and simple work created a strong idea.

  • David,
    I don’t know where you find the time to follow all this post and all of us.
    Not enought thank you.

    And…Thank you, I didn’t know about tpw!
    I can’t think about: I would like to follow the workshop but I think I can be there only for two days…
    I will be in perpignan in september for all the week. Won’t be the same but..

    Il dado è tratto

  • BUGGER!! made a post a few hrs back with feedback and selects for Matt N, Y Tom and Eric. Only just realized its not here!! f*ck! Didn’t censor it did you Webmaster Harvey!!?? ;)

    Sorry to have to be less wordy now, no time…

    Matt: Like it, but slow it down a little.

    TOM: Nice light mate. Love that the images scream your name. You Tom Hydeified the market.

    Eric: great work for a week well done. Showing “true” boxing is tricky (the grit etc.) you are on the way. look forward to seeing more.

    Sorry so brief this time….

    Where do all the lost posts go anyway??… hmmm…



    damn, i looked at the line at the New York division of motor vehicles and came straight back home…i hate standing in line and i spend half my life standing in line!!!

    of course i do not edit the posts!!! i have no idea what happened to your last should always copy…of course, i never actually do that, but that is what you should do!!!

    cheers, david

  • DAVID, thank you!! I understand … i do … it’s just … no excuses …. okay, thinking, working, being …

    ERIC E., I have always been such a big fan of your work, cannot even begin to express how much, your work clicks with me so perfectly like few others perhaps because where you are now is where i have always wanted to go … i have always thought you are such a rarity, a true natural … your next level i cannot even imagine but i am in the stands with the big foam finger cheering you on!!!

    ALL, can’t thank you enough for looking and comments, reading all carefully … Panos, you are right on :))) got it :)))

  • Hi David… I have a license renewal tip: Last time I went to the downtown dmv (way downtown… 11 Greenwich Street at Battery Park Place) at about 3:30 (half hour before they close…) and there was no line at all, in and out in 15 minutes. Maybe I was lucky, but my boss when I worked down there told me that’s the way it usually is there late afternoons… a Wall Street secret.


    ok, i “bailed” on the DMV line and came back and looked at your site…

    i am wrestling with the best way to go for could go two ways…one, is to show “your world” , which is pretty much what you have done…the other, is to not let anyone know what “your world” really is…and you have some fine pictures in that category too…

    what do you think?? i mean you have some strong self portraits or at least pictures featuring your life and environment…others are not so specific and could have been taken by any photographer…this should be a long personal conversation between us and we just cannot do that…for me, i could see it either way…

    do you know the book by Bill Owens titled “Suburbia”?? check it out…in this book Bill photographs suburban California…all the way thru the book the viewer “assumes” that Bill is poking fun at the suburbanites in his photographs…and THEN, comes the last photo in the book…it is Bill in the mirror …in his living room…he is ONE OF THEM..surprise!!

    you could do the same thing….have a book where we have no idea of your circumstances…then, at the very end is one of your strong self portraits….

    i am not saying for you to take this route…it is just an option…

    or, you could make every photograph a self portrait…this is actually where you are now, but i am wondering if this is really the best way…if you stay “inside” , then each picture should have a “reason” or a relationship to your environment…if you go “outside” then you need a whole different essay to do….if you go that way, what would that story be??? for example, you could have shot the essay that Kyunghee Lee did at the beach…alleged physical “limits” just would not be a factor..pure vision at work….and viewers would all be tweaked with surprise and irony at “your world” and vantage point….

    when i saw your original dance pictures, i had no idea of “your world” that point , you had never mentioned it…so if i did not know, nobody would know…you could have been shooting away at “dance” and the irony at the end would have been powerful…

    actually, there is a third way…NEVER reveal yourself….pick a “doable” subject (like dance) and just do it…you have fewer “restrictions” than someone using a large format camera for example…you can capture moments and expression much easier than a photographer who has to set up a tripod and then hood focus and then take one very deliberate picture at a time…so what if the pictures were from a particular vantage point??? if the pictures were strong, nobody would notice anything at all….when people see strong pictures , they just see strong pictures…

    aside from some technical things you need to control and some serious editing you need to do, you can go either way…what is your inclination???

    cheers, david

  • MIKE…

    Wall Street secrets???? hmmmm, aren’t we in a recession??? just joking, but i was thinking maybe that would be the best way to go…or, very very early in the morning before they even open…

    anyway, thanks for the “insider tip”….

    cheers, david

  • Eric E:

    Very impressive work! You’ve been one of my favorite photographers on the DAH blog since I first saw your workshop stuff. After David’s profound advice my own would seem trivial, but just FYI, here are my favorite shots from your Ghetto Boxing slide show: 1, 4, 5, 11, 12, 14, 15, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24
    Looking forward expectantly to the evolution of this story!

    Tom H:

    You know I am familiar with your work and like it, but honestly, what is it with the tilted horizon? Since you are doing it consistently, from almost the same angle in each frame from the Pike Place Market shots, it must be deliberate, not something that comes from the demands of a particular shot or composition. Do you really think this adds drama, movement, or context that would otherwise be missing? I know lots of younger photographers do this… but somehow it doesn’t feel like you to me (?). Otherwise, I would echo David… there’s a lot going on at the market, but what is the story you’re trying to tell? (Incidentally, I have photographed the Pike Place Market several times, although not in a focused ‘photo-sessay’ kind of way.)


  • LISA, will this do? I hope it’s enough to keep the wolf from the door.

    Dear Real Estate,

    As I am sure you already know, my daughter Lisa’s rent is currently in Arrears for three weeks. I am not sure what it is doing there; Arrears has always struck me as a dreary sort of place, filled with accountants and life insurance salesmen determined to have a good time doing whatever it is accountants and life insurance salesmen do to have a good time. This, I think, is a subject best left to psychologists and other mental health professionals; if you look too long into the abyss, Nietzsche wrote, the abyss will look into you, and probably ask you for some spare change. If the rent was doing this sort of thing here in Upper NotOz, I’d say that this was proof positive that the rent was a Boston Red Sox fan, which is odd, now that I think of it, what with Boston’s large Irish-American community, most of whom are there in Boston because they couldn’t afford the rent in Ireland back in the day. In any case, I have just gotten a postcard from the rent, in which he describes the foul weather they’ve been having this season in Arrears, which gives him something to talk about, I guess, but frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass one way or the other about the weather there. He does say, though, that he will be home to Lisa just as soon as he can.

    Given this, I trust that you will give Lisa a brake until the rent shows up. If the weather is as bad in Arrears as he says it is, then I am sure he will come back to Lisa just as soon as he can. Between you and me, I never liked that moocher; he’s one of those guys that women can’t get enough of-why, I don’t know. Five will get you ten he’s not in Arrears by himself, if you follow my meaning. A two timing four-flushing swine is a two timing four-flushing swine no matter how much Lisa sings his praises, but what do I know? I’m just a dad. While you’re waiting for the rent to show himself, why don’t you just kick back and watch Lisa wandering around the countryside bashing little bunny rabbits over the head without her knickers on? You might want to join her as she does her lepicidal best for God, Queen, and Oz; certainly everyone needs a hobby in these stressful times, I think.

    Sincerely yours,

    Akaky Akakyevich Bashmachkin


    Thanks to all of you for your strong words of encouragement. This means a lot to me…There is nothing that is more inspiring than to have you all see the work, respond to it…This feels me with energy to take on the challenge of DAVID….

    DAVID, the one thing I love about you is this constant healthy push to keep elevating our “game”…I understand what you are pushing me to do…and will go to school on Larry Fink etc. I was familiar with the work of Miguel Rio Branco but not of Larry so will go and check… I remember the first time I met you at the first workshop…I had brought you a portfolio with some images I had taken from Cuba…your reaction on a picture I had taken of someone exercising was a classic… You had told me at the time that I was too distant… You told me to get close, to see the pain, the sweat on this man’s face….In a way, I tried to get closer with this boxing work…you certainly see the sweat now :) :) but may be not enough emotion and I also see what you mean with the need to add ny own spin so that it looks more personal…. So, great push and I will have a go at this….can only get to a better stronger work if I succeed…Not much I can do over the next 10 days as these kids are away but will pick this up as soon as they are back.

    Thanks to all for the great constructive feedback.



  • Thanks Sidney, I always greatly appreciate you and what you have to say and i’m glad to see you here again … and I am agreeing with you too, a bit embarrassed by too many tilts :)) I will continue with this … focus in, get closer, level out a bit, and loosen up just a little more. I’ll find my story, get IN. I don’t get to Seattle much and by way of explanation, not excuse, I had a few hours Friday night to kill when an editorial assignment got put on hold pending corporate approval and I fell in love with the market area, the light and the potential … i’ve never shot freeform street much and my young still-forming skills tend to go moldy in my little isolated rainforest hermitage out here in upper Satsop watershed (a little south of Matlock). But i now have a great place to stay in Seattle anytime with wonderful, generous new friends so … no excuses, more people, more work, more fun :)))

    And hey, I would love to drive up, buy you lunch and see you in Bellingham this summer … we can talk about NG and your favorites … would sometime in August work?


    p.s. you really do look exactly like i imagined … :))

  • ALL

    Just tried to shoot alone for the assignment, and I did manage to photograph 3 people using just the rollei, but it was pretty darn hard (approaching un-doable) to manage all the things of my outdoor studio alone. (I also had to bring 2 dogs with me to make things crazier) For one thing, it felt like I needed a megaphone so I could ask people if I can photograph them, as I couldn’t walk away from all the gear..but I was so frustrated sitting here not shooting. At least I tried, and will continue to try to do this alone, but I am very grateful for those who are helping when they can.


    really very nice work, and I especially love the ones that are ‘dirty’ in quality, something cinematic about them. I could give specifics, but seems as if you have a hold on this for the moment..


    I very much appreciate your taking the time to view and seriously consider my recent work. The options you present are clearly articulated and will take some serious thought on my part.

    I keep trying to see this not as “my” work or what would be best for me & my “career” (funny to use such a word) but as part of a larger picture, that picture being what most needs to be said in this place and time.

    Yes, I can see the potential power in saving any reference to my disability until the very end, hitting the viewer with it just when they think they’ve got a handle on who this photographer is and why she’s photographing what she does. That could well turn things on their head and show people that stereotypes are to be broken.

    At the same time I can see value in letting the entire series be an eye into the day-to-day life of a woman who just happens to get around in a mobility scooter. I don’t know of any serious photographers who focus on their disability, do you? Except perhaps those who use photography in their work as disability activists. BTW that would not be my intent.

    My intent, as I see it now, is to show rather than tell what life is like since I became disabled. Simple things like getting out of bed, getting dressed, driving a wheelchair accessible van, participating in outdoor festivals where I go eyeball-to-eyeball with children rather than their parents, having a waist-eye view of the world. It’s all about my world view.

    I hope I don’t sound like an egomaniac when I say that I see this work as a serious responsibility. I mean, if I don’t do it, who will? And I believe it needs to be done and NOW. So I guess I’m leaning towards sticking with the self portrait nature of this work. But nothing’s set in stone. I still need to give it more thought. I would very much like to hear other viewpoints from the wise folks here on this blog.

    So what do YOU feel would be most helpful? If you have a choice, what would you want to see?

    BTW I’m also working on another series right now that features African-American elders. In conjunction with that project I’ll be digitally recording their stories. You can see a few of those pics by clicking on the following links. These were part of my daily photo blog so they also have text.

    Thanks to David and ALL of you for sharing your views with me.


  • Erica, you know you’re one of my favs … and i know you will work it out, i can’t wait to see. I wish i was in New York, i’d be honored to just hold your dogs for you … can i bring my golden, too? ;-))


    Thanks for visiting my website. thanks for your time.

    about e-mail exchange… I’m sorry I was busy, I missed some things. But I think everything is ok.


    I missed your comment. I see there is some problems with my website. I thought it will be easy to navigatate.
    Please tell me what browser you use?? Maybe I forgot about something…. I have to check it.


    I like this navigate in my website now, but if you think there is any problem please let me know.
    Maybe this way of navigatation is too difficult?
    Something to change?


  • MARCIN..

    I think people are missing the fact that after you view the 4th image you get a new set of 4 thumbnails…if you have a forward or next or arrow there additionally, that would clear it up..

    YOUNG Tom

    that would be fun, 3 pups a playing, 2 shooters brilliant day…

  • Just received an email from Katharina Hesse. In it she said “can only see the DAH site from China these days through a proxy server which doesn’t allow me to type in any comments ( most links I can even not see)”

    If you’d like to be in contact with her, Katharina’s email is

    I know she’d like to hear from you!



    Your feedback for Eric gave me chills.. I look forward to seeing where this goes!


    I have a print for you ready to go.. but I still need your mail address. Please email me. Thanks!


    Print Exchange?? (slight cringe, but I mean it)


    i am having the most amazing afternoon…the sun is setting over lower Manhattan…Mike and Marie are here and we are having a rollicking afternoon…i asked them to do a “screening” of the self portraits you submitted, none of which i had seen before….as you know i have been pretty busy since setting up this little fun judging..i always have more going than i can possibly do, but that leads me to get done more than i would do if i did not take on just a bit more than i can actually do….get it?? probably not…

    anyway, what fun!!!! you guys really did it..each and every one is a treasure one way or the other…YOU ALL GET FIRST PRIZE!!!

    but i promised a judging , so i guess i have to do it…but i want to publish a bunch…

    so thanks to all of you for giving me so many good laughs this afternoon….ok, i gotta get back to it…Mike and Marie are laughing their heads off…i want to get back in the action….wow, the light is just spectacular right now!!!

    cheers hugs et al…david

  • Yo Lance, I was just about to drop some prints in the mail for Panos. Must be in the air.


    i just posted my above comment as a new outside post..but, i will be hanging around this post too…i have more work to look at here for one thing..and i missed quite a few comments..

    cheers, david

  • thank you DAVID McG !!!!!!!!!!!!

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