northern lights….



as you may already  know, i have just been on a three week workshop "marathon" taking me from Mexico to Norway…i am used to "changes in latitude", but this was particularly extreme…the one thing common to both "extremes" was good old fashioned hospitality with both cultures vying for the title of "friendliest"…i will not choose…i cannot choose….

the above "group shot" ( by Kim Nygård) is a loose assemblage of our Magnum crowd in Oslo during our workshop/seminar final evening (or , was it the night before?)….sorry, but my memory is not one of the by-products of cultural  hospitality!!….in any case, since it is no small task just to gather our disparate  group of photogs for a lunch meeting, it is a minor miracle that so many showed up in Oslo to spend time with emerging photographers who came from all over the world….this was  our first attempt at a group Magnum workshop…hopefully, what happened in Oslo will not stay in Oslo…

Alessandra Sanguinetti, Jacob Sobol, Chris Anderson, Alex and Rebecca Webb, Paolo Pellegrin, Chien Chi-Chang, Richard Kalvar, Chris Steele-Perkins, Jonas Bendiksen, and yours truly, all either taught one week workshops or gave an evening lecture…Jonas and his lovely bride Laara (above left center) made all of this "happen" for us..the Norwegian Press Photographers Association was our host…the Bilder Nordic School of Photography lent us their classrooms….many many thanks to all ….

one of the "surprises" for those of us who came from Magnum, was how much we were "sparked" by seeing each other’s work presented in such an open forum…of course, we know the photographs and the books..but, all of us commented on the pleasure of seeing each other’s  presentations…to find out things we did not even know about individual motivations and purpose…we all make presentations from time to time, but usually not in front of each other….so, we learned as much as our "students"….often, when we are gathered , we are weathering long sleepy business meetings…totally necessary, but not creatively enlightening…

now, certainly our only reason for being in Oslo was to view and critique and encourage and celebrate  the work of  emerging photographers who came for our workshop….to help them develop essays and stories and to move them "forward"  in a way that made sense for each of them as "authors"….you will see the work from many of these photographers published here under "Student Work.." as soon as i can get my hands on it…

but for the moment, i am only showing you this "group shot"…..and "group shots" are definitely  a phenomenon in and of themselves…whenever serious photographers are gathered, and the kind of serious photographers who would normally not be caught dead taking a "group shot" , someone always wants to take one!!!  at every National Geographic gathering, or Magnum gathering or any gathering of photo  "professionals" , in the aura of event "grand finale" we inevitably take a "group shot"….as a matter of fact, with all of the really incisive pictures coming in from my students each week during a workshop, one of the "musts" is a  "group shot" of our class….

why do you think all of us seem to  love "group shots"??  is it because just "remembering something special" is still  the ultimate reward of photography??  or, is it just simple "evidence"  or "proof" that we were actually all together at one time, in one place???


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  • Glad you enjoyed Oslo David, I have attended a Magnum presentation / slideshow of group work at Bradford, England and I always rate the work of Magnum. I think it’s the decision to cover stories in-depth and long-term that give Magnum the edge.

    As for group photographs, I suppose that the ultimate group photograph is the wedding group showing all of the assembled guests. Evidence of our existence? Possibly.
    One of my favorite group photographs is of the Annual Magnum Meeting in Paris, 1988: where most of of the participants cover their faces; taken by Elliott Erwitt.

    Also we, as a race, like to explore the human face in all its guises and a group shows lots of faces! Perhaps it’s a “Family of Man” thing?

    Best to all,


  • Hey David, Paul here. Well I lost you somewhere outside that Russian night club. I stayed there until the end when they through me out, and i got a whole another story shot! Anyway I just want to say what an incredible week it was and a big thank you for your time and immense inspiration!
    Talk soon! peace and love!

  • well of course that would be ‘threw’

  • David,
    Nice group photograph of you all! You all look pretty serious with one exception of someone messing around on the left. Wonder who that is :):):) Well, as usual, I am always somewhat envious to see the amount of taveling that you do even if I could not cope with the amount… I am myself now finally heading at the end of the week to Antigua for the processions. I will be spending there about 10 days…I know that you know Guatemala well. I hope to really work hard there and hopefully bring back a good essay that I would love to show you. Will try to put it on the site that I have just created so hopefully you will get a chance to look at it and let me know what you think. Are you planning to now go to Sicily again this year or are you now done for a while? Cheers, Eric

  • DAVID:

    for a young man who’s just galloped from one end of the globe (viva m) to the other (oslo door hangles), you look damn rejeuvinated! :)))…christ, Jonas looks older that you ;))))))))…and laara looks like a young liv ulmann! :)))….

    ok, the group pic:

    why?…i think (for me at least) its a bit of a moment that opposite of our own photography: a relaxation away from photography and yet, just a lovely, fun memory…

    and for our kids and grandkids to see how once young and lovely we all were ;)))))…

    welcome “home” ;))



    p.s. i hope LAARA showed some pics too :))

  • MIKE…

    yes, i suppose the wedding group shot is the “ultimate” in group shots…no matter how many “photojournalistic” candids are taken, people always gravitate back to the group shot…

    i too love that 1988 Magnum group shot…i was actually there when that was taken, but not a member of Magnum at the time…classic…


    well, you may have been thrown out of the Russian night club, but i could not even get in!!! or rather, i did not want to wait in that long line..particularly since my flight back to New York was just a few hours away…by the way, my theory of “sleeping on the plane” evaporated on that particular flight, since the plane was chock full of Norwegians heading for a corporate vacation in Miami…i mean, they had a party the whole way….the flight attendent told me she had never quite seen a party like that on the plane and being drunk must not be a prerequiste as far as U.S. immigration officers are concerned!!!

    i really liked the work you did and will publish it here soonest…i am just waiting for Ellen to send the files to me…

    wishing to see you again soonest amigo…


    you will totally fall in love with Guatamala…at least, most of it…and Antigua is special…but, try to get way up into the highlands if you can…

    i cancelled my Sicily workshops because i really need to get out on the road shooting….i do not want to lose the “balance” between shooting/teaching…otherwise , i will have nothing to “teach”!! by the way, i could be coming through Ohio in my travels driving/photographing across the country…please stay in touch….

    safe travels and good shooting to you…

    cheers, david

  • BOB…

    i have seen Laara’s work, but she did not present in Oslo…that woman was busy busy busy making it all “come together”…

    ok, my friend, i will be in and around New York for at least the next two weeks…any chance you will come down??? we have delayed our meeting long enough….

    abrazos, david

  • Funny – today I just found some group shots that I actually like…

  • hey David,

    A great big thanks to yourself and the rest of the Magnum crew for presenting your works during the Dok08 in Oslo. This was a great inspiration. Unfortunately, my wallet did not allow me to attend any workshops, but hopefully this will change in the future. Check for some more dok08 photos:

    with regards to group shots, i think they are nice to bring back memories of the time that took place around and during when the shot was taken. it is a nice “proof” but the memories behind it, is what i enjoy.

    all best,


  • David I think wherever you are there’s a party! …Except on Canadian railroads!

    By the way anyone on Facebook search for ‘Magnum Workshops Oslo 2008’ maybe something will happen with that.


  • concerning the group shot philosophy :

    i think it is much more than proof or evidence, it´s more like a certificate , like the ones you get, when you participate, let´s say in a marathon. Having made it should be enough for you and even if you are totally aware of that, of what you have performed, you dont go home without it. you queue up to get yours.
    you have the same opinion than the guy standing before you : “just a piece of paper” – “yeah, man, main thing is to have made it”. (not that i ever have run a 42km distance, nor have ever been on a group shot and was only forced one time to take a group shot.) you must not frame it and hang it on the wall, but you like it, when it is in your drawer. When you move house and go through all that old stuff you find it again. it has moved to a box in the cellar over the time. you smile and put it in the drawer again. the certificate has become a recollection. if it does not mean anything to you anymore, you throw it away. Nobodys going to miss it then.
    you can show them to your friends- especially when they are not photographers- “look at the guys and girls from xxx, this, on the left was a funny one-great time”. no further explanation needed.
    show them the other pictures and the comments may start – “isnt the face a little dark ?” ( i do NOT speak about my own experiences, of course)

    but thats all from someone who, i said it, is mostly not asked to be on a group shot, so it may be all bitterness and not to be taken to seriously.

    cheers, olli

  • hope i had looked up the right words. my english is not that fluent anymore and i do nut trust the online-translator that much. so if there is anything you do not agree with blame that machine.

    cheers olli

  • Norwegians, or should i say, Scandinavians love to party it up on planes (free drinks), especially, going on a charter, ski or some other exotic holiday or vacation, as a group.

  • David,
    It would be great for you to stop in Ohio. As you know, you have a place to stay, a room and a bed under a real roof!!!! I hope to see you soonest! Eric

  • Well, maybe a group shot is about the only time photography is not about self-portrait, and it serves the only purpose of photography for 999% of people.

    There is something refreshingly unpretentious about that, especially in unarranged ones, where all sense of any type of hierarchy/importance and self-consciousness is absent (you all look like students in this one, with maybe a bit of teach’ about you, David!).

    I would even add, that this is, maybe, the only “discipline” in the craft where the unskilled, vacationeer, beat the professional and “famed” flat out, anytime, for genuineness and “truth”.

  • Hi David,

    Never found you in the noisy Russian club, but still want to thank you for your inspiration last week! Won’t forget this incredible week in Oslo.

    Keep in touch!

  • but herve,

    can a group photo not be more self portrait than any others ?
    , or you just click away. is your angle high, so you can look down on the others, do you have the ugly cupboard in your frame?

    there may be no way out on taking a self portrait, isnt that a shame ? :-)

  • but the most annoying thing about group shots is, that they were not taken in russian night clubs, i guess. :-))

  • DAVID:

    will be in Montreal next week for our wedding anniversary and week of april 6th, will be in charlotte, NC…

    the plan is to come again in May (we were in the city over christmas but didnt see anybody ’cause u werent around)…

    havent planned yet about look3 (since we’re going to france august/sept, the budget is limited, so trying to figure out travel now), but if I (we) go, i want to drink w/u before an event like that (since im not usually very good at large group festival things ;))) )….

    too too long…especially since like many of our friends always meet, instead of us ;))..



  • Just curious… who took the picture?

    I see the group shot as “proof”. A point in time. A stake in the ground. Like carving ” were hear” on a park bench. You go back later and say “Hey, look at that. Remember that?” We take a group shot when we are aware that things will never be this exact way again and we want to remember.

  • That should have said.. “Like carving “We were here” on a park bench.”

  • Bob, where about in France are you heading? I will be there as well at about the same time…Might even try to make a stop in Perpignan early Sept if I can fit this in. Let me know where you will be and who knows, might get a chance as well to meet the man behind the “writing”….Cheers, Eric

  • Welcome back!

    I hope to see you in the next two weeks..

    Group shots, and that is indeed a good one..I find illuminating because they work with the Gestalt principle, as in “an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts” get relationship and dynamic that provides information that otherwise would have been unknown. Sort of like the meditating man in the cave is in one state of being, but when he comes into the world is faced with other levels of circumstance which bring forth all kinds of unexpected unknowns about the man himself, which may very well urge him back to the cave to reexamine Self.

  • If exist reason why I could be a part of magnum, it is pictures like above… group of people who live with passion and sometimes meet other pepole who live with passion… like in big family… famili of best photographers who work I admire and they are admire and influence each other…
    have I mentioned David how lucky you are?

  • david alan harvey


    yes, i like those too….


    if you visit me, we will find a group shot for you to be in!!!


    surely when we meet it will be with just us…large group no….hmmmm may…well, i think i will be out on the road shooting on my project…but somehow we will work it out….by the way, we will pick a photograph for Mercy Project this week…is this for book repro only or for a print also???


    of course, i wanted to credit the photographer , but i have no idea who it was…there were about a dozen photogs shooting the same scene and my assistant in Oslo just emailed me the picture…as soon as i find out, i will give due credit…when do i see you guys?? i am in New York for the next two weeks…please stop by….


    your friend Jonathan was in my class…nice guy, good attitude…new photog , but moving forward well….

    i am always headed back to the cave to re–examine Self!!!

    let’s get together soonest….

    cheers, david

  • the photographer of the group photo taken in Norway is: Kim Nygård

    more photos of dok08 can be seen here:

  • Hi David…

    We miss you already over here in Oslo…what a great week!

    The photographer who took the group shot is Kim Nygård.


  • Daviiiid!
    what up dawggggggggg!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t write more this sec…
    I’m on that horse called ” freeway”
    see you soon

  • DAVID:

    I believe (but not 100%) the pic is for book, initial pic (low resolution/dpi) is for the mock-up and they’ll need bigger resolution for actual book later…i dont know, but am guessing at some point idea of exhibition would be a part…..but just guessing…as for meeting up, yes, just us (with marina), or small…lots ot drink or share too…i’ll make it happen somehow…u give me ur road schedule and see if we can work it out..

    ERIC: a bunch of places…Perpignan may be part, but i’ve sworn off the place, as im not that keen (ever) about big festival things;)), will be in paris and marseilles and a small town on the West coast (where my friend, the great photographer Idalina Pedrosa, lives)….would love to meet up…”the man behind the writing” ;’))…sounds intriguing: who’s he? ;))….man behind the pics too ;))….it would be wonderful to meet :))



  • The obligatory group shot is probably more deeply entrenched in Japan than any other country. It used to drive me crazy when I lived there. They are all so extremely formularized, so predictable, I used to think, what is the point? Now, I’m actually glad that I still have some of them as historical documents or reminders. Of course there’s the ‘certification’ or ‘evidence’ aspect to them, but there’s something more. If you read biographies, and I’ve read a lot, in the photos showing someone’s life sooner or later there’s always a group shot and it really helps to put that individual’s life in the context of their times and their peers. In the West we are obsessed with individualism and see personal trajectories in life as unique and autonomous… and as the years go by I see that more and more as a delusion. If you look through your collection of snapshots, you’ll probably see a very highly selected ‘rogues’ gallery’ of people you once knew… mostly those you noticed, you were friendly with, those who were attractive or lively… but the group photo is a reminder that the ‘separate individuals’ were all together, at least at one time and place, and shared a space and an experience, maybe a mission even… all breathed the same air… even the quiet ones, the not-so-noticeable ones, the not-so-attractive ones, the ones we didn’t really like.. so besides being a historical document, maybe it’s a useful antidote to the egotism we are all guilty of in selectively reconstructing our pasts visually, and a reminder that we are all really part of larger things than just ourselves… a social ecology, a generation, a school or company, a profession.


  • david alan harvey


    thanks to both of you for the photog credit…i got so so used to hanging out with all of you…missing the whole deal….my first trip to Norway will not be my last…


    keep both hands on the wheel!! unless , of course, you just absolutely HAVE to take a picture….

    i want to see your snoop work..i would love to have helped you edit had i been around….

    peace, david


    thanks. would be glad to have that one day. not so much to bring it home, than to make it.

  • David

    you have written you will working next 8 weeks in NY… Some new assignment? or self assignment?
    something exiting or just job?

  • I think the group photo more than anything conveys a sense of achievement for the person(s) who want the photo. It is a source of pride to them as they can not only use it to remember a point in time that is important to them but also to possibly “show off” to others what they have done or accomplished.

    This is why I think that graduation photos are the ultimate group photo. It documents a certain period in time and declares achievement. Actually the photo that David has included in this entry is a graduation photo.

    Family group photos also have that sense of declaring achievement I think. Holiday cards with the token family group photo at the beach or at some vacation spot are the best examples of this. Nothing wrong with it at all, it just means more to some people than to others.

    On a side note to Jarle or to anyone else who might be able to answer this: Jarle mentioned that Scandinavians love to party it up and go on vacations as a group and often to exotic locations. Why is that I always meet so many more Swedish people in my travels than Norwegians and Danish? The combined populations of Norway and Denmark is I think equal if not more than that of Sweden yet I see and meet a ridiculously larger amount of Swedish. While in Thailand last month I heard many times a rumored statistic that at any day of the year in Thailand there will be 25,000 Swedes in the country. I don’t know if that’s true but I sure as hell did meet a ton of Swedes, very few Danish, and zero Norwegians.

  • Let me pullover for a sec…
    ok… Thanks to YOU David , I already got lots
    of help on the SNOOP work (edit wise)…
    and few more friends… Helped and still helping out!!!!!
    Now, that’s friends!!!
    Thats the DAH spirit …!!!!!
    you created all that David…
    Powerfull community…
    Im proud being. DAH soldier ,
    serving the DAH ” army”…
    oh, ohhhh a black and white behind my ass…

  • It reminds me of an anecdote… (If I may, I’ve been lurking since day two)

    September 2001, Visa pour l’image, Perpignan, France.
    We had met at the youth hostel, (if photogs are poor, emerging photogs are poorer), 1 Belgian, 2 Polish and a Canadian (me). Had spent the pro week together, going around the parties, meeting people, informal PR, etc. End of the week, it was time to part, to go our separate ways; planes and trains. We had to take a group shot of ourselves, new photog friends.
    -Ok, there, in front of the Visa pour l’image logo! Euh…Excuse me sir, would you mind taking our picture?
    – Sure, no problem.
    – Thanks! (in unison) ….
    The tall man gives the camera back, leaves.
    ….Hey, that was David Alan Harvey… D.A.H took our group shot! Cooool!

    So now, each of us has a fine group shot taken by D.A.H. at Visa pour l’image in 2001.

    That wrapped up our week beautifully.

  • Evan, about Swedes in Thailand (and brits and germans!). I remember that “60minutes” series 2 weeks ago on how the danes constantly top the “happiest, most contented” nationa in the world.

    The few Swedes I met in Thailand don’t seem happy about their country (and quite many roguish elements amongst them). Likewise with the english and americans sojourning in Thailand, it always seems thailand vs wretched life in their country.

    Thailand has always attracted people not too happy with the conditions in their lives, though in the end, it’s only themselves they were trying to flee from, and give them enough time (and rope!) and their selves will catch up with them, anywhere they go. True! :-)

    Oliver, you are right. group portrait is self-portrait too, and how! I probably meant it in the sense of a self-conscious attempt.

  • Evan,
    Why you see all these swedish people in Thailand is because it’s probably by far the most ordinary charter travel destination for us, allthough being far away. The tsunami was therefore a big tragedy for Sweden.
    I haven’t been to Thailand though and it doesn’t tempt me because it’s so mainstream and touristy, especielly if you’re a swede I guess.


    glad you enjoyed Norway, and hope you get to see more parts of this varied country next time.

    you are right, according to 2007 estimates, there are about 9,3 mill swedes, 5,4 mill danes, and 4,7 mill norwegians.
    i am not sure how i can answer your question, as to why you meet more swedes than danes and norwegians. being a norwegian myself, we love to travel and explore the planet.
    i know there are locations in thailand and other places around the world that lots of norwegians travel to, and spend months or weeks there. but why you don’t see them or any danes, and only the swedes, is strange. can be that the swedes are louder ;) but at the same time, a crowd of norwegians can be just as rowdy. but since there are almost the double of swedes compared to norwegians, you would almost expect to see more swedes than norwegians.

  • Martin, I see your excellent site, where you draw much essence from the mundane, and by gosh, for that very reason, I think you would like Thailand a lot, for its unexotic or average exotism, yet tickling you enough to make you wonder if that is all there is, and scractch a little the surface veneer.

    And that’s where being a photographer like you, comes in handy! ;-)

  • David – be sure and schedule a stop in Michigan – we can do a Nature and Economic Turmoil Tour.


    about to disappear for a few hours to finish up a writing project i promised Rene, and due to both family and photography issues this week, im a week late (sorry rene, coming, patience), and have shooting and then walking and returning home to finish a novel i was reading (Denis Johnson’s ANGELS), I swallowed the ending, with a jolt…thinking, too, also about Oslo, the workshop, the blog, friends scattered here and there, David’s homelessness, my family, negatives drying or collecting dust, silence, waiting, just this…

    the ending, for you all…seems so important and honest too about this blog and the entirety of our lives…prisoners or escapees, hardened or otherwise…


    “It was Fredericks’ understanding that the prisoners had a story:

    that each night for months, at nine precisely, a light had burned in a window in the town, where the men on one cellblock’s upper tier could see it and wonder, and imagine, each one, that it shone for him alone. But that was just a story, something that people will tell themselves, something to pass the time it takes for the violence inside a man to wear him away, or to be consumed itself, depending on who is the candle and who is the light.”
    –Denis Johnson, ANGELS

  • david alan harvey


    i will stay two or three weeks in New York and then i head off for what will probably be at least a one year project..maybe two….but i have cancelled most of my “normal activities” and plan to spend the next two months shooting to get my mind in the right place and see how it goes…i plan to drive across the U.S. on a real “road trip”….i will give you the details soonest…


    yes, i can see group graduation photos being in almost the same category as wedding photos…”new era” significance for sure….

    i am curious about the Swedes in Thailand too..someone will have the answer…


    really?? sometimes i do get asked, usually by tourists, to take a photo…i suppose that happens to all of us…but, i do not remember the event you describe…was the picture at least sharp???


    i never thought of Thailand attracting unhappy people…..hmmmm, i gotta think on that one….


    well, you made me laugh out loud!!!

    i am only sorry i did not get to take a look at snoop work ..or , is it too late??? i will go back to the previous post and see if i can find the link…


    back soonest…early sleep tonight…will catch up tomorrow…..

    cheers, david

  • HERVE,
    Thanks! Maybe you’re right :)

  • Am I the only one who absolutely doesnt like group shots? Welcome back David. You missed a good discussion on style in the previous thread.

  • About the Swedes, and others, I meant it not about tourism (the place is an easy holyday choice for the entire region, a no-brainer for cheap sunny budget tropical vacation, with friendly locals), but repeat tourists to Thailand, and “expats”. I have a friend who stays in a village, north east of Thailand, with his wife every winter, and has little to say about Sweden, save being the place where he makes his money to live elsewhere ASAP.

    Few people travel around Thailand. For most, there are very specific reasons and places why they go (sex, beach, trekking) and rarely depart from those goals, trip after trip.

    Though everyone gets the basics of the thais outlook on life, I should say. Namely “Mai pen rai” and “sanook” (tr.: keep cool and have fun). It’s a combination hard to resist and an easy one to explain to 24 999 other swedes, after all! :-)

  • An American Road trip David? Sounds like a nice plan. How do you deal with the Robert Frank problem?:)

  • HERVE,
    IF you continue talking about THAILAND,
    i will eventually make myself move there…
    How about YOU show US a series of PHOTOS of Thailand????
    God damn…!

    RAFAL, not to agree, just to agre, but i agree with you…
    sorry DAH but i could care less about this “group shot anxiety”…
    Nice shot for a canon5D though at 1000 ISO… canon, hmmmm…

  • DAVID SAID ABOVE: somewhere


    i never thought of Thailand attracting unhappy people…..hmmmm, i gotta think on that one….”

    Herve is that true???

  • Well, it does attract some great guys, Panos, like me, david, and a few others I am sure.

    Seriously, My positives about Thailand clearly respond to my own positive outlook on life. Yet, I find for many I met, it provides stuff they can’t have or get at home, and I don’t necessarily mean sex or a young wife.

    In that sense, It does indeed respond to a negative in their lives as lived back home.




    example… when i asked for “EDITING” help for my “SNOOP photos”
    i got immediate help from MICHAEL K, MARCIN, OLLI, and yada, yada, yada, yada……………

    DAH WANTS TO HELP ME OUT, tomorrow… after he wakes up from the “scandinavian-oaxacan” ROLEX….jet-lag… what da fuk ever”… by editing….my Snoop-shit.

    but here i am … naked… lol… just like MIKE’S (uncle Dirty… or whatever…. from the previous (Marcin’s subjects and a horse) post, i mean… lol

    SNOOP DOGG… couple days ago…. the LINK is BELOW…
    Can you email me your “edited version’???????

    If i give YOU hundred photos… can you EDIT down to 5 photos????
    DAVID, can you help ??????

    the link with all SNOOP DOGG assignment , below…
    its two pages, NO PASSWORD, required for YOU…
    please HONOR ME WITH YOUR OPINIONS…. and if you ever need that kinda help… uncle P. is here …


    and if you want to see my 2 utube videos that i posted … shot by a little Leica … go here:

    LETS PROVE , MY FRIEND BOBB (what’s up BoooooooB)… wrong….
    Lets show the world that photographers are not “lame motrhrfrruckkkers”…

    oh fuck it,….
    I should stay off the “pipe”… It’s like im smoking crack or something… Photographers ????
    helpng eachother???????

  • Missed your cry for help, Panos. Give me a few minutes, i send you my edit. But 5 is a lot, you know…. :-))))

    Already, page 1 I just looked, you had access obviously, but I sense shyness, all these profiles, back shots… you’re too far at times and always unobtrusive (Panos unobtrusive? Something missing…).

    Back to work!

  • I mean, me, back to work, looking at page 2, and page 1 again.

  • the reason i’m talking so much, is because i’m tired talking sooo

    we are ALL photographers to a DEGREE…

    why do we have to WAIT, till DAVID’S next STIPEND????

    I feel FUNNY because ( i can’t even recall his name….!… was it Scott ???
    … or Stephen..? took $5K, and go… like the wind !!!
    why not talk to us… enlighten us, teach us if you have to…
    ohhh, i see … you do this with your pictures… I see…
    and then my friends ask me why do i use the word “ELITE” alot lately…
    maybe i should say, snob…
    ps. I’m glad everyone is asleep right now…


    what Robert Frank problem??? it is not the 50’s, i am not from Switzerland discovering USA, and you cannot possibly know what my project is about…

    but, i will go back to the previous thread and check out the discussion on style…

    by the way, Kyunglee was just in Oslo with us…do you keep up with her work?? amazing woman, just amazing…


    ok, i will take a look….

    cheers, david

  • I was kidding about Robert Frank. Im just sort of thinking about myself and how to be unique in what Im trying to do lately. I know youve got your own style worked out, I dont, yet. Talking about the last thread I mentioned people Im looking at now: Billingham, Goldin, Strba, Larry Sultan etc and trying to be myself and not them.

    I dont keep in touch with Kyunghee at all but Ill check out what she is doing. Do you know the link to her work? Not much time for computer lately, hence my long absence from here but I have more time now so Im here again.

    Coming to Seoul in the near future?

  • PANOS…

    you should not WAIT for my stipend of course


    on the other hand, i am doing all i can to create more funding for more photogs soonest…

    only the F——G lawyers are holding me up!!!

    AND, by the way, Sean Gallagher is using his 5k to continue his work on the moving sand dunes in China where he had moved from the UK to pursue freelancing….

    what we saw was only his beginning…i implored him to get close and personal and emotional as well as having the “overall” scene….remember Panos, this was not a contest…not an award for a lifetime of work or even a year of work..just 6 wks of unfunded work….the stipend was to fund what was certainly a good beginning to something and Sean just needed a little push…

    i wish i could have helped more than just one person the last time….and, i made a judgement call based on many factors , including good old fashioned “need” and a decision that this was a project where funding actually might do some good…there were others who deserved a stipend as well…and it is for those others that i continue to work….

    i cannot say right now what other plans i have because of the F—–G lawyers etc etc etc…and it may turn out that i can do absolutely nothing….if it turns out that i can do absolutely nothing, then i will do SOMETHING anyway!!!!

    big hug, david

  • I do agree with you panos. I did like the winning essay but I also feel like what was a community effort was really sidelined and the person who “won” we cant say is part of this community. But such is the nature of life, lets not lose sleep over it. I wonder when the next stipend will be:) David?:)

  • David,

    I found Kyunghee’s blog but theres like one photo there. If you have a better link, can you give it? Or if you want to keep it private could you email it to me?

    Lawyers suck. Period.

  • Jesus Panos … you self-edit worse than I do, and I didn’t think that was possible ;-) Thanks for the opportunity to look … I’ll send you mine as well for what it’s worth … would be interesting if there are any universal picks in all the feedback you get.

  • RAFAL…

    sorry about the mis-spelling of your name above….

    Robert Frank lives less than a mile from me…i keep meaning to visit….but once, i was very disappointed when i actually met a “great, genius” photographer…i love Robert Frank now and i want to keep it that way…

    i have not read all of the previous thread, but “style” cannot be invented or worked out or thought about too much…”style” is a combo of many things including choice of subject, esthetic sensibility, raw sensing of the visual landscape, and just the damndest hi-res “scan” of who you really are….you cannot try to be somebody…you are somebody…let that person “out” and you may have some “style”!!!

    how is the family???

    cheers, david

  • I know style cant be invented but lets face it, its tough to be unique when everyone is shooting:) Thats the reason I decided to shoot something nobody else has: my family. I figure that its something that has never been done so Im safe, although lets face it, the idea of a diaristic documentation of your life is one thats kind of old. Anyway, thats what Im onto now. Hoping to stick with something for a longer period of time.

  • p.s. as you probably have figured out the family is suffering with me taking their photos all the time. Other than that all is fine.

  • And yeah, i had been reading tons on this and I agree about the hi-res scan of who I am being a style. That was my eureka moment anyway: If I just bear my life in my photos that might just be the best shortcut to achieving that. Anyway, doing it for myself mainly anyway, but its interesting to be doing a systematic study of something with unlimited access.

  • david alan harvey


    i think you are totally wrong…how was the “community effort” sidelined??? just because a non-writer received the stipend???

    there are many members of our “community” who choose not to write, but they read regularly…just because they do not write, does it mean they are not “subscribers”???

    as i travel, i meet many many people who tell me they are “on” all the time…lurkers??? who knows, but their log on time and “hits” etc etc have made this a very popular forum which may just bring the very funding so described above….how in the world is this bad for our community??

    in any magazine there are readers and there are writers…i love love the writers who have assembled here…and without them there would be no readers or any reason to be here at all…..but, some people Rafal, most people Rafal, are just flat out shy or afraid to express themselves !!…some people (like kyunglee for example) just do not have the personality to put their verbal opinions “out there”, yet they very much enjoy those who do….

    please keep writing amigo, but also please do not “judge” those who choose to remain “silent”….still waters run deep….

    cheers, david

  • David

    drive across the U.S???
    Ha great idea! I event not suppose that you have such great idea. I wish you more than luck. I will be waiting with curious… hmmmmm a year waiting…. I hope you will show us (me me) what you are shooting.



  • david alan harvey


    one last thought on Sean….you may remember the boy used to write here!! after catching so much flak from so many on this forum, do you actually think he felt like sitting down in our friendly bar and having a beer with us??? hmmm, think about it….

    everybody has “made up” with everyone else here who were formerly slinging mud , blood and beer and yet not one word to Sean who is now out shooting his ass off!!!

    peace, love and forgiveness!!!!


  • Im saying I wish theyd write. Thats all. Yes sometimes it takes effort and its difficult but if they dont write we cant feel them. Maybe it wasnt sielined but I would hope people would get involved in the community once in a while and that means writing. I dont begrudge the win, I liked his story and I thought it was the most complete essay. I just wish Sean would write sometimes. Thats all. Expressing a wish, not judging. Im sure there are many people who read only and then meet you and say they are part of the communuty and they are. I would love to see them expesss themselves here. Maybe its selfish. I dont travel and nobody would know me from larry bob or joe if they met me, but if I met Marcin then we would know each other or Panos or Bob. So while I dont judge, I wish. Anyway, this was already discussed months ago, dont want to bring it up again. Just saying what I feel after months after the fact.

  • david alan harvey


    yes, of course, my friend….i have just been “playing” with all of you by not yet saying exactly what i will do…besides, i think i have mentioned before, i actually like to get started, get that first picture, before i tell anyone what i will do….i am sure you understand…

    cheers, david

  • Heheh Hey, David, I know all about mudlinsging, you know:) So yes, I understand Sean might have been turned off but while some people attacked him some people defended him. But I do understand this place can get heated at times, though thats just the nature of the net. P.S. as you may have noticed me and panos are best buds now.

  • david alan harvey


    cool….yes, i understand…and you should always say what you feel…and i will do the same!!!

    high five and meet you at the corner bar!!!

    now, i gotta go check out Panos’ Snoop Dogg work…my day is never over!!!!! well, i loved working with Snoop and we all love Panos, so so , well, there you go…

    peace, david

  • of course i understood!!
    It is good to see you (read you) full of energy! I love when great artists behavior as a big machnin witch never stop. I want be machnin like that… hmmmm I am machine who never stop!!

    up, up and away!!…

    up to work… :(

    I loos one / in link

  • david alan harvey


    now, everybody knows i have about zero computer skills, but when i went to your link i got a big black page with the title Snoop photos 08, page 1, and no pictures…some kind of “reference error” i think it said…now here i am dying to see the pictures..what did i do wrong???? who do i have to know??? how can i get invited to the party???

    abrazos, david

  • hmmm… what is machnin?… why not machine

    ok. once again…

    up, up and awayyyyy!!!!….

  • Panos,
    For what it’s worth, my picks:
    L1010108 (if cropped?)

  • Stop teasing me David !!!!!!!
    Give me your “edited” version

    I posted the link above… but there you go again…



    WORD !!!!!!!!!!

  • where the f**k is TECH TALK when you need’em ????? lol

  • david alan harvey


    still nothing!!! black page….no pictures!! stop teasing me!!

    ok, i will go to another browser…

    hang on….


  • David,

    is there any place I can see Kyunghee’s work?

  • Hey David!! Nice having you back!! Looking forward to hearing about your next project!! I understand youll tell us once youre more certain about it…

    Since the last discussion was related to the stipend Im taking the advantage of reminding you that I would love to hear your comments about my essay. I already sent a reminder to your blogquestion mail… I know youre a very, very busy person David…

    And finally let me tell you that I belong to the group of silent readers that enjoy the discussions of this forum… we cannot always be present but it does not mean that we are not an important element of the dynamic!!! Writers need readers. Its a reciprocal relationship!!



  • david alan harvey


    well, if you have seen nothing, just go to my homepage and see her work there….if you have seen that, then i know of no other place…but i will post her Oslo work here soonest…


    ok, i finally was able to open the link…changed browsers..

    first of all, congrats on the great access you have…you are THERE…you must be friends by now with Calvin Broadus….???

    BUT, i can see that we need to spend some time together at some point discussing TIGHT EDITING…and LOOSE BUT COHESIVE SHOOTING…

    anyway, here is my rough edit:

    best shot overall is 105 (very good moment and “being there” feeling) and good mood shot (if you can hold it technically) is 669..

    other good “seconds”:

    142 (crop out video guy), print for mood..go dark

    056 good

    105 coulda shoulda been great, but is still fine or “almost”

    631 good

    666 this is either/or with 669….666 will probably reproduce better because it is more graphic , but i still like the mood of 669

    overall feeling….

    you have great access….you love this world….you are a terrible editor (but so are many/most photogs)….now you may “need” some of these pictures for your clients…i do not know…BUT, if you can just be “free” to do your own work, then i think you should relax a bit and forget some of the necessary pictures and just go for the mood…

    telling you , of all people, to get loose and relax seems almost funny because your PERSONALITY is loose loose loose…

    BUT, i would like to see YOUR WORK MATCH YOUR PERSONALITY AND THE SUBJECT YOU LOVE….i think you can do it, but you are not there yet…i have absolutely no preconceived ideas on exactly how you should do this…you must figure this out…but, we will know it when we see it…but, i also well know that working on a stage has its limitations even with terrific access….

    i do hope you read my words as being constructive criticism….i just want you to be exactly what you say you want to be….

    long term: i would like to see you with the “car culture” project….and maybe you can work the hip hop scene into the car culture work…i remember when i was at Snoop’s studio (LT Hutton) in L.A. , that parking lot was totally car culture!!!!


    peace, david

  • david alan harvey


    yes, exactly!!! thank you…

    i am actually not moving for a couple of weeks and should be able to finish the reviews i promised…the last three weeks have made this impossible…

    thanks for your patience….


    you asked for a review and wondered what happened…we searched high and low for your work which you said was uploaded to Digital Railroad…nothing…and no email exchange suggesting you had a problem….???????????????

    cheers, david

  • David,

    I saw that work on your page, I just wandered if you had access to new work or ongoing work. I guess not. I know Kyunghee is in Busan, my question to her: do you come to Seoul regularly?


    I think I might have pissed a few people off..I wasnt saying readers werent part of the dynamic just that its nice to interact with people on here. I always assume that only a few people read what I write: David, Bob, Panos, marcin and a few others whose names I see here. I know Im wrong but thats always been the impression. Ill be more careful how I phrase things because its easy to be misunderstood here LOL.

  • david alan harvey


    falling asleep at the keyboard….tomorrow…..

    peace, david

  • NOW… I CAN GO TO SLEEP ! peacefully…

  • Hey Panos,

    I’d love to see a “Page 3.” (Your final edit.)

  • David,

    I did had problems uploading my work. Im resending the emails exchange to your blogquestion mail again… there may be the answer why you where unable to find it… but still, if u cant locate it I can send it to you once again. Im really interested in your comments. Thats the only way to get to the next level.

    Thanks and sleep well!


    I believe that “silent readers” play a key role in this kind of forum and in any kind of publication (books, magazines, journals… and so on). You cannot expect to receive feedback from each and everyone of them… then this would be a terrible long exchange. There are several reasons why people dont write… lack of time, different personalities or just not interested in the topic. For instance, Im quiet sure you dont comment always, but that does not mean that you have more or less right to participate, to be heard or better chances for the stipend. The arguments you use will be the ones that will make the difference. So Rafal, do not ever underestimate the impact that your words can have on other. I cannot express the positive impact this forum has had on me… so looking forward to keep on reading and learning…


  • Thank you Anna… I was wandering why everyone calls me a bad editor… although i didn’t do any editing… well .. yet!!! ?
    anyways… enough about me …!
    where you been?…

  • Really interesting the Panos editing…. and I think we can learn a lot from something like this.

    I just took a look at his pictures (I could not come over here for some days and missed all the previous postings) and made my 5 shots editing without reading any other’s editing. I was going to write about it, that I was thinking that sure everyone was going to have a different view, that most of us were going to choose quite different ones so it was going to confuse you as not everybody see with the same eyes or the same soul, and for me… everything is about that, soul and what we “see”.

    Then, I realized that David already did his editing. So I took note of his bests and compared with mine. Only one matched. And that is really interesting!! DAH knows a lot more about photography than me. I really love his work and agree with his way of thinking, seeing and feeling. But…. I chose quite different photos with a very different style. And “that” is what makes each one of us “unique”, which does not mean better or worse….

    And I say all of this because I’m trying to learn to get more confidence with me and my “taste”. I’m peculiar, so is my photography. And as David told me once, “always defend what more represent your style following your love and heart and live as close as you can to what you are capable of doing…”

    But, but, but… after following my heart, I know I will need an editor behind me too. I can shoot with my heart. I just can’t edit as I always have conflict between heart and mind…

    Thank you and… peace!

  • Panos,

    My picks (as an exercise for myself, feel free to ignore)
    First of the ones in your set but its not an opener. I just like CB’s expression and him interacting with (I guess fans) who frame him.
    Suddenly CB is looking engaged with someone (who I’m guessing is’nt an out-and out fanboy) and I like the gesture and the other characters
    AAA5098 or AAA5170
    This depends on what you want to say. You show CB on stage for his “group shot” or submersed in geeky posin’ fanboys.
    CB and a mike. Its gotta be in there. My choice as an opener.
    CB lookin’ wise.

    I was’nt there, but looking at the photos it looks like someone whose legend does’nt rest too comfortably. He seems disengaged or spaced, or that could just be his expression. Its an interesting contrast to the wise looking picture the fans hold.

    If I ran thru again.. I might find another thread, but thats my naieve $0.02. Liked L1010105 but could’nt make it sit in a story.

    How bad does it bug you when someones edit of your pictures reflects something you did’nt feel was accurate?


    thanks for sharing your work with us.

    stick to AAA_5079 (crop left and right)- for me that tells a story. admiring fan, handing over a painting. calvin broadus bending down to his alter ego snoop dog. ok- the broadus face could have been more visible, but i think he is perfectly represented by the , i think they are called pigtails, and if not, then by the big letters on his back.

  • back to the scandinavians in thailand question…a reason why swedes, danes, or norwegians head there, is the cheap plane ticket, and once there, they can really live it up as kings, cause of the relative high wages in their country, and now comparatively “give away” prices. pluss you get the hot tropical/sub-tropical climate, that you can only dream of in scandinavia. Benidorm in Spain was/is also very popular for scandinavians, and while i was back in norway now for the dok08, i watched one part of a ongoing tv series, where they follow norwegians on charter holiday in mallorca. but why scandinavians tend to congregate in selected areas of the world, can be that travel agencies offer cheap flights to locations, which are cheap and have a great climate. who can really complain about this? but many scandinavians also head to warmer areas due to medical conditions such as rheumatism.

  • david alan harvey


    i am confused…those Snoop pics were a raw shoot?? i thought we were looking at your first edit….hmmmm, definitely does not look like a raw shoot…


    yes, always go with your own taste…nobody “knows a lot” ….

    cheers, david

  • Hey Panos: :)))

    Sorry i missed your post for help with your edit, have been run over by a truck this last week: 2 writing projects, 1 photo project and my anniversary is coming around the corner…i u need a second look, let me know, i’ll give u any feedback u need…as to the thing about ” all photographers are lame motrhrfrruckkkers”, i didnt say that bro: only that there are lots lots (take out “lame”)) i’ve met who didnt give a rats ass except ’bout themselves…but i’ve met lots lots who’d lay their ass on the line for a friend…give back big…i try to be the same….the living that’s all :)))…

    but, u got one young magnum dude on your shizzle-dwag helpin’, and that’s all the back u need bro :))


  • david alan harvey


    yes, this i can imagine…i mean , even the dollar makes Thailand seem cheap, so going in with kroners or euros does make Thailand “give away” …and the medical tourism factor has to be huge….in my last trip there for the nachtwey/harvey workshop, i saw medical tourism as way ahead of the sex tourism biz…

    cheers, david

  • david alan harvey


    yes, i agree…#105 does not sit in a story….but, still seems like the best “single” image and only real “moment” even though Snoop is not in it!!

    cheers, david

  • panos:

    5, 5’s tough considering there are so many pics (that’s some wild stuff with a digital, endless camera ;)) )…

    so, a quick (very) quick look: I decided to do only B/W, otherwise i’d go crazy: i can tgive u a color edit too..but, no time now…some of the color pics are lovely too

    ok: 6:

    i’d go too with color concert shots:


    THAT’S A VERY VERY QUICK EDIT, …MORE time to linger over the pics, i’d do different…
    hope that helps…


  • i wonder who the “great genius” photographer is david ;-) is it a case of his/her work not matching the personality? anyway, i really liked your comment on the intimate correspondence between work and personality. i think that’s something we should all (not just photographers) aspire for. integration. sincerity. wholeness


  • pierre yves racine


    did you find time to review the work I submitted last year ?

    or maybe you’re not finished (which I could understand…)

    thanks much

  • Man, that was a fast hundred comments.

    I do miss not having more group shots. Most of my mates that I find in my pictures are the ones that happen to have an arm or a head in the middle of a street photo and will be always remembered with a frown :o) Well, at least my birthday party pictures are memorable… but, yeah, it would be cool to have some more of those ‘I spent four years in Cardiff with these guys’ short of pictures.

    @DAVID: do you know what days are you going to be in Valencia? I’ll be in Alicante with a mate and I was thinking to pop by Valencia to take a train to Malaga. (Plan was to take it in the morning and not sleep that night.)

    it is RAW … (just converted to tiffs after saved)..
    ecxept few NOT really NECESSARY (one button click) b&w conversions… but NO…
    that was the second EDIT,…
    first EDIT was from 500 pics down to 100…
    I asked help ( and play) for narrowing down to 5 or 10….
    and thank you

    BOB, i was just “twisting” your words to make a point… sorry…
    I do that a lot…
    I see the whole thing as aN EXERCISE OF TOGETHERNESS..

    Of course you never called any photog lame…. no worries…

    ANA . i feel exactly the same..

  • NEIL,
    i also forgot to thank you… sorry

  • Hello all,

    To answer DAVID’s question:

    The reason we all like to be in group portraits is the necessity of belonging I think. Most humans wants to be part of some group, party etc. What we do is something else then who we are but still it provides a secure feeling… Most people are afraid of loneliness. Although being lonely can be good at times to appreciate the people you know, I am glad I’m not alone in this world.
    In the end there is always somebody wanting to take the group photo. I think that’s the person most interested in the proof, memory or reward;).

  • Dear All,

    I hope this message finds you all well. I’ve just stepped off a flight from a random chinese city where I was doing a short portrait shoot and stepped into my local ‘cyber-bar’ (which I visit daily by the way…when I can..and ‘lurk’ in the shadows) and heard my name being uttered. I’m glad people still remember who I am :) Have indeed been quiet but only because I have been pretty busy recently. I just came back last week from a trip down the Yangtze river which I was shooting as part of my long-term project on the environment in China. I see the desertification as just one chapter of the whole picture here in China, to be continued once the temperatures get a bit better out West.

    With regards to the mud, blood and beer…I learnt pretty early on in photography that if you don’t like people criticising your work then you won’t last long. At the end of the day, you’re never going to get everyone to like your work. So there are no hard feelings at this end!

    I love a good quote, so thought I’d share this one as it’s quite relevant in terms of ‘belief’ in the context of the work you choose to do, not because it’s popular and pleases everyone, but because it’s just what you want to do. Belief in ourselves and the work we do is something we all need.

    “Ask yourself about the source in your artistic longings. Why is it so necessary that you want to do your thing? How strong is it? Would you do it if it were forbidden? Illegal? Punishable? Every work of art has its necessity, find out your very own. Ask yourself if you would do it, if nobody would ever see it, if you would never be re-compensated for it, if nobody ever wanted it. If you come to a clear yes, in spite of it, then go ahead and don’t doubt it any more.”
    -Ernst Haas: Colour Photography


  • @Panos: when I’m wandering around those shots, I think what does that bloke eat, drink, does he smoke?, what does he read?, does he tell cracking jokes? I see too much of his public side maybe. Maybe he doesn’t have private life, but I sort of don’t get there. AAA_4972 is my fave I think, it’s sort of cheeky.

  • DAVID:
    still seems like the best “single” image and only real “moment” even though Snoop is not in it!!

    Panos, David gave you your homework, you answer that question why Snoop was not in that “real” and “best” single, it’s where it’s at for me! (we too, as we learn a lot more from each other’s “to be bettered” attempts than from “wow!” shots, I believe).

    About access, I do not know the conditions of the shooting, but pre-event access is crucial if we can connect, I’d say. That’s where the “proof of the living” resides! ;-)

    the “be yourself” vs work, or personal essay vs “on my desk by monday 8am” is quite a catch 22, for emerging photographers, no?

    At least for someone who works in PJ, docus and events-covering with an eye on making an income. Can both be achieved in the same hour/subject?

  • Ok, Sean, the Haas quote is for color photography, what’s the one for B&W?


  • Sean!!!?
    I’m the one that criticized you the most…
    David insists you “keeping it real “…
    you do to…
    so … The Truth is simple… You are “real”,
    and ” for real”…
    I keep forgetting that wasn’t a competition with a stipend as an award…
    it was more of a reward for a ” real” photographer that ” keeps it real”…
    so from this “angle”… I’m glad you have been rewarded, coz you deserve it… You don’t just go to shoot, then comfort zone, go to shoot then go watch tv!!!
    but I was “craving” for your input, your insights, news, ideas ,
    tease, play , teach… learn!
    After all you seem to be way more focused than me for example…!
    that’s all I was asking from you..
    Not just boring , useless , retarded, intellectual blog fights…
    I’m too naive and romantic though…
    I always open up, reveal myself, make my plans, photos, everything
    I should keep my mouth shut, cut bridges off and focus focus focus…
    but, maybe its me, I like sharing, revealing, connecting…
    I can’t hold my feelings hidden…
    I can’t be cool in other words…
    But I hear you… If I was in china… If somebody takes away my iPhone or the car, I’m useless …
    LOL …
    keep keeping it real and be You..
    you don’t have to appear here more often because Panos say so…
    fuck Panos anyways…

  • DAVID:
    i saw medical tourism as way ahead of the sex tourism biz… (Thailand)

    Er…Sex is the best therapy, David! (just playing you like a violin, as usual, D.!)

    See David, one way or another, all about therapy from things that can make them quite unhappy back home, but easily and unexpensively cured in Thailand… ;-)

  • well the haas quote is good enough for me for the day, thanks sean.

  • David

    May I send you e-mail with quick question?

  • Herve,
    about the best single photo ( SNOOP)
    not included! WHY???
    honestly, I was there for BIG BOY…
    I’m trying to convince him that I should be
    the one to keep recording his ” history”…
    I wasn’t there for SNOOP… I was there for BIG!!!
    BIG was the reason for me to be there…
    it was a job, to promote BIG…
    that’s why all the shots were from snoop’s back..
    I wasn’t. Covering a concert…
    snoop happened to be there… The excuse..
    also DAZ and KURUPT were there …
    sorry if I mislead someone…
    any other rapper could be there…
    that’s why I had to also shoot with the 16mm
    I believe in the contribution of BIG BOY
    all these years…
    so , long term project is to record BIG history…
    ALL rappers included…

  • i agree with you Herve…no therapy can really beat sex. guess the medical tourism is increasing due to ppl get this covered by their medical insurance, while the sex, you have to pay for the travel, and the action while on location. here in berlin, on just about every street corner, you can find asian “massage”, so it seems that you can get what you travel to get in thailand, not far from your doorstep ;-)
    but what you do not get is the vacation, cheap drinks, and hot weather…

  • so, Jarle, Herve…
    if I go to Thailand, should I leave my girlfriend at home???
    Am I missing the whole picture if I bring her along????

  • SEAN

    yes, this is a strong statement from haas. i have another one thats the opposite, but also from a german. it says : first comes eating, then comes morality (bertolt brecht). i think the truth is somewhere in between.

  • Panos…all depends on what you want out of your vacation…if you want to be adventurous and try out some of the local delights, leaving your girlfriend at home, alternatively, sending her on a excursion could be the way to go…but keep me out of the discussion, should she find out of your adventurous. at the same time you can prob head to thailand with your girlfriend, and still have wonderful and exiting time…and leave the thai delights to be captured with your camera. no hurt in looking, or capturing, right?

  • lol, Jarle, you nailed it….

  • glad you enjoyed Panos :-)

  • 2 different takes, Panos, and your choice. There are many couples, and single men, who enjoy Thailand without doing the naughty. And others who wonder why “bring water to the swimming pool”?!(1)… Thailand has something for everyone, a real tourist supermarket for that. It’s easy to stay on the surface of things, but we commeted once on the “onion layers” (palimpsest, would say Bob) quality of thai culture, ie. what you see is not exactly what it seems…

    (1)Herve says: know yourself before you make that choice, or ask your GF who you are, ahaha!


    Now, this is such a good idea to ask the community to edit or give feedback about your essay… or anyone essay…
    Thinking about it I feel this is a very good step forward in this community.
    Is evolution, I mean, otherwise the only one thing to be involved here is to write and post or read, when a new subject comes to surface…
    Its funny what Ana Y said before, because I only coincide with David’s selection in 1 photo…
    btw, this in mine:


    And somebody said you can add another page with the editing of people…
    Can you do that???… so we can not only see the pictures chosen but the whole selection and the coherence, etc… we can learn with it…


  • one should not forget, that the “thai delights” may had another vision of their lives, than to become delights.

    “…Now, this is such a good idea to ask the community to edit or give feedback about your essay… or anyone essay…
    Thinking about it I feel this is a very good step forward in this community.
    Is evolution, I mean, otherwise the only one thing to be involved here is to write and post or read, when a new subject comes to surface…
    Its funny what Ana Y said before, because I only coincide with David’s selection in 1 photo…”

    CARLOS, exactly…
    I can talk shit all day, i can quote like a well fed parrot, anything from Nietzche to Socrates…
    so i look good, smart… and edgy sitting in my couch…
    panos on the contrast, talking… shit…

    I could hide, my photos, feel superior… oh , im too good for them… im so advanced… they dont get it…
    I dont need to participate… i will keep my distance.,,., why should i share???
    Im beyond any competition….

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, PANOS.. that’s not the way to think…
    Swallow your FEARS, get naked, ask for help, show people your work, get praised, get slapped,
    get loved or hated… be out there… let it all hang out….

    I got so much feedback the last 24 hours!!!!!!!…
    I wanna give back… I learn alot… I followed ANA too, put my favorite4s on the side, compared with DAH… lost 5-0…. i didnt get one…
    at least i learned something,….
    well, his name starts with PA, and ends in NOS….lol

    Thank you Carlos, Ana,….
    and im here for US too, if anything i can do to help or contribute… let me know…

    LET’S ALL GO TO GREECE… lets say MYCONOS… nude beach (Super Paradise)…
    and lets all GET NAKED…( no orgy necessary)…
    lets throw away our clothes and BURN them…
    …peace my friends… and STAY NAKED…

  • DAH: U mentioned that Robert Frank lives one mile away from you in N.Y.C. If memory serves me correct i recall in recent history an interview with him stating that he moved to Nova Scotia to teach film
    to students ?

  • I knew you’ve been there MICHAEL K,…
    I know you know what i’m talking about…
    MYCONOS… the island… that NAKEDNESS is always in style…
    and unlike Thailand you know you dont exploit any “delights”

    “…one should not forget, that the “thai delights” may had another vision of their lives, than to become delights.

    Posted by: Oliver Berner | March 11, 2008 at 03:45 PM…”

  • PANOS,

    you´re great man. i´m not quite sure if you are a freelancer in LA or in a lunatic asylum with internet access :-)

    i wish i could ask for help, but what would FN think about me ?

  • Hey!! I have pictures of me in Super Paradise!! (Myconos) :D but not nude pictures :P

    Thanks to you, Panos, as this was a good exercise. But I don’t agry with you in one thing: that non of your bests matched David’s bests doesn’t mean that you are the worst editor. It just means that you are… different! But the truth is that editing one’s own work is much more difficult. I can do it for others but I can’t do it with mine…. (this morning I did an important editing by myself and after sending it I had the feeling that I was completely wrong). Maybe next time I ask you for help ;-)

    A good idea to get “naked”, throw out our fears and share our work. From critique we can learn a lot!


  • oh, my posting was to slow, i meant PANOS long thread above

  • hey, give DAH a break (his edit of the snoop shot), he may have been jetlegged or something. he just had 2 of the photos in his choice compared to mine. :-)

  • Actually Panos…I’ve not been to Mykonos. Only Nauphlio and a few other spots in the Peloponnese. But I saw the word NAKED and I thought…OK then! ;^}

    Not a lot nakedness in Nauphlio!

  • but that is unfair anyway, because as i made my edit i did not know how much pics panos needed. so i chose 16. arithmetically (does this word exist) i had 0.7 hits.


    … but only if somebody brings UNCLE DIRTY

  • ANA,
    DAVID SAID (regarding my editing)
    :…overall feeling….

    you have great access….you love this world….you are a terrible editor (but so are many/most photogs)….now you may “need” some of these pictures for your clients…i do not know..”

    terrible editor…( it still echoes in my mind)…please dont take my “crown” and “throne” away..
    lol, lol, lol, lol,…

    please let me get involved in your work anytime…. honor me…
    just like ANA said… we are different… diferent angles…
    we can help each other pointing things out…

    But we can liberate each other….
    “NAKED” THEN … maybe a little “stoned” too as Bob Dylan used to suggest… but definitely “NAKED”…. (and again , no orgy or any fluid exchanges, necessary or required)
    FELL IN LOVE ,GO MYCONOS, stop buying love with money…
    thats safe… GET NAKED motherfucker, fell in love…

  • “But I would not feel so all alone,
    Everybody must get stoned.”


  • stop buying love with money…

    Stop buying EVERYTHING with money. The best things in life are free and….and…:

  • I suppose I should go over and take a look at Panos’ pictures of Snoop; everyone else is doing so and I ought to go with the flow here; but what I really wonder about is why northern European tourists insist on wearing black socks with their sandals. It seems a strange phenomenon to me, like Americans wearing loud Hawaiian shirts in Europe, Japanese traveling in groups, or my cousin showing up for my father’s wake in cargo shorts and combat boots, but then, I dont go anywhere very much and so when I do these little things tend to stand out.

  • Akay,

    I have exactly one Hawaiian shirt in my closet. I’m going to be in France in April. Think I should bring it?

  • and i have got lots of black socks.


  • @MICHAEL K, you bet, bring that thing along. How are the French going to know you’re an American if you’re not wearing the obligatory loud Hawaiian shirt in the Louvre?

    &OLIVER, I have black socks too, but no sandals or shorts either, unfortunately. I could wear them with my ratty sneakers, I suppose, but the effect wouldn’t be the same. No one would mistake me for a northern European tourist in Italy in that outfit.

  • AKAKY,
    i dont have sandals either, so you have to make he last, desperate step. buy a t-shirt with “I AM A NORTHERN EUROPEAN TOURIST” written on it.


    can i get dressed again ? you know, its winter in germany.

  • you making me laugh like crazy today… Olli…!
    put your motherfucking clothes on… LOL
    how’s the weather in Germany right now??
    78F or 26C over here in L.A!!!
    now that’s the reason to move in Thailand…
    I wonder how is the weather over there…

  • 8 C in munich. no idea about thailand, but i have a number to order food. lets phone them and ask.

  • david alan harvey


    i will review you next…i am way way behind on this just because i got way way more photogs to review that i thought i would have…bad judgement on my part logistically….i had every good intention and just flat out got swamped!!! but, i will stay true to my word and do everyone who wants it…just late!! i hope you and everyone understands..

    JONI …

    i am torn about coming to Valencia…if i do, it will be in late april…still working on the schedule…


    thanks for responding….you are a “class act”….a big man….


    thanks for responding….you are a “class act”…a big man..

  • Sean:

    Wow, cool. Arantxa was over for dinner and wine on Saturday (we hope to go together to france)…hellos hellos :))..keep working ur ass off: that’s what we’re trying here to do to :))…


    your a class act….a VERY big man (i hear ur tall!):

    Panos/Oliver/Herve/Akaky/Ana et all: enjoyed reading your posts just now…ok, back to work (finalizing a writing gig and a scanning photo gig: wish me luck)…


  • Sean:

    Wow, cool. Arantxa was over for dinner and wine on Saturday (we hope to go together to france)…hellos hellos :))..keep working ur ass off: that’s what we’re trying here to do to :))…


    your a class act….a VERY big man (i hear ur tall!):

    Panos/Oliver/Herve/Akaky/Ana et all: enjoyed reading your posts just now…ok, back to work (finalizing a writing gig and a scanning photo gig: wish me luck)…


  • david alan harvey


    you are correct, Robert Frank did move to Nova Scotia…but, he has an apartment here in New York now…maybe he always kept that , even though he certainly spent much of his time up north…i am just not sure….my guess is that Frank always kept a New York presence going…

    cheers, david

  • david alan harvey


    i just posted under “student work” my first two students from Oslo….check them out…


  • david alan harvey


    yes, of course, you may send me a private email…

    cheers, david

  • hi david,

    glad to hear that the oslo trip went well. i thought i read that alex majoli was on that one. i must have got it wrong. any chance of him joining us “in here” some time?

    i’ve been following the editing of the snoop pictures. i noticed that you said one could have been a great picture but was an almost. number 105 i think. what for you made that picture an almost?

    i often wonder about the choices that other photographers make. i know its a very subjective thing, but when i’m doing it there is always a question in my mind: i’m i choosing the right one?

    anyway i’m off for now.

    take care,


  • I think what Haas is saying is you have to find something you believe in. And when you do, everything else will come naturally. The worst feeling is that feeling of drifting when you really dont have a purpose or a defined direction. It doesnt have to be 100% clear at the beginning but I think it will clear up pretty quickly if you have a strong urge to do it. Also, if you do have a strong feeling for your work you wont hide it, you wont mind criticism from others because you will be strong in your mindset to take it as constructive instead of as something destructive. However I know for sure how tough it can be to get a tough critique from someone you admire. The thing is to get over yourself as soon as possible. So Panos, I think you are the kind of guy who can take it. So dont hide your photos. I never do, Mine are a click away for anyone to see at any time.

    At any rate I think the thing to remember is that YOU are the audience of your work. First and foremost. Are you pleasing yourself and fulfilling yourself? if so, then you are where you should be. Great artists create work for themselves.


    great to see you get involved again. Im sure you forgot the tough things said here before because I can see from your work that you were sure and convinced of it. You could stand your ground, and you did.

  • DAVID:

    I spend one day en route to New Mexico and over 150 posts! Looks like David’s back in town. Nice to have you around :))

    It’s totally rediculous to mention this but I am still wondering if the website will ever be completed? At this point (no kidding) I don’t even want to have my images added to the site because I figure if you haven’t included me yet it certainly was not a priority…to say the least!!! You’ve already got work from Norway on the site and the “assignment” work has been long forgotten.

    I know that my submitted “single” images were every bit as strong as the ones that were posted and that you intended to post them but for whatever reason it never happened…que sera sera…I’d rather wait for my work that is so strong you can’t WAIT to post it. That’s the work of mine I want to see on this site. Hopefully one day soon!


    (david, if you read this, i do not want to bother you with my stuff, as i think you are always asked by people to advice them and you already have a fulltime job, or two. so i would like to give a virtual present to you : lean back, close your eyes for 2 or 3 minutes and think of, maybe that vacation, where one of your kids learned to swim. when ready, feel free to skip my posting. no time lost.:-)

    I am inspired by that panos-virus or shall i say infected ? i need you help and first time in my life i have a good feeling of asking for. and i want to share : the few experiences i made in photography, but if you want, even my upside down life.


    i started photography about 4 or 5 years ago, i was already 35, but i liked it and since 2006 i was able to live from that. shooting corporate stuff for companys and advertising agencys. but one wants to go on and i would like to work for magazines one day and see my pictures published. but i guess thats a different world – i mean telling a story than saying “say cheese” to the people behind their desks. i made some pictures, when i was travelling, but did not have in mind of selling them by that time.


    is: what is missing in my pictures? what kind of photographer do you see? what do i have to work on, to improve.
    And what would you advise me to make my way to get a job from the magazines.

    so, please visit and tell me .

    thanks to all. olli

  • Hello David – so good to see you are back…

    I just got the new copies from the “Kursk”-Book you wanted (it unfortunately took quite a while because of the exhibition).
    Forget the “exchange”-thing, although I feel honored, I did already buy your book ;)

    So consider it as a present… Only: where do I send it?

    So long,

    Hi Olli, schön von Dir zu lesen, schau mir Deine Fotos später heute (hoffentlich) mal an. Bin schon gespannt!!

  • david alan harvey


    where have you been??? yes yes , we have both been traveling…

    i think mike told me that the website would be up by friday…again, this is out of my hands for two reasons (A) lawyers…legalise regarding non-profit giving etc etc, you do not want to know (B) tech stuff and the securing FOREVER of my domain name which required privated detective work etc etc , you do not want to know..

    as for me, i am hitting the american road soonest….clean slate…shooting shooting shooting…well, yes i will have my laptop and not leave you here..


    yes, i will do this BUT there are a few people i must review first…people who have been waiting a long time…in any case, if you are patient, i will take the time to take a look and think about your special situation…


    pls. send to me at: Magnum Photos, 151 West 25th, New York 10001….i will send you a book in return …you say you have one, but i can send cuba, div soul or liv proof..let me know….many thanks in advance …


    alex majoli had to cancel at the last momentf for Oslo…since he is homeless from the same bldg i am homeless, i do not know when i will see him..Paris in june at the latest i suppose…anyway, i just do not have a workshop plan for UK at the moment , but the London office does some things on their own…there should be listings on the Magnum web page.

    editing is just as personal as shooting and just as important…i do not have time to go back to the Panos edit right now, but i think 105 was the one where the guy had his head thrown back and there was another man in the background..neither man was Snoop…i just like the spontaneity of that shot over all the others…but, nobody liked it but me!!! so, there you go!! the “almost” picture was another one of a sign and the crowd…it just did not “come together” for me…yet, others thought it was great…so , there you go!!

    no accounting for taste of course, but i do think that the more one studies books, exhibits etc etc and really starts absorbing master works, the more one’s “taste” changes just as in music for example….everybody understands the “taste issue” about music because everybody is much much more “educated” about music than they are about photography…all people are exposed to music i think more than any other art is much more a part of our lives than photography…in any case, .music: listen and learn …photography: look and learn… and yet, still, no accounting for taste!!!

    peace, david

  • hi david¡ good to have you back¡.
    Did you get my emails asking for a review of my work? i sended to No rush just want to be sure you have it. thanks.

  • This non-profit issues are incredible!!! I am having the same problems here in Germany with some projects. Every lawyer issaying something different as to how to solve it or what the worst (!!) consequences for me could be … all just agreeing in one single aspect: “why do you go through all the trouble – don’t you have better things to do with your life?”

    Imagine?! … Sad ….

    One very important (for me) project is on complete hold right now… and the other one I had to downsize and make an art-project out of. So now I do have an art-project that deals with some charity issues. Works fine for me as it fits and is now just a different way of looking at it – results being the same. But … it is incredible they make it so difficult for people to engage. It enrages me totally!! It is so against common sense!

    I thought it was easyer (and less expensive) in the U.S. – you do have a grown culture regarding charity, that we do not have.

  • quick note about David’s adventure and the comparison to Frank….

    while Frank’s work and book are seminal (he’s a personal hero, photographically speaking, and for me his last book Storylines is one of THE great books of photography, drop-dead, fullstop, period, though it’s seldom talked about), there are other brilliant photographers who accomplished the stame journey across the states, with incredibly different results…

    frank, yes. but also winogrand. those not familiar with winogrand’s book (and the exhibition 5 years ago in NY) should check out WINOGRAPH 1964)…or what about christoph Bangert’s book about driving across n/s America: TRAVEL NOTES: 22,000 MILES….

    David’s worth, style and temperment are entiretly different from those 3 and I can wait to see this thing come to fruition (even if I am maddeningly jealous, as that’s also one of my ambitions: to drive with marina and dima across the country, snapping landscapes and them (reaction))…

    I am sure David’s work and book will be as different from Frank’s (and all the others) then rioja is from pinot, though still red and necessary :))…

    it’s a brilliant reaction to your state of “homelessness”: the return to Virginia beach, im sure too :))…

    good luck amigo….


  • David …
    I got “Living Proof” … so, if you really, really insist, I would opt for “Divided Soul” …

    reminds me of home: Little catholic churches with a vodoo-corner in the back … Priests carrying a indio-amulet against snake-bites next to the cross around their neck, when they go into the forest … It is not an “either-or” thinking, but an “as well”-thinking. At least I saw a lot of it… and … I really apreciate this uncomplicated way of dealing with what one does not know. And with the rest, too. You captured some of the spirit.
    Thank you, David.

  • I meant “i CAN’T wait to see this thing come to fruition…”…sorry, typo…

    off the computer for the day now


  • … although I would not see it as an “division” but as a “multiplication” …

  • david alan harvey


    i will ask michael about your work… only he sees the blogquestions site…i never see it…but, if you are there, we will do it…if your photographs are logged on to the Dig Railroad site, then i will try to do it this weekend..


    i must drive down to Washington now to clear the apt out that will sell in a few days…this is to completely “clear the deck” for my next project…

    i will be in “packing boxes” mode and doubt i will have any time to write here until the weekend….

    keep the fires burning…back soonest…

    peace, david

  • @BOB: Gary Winogrand – 1964, Stephen Shore – American Surfaces.

    @DAVID: pity!

  • David,

    Of course I understand that you are late on reviewing. And how could I blame you for that ? It was just so mad a promise you made us….

    Anyway, I’m glad you go back to your “premières amours” : traveling and shooting for the sake of it…. freedom !

    Congratulations, even if we will miss you here…

    But you will keep a diary of that, won’t you ? And the blog form seems perfectly appropriate, I think…….

    Good luck with you brown cardboard boxes !!

  • DAVID…

    many many thanks for advice!
    You confirm my thoughts… even this with Holga!!! :)

    peace and thanks

  • 105 was the one …but, nobody liked it but me!!!
    I did David, but sent my edit privately to Panos.

    My answer here is an excuse to say that this “editing” thing is very nice, but I always felt about contrarian about the whole subject. Too much goes into editing, usually, that in our simple emerging essays, is still not part of our parameters .

    But really, I believe if we stick to shooting superb images (the ones that say a thousand word, or just one, but unmistakably), the editing becomes a lot easier.

    (talking essay here, report, or docu, not books where a lot more images are selected, and process much spread over time).

    thanks a lot. i really did not want to bother you, as you will not discover a young talent, only just a keen worker. i will be glad to hear from you some day. we all like to see your new projects. have a safe trip.

    your opinion , your experiences, are as important to me as davids.
    please, drop me a line.

  • ” what is missing in my pictures? what kind of photographer do you see? what do i have to work on, to improve.”


    in my opinion- nothing is missing… just work more… go further… go deeper… go higher… see wider… tell more… life more… and listen what magazines editors says…

  • David and All

    I’m one of this readers on this blog who writing almost every day… but also I’m a person who sometimes must go somewhere alone for a while and now is “this” time. It is because I’am depressed person and sometimes I must catch balance for my self, my work, my photography… etc.
    So I’m out for a while…
    I will check from time to time what hear here because I’m curious what is David’s new idea…
    I’m going my own path looking for… something…
    so SeeU


  • thank you marcin.

    i wish you all the best.

  • Marcin???!
    Is this a suicide note???
    please, stay on the line!!!
    but if you already made a decision…!
    can you at least photograph it???

    Ok, then mr. Zarathustra , go up in the mountain,
    be a hermit, recollect your thoughts,
    find peace, and when ready, come back and tell us what you “saw” up there..

  • DAH: currently working on a series of images taken in the summer of 2006 in Italy; Lake Como. i found an abandoned estate that hangs over a cliff looking over the beautiful lake. Interestingly enough their were signs of squatters living in this abandoned villa. Initially i discovered this treasure of a place through my daily walks around the lake provinces. No electricity or running water and lots of boarded up windows with most of the shutters locked and closed. Naturally i had to use what little window light their was. So i chose kodak recording 3200 asa and pushed it to 6400. As a result the grain is significant unfortunately. Also noticed some weird light streaks that ran through the films emulsion. Curious if this is a result of the airport x-rays ? Anyway there are currently ten images up currently with a handful more soon. i am wondering if you could do a quick run-through and offer me any of your poignant insights ?

    Also comments or observations good, bad, or indifferent are welcome from all. Marcin hang in there sounds like your going through some type of metamorphosis in your life. Just remember this too shall pass..

  • hi marcin,

    i hope all is well. take it easy out there. make some great pictures and bring them back for all of us to see.

    take care,


  • sidenote: there is one image in the series that is not part of the abandoned estate series. the image was actually shot at a local bar adjacent from the villa.

  • Hi David,
    I am happy you had fun in Oslo!
    It is so nice to have the chance to get to know so many new people so often, you are very lucky!!! Hope to see you soon!
    Take care

  • I don’t know why it came out “fenix”… computer always fight with me :-/
    Anycase i’m Albertina!

  • hey, FENIX…
    sometimes knowing many people, it can be a disaster…
    a loss of energy… ( think of politicians) for example…!

  • hey, ALBERTINA…
    stop FIGHTING with the computer…!!
    FIGHT with us…!

  • hey, FENIX and ALBERTINA… kiddin’… but,
    i was checking your site…
    Lots of travels….
    & lots of published BOOKS…!!!!!!!

    bravo, ALBERTINA., BRAVO!!!

  • Your link to Lightstalker is it for me, Albertina:

    Thumbs up on your Rajasthan work. David must have whipped you the right way!

    If I may say, I think it’s head and shoulder above your Mumbai book, just to stick to India. I hope it finds its way on library shelves too, eventually.

    And your work on the LA nightbeat, that’s Access, with a capital A, on both sides of the fence.

    i got it, its awesome to revisit previous posts and still find “extra” stuff to read…
    i need to email you and interview you, my friend…
    You really seem focused like DAVID, SHEAN or even MARCIN…
    (hey, marcin, im messing with your brain right now… “silence vow”???????
    Im gonna help you break it…!
    Wanna bet?

  • Robert,
    I like the pics. I’m working on a similiar series, but in different settings and in color. Personally I like grain and would love to see these as small and intimate prints.
    However everybody doesn’t like images without people, but I like it and believe they can tell a lot about the human condition as well.


  • david
    how can i show you my pic if i dont have my blog.

    plese plese
    many thank

  • @PANOS

    Funny, I’m just now negotiating a Mark Lanegan print sale (re your youtube selection).

    Here’s a Mudhoney music vid I directed (my first) all done with a wind up 16mm Bolex and lots and lots of booze (for the band mostly).

    Feel free to interview me anytime. I’m gonna be dead busy the next few weeks trying to get the scans for my b-boy book out the door so may not be on the forum so much. But I’m around. Peace, CP

  • Thank you Panos and Herve!
    Spirit of Shekhwati was made during David workshop actually!
    I know is a lot better than Mumbay.
    Mumbay is a very old work,I was not even already a professional at 100%, I changed a lot during those 5 years… infact in my new website i will put just new staff.

  • @PANOS

    Just had a quick peek at your Snoop pics. I would say 5105, 3666, and 10105 would be quick picks. One thing I noticed right off the bat – why no verticals? You also need to be more aware of negative space – it’s your friend in making more dramatic images, no matter the subject or situation esp when in a big black auditorium. Details are good too – the hand shot is almost there – would have been good to work that angle a bit more.

    I shot Snoop once years ago but frick if I can find those images now. I was flown to LA by E. Weekly to shoot Master P. I got exactly zero seconds with him. Got one shot of him looking over his shoulder while being led backstage with his entourage. Real pain in the ass (story was dropped anyway). Anyway, Snoop opened the show. Later he called the cops on somebody harrassing him backstage and then got busted himself for holding weed. The show got shut down (just as Master P went on) and I packed it back to the hotel room. Stupid times. So I know how difficult it can be around these guys – a real freaking circus!

  • The huge contradiction, between what these very rich guys purport to stand for and the star system and corporation-filtered money they rake and wallop in, is a total joke. American dream, I suppose it’s called too. Only one race therein: green!

  • martin brink: thank you for your encouragement and great suggestions. i think you have the right idea small beautiful prints.

  • Thanks CHARLES…
    how funny … ive been looking at your photos and videos…
    all these years, and i didnt even know!!!!!..
    There are probably some of your photos, still hanging in my room,
    in greece…( you see , my mother, never changed anything since i left, almost 12 years ago…)

    Damn MAN… finally…
    nice to meet you…
    Take your time… and i will interview you,
    possibly for a greek magazine ( mostly for myself)…
    you are a FUCKING LEGEND…

    i need to keep driving… and once more,
    CHARLES’S VIDEO for whoever missed it…

    (p.s: its funny that you noticed that i almost NEVER shoot vertical..
    you see subconciously, i see the world as a movie…when i see a VERTICAL photo.. my movie FANTASY… just goes away…
    i will try though…. thank you for the suggestions… im reading
    your post… again)

  • Panos, I almost never shoot vertical either:)


    “…Need some inspiration? A site worth seeing.

    Posted by: Geoffrey Hiller | March 13, 2008 at 11:34 PM…”

    panos says: “Damn…RIGHT”…

    PEOPLE OF THIS FORUM, please vitit the site of this cool cat:
    GEO H.

    thank you ya’ll

  • Why?

    Its a good question, I dont know. I think I dont feel comfortable in the vertical. How the space is organized and how the action happens. I just dont feel it.

  • PANOS:

    Far wiser people than me have given you some editing advice on the Snoop shoot, so I’ll refrain.

    I do want to say though that I think it highlights how getting “access” is just one aspect of making good pictures.

    Access is just part of the equation. You can have good light but no good moments happen, and you can have good access and no good moments happen. For me that is just part of the mystery of photography. You have to be sanguine about these things.

    But at the same time, I think sometimes we get the access and it is exciting to be there with your camera and the concentration needed to make the good pictures is lost. In the situations like you were in you have to focus harder than ever and try and block out all the chaos which is going on around you.

    As for vertical pictures, I totally agree with you. It just feels more natural to frame in the landscape view. I’ve tried to consciously think about verticals though now and again and I feel that it is a good discipline to make a few.

    I don’t know why, but since I moved from an SLR to a rangefinder verticals feel more natural to me, but not as natural as a landscape orientation picture.


    It is good to read your words. I was not familiar with the Haas quote but I don’t think it could be said any better.

    I’ve been following your work with interest since we met in Cadiz a couple of years ago. I don’t have to tell you, but you’re doing good and important work out there. We both seem to have followed our hearts with our work, regardless of the end results, and I admire that in you. As you point out, that quality seems to be few and far between amongst emerging photographers today. Perhaps the internet is to blame, but that’s a whole other topic!

    Next time you’re in the UK let me know and perhaps we could meet up.




    this is the first and only video i shot
    (with a lot of booze for me, charles :-)

    i then decided, that could not be my future.

  • Justin Partyka just spent the last hour looking at your pictures. You sir are a fine fotographer indeed. Specially love the work that you did in rural England with the farmers. ++++

  • Thanks for the kind words Robert. Have we ever met before? The story of that abandoned estate in Italy sounds vaguely familiar to me. Or perhaps I’ve just read about it, or a place similar.

    It looks like there is potential for interesting pictures there. Are there any people around, or animals? I’d like to see the outside too. And this is certianly not a criticism, but I wonder what it would look like if you photographed the place in colour?

    Within the next month I hope to re-edit my East Anglian work on the website, and add a few more pictures (some new), so take another look in a few weeks.




    i just got back into “computer zone” after packing boxes, signing papers, etc etc…

    i have not had time to catch up here, but will by tomorrow morning…so, there will soonest be new comments from me here or a new post…

    by the way, the sticking to one blog idea might be a good idea in most ways, but i must admit it has inhibited me from posting several stories i had in mind…the ones i like to post here i want to be provocative enough so we can spend a few days chatting..but, stories like the ones i used to do under “family/friends”, i am reluctant to post.. they seem like worthy stories, but perhaps not good for commenting or chatting…

    by the way, i have shot about 10 verticals in my whole career!!! i am too lazy to turn the camera vertical and i generally just prefer the visual aesthetic of the horizontal image…yes, yes, i have driven editors crazy this whole time!!!

    back soonest…

    cheers, david

  • David

    I for one enjoy the separate posts under ‘Family and Friends’ and ‘Student Work- Workshops’ and ‘Work in Progress’ so I see no reason why you shouldn’t continue doing those under those separate headings. Your thinking in that regard makes perfect sense to me.

    Looking forward to your posting that actually explains what your new project is!!!


  • Well, I will admit to shooting a lot less verticals than horizontals, esp since switching to Leica M’s as my primary cameras. There’s no rules about this by any means and many photographers get away with nothing but one or the other for their whole career. I have absolutely no qualms about cropping my images as long as it remains true to the original format and intent (though for my new book I have cropped a lot of 120 square images to verticals (and a few horizontals).

    I think it’s good for starting out photographers to try and experiment with both esp when shooting editorial (and you’ll make some art directors happy). Turning the camera on end every now and then can sometimes break one out of a rut (and cover your ass). It’s just a different way of looking at things, using the space, and interpreting a subject.

    And David, I doubt you don’t do it out of laziness!!!! I think it just doesn’t fit your aesthetic (I doubt you’ve been lazy about much in your life).



  • I often rotate my camera counterclockwise, rather than clockwise when shooting vertically. It makes me smile when downloading my pictures, as they’re often upside down. I surf and waterski goofy footed as well, which could explain a lot. :)

  • HELP! I believe I am a closet horizontalist and need to come out! thanks all and David for letting me know there is a community out there to make me feel like I am no freak, that bi-framing is a life choice one should not be ashamed of.
    And David, 10 vertical shots in your life….I do feel your pain, how it must have hurt trying to fit in!!!


    I do indeed do too many verticals, and it does feel sometimes like trying to ease off, with a psychological aspect to it as well:

    In a way, I believe our shooting habits, or idiosyncracies, reflect a lot about our own psychology, but yet, it may not be who we are and only about who we became, and that can be reformed, if wished so.

    As much as I “love” people and embrace the world, I can also be shy and guarded, and outside of it all, shelled in. Shooting horizontal is letting a lot more enter the frame, instantly, and a lot left to chance as well (until intuition reigns supreme with work and experience), when vertical (so much portrait, my own at least, are vertical) would be the desire to get close but leaving the uncontrollable out, that which may involve you against your nature or will.

    And it is true that taking on photography has made wish or realize that the camera is better used going to, meeting with the world, than hiding from it.

    Who knows if, at times of course, every horizontal shot for someone like me, is not one more tiny little mark of courage adding up against the cowardice of shooting vertical, for fear of letting too much of the world in, on its terms. It’s akin to, for example, being quite adequate in handling a tryst with a woman (for me, it’s a woman) and still be “in fear of women”, if that makes any sense.

    One should always try to confront our fears, not to excise them, but because a good part of who we are, and actually, who we can be, is waiting on the other shore.

  • And I thought I was safe from psycho-babbling!

  • panos
    psychobabble indeed
    editors like verticals, art directors like verticals, designers like verticals… not only verticals of course… but it’s crunch time and there’s a space to fill — what, this photographer didn’t shoot any verticals? damn! — or else they are cropping a vertical out of your horizontal and making their own picture — give them YOUR picture… re: shyness: get off the hooch. try it. go straight for 4 weeks, see if you don’t become less shy, more engaging, more lucid, more aware, lose your keys less often… the mary jane, man, can make you retreat… get clear, get up there, engage, be the only one at the party who knows what’s going on… try it!

  • Justin,

    Hutterites! Very nice work, and access is not often easy in Hutterite colonies. Time and trust. There are several colonies here in Washington State as well, stumbled across one two weeks ago in the prairie … such an interesting people … I’ve been fascinated since I was a kid reading NG and seeing Allard’s photos from Montana. Saskatchewan and the eastern part of Washington State are very similar … your work is inspiring. Anyway, immensely enjoying all your work at this moment …

  • Now I’m a little confused!!!?
    is the above comment addressed to me?,,
    or Herve?? Or all??
    I didn’t even that the word “psychobabble” exists!!!
    but to oversimplify ONCE MORE…
    Vertical- fashion, sports, weddings, headshots… DSLR’s
    hoizontal- street reportage, art, porn , LEICA…

    But , the rules are made to be broken…
    Just dont get caught…!

    advised me to stay of the ” crack pipe”???
    since when?
    And if YOU are not shy??! Then, what’s YOUR NAME?
    That was HERVE’s comment above..
    Are you sure that MARY JANE is affecting me???
    What are YOU SMOKING???

    Ps: it feels weird when I’m talking to anonymous friends…
    oh let me paraphrase that old U2 song…
    love you all…
    I need to exit the freeway right now…
    I need to find a restroom A.S.A.P. …
    ( bowel movements… always welcomed, but not in traffic, god damn!!!

  • david alan harvey


    i did not say that i did not LIKE VERTICLES!!!

    i just said that i did not know how to or have the inclination to TAKE VERTICLES!!!

    AND, i have been employed all along!!! AND only once did i have a hortizonatal cropped to a verticle…

    take good pictures…the art director will figure it out!!!

    cheers, david

  • “but to oversimplify ONCE MORE…
    Vertical- fashion, sports, weddings, headshots… DSLR’s
    hoizontal- street reportage, art, porn , LEICA…”

    Far far too simple. I can walk over to my bookshelf and pull down Magnum Stories, Davidson’s Circus, Vietnam Inc, Workers, Touch Me I’m Sick, and the list goes on and discover hundreds of vertical photos (and many of those shot with Leicas).

    No rules to be broken because there were no rules in the first place. Only those that you set for yourself.

  • david alan harvey


    friday nite…i came home early and was about to write you and tell you about my upcoming adventure…BUT, phone call from the right person and and and, well please wait!!!

  • i hear you CHARLES… i hear you….
    but as i said ,way, way earlier above…
    I see photos as i see a movie…
    of course if you shoot for NME or making a cover of a mag…
    you probably HAVE TO…
    … but i still think that vertical is for SPORTS, DSLRS or SLRS, WITH MOTORDRIVES… thats why the extra button (down and right)….
    am i making “rules” again?????

  • well i’m just shy, and not on the pipe… thanks for wondering…

    as charles says, pull a bunch of great work off the shelves, find a ton of great verticals… cartier bresson was known to shoot a vert or two, eh… i am lucky enough to own an andre kertesz print, was he not one of the greatest, a father of leica photography? you may know the famous vertical shot: chez mondrian. dah sez let the AD decide… and you can… but if you are not DAH and you are trying to sell photos to make a living as a photographer, offering vert alternatives can mean the difference in having someone license an image from you, or not…
    just my .02 with all due respect

  • Well David, I will have to be patient and hear about your new adventure when I return from Antigua in about 10 days…I cannot wait to see what you have planned and hopefully confirm that you will stop by Ohio in your journey across the US….Tomorrow, wake-up at 5am to catch a flight!!!! When I return, I might follow Panos’ example and get others from this great community to weigh in my editing proces…Will keep you posted on the work I do over there and catch up with the debates when back. Cheers, Eric

    “… but if you are not DAH and you are trying to sell photos to make a living as a photographer, offering vert alternatives can mean the difference in having someone license an image from you, or not… ”


    … don’t ghange the channel… stay in DAH’s website…
    GO TO HIS BIO above….
    look how he holds his first LEICA…. vertically….
    Hmmmm… How come detective HERVE didnt find this out yet…?

    So there you have it…

    …. just playing!

    everyone loves you here buy now and nobody questions your skills…
    Let us into your game… Let’s edit… get exposed…. cool stuff…

    “…Well David, I will have to be patient and hear about your new adventure when I return from Antigua in about 10 days…I cannot wait …”

    panos says:
    be safe, dont be thinking of “us” when you shoot…
    go kick some ass… and have fun…

    TAKE YOUR PHONE EVEN, shoot, transfer into the laptop, and email it to us, or me….
    Then i will post your photos in a blog so we can all have a virtual travel with you…
    and later when you come back… you will show us the “REAL PHOTOS”… you shot…

    NOW THAT’S kindaGONZO… but who cares…
    why dont also photograph yourself and your trip… but , turn the camera towards your side, TOWARDS YOU….!

  • Yes Panos, too many rules in your head! Let them go and be free!

    Many many of my shots (in fact most) were taken with no client in mind. Whether they were vertical or horizontal only depended on the subject at hand and what type of intention I wanted to put across. In fact one of my most successful and well known shots is a vertical that is also one of my loosest – the pic of Cobain from behind surrounded in darkness (#19 on my Touch Me I’m Sick gallery). That shot would not have been as compelling and ultimately meaningful if it wasn’t a vertical. And taken long before the invention of DSLRs (hmm it was with an SLR though)!

    Really, whatever works. Don’t make the mistake of trapping yourself with “stories” about this or that being cool or not cool. If you never shoot a vertical in your life that’s fine, just don’t make a story about it other than that’s your style.

    I’ve done stills for movies before with the intention of them being integrated into the film itself and it’s fun to never have to turn the camera, but even then I’ve mistakenly shot verticals. It just sometimes feels right. I’m going to Haiti next month to shoot a campaign for an NGO and they want all horizontals (at least from their mock-ups) though I’m sure I’ll shoot verticals as well. It’s just the way I see.



  • SOMEBODY MENTIONED ABOVE ( UNFORTUNATELY i can’t recall the name …), but anyways…


    “…i just said that i did not know how to or have the inclination to TAKE VERTICLES!!!

    AND, i have been employed all along!!! AND only once did i have a hortizonatal cropped to a verticle…

    take good pictures…the art director will figure it out!!!…”

    SO IS IT TRUE THAT A GREAT (should i say MASTER ) PHOTOGRAPHER…. can actually “do” & shoot, ANYWAY HE (SHE) WANTS…???…

    OH , SO MY FRIEND OLLI… or Oliver… here’s another “proof” that Friedrich Nietzche was fucking right…
    THE POWER OF THE WILL can overcome any obstacle or editor or mazine retarded … let me shut up again, coz i’ve been “WARNED”
    before… that there is no more work for me….

    So yes, FN was kinda right… yes you can create a higher self…
    and losing individuality is losing EVERYTHING !

  • very eloquent & thoughtful observations Charles Peterson !!

  • FROM CHARLES’S gallery

    I want to cry… these are “my people”….
    o.k, now …
    3, 4,5, 7 classic, 14 … damn, 15 16 17, Curt..

    YES, 19, 26…
    bravo CHARLES…

    “…I’m going to Haiti next month to shoot a campaign for an NGO and they want all horizontals (at least from their mock-ups) though I’m sure I’ll shoot verticals as well. It’s just the way I see…”

    CHARLES , sorry but what is NGO ????
    man i see now you see ” vertical”… ok, no offense,
    bottomline, a good photo is a good photo,
    and if it sells and pays the bills,… its even better…
    and YOU are a “vertical” photographer…
    DAH is a “horizontal”… WHO CARES…
    YOU ARE BOTH “validating” the book….!!!!

    excuse me,… but , can i go now ???????

  • and alsoooo…

  • and this one all the L.A. HATERS OUT THERE:

    How come detective HERVE didnt find this out yet…?

    I will give you detective work, Panos! So David, DAH man, wrote:
    “by the way, i have shot about 10 verticals in my whole career!!!”
    That is 3 exclamation points, the man means it.

    I knew I only had to flip thru the book from hell, the crazy book in his basement, the prodigal son of a book, coming home to roost, that with the jacket portrait worth the price of admission itself…
    Well, you know what i’m talking about David, “VIRGINIA”…. 39 vertical shots at first count, 39, one book….

    Detective work over. Panos, you made me do it!


    PS: Once a full moon, traces of LSD ingurgitated some 35 years ago, come to the surface of my brain, and you get the kind of crap I wrote this morning. Though, for my defense, the context was taken out of the words!….LSD again…Oh shit!

    Lucy in the skyyy with DAH man…. ahahah!

  • Panos: NGO is non-governmental organization, in this case a famous relief agency dealing primarily with children.

    And thank you, they were great fun times, and also sometimes sad and tragic. I feel really lucky to have been part of it.

  • Further Herve. Further!

    And Panos can be Cowboy Neil at the wheel of the bus to never-never land. :))


    thanks for great discussions, and random chats, and not to forget the links. i feel i am starting to know a few of your through your heart filled posts, and viewing your web sites. i am grateful that i found this forum, and i was happy was able to have a short but concise conversation with our dearest DAH during dok08. i hope that one day, i’ll be lucky enough to meet you all.

    yesterday, my boss called me up, and asked me to come to columbia halle, here in berlin, for some grip assistant work. this is how i make my lively hood…we set up a 8 meter crane in front of a stage, and were part of the crew that was going to produce a live concert dvd for a up and coming hipp hopp/r&b/reggae band, much enjoyed by the younger generation, called culcha candela. since i am by heart and passion a photographer, and to my boss’s delight, i am able to shoot, and document, the work i do for him.

    on friday it was no different, apart from the security guy, inside our small gated area, didn’t like that i shot, as i was about the only one in the crew, who didn’t have all area access pass, which until then had caused no problem. i talked with my boss, and got his badge, grabbed my camera and started shooting. the security guy, asked my for id, and proudly put my hand to my heat, where the badge was placed.

    i shot a total of 266 images (after some on set editing), where only a handful of verticals.

    i find that most time, like it seems most of the ppl who have posted, that we tend to shoot horizontals more often than verticals. with the few verticals i shot, i felt the need of these shoots, to make the project complete. i find that often times when i shoot verticals, they do add a breathe of fresh air to what i am documenting, and sometimes, just find it difficult not shooting them. like my hand just draws it up there, in that sometimes, awkward position.

    my thought is…if we placed two verticals (as to keep in the horizontal “film mode” intact), next to each other, would/could it still have the same “movie” feel…

    peace and love,


  • …and now the editing of all those photos starts…

  • links to culcha candela music…
    and like thay say it…”a mix of hipp hopp danchehall and reggae”

  • ANON…

    well, yes of course..i understand the logic of needing verticals for sale…and it is not really a big deal to shoot some if you are on a commercial shoot or trying to sell your work as stock…

    by the way, i am not at all arrogant when i do work with editors and art directors…i studied typography, layout and design and still do all the time so that i may offer logical clear layout suggestions to the art director…i am always cognizant of the space available, the text count, and the realities of how many photographs can mathematically fit into any given space…so, i do not just throw a bunch of horizontals on an editor’s desk and say “goodbye”….i work with this person very closely…and honestly, i just do not recall any time when an editor has asked me “why don’t you have any verticals??” EXCEPT for when they want to get a cover shot out of the story…i have lost covers because i did not have a vertical…and my last Natgeo cover shot was a horizontal cropped to a vertical…BUT there is no way that picture could have been a vertical anyway…it just IS a horizontal….and it ran full frame horizontal inside the magazine…

    another big “by the way”…many times i see here written something like well “if you are not DAH” then so and so and so…

    i hope is can say this right…but, long long before i had this “DAH” image or whatever with a Magnum/Natgeo “brand” on my back, i had exactly the same philosophy on all that i say here about everything..i did not go to Magnum for example and then come up with a philosophy for my life and my work ..quite the other way around…

    this is important for all of you to think about: you MUST establish who you are BEFORE you can BECOME “who you are”..

    in other words, i “stuck to my guns” (mostly) just as much when i was 21, with zero work or “branding” of any kind, as i do now..


    my oh my, i guess i have been busted!!! oh yes, that Virginia book that will not go away!! by the way, HCB has a similar book that will not go away…a color tourist book on France…just absolutely terrible!! i think he literally had friends go out and find the book and burn it…

    but, do not burn my Virginia book please , because in there are pictures of my sons and father….two of them verticals!!!!

    i do have three or four books that i do not show anyone, that being one of them…i made the classic mistake with the Virginia book that many photogs make…the book “deal” was so attractive that i “sold out”….compromised way too much just because i would have a nice coffee table book…mistake mistake mistake…

    on the other hand, it then FORCED me to do books later which took the “sting” out of that one…interestingly, the Virginia book has sold more copies than all my other books put together….very specific audience…nice “gift” book if you live in Virgina…

    ironically, however, Detective Herve you will notice that i did manage to get a HORIZONTAL COVER of this VERTICAL Virginia book!!

    now amigo, what other sordid facts are you going to dig out of my often incorrectly remembered past??? hmmmmm, this could get ugly!!

    cheers, david

  • HERVE…

    to avoid further prosecution, i think i will modify my original statement to: “i only took 10 verticals yesterday”…that should “cover” any discrepencies you may find…

    i also just realized that two of my most popular collectors prints are from Cuba, one from Spain…and, to make matters “worse”, my first book, “Tell It Like It Is”, contains quite a few verticals…

    peace, david

  • Hi David

    I’ve been deeply engrossed in a work project/deadline for the pastseveral weeks, and I just tuned back in here for the first time in a while.

    I was perusing the “Emerging Photographers” gallery in your new site and noticed that you posted some of my shots- I’m thrilled and delighted to have my photos displayed alongside work by so many talented photographers! Thanks!


  • ASHER…

    yes, your work has been posted there for quite some time….welcome back!!!


    many thanks for your insights into a world so different from my own…i always love to hear how photogs “do it”…

    cheers, david

  • David,

    You are stalling I think ;-) … you have promised to share and, of course you must share nothing, but I have guesses as to your upcoming nomadic travels and project and … please :)))

  • TOM…

    totally stalling!!

    cheers, david

  • DAVID,
    Is the cover shot of Living Proof a cropped horizontal or a vertical?
    Another question allthough more technical. I see that you expose mostly for highlights and I guess that’s from shooting slide films in the past. I like the look but find that shadows usually sucks with digital if exposing for highlights and especially if you want to recover some of those shadows..
    What’s your opinion on this?
    Question no. 3 :) Have you ever thought of giving online studying a go? sort of like Ben Lifson Of course for money..


  • LOL, David my wife and I are now debating the merits of my guesses … she says I’m being too specific, that you are not so specific, so we will see. All bets placed :))


    if you open up the cover of Living Proof you will see that the photograph is horizontal…and played inside as a horizontal…

    with Living Proof i did not want the “photo book” look…everything that i did with Liv Proof is exactly what i did not do with Div Soul for example….

    i have never cared about shadow detail..not as a black&white photographer , nor as a color photographer…i like BLACK…i couldn’t care less about what is in the shadows….i cannot get the same BLACK on any printing press the way i can in my archival prints…

    ever since i was a student and i was talking to printing people and commercial photogs, they were always talking about shadow detail…and i could never figure out why….i liked gene smith’s prints…..BLACK…no shadow detail….

    yes, i generally expose for the highlight and yes, because i was a transparency shooter…i know this is “wrong” in the digi world…but i just cannot stand to look at it “overexposed” on the screen and then have to try and imagine what i will do in photoshop later…maybe eventually i can get over this hurdle…more likely, i will shoot more film!!!!


    it will be specific..not just a trip …

    cheers, david

  • Hi David

    Do you have sometimes assignments which are totally disaster?

    I just developed last eight films from “hometown” essay I made for your assignment.

    1. I must wait a few months for developing. I was out of deadline time…

    2. First two films I developed three mont ago was useless… My very old nikon is broken (i know it now) and did overexposing? (I don’t know the word) in corner of frame…

    3. two weeks ago I have given 6 films to e-6 laboratory but not in my town, and they loose this films!!!…

    4. today I developed the rest of “hometown” films.
    three of them are yellow, because I used films out of exposure time, mostly it is without meaning (cuba) but not this time (whyyyy!!!!)….
    and rest of films… this is my worst assignment… This is completely stupid , usless, amatour photos I did last years!!

    What was happen with me??!!

    mostly I do better photos every time not worst!!!

    It is some curse? or what? Who hate me up there??
    I loose a lot of money to see how piteous my work are sometimes. damn… shit…o am I? some amateur? Ok, I must running, shoot some good pictures!!!

    So… Do you have a “curse” assignments… I do… this is really worrying…


  • Well just to confuse this horizontal/vertical debate even more consider the cover of my last book, Touch Me I’m Sick.

    It is actually a vertical slice out of a horizontal picture (which is printed in it’s fullness inside) that is then turned into a horizontal again (to cover both front and back of the book)! I couldn’t believe it when my co-designer came up with that but it was the perfect solution and amazingly enough the original shot on Tri-X held up to such radical cropping. It just goes to show there’s no tried and fast rules. I gave up on HCB full frame preciousness a long time. I do always strive to shoot as full frame as possible in the first place but there’s always room to adjust after the fact to make the strongest image work where it needs to work.

    @MARTIN: The new Leica M8 exposes a lot like slide film – expose for the highlights and then recovers the shadows nicely. It’s really great that way though probably not an answer to your problem!

    @DAVID: So nice too be a part of this. Thanks!

  • All:

    this will be quick as i am still under a delerium and drunken spell from last night…marina, dima and i went to the Natl Ballet of Canada to see the brilliant, fucking mad Marie Chouinard’s dance “24 Preludes by Chopin”….those who dont know contemporary dance (“this isnt ballet, this is stupid gymnastics” shouted one old “classicist” last night off to our right), Chouinard is a demon, a mad genius who understands skin and movement and bodies and sex and sound and light and twist like few I’ve ever encountered…anyway, last night I although thought of photography and viola, reading the comments, i thought i’d leave something for y’all…

    her website:


    I have almost never (ever) taken a horizontal either…though 2 of my favorite can be found at LS (the tree in Portugal that got lots of stupid press this fall and the picture of a mexican woman singing)…it takes a very special psychological reason for me to shoot vertical…and i laugh (not arrogantly) and get sad (not arrogantly) when I read some of the comments above about editors/photographers needing to do this…i shoot horizontal, ’cause that is often how i “see” and experience the world (some of which has to do with having been a painter), but mostly ’cause i am blind in my right eye and i constantly scan horizons to negotiate sight…this has become a psychological “gathering” up of the world too, i even experience my face as horizontal (going back between eyes to “create” my face and i never look vertically, ’cause it scares the shit out of me, since i cant, when i look straight, see my face except one side, vertical, so i learned as a 12 yr old to avoid this to make the world “fuller”)…i’ve never ever shot thinking about you’re a limited photographer ’cause u shoot predominantly horizontal…for me, it isnt anything more complext that that…and while i respect PE (most, not all) and art directors, i feel this: they want my pics, they can have/use them, but it’s their job to orient their magazines, my job to shoot how i shoot ;))…


    I also have never given a fuck about that either. in fact, when people see my pics in real life, that’s often a comment (either good or negative): i love love black, especially in contrast to white and probably comes from drawing, or the sight thin again…when marina, dima and i had our family show in december, people asked me: “what’s that, i cant see detail,..” i often responded: “imagine the detail” :))…

    ok, i have to go…

    more chouinard:

  • sorry; FUCK:


    only HORIZONTAL…

    (david, cant we edit our posts ;)))))) )


  • DAVID,
    I absolutely don’t see anything wrong with it. I love the look. I also prefer to make my images as ready in the camera as possible. Exposing for highlights in dull and shitty weather in Sweden this time of the year is not a great idea though.


    Funny you mention the M8. I had the M8 from Jan 07 to Nov 07. I agree about your views. Reason I sold it was because I needed backup (which was too expensive) and a more versatile tool. I also hated all the worries with coding, filers etc. I have Pentax K10D, K20D and some nice primes now. Works really well and it’s a fairly compact outfit. Nikon and Canon pro cams doesn’t tempt me.


  • sorry; FUCK:


    only HORIZONTAL…

    (david, cant we edit our posts ;)))))) )


  • BOB,
    Love your shots. Please don’t think I’m a shadow detail hunter. Both my black and white and street shots prove that. When I use color, agencies might not like the shadow noise or pitch black shadows though.

  • Martin,

    While not trying to get into a gear discussion here … just wanted to say I’m intrigued with the new Sigma DP1 camera just coming out, sort of their answer to the M8, but in a much more reasonable price range. I’ve been looking for something more “discreet,” less like a boat anchor, more about getting close and just making good photos and less about “shooting” people.

    Even been thinking of going back to film and getting a nice little Hexar. I started with a rangefinder as a kid and I miss it. I know it’s not about gear but IT IS about dynamics in a situation and the bigger SLRs just seem to change everything. I often just want to be a PERSON who happens to be taking pictures, not a “photographer.” Isn’t it Larry Towell whose business card just says “Human Being”? Right on.


    I am starting to really treasure “VIRGINIA” David, and I have never burnt a book in my life, in any case.

    I remember Henri Langlois, who was my movie history teacher back in France, saying “it’s not enough to save the good movies, you have to save the bad ones too”…

    (Bob, you would have loved Langlois’s lectures. Highlights of my college years)

    For the fun of it, I went back to the essay I submitted to you, and there it is, only 2 verticals (one being a close-up potrait) in the all 16. Guys, I am one of you now, let me in!…. ;-)

  • David…

    Regarding exposing for highlights…I do it all the time. Maybe it’s because of the in-camera settings I’ve adopted, but I find I need to do just that…very often. I’m unfamiliar with the notion that it’s “wrong” for digital.

    Unless of course we’re talking about those super amazing gotta have 25 stop dynamic range people! Heh-heh. Well, then…OK.

  • MARTIN :))…thanks amigo…yes, no worries, I totally never think about u, your work, your comments, or actually any other photographers, that they’re a “detail hunter” or anything else :))…i actually never really pretty much judge others, since im always thinking primarily about the flaws in my own work and the direction…in fact, i find (often) others work interesting exciting stimulating cool…so, but than there’s this little thing too: i came to photography from “out of the cold” ;))…i didnt know any real photographers except my grandmother and my wife and i spent my “training years” (whatever that means, something stupid gallery in the us once said to me) shooting shooting, reading, drinking, swallowing all kinds of photography and constantly thinking about what i was trying to accomplish (still a failure): i never thought about agencies (magnum, for example), famous photogs, magazines, festivals, all that…i knew only this: i got bit by the photo bug and left painting (because of Marker’s film La Jetee, exhibition of work by Moriyama, my grandmothers death, getting paintings destroyed by a madman, and being alone in LA: then i thought: what i can’t write about with prose or poem, i can shoot, including people, places, faces, etc)…like that…

    i still often think, only about this: me, my wife, my son, my camera, my pen (computer) and the swallowing the world…no matter who i meet (including famous folk like David), it still feels the same to me: no different than in when i use to photograph stones and weeds in florida and musicians and myself in florida: nothing has really changed, still trying to understand what it means and feels like to make a good picture about someone, some place, some moment, etc….

    Herve: “))

    I’d loved to have heard him lecture! :) There is a great movie about Langlois :”)))….that dude had “passion”! :)))…wow, where did you go to school? :)) I’ll get the name of the Doc on Langlois this afternoon when i walk by the video store and leave it here tonight: great flick :))))…

    ok, something i wrote this week for a fellow DAH member’s book, but now part of a poem about photographs Im writing for dah…

    “3. Once the milky moon, wearied of it’s blue-ghost brother, shattered itself into tears which spread like fireflies across the firmament and fell, stardust and cottonseed breath, upon the netting of a summer window in a child’s room in the country: of which dreams became earth, of which net became the milky-way, of which reflection and bulb became chrysalis and quasar, of which became you…”



    “…So… Do you have a “curse” assignments… I do… this is really worrying…


    Posted by: marcin luczkowski | March 15, 2008 at 12:21 PM…”

    Marcin i’m glad you are back… for a second , i thought….

  • Yes, horizontal v. vertical, RF v. SLR, film v. digital, Canon v. Nikon, big end of the egg v. the little end of the egg, ballet v. boxing. We worry about a lot of strange things, dont we?

  • Herve cheers to you the original Myth Buster !!

  • Bob, I was in the infamous “Nanterre” university (of 1968 lore), studying sociology, pretending too at least. The other professor I had then, was Beaudrillard, but back then, you already had to show up early, because it was standing room only when he professed.

    Langlois’s lectures were at the cinematheque (Palais de Chaillot basement). The place was a temple, more than a movie theater, truly back then. there was always a special feeling entering the movie hall.

    Multiplied ten-fold when Langlois would start talking on his weekly “class”, a 2-hour affair where he would show excerpts, comment, talk, vituperate, alway a bit out of breath (he was a large man), always in his trademark brown sweater, and the latest food stains on it. His knowledge was not just it, the guy was cinema, and the art’s memory as well, period.

    We just shut up, drank it all, and basked, realizing that with such a maverick personality, we’d never know if our luck would stop and find the gates closed the next week (“Class has been suspended, no information as to when and if Mr Langlois will condcut it again”, that was my fear, and it lasted one year only, I think).

    Just like Fellini, Hollywood remembered him the year before he died, and gave him an oscar for the services rendered to cinematography as a film conservator. He died in 1977, he is the only person I did not know personally for whom I went to the funerals. Believe it or not, I was seated next to Yves Montand, no less!

    When he was asked how come he never made a movie, he answered you have to be a slave to make movies (he could be quite tranchant, and prone to flights of political fancy) , he meant the need for finances eventually leads to artistic compromises, and he was a free man. I seem to recall he mentionned W. Klein as one of the few examples of a free movie maker.

    I hope that was Ok to share this in length with everyone.

  • Hi…
    sometimes I earn my living from photographing people in group too..they hire me for one day to take pictures from the group. different groups, different places and the demands were always different from one to other…and also different reasons…most of the people don’t want to forget the moment with friends and they also don’t want to forget with whom they were when the moment was taking place.

    will you take “narcism” also as answer? I’ve an assumption that some people want to be photographed alone or in group because of narcism… :)

    and what about “collective courage”? In my country, Indonesia, people were usually not so expressive if they were alone, and they would do only things what the group usually does and thinks right…

  • Monsieur Herve no apologies necessary. U have a special education for this life that is the BEST teachers in the World. i only wished that i could bask in the presence of such great teachers . Wow; genuinely impressed with your background. Your words carry alot of weight with me now. Seems like your just starting to come out of the woodwork. Please inspire us all with more great stories about your past and the people whom influenced you. Now I’m off to
    a Latino Film Festival my goal is three films before midnight. I think this is possible as I’m three hours behind this blog in time..

  • HERVE :)

    Great story, indeed! :))…wow, 1968 Nanterre, huh….now, like, i see you in my mind’s eye as a character from Bertolucci’s Les Réveurs (The Dreamers in English: a flick i hated, preferring instead the films: like Goddard’s La La Chinoise (pre-dating the may of 68) or Tout Va Bient, or One Plus One……there was a recent flick about May, ’68, but i cant remember the name….anyway…

    The name of the Langlois Doc is called: Le Fantôme d’Henri Langlois

    u MUST rent this flick Herve :)))))))…I’m sure it will bring back great memories :))

    You’ll killin’ me :)))…just saw a bunch of Jacques Demy flicks (we have a Cinematheque here too, modeled after (sort of) Cinematheque Francaise….lots and lots and lots of flicks…and if i were a rich man, i’d go everyday….i’ll be in paris by summer’s end and hope to take dima to a flick there too :)))…before heading west and south….

    and i agree, Klein was as free a “filmmaker” as one could get, ditto as a photographer :)))…

    ok, im off to spend some time working on pics and then it’s “man’s night” with my son :))

    cheers Herve :))



  • Hello everyone. I’m posting it here because I haven’t seen the new web page discussed anywhere else.

    I haven’t posted here in a while although I do participate in the ‘Picture Friday’ on a regular basis. This month of the year is especially busy for me with actually earning money from photography.

    I just wanted to say that I have clicked on the web site today and saw a new face with links to the project pictures as well as to singles.

    First of all, my thanks to DAH for picking a few of my pictures. I’m feel warm and fuzzy about this.

    There are, however, two pictures of mine that have been credited to someone else. It is under SinglesII, picture 29 and Picture 30 from my set called About a Garage Band. The two pictures are credited to Peter van Agtmael but they are indeed mine. Maybe Peter can chime in too if he reads this.

    Once again thank you, the new web page looks great and I should be back in to post more by the middle of April.


    Rene Braun

  • hey, hey from L.A.

    click below to see what editors think … if they think at ALL… !!!

  • Thanks Robert, for the kind words, It’s not like I have done a lot in life to insopire others frankly,, but something worth chatting about does add up in 53 years, when you never held a 9 to 5 job!

    I had few, but great teachers indeed, in all walks of life. My parents, first. I am like Bob and David, who like to comment how family means a lot to them. Me too.

    Bob, Thanks to you too, will seek out the movie but no thanks for aging me beyond my years! Nanterre was where and when “Mai 68” started (because boys were refused entry in girls buildings, that will start a revolution in France!), but I was 13 then. I went there from 73 to 76 only. Boring years, really.

  • david alan harvey


    my apologies…i do not know what happened to your pictures, but i will find out…please remember , this “whole effort” is just michael and me….in any case, we will check tomorrow to see what happened and get it all fixed so that you are properly credited….


    hey man, at least you are having fun!! right??…

    most of what i do is a “disaster”…hardly anything works out “right”…


    very interesting…this is also a concept i learned from both Japanese culture and native American culuture…the power of the “group” or “tribe”…in native American culture , the chief is not the “boss”, but more of a consensus taker…with only one vote and a bit of “widsom”…still, not a “dictator”…very similar to Japanese and other eastern cultures….

    the West prizes the “individual” , the East reveres the “power” of the group…i am way way oversimplifyng of course…but there is some basic “truth” to these concepts i think….


    i am too sleepy to write on…tomorrow i will post one of two very important stories…

    cheers, david

  • DAVID…

    I just made tech mistakes. This three yellow films are AGFA RSX… who normal using agfa films??!!! and out of use time…
    the rest of films are kodak G wich was not good films for this light, mood, this exposure, this idea. I should used velvia or provia films, I just know how to use this films. What I will have on print at the end. but velvia is 15$ kodak 5$ agfa 3$

    and one thing…

    I wrote…
    “I’m going my own path looking for… something…
    so SeeU”
    …because I prepared for shooting my new ideas. I had idea to go “deeper” for “bright” and “dark” side of human nature…
    But my wife returned from warsow and said me “forget!! No way!! NO, NO, NO” for a half part of my ideas… this “dark” one ideas…
    so I have resigned…
    Why?… Why I’m lisening my wife?… because without her support it have no sense…
    what i will shooting now?!! Flowers?? pets??
    I have to think it all over again…

  • Hey Marcin, I’ve just had a look at your website – don’t worry, you are doing ok – no way are you going to shoot flowers or pets: but if you did they would be good. You have “Marcin style”: your photographs look as if they have been taken by one person with one vision. Has your wife looked at your photographs? She must see the passion you have for your work.

    Good luck,



    i just looked at your site again too….i see some very nice new work…or, at least, new to me….i had seen some Cuba before, but now i am appreciating many more…

    well, it seems to me that “dark” and “mysterious” is where you are and where you want to be and certainly a part of who you are as an artist….so, how can you try to be anything different??? but, even if you did start shooting “pets and flowers” they would surely be dark!!!

    yes yes, your wife does give you all of the best support and you should appreciate her above all other things and support her equally…and with both of you being good “support systems” for each other, then i think your work will be all Marcin all the time….

    cheers, david

  • Panos…

    The site looks great. Congrats! Is this a mock-up? Are we supposed to be able to open any other pages? The video works but I wanted to click on the pics page, but nothing is opening. Just curious.

  • PANOS…

    yes, the site is looking good..and with my favorite at the top, albeit with a bit of a crop!!!

  • DAVID:





  • BOB…

    ok, will do….i am fairly free this week, so i will do whatever is necessary…that is, as soon as i get over my last nite’s overindulgence…..more aspirina please….

    cheers, david

  • DAVID: :)))))

    I hear u brother, i hear u! :)))



  • David…

    My wife know me and my work and paintings before I became photographer, and she know what I’m looking for but she decided that it could be too dangerous and “dirty” for me. We men want just do our job, but ours wives care about us and think instead of us sometimes. Someone must be reasonable in this marriage :)…. so I just must agree with her now. Now I want work more and I will find other way to show what i want to show.

    all photos on my website at portfolio are old. Now I have more than 200 slides frames to scan from last two month (I still not buy scanner but I should… no money, no illusions)
    several color negatives films and many many b&w to print. when I will finished I’ll put this new photos on website.

  • …and maybe I will shooting flowers and pets…

  • Bob, yes yes. read the beginning. sweet. thank you thank you. it’s going to look great, but until Thursday i’m running (maybe like deer with buckshot in ass). So therefore I haven’t really attempted to immerse my self in the reading. One more week of other work and then we’ll hop on this.

    David, no big deal. I know it was just you and Michael. And it worked out great. I like your choices from my sets.

  • RENE…

    it is sunday morning and i seem to be the only one up in new york!!! i will let mike sleep…in any case, we will get to the bottom of this soonest…

    cheers, david

  • RENE:

    happy u liked the beginning…i’ll submit it this week to a magazine and if it gets published (which it will eventually, just dont know where), the dedication will be to you and David Alan Harvey…(u can read part of Part II above in one of my posts) :))…

    DAVID: :))…

    ARE YOU THE ONLY ONE UP IN NYC, OR is it only that you havent gone to bed ;))))…

    ok, off the computer to read the Times and do the family wash (my job) :))



  • rene:

    ps. I will put the dedication in there too for your project, if any mags accept it.. :))….


  • MICHAEL K, DAVID and all..

    this below is the actual link to the radio station..
    If you go to middle of the page under FEATURES…
    you will find the very first story… (NEWS IN THE PHOTO GALLERY)-
    backstage breakfast with Snoop…… click there and it opens the photos…

    so click below…

    … and goodmorning everybody… and thank you for being around… its so funny , im checking on your comments without even have a coffee yet… we talking serious addiction…

    just waking up…

  • Good god, man! Go get some coffee!

    Thanks for the link. Way to go dude!

  • DAVID said:

    yes, the site is looking good..and with my favorite at the top, albeit with a bit of a crop!!!

    Posted by: david alan harvey | March 16, 2008 at 10:49 AM…”

    its funny David, they cropped a nice horizontal,( the one especially You and HERVE),
    chose right away… into a vertical… that goes SIDEWAYS… for aesthetic reasons…
    so our debate (vertical vs horizontal) was useless….
    nobody guessed the SIDEWAYS cropping… Hmmmm
    Didnt i tell everybody yet, that california is 100 years ahead when it comes to design????
    just, kiddin’…
    ok… im going to make a greek – turkish coffee right now…
    or turkish- greek for some sensitive balkan friends out there…

  • DAVID:
    the West prizes the “individual” , the East reveres the “power” of the group

    In a nutshell, yes. In a boatshell, I would add that the main difference is really that in the East individualism is lessened, more than often not what counts, proves nothing, and the person is always asked to see itself within a clan, a network (patrons and clients, brother, son, wife of..etc…).

    It is not just OK to want to affirm oneself as an individual, which is exactly what we prize in the West. the guy or gal who said and says : I am not like you and it’s going to make a difference.

    In terms of group, i think both west and east are strong on it, if differently. Western societies have had social fights that benefited all, and lifted workers and children out of extreme poverty and exploitation. It is harrowing to see that what Lewis Hines shot in the early 1900s does happen in so many asian countries still, underage children working. Not to speak of women’s conditions. On the other hand, groups in the West provide little solace for individual anxiety.

    In many ways, eastern philosophy of life does not believe in the power of the individual. Which does not men that the individual cannot have power or do things on its own, but it does not carry the premium we give it in the west (the individual itself will downplay doing it alone, almost deny it, not out of modesty, but out of duty).

    Just an example, a great philosophy: Buddhism. A supreme gift to/of mankind. Its main tenant is selflessness…

    I don’t make it up! ;-)

  • thanks Michael
    Kalimera, 10:25 am in L.A. and still no coffee yet…
    I’m at DAH church right now…
    praying for photography and friendship…
    f**k my local pastor… and his church…
    anyways… its really cold today for cali ( 10f or 2c)…
    for now…
    how’s the weather up there…
    i can see that in N.Y is raining… (7f or -2c)….
    damn, cold

  • Panos :))

    my last comment then have to run for the day: just looked at your power106 shots :))…happy to see…and i love that it says: “photos by Panos” :)))…so cool to have a 1-name credit: like Abbas ;))))…

    later, slippn’


  • HERVE , i couldnt disagree more… thats why Buddhism is so
    “succesful” in the west… because it lets you be you….
    individuality and selflessness dont contradict….
    like boobs and dicks cant compete, like someone wisely…
    explained above…
    You are confused Herve…
    BUDDHA enjoyed and praised individuality…. but rejected selfishness,
    Buddha and Nietzche talked about our higher self…
    the ubermensh… the one we need to evolve…
    they both talked about perfecting ourselves with the power of will…


    dont be afraid…
    love yourself, especially your “naked” part…
    because there is only one HERVE and that is YOU…
    please, you got me started now…

  • Bob you just MADE MY DAY….
    I was playing with Herve above, put on my war attire,
    ready for some good all mess… but there is Bob,
    disarmed me with a smile…
    I love you man…

  • BOB… and for me to get a littlle humble here…
    it’s funny , but when you have a foreign name… it’s easy to sound exotic… if my first name was David or Mike or John … that Abbas thing wouldnt work….
    .. but i know you know all that…
    also editors are lazy… they will come up with anything to do less work and typing…so they love one word- foreign names…
    lol… just playing….
    but people ( unless you already have a foreign name),
    please feel free to adopt a “stage name”…
    STRIPPERS DO, WHY NOT US??????????
    Whats the difference anyways, except cuteness maybe…?
    We all “bend over” for a dollar….
    Do you think im gonna complain, about cropping from horiz. to vert.??????????
    No way…
    Does this turn me into a “whore”????
    I dont know, you find out… but definitely turns me into a STRIPPER???? … and im proud…
    My stage name????.. just call me panos…

    ps: if anyone in here never compromised photography for money,
    then go ahead… pick up the first stone and “stone” me…
    Because everyone “must get stoned” from times to times…

  • … or let me put it this way…:????
    “Abbas or David Alan Harvey, or …by the way..
    what was Robert Capa’s real name”???

    Born in Budapest, Austria-Hungary in 1913 as Endre Ernő Friedmann, Capa left the country in 1932 after being arrested because of his political involvement with protestors against the government (his parents had encouraged him to settle elsewhere).

    World War II

    At the start of World War II, Capa was in New York City. He had moved there from Paris to look for new work and to escape Nazi persecution. The war took Capa to various parts of the European Theatre on photography assignments. He first photographed for Collier’s Weekly, before switching to Life after he was fired by the former. When first hired, he was a citizen of Hungary, but he was also Jewish, which allowed him to negotiate visas to Europe. He was the only “enemy alien” photographer for the Allies. On October 7, 1943, Robert Capa was in Naples with Life reporter Will Lang Jr. and photographed the Naples post office bombing.[4]
    His most famous work occurred on June 6, 1944 (D-Day) when he swam ashore with the second assault wave on Omaha Beach. He was armed with two Contax II cameras mounted with 50 mm lenses and several rolls of spare film. Capa took 106 pictures in the first couple of hours of the invasion. However, a staff member at Life made a mistake in the darkroom; he set the dryer too high and melted the emulsion in the negatives. Only eleven frames in total were recovered.[5]
    Although a fifteen-year-old lab assistant named Dennis Banks was responsible for the accident, another account, now largely accepted as untrue but which gained widespread currency, blamed Larry Burrows, who worked in the lab not as a technician but as a “tea-boy”. [6] Life magazine printed 10 of the frames in its June 19, 1944 issue with captions that described the footage as “slightly out of focus”, explaining that Capa’s hands were shaking in the excitement of the moment (something which he denied).[7] Capa used this phrase as the title of his alternately hilarious and sad autobiographical account of the war, Slightly Out of Focus.
    In 1948 Capa traveled into the Soviet Union with his friend, writer John Steinbeck. He took photos in Moscow, Kiev, Tbilisi, Batumi and among the ruins of Stalingrad. The humorous reportage of Steinbeck, A Russian Journal was illustrated with Capa’s photos. It was first published in 1948.
    In 1947, Capa founded Magnum Photos with Henri Cartier-Bresson, David Seymour, and George Rodger. In 1951, he became the president.

    Private Life

    In 1934 “André Friedman”, as he called himself at that time, met Gerda Pohorylle, a German Jewish refugee. The couple lived in Paris where André taught Gerda photography. Together they contrived the name and image of “Robert Capa” as a famous American photographer….


  • PANOS : “…ps: if anyone in here never compromised photography for money,””

    you are SO WRONG. !! if we bend over , it´s just to get a better angle for the shot.

    “Ask yourself about the source in your artistic longings. Why is it so necessary that you want to do your thing? How strong is it? Would you do it if it were forbidden? Illegal? Punishable? Every work of art has its necessity, find out your very own. Ask yourself if you would do it, if nobody would ever see it, if you would never be re-compensated for it, if nobody ever wanted it. If you come to a clear yes, in spite of it, then go ahead and don’t doubt it any more.”
    -Ernst Haas: Colour Photography

  • yes OLIVER i hear you, but ERNST HAAS is not here in this forum- blog,… i was asking everyone HERE !!!!! if they ever bent over for a dollar..

    you see , i dont want to get “stoned” by Ernst… he had a “heavy hand”… lol

  • there we have it – irony is lost in the net.

    me, myself, i bend so deep , my cameras are full of scratches from touching the ground

  • OLIVER….

    probably at some point every photographer who earns his / her living in photography has compromised his/her TIME for a dollar…but, compromising “time” is different than compromising work…very big distinction…

    you quote Ernst Haas, who sometimes shot weddings to keep up with the rent on his New York apartment…BUT, of course, this had nothing to do with compromising his overall personal work….

    please remember Michelangelo compromised his time and ruined his back doing his largest commercial job… the Sistine Chapel…this paid for his “personal work” which was not compromised…

    cheers, david

  • whats up OLLIIIIIIIIIIIIII !!!!
    no worries… i always expect a funny comment from you…
    You sound cool playful and light. light, light i see from you…
    not heavy, heavy..

  • Rene,

    What’s worse, having your work posted and not getting credit for it or not having work put on at all?

    Don’t feel bad, I have yet to see the “six or seven” shots of mine that I was told were going to be posted!

  • CATHY,
    ANYMORE, its ok. feel free to do so, but…
    you said to Rene:

    “…Don’t feel bad, I have yet to see the “six or seven” shots of mine that I was told were going to be posted!

    Posted by: cathy scholl | March 16, 2008 at 03:26 PM…”


    its only David and Michael C…
    I’m not sure, but those two are doing so much UNPAID WORK…
    for ALL OF US…
    Do you want me to remind you their schedules???????
    David is still recovering his jet-lagged life…

    so now DAH & MC( the guru), are LAZY ???????????

  • The band is blowing here in Alicante. Just past the 24h cybercaf. An hour ago I shot Saint Peter and a cock. I´m trying colour. Women are beautiful here and food is good. Not so sure about the wine yet. Tomorrow I’ll be in Valencia for las fallas. Never been before, sort of fun. Weather is good enough to sleep on the street ;-)

  • and CATHY why is it so important for you and the world to see
    yours or mine photos specifically …
    Why aren’t you happy with what the world is giving us right now…?

  • DAVID,

    thank you, my posting should not be taken to serious (ly?). My commercial work (bending over, panos) lead me the way to photography, somehow. i started photography just from the technical aspect, may have come from studying mechanical engineering. i did not think that much about “personal work”. for me it was fine to shoot the things people wanted me. and one can live from that, and from time to time i can stay at home and play with my daughter, when, in my former life, i had to go off to work from 9-5.

    and , as i heard, michelangelo even almost ruined is eyes from the colors dripping down and fell of the scaffolding (is that the right word ?) a few times. so take care wwhen you are photographing on roofs again.


    yeah, light, but f- internet and my miserable english lets the content of my word come out as “pretzel”, as we say her in bavaria.

    btw: i met a few of your folks at the main station, putting up a booth “visit greece”. but they didnt knew you.

  • and to tell CATHY and ALL..
    My photos aren’t there either…. and i’m happy because
    “my submitted photos weren’t there… they were not within the spirit.. like i said before, i been taught so much from DAH and all of YOU or US, the few months im here in this blog… that,
    its nice to participate… and learn.. its a win-win situation…

    so my photos are not there, or there yet….
    look how much i learned ( especially from Herve) by being here…
    and dont worry … everybody here that visited my blog,
    at least once, seen some , if not all, from these photos,…
    so, im happy, i have communication with the community…
    if you want people to see your photos,
    send them to us, POST THEM, PUT THEM IN WEBSITE,
    SO , please link us with your photos, let us enjoy, we dont need to “edit” you or anything… just enjoy…
    COME ON CATHY, get involved, get “naked”, free yourself

    “…word come out as “pretzel”, as we say her in bavaria.

    btw: i met a few of your folks at the main station, putting up a booth “visit greece”. but they didnt knew you.

    Posted by: Oliver Berner | March 16, 2008 at 03:48 PM…”

    OLLI, NO, NO, do not speak with any other greek… JUST me… lol
    greeks are crazy, …!!! why you think i left???

  • Rene

    I am the last one who can give any advice in photography for anybody… but may I suggest… You have some very very good photos, but in my opinion you impact your good photos with some ordinary photos… and ordinary photography is just great, I love that kind photography,but not in this relation… you should cut a half of your photos on website… leave only good photographs… If I may sugges…

  • marcin luczkowski

    Panos… What mean “lol”


    …hmmmm, …… they said the same things about the ones, that left … CRAZY !!! but i will trust you, besides you are far away and can not bite me

    lol… means :{ ( L)aughing (O)ut (L)oud }= L.O.L= lol
    in other words means, laughing, enjoying….

  • Panos,

    Right on about “be happy with what is” I couldn’t agree more….

    Everyone (including David) is helping you edit and work on your website so what do you have to complain about? :))

    NO complaining and NO negativity…I only mentioned my situation because Rene was talking about the site and because David has told me all along that he was posting some work from me…in fact he just told me again minutes ago so it’s not like I have some unrealistic expectation that I’m disappointed about. I know it’s going to happen…

    Yes, I definitely need to get my site going. You are right about that.

    By the way, went to a Hip Hop photography opening Friday night. Two different photographers. One lives in Williamsburg, near David. Vincent Cianni. The other is David Scheinbaum. You can see their portfolios on the VERVE GALLERY site…Sorry I am too sick to provide a link but google it if you’re interested.


    nice to see you back again. that´s the missing balance to panos. i think i know, why you both have to be on the almost opposite side of the earth. (not lol)

  • Ha Ha Ha Oliver this is good…

    I just move in time my “solitary meaning trip” Panos said something about budda… I need something like budda’s path but not now… maybe later… no it have to be later. now I’m here…

  • david alan harvey


    i wrote you a private e-mail explaining that you were not the only one….there are many more singles we need to post…we simply had a space problem and perhaps a bit of a time problem…i did take the time to give you a private review…some others, who were posted, did not get this review yet……so simply put, i am just trying to spread the love as best i can!!!!


    i like your attitude…and besides, i promise you the spread of your life if you can nail down this car culture essay…that is , if you are up for doing it…i want you to want it…and i think a compilation of your writing while driving and maybe a bit of music in there too would make for a compelling essay….the process for fine work varies from person to person…i am trying to work with each of you in ways specific to your talents and needs…we are building a house….it takes time…

    peace, david

    you said:

    “…Ha Ha Ha Oliver this is good…”

    but you could have said

    “…Oliver that’s a good one… lol…”

    so (lol), means ( Ha, ha, ha)

    I love Marcin… god damn…

  • Panos

    I keep learning… I keep learning!!!… lol… lol…

  • I’m in a good mood today…

    let me share


    stop using that lol-panos quote ! the earth may stop from turning.

    btw.: i just cant wait to see your pet and flower photos loFl

  • DAVID,

    Yes, I know… I totally realize and appreciate what you are doing.

    My comment above was in response to Panos who jumped in on a comment I made to Rene and took it out of context.

    I figured since you told me “not to be afraid to remind you of things” that I shouldn’t have to take shit from Panos about doing so.

    What do you mean that I’m “choosing not to talk to you?” Of course I’m talking to you..we’re “homies” just have been busy and am not feeling good today. Fighting off a cold or something and haven’t slept in two days so I’m a bit out of it.

  • Damn Panos! You must be cool! I want a personalized assignment from David Alan Harvey, too! ;^}

  • “…Panos who jumped in on a comment I made to Rene and took it out of context…”

    Cathy, sorry, but this is my job… i work here you know…
    Ask my boss, Detective Herve… I’m just a lieutenant…

  • Yes, I know you work here Panos.

    You are the blogs pitbull…keeping everyone in line!

  • we talked ones about small cemaras vs. big cameras, small lens vs. big lens, leica vs. canon

    I like small cameras…
    … but now I just WANT THIS CAMERAAAA!!!*387/indelible_mainmay05.jpg

    new ideas!! new ideas!!


    …but dogs that bark, do not bite. so we´re all safe here.

    get well soon.


    … man, is that woman SMALL !

  • Michael K,
    … do you think that’s cool???…
    Like i didn’t have enough pressure or stress in my life…
    I write here to have fun… and learn… something…
    and now , all of a sudden , i have a mission , a job to complete…
    …O.K., I’m lying.. I FEEL REALLY PROUD…
    (although Buddha thinks “pride” as a “sin”…)

    but Michael, i think i get attention because i’m being “naked”
    all the time….
    bring your passion out, talk about your dreams, get obsessed ,…
    … thats what i was trying to tell CATHY before…
    I’m trying to live in the moment,…stipends, essays, books,
    i forgot all that…
    snoop was “bothering me”…
    I”brought him” here… I ostracized my demons… i’m in peace now… but not for too long…
    when DAH says “keep the fire burning”… thats how i translate it…
    Bring more pictures, questions, more agony, self sarcasm , not just sarcasm, nakedness, exposure…
    I know that its not easy for everyone to act just like me and be obnoxious… but trust me … DAH knows that too, very well…
    Let me tell you Michael, why i think DAH is honest AND FAIR,
    with all of us.
    Because he listens to us and guide us regardless our “PERFORMANCE” in the previous essay ( not) contest- (not) competition…
    Let me REMIND ALL again, that not even one of my submitted photos are in DAH’S website…
    So what… So what if DAH gives me an assignment…
    David knows that this is not so accurate either…
    He didn’t give any assignment…
    although HE GAVE ME ( and ALL) A LOT SO FAR…
    And you know what else is funny about David???
    The more YOU ask. the more HE gives…

  • This is Sally Mann… she is not small if I’m not wrong…

  • “…snoop was “bothering me”…
    I”brought him” here… I ostracized my demons… i’m in peace now… but not for too long…
    when DAH says “keep the fire burning”… thats how i translate it…”

    and thank YOU ALL for this not only DAH…

    that’s what i call love…

  • Good points Panos. Very good points. Thanks for “teachin’!”

  • Sally Mann… Mann, funny last name for a woman… Mann, man…
    and now “small” man…
    It doesn’t get any funnier than that…
    Olli, Marcin, you guys killing me today… lol..

    ps: its funny but younger people do not use the web ( lol) thing
    It’s and older “thing”… it probably stop around the year 2000..
    Now the kids in the web they use those little “animated faces”…
    I’m getting old…

  • —–“I’m getting old…”—-

    … and i always thought one is growing younger and younger in california

  • And you know what’s cool MICHAEL K,????
    that YOU… were the very, very, very first person from this forum,
    that got out of your way, not only to read my comment and cry for help… but also help me out “extensively”…
    (Marcin & Herve almost crashed their cars to rush for help)…

    So you should know better than anyone in here… who is really
    TEACHIN’… in here… I talk words, but you DO ACTIONS…
    so… thank you again

  • Ok it’s late now… I must sleep… David all day I waited for new post… I’m disappointed…

  • You certainly are welcome. And you are much more than words!

    *Raising my glass of red wine to you* Cheers!

  • Panos…one more thing: Do you ever wonder how many people we are freaking out when we’re here being all nice to each other? ;^}

  • Take your F*****g dissapointment with you, MARCIN and get the hell out of here,now…!
    Panos THE PITBULL,
    let me lol again,
    or maybe loFl ????!!!!

    “cheers” Michael !!! Opaaaaaa!

    “…Panos…one more thing: Do you ever wonder how many people we are freaking out when we’re here being all nice to each other? ;^}

    Posted by: Michael Kircher | March 16, 2008 at 06:17 PM…”

    MICHAEL i was wondering if the
    “Michael vs Panos ” love story or soccergame…,
    “Rafal vs Panos”, love story, game,

    freaked out the most out there…
    well i’m down to vote… lol


    let him have his “sleep well disappointment”, he needs it. have a good night marcin and tomorrow the world will be full of new, dark pics for you. ( which i really like, i was at your website from time to time and as you said you have new work i can´t wait to see it)

  • Oliver you see,
    I love Marcin, and i worry about him from times to times…
    I see it in his work, in his complains, he is dark but sensitive,
    focused but not clear… a lot of “fog” in his work….
    trapped in a little “blue” city, in a ghost town… somewhere…
    how can he be “free” with all that “M8” bragging that i do from times to times…

    if i was DAH i would give Marcin the next (who cares when??? and if!!!) $5000 stipend… from now….
    before the dollar loses even more value in the market…

  • I just fell asleep for a second!
    I dreamed that DAH sent me a check for the $5K support for the next emerging photographer…
    Then i called MARCIN and gave him the money…

    … and then i woke up…
    yes i would give it to him… and i’m curious to observe, if he is gonna remain “BLUE”- therefore real??? or he is going to buy a “mustang”,
    get a “blonde” girlfriend, and an iphone…

    I can’t help it..
    I love this Marcin kid !

  • Panos,

    nothing to worry about. as i read you plan sth about car culture, let me tell you about the time i worked as a mechanik. mostly landrovers- you dont have to worry when they leak a little oil, you have to worry when they stop leaking.

  • … i think for marcin a M8 would do. you know somebody who has one ?


    you have to learn for your car culture project.

    mustangs, blondies and i-phones, they dont go together

  • Olli , hold on for a sec… i need to kiss my girlfriend.. goodbye..
    she going to the airport… flying to Miami…
    and i’m here…. no complain, i need those 9 days alone…
    coming back in a sec… hold on

  • Regarding group shots I love this one!
    Italian Soccer/Football club Inter celebrating 100 years.


  • … and CHECK THIS OUT…:
    and i’m gonna photograph it with the iphone and sent it to you…
    … it is for real, for shizzle…

  • yes, i thought you would come up with this. so heres my tip :
    if you love the car, get rid of the i-phone, if you love the phone, get rid of the car. if you love the girl, make a baby, then everything else becomes a minor matter.

  • sorry, i jumped on the wrong horse. i thought about maybe a 67 fastback, not a 200X gt.

    so, keep the phone

  • if you love the car, get rid of the i-phone, if you love the phone, get rid of the car. if you love the girl,…

    or “if you love the car and the iphone, get rid of the girl”…
    but JAY-Z once said :
    “… 99 problems but the bit*h ain’t one”


    That’ll be the day! :-)

    Panos, given the right cross-pollineation, Buddhism will tend to universalism. Yet, it was born loosely 500 years BC, and afterwards it went east, not west. It took the long winding road, some 2300+ years, to gain some recognition here.

    Not sure what you mean by successful, it has some popularity, very much in some corners, but hardly dislodging judeo-christianism as defining us for these last 2300 years I mentionned.

    Of course, we are talking about traits of social behaviour, instilled thru thousand of years, not rules/dicipline imposed by decree or the state (as in communism). No confusion, maybe you meant confucian! ;-)

    Hence, I never wrote that asians were incapable of individuality (the law of karma, central to B. does affect the individual and its choices only), only, following David’s remark, that this was often qualified by subordination, or deferring to a higher collective authority, like clan, tribe, village, family/blood, etc…

  • wow. either this place has taken some steroids since I was more regular here or I don’t know.

    Marcin, I tell you what, you pick the shots and I’ll cut the rest :-)

    …because as it stands I have no clue what ordinary photography is and what the great shots are. Depending on who I talk to, the opinions are so varied…since I am free, so are the pictures and the sifting process moves freely…

    …I did good at my latest show though…looks that for my city it was the right collection of shots as it has attracted some critical acclaim in the past 2 weeks that it was hanging in the gallery.


  • actually Rene, that( Marcin edit) took me by surprise too..

    Herve, yes i meant CONFUSIAN, leave me alone…
    stop twisting my arm, so much… it hurts…
    ( and please, speak in “simpler”, english…
    “Simply”, me and Marcin, can hardly understand…,
    and we both love to “mis-understand”…
    Understand ? mon frere…?

  • MARCIN sweet-ly and cute-ly SAID:

    I am the last one who can give any advice in photography for anybody… but may I suggest… You have some very very good photos, but in my opinion you impact your good photos with some ordinary photos… and ordinary photography is just great, I love that kind photography,but not in this relation… you should cut a half of your photos on website… leave only good photographs… If I may sugges…

    Posted by: marcin luczkowski | March 16, 2008 at 03:56 PM…”


    QUESTION ?????
    should we do it in “public ??? – which i suggest !-
    in “private”?????
    please let me know!

  • I think it can be public. But if someone prefers not then I’ll respect that. Depends on each individual.

  • Oliver, thanks I’m feeling better already.

    PITBULL, (your new nickname):

    I’ve been shooting lowriders for a couple years now. Haven’t been to any shows lately but hope to do more this summer. See you there?


    sorry to not have a new post…but, i stayed out in a party scene all night saturday….first time i have done that in a long time here in New York…result: i was just no good for the post this morning…i know what i have to say, but i was just too burned out all day today to say it…you know how it is marcin, i gotta be “in the mood”….besides, we are trying to keep you here, so a little suspense might be a good thing..check back soonest…i might be in the mood….


    you already have a project going don’t you?? aren’t you still working on Great Falls or did i miss something???


    where are your low rider pictures??? what about that whole Espanola scene? long term project??? tell me, tell me….


    congrats on the show…where do you live?? take some pictures and send us a link…


    now you are suggesting making babies…maybe it really is time for a new post!!!


    new nickname “pitbull”??? hmmmm, i have to think about that one…i am not so sure…pitbulls bite….Panos barks….but, is wagging his tale all along….

    cheers, david

  • Is “PITBULL” (new nickname) for me ???…!

    oh god !

  • Panos, it’s better than Chihuaha!

  • Panos, it’s better than Chihuaha!

    Posted by: tom hyde | March 16, 2008 at 11:45 PM

    I know why you said that mr. TOM H…
    coz , way earlier i admitted thaat i’m not longer more than 2 & half inches ( fully errect)..

    Why are you trying to hurt me ?
    Does size really matters ???
    “… I mean, that muchhh…!”

  • Panos, don’t be givin’ me no cock and bull story now! No exaggerating!

    And don’t call me “Mr.,” I’m not that old … I don’t think … crap …

  • David…

    Yes I unedrand, I’ll be witing for right mood… You don’t have to trying “keep me here” because I’m here… not all the time… but…


    This is just suggerion form unkown person… and treat it like suggestion from one of guy at the show… Thats the rules… nothing more, nothing less…



    this is stupid idea… this is not battle field… I wnat something say about someones work and I did it, this is not mean that we all should interfere in someone’s work… May be I should do it in “private” letter, but we just talking like in big room, if you don’t repeat and stultify everything it could be almost “private” converstation…

    I very seldom say anything about someones work, I have no legitimatin… but I like any critic myself, because I can always take what is good for me and throw away what I not need… if you and Rene not agree with me… that’s ok… because I could be right, not I’m right… That’s the rules… without it everyone could shot like their teachers do…
    I and you could be DAH only…

  • David,

    The picture (above) juxtaposed with the words ROAD TRIPS… I’ve seen this picture a bazillion times… though for some reason, tonight, it stopped me in my tracks. Could you tell us about this picture?

  • Yes David, Anna, et al, since i first entered the DAH blog, and each time i enter to check for new entries, i always take an extra moment to look at the picture. Would be great if you could elaborate on the picture…Thanks for bringing it up Anna :)

  • David–

    Yes, of course! Great Falls is still my baby. Will be shooting a story for National Parks Magazine there starting in late April. It’s a pretty cool story. Tell you about it later.

    Anyway, I was just messin’ with Panos. (Pitbull? Molossi?)

  • Thanks to all. My show hangs in Portland, Maine until the end of the month. I’ve had some great feedback from Maine arts community. I have not taken pictures during the opening and hoped some would send me some pictures but none have come so far.

    But again there have been a string of very good feedback with last one coming yesterday and as a result there might be an article in Portland paper next week. I’m saying might be – I don’t want to jinx it – I have sent the requested pictures to the paper and will await with baited breath.

    We all know how tough it is in this field, so I just keep a low profile, do what I love to do and take the seldom accolades as they hit me, for the brief moment of joy.

    You guys want to edit my web site? It’s easy. Every icon has a title to a presentation and pictures in each slide show have a number. So you could say:
    Slideshow: Salt
    Keep: 1, 3, 5, 7

    That’s it. I will know what picture numbers you are referring to and there is no mudlinging.

    At the end of the edit, I’ll take all of your input, add all the numbers and give you the collective edit.

    There is 17 slideshows. Set your alarm clocks early and start editing ;-)…

  • david alan harvey


    it is funny you should ask about that picture after all this time …and i was about to take it down…

    the picture is of someone very special to me and was taken on a “road trip” in Senegal when i was exploring the roots of hip hop…we were both in the back seat of the landrover and i just saw this perfect light mirror portrait….the bumpy road allowed me only a few frames…

    this was the “perfect trip”..unexplored territory…both of us shooting…it was one of those “once in a lifetime” trips that everyone knows is a “once in a lifetime” trip ,but still cannot totally be “captured”…

    i think i will leave the picture up just a bit longer…as i have always said, the best thing about photography for me is just simply to trigger memories….

    thanks for asking….

    cheers, david

  • David,

    thanks a lot for sharing your story, and i am glad you decide to keep the picture hanging a little longer. the picture really tells the story of a “road trip”, with the road, trees, ornament hanging from the mirror, and the lady you are traveling with.
    i need more road trips…such good times, memories, and sharing.


  • Rene…sorry, but a technical comment:

    Is there a way for you to put a “hompage” link at the bottom of each gallery page? Maybe down by the “captions” and “credits” links? I know you can just click the standard back button, but I think making it as easy as possible for all visitors might be nice.

    And DAMN that’s a lot of work to critique! ;^}

  • Hi David,
    how are you ? Just sent you an e-mail.

  • Hi David,
    how are you ? Just sent you an e-mail.

  • Hi David,
    how are you ? Just sent you an e-mail.

  • I suggested PITBULL for Panos because they can be very sweet and friendly by nature (look at how loving the dogs rescued from Michael Vick turned out to be) but are capable of “going off’ on a moments notice. Sound familiar??? :))

    That’s why he is able to keep us in line…his self-appointed JOB.

  • He’s certainly no LASSIE.

  • What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it with us, David! Unexplored territory… I love the ambiguity of the picture + your heartfelt description of it. Glad you’ll be keeping it up longer.

  • David, Maybe it was pointed by you earlier, but I just “flipped” thru your website again, and saw you added your first edited works.

    Guys, it’s in the gallery section, “off to a family drive” and “tell it like it is”. Great to see these seminal books you often mentionned. You’re all there in “tell it like it is”. You have not changed, and kept your fresh eye.

    I am amazed by the total honesty in “tell it like it is”. These are still family pictures, I dare saying. You never attempt to speak a lot, but end up saying much. A born photographer then!

    Even back then, how many did just that within the black community, let alone by a white kid!

    Thanks for uploading this.

  • PANOS Et Al,

    got an email today from, where their YouTube video “Stop The Clash of Civilizations” have been nominated for “Best Political Video” at the 2007 YouTube Awards.

    Also have seen the short film “Black Button”, which was also interesting…

    check out these ones, and other categories, if you are interested…

    have fun and peace out!!


  • DAVID: “)_)))!!!

    i CANT say enough how happy i am to see TELL IT LIKE IT IS! :))))…as i wrote long long long ago, that small brilliant book as a stunner when i first discovered DAH blog…and saw that work in January…and for so many reasons, (someday we’re drink or share some smoke to discuss) how significant and magnificent it is…

    the south, too, of much of what made me…

    and i love too, as Herve pointed out, the Off for a family drive :)))>..

    we always return, always, to the place we began :))



  • David, i must join in with Herve and Bob, thanking you for posting “Tell it Like it Is” and “Off for a family drive”. I remember you showing the south story in Oslo, but am glad you also published your family album on your web site. I see an emerging photographer here… ;-)

    thanks Herve for pointing this out.


  • David

    You are sentimental… just like I’m… I love it!! I always love your “Tell it Like it Is”
    and your talent is visible from begining… :)

    THE “BLACK BUTTON ” is awesome… thanks..

    have fun and peace out!!


    Posted by: Jarle Kavli Jørgensen | March 17, 2008 at 02:02 PM

  • david alan harvey


    michael fixed your pictures…take a look and let us know if all is ok with you…thanks for your patience…


    stand by…your pics going up today…

    no, Panos is not Lassie!! cocker spaniel??


    those two first books mentioned by Bob, Marcin, and Herve above relate to my next personal project, which i am just dying dying to get moving on….

    but, i am totally torn now about the ideas i have for myself and the ideas i have for you…i am stalling on two big posts because i just want to make everything symbiotic…float like a leaf down a stream, not a beautiful tree crashing to earth…

    thinking, thinking….

    by the way, i am catching up on personal reviews for some of you today….check your email….

    peace, david

  • Speaking of road trips, Vanity Fair has an article this month about Robert Frank and the 50th anniversary of The Americans. Read it, liked it, recommend it, if you can get past all the ads in Vanity Fair. I have just returned from the big city and the St. Patrick’s Day parade, complete with all the sister in law’s nieces and nephews that I started out with. They had fun, I didnt. After a while, watching pedestrians go down the middle of the street gets boring, even if they’re playing bag pipes. I think it says a lot about a culture that it thinks listening to an instrument that does a credible impression of a hog screaming in pain is in some way musical.

  • david alan harvey


    i was there too!!! we should have coordinated…and right before that i had lunch with Michael Shapiro….we could have made it an all blogger afternoon!!

    i saw the Vanity Fair piece…yes, good…and of course Frank was/is one of my all time favorites and infuences…

    cheers, david

  • david alan harvey


    there will be a few new photographers for you to see under the Emerging Photographers has taken us awhile to get the space alloted for all that i have to show…i think you will appreciate this new work and there is still more to come…we should have this posted by later tonight…

  • David and Akaky… I was at the parade today as well. I was the one doing the Bruce Gilden impression…

  • david alan harvey


    i thought i saw you!!! hmmmm,Bruce takes no prisoners…you??

    cheers, david

  • AKAKY said:…
    “…I think it says a lot about a culture that it thinks listening to an instrument that does a credible impression of a hog screaming in pain is in some way musical.

    Posted by: Akaky | March 17, 2008 at 06:34 PM…”

    Akaky , now thats some funny shit!!!
    im still laughing !…

  • David… Yes! Take no prisoners is the intent… getting the “goods” is another question!

  • Mike , what is the “goods”… i mean definition ??

  • david alan harvey


    i have same question as Panos..?????

  • DAVID – Thank You. All fixed.

  • David and Panos… I just meant the good pictures. I can go out with the take no prisoners approach, (to me meaning get close, focus on looking, listen to intuition, don’t hesitate, don’t get in your own way/overthink, do what needs to be done to get the picture…), a blast to shoot this way especially here in nyc, and a good way to work for me, I think… but things rarely, rarely fall into place. Nature of the “street photography” approach, I guess, but I meant I’m not at a point where I “nail it” with any regular frequency. Close, sometimes… When I get the time to print them, I’ll post the pictures I took yesterday to show you this…

  • david alan harvey


    thanks, that is what i thought you meant….i look forward to seeing the work…

    cheers, david

  • david:

    i sent u an email…

    im now, amid a fog of pinga (brazillian drink) and am writing….

    trying to write something, something for pjg….marina and dima when to bed….spent a night of embassassing night of tears….

    trying to honor, to give words, to write what means something….


    i know u understand….

    roll of film on my left, my wife and son asleep, ’cause, im here, cause i told them i had to write about pjg….


    i know u…email…soon, for magnum….

    for the 16 yrd old who wept when he saw the brother who looked in the back of the wagon/tru and saw his sister….



  • i just love group photos!

    the world is getting smaller, in that photo i had contact with three photographers: Chris (in a workshop here ion portugal), an english gentleman, paollo (in paris photo where i bought his last book and where he asked about Paulo Nozolino a friend of him) and finally Kalvar in Latvia. is good to remember photo groups!

    cheers David

  • i just love group photos!

    the world is getting smaller, in that photo i had contact with three photographers: Chris (in a workshop here ion portugal), an english gentleman, paollo (in paris photo where i bought his last book and where he asked about Paulo Nozolino a friend of him) and finally Kalvar in Latvia. is good to remember photo groups!

    cheers David

  • i just love group photos!

    the world is getting smaller, in that photo i had contact with three photographers: Chris (in a workshop here ion portugal), an english gentleman, paollo (in paris photo where i bought his last book and where he asked about Paulo Nozolino a friend of him) and finally Kalvar in Latvia. is good to remember photo groups!

    cheers David

  • i just love group photos!

    the world is getting smaller, in that photo i had contact with three photographers: Chris (in a workshop here ion portugal), an english gentleman, paollo (in paris photo where i bought his last book and where he asked about Paulo Nozolino a friend of him) and finally Kalvar in Latvia. is good to remember photo groups!

    cheers David

  • i just love group photos!

    the world is getting smaller, in that photo i had contact with three photographers: Chris (in a workshop here ion portugal), an english gentleman, paollo (in paris photo where i bought his last book and where he asked about Paulo Nozolino a friend of him) and finally Kalvar in Latvia. is good to remember photo groups!

    cheers David

  • i just love group photos!

    the world is getting smaller, in that photo i had contact with three photographers: Chris (in a workshop here ion portugal), an english gentleman, paollo (in paris photo where i bought his last book and where he asked about Paulo Nozolino a friend of him) and finally Kalvar in Latvia. is good to remember photo groups!

    cheers David

  • i just love group photos!

    the world is getting smaller, in that photo i had contact with three photographers: Chris (in a workshop here ion portugal), an english gentleman, paollo (in paris photo where i bought his last book and where he asked about Paulo Nozolino a friend of him) and finally Kalvar in Latvia. is good to remember photo groups!

    cheers David

  • Hi David,
    I sent you some new BKK pictures …if you are interested….

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