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today i made four posts, including this one….all right here on “road trips”….normally, i would have spread them out over the other sections…most of you want me to go to one blog…, i will try it…well, two…i want to leave “student work” as is…but, most of my posts will go on “road trips” for at least the next week to see how it goes…so, pretend that “work in progess” and “friends/family” do not exist…gotta keep ’em up until i see how this works and can save the material we have written….

so we will see how you like everything posted right here….a test… see if you actually read stories which are “at the bottom”….this means i will always be reading and keeping “alive” the top four stories or so…let me know please if this works for you….if i have not made all of your suggestions “come true”, it is simply because we cannot make it technically happen….but, we are working on it….

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  • David, Manos Skoulidas informed today about the problems with the blog… I can probably offer a solution or actually do what you need, but what is it exactly the blog isn’t doing that you need it to do. Just to give my credentials I’m also a web programmer not just designer, I’m sure you have experienced IT people so just throughing it out there…

  • David,

    I’ll be reading however you decide to post–but a single feed makes it easier to follow.

    You probably don’t recall after “Divided Soul” came out I told you I was disappointed that it wasn’t more “school-book”. I’m not sure you understood my meaning then: that a career spanning book like that should contain career spanning insights–as a guide to less experienced photographers.

    Your excellent blog has provided many of the career insights and your shared experiences that I hoped would be in your books or workshops that I attended with you. Thanks.

    Although it may seem to run counter to the nature of a blog I’m suggesting that at some point you edit the content from this forum into a book format. Either paper or electronic would work but there is too much good insight and fun stuff here to let it slip into digital oblivion at the bottom of the postings pile.


  • Here what “MANOS” suggests for breakfast:


    yes, i have been thinking, and many others here have been thinking too, about a book from this journal….i am sure it will come…

    i do not think Divided Soul would have been a good place for “how to…”…there is a place for and there are good books that absolutely do that…but , in general, a workshop is a workshop and a book is a book and a blog can be a workshop and a book!!!!

    it has been terrific i think that we have stayed in touch all these years….and many thanks for your comments….very helpful indeed….

    cheers, david


  • I hate missing things; I never used to want to go to bed, because something might happen in the livingroom. Therefore,

    I am totally pleased that everything is on this one blog.

    BOB – I’m counting on you showing up in SD this summer.

    ANYBODY live in Austin, TX?


  • David;

    Sam Abell’s book “The Photographic Life” is my idea of an excellent career retrospective book with lots of professional insight.

    I can’t see you doing a book like that–any time soon–because retrospectives require that you stop or at least pause your forward motion and spend time looking back.

    Based on our acquaintance, you David are like a shark. Sharks have to keep constantly moving forwards or die. You are more driven by the excitement of the new project or next days shoot–not trying to find meanings after the fact.

    I’m eager to hear more about the new project ideas that you ‘teased’ us with last week.

    Keep on swimming (shooting),

  • Thomas, William Albert Allard’s “The Photographic Essay” is another good example of a “school book” for photographers. Out of print, but can be found second-hand.

  • MICHAEL SHAPIRO – I live in Austin. There are a few of us here. Can we help with something?


    i see myself as much much more of a sea turtle..swimming/floating for a long time in open seas with few enemies….hmmmmm, “shark” seems a bit voracious and they have very cold eyes, but that is your call amigo…but, you do have the rest of it right…

    NICK and THOMAS…

    yes, Allard’s book is another great book in that genre..there is a big difference in those two books/photographers…Sam Abell did “The Photographic Life” and then ended his own photographic life !!! Allard did “The Photographic Essay” and then proceeded to do many many more….


    i have never been to Austin…can’t seem to get invited…say hola, howdy to Lance….i miss you guys…

    cheers, david

  • PANOS…

    i like that DMX video…did you ever think of music video??? seems like the medium would totally FIT you!! and multi-media is THE future in terms of photography as communication…maybe as art too…

    cheers, david

  • David:

    it’s cool with me: this new format…like reading the nytimes :))…i just go to the front page and jump around, jump around, jump around from there :))….

    david alan harvey as a seaturtle :))))))))….that’s fucking brilliant :)))))))))))))….

    i should add this too, when i read the NatGeo post this morning, i had a major dejavUU…i’d had a dream about that, this blog, u, 5 years ago (no shit, happens to me often, and i dreamed of marina before i met her)..freeky shit, like that….

    keep um commin’ (but 4 in one day is alot of computer time ;)) )…

    it’ll keep me shut up :))..


  • BOB and ALL

    i like it one way and maybe not in another….i am still worried that it is confusing where/when to comment…for example, when i posted the Che story i got 40 comments in the first hour and a half…that is a lot for mid sunday afternoon….so, i posted the Natgeo story…sure enough, comments on Che stopped immediately…there are now four stories to comment on and there seems to be a lot of crossover….does this confuse you, or is all ok???

    cheers, david

  • david:

    doesnt confuse me…but I think it’s kind a natural…people get excited about a topic and then when a “new” post comes up, it shifts the flow to that…i think it’s less to do with confusing than probably what is normal for people: like tongues to sugar, we gravitate to what is “hot”…’cause people always want to be “where the action is”…:)))…same phenomenon happens at ls too ;))

    ok, running to catch the subway…


  • HAHA Panos thanks for bringing back the memories of my dawg DMX haha! Even though I’m a metalhead now, I will always love DMX’s first two albums! Bark Bark!

  • It’s the nature of blogdom that when a new post appears at the top of the scroll, comments will cease on the other posts–everyone is looking for the current action, as Bob says. So you have to be careful not to feature new posts until you are satisfied that the old ones have run their course.

    David, you might note that in your Typepad interface, when you are posting, you can change the time at which your post is published–you can set it to appear in the future (instead of immediately). So when you have limited time at the computer, you can write your post, save it, and then have it published 12 hours later.

    By the Posting Status button (just above and to the left of SAVE , there is a drop-down menu. Change the status to PUBLISH ON (instead of PUBLISH NOW), set the time in the future, and then click on SAVE. Your post will go live at the time you set.

    Helpful when you will be away from the computer for a few days.

  • I seem to be checking only the latest post for comments. Are the others being posted to simultaneously?

    KELLY, I’m planning a short trip to Austin to meet with a couple people after I get done in Fayetteville, probably first full week in May. Trying to get the lay of the land. I’ve never been there before.


  • Nick;
    I’ve also read “The Photographic Essay” and agree it’s great. It’s part of a series by “American Photographer”. In that sense it’s more about Allard than by him. Great never the less.

    If you haven’t done a post under the topic “Friends and Family” about Sam Abell then he’s due. His career raises some interesting topics for all of us about the photographic life”.

    During the seven years since I first did a workshop with you I have had some long spells of inactivity in my shooting….some voluntary, some not.

    How important is your photographic life to life your life in general?
    Is commercial success important to living the photographic life?


  • hi david,

    how’s things, good i hope. i like the old system – four separate areas, each with their own subject area. it makes things much easier to follow. and it’s no great effort to go from one area to the other; its only a click of a mouse. easy.

    take care


  • MICHAEL – Send me an email with your questions and I’ll give you the run down –

    DAVID – You are now and ALWAYS invited to come to Austin and stay with us. We have no beach here so I wasn’t sure it you’d be interested. :)

  • david.. amigo.. it was good to meet your friend karen in new orleans.. she thinks very highly of you.. seems to be a pattern. hey come on down to Austin.. between now and june is a great time to be here, after that it’s HOT.. but, we’re ready for the green flag to the DR, too.. how’s that shaping up? peace..

  • David,
    Works for me. After all, this is how most blogs work and some people may post three or four posts a day. Important that you keep using your categories though.



    OR, NOT AT ALL….

    “… David, you might note that in your Typepad interface, when you are posting, you can change the time at which your post is published–you can set it to appear in the future (instead of immediately). So when you have limited time at the computer, you can write your post, save it, and then have it published 12 hours later.

    By the Posting Status button (just above and to the left of SAVE , there is a drop-down menu. Change the status to PUBLISH ON (instead of PUBLISH NOW), set the time in the future, and then click on SAVE. Your post will go live at the time you set.

    Helpful when you will be away from the computer for a few days.
    Posted by: Preston | February 11, 2008 at 09:08 AM…”

    No cheating… please… either BE there or BE NOT!

  • Panos, I agree that real-time blogging is a good thing, but the audience for this blog is spread across every time zone of the world. It doesn’t really matter when David posts. But we would all like to see regular postings, not letting several days go by if David is off a junket or in some place that does not have an internet connection.

  • David, a bit too much going on for me to stay updated. On another topic, I really like the direction the gallery webpage is taking. Starting to check the singles right now.

  • Hasn’t anyone here every heard of RSS??? David can have 100 blog pages and you can stay up to date… Use your email client like Thunderbird, office 2007, mac mail app, google reader, etc come on oldies rss had been around for years now


    CONGRATULATIONS Y’;ALL! :)))…some very strong and beautiful work :)))…

    that’s quite a site ya’ll….very humbling indeed :))


  • DAVID, we’re getting a pretty fun group of people together for the summer’s festivities. Just thought I’d let you know.


    Still have room for a few more.


  • nice to see the livebook site really evolving, although I just think its incredibly vital to have the text with the image sets. just wondering why that has not been part of the site so far.
    also the names of the single shots, that seems incredibly important.
    anyway, great to see the new work and Davids work.
    thanks again
    ps. also prefering to keep all the new posts on one channel, interesting stuff some times getting missed, but not this way.

  • A bit late but funny thing about Sam Abell’s book “The Photographic Life,” one of my favorite photos in it was by … guess. Hint: father’s and sons.

  • SINGLES: NOW WE’RE TALKING! First series is superb, some great work all around, even mine looks good, for Godsake!!! :-))

    I dunno, you “singles” guys must have done an awful job with your essays, because I just find myself a lot more excited than with the essays chosen first. Really getting a lot out of it for my own practice, that I did not entirely, a month ago.

    Wish we could see this in book format.

  • wrobertangell,

    tap on IMAGE INFO at the bottom of the site to find names + descriptive text. perhaps this wasn’t there when you looked, but it’s there now.

  • Michael K., that was fast :))

  • [affecting Elvis’ voice] Thank you…thank you very much!

  • I’m going to put my vote in for going back to the 4 sections of the blog. Then I know I only need to check the top post on each rather than reading down 2 or 3 or 4 posts to see if there are new comments. My quick two cents.

  • DAVID,

    Just got back from LA and leave in the am for Santa Fe. My life is starting to look a little like yours! I LOVED Alex and Rebecca and got a lot out of my time with them. Hope they have a good report for you tomorrow at dinner :))

    BTW, THEY are starting a blog!

    I have not had the chance yet to look thru the singles but can’t wait to do so. I notice there is nothing posted from me…perhaps you’re not done yet? Like Wrobert I would NEVER want you to post photos of mine out of any sense of “obligation,” only if you feel they are good enough but since you did say…

    “i did pick 6 or 7 of your images which will be posted to the blogsite soonest” I thought it was worth mentioning in case they were somehow forgotten. Again, if something has changed and they didn’t make the cut, DO NOT WORRY about it. It was certainly not my best work.

    For what it’s worth I showed only a few images to Alex and Becky that I submitted to you… #18, #30 and #31 they liked a lot. I’ll be curious to see if they are among the ones you selected (if any)


  • Quickly…

    Michael S…
    1.Becky did not know your friend.
    2. South Dakota sounds GREAT but I will probably be moving into the new/old house in Santa Fe right about then…hopefully.
    If there is any chance for me, the later the better.

    I’m sure you know this by now but I was the out of focus one in Ryan’s shot. In person I’m much more in focus :)) Funny that happened since I am always the one complaining about out of focus images!

    Whoever has been asking about getting a group together for the LOOK festival??? I can’t go back and look right now to see who it is…I’d LOVE to go to that. I’ve got a friend who lives in CVille but again, I think this year moving is pretty much taking over all travel plans. How about next year? :))

  • David,
    About the site…I would suggest not posting four items at once.

    I have read all your comments and have no problem posting on items that are not at the top…I just don’t have anything to say about them at the moment!

    I see however that if we are not “all together” in one place with longer times between posts there can be some…what to call it???…”lack of focus” ???


    Could this be what you’re talking about?

    Posted by: Michael Kircher | February 11, 2008 at 08:26 PM…”

    cool Michael, cool!… cool photo, too… bravo, to the photographer…

  • well, PRESTON, if you put it this way… i AGREE.. with you!

    CATHY ,,,… welcome back , from the DEAD… kidding…
    So what is the “TRUTH” about Alex Webb…??????

    “…I dunno, you “singles” guys must have done an awful job with your essays, because I just find myself a lot more excited than with the essays chosen first. Really getting a lot out of it for my own practice, that I did not entirely, a month ago.

    Wish we could see this in book format.

    Posted by: Herve | February 11, 2008 at 07:56 PM…”

    i thought i was the BITCH… bitching in here… but with the above.. comment ?
    bitch please…!
    you bitching more than me…?
    dont you know, that they are 12 and 13 year olds out there reading all that… bitch please, stop bitching like me…
    lol… love you Herve… you got the “nerve”…

    “… and multi-media is THE future in terms of photography as communication…maybe as art too…

    cheers, david

    Posted by: david alan harvey | February 11, 2008 at 07:34 AM…”

    “VIDEO Technic.. or TREND-STYLE-FASHION- any way you wanna call it…


    CAN YOU?

    DAVID, be honest!

  • #8, #30, #31……

    Hey, Cathy, it all sounds like a private aparte to David, it’s a bit frustrating to be on the outside of it, having #s to see instead of the real pix.

    Also, more generally, one should never put one’s work down publicly, as if it (the work) mattered little. I am sure there was something in these shots, or the essay, that meant actually enough to you to send as anything but “certainly not your best work”. By writing so, it’s yourself that you put down. Undeservedly.

    There is one instance when it’s OK to say it was not the best. When you get the top accolade! :-))))

  • HERVE,,


  • I’ll make a prediction… Leica will always remain like apple, a niche market.., and as long as there are walls and people to look at them photographs will survive… I do believe the future of photography maybe will be seen on LCDs exclusively… The Japanese government is funding a multimillion dollar commercial venture to develop 30 megapixel screens… If you’ve ever seen your photos on a big screen LCD you’d be amazed, but still photos express a moment in time that we want to remember… If the Russians do acheive time travel, then photos will die. Hey poustraka I’m posting at 10pm how ’bout that!
    Here’s my question, when are you going to have a little papadoupolis, so you can be running around LA looking for a store that’s open that sells baby formula!!!!



    please dont get me wrong… actually let me “LET” the doctor
    below to explain all the “why you should add “HEROIN”.. on your regular everyday diet… AND DONT YOU DARE SKIP A DOSE!

    LOU REED… yes Lou Reed, Nico, the Velvet Underground…Andy W.
    please click below:

  • You see Ryan, in my age , i might need “BABY FORMULA” soon …
    I feel the “middle aged” dracula, coming at my door…
    I, by the way… just bought a brand spanking, cherry red ,
    GT, mustang bitch… with the shaker500… on it…
    I will race your 1000mpg TOYOTA PRIUS… DOWN IN PCH…

    people.. please buy FORD, buy american,
    please help us out… “Recession, over here… WAR over there..

    o.k… SO, RYAN, PREDICTS NO PAPER….(will be replaced by LCD’s)

    people… ( i already know that Michael K. will agree with Ryan on this…)
    what do you think???
    Will it be the day soon that will be no paper… NO MORE?..FEEL ME?
    Thats what Paolo Pellegrin does….He “sniffs” the next war,…
    I really “love” this guy…

  • HERVE,,

    Oh Panos,my boy, PLEASE WATCH?, you gotta be kidding! I was there, for crissakes! 1972, Bataclan, Paris. Big fan of the V.U. then, see my link!

    In any case, thanks, and how about the king of all troubadours, Panos. May I?:

  • AND PEOPLE LET’S SAY GOODNIGHT with a video that works better than a single picture… vary rare… usually the opposite is the “fact”
    Come on now, if you love MAGNUM, then you would easily accept that a single photo could easily “include” a whole video…
    I agree… but look at this
    ‘exception”, below… and goodnite!

  • Damn Herve !!!!( OR SHOULD I SAY): Mr Experience!!)… you have seen and heard A LOT…


  • Oh Panos…. you saved my early morning as I woke up really down. I love The Velvet Underground. Warm vibes for this long day that just started in this part of the world…

    By the way, about the SINGLES. Such a good job there!! Just taking a first look was enough to know that I still have a lot to learn. Thanks to everybody and cogratulations! Very solid pictures in there, yes…..


  • What is the url for the posted photos?


    what a contradiction!! first, you tell me to go to one blog , then you ask me for a story on Sam Abell under “family/friends” !!!

    also, i am sure you can see that one blog causes many problems…or maybe not “many problems”, but totally stops the kinds of discussions we had been having…people cannot figure out where to leave their
    comments…it is human nature to want to comment on the story on top….so now we have one blog, but four different places for “real time” comments , so what have we really accomplished by going to one????

    you ask some good questions that we have all written extensively about in recent months…of course, i will go over all of it again, but just no time now…they require careful thought…but just dig in the archives a bit and you should see most of it answered by me and by others….and i will get back to these topics again soonest…

    a story on Sam Abell? I have referred to his books and work many times…i have two of Sam’s prints on my wall…but, i must confess, i do not see Sam as “current”…all of my stories to date about contemporary photographers are photographers currently publishing or exhibiting…that is the whole nature of this forum…to show readers examples of what is happening “now”..obviously Sam makes a great contribution as a teacher…but,i do not see him as being contemporary in his production …i have not seen any new photographs from Sam in at least 15 years… his books are bit “formal” for my taste , but definitely clean landmarks in the world of photography books….the best story about Sam is just to read and see “The Photographic Life”…for sure, Sam should be read and studied and if he and i meet sometime soon i can get some “grist for the mill” and perhaps do a piece…


    the “old way” i could easily post four items at once and they would all be at the top and you could “go to the top” whenever you wanted….i did “overpost” to see how it went…but it was the same amount of posting i always did…it just seems like more this way…


    that was my complaint all along!!! there is no text…almost none of the photogs here even gave me good captions….if i had it, i would use it believe me…


    yes, i agree with that…many photogs had an amazing single, but no story or essay or grouping of any kind…i have stated many times there were some great singles…in our exhibiton we will “show it all”


    damn, sorry i missed your birthday party…i heard it was great!!

    well amigo, i can never do regular postings…..i just have to do it when i can do it…i am a working photographer first, book publisher, workshop organizer, and a “blogger” somewhere way down the list…this is the best i can do….i do want to do well at whatever i do, so i take this blog very very seriously…however, it falls into the category of serious “hobby”…if it were monetized and i had a whole paid staff we could do much much better….i have refused all advertising so far, so this will remain pretty much the way it is for the near future…

    nevertheless, i totally welcome any and all suggestions…

    cheers, david

  • PANOS….

    you will love this!! Lou Reed is on our Magnum board, is a very active photographer and curator and friend as well…he did an amazing performance at the photo fest in Arles, France last summer following the rockin crazy hard hard Patti Smith..they both “brought the house down”…

    i do not need to tell you to “take a walk on the wild side”…doop di doop di doop doop doop

    cheers, david

  • You gotta keep ‘um seperated! David! It is confusing on where and when to comment… when there’s more than one post the same day, I love that everything is in it’s own category. My 2¢

  • David, if you guys want more freedom in working and extending your blog’s features… you could start using an open-source blog based on Ruby on Rails Engine, so almost anything is possible, however depending on what is missing in this blog it may not be practical! here is a screencast of a example blog engine…

  • Following on essay and singles, and my own reaction, I am wondering if a strong single photo will not always outlast the finest essay, especially in time, but not just so?

    I am tempted to think so, looking at the history of photography, the history of photography criticism, and the lives of so many iconic photos. Also, from what our affect-ive memory selects out of a bunch of pictures printed in any form, sort of a natural selection, survival of the fittest…

    Actually, between the great excitement generated by some single shots, also by books, very little extra publishing consideration is given to essays once they passed their publishing date.

    I am almost certain this is why many of us struggled with the form. It is truly one belonging to the media profession and David, you did indeed introduce it as the best way to an editor’s consideration.

    (I make an exception for series seen on the net, but I believe the net is still merely a means to an end for a photographer, a bigger business card if you will, and more than often used as a derivative way to share and “exist”, from the poster AND from the viewer).

    “So what?” you will say. Well, unless you want to become a serious photo-journalist, I think for the same amount of dedication, we can by-pass the essay form, and shoot for fun (making essays maybe!), for singles, and for the elusive or imagined “book”.

  • I agree Herve, I agree.

    ¿δυστυχως, και σε μενα Παναγιοτης κρινετε εσεις?

  • great blog david. as you know.

    could do with a lot less noise from posters like Panos who does little to move the discussion about photography forward. back in the day, when soth had his blog, there seemed to be more focused discussion. is there a way or a reason to police the comments a bit? perhaps you could gently suggest that we don’t all need to hear every little thing that pops into everyones’ mind.

    yes, i know i will get flamed for this, especially posting under this name…

    keep 4 blogs, it’s not hard to check into those to see if there are new posts. and as others have said, readers oughta learn to use RSS in this day and age.

  • terrible blog david. as you don’t know.

    could do with a lot more noise from posters like Panos who do a lot to move the discussion about photography forward. back in the day, when soth had his blog, there seemed to be a less focused discussion. There is no way or a reason to police the comments a bit. perhaps you could harshly suggest that we all need to hear every little thing that pops into everyones’ mind.

    no, i don’t know i will get flamed for this, especially posting under this name…

    keep 1 blog, it’s not easy to check into those to see if there are new posts. and as others have said, readers shouldn’t learn to use RSS in this day and age.

    There much better… my first post was kinda retarted and meant exactly opposite of what I wanted to say… hope this clears things up

  • ¿¿¿¿I don’t get what you’re trying to say????
    lurker why hide anyway, david can see every comments accompanying IP Address, so he can see who wrote what… Are you saying we should police the comments?? Ughh There is enough censorship in the world!! We have to listen to Howard Stern on satellite for God’s Sake, will we have to listen to David’s blog there too!!!! Relax, if you don’t like to read certain people’s post ignore them…

  • ALL: The Symbiotic Convergence, SymCon, is coming together very well on my end. Tom Hyde will be out here way ahead of time to help with preparations. If all goes well, we might have a cool loft in which to do slideshows.

    This could really turn into something – annual – big deal, or it could be a fun one shot thing.

    We are currently aiming for second half of summer. Still waiting on DAVID to get settled and have time to think about his schedule.

    I will be road tripping from Austin (early May) up to the Pine Ridge res in South Dakota and then home. If anyone wants to join in part of the way, let me know.


  • Herve,

    This is a really interesting point… makes me think there must be some kind of continuum between single photos and essays. I agree, I think single great, iconic photos do sort of boil over into public consciousness more often or to a greater degree than essays, the Che portrait as example.

    If the essay is on the other end of the axis, in between, it seems to me, is a large grey area of photographic sequences, pictures that set up rhythms, tensions, and cycles that only sequences could produce… but are not necessarily expository. I would put Frank’s Americans in this category, as an example… an iconic sequence.

    And essays, to me, are sequences with very specific form… primarily trying to explain or describe a specific time, place or theme… A good essay is like a John McPhee piece, and a good sequence could be like a Barthelme or Borges story. One explains what was seen and felt, the other proposes an entirely different way to see the world… the audiences, and the cultural realm they exist in are very different for each. Not saying one is better than another, or that they are exclusive categories, just expressing a thought.

  • We Should have avatars like this… so the conversations here will be more personal…

    ¿ what do you think people ?

  • for anyone tormented by “schizophrenia”( just like lurker boy)…
    I’m glad lurker promotes photo discussions better than anyone…
    lurker there is hope..! Look what uncle panos have here for you:

  • hello my dear david!
    i’m coming in ny (27 feb-4 march) and i’ll be very happy to meet you. let me know if you’ll be there. a big hug,

    chiara (2007 sicily processions workshop).

  • i like the separate sections.. reads more like a magazine… and you’re right, if it’s all in one place then the moment that a post goes to 2nd or 3rd down the line, it’s as good as gone.. it’s unfortunate but true i think.. the blogosphere by nature is for the short attention span audience..

  • Herve, let me re-read your comment above…
    Im afraid you made a good point up there…

  • Herve, let me re-read your comment above…
    Im afraid you made a good point up there…

  • DAVID:

    I have been on the bandwagon for one blog for a long time but I do see now that there are some disadvantages to it. SO…it’s your call…if you like the four “chapters” I will support your decision.

    How was dinner?

    Did you see my earlier post to you asking about my singles???
    Please forgive what Herve called “unfairly putting myself down”

    As soon as I have some dinner I want to respond to that…WE have not discussed “photographic self esteem” here…It’s a good topic!

  • Did EVERYONE go out to dinner with David tonight?
    Not one person on this blog all evening. Is that a first?
    Have we all said all there is to say? Doubtful with this group :))

    Okay, I will continue alone into uncharted territory and as I sleep perhaps others will join in…

    TOPIC is “PHOTOGRAPHIC SELF ESTEEM” which is probably not too different from personal self esteem :))

    Herve brought it up after my comment about some of my images “not being my best work” and said one should never “put down” their work publicly….I certainly deserve to hear this since I lectured him about not wanting to submit for the assignment due to his age…so thanks Herve!

    Some thoughts about this subject…
    I have certainly received my share of accolades…

    Arthur Ollman, former curator of MOPA (museum of photographic arts,san diego) selected 100 out of 10,000 entries to hang in a show…two were mine.

    I won the curators award at another exhibition with 10,000 entries, etc. etc….blah, blah, blah…

    Some students in the workshop this weekend told me that my work was “the best in the class” and that they were jealous of me…definitely not the first time I’ve heard that.

    So I should feel pretty good about myself, right?

    Yes and No…
    I fluctuate between thinking I’m doing just fine with my photography and then thinking I’m not doing well at all. Anyone else in this same boat? I can’t be the only one, can I???

    I tend not to take the praise seriously but can accept criticism very easily because it’s somehow easier to believe I need to “do better”

    My “spiritual” side knows it’s all perfect the way it is and I am excited about the journey and know that there is nothing I can DO to improve or grow as a photographer…it is a process that evolves over time and I only need to relax and enjoy…which is fine with me…. but these other feelings do creep in from time to time. I’m not looking to change anything or make the feelings go away…just wondering if it is a common issue with photographers?

  • Its good to have self doubt. It keeps you on your toes.

  • CATHY…

    i just had a nice dinner with Alex and Becky….they very much enjoyed the weekend workshop…BUT, when you were asking me how to prepare for it, i assumed it was a “real workshop” in the sense that you would be shooting!!!! too bad, you must must do one of those!!!

    oh yes, we will do your singles and the singles of several others tomorrow…sorry this has taken so long, but we are in “over our heads” with so so much stuff going on right now…


    yes, i think so… i know all the other blogs are just one blog, but this seems different…if i post more often on “road trips” and just occasionally on the others and refer to new posting on the others, it seems that would be the best…but, we will give this just a bit more time anyway…

    sometimes democracy just does not work!!! and surely democracy does not work in publishing!!! over the years , i have seen it in every good magazine and good book published and good movie made…one vision!!! ignore advice!! just do it!!!


    sure, why not???


    hmmmm, well one thing for sure…i will never “police” the comments..never have , never will….


    i DO think perhaps singles outlast everything…never said they did not…however, i do think that the best singles often come from thinking and shooting an essay…

    i will bet on this….if i asked everyone to just go shoot a good single, i will bet that the singles would not have been as good as they were with everyone trying to shoot an essay!!

    i have written about this before , but will do again , since maybe you forgot…

    sleep now, back tomorrow…

    cheers, david

  • DAVID,

    I have a feeling you were writing as I was posting and did not see my last post…doesn’t matter.

    Regarding the workshop…When asking your advice I also thought it was a “real workshop!” I did not know it didn’t involve shooting until Alex told us at our first meeting. He asked if anyone would feel cheated if we didn’t shoot…that two and a half days is not long enough to include shooting…so I went with it and the way they taught it, with one full day devoted to reviewing work, I thought it was a very good format. Of course I prefer longer shooting workshops but for what it was it was great.

  • David
    is it possible to shoot you a private email,
    if so, please send me an email and I will send back to you.
    my email address is

  • Cathy, I’m in the same boat, same feelings and non confident at all with my work. Even when somebody tell me that they like what I do, I feel ashamed as I fell inside that I should do it a lot more better. How to learn? I don’t know. I feel I am growing, little by little and will keep on trying to get my confidence leting my soul free.

    About essays and singles…. I never shoot thinking about an essay before (that is why I did it so badly, jeje) so enytime I take a photo I feel like is unique and without any photo-story around. Now I’m trying to change it. I have some ideas to complete some series but…. not a story. So it will be like a series of singles with a theme in common, but not a story…. that problably will be in a different level.


  • ANA…

    please please do not think that an essay means story!!!!! that is a picture story, which is different than an essay….an essay is simply a collection of related pictures which compliment…they do not have to tell a “story”…for some reason this is the hardest thing for people to get!!!

    cheers, david

  • CHIARA….

    i will only be here one of those days…i come from Mexico, stay one day march 1, and then go to Norway….it looks like i will miss you probably…too bad….anyway, stay in touch and maybe we can at least have a coffee…

    i hope you are well…

    ciao, david

  • quick….wearied today….on “stories”…or “essays” :

    “If you want to build a ship, don’t herd people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.”–Saint-Exupéry

    “I don’t know anything about music. In my line you don’t have to.”- Elvis Presley

    “Few things are harder to put up with than a good example.”- Mark Twain

    “Dad, you want to take a walk?”-Dima Black


  • Thanks, David, for the answer, though I thouht in terms of outcome. What should be the outocme of what we shoot, when we are not emerging/hopeful professionals (Cathy, that was not about age, but about the fact that I saw the essay project about this, more than emerging photographers, if you recall). There are probably many ways to get some great singles with dedication (mucho shooting or preparation).

    Incidentally, and from your own words, A great single may not fit the essay it was shot for, for editorial reasons… Waiting for a life of its own in a different format, maybe.

  • Cathy, yes, self-doubt is an artist’s fate.

    But I think it is a bit different than what you said, which after all, seemed to indicate there was a.. best work from you! ;-)

    Few artists speak up their doubts in public. And then, if so, it is rarely to belittle or apologize-about it.

    The way I deal with doubt and esteem, is simply to see shots as my children. i know they are not perfect, some other kids might get the prizes, but you know, damned, these are my kids, I made them, i was there when they were conceived, when they came to life, I dressed them up, looked after them when they were a bit unwell, messy, and warts and all, I will defend them in the big world out there.

    I am also pro-abortion when it comes to certain kids, I give you that! :-)

  • Oh, also, I’d like to know what others think (Bob, you especially), but I think we have no business doing photography (or else, most likely), if being asked the question: “if there was to be only one photographer you could remember, which one would it be?”, we do not answer :”me”.

    I am my favorite photographer. I hope you guys are too.

  • Herve,

    Never quite thought about like that, but I’d have to say yes, I am my favorite. If for no other reason than that I enjoy doing photography more than looking at it. I enjoy them both, for sure. But I couldn’t live without doing it! (Well, I could, of course. Just really rather not go that way!)

  • HERVE…

    well, maybe we should not think in terms of a professional shoot, but just intense shooting of the personal kind…for some reason, i think the process of thinking in a cohesive manner does help with single iconic photographs….i have many “singles” which i pulled out of stories or essays, never to view the essay in it’s entirety ever again…for example , i have one long lasting single from my whole summer of shooting a story on one group on French teenagers…i would never have “arrived” at this one iconic single had i not been shooting this essay…i would imagine it is all about thinking process or involvement…just as most painters sketch before painting….process…

    cheers, david

  • singles—essays—stories….am loving the discussion and in the process, it is removing many doubts from my mind and making me realize that am on the right path. Herve, want to thank you personally for raising this particular topic.

  • Herve :))

    I’ll bite :))…This will have to be very quick response as I am running to teach….I am absolutely NOT my favorite photographer!…I actually don’t have a favorite photographers, and much of the work by photographers whom I like and admire (including David, by the way whose in many ways couldnt be more different than my own, but also with whom I feel alot of photographic affinity/bond, which might be this: mystery and odd space ;) inspire me and affect and infect me profoundly…

    also, i am almost (almost ;) ) NEVER jealous or envious of another photographer, their work, their success, their fame, their achievement, because my struggle with photography is really a completely solitary one: my sense of failure rests with my own work and not in comparison with others…the list of photographers (contemporary and historical) whom I love or admire or who inspired me is pretty substantial and long, and so i could never really say which would constitute my favs…..


    i will say this: my own work (not important) is the ONLY work that concerns me….I dont think my work is anything, not significant, not critical, not better or less than any other work, but it is the only work WHICH IS NECESSARY to my life…because my photography is a way for me to sing out against the world, to express my relationship with the world, to tell the stories i see (my own and others), to express the simple wonderment and bewitchment and confusion and joy and melancholy that i feel about living and that I feel with others…

    in this sense, yes, my own work is my favorite, only in this sense: I feel the same as Diane Arbus, when she wrote:

    “I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.”

    I believe in the importance of ALL photographs, and all photographers (i know this is something u and i have significant divisions about, though I think, maybe you’ve understood the essence of my thinking by your question itself :) )…

    my work is the center around which my photographic work centers, just as my wife is the center around which my life gyrates…doesnt mean my work is anything, but it’s a part of me and so, it sits there….

    i wouldnt quit photographing because i didnt think my work wasnt important (i dont think it is, but i still believe in its worth), i would quit photographing because it no longer satisfied my need or my addiction or my narcisstic need to express….

    i can add more about this later too, if need be :))

    but it’s a great question..


  • i should add that my wife is one of the photographers whom I admire the most…and whose work is one of my favorites…and this adds a cast upon my own relationship to photography and work….

    i aint about favorites, but something simpler: about essences…it’s why i respect so much work and so many photographers, because i trust that their work means as much to them as mine does not me, not born of comparison, but born of gesture…

    the value of, not the uniqueness of one’s work, but of its essence: that of a person alive and recounting :))..

    i was once asked about David’s work, and i said: the reason why i love his work is because it is defined by a simple principle that also engines my own life:

    to express that extraordinary moment which is at the center of the mystery of our fleeint appearance….

    look at his first b/w book: in the eyes of those faces is the heart of anything that means something to me as a photographer and a person…


  • DAVID, your explanation of essay vs story was one of the most useful things I’ve heard. I feel much more comfortable with the essay than with the story. Looking at my work, I think out of my projects, I’ve done only one story, and the rest are essays.

    It’s comforting and freeing to understand this difference. Still, the story is an ongoing challenge.

    Eugene Smith is often credited with being the father of the photo essay. Newspaper editors seem to talk more about picture stories. The definitions were eluding me.



  • ALL….

    the writing of bob black is always so all inclusive that i can never comment on it, except in this case to 100% agree that i respect many fine photographers but never feel envy or jealousy..except perhaps in the sense that i might say “damn, wish i had thought of that”….when i see a great body of work i just am so pleased because it adds to the craft…to the very thing i practice…but if i did whatever it is that i do in a vacuum, then there would be no meaning….in my view, great work by other photographers gives meaning to what i do…

    cheers, david

  • DAVID,

    “”damn, wish i had thought of that””…

    if you are interested in a given subject, or are already on it, and then you see a fine piece of work of someone else about the same thing…
    how do you react???
    you feel discouraged?
    you feel more motivated?
    you look for your own different version in terms of format, etc?
    you pretend this doesn’t affect you and you “didn’t want to do it anyway”?
    all the above?

    un abrazo

  • The thought of it came after reading (not really here, though) so many times people saying “so and so is my fav’, and “God, do i wish I had 1/100th of his/her talent”.

    Well, first, i know it is disingenuous hyperbole (even though they are probably right!), and secundo, it is about looking at photography, not photography. How in the hell a craft that involves one so physically (walking, traveling, minute details of positionning, etc…) AND mentally, relying precariously on intuition-that’s fleetingness of the highest order- could but resonate so deeply in you that(Yes, using “favorite” is a bit of a shortcut) there is ONLY ONE photographer in the world and it’s you. This is not about best, better or brilliant. It’s about.. Magic!

    Bob: to express that extraordinary moment which is at the center of the mystery of our fleeint appearance….
    That’s a blank, Bob. David is hardly the only one! ;-)

    I like David’s photography, because for me it does have impeccable timing (not just a matter of chronometry, BTW), he imbues space with feeling (yes, not the only here too!), and he has what I would call “experience” (not to be confused with knowledge, which helps write, but not take pictures), the type that Joseph Campbell mentionned when asked if he was a believer, answering: “I do not need to believe, I have experience”. It’s a special encompassing humane quality that many “top” photographers, outsiders that they are to the world they shoot, do not have.

    David, what about all these photographers claiming that to have 5 or 6 unforgettable at the end of a career would mean a succesfull one. What do you think of such statements comapred to what we are talking here, in short that photography is being, not having?

  • Looks like I missed out on some fun posts – snowed in and up to my nose in web work here! I hope everyone is doing well.


  • David McG!!!!!!!, what’s up!

  • DAVID:




  • and if u r not a fan of Ghost, then here’s only Ahouse:


  • “I cheated myself like I knew I would”…
    Apropos of what we are discussing here.

    As said by Alex Webb last weekend:
    “Don’t pay attention to anyone else…their successes or failures.”

    It seems a contradiction…I have self doubt but yes, I am my favorite. I sometimes don’t care for my own work but often I care even less for the work of others! Not that there isn’t a lot of GREAT photography around…contradictions galore.

    I’m watching the mtv HIP HOP awards right now….
    but ask ME, if i can stay away from your comments… bitch…

    Your wife is lucky, little DIMA (hope spelled it right), is lucky to have you as a father… your friends are lucky…
    allow me to feel a little lucky too… as a long distance aquaintance …
    maybe i’ll get promoted to a real friend sometime too….

    what can i say!
    Too bad i didnt meet you at Alex’s….

    but my good friend RYAN, recorded(in a little digital recorder) everything so i can listen,,,
    too… and learn…
    Thank you both…

    “I cheated myself like I knew I would”…
    Apropos of what we are discussing here…
    my beautiful neighbor from Carlsbad CATHY said…

    Cathy, David, Amy W, GHOST, thank you much
    My boring night all of sudden… is not boring anymore…

    I’m visualizing right now…
    David, Bob , Cathy and me… and in the middle… the bong…
    … I wont stop until i’ll make this happen…

    rapper from TORONTO…. god damn BOBB …
    I’m all fired up and excited… now

  • Last thing about BobB…

    In my little hip hop world there is one guy…
    NO VIOLENCE… the ONE that “grounds” hip hop…
    his name is KRS1… KRS -ONE…

    Bob for me is … KRS1….
    ok. enough… one more word about Bob and my “homophobia”
    will start kicking in…

  • “guiding FORCE”… all that about Bob…
    This is for the family…

  • and for whoever lazy enough to visit the “CHE” post… i repeat…

    Che Guevara
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

    For his part Jon Lee Anderson author of the 800 + page biography ‘Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life’ [22] has stated that: “Those persons executed by Guevara or on his orders were condemned for the usual crimes punishable by death at times of war or in its aftermath: desertion, treason, rape, torture, or murder.” [23] Anderson’s biography has been criticized by Conservative Cuban exile and author Humberto Fontova…

    …he was captured in a military operation supported by the CIA and the U.S. Army Special Forces.[26] Guevara was summarily executed by the Bolivian Army in the town of La Higuera near Vallegrande on October 9, 1967. [27][28]…

    Its not even my words…


    Posted by: Panos Skoulidas | February 14, 2008 at 01:44 AM…

    come on you sensitive (about death) bitches…
    bring it on…

  • i know this is the wrong post… more about CHE in the CHE post…

    but… i could give a shit… i can talk about anything i want ,
    anywhere i want…
    this is only ONE of the things that DAH… taught me…
    That’s what “DHMOKRATIA” or “democracy” is all about…
    or maybe this is closer to ANARCHY… than democracy
    oh who knows…

    fuck me too…!


    i simply get motivated…every “subject” has been “done” what??? my usual reaction when i see a fine new book or exhibit or whatever is to call a couple of key friends and tell them…

    when i look at the whole big picture of my career , the thing i feel so “lucky” about is that i have always had more than enough ideas and projects to keep me motivated…

    besides, my ideas are so totally esoteric in concept (Div Soul, Living Proof) that they are not really the kinds of ideas that someone else is going to think about…the subject of the pictures , of course, many people have thought about (cuba, rappers etc) but i always “personalize” everything …. if you think like that , then there can never be “crossover” with another photographer…


    where is “snowed in up here”?? michelle and i were going over your work very carefully…i do hope we can have a one on one soonest…


    one of my “secrets” in my work is so so simple….i try not to think about it too much!!!

    i do not dwell at all or analyze anything that has to do with what i am seeing or how i work….i do not want to “mess with my own head”….

    i just go out and react/act in the most instinctive way possible…i never never think about any other photographer at all when i am actually working….i am motivated by the work of others in general , but i “sail my own boat”…

    when i am actually shooting it is very hard to describe my mood…”in the zone” is not really descriptive enough, but i use that term…really more like being so so so aware and yet so so so unselfconscious at the same time…, that is NOT how i am every time i take a photograph…but, that is how i am when i make a photograph that i will appreciate later!!!

    sometimes my students are very disappointed at the beginning of my classes…they want me to love their portfolio, give them a biz plan, a formula, a list of all the phone numbers of all the editors i know…when they find out i just want them to relax and “not think” too much, they often panic in the beginning…

    now, i do “think” a lot about the so called “back end”..that is, after the pictures are “done”…work complete… this arena requires lots of thinking , planning, organizing etc etc in exactly the opposite way of the actual shooting…when i am “teaching”, this comes on the last day or maybe even in much later conversations…

    cheers, david

  • David…

    Still looking forward to an email chat about images. Life’s been crazy for you lately, I’m sure. So no rush, but didn’t want to miss the opportunity.



    i thought i had sent you a review… if not, so sorry…

    on it soonest….

    cheers, david

  • Never saw anything. Will keep an eye out, though.


  • Panos :))…back in the day, after chuckD, krs1 was (at least to me, a young white punk) the Teacher :))..and dig him to this day, yes :))….this weekend, dima and i will be watching Ghost Dog together :))…before he goes off to snowboard and i do my own samauri shit with a camera ….but also have promised a DAH member to do some writing, so that’s in the work:…..

    David:…the idea of “in the zone” is an interesting one too, and would love a post there too…i never never photograph around other people i know, or who know/like me, ’cause invariably they get bumped, ’cause one i turn toward photography, holding camera, words totally totally disappear and i cant talk to anyone, can hold a conversation, cant “think” even…it took me almost 4 years to get used to holding a camera when i was near Marina…i used to “meet up” with other photographers who wanted to meet and walk around and shoot, whatever, and it never worked for me..then i went to montreal one time and all the photographers were pissed, cause as soon as i started photographing i couldnt talk or didnt want to talk for the entire rest of the day….

    when im shooting, it’s like being underwater, in a pool: instense, beautiful silence, or rather, my body reacts to what i see hear feel, like an underwater echo, not obsessively “looking” but, i guess sort of like an animal, magnification…so now when i meet photographers (ask Chris) i never take my cameras, never ever, specially not the 35mm, unless i already have a trusting relationship or i want to shoot them (i might bring my lomo when we meet, but not sure ;) )…being in a zone….weird, it’s like floating beneath the surface, calm, augmented, amazing, and completely wordless…maybe that’s why i love it so much, to escape my stupid words….




    happy valentines day y’all ;))

  • i mean i often photograph people i know, but only when they know that the “funny, talkative, crazy bob” isnt going to happen, and i really almost never photograph with other photographers (marina an exception) cause i hate the shoot-talk-shoot-talk-walk-shoot etc…i often photograph people who are close to my life, but if i am interested or theyre interest, i give them the old “buyer beware”, it’s a Silent Bob, ;)))…

    echo underwater….


  • David-
    “Up here” is in Michigan, where the snow has been relentless this year. Actually I don’t mind much, since I’m working from home—except for all the shoveling.

    Michelle did tell me you two where looking at my work, and I did get your email critique of my submission—thanks for that. Did you get my response? If not I can resend it. You told me that you thought 4 or 5 of my shots were “complete” and I hoped some would turn up in the Singles, if only so I know which you thought were strongest.

    For now my focus is on the design of my site. I understand that I end up showing way too many images there, but I’ve decided to edit more tightly in the future and not worry (for now) about editing the past. Actually if an editor or whoever never got past the running slideshow on my homepage, I’d be fine with that (as long as they call me!)

    Plus my site has to become a tool for reaching design clients, since I have to seek work outside of this State’s lousy economy.

    I’d love to make it down to DR with your group (totally craving the tropics!) but I don’t think I can swing it. I’ll likely be at Look3 again, and from the site I enquired about the Master Classes, but I haven’t heard anything yet.

    Party on!


    I’m going to send you an email: Please watch for it.

  • What I like about this blog, is that I will read something, and think of sharing it here, and usually, often from you David, there comes the “a propos” to do it, within the next 48 hours:

    “every subject has been done”. Yes. I caught myself saying that, and finally realized that’s what photography is also about, and by that same token, what it is not about (not about repetition or copying or being boring).

    Many books have been recommended lately on the blog, but there is just one I finished that is one of the best ever discussions on taking photographs, and the continuum of doing that thru the history of the medium (meaning recurrences of subjects AND even merely of objects in photos). The author works also on material directly, talking about what is in the picture (many photographers we all know are encountered), not a Sonntag’s pensum type. Please, everyone, do read it or confirm this is a superb and unique addition to, I will be short, the “art and why of taking photos”.

    Considering he claims not to own a camera, I find his erudiction in establishing the continuum of certain subjects in the history of the craft amazing. And a joy to read. Auhtor and title:

    GEOFF DYER: THE ON-GOING MOMENT (Pantheon books)

    PS: Let’s have a talk about the “zone” someday…

  • Hy David.
    You come to Brazil again?


  • I wish I had an invitation for mighty
    BRAZIL… maybe someday

  • Herve, not read the book but, yes; if our interpretation of the “zone” is the same (i.e. (for me) when you recognize that you have the opportunity to take a unique photograph) let’s talk.


  • David
    whats your email address. I want to send a msg to you please.

    Numbering Comments Is Possible, if you have “advanced templates,” whatever they are.

    Tech Help sez:

    Thanks for contacting us about TypePad. With Advanced Templates, you can display the comment number for the post. The Advanced Template feature is available with a Pro level account.

    TypePad Technical Services
    Six Apart, Ltd.

  • Herve the books looks good.
    I put it in my wish list.


    i did send you my e-address. but will do so again….


    Have you gotten my emails?


  • Herve,

    Yes! The Ongoing Moment was a very good read… I thought it was a wonderfully omnidirectional and personal survey of 20th century photography. I was particularly struck by some very sensitive readings of particular photographs, the intertwining of photography and writing or literature and poetry, and the leaning toward the improvisational or provisional in photographs…. I’d definitely second the recommendation.

    I wonder if critic Dave Hickey is on anyone’s radar here… he doesn’t often write about photography specifically, but as a visual art/cultural critic, I think he’s one of the best… I would definitely recommend his book Air Guitar to Panos, assuming you read “books”… totally Gonzo… democratic, anti-academic, mind fucking, west coast art writing.

    David McGowan and anyone,

    Hi… I just booked my trip to Look3, I haven’t been… what was it like last year, and what should I expect? I’d like to find out about workshops, but haven’t received a reply, either…


    I wonder who else here is making regular silver prints… I know I’m an anachronism, just wondering how much of an anachronism I actually am…

  • MIKE SLAPS PANOS IN THE FACE (or thats what he thinks!)

    “… I would definitely recommend his book Air Guitar to Panos, assuming you read “books”…

    YOU SHUT ME DOWN… like a “stealth ” fighter plane somewhere in SERBIA…


    BUT SOON, VERY SOON, my desperation became exhilaration…


    This book’s epilogue goes like this…:

    “… The most important love message and thank you to my kora-playing friend Jally in Senegal. Your voice and your message are with me daily. I will never forget you.
    The most important love message are with me daily. I will never forget you.
    The most important love message and thank you goes, of course, to my mother MARYANNA.
    Thanks MOM for always sticking with me and for understanding my drive and passion from the very beginning. I LOVE YOU…

    Now.. to whoever wants to judge me… or should i say: to every Mike or Michael out there… that dreams to slap me in the face…
    to all of you….
    a book , with no letters, theories, judgements, philosophies or


  • Panos,
    Relax, buddy, just fuckin’ with ya. You got a copy of Living Proof. Happy day! Good for you!

  • Mike-
    I wrote a journal entry on my site about Look3. If you scroll about half way down this link you’ll find it (look for the girl looking through the lens):

    There are also a couple of links to what I shot while I was there. I’ve got to get on that and book my ticket for this year.

  • Mike,

    I also had a posting on my blog about Look3. If interested take a look at

    In short, it was a great event, and looking at the program for this year, it might be even better…

  • Panos:

    just quessing here, but sounds like from Dan Eldon’s “the journey is the destination”…or any of the books inspired…i’ve got the book, but it’s in storage…actually met his mother in Pasadena when i lived there in ’97….


  • as for herve’s recommendation about The Ongoing Moment….i couldnt recommend, also, highly enough, this extraordinary heart-shaped jazz song…i wrote about the book at LS 2 years ago when it was published and review by John Berger in Harpers….essential reading…


  • Bob,

    It’s Living Proof Panos is quizzing us with.

    Check out the Geographic gallery of David’s hip-hop series and you’ll see Jally playing his kora.

    Tougher quiz next time Panos! ;^}

  • JEN….

    thanks …we will do it…


    the workshops at Look3 should be on the website…there are three: eugene richards, william albert allard and dah….


    i do hope to see you again this year at Look3


    somehow i have missed this book…will go look for your review and Berger’s too…


    thanks amigo for really looking and looking…you really DO pay attention!!!!

    peace, david

    p.s. rushing to mexico…off line til tomorrow i suppose…..

  • Oh, and he mentioned his mom (and her name) in a much earlier Family/Friends post.

    Damn…I think I must spend too much time on this site! Heh-heh-heh.

    Guess I’ll go make a photograph! Seeya!

  • Cross posting with David. Morning sir. Have a great trip to Mexico!

  • Panos/Michael :))))))….

    i know, deeply, the pigs for dah’s Living Proof book ;)))…in fact, i tried to write about it poetically at LS when DAH had his book launch, but since i dont have copy never read/knew about the epilogue…:))))…but, gotta give Panos major props, i’d be pissed too if someone wrote “assuming you read ‘books'”, which even as a joke and even meant as prop to Panos, totally can be seen as major league dis, ‘cuz of Panos wild, onthecarfly phone-jabbing posts (which i think are freak-show great, even when i totally dont agree), so i guess, i’d of been upset too..but, that’s the weird shit about web, it’s only words, not the face or voice, so…

    im pretty slow this morning…and i even know the name of dah’s mom’s name ;))))…


    yea, great book, really! :))…

    bon voyage…

    ok, off for a few days…



  • ooop, O MY GOD, my typing….my first sentence was “i know, deeply, the PICS for DAH’s Living Proof Book…”…..NOT PIGS ….

    call it post-valentines’post-whiskey dinner with mrs. b….


  • jeezus… I didn’t realize folks were so touchy and defensive around here. I’ll keep that in mind in the future. No need to circle the wagons around Panos, Bob, I apologize!

  • Hey Mike…

    Panos seems to be easy to flip-out. Even if you’re just messin’ around. He often doesn’t get it and totally loses it on someone in often truly hideous and vulgar fashion. Wish it didn’t happen so often, but there it is. I thought your post above was one of the least offensive ever addressed to the Panos, but whatta ya gonna do?

    I think some–maybe Bob?, maybe not–try to keep things on an even keel by either avoiding him altogether or stroking him the way you would a unfamiliar dog, hoping it’s not going to attack. Kind of a shame people have to feel that way.

    Anyway, it is what it is. Believe me you’re the last person who needs to apologize!

  • Mike:

    no worries, Im not a “thought” or “language” police…and see the comment as a way to encourage panos to read the book you mentioned, which was a way to send him props, but i also understand that sometimes how we write (and also how we “read” others ;)) ) gets misinterpreted…so, i was just saying that i understand totally how Panos could feel insulted, which doesnt mean u have to change (i also hate PC language :)))…just trying to balance…

    no apologizes necessary and my words (i tried) werent a condemnation, believe me, just a pointing out tact :))…

    i get hammered myself all the time…

    anyway, u r a thoughtful writer (i enjoy your comments) and yea, i too still make silver prints (though increasingly not as interested in that bag any more), so i get u totally…

    just words, or pointing stuff out…

    u should know probably too, being oldest son of 4 boys in a family torn by divorce and hospitalization and broken hearts, i had to be a negotiable, solver of squabbles…so maybe there’s a bit of that patronizing tendency in me, still ;))..


  • that should be “negotiating solver of squabbles…” ;))…but maybe my negotiation skills are negotiable after all ;)))

    christ, i cant type my way out of a bag…camera time…


  • Hey Bob,

    Waiting for some film to dry, so I have a few minutes…

    Thanks for the clarification… no worries here either, but, sorry, I have to call you on something… with respect… arguing my lack of tact in a post with someone who has been littering this blog with blistering, hurtful, incoherent, vulgar, puerile, out-of-the-blue ad hominem attacks is just absurd.

    Panos is entertaining, he’s kooky, he moves things along, shakes things up, and has quickly become a fixture here… I’m sure we’ve all smiled at some of his posts, and that’s great.

    But, on the other hand, he has posted some very toxic, hurtful and hostile words that have obviously caused pain to his hapless targets, and have made me cringe, and feel ashamed, simply by proximity.

    He’s successfully opened the door to a low form of discourse, a fact that doesn’t seem to cause concern here, so my attempt at addressing this proximate shame was to use a gentle, oh, so gentle joke. Maybe not my best idea, but at least I tried to acknowledge the fact that mutual respect is not something you can expect here in this blog, a gift Panos himself has given us!

    A joke was insufficient. I really have to go on record to say that I do not agree with hurtful words, I find no humor in hateful, capricious verbal attacks on people, and it makes me think a community that allows such behavior, and even encourages it, is ultimately hollow, no matter the decoration, professions of concern, and outward indications otherwise.

    In contrast, I believe that all people should be afforded respect and dignity. I am disappointed that this is not a universal belief here.

    But, of course, we don’t come here for the ethics, do we?

  • Mike,

    Allow me to express complete support and agreement with your last post. Thanks for your forthrightness and eloquence.


  • This EURYTHMICS song ….below

    is dedicated to the (UNTALENTED TRIO)… above…
    Its funny how FEAR of controversy brings people together…(laughing)…
    or should i say …. brings bitches together….
    Who could be the president of the “UNION of the COWARDS”… above?… or “U.O.T.C”???
    Could it be Mike, Michael or Mike???… or maybe MIke???

    Panos starts RAPPING:

    :……………………….. “MIKE , YOU JUST DROPPED YOUR MIKE…
    YOU WANNA DO A RAP-BATTLE… but you scared TO fight……………………………
    hey little sidney… on the floor… picking up the mike…
    give it back to michael K., who gives it back to MIKE….

    Damn LOVERS… I LOVE YOU TOO…(lol)


  • Panos,

    I told you hip-hop was dead. Don’t be afraid of death, brother.

    And aren’t you a little old to be playing the gansta rapper wannabe?

    Damn…that didn’t rhyme at all!

  • how about this one , then..
    you know i won’t stop until i get your approval ,mike…
    … even if you wanna take away my mike and give it to mike


    that doesn’t rhyme either but made 50CENT rich, bro…

    oh, speaking about getting old… tell this to my friends…

  • Ah…it’s song dedications is it? OK here’s one for ya.

    As I stand here in the shower
    singing opera and such
    pondering the possiblity
    I pull the pud too much

    There’s a scent that fills the air
    is it flatus? Just a touch!

    and it makes me think of yyyyyyouuuuu!!!

    Primus, baby!

  • …Michael dont just judge my skills…
    rap, for me,
    show me what you got!!!
    “A BAY BAY…



  • Rap’s dead. Learn to play an instrument.

  • I do play… usually the one ATTACHED to my body….
    I dont like the way it sounds though… thats why i rap…
    Any suggestions… which instrument do you play?

  • Posting here is like tossing ham sandwiches to a neurotic chihuahua.

  • cool song Michael K… you made me smile again…
    Damn, i almost forgot about it… check the base guitar …in the next one…

    …and oh, little MIKE WHO STOLE MY MIKE, bring me back my mike,tonight…
    that chihuahua joke is being done by Rafal, long long time ago.
    So you come wayyyy second, little bitch…(laughing).
    It’s obvious, YOU PAY NO ATTENTION , AT ALL…
    You see, if you wanna play the game right…
    you better be reading all the other people’s posts.,. first
    not only yours…
    o.k, let me let you go now… coz your sensitivity might wet your shoes…

    and ” mike who stole my mike”…. please , bring me back my mike…/ unless you gonna use it right…
    p.s: I think Michael K, was right by the way… I can’t rhyme for shit… just trying to be fair, here…
    peace… little mike thank you for this hilarious night .
    my little doglover

    Now eat your ham sandwich and go walk your dog….
    , idiot



  • Mike:

    I saw you called me a sychophant at Magnum…that’s lovely indeed. I should add that none of the lugubrious and personalized attacks against Chris warrant the same kind of name calling.

    for someone, above, whose against toxic posts, I wander why you you’ve written that…

    anyway, as my son has reminded me…

    i’m done with these blogs…


  • ps. you should know that I know Chris personally…my post was not sycophantic but an “argument” about the work..if i’d said i know chris personally, it would have even appeared more as if i were only defending a friend…it’s the work and all that nonsense that was spilled out against the work and him as a peson…i guess my posts here at David’s blog are also sychopantic as well, yes?….

  • Bob:

    I didn’t actually call you a sycophant; I called your post a sycophantic ode. You made a huge jump, from reality into… I don’t know what, something that smells dysfunctional and a little loony. The difference isn’t a quibble… I did not characterize you, I commented on your words.

    I’m a surprised you are unable to see the difference… you seem mature, intelligent, and claim a creative background, I’d figure you’ve had enough life experience to be able to separate yourself from your posts. I think, too, you set a very bad example for the younger, less experienced, and thinner-skinned here who may be unable to differentiate themselves from their pictures… critique… focused, honest, thoughtful critique is one very effective way to improve work, and sharpen ideas, even though it may not be always pleasant. It should be encouraged. We don’t have that here. I assume people are here to improve their photographic work… I am slowly coming to to conclusion that I’m wrong… folks are here simply seeking validation.

    You reinforce this with your promiscuous and brittle defensive stance. Whether it’s Panos or Chris Anderson who is pressed, in your mind, you’re compelled to throw up the barricades. Both, in their own ways, were perfectly able of defending themselves, and did so, perfectly, in their own ways. Your defensive interventions are superfluous, inappropriate, self-serving and promote an oppressive, dysfunctional atmosphere.

    I re-read your post on the Magnum blog. Painful. It’s still sycophantic, and if you are trying to argue the praises of Anderson’s work to someone who doesn’t agree, it fails miserably. I’d be happy to tell you why, but I really don’t have the energy to do that favor for you right now… you are a better writer than this.


    Lugubrious: wrong word. Bobby Kennedy’s funeral train was lugubrious; Carroll’s posts were boneheaded.

    Why the fuck would I care if you “know Chris personally”? Actually, makes you sound more… uh, sycophantic.

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