high ground

yup, i am on high ground….i mean, literally…a mile and a quarter above the sea (2km)…where i am right now, water boils at 190 degrees fahrenheit (88C)….whereas, in new york water boils at 212F degrees (100C)….and obviously (i think) while the water quickly boils up here on the high ground (colorado), much faster than at sea level (new york),  the eggs take 20 % longer to cook…and you get 20% drunker 20% faster here on the high ground too….my science lesson for the day now ends and i await critical appraisal and corrections!!!

nevertheless, i like to be standing on the "high ground"…even when strolling down the beach…and particularly with photographs, only because that is what i do….i had no dream of any kind for this forum which was born almost one year ago, but i just love the way it has evolved on its organic own….settling into some kind of "natural high ground"….not because of anything i did, but totally based on you….your writing and now your photographs (by the way, i will showcase some new work of yours today or tomorrow…i am still waiting for the new web design, but let’s peek anyway)…

i sit now in front of my mother’s fireplace (i go to new york tomorrow) … my vacationing family is in various locations…some skiing, some reading, some at the grocery store…i love my family….but, in any 24 hour period we will challenge each other, disagree, somebody will surely say the wrong thing to somebody else, a temper or two may flare, and we will all roll along  being the happy family that we are…hmmm, is this not perhaps just a part of "family life"???  strange but true???

we are not exactly a family here on this forum, but we are pretty damned close….certainly a community and an amazing and wildly vibrant one at that….photographers and philosophers all….cool…as someone so accurately pointed out, where can you find a community of writers/photographers leaving so many comments on a simple photo blog?? i did not do that…you did!! 

as far as i am concerned, let it rip…let it roll…so much of what i see and read and view these days is just boring boring boring….so, if some of us are logging on to this "home" just to read what so and so wrote this time, then so be it…and, if at the same time we can view some good work, hear some provocative thoughts and gain a bit of insight from each other then , in fact, we are a healthy community…and the definition of "open forum" is that anyone can come and go anytime…that includes thee and me …that is called freedom my friends….

my personal intention is, of course,  to stand on the high ground…i may slip, surely i will slip… but, i will TRY  to stand high…BUT, the last thing that i am in this cold cruel world is a judge of any other human being…i may have opinions on photographs and their content, but fully admit to my own subjectivity…i have always lived in a world of sincere discourse… which can mean total disagreement and total agreement to disagree…

i would live nowhere else…and this is where i will put my support.. my support will be for different people at different times for different reasons….this is the high ground…the view is terrific….

stay tuned for more new work from…….YOU!!!!

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  • Can’t wait to click the new url. Best for 2008.

  • David,

    Before everyone jumps in… is your AOL email account still active?… send you a couple of emails there (regarding one of the Charlottesville prints)…

    Enjoy the view… stay high!


  • David

    You are over the top…
    You are standing high…
    and the view is terrific….

    Today is not January 11 2007 but may I be out… happy anniversary… You now I wish you all best…

    warm feelings friends…



  • David wrote: “…and the definition of “open forum” is that anyone can come and go anytime…”
    Well, I guess I came and I went already- meaning I have been out of communication in this blog for a few months.

    But I am always here silently lurking and learning and laughing with all of you who continue to participate. [Oops! I guess stopped lurking.]

    Kiltboy drummer

  • That is called freedom….. and sure I will stay tuned for all the good things coming from the high ground. Thanks for sharing that terrific view :-)



  • Can’t wait to see the new look of this community and other’s works. It is very interesting how it has grown in a year. The Internet is how we live now.
    Our TV antenna was broken on NYE so I haven’t watched network television since and I am cool with that. I’d be more frustrated without the grid.


  • Can’t wait to see the new look of this community and other’s works. It is very interesting how it has grown in a year. The Internet is how we live now.
    Our TV antenna was broken on NYE so I haven’t watched network television since and I am cool with that. I’d be more frustrated without the grid.


  • Can’t wait to see the new look of this community and other’s works. It is very interesting how it has grown in a year. The Internet is how we live now.
    Our TV antenna was broken on NYE so I haven’t watched network television since and I am cool with that. I’d be more frustrated without the grid.


  • Can’t wait to see the new look of this community and other’s works. It is very interesting how it has grown in a year. The Internet is how we live now.
    Our TV antenna was broken on NYE so I haven’t watched network television since and I am cool with that. I’d be more frustrated without the grid.


    Here is the Monty Python video I’m talking about :

    panos said:”LOVES IT”

  • DAVID:


    “Happiness makes up in height what it lacks in length”-Frost


    “Short is the little time which remains to thee of life. Live as on a mountain.”– Marcus Aurelius


    “It’s not advisable to drink too much strong liquors while climbing in the Alps. If, however, you are going to fall over a cliff, it’s advisable to be thoroughly intoxicated when you do so.”-an Alpinist’s saying

    I hear u Old Man! :))))))…

    this old man is right there with u (the views a gorgeous one! ) :)))

    running ;))


  • “It’s not how tall you stand, it’s how long you stand”. My dad’s friend Mel (5 ft 1), circa 1990.

  • Asher! :)))))))))….that’s right, indeed….that Mel, damn was he livin’ on high for sure: that’s the kind of Towering Character i can dig :)))

    tonight, bought “consolation” :)) will write u when i finish it :))


  • great Bob- enjoy it (I hope)- otherwise you will never take another book suggestion from me!

  • 1) Can “fine art photography” change the world????

    2)…does photography…lost it
    s “position”????…today?

    PEOPLE whats your answers??

    DAVID what do you think???

    …and people of this forum….AFTER YOU gave your ANSWER

    please check below what ALEC SOTH said in an interview to David Murphy for ACP

    check the link below…the answers..in the last 40sec of the interview…be patient

  • …allright…o.k….i got it…MONDAY night…. everybody came home late…if at all…,
    after a “critical” day at work…fear of getting “fired”…You see, new year…the “corporation”…needs to “breathe”…people “struggling”…to keep their “jobs”…”kids”…”mortgages”… trying to save enough for an M8…but the M8 gets more and more expensive…especially if you have to finance that “freeky” caravan…dodge…i mean…caravan…
    HELL of a ride…
    I hope that “Alkos” is out there shooting in the “dark”… otherwise,
    the rest of us still writing “poems”???…poems??? its 2008 damn it…
    anyways…people SHOOT…alot…of film…
    or go sleep …or even worst…post comments …right now…just like me!!!!
    Show me you are not DEAD!!!

    Last post got 300 & some…???
    Lets show the world we care and sacrifice our “financial” life to “serve Photography”…
    Lets make this post 400 & some…
    PEOPLE speak up…
    Tell your opinions!!
    Not only YOU WIN,not only i lose …but also DAVID A H,wins also…
    See? couldnt go better than that..

  • or mabe GIANCARLO…could shoot in the dark too….but everybodyelse….please people dont get offended….maybe somebody else…maybe YOU..definately not me…because its cold out here in the indian desert…
    Peace e’rbody!!

  • So while we wait in agonizing anticipation of the community’s work being posted here … and have wonderfully strange conversations of what is art and can it save the world … i just wanted to drop a note to about the amazing film Baraka i just saw tonight for the first time, hey it only came out 15 years ago, i’m a bit slow, but wow, incredible visual feast, and more … can’t help myself, see it if you have not … it is pure 70mm art.

  • Tom that’s a favorite of mine – brilliant! I still owe you a reply, btw.

    “So while we wait in agonizing anticipation of the community’s work being posted here …

    thanks for reminding me….you are right…its not the “fear” of losing a job..is more,,,,the “AGONIZING ANTICIPATION”…thats what it is…
    it looks that me and you are the only ones that forgot about it…!
    But if
    You!!!.. REMINDED me!!!…then it’s only left?…what!!!…me?

    By the way when you said “Baraka”…you “sent” me to “Baraka”-TOOL “Disposition”

    honestly people WATCH and dont forget to get “high” as ….i would say…


  • Panos,

    I have a couple of good lenses to shoot in the dark, including my favorite, the Voigtlander 35mm/f1.2. But I’m still nursing a bit of a cold, so not tonight… Love low light though, so any other night!

    Tom H,

    What’s specifically strange about the discussion about art?! I find it strange that some can argue the issue is irrelevant. I’ve always found the debate about values and definition to hide a few very central themes… :)



  • i need to say that you did an amazing thing – your blog :-)
    so many people from so many countries with such differents stories and photographs, hearts, souls and lifes…
    i can imagine the view is terrific :-)… the best (and most amazing) thing is that we are standing one next to each other :-)

    HUGSSSSS for everybody!

  • Disposition is cool, but Reflection -that I think goes just after- is brilliant. Film doesn’t look bad either ;-)

  • I have really fond memories of being up in the mountains in Colorado fresh off the plane about 10 feet from the car lying down unable to breath wondering if I’d be able to get back to the car. I also got hit by lightning on top of one of those mountains which I use as an excuse for much of my life since.

    David is there lots of strong discussion in Magnum? I remember reading a book that described it as a mad house.

    Looking forward to seeing the new site.


  • an extract from a Lightstalkers post:

    “I’d contrast the Ch4 scam with the work of another Magnum photographer using real Web 2.0 principles to help teach and even fund aspiring photographers – David Alan Harvey.”



    i hate to lose you now, but i have to go catch a flight back to new york…unless, of course, this little durango airport is closed because of the snow…

    panos, i do want to get into the “art photography” discussion…my favorite…and i will see alec soth on thursday, so maybe he can do a guest post for us here….

    harry, i will also discuss the magnum “madhouse”….always good for a rumor or two!!!

    tom, yes, “baraka” is cool…i thought i was late seeing it 5 yrs ago!!!

    aga, nice to hear from you always….when will you come back to new york??

    by the way, and sorry, but maybe i cannot post any more of your work until i get home tonight….or, maybe michael can do it…anyway, i will do my best…..

    peace, david

  • David, lol, yes behind the times it seems :))
    Strange, my best friend from high school called me yesterday out of the blue … he’d moved a few years ago and i’d lost touch … turns out he’s living in Durango now! … must go to four corners soon …

  • martin (marcin luczkowski)


    Have a safe fly.

    and about share good music


  • Arrgh… these time zones are throwing me out of whack; safe flight, assuming you have yet to land.

    As to the whole debate on art and photography (street, documentary, journalistic or otherwise) I had not realised until now I have been approaching the matter from another angle in another context…


    Later all, and spare a though for the South African waiting to see pictures while y’all are sleeping; (though, I think Ana Y and I inhabit the same general time zone?)


  • Keep singing from the peaks David, we’re listening.



  • “first” ????

    Harvey David, you’re a cool guy, but all this “yea” saying here becomes dreadful and boring, happy new year! best regards S.

  • David, welcome back to sunny New York, 69 degrees today..and I hope we have a chance to spend some time in person soon, I have a new project in mind that I would love to talk with you about.

    I am so looking forward to seeing the new work posted and hearing the discussion, and I am very proud of everyone who shot their behinds off for this inspirational project, whether or not we will see your images on the site.

  • I will take the low growl, er…. ground, today….:

    this one is a real treat, Gainsbourg, TV too!, at his libidinous best, I think the title is maybe all you need in case you wondered about the lyrics: “anise lollipops”.

  • oh yea (sorry, Stefan), check the photos behind the clip, not quite off topic for the blog…

  • Herve, thanks! I will show the clip to my daughter before she goes to bed, sooo sweeet, she will love it.

  • “Later all, and spare a though for the South African waiting to see pictures while y’all are sleeping; (though, I think Ana Y and I inhabit the same general time zone?)”

    Yes Liam, you won’t be alone while they all are sleeping ;-)

  • Thinking timezones, would anyone else be interested in the spread of DAH blog commentators around the globe? I suppose we ought to consider “base” location as more than a few of us are prodigious travellers.

    I quite like the updates while I’m sleeping, its good to wake up to something new (Santa-Harvey?????) and not be refreshing every hour or minute. It is also fun to imagine each of us taking our “shift” here, the blog that never sleeps.

    Cycling ;-)

  • I’ll chime in on the “can art photography change the world” question. Yes, it can, and has… anyone remember the Mapplethorpe/Serrano battle in the Culture Wars? This sparked the shrill “last straw” debate between populist conservatism on the right and progressive academic intelligentsia on the left… and drowned out any reasoned argument from anyone who had not chosen sides. The lefties then fragmented themselves into political factions defined exclusively by gender, race, and sexual orientation, and promptly bickered themselves into irrelevance with fringe argument and bizarre self-defeating rhetoric… radical feminism and Jesse Helms united in condemning pornography, for instance. The right ascends through the 90’s and we are ultimately stunned when right-wing zealots and ideologues steal elections and wage unjust war not just without compunction, but with pride and righteousness. Oversimplification, but you get the idea….

  • Mike, hummm…. Not sure about changing the world, this is all relative to federal funding arguments within the american political and cultural(?) world.

    Stefan, I had lost track of your work since you left Pbase, and glad to be re-acquainted to it thru Lightstalkers and subsequently http://www.ball-saal.com

  • Herve, My thought was that the Mapplethorpe/Serrano debate not only changed the very vocabulary of discussing art from a formalist one to one based in identity politics, but raised that type of critical discourse to such a level it spilled over into the civilian population… I think the results aren’t just limited to arts funding, but an overall balkanization of the left while conservatism ascended…

  • O.k.. David you still owe me an opinion, although I have an idea ,,,already… I gave you people a hint… By mentioning Alec Soth above and posting his interview ( utube)..you can still find the link in a my previous post of nine…..

    Talking about “saving the world” through fine photo art”
    Other than HERVE… nada…blah-ideals-big words-people showing of with tacky vocabulary (words like “Balkanization”,blah blah..

    Alec Soth’s answer through his sarcastic laughter, says it all…
    thanks again… You sound intelligent…
    but I have to admit I’m a little dissapointed from our usual preacher talking, long & arduous writing… Kinda boring proffessional bloggers…
    I was checking DANA’s comment…and I clicked on the link she provided,
    about martin parr, ch4,lightshalkers etc,
    guess what I found..
    The Same Boring Pro blah-people, writing,commenting, blogging and literally Admring their own selves.
    People go and visit DANA’S suggestion on the web and except from , of course LISA H,( no surprise here),
    you will also find couple of other usual “boring”… suspects…how can they think when they post simultaneously in 30 different posts????
    this is what I call desperation!!!!

    Ps:”Balkanization”…what a word!!!

    Peace,for now

  • If you walk into a Republican convention and everyone greets you with a kiss on the cheeks (head part of the body) then the Balkanization succeeded…

  • Rene cool definition…
    But what the hell was HE thinking, entering a Republican convention,in the first place???

  • Well, if he was a scientist then he would have to go there to prove his Balkanization theory…

  • rene,I’m try to type in the car- LA traffic… But your “aura” is “light”…you making me smile… The more I talk to you the more I like you… I can’t wait to check on the web your “story”… But traffic is lighter now…: I’d rather stay in one lane…

  • Skandinavization, I would understand that… but Balkanization?!?
    ‘balkanization of the left’…hmm, I have to look that up.

  • Hey VELIBOR this is the pathetic atmosphere i have to breath every day…
    You feel me?
    Living in Los Angeles… the last thing i can say is “whiteamericanization”… Then im a racist!!!!
    But “Balkanization” is fine…is Self-explanatory….
    Actually , i think its BALCANIZATION with z…my bad….anyways…
    who cares….but honestly…you get the meaning…
    it means corrupted,it means divided,it means problematic,it means schizophrenic, it means insult,it …..anyways …
    If you ever come to L.A and visit a restaurant, never mention the “”mexicanization” ( no matter the menu,talking about the kitchen crew)…Anyways man…
    “Balcanization…The new ORDER… WE got to live with this now.
    Peace from L.A.

    I mean the “warzone”L.A

    BRAVO RENE…very honest job & sweet B&w…people check her out:

  • PEOPLE now thats just sick :Amazing s**t:
    Mr VELIBOR i knew you are good… but i couldnt suspect you are THAT GOOD!!!!!!!! Right on brotha!


  • Nope …Balkan with K not Z…my bad again…i guess i lived abroad(L.A warzone more than i lived in the “balkan war zone”)

  • Like the movie “Kalifornia” instead of “Cali”…
    Retarded movie by the way…

  • …o.k , goodnite everyone except from South Africa….good morning…
    people are Dead in my side of the woods…
    or as i suspect….
    …they are posting somewhere else….Hopefully when and if i wake up tomorrow… i will read the usual “suspects” daily crap…Thank you Lisa H… thank you busy B…Thank you…”The Usuals” usual…
    Peace out

  • Panos. Thank You for checking my work. I just have to correct you on one assumption…I have a wiener, and so most consider me to be a dude. :-)

  • I dont know what your weiner sneitzel has to do with photos but hey…a) what do i know and
    b) your work STILL looks good
    c)…you just killed one’s fantasy…

    For me being a man or a woman or this or that…doesnt really matter…We live in LA remember???
    We dont discriminate here(lol)…

    one more time…
    BRAVO RENE…very honest job & sweet B&w…people check (((HIM))) out:

  • Panos, you need the dentist?

  • Stefan in case you didnt get it “that dentist thing its Renes essay and yes by the way I do love novocaine.

  • Wow, amazing picture by Maciej Mosur!
    And of course lots of good and great work on the new web site although we had already seen a number of them in the workshop section…

    I am not surprised that you mentioned Garry Winogrand in one previous thread because when I saw some of your pictures I immediately thought about the party pictures of Winogrand…

  • @david ukaleq b.: check out Kohei Yoshiyuki as well. I discovered him about two or three weeks after starting shooting at night with flash. But anyhow, I’ve always said I’m Winogrand’s bitch, so… ;-)

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