perhaps you had the chance to read my one and only comment under my "homeless" post  expressing my heartfelt gratitude to you….in summary, a warm thank you….in summary, i might really show up in some of the spaces you have so kindly offered!!

family is important to me…that is why i have the "family/friends" section on this forum…and anyone who knows me well, knows that blood family and my extended family are a significant part of my life….this includes my immediate family, Magnum bros and sisters, National Geographic lifelong friends, "my" students, respected colleagues from all aspects of our craft and an assorted mishmash of folks i have met as my photographic subjects who continue to be friends…i often do much of my work "inside" families i have just met walking down the street (as below)…

representing a new "extended family"  for me are you "out there"…out there in the ether…extending a hand…virtual friends they say…hmmmm, i never did anything "virtual" in my life…i do not think for a minute that the conversations we have here are virtual….i would not waste your time or mine  if thought this for a nanosecond….and my greatest pleasure in this last year is that i have had the chance to meet so many of you in "real life" in my trips to  all continents this last year…and some of you seemed destined to meet each other via this forum….

i leave India on sunday…..and sure enough it happened again…a true bonding with my eight students here in Rajasthan….and a whole lot of work done…good work…check out "student work/workshops" soonest (depending on whether or not we can get photos out on this line)….8 students from six different countries…three Italians, one Russian, one German, one Indian, one Argentinian and one American… 5 women, 3 men….tomorrow we will all say goodbye…all of us with plans to meet again soonest..a new family ….tonight after the slideshow  there were hugs all around and the laughter of recollection of silly things that happened to each of us during the week… now a wood fire burns….Pink Floyd plays under the half moonlight….

another sweet sweet "brick in the wall"……


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  • Love the first India photo we are seeing from you!

  • It has been my pleasure to “meet” you also.

    So happy your workshop went well. It doesn’t sound like you allowed the events in NY to interfere at all. Your post is a great example of the “Power of Now.” (Great book by the way) You were THERE with your students in India rather than worrying about the (nonexistent) future and all was good.

    I hope we will be hearing more about India. In the meantime some of your “family” here in Santa Fe send their regards. I was at an Opening for Nevada Wier last night…her first gallery show after 25 years shooting…and both Norman Mauskaupf and Reid Callanan said to say “Hello.”

    Funny, although Nevada has been in every country in the world twenty times, or so it seems, she just visited India for the first time also and will soon be teaching several workshops there. I guess India will only become more and more popular with photographers.

    I saw a great quote from Steve McCurry today…haven’t read the interview yet but he said that “Just because someone’s wearing a turban, doesn’t mean it’s an interesting photo.” I’m sure you had much discussion about that in your workshop.

  • All that you touch
    All that you see
    All that you taste
    All you feel.
    All that you love
    All that you hate
    All you distrust
    All you save.
    All that you give
    All that you deal
    All that you buy,
    beg, borrow or steal.
    All you create
    All you destroy
    All that you do
    All that you say.
    All that you eat
    And everyone you meet
    All that you slight
    And everyone you fight.
    All that is now
    All that is gone
    All that’s to come
    and everything under the sun is in tune
    but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.

    “See” you soon, David. Anything I can do to help when you’re back in the States, don’t hesitate to ask. Seriously.


  • David

    I hope I am one of “virtual friend” for you…
    today I found one photo in web with me when i taking a photo. Surprising to me I have few photos like this.

    If you someday knock to my door ar visit my town you will know who loking for.
    guy with hat ha ha

    i wish you good travel around the world.
    Lucky you are!
    Marcin alias Matin

  • I gave my site a face-lift if anyone’s interested. Added a “Portrait” gallery. It’s a work in progress.

  • This community forum is extraordinary. Although I have rarely posted I’ve felt part of it from the beginning. Imagine- a group of photographers that have other things to discuss besides cameras and technique. I love that.

    David, I’m glad to read the tone of your latest post on family (something you have mentioned so many times before) and also see the image included. Like cathy said your being in the moment is an inspiration.

    So I now have a question for the group. In times of personal loss how do you muster the energy and keep focused on doing the work.


  • We’re out here and we ain’t virtual and we ain’t going anywhere. Looks like you’re stuck with us ;-). Sounds like a family.

  • Since i’m not in India.. and i’m definitely stuck with me for a while…
    I have a question:

    “What makes us appreciate the clouds… maybe because we know “what”
    are they able to carry…
    The clouds are always there…
    Are we able to see them though… or most of the times…
    we are only attached to the clouds and smoke rings of
    our minds…
    Remember : the clouds are always there!
    You just need to look UP!”

    or click below to see some of MY CLOUDS.. photographed the last 24 hours… around NATIVE AMERICAN …still INDIAN ( although not DAHarvey INDIA) territory…

    Posted By Panayiotis Skoulida to δικαστήριο του κόσμου at 1/26/2008 05:23:00 PM

  • Geoffrey,

    It is not easy. You mourn. You must allow that you need to mourn. The healing process begins with this.

    The work will go on, just like eating and breathing. It will not feel the same at first. But some semblance of order will start to appear in time. How long? Different for all. But it will.

    You also allow that life may not look quite the way it used to. This isn’t necessarily good nor necessarily bad. It just is.

    Forgive me if this appeared presumptuous…but I take questions like yours very seriously.

    Keep shooting, do what you love. Don’t forget those who love you. They’ll keep you on an even keel.



    “…So I now have a question for the group. In times of personal loss how do you muster the energy and keep focused on doing the work.


    Panos asks?
    Geoffrey, first of all… when you comment “…doing the work.”…
    what do you mean?
    Doing your photo project or “doing” any other job…?
    ..and what is the definition of “personal loss”.. in your comment above?
    I think your question could be tricky…
    but, pretty quick:
    Always family first… any “project” can wait… forever!

  • David,

    Im looking forward to meeting you in person… I dont know when or how… but I feel it in my heart that the moment will come… until then Ill keep enjoying your posts, comments, critics…

    Please remember that mi casa es su casa

    sending a big hug

  • Well, isn’t nice that after all photography can make still and unalterable what in another way would be a personal loss? In my case, I guess I’m talking about people that died after I’ve shot them. Sorry for the bleak note :o)

  • Karanka, right after you posted over there… it started raining over here… im hurt you didn’t like my clouds…

  • I hope you have a good trip home. Stop off in Minneapolis-we can go ice fishing.

  • So, family, huh? Well then,

    My site is undergoing a change. Have a look.

    DAVID, seriously, can you come through here on your way to Oaxaco so you attend my opening? Or on the way back (no opening but…)?

    Have a good trip home.



  • ahhgg!! shhiitt!! more rain. bring back this dry warm filthy stinky paradise. LA cant take torrential rain. it turns into one massive mudd pit, sliding all downward.

  • Panos “Always family first… any “project” can wait… forever!”

    Yes that is what I have done.

    Doing the work: the kinds of photographic projects this group aspires to (pardon the generalization). I’m not talking about client work although if you can combine both good for you.

    In my experience one must be in the right frame of mind- “in the zone” as David likes to say.

    Just putting oneself out there and allowing it to happen is one approach. Sometimes that has worked best for me but it can sometimes depend on the place.

    This being an international community- the mix makes it all the more interesting.



  • A quote the group/David might like –

    “Remember that the only constant in life is change.” –Buddha

    I found this in Henri Cartier-Bresson’s ‘man, image and the world’ book…but I have tried to live by this general philosophy for a while now.

    I think it applies well when you get too attached to your material things, or under-appreciate your family/take them for granted. I catch myself doing this too often.

  • Dear David,
    Nice to see you post a picture from India. Lovely curious and amiable looking people in the car I imagine. You were so close and now you will again go away. Wish I could have met you in general.
    Have a great day.


  • “representing a new ‘extended family’ for me are you ‘out there’…out there in the ether”

    when you said this david i couldn’t help but recall a poem by one of my favorite poets, wislawa szymborska. the connection isn’t directly analogous, maybe it’s just my mind making free asociations. but anyway here it is:


    Thank-you Note

    I owe so much
    to those I don’t love.

    The relief as I agree
    that someone else needs them more.

    The happiness that I’m not
    the wolf to their sheep.

    The peace I feel with them,
    the freedom –
    love can neither give
    nor take that.

    I don’t wait for them,
    as in window-to-door-and-back.
    Almost as patient
    as a sundial,
    I understand
    what love can’t.
    and forgive
    as love never would.

    From a rendezvous to a letter
    is just a few days or weeks,
    not an eternity.

    Trips with them always go smoothly,
    concerts are heard,
    cathedrals visited,
    scenery is seen.

    And when seven hills and rivers
    come between us,
    the hills and rivers
    can be found on any map.

    They deserve the credit
    if I live in three dimensions,
    in nonlyrical and nonrhetorical space
    with a genuine, shifting horizon.

    They themselves don’t realize
    how much they hold in their empty hands.

    “I don’t owe them a thing,”
    would be love’s answer
    to this open question.

  • @panos: they all have to compete with this one by shomei tomatsu

  • David,

    I have been away from the forum for some time. What to say except that I too feel sorry about what happened to your building? Since my apartment is so tiny, I have unfortunately no place to offer (although my door would always be open in case there was no better choice), but many of the numerous locations round the globe sound far better anyway! :)

    You probably have to see the positive side: no one was injured, and your photo archive was not damaged either, which must be the most important thing to you. In fact, although it will probably be a bit of a pain to figure out what is stored where, now that your pictures are split between different places, they are at much lower risk. In case of catastrophic fire, burglary, etc. in one place, you would still have the rest of the pictures… So, when you have found a new place and sorted out all that, you might consider splitting your archive as well.

    Good luck!

  • Hi David!
    I am a big fan of yours and am so regretful that I have learned just now that you are in India giving a workshop.. I am American but am living here in Bangalore, India for a year with my husband. I really wished I could have joined you and the other students from around the world! But I look forward to seeing your photos!!! Hope India treated you well :)

  • peace in your travels as you return to your New York family..

  • “…@panos: they all have to compete with this one by shomei tomatsu

    Posted by: Joni Karanka | January 27, 2008 at 10:18 AM…”

    Damn Joni…
    or should i say :Damn!!!!, shomei tomatsu…
    got my ass kicked again…

  • “Remember that the only constant in life is change.” –Buddha

    “Remember that the only constant in life is change.” –Buddha

    “Remember that the only constant in life is change.” –Buddha

    panos says:

    thank you David R… I wish i could post this 666 times…
    but i’m lazy…
    peace everyone

  • cool “portrait gallery” David M CG…..! Ruthie is adorableeeeeeee!

    DAVID MCG SAID:”…I gave my site a face-lift if anyone’s interested. Added a “Portrait” gallery. It’s a work in progress…

    Posted by: David McGowan | January 26, 2008 at 06:16 PM

  • David:

    a family indeed….

    thinking now, about something from James Agee…

    “This continent, an open palm spread frank before the sky.”

    the same is true about the best of families….the same is true about this house which has become a continent-less home with far-spreading roots….

    the color of the sway of blue….


  • Thanks Panos! I’ll let her know…

  • In the last week I’ve been living what is called ‘Baye Fall’, a concept of sharing, a concept of support and help. A concept of family and power.

    I also feel grateful for sharing here so much energy and soul.

    As Bob Black wrote… with far-spreading roots!

  • Bob, even in brief you paint with words … if ever I publish a book you must write the forward :))

  • DAVID – there is a story in the NY Times article about a bunch of Robert Capa’s negatives from the Spanish American War. I didn’t manage actually to read the article as it wouldn’t load right.

    Does Magnum have these negatives? Who found them?


  • Michael:

    “..they made what will most likely be their final trip, to the International Center of Photography in Midtown Manhattan, founded by Robert Capa’s brother, Cornell. After years of quiet, fitful negotiations over what should be their proper home, legal title to the negatives was recently transferred to the Capa estate by descendants of the general, including a Mexican filmmaker who first saw them in the 1990s and soon realized the historical importance of what his family had.”

  • @Michael: the Spanish Civil War :o) That reminds me that in Malaga the cathedral is unfinished because the money to build it was used to fund the American Revolutionary War.

  • Erica, thank you.

    Joni, thanks for the correction to my careless error. Is that true about the cathedral?


  • @ michael re: Robt Capa

    and, did you know he invented his name?


  • ANON
    Thanks – I had, in fact, been aware of that. The story of the negatives is heartening in that it gives one hope for an afterlife.


  • Hey Panos-
    Check out the wrist of the girl in the third photo — someone you know?

  • ALL-The other day when I asked for help doing some javascripting, I got an email from one of our blog readers, Mike Westfall. He did a really nice job for me writing a script for a random slide show.

    He does read this blog, and he will do a reasonable amount of work free just to help out.

    Thanks Mike.


  • DAVID MCG SAID:”…Hey Panos-
    Check out the wrist of the girl in the third photo — someone you know?

    Posted by: David McGowan | January 28, 2008 at 02:48 PM…”

    Panos sighs!!!!… One million people seen that…. plus my girlfriend….!!!
    so… wish me goodluck… for tonight…
    Let’s say
    p.s: David.McG your work is cool…
    but… i cant believe you discovered that photo… now i have to start “explaining”….

  • Joni Karanka, and the rest of my friends….please check below…
    and im done with the weathershit. my RAINBOW..please check the B&W version…! thank you…
    Joni hit my again with some “alien” shit…


  • Mr.Harvey.

    How are you..
    I hope you’re vey well.


    I want eagerly participate in Oslo magnumworkshop.

    But the ‘apply Oslo workshop sign up’ can’t be uploaded… what’s wrong?…

    The last apply date is Jan 30th.
    Could you help me?

    Thank you.

    My C.P. number is 82-16-9606-1102 .
    e-mail is


    just back in new york…..long long trip followed by facing an almost total re-organization of my life and business…however, all is just fine in the larger view, and i just have to dig in an get things fixed….i will do it….my good neighbor rob clark has provided me with a roof over my head for the short term and i will get things figured out soonest….i even have a personal photo project which may turn out to be totally symbiotic with my “homeless” situation….i will tell you about it once i get started…..turn bad into good has always been my motto….i will be running all over town for the next couple of days trying to figure this mess out, but will do new postings as soon as possible….

    cheers, david

  • Khung-Lee :))

    send me an email and i will send u the email address to write the Oslo organizers to help you….


  • david :))

    thoughts are with u: send u a picture to cheer u up…no need to reply…just fix your shit and we’ll chat when you’re life is settled: would that be in 2010? ;)))))…

    good luck amigo…


  • Hey, David. Welcome back. I want to invite you to a party. Will you email me? merchant [at] speakeasy [dot] net. Cheers, Preston

  • martin (marcin luczkowski)

    Hi David

    “turn bad into good has always been my motto”
    Good to hear that everything is rather Ok for you.
    I will waiting for new post and more good news about loft search.


  • David,

    So sorry to hear about the building! Just like a bureaucracy to create more misfortune than it eliminates. 48 hours in the dead of winter is absolutely nuts.

    I’m just glad to hear your lifetime of making friends is coming to bear when you need it most.

    I am with you in spirit and in any other way should you call upon it.

    Take care amigo, keep us posted and let me know if I can help.


  • @Kyung:

    Email Song Chong. She knows how to help!
    song at or
    Workshops at

  • Bobblack and Neil

    Thank you very much !
    Laara Matsen replied to me kindly.
    thanks again.^^

  • kyung hee :)))

    I am i could help and that the email works :))…Laara is awesome :))..

    good luck: hope u go :))


  • David,

    that’s awful about your house, though it is slightly amusing that your building was evicted because someone was running a bootleg matzoh factory in the basement. I hope your housing situation is resolved satisfactorily and soon.

    In response to your previous request to see some stuff – yes it’s not fair to hide is it? I’ve been in the process of building a website for ages – I know what it has to look like and how I want it to work, which is a little bit of the battle, but it’s getting round to getting it DONE. But I promise, I’ll get to work and when it’s finished you will be the first to know.


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