when i left home about three weeks ago headed for Brazil/Mexico , i thought i would be back home by now…circumstances have changed and i leave Mexico tomorrow and will go straight to Thailand…i sure am getting sick of the clothes i packed for this trip!!! in any case, i will try to participate in the opening for the book “9 Days in the Kingdom” where i photographed “night life” last february along with many others working on a variety of projects….i will then move on towards the end of the month for a workshop in Bangkok with james nachtwey….

by the way, i just tried answering some of your comments under “making excuses” and , for some unknown reason, they just would not post….i should be in a “stable internet enviroment” in Thailand, which will make my “net life” a whole lot easier than it has been in the last couple of weeks….

ok, bugs are now biting me…invisible little things that seem to show up as the sun goes down…so, i am leaving you…temporarily…..jumping in the ocean for a quick swim before dinner….patience please….i will try this again during my morning coffee…..cheers

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  • As the WS is a bit furthger in the month, david, where do you plan to go in thailand. Will you wander in bangkok or have more of a self-assigned project?

    Have a great trip. Going to Paris myself in about 2 weeks, Thailand and Cambodia will most likely be around January. Enough of others going places, my turn soon! ;-)))

  • Scrambling is a good word:) I have one more sunday to shoot a new story that I have decided that I will submit for the assignment but I feel it isnt as complete as it should be, and I need one more sunday of shooting to fill in a couple of gaps. So, I guess Im scarambling although I have all the other stuff edited. maybe one or two more days of taekwondo shooting, but thats it. But as far as the new series goes, Im scrambling because I have to get permission to go back to the location one more time….its funny how something completely new just popped up and now I have to finish it:)


    are you going to submit something?

  • HERVE….

    i will stay in bkk….lots of prep to do for the workshop….and, of course, i always shoot and have built up quite a body of work in bangkok over the years….

    yes, your turn to travel!!!

    cheers, david

  • David! I remember too well those invisible little bugs biting me too!! really hope they didn’t bite you as much as they bit me…. They left marks in my skin for weeks…..

    That scrambling life is pure energy. Just take advantage of it and enjoy the trip as much as you can. The best periods of my life (and the most productive) are those where I go from one place to other with no stop, through assignment to assignment. That makes me feel alive!! And how sweet is to finish one day and get a relax day doing nothing in front of the beach/fire place or just in bed…. ;)

    Take care!!


  • I think it’s incredible the effort you put into this forum, even when you are scrambling and being eaten. Have a great trip.

  • David,

    That’s cool that you’ll be able to make it to the opening, I hope to see both you and Jim there.

    I’ve also applied for the Bangkok workshop, but Kris has told me there are no ‘scholarships’ and I’m not sure if I can afford it… Hopefully, if you’re not too busy, we can talk about this Thursday.

    Austin (Eric Valli’s assistant during 9 Days…)

  • I think the workshop will be great. My self will be heading to bangkok as well, but only for one day.

    I’m catching a train to Siem Reap for the photography festival there.

    Any chance you will be there too?

  • jeez…so much for obx. great, david.


  • David, what are you doing for a computer, now? New one,or is yours somehow repaired?

    Have you done any mexico flood photos?


  • are you going to submit something?

    definitely sending, Rafal, and yes, it will be only “something” ;-).

  • This does sound like the definition of scrambling…

    Don’t worry and send pictures if you can!

    Safe travels.

  • David – enjoy your travels. I’m sure there are some good tailors and cheap clothes in Thailand.

    I wanted to let you know that I have the possibility of a new book – of my Chicago work – some of which is on the website,

    David – I guess we will have to postpone our meeting until December???

    Is there any chance you might email me sometime soon – I would be grateful if I could run some thoughts by you offline.

    I’m not sure if my email is sent to you when I post or not. If not there is a link on my site to contacts.

    All best,

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