please remember our November 15, 2007 closing date for uploading your photographs on  Digital Railroad for our little gathering of work (scroll down to `bold steps` for details)…as you know, there is a $5000. stipend to be awarded to a worthy photographer and many of you will be published here (on a new clean, large image size page) and hopefully in print as well…the stipend will be awarded by December 15, 2007

my non-profit funding status is almost complete, so grants for emerging photographers like you should gain momentum soonest…the stipend we now have should grow substantially the next time around…so truly exciting for all of us….

if you have any problems or questions about uploading, please go to:

i will be off to the photo festival in the colonial village of Paraty, Brazil tomorrow…i will post from Paraty soonest…

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  • David…

    Wondering if your Paraty is the same place spelled as ‘Parati’ in my NG Atlas, on the coast about halfway between Santos and Rio? Could you give us a capsule description of the town, since it’s a place few of us are likely to be familiar with?


  • “Mind the buses and stay in by the wall” as some of us Irish might say.

  • hey david shure that we doing goint to forget it, , and well good luck in brasil, and also I have heard that you goint to go to mexico. so.if you go, letme know when you goint to be there, and also where , I am goin to go too for visit may family in december, and meaby if you are near to me we can meet us for a caffe if you want. so….. see you sonn.


    and good luck to every body.

  • funny thing is that i was looking for info about that on your blog yesterday night :-)


    yes, sometimes spelled Parati…no good reason given..and , as you say, halfway between Rio and Sao Paulo and small colonial fishing village turned cultural center..i will report from there with photos…


    yes, i will be in San Miguel de Allende for a week , starting this coming sunday…i would love to meet with you….

    saludos, david

  • Paraty is a wonderful little fishing village on the coast near Rio. I spent a couple of days there whilst on a 2 month trip around Brazil. I think I even have a t-shirt from there stuck somewhere in a closet. Ha ha.

    Have a nice stay David. Have a cold ‘Antarctica’ beer for me!


  • A deadline….:) Feels like im back in university.

    Ill start uploading this weekend, I will have several stories to upload…4 or 5 maybe 6. can we have the uploading information posted here again? I seem to remember that the password was changed or something.

  • Rafal, I think this was the latest?

    University indeed!

    It’s been really fun, though I am not exactly sure how far to push my shooting time, with film to be processed and scanned and edited and all, but with university comes ambiguity and working up until the deadline!

    I hope everyone has benefited already as much from this challenge as I have..maybe we can talk about that at some point and share with David, in words, some of what he’s done by setting this in motion.

  • yeah, working till the deadline:) 2 of my stories are done, ready to be uploaded soon..2 of them I will shoot till the deadline:) Funny, I was NEVER done anything 3 weeks before a deadline in university:)

  • The benefits are many…mostly though shooting a series. Doesnt matter the results but thinking about putting together an essay of related images instead of shooting random images. For me, thats the #1 benefit.

  • David,

    Unfortunately, I will have little or nothing for the competition. I had about 40 photos put together from 2 months shooting the life of working musicians in London chosen from about 25,000 photos. Last Wednesday night the door to my flat here in London was broken down and two men proceeded to take my laptop, my back up hard drives, my case with backup dvds in it, my cameras and lenses, strobes, and just about everything else I owned. It is unfortunate, but I suppose I was not supposed to enter anything for this review/competition.

    I have been wanting to post this but haven’t had access to the web, finally I was able to get it off my chest.


  • Matt, that is very sad. I’ve had such thing happen to me in some fashion, but never to the kind of loss you are writing us about.

    I hope you are able to put the best perspective possible on this to help you get thru the loss, which is not just about money and photos, something dear to us is taken away from us, a bit of ourselves, when this happens.

  • Matt,

    It may be a little too soon for this, but…I don’t believe for a second that you were “not supposed to enter anything for this review/competition.” As shitty as that thievery, that goddamn invasion of your privacy, of your person was, do not let those bastards get the better of you.

    Go out and borrow or rent…somehow replace your camera and lens and dig deep these next couple weeks and produce something. Really, do it. Find a way.

    Again, I understand if this is too soon to hear, if it sounds a little to rah-rah-rah when you’re still feeling low…but man, don’t let the fuckers screw this up for you!

    So sorry to hear about your loss of everything, really. But take some time and shake it off and enter this cool little event David has put together.



  • Matt, I can send you some pix of mine, if you wish. It won’t get you near the prize, though…. ;-)

    Just a feeble intent to make you smile.

    This happened to me in Bangkok, last day of a 3 month trip in 2006 (Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, a total loss). I called the airlines, stayed 3 more days, and shot, shot, shot. To screw “fate” back is one of the reasons we are alive!

  • You know, I read the bold steps post again; I wonder if I count as an original blogger here. Then I wonder if I really want to go through all that FTP stuff again. Then I wonder why those monkeys shoved a deputy mayor off of his balcony in India, which is annoying not because I have any stake in the theological implications of avatars of the monkey god assassinating his political rivals, but because it’s yet another example of my mind digressing from the main point to a subject wholly unrelated to the original point I was trying to make, something that happens to me a lot these days, now that the minions of Satan are in the World Series.

  • Hi, David.

    Been far away for too long, working on a educational project for Olympus here in Spain. Too much talking, not enough shots, though. But that’s ok, i know i’m a long distance runner.

    Got a question: do you acept some advice of a true native? If so, first, forget the Antarctica: it ain’t thebest brazilian beer anymore. Try an “Original”. It’s pretty good.

    Second, being in Paraty (with an “y”, of course) and not drinking some shots of the local spirits it’s like being in NY and not seeing the statue… Ask for a good “pinga de pitanga”. “Pinga” is the good old “cachaça” in our argot, and pitanga is a tropical fruit. What a helluva combination.

    Last, but not least. If you can spend some time like a tourist, take a boat and go to see the islands all around the town. The trip is worthy, i assure you.

    Well, that’s all, folks. See you around.

    P.S. Matt, i’m truly sorry for you. Hope you find a way out of it.

  • Matt,

    Truly sorry for what happened. Don’t give up though.

    I have looked at your Flickr stream and you have some cool pix there. Even if you don’t have a full story coverage, you could still get a handful of your best images and submit that. David will correct me, but I think that should be OK…

    Again, sorry for what happened, man.


  • Hi David,
    can we submit more than 1 project? thanks and looking forward to hear your comments on all the works submitted. ciao, dana

  • Enjoy Parati (or Paraty, I’ve seen both !), it’s a great place (if a bit touristy in the centro historico. If you can get a very high tide a sunset, the streets near the harbor get flooded and can be a lot of fun to shoot :-) And if you have time, don’t miss the beaches out of town, most especially Trinidade (if you go there, walk along the shore for 30 to 45mn and through some nice forest all the way to the “piscina natural”, a natural swimming pool secluded between large rocks, it’s really worth the effort – have a look:

  • Dana,

    theres no limit on projects, just on numbers of shots. I myself will submit 4 projects:)

  • It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of pleasant pressure to work on this. Before I joined this blog I was strictly a “One Shot” shooter where I concentrated on capturing a single photograph as opposed to shooting “a story”. Also afterwards editing and selecting shots for a series, authorship… all new things to do that I have not really done before. Photography was and still is a free for all, uninhibited activity but DAH project made me practice additional skills that I haven’t done before. I submitted 3 stories.

  • Matt: I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I can imagine the ordeal…and i hope you are able to recover soon(est). …I know that it is no consolation, but I believe in the value of everything that happens and I would second what others have suggested: this grief and theft should NOT preclude you from submitting…in fact, fuck the fates, and submit something anyway…turn, as Rilke reminds, yourself to wine :))…

    use some pics from flickr, or borrow a camera (if i lived in London, I’d lend you mine for a few weeks!!) from someone: i am sure there are friends or even photographers here that would help out…if not, go to Lightstalkers and ask…we are nothing without each other…please dont be deterred, about this, and more importantly, about the richer thinks: cameras can be replaced, spirit not so easily…I send lots of positive energy from the Black Family….

    “What can I tell you about the choices we make? Fate reads like the polar opposite of decision and so much of life reads like fate.”

    —Jeanette Winterson, “Weight”


  • Matt,

    Since I came close to losing my home in the San Diego fire this week I thought about how I’d feel if I lost all my years of slides, scans, computer, back up etc…It’s a tough one and I was lucky this time.

    Someday when this disaster is behind you I hope you can be inspired to make better pictures than any you lost…so that you don’t miss them at all. This is the way you can “get back” at the burglars.

    Loved it! Hysterical.

  • David,
    This is my first post, although I have been following your blog for some time. Thank you for the opportunity to share some work with others; and to be able to see theirs in return. I must say, I am impressed with your commitment to this project.
    I followed the rules, and uploaded 17 photographs from the start of an essay – the first three days. I have learned a lot already: captions, FTP, metadata, sequencing etc. So it has already been worthwhile. Good luck to everyone: and Matt, sorry to hear your bad news, please do send something; don’t let them win. I remember watching a T.V. programme (probably National Geographic) which followed David photographing a carnival. He had received a brand new Leica that very morning and he had it stolen during the carnival; so he, I am sure, will understand and enable you to send something. After your bad experience I’m going to back up my best photographs and leave them at my son’s house!
    Regards to all,

  • hey david, i can’t make it out to paraty this weekend but i’m in rio so if on your way out you feel like getting a chopp drop me a line. Maybe there are others here that are in rio as well, if its one thing the cariocas are good at its getting together with friends for a chopp.


    I see you are working now… great!
    i sent my 20 photos (single) by e-mail because i had problem with FTP and program I use and no time for solving of problem or to set up new. I hope it is not a big problem. do you get my mail?
    I hurry now, i have a little photo assignment before flight to cuba and a lot of things to do, so this is my last comment until end of november. From now I will be inaccessible.

    I wish you good time in brazil… and beautiful pictures!

    Matt… I am very sorry to hear about your loss…

    take care everyone!

    Happy Martin :)))

  • hi david, hi everyone, hope you are all doing fine.

    this is a message for BOBBLACK, an answer to one post from two months ago.more or less, i think. maybe he already knows the info, though.
    Another spanish magnum photographer, besides Cristina G. Rodero, is Miguel Rio Branco, he was born in las palmas, city of one of the canary islands. anyway, the fact that he was born here is just an anecdote (i’m not sure if you use this word in english), because I guess that he is more brazilian than anything else.
    I’ve been trying to catch all your comments in the last week, that’s why this answer comes so late.
    david, nice meeting you. great blog!

  • Hello David….I did post a second essay…I was hoping to travel to Mexico with my father before Nov 15 and send you an essay from there but unfortunately, we have had to delay this trip and probably will not happen until next Spring… I therefore sent you another quick essay that I did this summer. This reminded me somewhat of the shooting we did in Sicily (quick very short time with having to produce something from one day to the next). I did this essay in just two afternoons while I was in Provence visiting my parents… So hope you like it….Clearly, this is really just a beginning and it is difficult to do a full essay in just a few hours…but I am hoping to work more on these Southern Provence rituals and festivities when I have more time to spend there. As usual, will love to hear what you think. Cheers, Eric

  • Can you give your opinion about my pictures?

  • Hi David,

    I really would like to do a photo workshop with you (me and everybody, I know). If you are in Brazil, think about it!! Specially in Sao Paulo.

    This blog is great… I lost the first deadline (to send about 20 portfolio images), but I’ll be alert to another chances.

    Best to all!!

  • Thank you all so much for the kind words and positive energy, I have honestly felt it. Good news: I have been shooting; nothing amazing has come out of it, but its better than nothing, and I now have a computer to load the photos onto, and eventually a way to edit them a bit, so it looks like I might have something for this after all.

    Again, thank you so much, the words have lifted my spirits and, as usual, I am leaving DAH inspired!


  • That’s great news, Matt. Good luck!

  • Lorena :)))

    thanks, yes, that’s the photographer I think might be the character (Rio Branco) in the Bolano novel (Savage Dectectives) who he meets in Africa…thought I always associate Rio Branco with Brazil ;))….thanks so much…great novel, interesting insight into a “magnum photographer” ;))


  • Dear David, is there any chance I could participate? It sounds very exciting…

  • Dear Mr Harvey,

    Although i have been been following this page for a while, I am very new to this whole blogging thing…in fact this is actually my first attempt.

    I uploaded my work onto digital railroad yesterday, but couldn’t tell if it got done.
    Have you guys got it?
    Please let me know.


  • David i sent an e-mail to Michael earlier today in regards to image resolution ie..pixels. I scan all of my photos for this project at 5×7 and 300 dpi as i have a small macbook and this is proportionate to my blog. I was under the impression that you wanted the pictures no larger than 2000 pixels at the longest side. However in reading this last post Michael states nothing smaller than 1200 pixels. Well my images are in the 800 pixel range as i thought this would suffice. My question is would you like the images as they are or would you prefer me to rescan them. Either or i would be more than happy to meet any requirements that you prefer. Also I’m having trouble sending my images as i never recieved any e-mail as to whether or not Michael recieved my first assignment on the due date that you had originally assigned us. Furthermore; i have already posted my latest assignment on my blog if this presents a problem i will
    take them off my blog. However i did run into a gentleman on this forum that wrote about your project and also exhibited his work for this assignment onto his web-site. I don’t think you will mind as it seems harmless as the due date has arrived nearly on
    Nov.15,2007. Please communicate with me so i can best fulfill my obligations and commitents to this online photography community forum..all the best and hoping your enjoying Thailand as it’s a wonderful place to be anytime of year.

  • Just got my submission in. Long time reader and word-of-mouth supporter, but I haven’t commented very often. I think that’ll change soon, though…

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