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ok, now i need some help from my readers…what do you call it when you drop a shot glass of whisky into a tall glass of beer and "shoot" the whole concoction way way too fast???  i  cannot remember the name, mainly because i just had too many of them….4 to be exact… i think…or 5??  Korean style…they call it a "bomb"….some kind of Korean vodka from a green bottle poured into  a shot glass and then carefully dropped (bombed) into the beer…no spillage earns a round of applause…almost everything earns a round of applause….

now mind you, i rarely drink anymore….my quota was met long ago…i did have a beer or two  at my opening back in  june, but nothing since…i got witnesses…..that is, until tonight…..and tonight it just could not be helped…it was a cultural thing….i did not go  "out" at night with my students all week….i was way way overbooked with 30  students  and i knew knew that on top of jetlag, a night out would be disaster…

but tonight, after the student slide show and critique, came dinner…and dinner turned into a party….and the party started when i was offered one of those "bombs" by the director of the art center where i was teaching……how can you refuse the director of a Korean art center???..i just saw myself "shoot the bomb" and the resulting applause led to …..well, you know…

but, one of  the highlights of the night was meeting you..that is some of you….rafal from Poland….valerie from Cambodia…..fabien from France….gareth from England…and peter from Wales…yup, all people i had never met before who are working in Seoul, who i only know from this blog…people who contacted me here when they knew i was coming …i invited them to the "wrap party" tonight….they all showed up and then and then….

well, you should get a responsible "second opinion"..but seriously, the mix of my amazing Korean students and the international bloggers so described was just so so much  fun..a truly terrific group all around….great discussions, everybody taking pictures of everybody else…questions came …the kind which, i guess, the students were shy to ask in class, just  poured out after a couple of "bombs"…yes yes , i became the "bartender"…

this meeting of heretofore "online friends" is a new phenomenon for me… last four overseas trips, to France, to Spain, to England and now to Korea have involved meeting some of you from right here…folks i would not have met otherwise….so far so good….yes, i have looked at the portfolios of all..some very nice work…..overall a heartwarming experience and unique bonding ….

as time goes on , i do hope i will meet more of you…it will just be fate …..when, and if, that  does happen , please please  do not make me do a "bomb" or similar explosive device….i am now popping two aspirin and heading for  bed….

i think i may take tomorrow off….

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  • A boilermaker, if i am not mistaken. I too had too many. Once.

  • some bartenders say an irish car bomb !! lethal combo; insures
    inebriation. cheers

  • And I have the proofs of theses drinks, maybe I’ll have the time to upload some later within tomorrow. Oooh man that was bad.

  • sounds like a fun time. Wish i was there…

  • Also referred to as a “depth charge,” a specific type of boilermaker where the shot glass is dropped into the glass of beer.

    I’ll just buy you a Guinness, or maybe a Fishtail (local microbrew), if we ever meet :-) Just one, I swear.


  • Yagmister I think thats how you spell it man. In Canada that’s what we call them. Yes i would stay away from those. Make for a great night but you will loose 2 days after. Sounds like you had a good time though. You may as well do it in Korea right… You only live once…

  • David- If/when you do a workshop here in Boston, you will have to down only a half-dozen “oystahs”.

  • I was introduced to this once at a sushi restaurant. It was called Saki bombs. Strange I now feel a slight buzzing sensation in my head.

  • Shot of whiskey in a tall glass of beer? Mr. Harvey, you have been run over by a sidecar. Take some more aspirin; you’ll need them.

  • hello all..

    yes, yes…boilermaker….that’s what we called them back in college…which is the time of your life when you do that sort of thing…guess i did a little backwards “time travel” last night…hmmmm

    anyway, i got up at 8am feeling just fine actually…except that i will probably regret posting the whole experience….i mean i could just “delete” the post….but, well, this is a journal, so i will let it be…

    i did not emphasize enough however the truly great conversations which did take place last night…the korean photographers were just so so full of curiousity…and it was not just students there for dinner…quite a few superprofessionals too…and other teachers….i was given some amazing books by some…

    i hope to publish here some of the student work….it is interesting how different cultures do different photographs…sensibility changes from one culture to another….but that is another whole new posting for later this week i suppose…

    well, please forgive me for sliding off of more serious important topics….i promise to get “back on track” today….

    cheers, david

  • Heh, I have to ask second opinion to Rafal and Gareth. Sounds like I missed something. I’ve drank lots of stuff in my life (many of which I would like to forget) but never one of those sort of popular bombs. A friend of mine living in Dublin talked about them quite a bit. Also, David, when are we going to know about how to post for our assignement? I have some friends telling me to remind them…

    And please don’t delete these sort of posts, they seem funny in the morning but they are always spontaneous and sort of encouraging.


  • joni…

    i will post very very soon the details for you to upload your pictures….i think, but not 100% sure, that Digital Railroad will provide us with a private slot for this purpose..i am working on it now…

    for the moment, just keep working and be patient…do not worry..i have not forgotten!!!

  • fabien…

    edit, edit,edit….


    “oystahs” huh…never heard that one!


    that sounds a little too political/revolutionary!!


    sounds like this is an international cultural


    woke up fine…think i “got away with it” this time around


    do not know “fishtail”..where are you from??


    “yagmister”??? you canadians have all the fun


    you must be from the same part of the country as me….thanks for “jogging my memory”

  • david- no political inuendos intended and i think a revolution
    would be frightening. apolitical best describes me. to busy thinking
    about art and reading material that feeds my soul. gentle passivist

  • Here in Toronto they drop it into a glass of Guinness and call it an Irish Car Bomb. Not so funny to those in the UK.

  • Happend to me in Pakse, Laos. I saw a place with some light, went in, there was the whole local football club association celebrating their yearly reunion. president, players, mothers, they had taxi-girls too. had to down little shots of Lao whiskey thru the night (trinquer, we say in french). As you know, no doens’t exist in Asia. you can always try, they won’t understand. The next day went slow, vey slow.. I hope yours went fine, David.

  • David … I live with the bald eagles, the salmon and the elk in our little cabin in the woods near Olympia, Washington (home of little Fishtail Brewery). Rains a bit more than Richmond, VA (Northside, Ginter Park, Brook Rd.) where I grew up.

  • hi David and all
    not much of a drinker myself, (bit ironic, being from Scotland). but I do like wee dram of the necter, once in a while, Hogmanay, (new year in Scotland). anyway sounds like your having a blast…
    ps. new pdn has an interesting artical on N. Korea.
    bottoms up!

  • In Germany it’s called U-Boot (Submarine) but you have to use Schnaps instead of Whiskey.



  • David, having seen you party in Mexico I have a hard time believing your tale of non-familiarity with the boiler-maker. Nasty brew–not one that I partake in but a nicely turned tequilla is a definite waylayer for me.

    I am hoping that I am one of the participants in the second workshop in October at your loft. I think you will be very surprised at what I have evolved into as a phtographer. I am.


  • lee..

    i did not say i was unfamiliar with a boilermaker…

    i just said i could not remember the american name after having had five of the korean version!!!

    and even with my party rep, i seriously do not recall any time after college ever having had a boilermaker…but, then again, recollection is not one of the by-products of boilermakers i suppose!!

    honestly though, my girlfriend of 2.5 years does not drink, so i do not drink…with the very rare “slip”…are you sure you want to hang with me now?? i might not be fun anymore….


    i would prefer guinness just straight…cool room temp…

    herve…yes, “no” does not exist here…yes can mean no, but no cannot mean yes…


    i spent many years in richmond…my sons grew up there…lived in richmond during all my earlier years at natgeo…nice town


    i will check out pdn when i return..thanks


    “submarine” sounds like the perfect name…as long as you can get back to the “surface”

  • that was one hell of a part eh? One too many boilermakers for me. In Korean they call the poktanju but its soju not vodka (soju is only about 20% alcohol). Still, they get to ya.

  • David,
    Thanks for inviting me out last night i had a great time talking to some of your students. I hope you enjoy your day off today. With that size group by god you’ve earned it. Hopefully i will get to meet up with you again before i leave on Saturday. I had a good chat with your translator and gave her some of my thoughts on your project. I hope we can discuss these further. Thanks once again for a great night.


  • david, is this – too many bombs! – the reason why i cannot reach you? try to contact me, need to ask you something urgently, stay well, carlo

  • i think i need at least 2 aspirin also… i didn’t drink anyting… but came back home at 2 am (i was shooting a wedding) and wake up at 6 am because i had to do photoshop (i have to give them pictures today)…
    i am sitting next to computer since 7 am and i think i will get crazy soon ;-)

  • aga…

    do not go crazy…just take a short walk around the block…or, close your eyes and meditate….5 minutes of meditation can change your view…..

  • David,

    When you will come to Poland you should have more than two aspirin, because we Poles know how to drink…
    but of course only if you will want…
    Without compulsion… usually…

    I joked of course…



  • Lukasz, I asked my office mates and they just gave me “brain damage” and “car bomb” as names for the drink. I guess that as far as you don’t add “Irish”, you’re not being impolite here in the UK :o)


  • David… i went to garden tofor one hour and i feel much much better :-)
    next time i will try meditation :-)

    (also few hours ago i got message i will be in David Griffin and Gerd Ludwig teamt at EAW.. so it made me feel great!:-))

    It’s true what Martin has written – Poles know how to drink :-) … and we have wonderfull beer in Poland (i am sure more than 15 kinds of beer)

  • Of course I still want to hang with you. You are teacher extraordinaire. Each time I hang with you my photography work takes a huge leap.

    I am ready for another huge leap.


  • rafal…

    no, amazing..lucked out i guess..i woke up feeling “normal”


    now, i am afraid to come to Poland!!


    you are very lucky….that is a terrific team for you….please tell them hello from me…both very good friends…david griffin designed my “cuba” book, long before he was head of the natgeo photo dept…he is a great designer….gerd and i met in australia many years ago and we have been friends ever since… i have such respect for his work…

    but, my dear, you must shoot for me here first! they are only giving you two days to shoot…i am giving you more than a month!!!

    i hope you can take all of this pressure!!!

  • here is noathing to be afraid.
    well, meybe to fall in love only…


  • David,

    I remember a friend of mine in Kansas had a taste for flaming dr. pepper shots.

    Pho seems to cure everything for me these days….


  • speaking of ‘meeting you’… martin, i loved looking at your work.. i have seen your name here so much and now i get to see your iamges and even your visage… thanks!

  • Cheers for the invite, David. It was a great night – I think I finally got home at 4.30…

    Hope there is an opportunity to meet again, before you depart.



  • Yes, David.. i remember you gave us an assignment… i think i will start it soon – maybe saturday or sunday in Turkey (but i have a plan already :-)…plan and less time)…
    last days i was only shooting weddings.. so now is time to do something more serious :-)

    David… you are right i am lucky… it’s a honor to be in navy team 2007 with Gerd (his pics from Siberia are just great!)and David… our team has already a blog!

  • funny posting. It’s Genesis btw, my email is

  • martin…

    i looked at your site only for a few minutes because i have an appointment to shoot this afternoon…however, i will come back to your site soonest…

    most of your picturs on your site i have seen before, but i will give you a quick opinion by private email about the castle party and some other things i have not seen before…

  • Hey David,

    I talked to your translator (the woman from the newspaper) about going to shoot taekwondo. Will you be going to do that this weekend?

  • David,

    I really don’t want take your time, I know you are busy man.
    But if you will write some day… please don’t be gentle… be hard to me.


  • Geez, when do I get to join the party, nice photos Fabien!

  • Lance,

    you have great picture this black girl on your page. why it is so small? before it was larger I think… it should be..



  • martin! you lost me.. do you mean this one?

    ah.. i’m not sure…

  • I am not precise like always…
    first four pictures on first pege your webside, meybe she is latin not black.
    this is kind of photography with i love…
    pubs, low light, girls ;)


  • In Spain we call it “submarine”…

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