in a possibly weak and exhausted moment i wrote the "rawhide" piece below this evening
…i am travel weary ….

but a bit  earlier,  i did check the comments under the "beach bum" story,   and i did write something there which i hope you will take the time to read…

i would have posted it as a main story, but did not have it on my mind until i saw the bob black link as part of his comment….i just got on a "roll" and started writing………so, please read the extension to my note for  bob  black…it is a gentle but serious "mandate" for you…..if you so choose , of course!!!

3 Responses to “mandate”

  • Hello, David.

    Man, you’re a helluva machine for writing… Keep up like this and everyone will bring good work for the review. It’s the kind of inspiration we’re all needing so hard these days. These are days without heroes, so we need guidance to make it by ourselves.


  • Hi David,

    I admire how much writing you do. I’ve always been kind of one tracked, meaning that when I was writing, I wasn’t photographing, and now that I’m photographing, I write very little. You are inspirational because of your energy.

    I read your post about arriving at an assignment and feeling that “outside, how do I get into this” emotion, and it reminded me of arriving at the Pine Ridge Reservation. It feels like you just landed on the moon, alone.
    You can see some of the images at I started organizing it and came up with the following:

    The most recent arrangement is on my kitchen wall in 55 pieces. I’m sick of them, so I’m starting to eat breakfast in another room. A few of the photos and a little story will be in the “Dispatches” column that Marianne Fulton is editing.

    Meanwhile, it’s very weird writing all this in someone else’s blog.


  • Michael

    do not write point after link.
    your links not working.

    good works


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