please come….


we just got this exhibit hung yesterday….honestly,  this was not really so difficult to hang because we literally tacked  the  44" x 32" pigment inkjet prints to the wall…no frames…raw like the subject…loose….experts hung five of my pictures, 8 feet x 6 feet prints, by wires from the ceiling…

as each print went up, i remembered back at the 2 years of  sweat that went into this one…hip hop….the culture…..unknown territory for me before National Geographic funded most of this project…this was surely one of the most challenging  stories to shoot i have ever faced…i will write about this for you under "work in progress" soonest…




now my friends, if you can prove  you are one of my readers, you are invited over to my place for the "AFTER PARTY" following the reception…and because of this difficult and unique collaboration by so many people , i promise you there will be one!! 

let’s see, we will need a good "code word" to substantiate your authenticity….hmmm, ok got it…how about "eyesight"…well, that is it for now anyway…i might change it, which means you will have to keep up with things…to avoid folks who will skip the show and just come to the "after party", you must whisper this word in my ear at the opening itself!!

seriously, it would really be cool if a bunch of you actually showed up…now that would turn computer time into "real time"….this whole project was in very real time….


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  • David,

    I will be there and I am looking forward to it and the after party too if I can obtain the proper “code word” and address of course. There is no doubt that it will be a party not to be missed…

    I will also see you in VA the week before for the Masterclass. Maybe you can look at some of my “work” then perhaps.


  • bo….

    yes, of course, that is exactly why i will be there…i look forward to it….

    cheers, david

  • david;
    4 those that can’t make the show where can we see more of the
    project ? Oh; 2 full moons in 1 month=BLUEMOON

  • d: ok, much too late, and have been writing and scanning prints, so, though i wish i could be there on 14th, i send u something instead….

    on LS….no need to comment, just a tribute to you: trying to give back :)))

    off the computer now for some time….


  • Can you guys make same pictures from exhibition… i wish to see how it looks… please! :-)

  • hi david, i wish to be there, but take a plane from spain to new york makes it a little bit complicated.
    Is this going to be a moving show?.
    I hope you have fun and…. please post the after party

  • David,

    I’d love to come, but from here (Cologne, Germany) it’s a bit far…any plans to have this show in Europe ???

  • well… Portugal is a little bit far away from your place too, so i guess i wont be able to go… im sorry david. :X I would love to though!

  • Darn!

    Is this show goin’ on the road? If it hits London, I’d be there in a trice.

    Sorry to miss the party. If the inside is anything like the shots you posted….nice.

    How did the people in the second shot react to your shutter? How did you get so close?

    Good stuff, lookin’ forward to book.

  • for those of you in asia and europe, i am sure there will be a traveling show for “living proof” , but no schedules exist yet…most of the exhibitions will be tied to the book which does not come out until fall..

    in july there will be an evening slide show in france at the arles photo festival and maybe perpignan too in september..i am fairly sure there will be an exhibition in spain, but no dates yet…

    if you read my “road trips” posting on march 23 “uptown and ruckus” , you will have some idea of how this work was done…but, i will also post another story soon which i hope will be helpful to you under “work in progress” …

  • Hi David,
    I’d love to come and see the show AND be at the party, but unfortunately it’s a long way to NY from London. But I promise I’ll come and visit soon!

    by the way, Lana is here, just back from 2 weeks in Africa.

  • looking forward to it all – the show, the party and catching up with you. hope all is well – see you soon!

  • Oooh…Archives… good thing its late on a friday!

    Cheers David. Much appreciated. I always liked your entry in the Nat. Geo. field guide. The picture of you squatting down with those kids with your Leica actually helped more than most of the “How to photograph” books I bought. More is always good!

  • Be an interesting crowd with rappers and photographers that’s for sure.

  • Damn!

    I’ll be in Greece.

    Have a blast!

  • I doubt the show will ever make it to Ireland…you never know, but I’ll certainly buy the book…or maybe there’ll be a few signed copies up for grabs in some more competitions.

    Good luck with the show!

  • Hey David,

    Just writing to let you know the San Miguel bunch from last year (Miles, John & me) will be there for your Brooklyn exhibit. We’re all really looking forward to it. Keep the beer cold and the purple haze warm and see you soon… :)


  • David,
    I’m going to pack the van and make the ultimate road trip from Michigan down the the festival in Virginia, then on to the Outer Banks to visit some people very dear to you, then back up for a stop in DC and hopefully on to NYC for your show. All I have to do is figure out how to get some gas money in the next couple of days!

    See you soon,

  • David,
    Wish I could make the show…I know it will be great!

    I will see you in the Masterclass in VA next week though! Looking forward to it!


  • To whisper the word “eyesight” during the opening makes the trip even more interesting!! I know those pictures and really would love to see them hanging on the walls! Let’s see if I can make it…. who knows… But if I can’t, wish you have a wonderful event and a fabulous party! well, I’m sure you will :-)

  • I wish it were possible to go and see the show for myself, but it isnt, so all I can do is wish you the best of luck with the opening, Mr. Harvey.

  • That’s exactly the situation when I blame myself for telling that living in a small town in Italy isn’t so bad. Arghhhh! I’d really love to be there David! And the idea of the secret code… you’re always great. I was wondering how cool is this all: that we can talk to you like we were sitting at a cafè in piazza del Campo. Can you imagine you 20 years ago, thinking you’d really want to ask Cartier-Bresson that thing and you can find him online, on his blog? Isn’t it fantastic? Now we can. It’s not like being in NY at the opening, but kind of. Exciting as well, in a different way, but… Good luck David! I’m sure the exhibition will be perfect!

  • hey david,

    you bet i’ll be there! looking forward to catch up with you and see, or better hear ruckus performe!

    martin (back in the bronx for a couple of weeks)

  • Hi David….I hate it!!!!. As I mentioned before, I am on vacations in the South of France from June 12 to early July (very close to Arles)….So I will not only miss your show in New York, but because of a few days, I will also not be able to be in Arles…. Talk about bad luck here !!!!!! I have some serious planning issues I figure… I guess I will have to wait for the book!!!! By the way, I am sure you will have my father who will go to Arles to see your show like he did last year! Have a great show!!! Eric

  • Oh, man, wish i could be at New York these days. But i’ll send you greetings across the ocean and wish you all the success you deserve. Hasta la vista.

  • Dave, Best of luck with the show ,bit far for me to just drop in.
    I shall be at the Brunette Downs Races on the 14th so will I have a bet for you?

  • glenn..

    sorry you brought up horse racing..the only time i ever bet on horses was near townsville…seemed like an easy way to make money…i figured i would not get greedy and go for unreasonable odds and just double my money and bet on the “sure thing”..

    lost all eight races..400 bucks i think…and i had “inside information” too…

    but i sure did enjoy shooting the jockeys behind the scenes…and made lots of friends out there hanging on the fence…if it wasn’t for the aussie hospitality however, i would not have been able to afford dinner that night…”c’mon mate, sit down here and have some fried chicken”

    thanks mate, but no bets for me…

  • You sure it was chicken?

  • david alan harvey

    glenn….no, not sure….what was it?? rattlesnake???

  • Hi David –

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and have really been enjoying it. I always loved your photography, and I’m struck by how the generous, warm and open nature of this blog and your engagement with your readers is similar to your photography. So thank you for your openness. I always get a lot out of your writing.

    Unlike others here, I’m really just an amateur photog, saddled w/ a significant day job; but I just love taking pictures and love looking at photos almost as much. Since starting taking pictures 4 years ago, my own style, such as it is, has become documentary; and thus my own aesthetic predilections, as far as photography is concerned, are for documentary style photography (though oddly my interest in painting was always rooted in formal, even abstract styles; perhaps because photography appears to mediate the “real” I find the docu style paradoxically more formal than, say, landscape). But I recognize how inexperienced, untrained, and unschooled I am, so remain open to other styles.

    It would be a great opportunity to see your opening and get to meet you, so I’ll try to make some arrangements; with a 3 1/2 year old, such arrangements can be tricky though.

    Regardless, I wish you well at your opening and will continue to follow your site.

    With warm regards, and many thanks,

    -Mark Brennan

  • patrizia dottori rome

    Hi David!
    Here is Patrizia from Rome, how are you? Well I’ll be in ny from 10th to 17th of june, so sure I’ll see you on 14th!
    Anyway I hope to see you before and spend some times to talk about my last works. Do you think it’ll be possible? In case I’ll give you a no phone when I’ll have. My italian mobile is 00393473626823 for sms!
    Hope to see you soonnnnnnnnn

  • Not sure if this belongs here: David- You may want to check out a neat documentary made by my friend, Matt Ruskin called” The Hip Hop Project” Its been shown at film festivals around the country and had a brief commercial run. If you cant locate it I can get a DVD for you.

    Tessa Gordon

  • Dear David

    We all gona be there for sure!! I think we’ll b there with Jasper….We are so exciting & looking forward to the show.;-)


  • Dear David

    We all gona be there for sure!! I think we’ll b there with Jasper….We are so exciting & looking forward to the show.;-)


  • Dear David

    We all gona be there for sure!! I think we’ll b there with Jasper….We are so exciting & looking forward to the show.;-)



  • i’ll be there… i just couldn’t take the pressure.. between kelly going, and then ben… and the fact it’s going to be the party of the summer for sure… well in the end i didn’t have much choice, did i? i know you’ll be swamped amigo.. but a clink of the beers is all that’s in order.. well maybe not all.. you know what i mean… see you in 40 hrs… lance

  • david alan harvey


    many thanks for your warm letter…amateur or professional photographer makes no difference to me…if you get something out of this, than that is all that matters….

  • david alan harvey


    thanks i will check it out

  • david alan harvey

    sirima and tanisa

    i will be pleased to see you at the show…but do not forget the password…which could change at any time!!

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