i cannot stay with you long now, because i have 8 students who will be expecting me in just a few minutes to  go over all of the work they shot yesterday….on the first day of shooting , i ask them to edit loosely and i will probably look at about 25-50 pictures from each…after today we will edit tighter and tighter so that for the final slide/music show that we produce each year, each student will have from 5-10 strong photographs from the hundreds of frames each shot…i will be posting under the "students/workshops" portfolio the work of my students this week as they progress..


this editing must go quickly this morning, because we then have to jump in the cars and head for the town of enna where we will shoot all afternoon… by 10pm we will go to an even smaller village, barra franca, and photograph perhaps all night long..i was in sicily for the first time last year and the passion of the men who carry the Christ figure is like nothing i had experienced before…it is actually quite violent underneath  the figure as the local men all fight for the chance to carry Christ….photographing this event requires physical and psychological dexterity….

my photograph here  is of simona ghizzoni who was one of my assistants last year in sicily and who assisted me several times in tuscany….simona is not with me this year…..i really miss simona  because her energy and spirit and hearty sense of humor energized our students and me as well…this photograph was made in one of our favorite night hangouts here in siracusa where all gather after a long day of working…..students always agree that the late night lively discussions we have are as much of a learning experience as anything we discuss in class…..i said yesterday it was always a little awkward meeting a new group of students….but we are starting to get to know each other  now and by the end of the week we will all have shared an experience together that will bond us for life….come back someday simona!!!

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  1. David

    I know, you are busy now, you have yours students and you don’t like talk about tech staff and equipment. Well, sometimes in digital world equipment is most important thing. You remember I told you I have problem with my digital pictures. Three days ago my friend lent me fujifilm S3 pro camera, because he has think that is something wrong with it (hi is not a photographer, and he told me that his camera taking bad pictures,). It is big camera not in my style, but I say ok. Why not. I was blocked so I think my self maybe something change that (fly, fly!!).

    And now, I fall in love! That color! It suits me so much! It so real! And deep! I love this tape of camera! I can made paintings with that camera!

    I’m made photos only in home, but even without a great subject that camera give me beautiful pictures! But of course it is to much expensive for me. My heart was break.

    I see the light and I can’t catch it…

    I just want to say that sometimes the choice of camera is something very important. Maybe you can use that example.

    Say hello to your students.

    I reads every your post but without the comments.

    Happy Easter

    Martin in love

  2. David!

    I miss you and “the gang” too!

    I love that picture, but it makes me very very nostalgic…

    too bad that I’m not there with you guys!

    anyway in a few weeks I’m leaving for andalusia, taking pictures and hopefully having some fun.

    Think of you, have a great time!

    ps. say ciao to diego…if you can find him….

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