changes in latitude

today i travel to spain….once settled, i should have a couple of days free to catch up with posts here…now  in sicily and my internet connect  has been all but non-existant or i have been totally immersed with student work…

a quick look at the comments from my last post and i can see that we will have an interesting and important discussion…i will try to respond tonight or tomorrow morning  from madrid….as usual, please be patient with my travels and inconsistencies with net connections etc….

another important upcoming topic:  how to get into a "zen" trance at the airport and how to get some sleep on the plane!!!

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  • you’ll be so so close to the greatest country of all! ;)

    is a portuguese workshop in your plans?

  • hello tome…i did a workshop in portugal a few years ago and loved it!!! i do not have a plan now, but may have one soon….i would love to find a good excuse to come back to your country….obrigado david

  • gianfranco tripodo

    Hi David,

    my name is Gianfranco, we met up in Perignan last september thru Carlo and the TPW family ( I used to work at the Toscana Workshop). I live in Madrid, It would be great to meet you up somewhere and have a caña. How long will you stay for here? If you like write me down an email to this address and we will figure out everything

    Peace, and if we don’t see have a nice stay and good travels!

  • gianfranco….i think we can meet…i am teaching in the mornings and early evening over at efti….do you know where the school is?? i stay at hotel algumar … #7 reina cristina….leave message at hotel or at efti……ciao, david

  • i’d be looking forward to. ;)

  • gianfranco tripodo

    Ehi David, this is the address of Efti

    Fuenterrabía 4 y 6, 28014 Madrid

    TLF: +34 91 552 99 99

    Metro: Menéndez Pelayo

    it’s just one blok away from your hotel.

    Maybe you already know it, but tomorrow it will be an opening with some of Magnum photographers (Garcia Rodero, Karl de Keyzer etc…) We can meet up earlier and go there together. Anyway i’ll leave my phone number at the hotel reception so you an contact me.

    Ciao ciao!

  • gianfranco…yes, i was planning to go to that show….we can just meet there…i look forward to seeing you…..david

  • It looks like Italy was a success, i enjoyed veiwing the students images…..get some rest and enjoy Spain, see you in June

  • How do I add this to my RSS reader? Sorry I’m a newbie :(

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