Mini bus

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Day 5 – visual diary by Theo Stanley / nyc @theo_stanley I generally do not write much about the images that I share to my account, unless it is quite important, as I think that words can often take away from the experience of reading a photograph, which will resonate differently to each viewer based on their perspective and what they bring to the dialogue. For the purpose of this diary project, I am writing much more than I am comfortable with, and trying to get more personal about themes and concepts, as I think that sharing a diary with the world should not exactly be a comfortable position to be in. As I expose myself, I appreciate those who have exposed themselves in return, as this is an exchange, and I don’t make images or contribute to this burn diary project for likes, rather to try and create moments of a more personal connection that bridge the planet through images. (And words, although perhaps too many of them)

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