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Day 8: Wish I’d had more time to hang out with John but had to deliver a motorcycle to the repair shop 75 miles down the road. As it was, I made it there 5 minutes before closing. I’ll be back to John’s though, sooner than later. He gave me three Walla Walla onions, a nice assortment of dried apricots, onions, tomatoes and cherries, and two mason jars of honey, all from his homestead at the end of the road hard up against it in the Okanogan. @itomhyde for @burndiary #photodiary #ontheroad #okanogan

3 thoughts on “Bye John”

  1. I’ve been missing Burn diary with the new format. It’s not front page and as evident as before.
    But I enjoyed this, Tom Hyde. I like independent thinkers like John, a modern frontiersman.

  2. I’ve really been enjoying Tom’s work this week as well. Guess it’s more of an Instagram thing than a burn site thing these days. I’ve been making another go at trying to like Instagram, or at least to use it. Kinda starting to see the attraction.

  3. TOM,

    Sorry I have missed your work this week until now. I too have been fooled by the new BURN format, but I’ve just caught up on your junket to the Okanagan in the middle of the worst fire season in many years. Even in Bellingham we’ve been getting some smoke in the air some days (mostly from the Newhalem fire which is on this side of the Cascade crest), but today’s welcome rain showers have cooled everything off and greened it up a bit. More substantial rain is forecast for tomorrow, and I sure hope some of it makes it across the mountains to the Okanagan. I’m glad you haven’t gotten singed. I haven’t been in the Okanagan country for some years now, and it’s nice to travel there as your virtual companion. Drive safely on the way home…

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