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Hi everybody! I’m Ako ( @f64s125 ) 33, an street photographer from Tehran, Iran. I have worked as a photojournalist for some Iranian news papers since 8 years ago, and during last 2 years shooting by my iPhone in streets of Tehran.  Feel free to ask me any questions about Iran and also my works! So glad to be with you during next 7 days on @burndiary! Cheers!

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  • Wow! What an incredible opportunity. Thank you for contributing to Burn (so far they are beautiful) and opening yourself up to questions. I’ve always been fascinated by Iran, and that only intensified as I read about the election protests of 2009-10. So many questions, so I apologize if this seems like a bombardment.

    1) How free are you to answer questions in this forum?
    2) How much freedom do you have to cover news as a photojournalist?
    3) What changes have you seen since Rouhani was elected?
    4) What is Iran’s general feeling towards the West? How has that changed since the “War on Terror” was launched?

    I’m sure you are quite busy, so I am limiting myself to those four (for now).

    Thrilled to have this opportunity.

    Take care.

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