My dad … He worries too much.On the first light of today he told me, “My dear daughter, for you I pray. The morning and night of each passing day. That your dreams come true and your smile never fades away. For my days are now numbered and forever I will not stay” – Cairo, Egypt 1/1/2014 Photo & Text by @laura_eltantawy / VII Photo Mentor @viiphoto @everydayafrica for @burndiary

3 thoughts on “My dad”

  1. Your dad’s a good dad. All children say “you worry too much” To be a parent is to worry, it is an expression of love. You will understand if you become a parent. Loving your photographs.

  2. As a dad, I can say your dad does not worry too much. He loves you, and knows the kind of world you must navigate through and every hurt you feel pierces his soul. When you smile, he grow ligther inside and so of course he does not want your smile ever to fade away…

  3. Laura…

    Frostfrog is right. I’m a comparatively new at being a father I’ve only been at it ten years. But I can assure you the day you become a mother you’ll instantly under all your father’s worries. Be grateful for this caring, I can assure you the opposite is very unfortunate. However rest assured with that eye you’ve been blessed with you will surely do well. I get the impression you’re one of those beings who lives at maximum sensitivity…take care of yourself and your feelings because many will not understand this.

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