This road can be evocatively surreal

This road can be evocatively surreal … One evening long ago I ran into an elderly man named Time .. He took me by the hand and told me he would show me the way to life’s ultimate foray … We walked a long road in silence, my eyes wide open as I struggled on my two feet to stay … At the end of a 33-minute walk, he turned and looked me in the eye, in a way my emotions had to obey … A trickling glint down his cheek hinted at what he was to say … “My Child … Now you walk this road alone. Tuck your cold hands between your courage, muster up your strength and go where your heart skips a beat for joy not pain.” … “But Time, will we meet again?” … “Yes” he said softly, “I’ll be with you every step of the way, but remember to stay alert and gentle as you sway, on this long road away into the night where all dreams are possible no matter what others say.”

Photo & Text by @laura_eltantawy / VII Photo Mentor

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