Oaxaca City, Mexico

Oaxaca City, Mexico

Oaxaca City, Mexico readies for Day of the Dead fiesta. All about family life…A celebration of family gone by. Street scenes always a tableau of family. Young and old mix freely in this culture. A certain sweetness always my impression.

Photo by: David Alan Harvey

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  • Love the feeling in this shot. Great.

  • Like this as well. Different feel for me than most DAH photographs, but still DAH…

    Side note…I’ve been following the NatGeo “Yourshot” web site…this video is pretty cool with Senior Photo editor Sadie Quarrier and photog Cory Richards talking about the current project and answering questions…

    Check it out at about 26 minutes, where they answer the question “which photographers do you draw inspiration from, and why”….


  • Even before reading a word of recent text to learn this is officially David’s week, this image jumped out as David’s work. Just altogether too good…

  • David…
    Yesterday there was image on BurnDiary I really enjoyed with a dog in some cool bar. Now I can’t see it on Instagram…The problem is I had a question to ask ask about the lighting, so here’s my instagram message I was about to post when I suddenly realised it wasn’t online anymore…
    “I always make a point of studying images. I’m not sure I can work this one out. I have a feeling this was shot with the fuji x100s. But this doesn’t matter, what I can’t make out is if this was shot with flash. Maybe it’s really obvious and I’m just not very sharp today. In the old days with your M6, Velvia and Divided Soul it was easy to work out. These days with amazing high iso rating digital cameras it gets a little confusing. All I know is I see what seems like a bright unfiltered light from your right and a little a bit of warm light on the left so if it was flash you must of had an assistant like in Living Proof…”

  • PAUL

    I liked that one as well – and it’s gone now.

    Michael C posted a shot from that exact same spot (as far as I can tell) with just the dog. In it, looks like natural light from the right. But hopefully DAH will chime in, as I was wondering similarly to you….

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