Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

Preparation for Day of the Dead in Atzompa, Oaxaca. The mood in these small towns outside of Oaxaca City is what I would describe as laid back festive. Things will happen when they happen. Only the gringos care what time it is. Sip some mezcal, eat a tortilla with beans, listen to the music, watch the clouds build up on the mountain ridge, and ask for no more.

Photo by: David Alan Harvey

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  • Nice photo. Reading the comment below the photo, I get the feeling David is having a ball. Maybe imspired and in the zone?
    I read these same words on Instagram at 6am, whilst resting with my dog in the middle of a forest. I was waiting as usual to see the sun emerge from the Mediterranean waters and I suddenly felt highly inspired to go out with my camera and tell my own story. David’s writing is somehow an integral part of his imagery, it always embellishes the photo always giving that little extra. I never get through Divided Soul without stopping on one of it’s yellow pages and reading one his accounts.

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