A little known breed of cows rarely seen by humans is the zombiecow. A zombiecow only comes out at night, and loves tipping regular cows in their sleep. They have really soft hoofs so they can sneak up quietly to their victims. The regular cow’s brain — contrary to widespread belief — never actually gets eaten in the process; as we all know, zombiecows are merely in it for the kicks. Photo by @antonkusters


Hello all!

As you certainly have noticed, BurnDiary isn’t working as it should. We are experiencing some technical problems with our account on Instagram, which we hope will be solved fast! We will resume BurnDiary as soon as possible with Anton’s diary.

Thanks for your patience!

All the best from the BURN team :)


8 Responses to “Zombiecow”

  • Darn. After being prodded by Burn/Burn Diary to distract myself in the midst of heavy projects to experiment with iPhone/Instagram, I return to find Burn Diary stalled.

    I hope you get it unstalled, soon.

    Not withstanding the negative connotations of your cow work, Anton, I like it, especially the fun of it.

  • “A zombiecow only comes out at night, and loves tipping regular cows in their sleep.”

    Complete and utter rubbish, Anton. It is a documented scientific fact that zombiecows do no such thing; no zombiecow, a species known for their dedication to bovine civil rights, would ever tip over a sleeping cow. Zombiecows do, however, tip over grossly obese traffic policemen while they have their doughnuts and coffee, and then spew the spluttering flatfoots with an ample blast of methane as they lie on the sidewalk trying to get up. Anton, please desist from trading in such ridiculous and unscientific balderdash in the future. Burn is an educational forum as much as it is anything else and for anyone here to traffic in such nonsense betrays the pedagogical mission of this site.

  • @frostfrog: we really hope to have everything solved and fixed by tomorrow. It is taking so long because the solution for our account it’s up to Instragram: we’ve been and we are waiting for their help and answer. If it won’t arrive, we will find one anyway.

  • Diego…

    No luck solving BurnDiary’s technical problems?

  • Paul..

    we’ve decided to start again anyway.. BurnDiary has moved to a new account @burndiary… we continue from where we had to stop! with Anton Kusters and a better skill on tech problems..


    this is all very unfortunate because we literally start over again….however, this is not really a huge deal ..after all our primary goal here is to provide an interesting service to this audience and also way down the line can see it becoming a potentially interesting book of the collected works…a book literally made in real time in front of this audience….however, that is just a dream/possibility at the moment..

    cheers, david

  • David…

    I’m sure something special will come out of BurnDiary. I’ve seen so many dreams come true round here!

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