Febe’s bag


Kids arriving home from school. Always a highlight in the day. When I was a kid, whether I used to go by bus, bike or walk or be driven, the thing I remember most is the satchels and how heavy they were sometimes. Today is no different… the weight of knowledge. Febe is on the lookout for a new bag after hers broke down. For now, she’s got my signed @davidalanharvey bag for loan. I’m not going to let that one go without a fight.. Photo by : @antonkusters


Hi all..

Due to some technical issues we experienced on our burnmagazine Instagram, we have moved BurnDiary to a new account @burndiary… we continue from where we had to stop! so welcome again Anton Kusters and his week..

So everyone, start following @burndiary and enjoy.. NOW!

Diego, Kaya & the Burn Team

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