Munich Airport

Leaving Munich for Thailand, going to attend and photograph a friend's wedding this week (and a full moon party). Stay tuned! #doubleexposure Photo by: Mike Brown @michaelchristopherbrown

3 Responses to “Munich Airport”

  • !!!!!! :))))….


    a great pic…just stopped me in my tracks MCB! :)

  • Wow! What kind of camera can you even get such a picture with? What are shooting? Amazing picture!


    i think Mike is making double exposures with his iPhone….somewhere he did write “this is a double exposure”….i think there is an app for it….OR he is just making a normal double exposure with any camera and then getting it on his camera roll on the phone by emailing himself the double exposure….

    but let’s see if Mike checks in …i might be way way off….

    cheers, david

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